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Respect yourself! Start with you – your mind, body, spirit and heart. If you don’t respect (and protect) yourself, nobody else will. When you feel like someone is being rude, taking you for granted, devaluing you, or disrespecting you, they probably are – or at least trying too. Stop! Remember who you are. Pray for guidance and strength. Take a deep breathe. And then politely let the person know that this is not appropriate, you will not be mistreated, and that you don’t play those games. Exhale and move on. It’s quite simple. Let love rule your spirit, don’t live in fear, and respect yourself. #Namaste #Respect #Yourself #Confidence #StandUp #SelfLove #MindBodySpirit #Faith #Fearless #Strength #Love #Protect #WordsOfWisdom #WorldOfWilbekin #WOW

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This is how I brought attention of me being cyber bullied. I publicly humiliated her and she deleted her post. Her account is in the process of being reported for harassing many people. This is how you stop a part of cyber bullying my friends. Give the asshole the attention they deserve. Seeing this, I have been bullied in the past but my friend Cameron helped me get through it. Without him I would have been still beating myself up about this post.

Students from the Pan-African Student Union (PASU) on the move against police brutality in the schools

The walkout was organized in response to a recent video recorded by a Central High student that shows Officer Kraus violently arresting a youth.

The youth had planned to do a die-in to show solidarity with the victims of brutality by the police at Central High School when they reached City Hall in downtown St. Paul. To the youth’s surprise upon getting to City Hall, the sheriff’s deputies were blocking the doors, not allowing any of the students or participants of the march inside the building.

Soon after, two dozen or so PASU members were invited by St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman’s office to speak with him. The youth presented their demands, which are as pictured:

After the meeting with the mayor, his office released this statement:

The youth are continuing their pressure on the Central High School’s administration by planning a “Call-in Black” or “Call-in Ally” day, where students are being asked to skip school because of the mistreatment of youth by the police officers at the school. via UNICORN RIOT

SO PROUD of our youth!!!
THEY organize
THEY take action & speak to power with truth.
#Love it!