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The Memory Remains

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Jess, Mary, John, Bobby

Summary: Dean has a perfect life. What could go wrong?

Word Count: 2943

Warnings:  FLANGST.  You will be happy, you will be sad. I figure it must even out, right?

A/N:  This is for Mimi’s RomCom Fluff Challenge.  My prompt was “Would you guys hurry up? I’m breaking like thirty major laws here,” from Sixteen Candles.  @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog I love you and I hope there is enough fluff here to counteract the angst.

As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Tags at the bottom.

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If only there could be an invention, that bottled a memory, like scent. And it never faded, and it never got stale. And then, when one wanted it, the bottle could be uncorked, and it would be like living the moment all over again. - Daphne Du Maurier

The Memory Remains

The shrill chirping of the alarm wakes Dean, the dream world hovering on the edges of his conscious, its tendrils still reaching out to the part of his mind that meets the waking world. His arm flails about wildly for a moment before he locates the snooze button. Just eight more minutes.

Rolling over, he searches for you, seeking the heat of your body. He always searches for you in his sleep. The scent of lilacs fills his nose, the comforting scent that is so very (Y/N). You are all twisted up in the covers but he works his way past the offending barriers to pull you close, his body curving to mold to yours. You sigh with contentment, nestling into him, soaking up his body heat. Dean enjoys the blissful haze of the early morning, drifting between being not fully awake but not quite asleep.

The dreaded alarm sounds again far too quickly and Dean carefully extracts himself from the tangle of your limbs.Rolling over, you push your hair out of your eyes and rub your eyes blearily.

“Want me to make you some coffee before you go?” you ask.

“No, baby, you get as much rest as you can while you still have the opportunity.” He leans over and kisses you gently on the forehead.  

“Love you,” you murmur contentedly before burrowing deep into the covers.

“You too.”

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Black history month day 25: American political scientist and diplomat Condoleezza Rice.

Condoleezza Rice was born in Birmingham Alabama on November 14, 1954. Her father was a guidance counselor and a minister and her mother was a music teacher. Her name derives from the music-related term con dolcezza meaning “with sweetness”.

Rice had an art-filled childhood. She began to learn French, music, figure skating, and ballet at the age of three. Her initial dream was to become a concert pianist. While she did not become a professional, she still plays with a chamber music group and once accompanied cellist Yo-Yo Ma in playing Johannes Brahms’ Violin Sonata in D Minor at Constitution Hall in April 2002 for the National Medal of Arts Awards.

Rice grew up in the segregated South, and her parents raised her with best education and resources possible so that she could stand against the discrimination of their culture. She grew up needing to be “twice as good” as nonminorities to gain the same respect. One of her friends and schoolmates was one of the girls killed in one of the infamous church bombings in Birmingham. Rice said later of that event: “ I remember the bombing of that Sunday School at 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham in 1963. I did not see it happen, but I heard it happen, and I felt it happen, just a few blocks away at my father’s church. It is a sound that I will never forget, that will forever reverberate in my ears. That bomb took the lives of four young girls, including my friend and playmate, Denise McNair. The crime was calculated to suck the hope out of young lives, bury their aspirations. But those fears were not propelled forward, those terrorists failed.”

While at the University of Denver, Rice changed her major from music to political science and graduated with honors. She then earned her Masters in political science from the University of Notre Dame.

Rice became the first African-American female to serve as Secretary of State, serving under President George W. Bush. She was only the second African-American Secretary of State after Colin Powell, and only the second female after Madeline Albright. She currently serves as a faculty member of the Stanford Graduate School of Business and a director of its Global Center for Business and the Economy.

Fisherman’s Knot Chapter 17


[Title Songs]

[Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4] [Chapter 5][Chapter 6] [Chapter 7] [Chapter 8] [Chapter 9] [Chapter 10] [Chapter 11] [Chapter 12] [Chapter 13][Chapter 14] [Chapter 15] [Chapter 16]

Warnings for abuse and also a lot of internalized victim-blaming.

Thanks as always to @thesnadger for beta-ing, thanks to @marypsue for helping me work out some plot snarls, and thanks to all of you for your readership, comments, and patience.

The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea

Ford’s breath caught in his throat. His mind reeled, searching for an excuse, a bluff, anything to get them back on track. Stan could have managed it. Perhaps under different circumstances Ford could have too. If that smile wasn’t so familiar. If the grip on his wrists wasn’t so tight. But try as he might, his mind remained blank.

