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Summary: Jungkook, Jimin and Taehyung bullied you in high school and by some sick joke the universe was playing on you, 2 years later Jungkook was attending the same University as you. Even sicker joke was being stuck with him doing a project on ‘Sex in Cinema’ for a whole semester. Go figure.

Words: 8083

Warnings: Smut, a lot of dirty talk holy shit (I can’t help it), oral, masturbation, overstimulation.

2 years earlier:

You walked down the road, almost around midnight, trying to get home as fast as possible the chilly rainy weather. Not to mention the truck that was trailing behind you and the screams and shouts of “wait up thunder thighs!” and “stop running away like a little bitch!” coming from the 3 boys who occupied it. Wrapping your arms around yourself to feel just an ounce of warmth, you willed yourself to ignore these bastards and walk faster. ‘I’m almost home, I’m almost home’ repeating it like a mantra in your head. Really, it was a stupid idea to think that you could enjoy a last high school party with your friends who were the complete opposite of you. After all, when the three most popular boys of the school were determined to make your life a living hell, why would anyone else want to treat you different in this extremely cliché scenario. It was hard to pinpoint what exactly was it about you that made them hate you so much.

From the time that you can remember, and you remembered a lot, Taehyung, Jimin and Jungkook had always despised you. It’s like they couldn’t stand your existence. When you would be at the library helping out by staying late, they would wait after school, yes they would go out of their way to stay at school longer, to make sure that your walk home was as stressful as possible. Making fun of pretty much anything and everything you did was a normal occurrence. You had just learned to live with it, but not today.

You suddenly started to slow your pace. They are cowards, you thought. What can they possibly do? Always taunting, always calling names, always making you feel shit about anything you took interest in. But they were all talk, right? You thought, huffing out. People like them walk in groups because they can’t actually do anything alone. You don’t know what came over you, but you suddenly stopped and turned around slowly. The truck that the boys were trailing behind you also slowed and stopped a few meters away.

The one driving was Jimin, while Taehyung sat beside him and Jungkook stood, head poking out of the truck’s opening in the ceiling. You stood defiantly, shaking from the growing rain, your hair soaked and hands tightly by your side. Silently daring them to charge the truck towards you. ‘They won’t do it, they’re cowards’ you thought, your confidence growing slowly. You couldn’t tell where this adrenaline rush had come from to give you such courage to finally stand your ground, just a few weeks away from graduation. You could see Taehyung’s cunning, and terrifyingly psychotic grin widening as he relentlessly whispered in Jimin’s ear, whose grip on the wheel was tightening as he looked you right in the eyes. Jungkook was laughing. He apparently found the situation so amusing, that you decided now to grow a spine and challenge them. Suddenly, the sound of the engine revving was as loud as the rain.

It all went pretty much downhill from there. The last thing you remembered was your too loud heartbeat, the bright flash from the truck and Jungkook’s face suddenly forming a horrified expression as if he wasn’t just laughing at you.

Present day:

You weren’t looking for him specifically among the crowd flooding into the lecture hall. But something did happen inside you when you spotted him. A kind of lightness, or a lifting of some heavy part of yourself. Everything was settling into a nice, normal routine. You were going about your daily lives in an ordinary manner, and you were doing it completely separately.

He sat in the fourth row, and you sat at the back. Only now there was no rising sense of dread. You didn’t keep your hand to yourself when the lecturer asked a question. You answered, without the background sound of someone snickering. And even when it felt as though he was looking at you, when you snuck a glance at him you only ever saw the back of his head.

He bent low over his notes, and his head occasionally lifted a little as he really listened to whatever the lecturer was saying. Once or twice you actually caught him nodding, or doing a little staggered-looking half laugh over some ridiculous concept. As if he loved it all now.

