It's time to #StandWithOhio!!

By midnight on Sunday night, Ohio Governor John Kasich must decide where to sign or veto legislation that would severely limit access to abortion. This is very similar to the action that Wendy Davis stood against in Texas.

Contact Governor Kasich at (614) 466-3555, on twitter at @JohnKAsich, or send him an e-mail through this link.

Also, start tweeting!! This deserves just as much attention as Texas! Tweet with the hashtags #StandWithOhio and #Veto4Women

*note- not all people who have abortions are women
Sign Petition to Urge Gov. Kasich to Veto Anti-Abortion Bill in Ohio

We have until 11:59pm Sunday to get this veto’d by the Governor.

This bill would require among other things:

  • Uterus bearing people to have an ultrasound before they could prescribed hormonal birth control
  • Doubling the mandatory wait time for an abortion
  • Doctors must describe the ultrasound to pregnant patients who refuse to view it, even if they became pregnant through rape
  • Fetal pain must be described to the patient at all stages of pregnancy

Please, tumblr, just a few days ago we watched Wendy Davis achieve amazing things in Texas with the help of everyday people like us. Stand with uterus bearing people in Ohio and protect us from this bill. 

Sign the petition. Tweet Kasich @JohnKasich, email him, and continue to tweet using the #StandWithOhio #veto4women and #StandWithWomen tags*

Get the word out. Stand with us. Go go go!

*Not all people who have a uterus are women. These hashtags are not perfect, please suggest better ones if you have them!

my district’s senator brought up his opposition to the amendment requiring trans-abdominal ultrasounds for those seeking abortions, but I’m a bit disappointed that the argument is based solely on “no one voted for this” and “it shouldn’t be part of a budget” with no mention of the people it would actually affect

hoo hoo hoo Charleta Tavares is telling them 
“"We’re supposed to represent ALL the residents of our district.”  
“Paula Deen isn’t the only one who’s been heard saying negative things about people of different racial persuasions.”