Reasons John Mulaney is great
  • has been mistaken for gay seemingly A Lot and is not only very good natured about it, but make non-offensive jokes about it.
  • horse lose in a hospital
  • asked for his wife’s permission to make fun of her on stage
  • the whole what’s new pussycat sketch
  • doesn’t like pineapple on pizza but isn’t hateful towards people who do
  • married Adam Driver in a sketch and had a half-fish kid with him
  • he left it out in the version on netflix but in my city doing kid gorgeous he said he actually did write his college a check (I don’t remember how much)
  • “NOOOOO!!!!”
  • bought a stroller for Petunia (his dog) so that she could go on walks and be social despite being unable to breath by design
  • “🎵because we’re delta airlines and life is a fucking nightmare🎵”

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being supportive of others whether they’re friends or strangers you see in trouble:

standing by when you see friends or strangers in trouble:

loving and taking care of yourself, even when it’s difficult:

putting your own health aside, not making it a priority:

summoning a Diet Coke:

asking “may I please have a Diet Coke please” and maybe getting one: