13-16 in RG

August 30th 2013: Yana Kudryavtseva from Russia becomes the youngest world all-around champion ever at 15 y/o, Ganna Rizatdinova from Ukraine and Melitina Staniouta from Belarus complete the podium. Showcasing a very delicate gymnastics with a rare virtuosity in her apparatus work, Yana manages to display nerves of steel throughout the entire competition, hitting her ribbon routine in th all-around despite technical problems with the music. The contrast between her delicate frame and her ability to keep a level head in stressful situations eventually lead people to nickname her “the angel with iron wings”.

RG federations
  • Russia : never enough crystal on a leo, never enough kakalin remixes. We get all the golds and we revolutionized RG!! No! no doping, corruption, Gazprom money or BFF Putin, why do you ask ? 5 points penalty !!!
  • Ukraine : Why do you need apparatus difficulty when you have Deriugina legs™
  • Belarus : how many cossack pivot variations does it take to be acknowledged and rewarded ?
  • Azerbaijan : uumm that's a nice gymnast you have here, how much ? INQUIRY. Yeah I like to almost choke my gymnasts to death before they perform to remember them I'm a good coach
  • Israel : PARTy music, now you dance!! what do you mean the qualification rules for Rio changed ?
  • Spain : *still does 6 illusions in a row after 18 olympics* now show me your expressive fierce flamenco face
  • Korea : *owes Russia 100K*
  • Italy : We're coming for you medals next quad
  • Georgia : SALOME, you'll get heating in your gym when you achieve results *medals at european games and Grand Prix, top 5 in the world* WHaT now you want a physiotherapist ?
  • South Africa : No Grace, you didn't deserve to go to the Olympics