standup for yourself

Do not allow anyone to emotionally manipulate you. You are allowed to have feelings, opinions and wants, and express them. You are allowed to want to be respected. You are allowed to say “no”. You are allowed to defend yourself when you feel you aren’t being treated fairly. You are allowed to have standards. These are your rights as a human. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel guilty for exercising your human rights. Stand up for yourself. Hold these type of people accountable for their actions.
—  Srgraham

In a society that constantly judges us by appearance, skin color, job titles,sexuality, that lies to us (fda, gov) etc I dare you all to be your true self! Don’t allow yourself to become like the rest. I encourage you all to educate yourself, be humble and never ever ever allow power and money to get to your head. Always remember there’s more to life than materialistic things. Find your true self and passion and standup for it. Detached yourself from your phones and the rest of the world and I promise you you will find peace and happiness! Spread love not hate because they don’t want us to unite and support one another, let’s prove them wrong! Let’s change future generations for the better to save the earth and save ourselves from becoming just like them.!!

C: I recently ran into the girl that bullied me in 6th grade,and since I ran into her it has me reflecting on how much i’ve changed since then.I use to hate her so much for hurting me for no reason at all but now I want to thank her.I’m still the shy girl that she bullied but i’m the shy girl that will throw hands when I need to.I view that girl has a lesson called “How to standup for yourself.”