“There’s a lot more work to be done.” – Aida Habtezion

At Stanford, Aida Habtezion,assistant professor, gastroenterology and hepatology, became interested in why patients with ulcerative colitis would have their disease limited to the colon. Would leukocytes have specific things that targeted them to the colon and not to the small intestine? Do these lymphocytes or T cells have a receptor that might be guiding them to the colon rather than the small intestine?”

Pursuing that question led to some interesting findings.


Stanford just made tuition free for students from families making under $125K a year.

Last week, Stanford announced that it was expanding the financial assistance program it created in 2008 to make tuition free for low and middle-income students. Originally, parents had to make less than $100,000 in order to qualify for free tuition. But wait, for students from families making under $65,000, it gets even better.


For Moonturtle6 

I was thinking about Ford and Fidds in College. This scenario is Ford just had a terrible date that ended in a nasty breakup, so he calls Fidds to pick him up. Fiddleford tries to cheer him up by telling him about his own past relationship failures.

Dialogue from Parks and Rec.