He loved it so much he was sometimes at the lectures early. You would come in with Y/B/F, still giggling over something ridiculous, and get the faint prickle that told you he was already there. Only now when it happened it didn’t make you want to cover yourself up, or run and hide. There was nothing to hide from. Everything was going to be super cool and totally fine from here on in. Or it would have been, if it were not for the group project. The one that you were so excited for that you didn’t process it when your lecturer started reading out the names. You would be working with Y/B/F—that was a given. You were going to watch ridiculously filthy movies together and laugh about bobbing butts and ogle Ewan McGregor’s penis.

And then you heard his name.

Followed by yours.

Distantly, like in a dream of being in class.

“Miss Y/L/N, do you have a problem with that assignment?”

Everyone was looking at you now. No—not just looking. Examining, as though You had become a new and baffling species. The girl who was not excited about the idea of spending a whole semester with Jungkook. The creature who seemed horrified at the prospect of working with him. It made it difficult to do anything at all, even with Y/B/F urging you to say yes, yes I do have a fucking problem. Though you still didn’t expect the shake of your head to happen. Just one little accidental shake of your head and that was it. Your lecturer moved on to his next victim, leaving you in something You once had a nightmare about in ninth grade. Working with Jungkook. On a semester-long project.

About sex in cinema.

“Don’t worry, we can fix this. Just go to his office and talk to him privately about it. He would have to be Satan himself to not understand,” You heard Y/B/F whisper. But the words seemed even further away than you name had when your lecturer read it out.

“Right. Right. Yeah. You’re right.”

“I can come with you if you want.”

“No, that’s okay. That’s fine.”

“Are you sure? You look like you’ve been punched. In the face. With a small nuclear blast.”

“I’m sure,” You said, but soon came to regret that firmness in your voice. The steady nod that told Y/B/F it was okay for you to go in a different direction once you were outside. It only meant that you were on your own when you got to the tiny hallway outside your lecturer’s door.

And saw that Jungkook was already waiting. Of course he was—he probably had the same concerns as you. No matter how sorry he was or what he thought of being in the red and being wrong, he would never want to work in close quarters with you for the entire semester. In fact, him being sorry likely made the situation seem worse to him. Most likely he had calculated all the awkward conversations you guys would have to have and how far apart he would have to stand to keep you comfortable, and found it as unbearable as you did.

Even though his expression seemed to say something else.

Oh god. His expression was saying something else.

Then he held up his hands, as though to calm you.

And you knew.

“All right, Y/N, I know that you’re probably thinking it’s way better if you do this project with that gal pal of yours, but wait, okay? I got reasons why this is gonna be fine.”

“Is that seriously why you’re here? To stop me asking to switch us?”

“Well…no. Not stop you exactly. Stop is a really strong word.”

“While I’m glad you’ve learned that—” You said, your voice briefly catching when you saw his wince. He winced, your mind hissed, before you forced yourself to finish. “I still think it covers what’s happening here.”

“I just wanted to talk to you about it for a second. Just, like, hear me out.”

“I want to. I really do. But come on. You know I wasn’t born yesterday. This has all the hallmarks of some kind of trap or prank or joke at my expense.”

“How could it possibly be a trap or prank? He put people together based on…I don’t even know what he put people together based on. But it couldn’t have had anything to do with me.”

You searched his face, looking for the lie. Waiting for him to show some hint of bullshit, beneath those too-kind eyes and his spread hands and the obvious logic of what he was saying.

Only there was nothing, nothing, nothing.

And it made no difference at all.

“Okay, I buy that. I do. Yet the fact still remains: I cannot do a project with you. Ever. You have to know that doing anything like that is completely impossible for me. Right?”

“I was just thinking that maybe…maybe you could give it a chance. You know, now that we’re on speaking terms and everything is almost cool between us.”

“You think everything is cool between us?”

“Well, maybe not cool exactly. More like…okay.”

“Still need to dial it back a notch, chief.”

“Reasonable? Not bad? Kind of semi decent?”

“That last one is getting close.”

He sighed, shoulders sagging.

Relenting, you thought. He’s actually relenting.

“Fine, we are a fucking disaster.”

“Now you’re getting the idea,” You said.