“I … don’t know what you mean,” he said.  His tone hovered somewhere between confusion and bravado. It wouldn’t fool anyone.

He should have brought a weapon. Something to remember for next time, if there was one. Note to self: don’t listen to children who complain about how a high-caliber plasma blaster would ruin the outline of his suit.

“Tell me, Stanford,” said Doctor Smith. “Do I look like an idiot?”

“No?” Ford replied. You look like a triangle, he thought, and almost giggled at how absurd that would sound if he said it.

“Really?” Doctor Smith straightened up and stood back, crossing his arms. “Then how did you expect me to fall for your transparent little scheme? Did you think I wouldn’t suspect?”

“I … suspect what?” said Ford. He could feel his heart picking up, a drumbeat of terror slicing straight through him. Did he know? Did he suspect? If he knew where Nuala’s skin was truly hidden … if Stan was in danger—

“I knew what you were here for from the beginning. You wanted to steal Sarah away from me!”

“That’s preposterous!” Ford blustered, hoping that he could pass the quaver in his voice off as anger. “Now unhand me or I—”

Doctor Smith laughed, and it was cultured and germane and terrible as his situation was Ford felt himself breathing easier. It wasn’t a cackle. It wasn’t like—he almost thought “his Bill” and felt the bile rise at the back of his throat. It wasn’t like Bill Cipher. This was just a man. No more powerful than him.

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KHH Fact #2

Tablo graduated from Stanford University with a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and master’s in English. 
Beenzino majored in Fine Arts (Sculpture) at Seoul University.
Simon D majored in hotel management.
Gray majored in computer engineering at Hongik University.
Loco also went to Hongik University.
Verbal Jint graduated from Seoul University, majoring in economics.
Okasian graduated from Pennsylvania State University. He studied biology.
Jerry.K majored in media information and graduated from Seoul University.
Seo Chul Goo went to Brigham Young University.
Paloalto also graduated from college.
The Quiett attended university (don’t know which one tho).

NASA just graduated its newest class of astronauts. Out of the over 18,300 applicants from all around the United States, the District of Columbia, Guam, American Samoa, and Puerto Rico, there are the 12 who were selected. For those doing the math, that puts the odds of being selected at less than 1 in 1,500. 2017’s class is full of incredibly talented people with backgrounds ranging from engineering, the Navy, the Marines, to geoscience. One of the most exciting parts? Roughly half of them are women!

Jessica Watkins may be a new astronaut, but she isn’t new to space exploration. Already exploring Mars as part of the JPL team that operates the Curiosity rover, the Stanford graduate enjoys a rich life outside of work. With a Ph.D. from UCLA and a postdoctorate from Caltech working to discover Mars’ geological history, Watkins also writes short stories, flies planes, and plays rugby.

Lights On: A Stiles Stilinski Imagine

So this is based off Lights On by Shawn Mendes because that song is literally my life, and I feel like it is such a Stiles kind of song, if you get what I mean. Anyway, enjoy x 

Damn, you look so good with your clothes on

And I’m not trying to come off too strong
But you know that I can’t help it
‘Cause girl you’re beautiful

From the moment Stiles saw her, he knew he loved her. Of course, it sounded cliche, but he just couldn’t help it. 

Y/N Y/L/N was beautiful. 

And so he made an effort to tell her everyday, smiling at the blushes that always came, and the gentle kisses she’d give him, telling him to stop being silly, to which he always replied, I’m only telling the truth baby. 

He’d lace his fingers through her as they walked to his door. His dad would be at work, and so they’d use the opportunity as a study date. Him wanting to do other things, her actually wanting to study. 

“You know you don’t have to worry about your grades. You’re gonna get in,” he knelt down before the bed that she lay sprawled across, books spread out, so their faces were inches apart. 

“You don’t know that Stiles. I might not get good grades,” she crinkled her forehead in that adorable way he loved, fiddling with the cuffs of that plaid shirt that was slightly too big for her, considering it was actually his. 

But he didn’t care. She looked perfect in it. 

“Of course you are. You’re gonna get into Stanford, graduate, then we’re gonna get married, and move into that house with that picket fence. Maybe get a dog, or a cat, or both, have kids. Grow old, and sit on a creaky old porch watching our grand-kids run about. Little mini-mes and mini-yous.”

It was a fantasy he always told her. One she loved, and one he wanted more than anything. 

One that always ended in a kiss.

