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Drabble: Hansung and Y/N

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You could see Hansung from a distance in the court yard talking with Yeo Wool, showing him his best fighting stance; making a fool of himself. You couldn’t help but laugh at him as he continued. He soon spotted you, leaving Yeo Wool standing on his own looking dazed as he ran towards you. You stumbled back as he embraced you, both of you laughing with a grin from ear to ear.

“Y/N! Ah I’m so happy you’re here!” Hansung was completely overwhelmed to find you in the court yard when he assumed you’d have better people to visit like Sun Woo or Ban Ryu.

“Of course I’m here, I haven’t got any jobs to do at Hwarang House today.” You laughed, observing the huge smile that crept onto Hansung’s face the moment you arrived.

“We have to do something today! You never get any free time, I’m going to show you how great it is to be a Hwarang!” His enthusiasm was almost over powering, you couldn’t help but try to match his excitement.

“Teach me how to ride a horse.” You asked, the large smile on your face still remaining.

“Really?? Y/N this is so exciting!!” He jumped up and down on the spot, embracing you in a hug as he did so.

“Hansung calm down.” You giggled, holding his arm and bringing it down to his side to try and calm his excitedness.

“I’m sorry I’m sorry, it’s just we never get any chance to see each other apart from on days like today. These days are my favourite days.” He smiled, settling down.

“I’ll make it my job to get more days like today where we can go on adventures, okay?” You asked, meeting his eyes. You both smiled as Hansung nodding his head.

“Come on, follow me to the palace and we can get the horses and ride down to the nice forest, the one with the lake! Last one to the palace has to clean the stables when we get back!” He announced before running east towards the palace, leaving you flustered and hurriedly chasing after him.

It was Hansung who arrived at the stables first, not a surprise to either of you. You laughed, out of breath, as Hansung opened the gate to where his horse was. “Meet Dong Yul, my personal favourite horse!” He ran into the training ground, grabbing his horse by it’s reins and pulling it along with him. You followed after him, stroking the chalk white mane and soft chestnut fur.

“Dong Yul is such a beautiful horse” you spoke, staring into the horses beautiful eyes, “is he yours?” “Yes, I’m very proud to say he’s my horse, he’s one of the most beautiful here.” Hansung responded, walking back into the stable to get another horse. When he returned with another horse, he saw how enticed you were with Dong Yul, stroking his soft fur and brushing your hands over his head.

“You can have Dong Yul today, I’ll take this horse.” Hansung spoke as he walked in with a pale grey horse with a jet black mane.

“Really? Are you sure? Dong Yul is your horse, not mine.”

“I’m sure, don’t worry! You two seem to have a really strong bond.” Hansung reassured you and you smiled politely back, bowing your head.

“Careful now, just step up onto the saddle.” He held your arm tightly as you attempted to get up onto the horse for the third time.

“Y/N there’s nothing to worry about, I’ve got you!” But you fell down again. This time, Hansung couldn’t hold back his laughs.

“Hansung his isn’t funny you should be helping me!” You exclaimed, standing back up off the hard ground.

“Okay okay, try getting on it again.” He said, helping you brush a mixture of sand and mud off your hanbok.

You took a deep breath and stepped up onto the horse again, trying hard to keep your balance, and sat yourself down on the saddle.

“Y/N you did it!!” Hansung cheered, applauding you, the grin on his face growing even wider.

“Now stay there while I go and grab our picnic bag.” You held firmly onto the reins firmly as Hansung left the stables, only briefly to grab some food he managed to sneak from the Hwarang’s when they were eating.

Out of no where, the horse bucked wildly. You yelped and kept your grip on the reins tight as the horse began to run all round the stable at a speed faster than you thought it could go at. It began heading for the stable doors, the ones Hansung had left only minutes ago. You called out for Hansung once you were in the courtyard again, but you could only see other Hwarang’s looking startled as the Dong Yul wouldn’t stop running no matter how hard you tried to slow him down. Suddenly, the horse bucked for the second time, this time not giving you enough warning to grip the reins as you felt yourself falling back, and no one was there to stop you.

“Y/N!” You heard Hansung call out to you and before you knew what was happening you, you were in his arms.

You panted, out of breath from the panic and on the verge of tears. You wrapped your shaking arms around his neck and whimpered into his neck, still trying to calm yourself.

He slowly settled you on the small grassy area nearby along with himself.

“You’re okay now, you’re safe.” He rubbed his large hands across the back of your head, trying to reassure you that you were safe and out of harms way.

“I thought I was going to die.” You muttered shakily. “I’m here now Y/N, I’m not going to let anything happen to you ever again, I’m so sorry for putting you in danger, this is all my fault.” Hansung rambled, close to fretting.

“Don’t feel bad Hansung, please. I don’t blame you for anything, it was m-” before you could finish your sentence, you noticed his plump lips pressing against yours, moulding perfectly. Hansung placed his hands on your cheeks, catching the small tears that still fell from your glazed eyes. Euphoria filled both your bodies, a true connection being formed. Hansung pulled away breathlessly, hands remaining on your tear stained cheeks.

