Let me tell you ‘bout my best friend, Nathan..
He’s the kindest, smartest, silliest third-grader in the world. He excels in his school work and is excited to learn and grow. You wouldn’t be able to tell right off the bat that Nathan is on the spectrum for Autism because obviously he’s very high-functioning.
My point of this message is to let you know that it’s not always clear who people are and what they’re dealing with, so think before you judge. Use your words and actions for kindness and accept and cherish people for who they are. #bullyingpreventionmonth #stopbullying #stompoutbullying #standupforothers #bekind #antibullying #asdawareness #asd #autismawareness #love

I just want to say to those dicks who are on Anon and are sending hate to trenchcoatangelsass needs to stop. It’s bull. How bout you go off Anon and message me. Instead of putting her down to raise your self-esteem, how about you look in the mirror an see what an asshole you really are an get a life, there no need to put her down she’s beautiful, amazing, and so damn important that you’ll never know. All you see is flaws an ugliness because that’s all you are. Grow up and leave her alone. Don’t have anything nice to say to message her and don’t say it at all.

This just makes me sick to my stomach. I’m lucky to have not been a target, but I’m also a survivor of verbal abuse from bullies. I’ve dealt with Aqua Lion before, he bullied another friend. It used to be RP was a safe haven for us outsiders, but I’ve come to realize it’s a huge target arena as well. This girl has done NOTHING and they think they can take advantage of her. It’s tearing her apart. Isn’t there some sort if International law against cyber bullying? Because there should be one. #cyberbullying #hateit #stopthehate #standupforothers @_nataliejohns aren’t you friends with her as well?


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