And I can’t deny I want your body
But I’m a gentleman so I’ll be
The one who takes it slowly
'Cause girl you’re so beautiful

Stiles was always the perfect gentleman. 

He always made sure to do things at her pace. It was one of the many reasons why she loved him. 

Of course, this was only a small factor compared to his kind heart, his adorableness. His honey coloured eyes, his moles that dotted his face. The list continued. 

Y/N Y/L/N wanted to stay with him for the rest of her life. 

She kissed him slowly, passionately, savouring every moment. She felt his hands slide up into her hair as she pushed the jacket off his shoulders, her hands moving up the planes of his chest. 

“You’re beautiful”, he mumbled against her lips. 

“Stop being silly.”

I wanna love you with the lights on
Keep you up all night long
Darling, I wanna see every inch of you
I get lost in the way you move

Y/N was sleeping, her head against Stiles’ chest, her hair tickling his skin. 

He didn’t mind though. As long as he was with her, that was what mattered. 

He wasn’t tired, and falling asleep would only stop him from seeing her beautiful form in his arms. Of course, he saw her in his dreams, but it wasn’t quite the same. In his dreams, the kisses weren’t real. In his dreams, he couldn’t really feel the softness of her skin against his. In his dreams, he wasn’t really with her. 

Stroking her arm, he placed a kiss into her hair. 

“I love you, beautiful,” he whispered to her, the lights still on. 

He knew she heard him. 

I wanna love you with the lights on
Hold you 'til the night’s gone
Darling, I wanna see every inch of you
I get lost in the way you move
I wanna love you with the lights on

Stiles was asleep when Y/N woke up. 

She turned to face the clock, seeing the time that meant they were late to school. She considered waking her unconscious boyfriend, but with his eyelashes fluttering and his chest moving, she thought better of it. 

They could miss one day. As he always said, it’s not like either of them had to worry about their grades. 

Snuggling back into his chest, noticing how the lights were still on, she felt him stir. 

“You know, you’re beautiful in the mornings.”

“Stop being silly.”

“Good morning to you too.”

She kissed him, his hand cupping her cheek as he kissed her back with just as much love and desire.



Just Give Me a Try

Supernatural Prompt Challenge
January: Emotions prompt: Courage
pairings: destiel
wordcount: 3.4k
tags: no warnings apply, meet cute at a rock climbing gym, experienced climber sam, newbie dean, dean is bi, tattooed hippie route setter cas,

beta shoutouts for @punkascas and @jhoomwrites x

On a chilly Thursday evening, Dean’s perspective on climbing nerds like Sam changes.

Sure, he’d seen some good-looking people at Sam’s favored gym before, employees and fellow climbers alike. But this guy takes the cake.

How the hell Dean had never seen him before he doesn’t know, but he’s ready to give thanks to all major deities he knows of for Sam wanting to go to this ‘setter’s meeting.’

Sam had explained in the car that the setters are employees of the gym who design and then install new routes on a weekly basis.

“They do all kinds of training and certification for it,” he’s saying, tapping his foot excitedly. “And it’s amazing to watch them work. Who even has the brain for that sort of thing?”

Dean just nods, pulling into the parking lot next to the warehouse which houses the gym. It looks so drab and inconspicuous on the outside, you’d never guess there’s a lively bunch of hippie rock climbers inside.

He’s uncertain about what possible contributions he could make. He’s only been climbing half a dozen times, he didn’t even know what a heel hook was until two days ago.

Sam has been rock climbing seriously for about two years, ever since he took a class at his college on a whim. Turns out it’s the perfect form of exercise for a Sasquatch, and he’s been raving about it to Dean ever since. Dean was wary at first but he finds himself enjoying it a little more every time they go together.

Kind of like California, actually. Dean had been nervous as hell to move away from Kansas, from everything he’s ever known. But in truth, there was nothing left for him in Lawrence. Just a childhood tinged with sadness. And Sam always sounded so damn happy on the phone and over Skype. He’d found a great place to be, but he still missed his brother. Dean couldn’t begrudge him that, obviously, since he’d felt the same way. Turns out the best solution for both of them was the same: that Dean move out to Palo Alto. He’d been scared, but so far it’s been worth it.

When they step into the gym, they greet Hannah at the front desk. Sam spots a couple of his friends right away and Dean sprawls out on the largest couch in the sitting area. His eye is drawn to where Sam is pulling on his favorite pair of climbing shoes. They’re completely flat on the bottom though if you look closely you can see the curve from heel to toe, where the shoe is pointed and made for a climber to perch on their toes, no matter how small the foot hold.

