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I'm definitely pro-choice and my dad says he is too but some of the things he says makes me uneasy - i asked him his opinion on abortion and he said ''i wouldn't want your mum to ever get one but i wouldn't want the option taken away from 'us''' am i just over-reacting to that? i also asked him what would he say if my mum got pregnant and wanted an abortion and he said he would try to convince her to keep it, am i being too fussy with this?

It is a tricky situation for sure. Because they are in a committed relationship it’s certainly not unreasonable for him to want a say in what happens, however the real test is if she needed one and decided that was the right choice and that was she wanted to do… would he support her or be horrible to her? If he’d still support her even if he doesn’t agree with her decision then it’s not a big issue in the end because he still recognizes that it’s ultimately not up to him. However if she decides she wants to abort for whatever reason and he say, threatens divorce then it’s an issue and you may need to try calling him on that.

It’s one thing to say ‘I wouldn’t WANT this to be what my SO chose’ which is what he seems to be saying. It’s another to say 'I wouldn’t LET my SO choose this’ (Which would be controlling and abusive).


You're Standing on my Neck || Raye.

Katie took a deep breath, clenching her jaw and pursing her lips together angrily. Grabbing, her purse filled with clothing for the night and the day after. Her hands were shaking madly, her face red as a tomato due the anger building inside her. Ever since the long due talk she had with her mom, her features remained tensed up, along with her muscles. There was something really wrong with her mom and all that she wanted was Maya to be happy again. She recalled the last talk she had with her mother, the dark haired teenage calling her progenitor ‘Blind drama queen’ claiming this wasn’t about her nor anyone else other than Maya and telling her she was a bad mother for making her suffer like she was doing, when all she wanted was some respect and the right to be loved by her own parents, the former soccer star yelled at her mother loudly, so loudly a couple of glasses broke from how high her voice was, warm tears rolling down her cheek. “The two of you disgust me, I don’t know any of my parents anymore, you always teached us to be respectful and love our equals no matter what and now there you are, fucking with Maya’s heart. That’s not fucking fair and you know it. She felt in love with her best friend and she’s a girl, big deal! At least she’s not fucked up like your oldest son is. You can’t do this to her. Not her. The only thing she always wanted was you two being proud of her and now, you finally fucked her life up. I swear to god one day she’s gonna hate you and you’re not gonna like that, mother. You’re a heartless bitch” anger spilled out in way of words from Katie’s mouth, her mom directing her wheelchair towards the chair when she was resting, slapping her face so harshly Katie’s lip and nose started bleeding. The taste of her own blood disgusted her, but nothing was as gross as her mother’s self pity for 'the sin her baby was commiting’. The oldest Matlin girl spit out some blood, chuckling dryly at her mother, shaking her head slowly “You have no idea how much I hate you. Fuck off” the dark haired teenage wiped the blood off of her face as she walked towards the car.

Swiftly, she texted her best friend, letting her know she was on her way. After Raye agreed on going with her to her therapist, everything became lighter, the idea of Raye actually talking about the way she was feeling with someone professionally making the former Amber haired teenage smile, despite the events occurred earlier that day. The ride was quiet and peaceful, her mind still a mess and louder than hell, her heartbeats frantic underneath her skin. Her vision was blurry and her heart was aching, but she was more than ready to take Raye to therapy. She found herself in front of her best friend’s driveway, her car already parked as she took a swift look at herself in the mirror, making sure there wasn’t blood in her face, mainly because the last thing she wanted was to scare Di off. Once she was ready, Katie walked towards the door, biting her inner cheek nervously, and she rang the doorbell peacefully, awaiting for someone to answer.