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KHH Fact #2

Tablo graduated from Stanford University with a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and master’s in English. 
Beenzino majored in Fine Arts (Sculpture) at Seoul University.
Simon D majored in hotel management.
Gray majored in computer engineering at Hongik University.
Loco also went to Hongik University.
Verbal Jint graduated from Seoul University, majoring in economics.
Okasian graduated from Pennsylvania State University. He studied biology.
Jerry.K majored in media information and graduated from Seoul University.
Seo Chul Goo went to Brigham Young University.
Paloalto also graduated from college.
The Quiett attended university (don’t know which one tho).

Sam Winchester (Supernatural) Fan Fiction

No Pairing

  • The Lone Wolf (Fluff)
    • Summary: Sam finds a lone pup. Can he convince Dean to let him keep it?
  • Magic Fingers (Humor)
    • Summary:  “I know! Isn’t it great?”
  • What’s a Sawed Off? (Fluff)
    • Summary: When Sam and Dean save a child, it brings up some interesting questions.
  • A Dream (Angst)
    • Summary: Sam once dreamed of a live of normalcy. Graduate from Stanford, marry Jess, become a lawyer…but it was just a dream.  
  • Cherry Cas (Humor)
    • Summary: Sam was just enjoying a nice day out, and then wanted to come back to the bunker and have a nice dinner with his brother. But a drunken, and singing, Dean had other plans…

Sam X Reader/OC (Female)

  • Think of Me (Angst; Fluff)
    • Summary: You had spent a wonderful year with Sam, as he took off time from hunting.  But when he decides he needs to get back to work, you wonder if he will even remember you now that he is gone.  But not only did he remember you, he never stopped loving you.  
  • Seven Hours (Fluff)
    • Summary: After waiting seven hours after the boys said they would call while on a case…you get a little antsy.  Luckily, your boys come home safe and sound.  
  • This is Crazy (Fluff)
    • Summary: It has been six months since you stumbled into that private chat room and met S@M18366299.  Now you waited anxiously to meet the man, Sam Winchester, who had not only become your best friend, but also love of your life…and you didn’t even know what he looked like.  
  • I am Human (Angst; Fluff)
    • Summary: Inspired by Brian Buckley’s “I am Human”.  Sam Winchester loved you, but after so many mistakes, what could he say to make you stay?  When he thinks that there is no hope, Dean comes to his rescue, reminding him what is really important in life.  
  • Cookies (Fluff)
    • Summary: You can’t imagine…what on Earth is taking Sam so long to get some cookies?
  • Equations (Slight Angst; Fluff)
    • Summary: Your life is a series of equations.  But this certain equation, you hadn’t expected.
  • Sleepy Sam (Fluff)
    • Summary: Sam was almost a different person when he was sleepy, especially with you.  You never would have guessed how cuddly he was.
  • The Gift (Fluff)
    • Summary: Dean, Sam, and your best friend Charlie decide to celebrate your birthday.  
  • Samhain Celebration (Fluff)
    • Summary: Every hunter needs someone to get their supplies from.  You were the Winchesters supply person, the local Pagan.  And as Samhain, or Halloween, rolls around, Sam asks for an unusual question.  
  • You Are Not Alone (Angst; Fluff)
    • Summary: Sam understands the feelings you are having, so he makes it his mission to prove one thing.  You are not alone.  
  • Why We Fight (Fluff)
    • Summary: After so many arguments, so much bickering…Dean finally sees the reason behind it all.  So, he decides to do something about it.  
  • Should Have Been (Angst; Fluff)
    • Summary: When Dean gave you the keys to the Impala to do a supply run, it was the best day of your life.  You never got to drive the Impala, especially alone!  But that best day of your life turned into your worst, and it takes 6 months to make it better again.
  • Lucifer, the Match Maker (Humor)
    • Summary: Sam has been going through hell with the devil riding shotgun in his brain.  But things have been differently now…the devil’s attention has been diverted from torture, deciding it was more fun to try to get Sam together…with you.
  • Moth Drawn to the Flame (Angst; Fluff)
    • Summary: When you are called in to help the Winchesters on a case, you suddenly find yourself thrown into a middle of a hunt.  But what you learn is shocking, and only you can find a way to stop the disappearances.  

