Just finished watching Portimao on livestream and enjoyed it a lot! However I have one thing I have to rant about… Kanaeva and Kondakova. 

Ok, so don’t get me wrong, Kanaeva is amazing, Russia’s number one! Like truly out of this world and her ball routine was stunning today (however not so keen on her leotard) but I am sorry, but Kondakova’s hoop was absolutely incredible and I personally thought she would have demolished everyone with that routine. It was so interesting and exciting to watch and when her score came up I wanted to rip my hair out!!! Kanaeva’s routine was, of course, amazing but Kondakova had that edge and she deserved to win today. It was actually perfect and how she didn’t get 29 is just crazy!! Also… Maksimenko was sooooo underscored, like seriously, her hoop deserved much more than 26 :O it was AMAZING! But that is just my opinion :P Rant over!

Also I am so happy for Staniouta!!! She has been out with injury for so long and she comes back and is in 3rd!!! She is amazing! I was sad when I missed her hoop routine becasue I was eating my dinner :( but hopefully I will get to watch her other routines tomorrow.

And someone who surprised me today was Delphine, she looked great!!! 


Rhythmic Gymnastics goddess MELITINA STANIOUTA goes #Fashion in these shoots from #Belarus on @rvkbvd. 

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ok now that artistic is over.. im all in for the yana-rita battle for gold and the rizatdinova-son-staniouta-pazhava battle for bronze

also, halkina’s battle to enter the final D: