Because Game of Thrones is back, I decided to draw another of my favorites from the books that were cut from the HBO show. Here is Patchface, Stanis Baratheon’s creepy jester. He is a fool that was purchased by Lord Steffon Baratheon (King Robert’s father) from the free city of Voltanis to entertain his children. However, one the voyage home, the ship was lost at sea and Patchface was the only survivor. This experience left him insane and difformed, Most of what he says isn’t really understood by Stanis’s court, but his ramblings are often prophetic in nature.  In the books,he is Shireen’s best friend.

Tumblr isn't a chasing game that when you followed one person and he is "it" he will have to run after you and follow you back.

This has been a never ending issue regarding having followers here on tumblr. If you follow people just because you expect them to follow you back, then clearly you are in the wrong page of sociology 101 (just trying to be funny even if i am not). I do not follow people simply because they followed me, but because i see sense in what they post about and i see sense in them as a person when they interact with me. I usually get turned off when people ask me to follow back because it seems to me that they are forcing me to like what may or may not be appealing to me. I may sometimes do as they wish, but more often i just ignore. Not being rude. I simply have nothing to say to them, for i have written a lot of times about who i follow and why i follow people. I am grateful if some people follow me but i don’t take it as a personal debt that needs to paid for by following back. I return the favor by trying my best to come up with posts that i assume are the reasons why they followed me in the first place.


“Abbella!! Come stai? Quando ce li laviamo sti capelli?!”

“Ma che voi?”

“Ma che magna, er mango?”

capolavoro assoluto