i have been on a “young stans” kick as far as drawing goes. i don’t think they were the kind of kids who liked being dressed up at all for any reason.

i find it kind of ironic that gravity falls has a character that has six fingers on each hand, and that this is treated in the show, realistically so, as something unusual, one of his major characteristics, and definitely something that helped to mold his personality into what he eventually became… 

… all while choosing to have a stylistic approach on the design of the kid characters and giving all of them only 4 fingers on their hands

This is based on @midnitedirectives /@busket‘s (I think?)  monster designs for Ford and Stan. Where Ford is still a sphinx but Stan is a Manticore. 

I had this idea of them being like proper monsters and working as a team to destroy any one brave enough to try at make it through there lair. Ford poses the questions and Stan just slinks around their victim making them nervous and he is the one who always voices the threats that Ford leaves unspoken.

But sometimes he and Ford are lazy and instead of being threatening they have a different strategy that almost always guarantees a free meal. Either he and Ford switch places or Stan sticks on the ground near the hero; and whoever is on the ground pretends to be the hero’s ally. They give them false advice that guarantees a loss, and if the hero isn’t smart enough to see the lie they get chomped.

This stays pretty much their routine for a long time until Dipper and Mabel end up in the labyrinth or whatever their lairs in, and as they see them make the way to their home they get attached to the little twins. So they end up actually helping them and sort of accompanying them out. So now Dipper and Mabel have too lion grunkles who they have to keep reminding that eating people is wrong. 

Harmonica Harassment

@garrulousgibberish prompt to go with their artwork! Go check it out~ It’s all good fun ♥ http://garrulousgibberish.tumblr.com/tagged/harmonica-harassment Tag for all the art~

Rating: G

Word count: 2,179

Summary: Stan’s newfound hobby is annoying Ford with his dreaded harmonica.

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