“Albert von Schrenck-Notzing, ca. 1913, Medium Stanislawa P. Emission and resorbtion of ectoplasmic substance through the mouth“

Interview with Szymko Malgorzata Stanislawa

We are please to welcome our 5th photographer and the first woman Szymko Malgorzata Stanislawa!

 Tell us about yourself 

My name Szymko Malgorzata Stanislawa I was born in Poland in 1971. At age 20 I moved away to work in Rome, where I live still. The photograph accompanies me already adolescence, snapping pictures in photographic film with the room given to me by my grandfather, a Zenit-B. I do not love talking about myself, makes me nervous because I do not know what I should write a few words about myself. I know only that photography is my communication through the true feelings, memories, doubts, provocations, places and stories of the everyday. Lately I go more and more into the world of women including adolescents

When you start to take a picture seriously?

I began to take seriously about 10 years ago with my first digital canon, at that time I put aside my zenitb analog. I started taking self-portraits to express my feelings, my anger and my fears; later I photographed models and friends, so began what is my research and analysis of the female world.So I decided to start shooting in analog

- Your favorite camera: 

Use only Canon but I prefer to use them separately, that is when I realize a project color use my Canon 5D digital, while for projects in black and white using a canon 300 analog, because I develop my films and mold pictures in the darkroom.

Film or digital

I can say that I prefer the analog.

What is photography for you?

Photography for me is a way of looking at life that surrounds me. I always have my camera with me, because every time, in any place with friends or strangers can happen something that will never happen again.

Never look for perfection in the photographs, especially in portraits. Thus was born my new project “wabi-sabi”, the Japanese word that describes precisely the beauty of things imperfect, that arouses emotions and feelings unique.

What inspires you?

Inspires me all that is original, special, and not common. All that stirs in me the desire to photograph uncontrolled and say “wow”. So what inspires me? Everything and nothing.

What home means to you?

House can mean everything, I describe “home” as the places where I feel myself, the places where I feel emotions that develop my soul, the home can be one or more people who feel themselves with me, the house can be one 

Can you describe the shooting of the topic home?

As I said before the home can also be a look, why lately I realize many portraits. Portraits imperfect, real portraits. I am looking for the spontaneity and unpredictability of tomorrow. Everything changes, friends, feelings, projects. “Home”it is a continuous change for me. It’s a surprise.

Does the project change the way you look at trivial things or make you think about?

General photography has changed the way I see the world around me. Delivering more and more research of emotions in people. I believe that nothing in the world is trivial, you just change the point of view where you look. I try to photograph what others do not see.