Should I even rent shoes? He wonders if other regulars come in to climb while the setters are working.

“You’ll need shoes, won’t you?” A gruff voice suddenly speaks from above him. Dean looks up and is momentarily mesmerized by striking blue eyes and a dark, scruffy jawline.

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Sam Winchester (Supernatural) Fan Fiction

No Pairing

  • The Lone Wolf (Fluff)
    • Summary: Sam finds a lone pup. Can he convince Dean to let him keep it?
  • Magic Fingers (Humor)
    • Summary:  “I know! Isn’t it great?”
  • What’s a Sawed Off? (Fluff)
    • Summary: When Sam and Dean save a child, it brings up some interesting questions.
  • A Dream (Angst)
    • Summary: Sam once dreamed of a live of normalcy. Graduate from Stanford, marry Jess, become a lawyer…but it was just a dream.  
  • Cherry Cas (Humor)
    • Summary: Sam was just enjoying a nice day out, and then wanted to come back to the bunker and have a nice dinner with his brother. But a drunken, and singing, Dean had other plans…

Sam X Reader/OC (Female)

  • Think of Me (Angst; Fluff)
    • Summary: You had spent a wonderful year with Sam, as he took off time from hunting.  But when he decides he needs to get back to work, you wonder if he will even remember you now that he is gone.  But not only did he remember you, he never stopped loving you.  
  • Seven Hours (Fluff)
    • Summary: After waiting seven hours after the boys said they would call while on a case…you get a little antsy.  Luckily, your boys come home safe and sound.  
  • This is Crazy (Fluff)
    • Summary: It has been six months since you stumbled into that private chat room and met S@M18366299.  Now you waited anxiously to meet the man, Sam Winchester, who had not only become your best friend, but also love of your life…and you didn’t even know what he looked like.  
  • I am Human (Angst; Fluff)
    • Summary: Inspired by Brian Buckley’s “I am Human”.  Sam Winchester loved you, but after so many mistakes, what could he say to make you stay?  When he thinks that there is no hope, Dean comes to his rescue, reminding him what is really important in life.  
  • Cookies (Fluff)
    • Summary: You can’t imagine…what on Earth is taking Sam so long to get some cookies?
  • Equations (Slight Angst; Fluff)
    • Summary: Your life is a series of equations.  But this certain equation, you hadn’t expected.
  • Sleepy Sam (Fluff)
    • Summary: Sam was almost a different person when he was sleepy, especially with you.  You never would have guessed how cuddly he was.
  • The Gift (Fluff)
    • Summary: Dean, Sam, and your best friend Charlie decide to celebrate your birthday.  
  • Samhain Celebration (Fluff)
    • Summary: Every hunter needs someone to get their supplies from.  You were the Winchesters supply person, the local Pagan.  And as Samhain, or Halloween, rolls around, Sam asks for an unusual question.  
  • You Are Not Alone (Angst; Fluff)
    • Summary: Sam understands the feelings you are having, so he makes it his mission to prove one thing.  You are not alone.  
  • Why We Fight (Fluff)
    • Summary: After so many arguments, so much bickering…Dean finally sees the reason behind it all.  So, he decides to do something about it.  
  • Should Have Been (Angst; Fluff)
    • Summary: When Dean gave you the keys to the Impala to do a supply run, it was the best day of your life.  You never got to drive the Impala, especially alone!  But that best day of your life turned into your worst, and it takes 6 months to make it better again.
  • Lucifer, the Match Maker (Humor)
    • Summary: Sam has been going through hell with the devil riding shotgun in his brain.  But things have been differently now…the devil’s attention has been diverted from torture, deciding it was more fun to try to get Sam together…with you.
  • Moth Drawn to the Flame (Angst; Fluff)
    • Summary: When you are called in to help the Winchesters on a case, you suddenly find yourself thrown into a middle of a hunt.  But what you learn is shocking, and only you can find a way to stop the disappearances.  
  • Through Sickness and Health (Fluff)
    • Summary: When you fall suddenly ill, Sam is ready to prove he will stick by your side no matter what.

