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One year ago, an amazing TV show met it’s greatest challenge and overcame it– the end.

tbh i think ford would have trouble with technology but not b/c its so “futuristic but b/c its so old

microwaves? in dimension f6>8y u could point a fork at your food and say what temperature you wanted it to be

touchscreen computers/tablets? please. most dimensions are using interactive holograms by now

and do not get ford started on talk-to remotes he will rant about how fucking stupid remotes are b/c u can just think of what channel you want and how loud the tv should be and then dipper will have to remind ford that 46′/ doesnt have that technology yet and then that will start ford on another rant about how the shadow government is hiding all of the good technology

Characters from my favorite game/musical/show in chibis! Aren’t they adorable? X3 (Noted: This sheet is not stickers, it looks like it, but no.)

First row: 

Then Hamilton, and lastly, Gravity Falls!