stands forever

And while we’re on the topic of things you can’t unknow and will forever stand out to you:

There’s a scene in Justice League (you can see it in some of the trailers) where Jim Gordon throws this big ass knife switch to turn on the Bat-Signal. And that scene is wrong and bad.

That one.

First off, no one uses big ass knife switches like that anymore because they are REALLY HECKING DANGEROUS.

There’s this shitty thing electricity can do where it jumps through the air and connects paths that aren’t supposed to be connected. That’s called an arc fault. Arc faults cause arc flashes and arc blasts. Aka horrific fireballs of death and maiming. (If you’ve ever gone to plug in an appliance and seen a little bitty explosion in the outlet, then you’ve seen this happen on the small scale. Bigger conductors and higher voltages make for much bigger potential booms.)

Also they have a whole lot of exposed copper and live parts for you to accidentally touch and fry yourself. And since this one’s outside, water making unwanted electrical connections and corroding the copper are also problems.

I put “knife switch” into google and the first thing it tries to give me is this:

That would be the modern version with a nice enclosure for safety. No live parts to stick your finger on and a box to hold in the worst of the arc flash should one happen. They make weatherproof ones, although the pictured one isn’t. Also I’d like to think it’s sufficiently industrial and clunky for a nice big dramatic throw the switch moment.

This brings me to problem two. That knife switch was installed upside down. What? How can you tell? Because Gordon throws the lever down to turn the signal on.

Look, there are very, very few operations where you want an electric device to fail in the on position. Safety dictates that it’s generally better for something to be accidentally turned off than on. And gravity dictates that it’s much easier for a switch to fall down than up. So up is alway the on position. Look at the switch I posted above. Up is on. Down is off. See also: probabily every light switch in your home, unless they are three way switches.

So yes, that scene is wrong and bad and when you become an electrican you cannot turn this part of your brain off.

This has been another episode of Batdad yells about bad electricity. Tune in next time for topics like “You can’t make an electromagnet with an aluminum baseball bat, Teen Wolf” and “I double checked Andy Wier’s math in The Martian and it was good and I was so very pleasantly surprised. Also, oh my god, I am such a nerd.”


KH2FM stands for “Kingdom Hearts 2 For Masochists.”

P.S.! The image of the Gummi Ship mission came from a walkthrough by the incredible Bizkit047, who’s made a bunch of guides to help you deal with a lot of the stuff I whine talk about in this doodle! Be sure to check out his channel if you’re having a hard time!

A southern moon is a sodden moon, and sultry. When it swamps the fields and the rustling sandy roads and the sticky honeysuckle hedges in its sweet stagnation, your fight to hold on to reality is like a protestation against a first waft of ether.
—  save me the waltz, zelda fitzgerald

Red carpet Voltron. I wanted to draw the dresses in my fashion tag, so… I did. (x) (x)

Here’s a bonus since Hunk is tragically hidden behind everyone above:

And another, because drawing six dresses on people with real human proportions was sort of a nightmare, and that means i get to bullshit the seventh one

messy witch aesthetic

-sigils scribbled on wrists, on used napkins, on the backs of receipts
-hastily mumbling glamours while you get ready because you’re late again
-always forgetting to keep track of the moon’s cycle
-constantly performing finding-things spells because the floor of your room is an abomination and where on earth did that chunk of amethyst go??
-knowing that if you don’t write a spell down/tag it properly/put it in a place where you’ll find it then it’ll be lost forever
-standing in the shower for forty minutes and only remembering the glamours/spells you wanted to work on after you get out
-picking up every coin you see and dropping them in an old jar as a money spell
-how am i already out of cinnamon i literally just bought some
-enchanting your phone alarm so that maybe you’ll actually get out of bed on the first try for once
-always having salt on the floor
-i have thirty variations of the same spell tag on tumblr but the spell i’m looking for isn’t under any of them oh my god
-never being able to decide which method for drawing sigils you like best, so all of them are a complete mish-mash
-half-melted candles everywhere
-starting a new notebook every two weeks and never finishing one
wanting to have a consistent practice and aesthetic but never managing to find the time so you guess you’ll just stick to reading your tarot cards on the floor in front of the TV while eating chicken nuggets