“I’m sorry I put you in danger Y/N, I love you.” He muttered, staring deep into your eyes. This was a different to the giggly Hansung you knew, this was lovestruck Hansung, but you knew every word he spoke was true.

“I love you too.” You wrapped your arms around his shoulders again and pulled him into a hug, smiling into his neck.

This was where you wanted to be; in Hansung’s arms.

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Hansung being salty af is my aesthetic tbh. Like imagine him getting jealous of some of the other guys bc Yeowool pays them more attention, and then whenever the other guys needs help, Hansung is like "Oh look, pretty flowers" and just straight up ignores them ~plot twist anon

oh my god i’m-
and yeo wool just stands there pretending to be shook tm but in reality he knows exaclty what’s going on and he’s having the time of his life watching hansung act uninterested and bored haha
so he sometimes angers him on purpose only to get that kind of reaction out of him
which always ends up with ((passive aggressive)) cuddles and yeo wool showering hansung’s face with kisses to get his baby to forgive him!!!
*sigh* now i’m soft and in need of yeosung fluff :(

the one where they cuddle (Jyn x Cassian)

Prompt: jyn x cassian -snuggling in that puffy jacket with the fur, because that coat is the cutest. ps. love your writing <3
Requested by: Anon
Characters: Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor
Word Count: 838 
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Can you stand the texture of wool?

It depends on the wool. There’s some that I love, and some that I am… meh… about. I have a couple pounds of undyed 19.1 micron merino in my workshop and oh my gosh I love how it feels! And Panda is amazing, too! Panda is one of my favorite wool blends to work with. I also have a merino and silk blend that is heavenly.

Polwarth I am not strictly speaking averse to, but it is one of my least favorite of the wools that I currently have in stock. It’s so… poofy… and it feels, I don’t know, dry compared to the merino? Almost like I can feel it sapping moisture out of my skin.

For yarns that I have in stock, I am in love with the MCM. Like holy crap Merino and Cashmere together is otherworldly. Holding that yarn is an Experience. I also have a merino and silk lace weight that is so light I literally cannot feel it in my hand. It’s surreal! I haven’t dyed any of it yet, but I’m super excited to give it a try.

I also have a bag of yarn samplers from my wholesaler that includes a few loops of all their blends and there is nothing in there I don’t like, but there’s something even better than the lace weight I have in stock… It’s an alpaca blend with cashmere that is even lighter than the merino and silk but so incredibly soft that even though it feels weightless, it also makes you feel how rough your hands are. It’s weird to touch, but so amazing!

Of course my favorite isn’t in our business stock, it’s in our personal stash. Wife has some 100% cashmere that is pretty much the best texture I have ever touched.

I don’t know what happened.  I was gonna go to bed.  And then swingsetindecember was like “We need more bearded Stiles fics” and I was like “that’s a thing I can write on my phone in bed instead of sleeping, sure.”  And it kind of got away from me.  Also I guess I post fics on here now, I don’t know.  I’m very tired.  

This is a Teen Wolf thing, which I thought I could ignore until it went away, but I guess that’s not happening, so look away, guard your eyes.


Junior year in college, Stiles and Lydia studied abroad.  Despite being at universities on opposite coasts (Stiles at Berkeley, Lydia at MIT), they enrolled in an independent program and found themselves at Trinity College in Dublin.  Stiles wanted to study with a nearby Druid (he wasn’t Scott’s emissary so long as Deaton was around, but the vet had hinted that it might be a good thing to have in his back pocket), but it wasn’t like going to Ireland was a hardship.  He was studying folklore.  Folklore was Ireland’s jam.

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Even [fifteen years previously while living in the U.S.] I had a vague notion of an Irish boy, born in India and mixed up with native life. I went as far as to make him the son of a private in an Irish Battalion, and christened him ‘Kim of the ‘Rishti’— short, that is, for Irish. This done, I felt like Mr. Micawber that I had as good as paid that I.O.U. on the future, and went after other things for some years.

In a gloomy, windy autumn [in England] Kim came back to me with insistence, and I took it to be smoked over with my Father. Under our united tobaccos it grew like the Djinn released from the brass bottle, and the more we explored its possibilities the more opulence of detail did we discover. I do not know what proportion of an iceberg is below water-line, but Kim as it finally appeared was about one-tenth of what the first lavish specification called for.

As to its form there was but one possible to the author, who said that what was good enough for Cervantes was good enough for him. To whom the Mother; ‘Don’t you stand in your wool-boots hiding behind Cervantes with me! You know you couldn’t make a plot to save your soul.’

So I went home much fortified and Kim took care of himself. The only trouble was to keep him within bounds. Between us, we knew every step, sight, and smell on his casual road, as well as all the persons he met. Once only, as I remember, did I have to bother the India Office, where there are four acres of books and documents in the basements, for a certain work on Indian magic which I always sincerely regret that I could not steal. They fuss about receipts there.