Sam x Reader/OC (Male)

Multi-Chapter Stories

  • Protector (Complete – Angst; Fluff)
    • Summary: When Sam, Dean, and Castiel rescue a nephilim being held captive by demons, they work to help her recover and then send her on her way. They never expected to find a new friend and ally. Sam is the most amazed when he finds himself becoming attached and protective of her. Sam x OC (Riley) multi-chapter story.
  • 5 Days with a Winchester (Complete – Fluff)
    • Summary: You are making your own life in a small town when you come across a very cute waiter, Sam Winchester.  In just 5 days, he will turn your world upside down.  
Femslash February, Day 15

“I can’t believe you’re graduating college already,” Anna mused aloud as she pulled the new boxes of cereal from their shopping bags and put them atop the fridge where they belonged. Her mom’s kitchen stereo, perched in the window, buzzed and popped with the news in the background. Mom liked to listen to her CDs on it, but when she wasn’t around, Anna and Cassie liked to turn the radio to news stations to listen as they talked.

Right now, Anna wished they hadn’t. Apparently police were still trying to solve the bizarre serial murders that had been going on in the area, despite no leads and no luck. Anna got a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach that got worse the more she heard about it.

Cassie hit the power button and the radio faded to silence. Anna glanced over but Cassie was already turning to get the other bags. The glimpse she got of Cassie’s face was stony. At least Cassie sounded like herself when she replying, “I know. Time flies when you’re drowning in papers.”

Anna went to join her in unsheathing the milk, and took the opportunity to nudge her side at the same time. “You think maybe you should’ve eased up a little on your classes?” she asked. Okay, yes, sometimes she got accused of being the mom friend. Anna took it as a compliment. It meant she looked after her friends. Like Cassie. At this point, the battle was over, but there was still hope for her not overdoing it in the future.

Probably not much though, going by the sudden intensity Cassie gave off. “No way. A shot like this seemed way too good to be true, I wasn’t going to waste it on a handful of classes before they could pull the rug out from under me and make me go home with nothing to show for it.” Cassie nodded, full of determination and - Anna’s heart swelled - the amazing, beautiful pride she took in her own accomplishments. Anna loved her for it. Among other things.

When Cassie turned to look Anna in the eye, Anna wondered if she’d heard her and the world seemed to freeze. Instead Cassie said, “Believe me, I worked hard for this.”

Anna impulsively reached out and touched Cassie’s arm, needing to affirm. To let Cassie know how happy she was for her, how proud she was too. “I know you did. I was here, I saw you.” She cracked a grin. “I had to stop you from pulling your hair out the night before exams, remember?”

“Thanks for that,” Cassie said wryly. Then sighed. “Ah, I’m gonna miss this place.” Chuckled. “I never would’ve thought I’d miss Ohio.”

Anna, who had never lived anywhere but Ohio and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else, settled for a, “Yeah.”

Cassie shot her a look Anna had little trouble interpreting. “And I’m gonna miss you. That’s really the only… bad part. I mean, thank God I won’t have to get by on two hours of sleep anymore. And I can’t wait to see my parents and go home. But…”

“Cassie?” Anna asked. She could barely hear her own voice. For the moment, that seemed unimportant.

Cassie smiled painfully and Anna felt her hurt with her, as bitter and sharp as she’d felt any of her own. She could understand. If nothing else, they were practical girls. “But… what are you gonna do?” Cassie finished simply, closing the door on a question with no answer, her eyes glistening. Only a little.