“But I figure we can work on it.”

“By doing a project on sex in the cinema together?”

“Well,” he said. “When you put it like that it sounds dumb.”

“There’s no other way to put it! That is literally what you’re suggesting.”

“Yeah, I get that. I just…want to not get that. I want it to be easier or better or just not the way this is.”

“That could have been my daily prayer in high school, Jungkook.”

He didn’t react the way you expected to, with more weird arguing.

He just closed his eyes.

He closed them like someone had just told him his family had been in a fatal accident.

“I wish I could go back and start over again. More than wish—I would give everything I have to start over again. The wrestling, this scholarship, every party I ever went to and every fun thing I ever did. And you can choose to not believe me about that, but—”

“I believe you.”

“You do?”

“I’m as surprised as you are, but yeah.”

“Then why does this have to be such a big deal?”

You thought of Y/B/F saying attempted murder.

“Y/N that is fucking attempted murder. Babe, you don’t have to feel bad about anything you put him through now. His friends and him included, ran you over with a fucking truck. How much physio and other therapy sessions did you have to go through because of them, huh?”

The terror that used to flood you when he walked down the hall.

That ever-present sensation of a grille barrelling into your body.

“Because understanding that someone is truly sorry and wanting to spend huge amounts of time with them are two different things. I might see that you mean this, and know rationally that I can almost sort of trust you. Maybe I even want it to be that easy, too. But your face is the one I had nightmares about for two years. Your smile doesn’t seem happy to me. I associate it with cruelty.”

You shook your head. Glanced away from him so you didn’t have to see the defeated look on his face.

“It’s hard for me to look at you, Jungkook, no matter how much I appreciate what you’ve done here.”

“That was a really well-thought-out and logically sound speech.”

“I know it was. I’m pretty proud.”

“And I have no argument against it.”

“You don’t need one. What you’ve done here…” You gritted your teeth hard and looked at the ceiling. But this time it didn’t stop the tears. They were already welling up by the time You explained the rest to him.

“It means a lot. And a million men would never have done the same, I can promise you. I don’t have any messages from Jimin on my phone. Taehyung isn’t going to call anytime soon. It’s just you, a rare fantasy in the middle of all this dismal reality.”

He turned around when you were done. All the way around—and then his arms went up to cover his head and you understood. What you said had affected him, strongly. Maybe more than his words had affected you. It took him twice as long to get it together, and even after he had he couldn’t quite look at you. He just kept staring at the wall and clenching his jaw.

And saying things. Oh yeah, he said things, in a strained, shaky voice.

“I meant what I said, you know. That you are the very best.”

“I know. That’s why I’m going to ask you not to say it again.”

“I can’t stop. I have the opposite of whatever idiocy infected me in high school.”

“What, like insane-need-to-compliment fever?”

“Pretty much, yeah,” he said.

“Well it has taken a raging hold of you, let me tell you.”

“I know it seriously cannot be stopped.”

“I think you have a terminal case.”

“Not a bad way to go, if you ask me,” he said, so soft and sincere it took all your strength to stop yourself smiling in response. You could feel your lips trembling. Your cheeks ached with the effort of pinning them down, yet still You knew you were failing. You could see it in his satisfied expression.

And hear it in his words.

“That’s better. Seeing you look happy.”

“I am happy,” You said, then added without thinking: “Are you?”

Of course you didn’t mean anything by it. It was just a polite habit, based on interactions with people other than Jungkook. People who had actual problems, who lived troubled lives, who might answer with a god no. Jungkook would never need to answer with a god no. His life was full of endless possibilities and unfettered glory. He could snap his fingers and have a thousand people follow him to the ends of the earth.

