Too Many Tony’s Part 5

or, Nick Fury has a Headache Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

“Carter. Edward Carter. I appreciate it.” Carter answered softly, before frowning, shaking his head, and saying “You know, in my universe I’m pretty sure you’re Shield’s spy on Stane?”

Pepper’s eyes widened and Iron Man burst out “Really! Yours isn’t dead? My Pepper blew him up.”

Pepper stiffened slightly, turned a glare on Iron Man and said “If that will be all, Mr. Stark?”

Iron Man blinked, winced, and then nodded and said “That will be all, Ms. Potts.”

“Then I have work to do.” She informed him, nodded to everyone else, and calmly swept into the elevator.

The Avengers settled onto couches and chairs, tired from the battle. Agent Tony Stark exchanged a look with Edward Carter and they sat down near Iron Man. Not long after, the elevator pinged and Darcy and Jane came in. Jane went to sit with Thor.

Darcy smiled cheerfully at the group and said “Food should be here soon. You know, if there’s a next time, you guys should tell me who has dopplegangers, not just that someone does, so that I know how much to order.” Her eyes landed on the extra Tonys. “Yeah, I ordered in case we had extra Caps, Thors, or Hulks, so we are definitely going to have leftovers for once.” She shook her head. “How many times do I have to tell you guys, I’m your minion, not your mindreader!”

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Ford and stan just need to hug it out tbh

I have a headcanon that stan and sometimes ford pull pranks and mess with fidd and whenever fidd has a chance to get back at them, he takes the opportunity with the utmost seriousness and has no regrets. and this is what ended up happening with this headcanon thing

hope ya like

Archaeologists aim to unravel the mystery of the Rhynie Man

When a farmer ploughing an Aberdeenshire field in 1978 uncovered a six-foot high Pictish stone carved with a distinctive figure carrying an axe, it quickly earned the name the ‘Rhynie Man’, coined from the village in which it was found.

But in the decades since its discovery, little more is known about the Pictish figure, who he was or why he was created. Now a team of archaeologists from the University of Aberdeen are leading a dig which they hope will yield answers to the mystery of Aberdeenshire’s ‘oldest man’.

Believed to date from the fifth or sixth century, the Rhynie Man carries an axe upon his shoulder, has a large pointed nose and wears a headdress.

Dr Gordon Noble, a Senior Lecturer in archaeology at the University of Aberdeen, said their excavations would focus on the area around where the Rhynie Man was first found by local farmer Kevin Alston at Barflat and around the Craw Stane, another Pictish standing stone. Read more.

um… so why don’t we have a legally blonde au where frat star!tony gets dumped by his dbag of a boyfriend!tiberius and goes to harvard law school just to spite him and while there he meets assistant teacher!steve while working on professor stane’s case and he and the other interns have to prove that clint barton is innocent of the murder of his mentor, phil coulson