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I really like the idea of Dipper introducing Ford to all the sci-fi shows and stuff that he missed while he was in the portal.

Who would sacrifice everything they’ve worked for just for their dumb sibling?!

Stanford Pines after the accident 30 years ago.

A follow-up to THIS PEICE from yesterday.   

angelskittle  asked:

28 or 23 with ford and any character of choice, please :D

28. “I thought you loved me” I’ll do Stan and Ford.

“Please. Just listen to me.”

“Why would I want to listen to anything you have to say?! I can’t trust you anymore!”

“I know, but please just listen to what I have to say-”

“I thought you loved me!”

“I do! I do love you! You know that!”

“What are you watching?”

Stan jumped and the remote resting on the armchair tumbled to the floor. He swore under his breath. 

“A drama romance,” he replied, reaching to pick up the remote.

“A drama romance,” Ford repeated.


“I didn’t take you for the type to be interested in this type of genre.”

“I didn’t either. It’s actually good, besides the mushy, awkward parts.”


“How about you pull up a chair and I’ll tell ya about it.”

Ford scoffed. “No thanks. Not really my type of thing.”

“Ah c’mon, Sixer! The drama is really intense in this one! You missed 45 minutes of it but it’s only going to get worse. It’ll be great! It’s more drama than romance.”

“Alright then.” Ford pulled up a chair next to Stan.” Humor me.”

“So it’s called Her Husband and-”

“Wow. A great name.”

“Okay so the name is terrible. Anyway. The wife, Clara, has the perfect life. At least that’s what she thinks. Unknown to her, her husband has a dark secret.”

“A dark secret, huh?” Ford replied sarcastically.

Stan rolled his eyes. “Okay so this movie sounds clichéd.”

“Very. Tell me again how this is so appealing?”

“I’m getting to it. Yeesh. As I was saying, the husband has been going away at night when she’s sleeping and doing who knows what? Even I’m not too sure. One of Clara’s friends suspects her husband of going out at night but Clara doesn’t believe her until she finally places a hidden camera. She catches him in the act and demands why he’s been going out at night. She assumes he’s been cheating on her and now she’s been blowing up at him.”

“So I presume all this yelling is what’s so good about this movie?”

“Okay, mister sarcasm. It’s only been 45 minutes, you know how slow things get. It’ll only get better. I can tell. I bet she has some twisted backstory or something.”

“Guess the only way one of finding out is watching the whole thing.” 

Stan clapped Ford’s back.“I knew you would be interested! Ooh! Did you see that slap she threw at him?”

headcanon that Mabel sits down every night and writes letters to Ford and Stan telling them about her day because they don’t have cell phones, much less reception
headcanon that she covers those letters in stickers and drawings and encloses weird photos of a confused and startled dipper
headcanon that she never gets a letter back and starts to get worried about them and thinks that they aren’t even getting the letters
headcanon that when Mabel is feeling down on Christmas Day because she can’t wish her favorite people in the world a merry Christmas, and oh my gosh what if they’re dead?! she gets a whole box full of letters that had sent to the neighbor’s house instead, and finally they had figured out who they were going to, because the only form of name on there was a shooting star above the pines’s address. she giggles and reads them all out loud to Waddles in one sitting, and pulls some of them out and reads them when she’s feeling sad

p.s. headcanon that the biggest reason why they didn’t get delivered is because Stan swore that the last digit of their street address was a 3 and not a 4


some practice doodles bc i have an idea for a comic involving these two but i don’t know how to draw either of them sdgksdks

me @ artists in this fandom: how do you people draw fiddleford so well, teach me your ways

Eye Colors

So get this: 

at the end of Ford’s dream in “The Last Mabelcorn”, there is a creepily wonderful animation shift featuring a number of familiar, yet eerie images: Ford’s hand, a constricting eye, and then what looks like an extended Cipher wheel. Upon first watching, my thought was, “Okay, Ford eye color confirmed: blue”. Naturally, I took the thought further, concluding that Stan’s eyes must also be blue. Twins, right?