Sam x Reader/OC (Male)

Multi-Chapter Stories

  • Protector (Complete – Angst; Fluff)
    • Summary: When Sam, Dean, and Castiel rescue a nephilim being held captive by demons, they work to help her recover and then send her on her way. They never expected to find a new friend and ally. Sam is the most amazed when he finds himself becoming attached and protective of her. Sam x OC (Riley) multi-chapter story.
  • 5 Days with a Winchester (Complete – Fluff)
    • Summary: You are making your own life in a small town when you come across a very cute waiter, Sam Winchester.  In just 5 days, he will turn your world upside down.
Linda Moulton Howe Earthfiles UPARS LA

For the hardcore UFOlogists

Published on 29 Jun 2017

In this 2-hour long speech at UPARS Los Angeles on June 20th, 2017, Linda Moulton Howe from Earthfiles synthesizes a wide range of topics in UFOlogy.

Linda Moulton Howe is a graduate of Stanford University with a Masters Degree in Communication. She has devoted her documentary film, television and radio career to productions concerning science, medicine and the environment.

Ms. Howe has received local, national and international awards, including three regional Emmys and a national Emmy nomination. Those films have included Poison in the Wind and A Sun Kissed Poison which compared smog pollution in Los Angeles and Denver; Fire In The Water about hydrogen as an alternative energy source to fossil fuels; A Radioactive Water about uranium contamination of public drinking water in a Denver suburb; and A Strange Harvest which explored the worldwide animal mutilation mystery which has haunted the United States and other countries from the mid-20th century to date.

“Symbols & Binary Code in High Strangeness Phenomena”

Since the original Roswell UFO incident early July 1947, the U.S government has been continually making classified attempts at reverse-engineering and utilizing alien technologies in order to facilitate possible hyper speed travel or even defense systems in preparation for future possible alien attacks. Elements of the U.S government that have come out to talk to Linda have acknowledged that we have been visited both by friendly and malicious alien races who have generated high-strangeness phenomena such as abductions and crop circles most likely to advance their own alien agendas.

Hundreds of years before the advent of modern technology, numerous reports show signs of past alien encounters. Various symbols from some of these reports have occurred multiple times throughout history whether it be from the Roswell crash itself or from more modern encounters; these symbols along with binary code implanted in certain individuals’ minds either indirectly or from abductions seem to have meaning to them. These alien species seem to be trying to do more than interfere with human evolution, they are trying to communicate with us.

From bloodless animal mutilations to direct abductions and communications with us humans, alien species seem to have taken an express interest in our planet of Earth. Whether this interest is to achieve malicious or benign ends remains to be seen.


Message to Bernie from OaxaCalifornia
“Good afternoon senator Sanders.
My name is Odilia Romero, Indigenous Bene Xhon.
I was born in one of Mexico’s most indigenous states: Oaxaca.
My community is up in the highlands, where we say in my native language, “We wake up walking through the clouds,” Xgollo.

Out of the 68 indigenous languages spoken in the Mexican republic, 16 are spoken in our state. Mexico is a multicultural, multilingual country, where 7.2 million Mexicans speak an indigenous language and where 11.3% speak only an indigenous language. One out of five Mexicans is indigenous, according to the Mexican Human Rights Commission.

I come from a sacred place, where now very few people live because most of us are here in Los Angeles.
Indigenous communities are rich in culture and natural resources. However, everyday we are forced to leave due to U.S. agricultural dumping, military aid, the War on Drugs, and our lands being taken by transnational companies.
When we stand for the land and humans rights, we are threatened with death by the Mexican police and army, as we saw with the 43 missing students in Guerrero who were mostly indigenous. Many members of the Mexican army and police are trained in the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC). Not to wage a war against drugs but against indigenous communities in states like Oaxaca and Chiapas or Guerrero.
Many of us are forced to have starvation salaries working for US companies in Mexico. We go from being land owners to becoming low-wage workers, that is the reason why we come to the U.S., it is the economic polices. In the USA we are in the same condition. We make more then 20% of the agricultural labor force in California. We face discrimination, structural racism, and labor exploitation. We have integrated to the U.S. culture. We now vote. We now have Berkeley, Harvard, Stanford, and UCLA graduates. Not only with bachelors degrees, but also with master’s and Ph.D.s.

We contribute economically and culturally to the social fabric of the United States. We are proud to call ourselves American because we are part of the American continent, yet we are also proud of being from this great country. We also have the right to be treated equally while being different.