He even looked that way, in the dim light of the narrow hallway between these offices.His hair was the colour of dark chocolate. Every item of clothing suited him perfectly, from the rich grey-blue of his V-neck to the jeans he’d tucked into his timberlands. He exuded cool from every pore; he could have stepped off the cover of a magazine. Yet all you could see was his face as it slowly sagged. It was like watching someone cut the strings that had held a mask in place—a mask you hadn’t known he was wearing. You thought that smiling golden god who had tormented you was the real him, but for a second you couldn’t be sure. Just for one heart-rattling second, and then the door to the office opened and that glimpse of something else was gone—so fast You would imagine later that it had never existed. It was just a trick of the light.

Better to focus on the real and the now.

“What can I do for you two today?” Professor asked.

Then you took a breath and answered.

“Nothing,” You said.

A few weeks later:

After that day, you didn’t know how or why you suddenly decided to give working with him a try, but so far, it was going…. okay. You two met up at the library, took your notes, glancing at each other once in a while, mostly Jungkook, asking each other questions relevant to your awkward topic given the situation and that was that. He made jokes sometimes that managed to get out a few carefree laughs out of you as well. It was all… comfortable. Nothing that you had expected. That is why, you decided, it was time to move on to watching actual movies for references, in your project.

It was nearly one in the morning, on a Wednesday night when you went to get him as your friend was out and that was the only time Jungkook was free after wrestling practice. Everyone was in bed, and it gave an eerie feeling to your journey back to your dorm.

As did his silence.

He was always talking—You realized that then. Sometimes he practically kept up a running commentary on everything and anything, yet here he was as quiet as stone. And it wasn’t because he was exerting himself. He didn’t breathe hard once the whole time. He could have been carrying a backpack full of air. But the idea of mental trouble lingered. When you tilted your head a little, you could practically hear his mind going over and over things, in a way that just wasn’t like him. He was easy-going. Happy-go-lucky. He never worried about things the way you did.

Until now.

“Jungkook, are you okay?”

“Yeah. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“I don’t know. You just seem a little…”

Like an ominous statue of yourself.

“I was just thinking what movie we should watch.”

“Oh. Oh. You mean…right now?” You asked.

“Well, that’s what you came to get me for.”

“That’s true, I did come and get you for that.”

“Unless you don’t want me in your room so late.”

“No, no why would I…no, that’s cool.”

“You’re in the Jubilee Building, right?”

You had the strongest urge to ask him how he knew. But that seemed just as weird as objecting to him being in your room.

“Yeah. You just go past the science block and then—”

“Right, right, right I got it, I got it. The statue of Heo Nanseolheon is outside it, yeah?”

“That’s the one. Then it’s the third floor. Don’t worry though, there’s an elevator.”

“Ah, it wouldn’t have been a big deal.”

“Do you wanna let me unlock the door?” you asked standing behind him when you both reached your dorm.

“Oh shit, yeah. Yeah, go ahead,” he said moving his bulky body out of the way as you slid past him to unlock the door. Everything had returned to the way it should be now between you and Jungkook.

Except for the sexy movie you were now going to watch.

Alone. Together. On your bed. In the middle of the night.

You let him pick the movie, thinking that would make things easier somehow. Nothing could be misconstrued, at least, that way. He wouldn’t think you meant anything by your choice, whatever it might be. But you forgot that he might mean something with his choice. You watched the heroine trying to clumsily pick up the hero at the start of White Palace, and cringed so hard it felt more like a cramp in your gut. Your cheeks grew hot, in a way that made you grateful for the dim light of your feeble bedside lamp.

Otherwise he would see your face go red and know you understood his point—despite the fact that his point was fucking nonsense.

“This is even less realistic than Dirty Dancing.”

“Really? You think so? Like, in what way?” You asked.

“It just seems like she keeps pushing and pushing. No woman would push a guy that good-looking if he didn’t seem into it. I can’t think of anything more embarrassing.”

You didn’t look at him, but knew he shrugged.

His arm rubbed against yours as he did it.

“Maybe she doesn’t care.”

“I guess not.”

“Maybe she knows he’s actually into it.”

“That could be one explanation.” Jungkook says, sighing.

“Plus she obviously gets exactly what she was looking for.” He adds.

Onscreen, Susan Sarandon was going down on James Spader.