Anna felt a tear break off and slid down her own cheek as she cupped Cassie’s face and kissed her, wordless.

Between the two of them, there wasn’t anything else to be said.

this is usually the time when some anon would pop up and say “Ha! criticizing this poor stanford graduate/professor for not knowing everything when you CLEARLY don’t know everything either despite having very limited resources to work with and going at it almost entirely on your own. how hypocritical. also andrew kliman is a (sexy) god among men.”

Not My Father’s Son: Chapter 10

Previous Parts

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Prompt: AU- Non-Supernatural Verse: Sam visits Stanford and graduates. 

Warnings: AU, fluff, brotherly feels

Words: 1779

Note: awh sammy. also, like I said, this is going to be a long series, I really love writing it, and it’s fun to explore ideas. I also wanted this to seem at least somewhat realistic with the steps in their relationship. 

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Beat Down

Requested by @saraisreallycool-yeah

Trigger Warning: Violence 

“You have a good career going for you, I’d hate to see you being dragged down by your association with SAMCRO,” Stahl stared at me from across the table.

“I have no idea what your talking about, their mechanics and Harley enthusiasts. I really have no association with them.”

The ATF agent, smirked at me, throwing pictures of me and Chibs down on the table. “Really, theses pictures prove different. Why would a woman like yourself, top graduate of Stanford Engineering, want to be a biker whore.”

I grinned at her. “We all want to take a walk on the wild side.” 

“You know, he’s married, with a teenage daughter. He doesn’t love you, he isn’t going to marry you. You’re just some pussy, he’s using!”

Putting a cap on my anger, I stood up, resisting the urge to hit her. “Filip and I have no secrets.  Now if you have nothing to hold me on, I’ll be leaving. Bother me again, my lawyer will file harassment charges.”  I smirk at her. “Like you said. I have a really great career, and my lawyer is awesome.”

Leaving the Charming PD, I pull my phone out of my purse. “Hello love. Everything okay. Oswald said ATF brought you in..”

“Everything is fine, I’m going to be late tonight. I’ll see you about ten.”

“Be careful, yeah!”

I smile, hearing his concern. “Always.”


I waited in the darkness, watched as Stahl got out of her car, walking towards her condo. Dressed in black, my face and hands covered, I stepped out of the shadows.

She pulled her gun, I quickly disarmed her kicking it to one side. I landed a kick to her stomach, she went to her knees. I threw a punch, landing it against her jaw.

She raised up, trying to throw a punch at my face, but I blocked it. I shoved her against her car, taking her by her hair, I smashed her face against the window. She slumped to the ground, hearing sirens approaching, I knew ine of her neighbors must have called the police.

I ran the few blocks, sliding into my car I took off for the club.


Sitting down next to Chibs, I kissed his check, Placing my hand on his shoulder. I noticed my knuckles were bruised and swollen. I looked at the prospect tending bar. “Can I have an ice pack please?”

Chibs looked at me, concern filling his brown eyes. “Are you hurt?” I showed him my hand. “What did you do?” He kissed it tenderly.

“I must have hit it against something.” I smiled at him. 

“Lets’s go get it cleaned up.” Taking me by the hand, he led me back to his dorm room.


The Next Day

I was working in my office when my phone rang, pulling it out of my purse, I saw it was Chibs, I smiled to myself as I answered it. “Hello.”

“Agent Stahl, got the living shit beat out of her last night. You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that would you?”

“Why would I…”

I heard him chuckle. “Just wondering if that’s what you hit your hand on.” I let out my own laugh.

“I had to defend your honor.” 



Confessions of a D Girl: Colorism and Global Standards of Beauty by Chika Okoro

If you look like me, you’re used to colorism, says Stanford Graduate Business School student Chika Okoro. She calls the phenomenon known as colorism – discrimination against those with a darker skin tone – “both as sinister and as subtle as racism.” In a world where light skin, light eyes and long “real” hair are sought after features, Okoro tells us how she copes, and what we can do to unlearn this deep rooted, destructive mindset.