But here’s the thing… just a few hours after watching The Last Mabelcorn, I saw someone reblog a screenshot of a question and answer on Alex Hirsch’s twitter:

This question is from a few years ago, but it seems pretty safe to deem canon. So Stan’s eyes are brown, and the twins’ eyes are brown… it would be natural to assume that, being twins and all, Ford’s eyes are also brown.

Which started to make me wonder: Whose eye is this?

My best guess? McGucket.

In the McGucket’s Conspiracy Corner shorts, he mentions that his eyes are in fact blue. So, let’s say it’s Fiddleford’s eye. It makes sense, then, even in the context of the dream: as far as we know, Fiddleford was the first to see the true horror of the void, a horror then paralleled and shown in Ford’s dream when Bill projects the images of the demonic-looking, blood red pattern behind the Portal/beyond the void. Ford was the one to pull him out of the Portal, and was there for McGucket’s prophetic message. 

Then is it possible, that after 30 years exploring other dimensions, when confronted with the nightmare of Bill and the Void, that Ford’s thoughts and dreams would immediately turn to his old friend, the one who first saw the evil of Bill’s true nature? In all that we’ve learned about Ford so far, never once has he openly expressed regret or concern for Fiddleford. But maybe, just maybe, his colleague and that day are still very much on his mind:


So… following the thing I was talking about yesterday about forgetting to draw Ford’s coat all the time and saying that the coat just makes him look way more serious and that without it he looks more home-y … well I wanted to make the coat fluffy and so this happened…

Toddler twins make yet another appearance! Yay ??

Bonus that doesn’t really connect with the rest:


Part 6. Trying not to draw myself into a quality corner, just gotta get these ideas down on paper.

Animated the last panel.

Not As Dumb As You Look Prologue: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

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Every Breath She Takes

A/N: This is my second follow celebration personalized fic! This one is for yet another immensely patient follower, @plaidstiel-wormstache who put up with me peppering her with questions about all manner of weird things (most of which didn’t even end up in here). Special thanks to @littlegreenplasticsoldier who beta read this monster and helped me get the accent a little closer to reality. Honorable mention to @faith-in-dean who helped me title it! These are all quality women with quality blogs and you should be following them!

Summary: Sam and Dean meet Jessie, and the rest is history.

Prompt: Whatever moved me, preferably fluff.

Pairing: Sam x Jessie 

Warnings: None. It’s so fucking fluffy you could pet it.

Word count: 2382 (Believe me, you don’t want it longer. The story took a very weird turn around 2500 words, and I decided it was better to end it fluffy.)

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Sam was impressed by Jessie from the first moment he saw her. Admittedly, when he first saw her, he was actually seeing a Leviathan impersonating her, but when the monster was as dead as Levis got, she was still impressive. He had almost a foot in height over her, but she was a whirlwind of furious anger with long, dark hair and an explosive expression. She got up off the floor where she’d been thrown, stormed over to the impersonator’s head, and kicked it across the warehouse like a champion soccer player.

“That’s what y’get fer messin’ with the big boys, y’slimey bastard!” she screamed as the head hit a wall with a wet thump and rolled around a corner. She looked up at Sam triumphantly while her chest heaved and her hands landed on her hips. “So, big boy, are there more of those things around here that need killin’ or is this the part where I take you out to dinner to thank you for savin’ me life?”

Sam’s mouth flapped silently while his brain tried to catch up. Her accent enthralled him while he fought to look away from her eyes as they sparkled with mischief. “You’re not going to ask me what that was or what’s going on?”

Jessie shrugged and gave him a lopsided smile. “Mate, I’m from Australia. It’s not a proper Monday morning ‘til ya’ve killed five things that wanna kill ya back!”

The smile that shone from her face was the first thing to warm Sam’s heart since Bobby had died, and he immediately hoped he would see more of it. In spite of everything that was going on around him, for the first time in a very long time, Sam laughed, and his fate was sealed.

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