…At last I reported Kim finished. ‘Did it stop, or you? ‘the Father asked. And when I told him that it was It, he said; ‘Then it oughtn’t to be too bad.’

He would take no sort of credit for any of his suggestions, memories or confirmations — not even for that single touch of the low-driving sunlight which makes luminous every detail in the picture of the Grand Trunk Road at eventide. The Himalayas I painted all by myself, as the children say. So also the picture of the Lahore Museum of which I had once been Deputy Curator for six weeks — unpaid but immensely important. And there was a half-chapter of the Lama sitting down in the blue-green shadows at the foot of a glacier, telling Kim stories out of the Jatakas, which was truly beautiful but, as my old Classics master would have said, ‘otiose,’ and it was removed almost with tears.

—  Rudyard Kipling, on the construction and writing of Kim (from the autobiography Something of Myself)

last night I dreamt that I was chosen to open a bunch of runway shows, the biggest one being Gucci (why my brain chose this one I will never understand), and so most of the dream was spent doing interviews as the first 5’ runway model, and then the day of the show finally came and I had a feeling something bad would happen. so I was really nervous and shaky as I got to the end of the runway, and that’s when I locked eyes with this man in an ivory wool suit standing at the back of the venue and he pulled a bazooka out from behind him and killed everyone in the room but I escaped, hitchhiked all the way to Rome and when I got to my hotel room the same guy was sitting on the bed and said “I’ve been expecting you for some time” and then I woke up

Summary: Unable to sleep one night, downtrodden spinner Rumpelstiltskin sees local witch Mistress Belle dancing nude in the fields as part of a magic ritual. Things take an interesting turn when she asks him to join her.

Rated: NC-17

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Seeds for the Moon

It’s the nights like these when Rumpel is at his wits’ end. Bae is staying with the neighbours for the night; at least Rumpel knows that he will be looked after and will go to bed with a full stomach. It makes him feel so helpless when he can’t even feed his own son, and he’s infinitely grateful that Morraine’s family can spare a hot meal for him every now and then, just until Rumpel can get to the market in the morning with the next batch of wool. He stands on his doorstep, illuminated in the light of the silvery full moon. The moonlight looks so beautiful tonight, and for once, Rumpel decides to take a moment just to appreciate it. He doesn’t get much opportunity to enjoy nature these days, not with money and food so tight. He can’t sleep for worry, so he might as well just watch the night. It’s at that point that he sees the figure moving down the lane towards the wheat fields, a hooded figure swathed in a long, dark cape. Rumpel’s first immediate instinct is to duck back inside his cottage and bolt the door against possible malicious intruders, but then the figure turns and their face is revealed.

It’s Mistress Belle, the herbalist who lives at the edge of the village. Rumpel likes Mistress Belle; whenever he has needed her potent remedies for a fever or sickness of Bae’s she has always given them to him for free, asking in return for something small, like a tuft from the first shearing of their newest lamb, or a drop of lanolin for a potion. Yes, he likes her, probably more than he would ever admit to, with her bright blue eyes, her soft hair and clear skin, and her knowing, kind smile. They’re very similar in a way, he and Belle. The rest of the village treat them as pariahs: Rumpel for his perceived cowardice and Belle as a heathen who worships the wrong gods and performs strange rituals after the sun goes down and her shop closes. Everyone will go to her in their times of need for her excellent cures, but outside of family ailments, she is shunned, and people cross the way to avoid her. Everyone except Rumpel, who always has a friendly word for her whenever their paths run into each other, and who is always gifted one of her beautiful smiles in return.

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So DDPJamie’s outfit begins and ends with the kilt and his boots, I believe ( and of course,  the length of knee exposed in between, 😉)

His kilt is simply a piece of tartan material, with elastic threaded through it to create the pleating. I realise that the fabric is not a match for Terry D’s, but in the book, red tartan is mentioned so….

A simple brown elasticated hairband is used for his belt ( and just in case you were wondering, DDPJamie is absolutely an authentic Scot, 😉)

So next the shirt - made from very fine cotton, and made with a wide open neck, and full sleeves, which are gathered at the wrists using embroidery thread. It falls to mid thigh, so can then act as a nightshirt! ( hehe, and drive us all bonkers) 

Then for his stock, a long thin strip of the same cotton is simply wound around his neck, before being tied and tucked into the shirt, which is itself tucked into the kilt

Then comes his waistcoat - made from a faux suede fabric, and an excessive amount of beads used for buttons. And another brown hairband acts as a second belt ( what a very fine catalogue pose you have going on there, DDPJ)

And at last, we reach the brown woollen coat. Simply made from felt, which is a great stand-in for wool, and embellished with more silver beads acting as buttons. 

 A few accessories are added, the small bag at the waist, and his dirk tucked into the belt, and finally DDPJamie is ready for anything…as well he might be …(😱)