Which to you didn’t seem to back up his point at all.

“Oh yeah, I’m sure she’s having a great time getting absolutely nothing out of this.”

“That’s what this looks like to you? Like she’s getting nothing out of this?”

“Well, in movies they make it look like she is. But I doubt she really would be.”

“You doubt that giving a guy a blow job could be enjoyable for a woman.”

You glanced at him then, just to see if his expression was as incredulous as his voice.

Then had to look back at the screen quickly. If anything, his expression was worse. He had one eyebrow raised, and there was almost no humour in his eyes. This was serious somehow. Much too serious.

“I don’t know. I mean it’s not really something you do for your own enjoyment. You do it for his.”

“So to you there’s nothing pleasurable about it. Nothing sexy about having a guy at your mercy. Begging you, moaning for you, trying not to push too deep when it gets too good.”

Your breath hitched.

“You do those things?”

The words came out too fast. Too disbelieving, too.

But You just couldn’t stop them. They ripped out of you before you had time to talk it over with you mind, all ragged around the edges and maybe a little breathless. Just enough that he likely heard it, and wondered why. You couldn’t tell him, however. You didn’t know yourself. You only knew that when he started talking again, you had the urge to put your fingers in your ears.

“Of course I do those things. Having your cock sucked is fucking amazing,” he said, which was absolutely fine.

But then he kept going.

He kept going.

“The heat and the slickness and her looking up at you as she works it with her hands and lips and tongue. Especially the tongue. The tongue is the best part. Watching it curl right around the—”

“Well, okay, it sounds cool when you put it that way.”

God your voice sounded loud. And too fast again, too. All your words practically jumbled together.

“I don’t know what other way it could possibly be.”

“How about hold still while I fuck your face? Some guy coming right in your eye? Losing a chunk of hair because he pulled too hard?”

“You’re not serious. Tell me honestly. None of that happened.”

Now his voice was bright with amusement. But it didn’t make you feel any better.

“All of that happened. To me. More than once.”

“Yeah but after…”

“After what?”

“After he came then he…”

He made a circle with his hand bobbing his head, as though you should know that one thing logically followed on from the other. It was all completely easy and obvious.

Instead of the hardest quiz you had ever had to get through. “Then he what? Gave me cab fare?”

“No. No. After that then this happens.”

You glanced at the thing he was pointing at.

Then had to look away again, quick. At your hands, at the bedspread.

At him, as he oh-so-slowly realized what your sudden awkwardness meant.

“This has never happened to you. Holy shit. You’ve never had a guy go down on you.”

“I have had a guy go down on me. I totally have.”

“Are you sure about that? You don’t look sure.”

“Well, maybe not like this.”

“There’s no other way to do it. This is actually the most basic, ordinary way to go about eating pussy.”

At those words, you could feel the fire burning on your cheeks and your breathing getting laboured. Jungkook really had no filter.

“Yeah, but this seems really exciting and sexy and hot.”

“Going down on a girl is really exciting and sexy and hot. Like I said about giving a guy head? Exactly the same principle. You get to see you writhe and shake and push herself against your mouth. Just like that, just like Sarandon is doing. Look at her. Look at her.”

“I am. I am looking,” You said, but You weren’t, not really.

You were thinking of the shiver that had gone through you when he said look, soft as butter and so oddly tender. And the way that he was looking himself, eyes almost far away.

Like he was seeing Sarandon, but putting someone else in her place.

“Think about how it must feel.”

“Yeah I can…I get that…”

“Think about his tongue slowly easing over her soft folds.”

“Is that…how…is that what you…” You said, breathlessly “Uh-huh.”

“And it works?”

You voice was a whisper now. But that was okay. His was, too. It was so low he had to lean close to ask you questions. He had to meet your gaze, and You had to meet his.

“What works?”

“It makes you…you know. Cum.”

“Oh yeah. But you gotta take your time.”

“I see. I guess that makes sense.” You were just babbling now, trying to keep up with him.