Chika Okoro is a second year MBA student at Stanford. Passionate about race and gender equality, she is excited to raise awareness about the many issues that women of color face around the world. She hopes that her talk will start a conversation about important issues that people are less vocal about today. While at Stanford Chika is an Arbuckle Leadership Fellow providing leadership coaching and training to MBA 1st year students. Before coming to Stanford she worked at Procter & Gamble as an assistant brand manager and spent last summer at Google as a product-marketing manager. Chika holds a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University where she wrote her honors thesis on race and identity in the black community.


Secular Talk: The Corporate Democrat Solution Is More Of The Problem  

Published on Feb 8, 2017

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has warned Democrats they need to “take a chill pill” and realize that they are not going to take back national power anytime soon.

“It ain’t gonna happen in 2018,” Emanuel said Monday at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business in California. “Take a chill pill, man. You gotta be in this for the long haul.”

jdw-juseyo  asked:

please spell out your name and answer those questions for the kpop asks ~~!

L: Your favourite line from a song?
well I’m pretty shit at korean so I’ll just pick a line that makes me feel so so warm whenever I hear it. It’s Dongwoon’s first line in Beast’s You. There no music yet and it’s just the warmth of his voice. (pretty cheesy line though) 
“I’m gonna make you love me
널 사랑한다고”

A: Something really attractive that your bias does?
Be an idiot

U: The most unusual group?
Block B. I miss them and their weird antics so so much.
Also BtoB always manage to crack me up. 

R: The best rapper, or, the best rapper line?
Tablo’s just about everything. The dude graduated from Stanford what else do you expect other than great lyrics. I love how he’s playing with words in Cave Me In: 
“Love has either got you over heels or overdosed
It’s got you off your feet or on your toes
It’s got you out your seat or in your place
It’s got you diggin’ it or your grave
Love has got you mad about or just about mad
Got you in a crush or it’s got you in a crash”

A: Something really attractive that your bias does? 
Be a lanky handsome dedicated idiot 

Send me a letter♥


Okay so long story short I matched with this guy on tinder a few months ago but we never talked and I also highly suspected him to be a fake. Like he is only 23 years old but already went to Stanford and graduated? And his way of speaking in his profile is weird and doesn’t sound fluent enough for me to be a student there.
Anyway fast forward to today, I super randomly find this guy Instagram ! And both names on tinder and insta definitely doesn’t match up and the insta guy doesn’t seem to have ever been to the states. Also I’m 100% sure it is a real profile.
And guess who sent me a message just today on tinder, this exact same “fake” guy. So I ask him if he really is from Stanford and he only replies with a “let’s go to my home or unmatch me”. So I basically tell me to unmatch ME and that I am not interested in fake profile nor hook ups (as my profile states).
I thought the conversation was over but he seems to be very motivated to prove me wrong and to “video call” me. So I’m like.. Okay maybe I was wrong. But in the mean time he also throws some comments like “this is why I am not into white girls”.. So not really feeling it at all.
He contacts me on kakaotalk and sent me multiple messages in a few minutes to give him my insta so I do and I’m like “maybe the Instagram who adds me will be the one from the real guy” and next thing I know he sent me a screenshot of his “Instagram” where he would have posted our conversation to prove the world I have issues…
His profile with 187 k followers but which looked very much photoshopped. He also hide his Instagram profile name of course.. Then he blocks me on kakaotalk and contacts me on tinder again to tell me he will report me and post my pictures somewhere.. I don’t even know where !
Of course he never even tried to video call me. Without mentioning he told me something along the lines of “all white girls think Asian guys want to fuck them”.
Like wtf is wrong with people using fake pictures?
Also I sure hope he won’t say anything to immigration (even though I’m clean) NOR post my pictures on any social medias or weird Korean websites (which I’m more worried about).
What should I do? I unmatched him on tinder and also blocked on kakaotalk.
Here's The Powerful Letter The Stanford Victim Read To Her Attacker [TW: Rape, Sexual Assault, Graphic Content]
A former Stanford swimmer who sexually assaulted an unconscious woman was sentenced to six months in jail because a longer sentence would have “a severe impact on him,” according to a judge. At his sentencing Thursday, his victim read him a letter describing the “severe impact” the assault had on her, in utter disregard of the sexual assault victim.
By Katie J.M. Baker

