stanford crew

petition to add to the collective fanon that while dipper receives his very own ford-made journal at the end of that first summer (and a new one every year after that probably lbr), mabel gets a book of her own too

it’s wider than dipper’s and matches the light magenta of her favorite sweater, down to the thick golden shooting star sticker on the front… a new scrapbook!

she looks up at ford with a sort of elated confusion. he beams at her, kneels down to her height, and reminds her that without her scrap booking skills and trust, stan wouldn’t have his memory back, and she’s really got a knack for -

he’s not even halfway through the speech he’d prepared when she throws her arms around him and yells, “I LOVE IT! thankyouthankyouthank-”

ford freezes for a second, and then smiles and hugs her back.


OMG, I finished it! What was actually a lazy sketch turned detailed sketch. When was the last time I draw what looked like a cover art and fill up a whole page? weeks, months or maybe years ago? I’m so happy to look at this! Stan and the freedom fighters in my Post Apocalyptic Future AU~ 

My bro suggested I named the crew Wings of Freedom (WoF) but I dunno… I felt bad for snorting when he suggested that even though he himself admitted it’s kinda lame. I looked up names and I found Lysimachos. An ancient Greek name that literally means “freedom fighter”. So since the founder of the group is the kind of guy who refers to names and meanings the group is called LYSIMACHOS. But Stan’s crew are the vanguards and their team name shall be WoF (as thanks to my brother for trying).

I can’t stop thinking about how everyone from In The Heights handles the cold:

like the idea of a bundled up grumpy Vanessa who wears like 100000 layers…. the only way you can tell it’s her under the furry hood and scarf is the frustration in her eyes that she just !! can’t !! get !!warm !!!

Usnavi chiming in that he can help keep her warm ;)

Daniela over hears this and won’t shut up about if for weeks. Sweet, innocent Carla thinks he just bought Vanessa fuzzy socks or something

Usnavi scolding Sonny all the time for not wearing cold-weather attire, like trying to wear shorts outside.

Sonny gives in every time but refuses to wear gloves so he can keep his fingers ready to text at any moment (and he doesn’t like that they make his palms sweaty)

Nina teasing them all from her side of the country, but also bringing everyone Stanford crews and hoodies when she comes come for the holiday break

Benny wearing the shit out of that hoodie to the point where Vanessa begs him to at least take it off to wash it because she can smell it on her side of town

Sonny and Pete debating the pros and cons of starting a small fire to keep warm while Pete tags a building. A little fire does end up starting but completely by accident they swear

a customer gives Usnavi a family Mexican hot coco recipe and so he adds that to the morning routine at the bodega on the weekends

and just… everyone cuddling… all the time

The Stanford Prison Experiment (2015)

Twenty-four male students out of seventy-five were selected to take on randomly assigned roles of prisoners and guards in a mock prison situated in the basement of the Stanford psychology building.

Director: Kyle Patrick Alvarez
Writers: Tim Talbott, Philip Zimbardo (book)
Stars: Ezra Miller, Tye Sheridan, Billy Crudup | See full cast & crew »