stanley bb

This has been sitting on my desktop waiting to be colored for a while now so I decided to just shade it and be done with it.

Anyway, for a while I had this scene on my mind where Stan came to the house in 82 with Molly as an infant. Now in most verses Molly would be around 6 or 7 at this time, so it’s fairly different when it comes to when Stanley met Carla and had Molly. 

Anyway, basically When Stanford opens the door he finds himself pointing his crossbow at his brother who is wearing a sling with a baby in it. It shocks Ford, and upsets him even more, because he can’t expect his brother to become a target when he is responsible for a child who hasn’t even started on baby food yet. 

Ford freaks out, and Stan basically gets him to calm down by getting Ford into the kitchen. Once Ford sets down, Stan puts Molly in Ford’s on and tells him to hold her while he fixes her formula. This gives Ford a few minutes to focus on the breathing of the baby and on keeping calm and not dropping her. By the time Stan gets done with the bottle Ford is calmed enough to talk, and he explains everything that has been going on. They formulate a plan to deal with it together, and to find Fiddleford and help him so He can help them deal with the Portal.

Originally this was just going to be a sort of scene overview, but now I think it would be one of two really good options for the Mystery dads version of the “Better World” dimension. The other option would be that Ford had to take Molly in after Stan died, and in that Ford would decide to delay the portal because he felt it was too dangerous to deal with while raising a seven year old. I like this one better though I think, even though I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t work out in real life.

oh, Tate is still between 7 and 10 in this verse, like he is in the Journal. So though usually he’s only a few months older than Molly, in this one he’d be her big brother by several years. (Crap now I want to draw 20 year old Tate taking care of 10 year old Molly O.o)