For this reason, I ask: “What will you and your team do to build a broad, inclusive coalition that acknowledges our diverse immigrant communities and create policies that recognize indigenous peoples’ right to stay home, making migration a voluntary option instead of a forced necessity? Will you ensure that we renegotiate NAFTA so that it no longer leads to poverty and displacement in our communities in Oaxaca, and prohibit any future agreements, like TPP, that increase poverty, unemployment, low wages and displacement in indigenous communities?
Thank you and welcome to Oaxacalifornia .”
-Odilia Romero speech to Bernie Sanders on 5/4/16

In the Heights Headcanons

- Benny and Nina have like, a buttload of kids?? They could just about have their own football team
- They all have various ranges of interests and talents, some flying through academics while others are best in other areas, but without fail they will all sit down and do their homework and revision every night. It’s been trained into them, and while they might complain occasionally about the obligation there is a sweetness to how they all help each other out with their home from across school levels
- Camila is the stern Abuela who will have none of your rudeness thank you very much, but keep your manners and eat properly at the dinner table and you will have free range of the masses of homebaked delights she has at all times
- Daniella never marries, people sometimes look at her with some pity, as though she is some failed woman because she never scored a husband but she’s got so many better things to do? She’s got a business to run and advice to give (usually unrequested) and, let’s face it, the barrio would fall apart if she didn’t have the time to regularly visit
- Carla, sweet lesbian, realises and accepts her sexuality somewhat late in life, due to being somewhat demisexual and never having much attraction anyways. Cue nervously turning to the happily bisexual Vanessa, who is more than overjoyed to answer whatever questions Carla throws her way
- Which Carla takes far too liberally and Vanessa has to distance herself lest she drown in queries about the most insignificant things
- Benny and Nina marry one year after she graduates from Stanford, but they were pretty much planning the wedding long before Benny ‘proposed’. Mostly, they figured a year of being a couple in Kevin’s presence would ease him into the fact that Benny was going to be around for a long time
- Usnavi and Vanessa date fifteen years before tying the knot. For them, it wasn’t a big gesture, more of a ‘may as well throw a wedding’; they are very comfortable in their relationship and loves together, they felt little need for a ceremony to prove that they would keep living together forever
- This is different to how the Romantic Usnavi had once planned for his future, but he wouldn’t change any of it
- Their wedding is small and heartfelt, most of the night being used as a chance for everybody to dance their arses off
- Daniella often speaks only in Spanish to the kids in the barrio, because she knows that by living in America from so young they can easily lose all ties to their culture
- They all groan to being forced to speak Spanish with her (if they use english she won’t respond in the slightest)
- But everybody is immensely grateful as they get older
- Usnavi, as the obvious best man at Benny’s wedding, cries during his speech
- According to all accounts of the evening, Vanessa definitely did NOT cry during her Maid of Honour speech where on earth did you get such an idea… okay don’t tell her I told you but she just really loves Nina okay?? Please don’t tell her I told you she’ll have my head on a platter

It’s Not Me, It’s Definitely You

Title : It’s Not Me, It’s Definitely You

Pairing : Dean X Reader

Word Count : 2,899

Prompt : You see your ex while you are at dinner with Dean, and the oldest Winchester has no intention of letting you deal with the jerk on your own. He tries his hand at acting, and he is freaking good at it!

“Oh no.”

“What is it?” Dean swiveled around in the booth to glance over his shoulder to see what you were staring at.

You buried you face in your hand, hiding your eyes from the tall figure that had just entered the bar. Dean cocked an eyebrow at you as you turned your face away, your cheeks growing red. “You see that guy up there?”

Dean turned in his seat again and you quickly reached up and grabbed his collar to pull his attention to you. “Don’t look now!”

Dean smirked and brushed your hand off with a scoff. “Okay, okay.” He patiently waited a few moments before he took a peak over his shoulder again, using his phone as an excuse to turn around. There was a moment of silence as you ripped your napkin to pieces in trembling, fidgety fingers.

“You mean the James Dean knock-off at the counter?” You heard the grin in Dean’s voice but you buried your head in your arms, letting out an exasperated sigh.


Dean let out a low snigger as he turned back to you, gazing at your crumpled form before taking a drink from his glass. “Thought you had a thing for guys in leather jackets.”

You shot him a deadly look from the table, frowning. Dean smiled and shrugged. “I don’t have a thing for you, Dean Winchester if that’s what you mean.”

Dean laughed aloud and took another drink, but your stomach was turning over in your gut. His laugh was enough to drive you completely crazy.

