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Entry, Camron-Stanford House. Built 1876. by Melinda Stuart
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After all these years. Finally. We have them all.

Stan Pines is an enigma.

Nothing about his life is simple or easy to explain. He’s a jaded con-man disaster prepper. He likes show business but hates people. He genuinely cares about the twins and Soos, and to a lesser extent Wendy, but he probably wouldn’t give a fuck if the rest of the world burned to the ground. He’s a curmudgeon who doesn’t understand what a text message is, yet he’s got something lifted out of a Tron movie in his basement. He decorates his entire work/living space with images of Bill Cipher, in ways that suggest a religious devotion. 

Has he been pretending his name is Stanford since 1982, filing Stanford’s taxes, living in Stanford’s house, answering to Stanford’s name, only buying a vanity plate that says STNLYMBL to remind himself of who he actually is? Am I just overthinking it all?

He’s clearly not the author of the journals, that much is certain. And if the author of the journals isn’t the owner of the mystery glasses that Bill links to the name Stanford, then this show is being deliberately misleading in its foreshadowing. Which…is possible, I admit, but unlikely. Yet he appears, on the surface, to be much more familiar with Bill Cipher than Stanford is, to the extent of actively training himself to resist Bill’s mental incursions, and not even batting an eye when Dipper invades one of his memories with the sounds of a battle going on just offscreen.

The theory that Stan is an unrelated impostor falls apart when we see just how long Stan and Stanford have looked very similar but just different enough. They appear to be in the ballpark of the same age, and although we didn’t see a name on the tax form Stan was filling out, he probably files it in the name of Stanford, who still technically owns the house by the laws of all the land outside of Gravity Falls. The easiest way to do this is if they share a birthday, which along with their close appearance and infuriatingly cutesy names suggests they’re twins. Stanley and Stanford Pines. With the way cartoons tend to caricature faces in order to distinguish characters, I have to speculate that these two are very close in appearance indeed, far closer than any other sibling pair in the show. So they’re quite possibly identical twins.

But then something happened. Stanford went away and Stanley became Stanford and apparently tried to erase his brother’s existence entirely. Maybe? I have no fucking clue, really. Stan knows about the journals, and he spoke with a mysterious “we” that still has him pegged for a cult leader in my mind. He didn’t write them, he didn’t hide them, but he knows what’s in them and how to make them work. All the while he’s prepping for the apocalypse, genuinely and seriously, and he’s repeating the exact words of Bill Cipher while doing so. It’s unsettling.

I still don’t know if he’s a protagonist or not. He’s definitely not a very good person, despite his tenderness for the twins. All I know is that he’s a liar and a cheat, and that he’s closer to Cipher than any other person in the show with the possible exception of Quentin Trembley. He has a mystery tattoo and a strange golden amulet, he had the first journal the whole time, and he’s got a fucking futuristic superweapon in his Cold-War-bunker-style basement. 

This whole post is light on fact and heavy on speculation. I don’t stand behind the accuracy of any of these predictions. I know nothing about Stanley Pines, including if he actually is named Stanley Pines. Right now, I just have a lot of questions.

Comparing timelines here:

2005, Beacon Hills, hunters burn down the Hale house …
2005, Stanford, …

2010, somewhere, Sam and Grandpa Campbell notice werewolves are acting weird
2010, Beacon Hills, Peter Hale wakes from his coma

2011, South Dakota, Castiel opens a gate to purgatory
2011, Beacon Hills, Peter returns from the dead, Kanimas are a thing, the Nemeton gets power, Jennifer Blake is back from the dead, weird ninja demons …


Merry Chris-Hanukkah-mas and a Happy Rama Kwanzaa Dan!

I had an ask from a bit ago about Fidds getting to see Christmas lights being excited about them. Ford probably didn’t get to really enjoy decorations either so they both can enjoy them.


Alright, I thought of this scenario a while back, and long story short, it ended up as a collab fic the little feels monster kazriku~ Hope you all enjoy our work!

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Summary: Bill takes control of Stanford and carries out his plans to obtain the power that laid beyond the portal. This fic is centered on Ford and the aftermath of Bill’s deeds.

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