One night in January 2015, two Stanford University graduate students biking across campus spotted a freshman thrusting his body on top of an unconscious, half-naked woman behind a dumpster. This March, a California jury found the former student, 20-year-old Brock Allen Turner, guilty of three counts of sexual assault. Turner faced a maximum of 14 years in state prison. On Thursday, he was sentenced to six months in county jail and probation. The judge said he feared a longer sentence would have a “severe impact” on Turner, a champion swimmer who once aspired to compete in the Olympics — a point repeatedly brought up during the trial.

On Thursday, Turner’s victim addressed him directly, detailing the severe impact his actions had on her — from the night she learned she had been assaulted by a stranger while unconscious, to the grueling trial during which Turner’s attorneys argued that she had eagerly consented.

The woman, now 23, told BuzzFeed News she was disappointed with the “gentle” sentence and angry that Turner still denied sexually assaulting her.

“Even if the sentence is light, hopefully this will wake people up,” she said. “I want the judge to know that he ignited a tiny fire. If anything, this is a reason for all of us to speak even louder.”

She provided her statement, printed in full below, to BuzzFeed News.

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Zoe Dunning

Zoe Dunning (born as Maria Zoe Dunning) was the only openly gay person allowed to remain on active duty in the U.S. military prior to the end of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy. She graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1985, and was commissioned an Ensign in the Navy Supply Corps. After attending Navy Supply Corps School in Athens, Georgia, she was assigned to the USS Lexington homeported in Pensacola, FL. At the end of her obligated active duty service, she transferred into the United States Navy Reserve and attended Stanford Graduate School of Business.

At a January 1993 rally in support of Keith Meinhold, who had outed himself to the Navy in 1992 to fight the pre-Don’t Ask Don’t Tell ban on gays in the military, Dunning announced, “I am both a naval officer and a lesbian, and I refuse to live a lie anymore.”

On June 10, 1993, a three-member Navy administrative board recommended that she be honorably discharged despite arguments that the action violated a Federal judge’s ruling the previous winter.

Dunning appealed and argued that she made a statement of status and not conduct. In December 1994, another three-member Navy administrative board unanimously agreed with Dunning’s argument that her public statement that she was a lesbian did not violate Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. She was also promoted between those hearings. Afterwards the military released regulations that made any future use of that defense impossible.

In a letter dated May 24, 1995, the Chief of Naval Personnel wrote Dunning, “Your administrative separation case proceedings are closed, and you will be retained in the Naval Service,” ending a two-year battle.

Dunning retired from the Navy Reserve in 2007. By the time of her retirement she had risen to the rank of commander and had been awarded the Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal, and the Navy & Marine Corps Commendation Medal.

September 18th

Dean liked the taste of smoke on his tongue almost as much as he liked the bitter taste of alcohol stinking the back of his throat. His mother used to tell him that life was for the living, but the night she burned up in the house fire was the day Dean learned how life can be lived for the dead as well. When his therapists would ask him when he had turned from bright ignorant smiles to mature lingering frowns, he’d simply shrug. Maybe it was the day his mother died, with his baby brother screaming in his arms and his father wrapping them as best he could from the nightmare all around them, or maybe it was the day he was in a car accident and was dead for minutes before the doctors resuscitated him, only remembering darkness when his heart stopped. There were many things Dean knew in life, one of which was that he didn’t want to live it.

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