You met Dean almost a year ago, and over that span of time, you both had gotten yourselves into one of the most messed up friend zones you had ever seen. You both made fun of each other, beat each other up in fight practice, and basically managed to tell the other every single day how much you were NOT attracted to each other. It became a sibling kind of relationship really quick. The day you met him, you had complimented his jacket, and now he never let you live it down.

There really shouldn’t have been a problem, Dean was by far your very best friend. But of course, life wasn’t ever that predictable. You kind of sort of had a huge crush on him. And it didn’t help that he was oblivious and never got past the whole “making fun of you” stage.

You had suffered through a year of him picking up random chicks at bars and bringing them in the Impala, pushing you and Sam to the back seat, struggling to hide the fact that you were seething with jealousy. After about a month of trying to be nice, and getting shut down, you decided to never tell Dean how you felt. It would be easier to just suffer in silence you decided.


“What?” You looked over to Dean, jolted from your thoughts at his voice. You found him staring at you, an amused grin plastered on his handsome faced.

“You were staring.”

You blinked in shock as you realized the truth of the statement. You had been staring at the man who walked in for the entire time you had been thinking about how miserable you were.

Probably because that man had something to do with it.

“So who is the guy?” Dean asked.

You let out an exasperated sigh, pinching the bridge of your nose. “He’s my boyfriend. Well—I mean—he was.”

There was a moment of silence as you glanced over your shoulder again to your ex, who stood flirting with a busty waitress a few tables away.

Finally Dean spoke. “Oh really?” The amusement in his voice was unmasked and you almost groaned aloud.

“Shut up!” Your face was bright red now and you wanted to get up and leave, but that meant walking right past your ex, which you weren’t going to do, not in a million years.

“Hmm.” You followed Dean’s gaze at his voice. Your ex was moving over to a single young lady sitting by herself at a table, an attempt of a charming smirk on his lips, his eyes visibly glued on her cleavage. You grimaced in disgust. “Charming, isn’t he?”

“Yeah, not one of my fondest memories.” You choked out, before you took Dean’s beer from his side of table, downing most of it with one swallow. Dean protested, but his voice was tight with amusement as he looked over your panicked movements. “We should go before he sees me.”

“Oh ,come on—”


Dean’s voice was cut off by a dreaded voice that you never wanted to hear again, and you closed your eyes in revulsion.

You heard Dean let out a chuckle, and you opened your eyes again only to find, to your horror, that your ex was moving toward you. You shot Dean a look of pure horror. “Help me.” You hissed in a whisper. Dean grinned widely, shrugging. “What am I supposed to do?”

“Y/N!” You and Dean both whipped around in the booth to face the man who was now at the edge of your table. “It is you!”

You felt your stomach turn uncomfortably as you tried to send him a smile, but honestly, the sight of the guy who broke your heart really just made you want to burst into tears.

“Hey, Jonathan.”

“Wow.” Jonathan leaned back, folding his hands into his pockets as he chewed lightly on his lip, his eyes narrowed as he looked you over, up and down. You suddenly felt very uncomfortable in the plaid shirt you were wearing. You hardly looked like the feminine girl he dated long ago. “How long has it been? Three years?”

“At least.” You said, nodding slowly, trying to look away. You hoped he would just go away.

“You look great.”

You felt your heart twist painfully. “Thank you,” you muttered. “So do you.”

“So, where have you been? I mean, it’s been so long.”

“Well,” you suddenly panicked. You didn’t know what to say. Normally, you had no problem lying to people, that was part of your job, but there was something about your ex’s presence that really through you off your game.

“She’s been a bit busy.”

Both of you turned at Dean’s voice. You had almost forgotten he was sitting there. You watched as Dean shifted in his seat, extending a hand to your ex. “I don’t believe we’ve been introduced.”

Jonathan cast Dean a slightly puzzled smile, the expression tight and unfriendly under the surface. “Name is Jonathan Smith.”

“Dean.” Dean sent him a grin, the corners of his eyes wrinkling as he smiled, but you noticed the way his fist was balled on the table, his knuckles turning white. You chewed on the inside of your lip. The air was crackling with tension.

“Nice to meet you.” Your ex greeted. He pointed to you, his eyes still on Dean. “So, are you two together?”

You opened your mouth to object, but Dean let out a loud laugh, stopping you. “I guess that’s what they call it.” You shot Dean a look, puzzled, but he spoke again and you froze at his words. “We’ve been together two-and-a-half years now, isn’t that right, dear?”

Before you could speak, dean reached out and took your hand in both of his, shooting you a very convincing look of pure love. “Best time of my life.”

You were stunned into silence. You felt Jonathan staring at you, but you didn’t know what to do either. Dean pulled back one hand to take a drink from his glass, casting your ex a look. “How do you know Y/N?”

“Well, we were together in college for about two years.”

“Really?” Dean suddenly turned to you, a smirk on his lips. “She never mentioned you.”

There was a horrible moment as you stared at Dean, shocked at his words, although they had the desired effect. Your ex cleared his throat uncomfortably, and you shifted in your seat, hoping he would leave.

“Would you like to join us?”

You felt your heart drop in horror at Dean’s suggestion.

“Well, I don’t know…” Jonathan took a step back.

“Oh, please I insist.” Dean compelled, standing up so that he could slide into your side of the booth. You nearly squeak in discomfort as he instantly sat as close to you as he possibly could. You were overwhelmed with the scent of his cologne and his leather jacket nearly started to suffocate you as you were mashed up, strangely close against Dean’s chest. He settled down against you, casting your ex an easy smile.

Jonathan look around uncomfortably before he hesitantly sat down on the other bench, gazing at you and Dean.

There was a long, horrible pause.

“I like your jacket, pal.” Dean smirked, gesturing to the black, leather jacket.


Another long pause.

Finally, your ex cleared his throat. “So, um. How did you meet Y/N?”

“Oh, that’s actually a great story!” You blinked wide as Dean wrapped an arm around your shoulder, pulling you close.

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He growled, looking at the heavy metal cuffs around his wrists, traveling up and over to cover his hands so that they didn’t move. A smart move on their part. A dumb move for underestimating them on his. He should’ve known better than to get too comfortable and think he knew all their moves.

Stupid,” he huffed, leaning back against the metal chair in the stark white room allowing his thoughts to wander while he waited.

Maybe he was getting tired of all this.

The thieving business was getting a bit stale over the years. Meet this client. Steal this thing from that building. Possible run in with some kind of authority. Fight. Run. Disappear. Get paid. Rinse, repeat. Perhaps it was time for something-.

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Sam’s Sixty June Jobs #46(College Professor)

Words: 1772
Pairing: Sam x Reader
Warnings: None
Author’s Note: Written for @teamfreewill-imagine and @latinenglishfandomblog‘s challenge :D It was fun and I apologize if I got anything wrong but I know nothing about this, just thought it’d be fun and yeah :D

Originally posted by hunterchesters

“Have you heard about Professor Winchester?” I hear a student of mine quietly ask. “Word goes around that he’ll attend that big case with his students, The People Vs Alastair.”

“Isn’t Alastair a serial killer?” Another student asks as I do my best to ignore the quiet whispers.

“Yeah. The Professor is going to take his students so that they can learn about how to prosecute and defend such a criminal.” A third student intervenes, making my patience blow.

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Open Hearts & Open Roads

Pairing: Dean/Cas

Read on {AO3}

Summary:  “roadtrip au where we need to save gas money so we take a long, awkward, tension-filled car ride”

It’s six in the morning on a Wednesday when Cas hears the roar of the familiar engine in his driveway.

He rolls over with a groan. He really doesn’t want to deal with this. Not today. Not anyday. But he shuffles out of bed and opens his front door anyways when he hears the abrupt knock, to find, unsurprisingly, his ex-boyfriend leaning against the frame.

Cas sighs. “Look, Dean-”

“It’s Sam’s graduation from Stanford this weekend.” Dean interjects, uninterested in what Cas has to say. “He wants both of us to come, and we might as well save gas money, so pack your bags and get in the car.” Dean spews the words out, no hint of emotion in his voice. He turns his back immediately and walks down the concrete steps.

Cas is absolutely bewildered. “I don’t think that’s-”

“Just get your stuff, okay?” Dean declares, motioning his arms wildly.  “Car leaves in ten.” The door to the car slams loudly, leaving Cas dumbfounded in the doorway.

There’s not enough alcohol in the world to deal with this , Castiel thinks as he shuts the door behind him and trudges back up the stairs to his bedroom.

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Not My Father’s Son: Chapter 10

Previous Parts

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Prompt: AU- Non-Supernatural Verse: Sam visits Stanford and graduates. 

Warnings: AU, fluff, brotherly feels

Words: 1779

Note: awh sammy. also, like I said, this is going to be a long series, I really love writing it, and it’s fun to explore ideas. I also wanted this to seem at least somewhat realistic with the steps in their relationship. 

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