“Let it build, nice and slow. Start by just stroking her with your fingertips. Work her, you know, until her lips part. And then when she’s all open to you, you just trace the shape of her with your tongue. Lick and lick in these ever decreasing circles until you’re right…fucking…there.”

“Where? Where…where are you?”

You shouldn’t have asked. You knew you shouldn’t as soon as it was out. Your faces were too close together now, and his body seemed to be looming over yours. That was his shoulder, almost nudging your chin. And his thigh, pressing deep and hard into yours. His answer was never going to make any of this better.

Then it came, hotter than molten lava and twice as destructive.

“Her clit. Her slick, swollen clit.”

“I see. That makes sense,” You said, even though that wasn’t what you wanted to go with.

No, what you wanted to go with was more like oh my fucking God this can’t be reality.

“Then you just…stroke it.”


“Until she’s mindless.”

“Yeah. Yeah.”

“Doesn’t even know what she’s saying anymore, or doing. She might tell you to bite, to fuck her with your tongue and fingers, harder or faster or some word that doesn’t even make sense. Hips coming up to meet you, greedy for it, horny for it, so horny she barely notices that her hand is in your hair and she’s squeezing tight enough for it to sting, so close to coming that her whole body is shuddering and shivering and flushing that deep, good pink. Soon as you see it you just know she’s burning. That her clit is aching and throbbing and her pussy is all open and slippery, and one more second of this will make her come. She’s already coming, before you even know where you’re at. Hard, hard, hard, like she never has before.”

You were holding your breath by the time he was done. You practically had to—his face was so close now you could have blinked and brushed his cheek with your eyelashes. Every word he said seemed to stroke against your face, cool at first but then more heated. As though he was starting to boil alive inside, too. Certainly he looked that way. You have never seem him flushed like this, not even when he pushed himself during a match.

Not even when he was embarrassed.

Though you supposed that wasn’t a common occurrence. He didn’t seem to be embarrassed now, and he’d just said all those words. He said clit and pussy and slippery, as if that was just a normal way to talk to your friend. And he did it all without flinching, too. Without glancing away or putting some distance between you. In fact, those eyes of his—now heavy lidded and so soft focus—seemed intent on you more than they ever had been before. They skittered all over you face, searching for something you had no idea how to give.

You didn’t even know what the something was.

You only knew that it made you forget yourself, just as he had described.

It made you search his face back, marvelling over every brutish line and gentle curve. Those lips of his, as plump as a girl’s yet so masculine at the same time. Every inch of them gleaming, as if he’d slicked them with gloss in anticipation of a kiss. Though even in that moment you didn’t really believe you wanted that. Until he whispered, low and heavy against your own lips.

“You can, you know.”

“Can what?”

“Touch yourself.”

It jolted you, when he said it.

But not as much as realizing why he said it.

You followed his gaze down, and took in the unmistakable sight of your hand in your lap. Really, really high up in your lap. Almost between your legs, in fact—though that was fine, it was cool, it was okay. You stuttered ‘no, no I didn’t really want to do that’, but it didn’t matter.

Because his hand was actually between his legs.

“I do,” he said.

As the whole world as You knew it dissolved right in front of your eyes.

“You do?”

“Fuck, yes. I’m dying to.”

“Because of the film. Because of the movie.”

“Sure. We can say that, if you want.”

You closed your eyes. Swallowed thickly.

Wished hard that he hadn’t added that last part.

“If we could that would be awesome.”

“No problem. I mean it was probably inevitable that this would happen to us.”

“Probably, yeah. Almost definitely, in fact.”

“Just a natural response to a sexy movie.”

“Seems that way to me.”

“So you just slip your hand under your waistband, and I’ll slip my hand under mine,” he said, which was fine all on its own. The problem was that he then went ahead and did it. You tried not to look, but saw anyway. You saw the way he fumbled in his haste, as though all his talk was only calm on the surface. Underneath, something was paddling frantically. It was making his cheeks pink and his body all trembly.

And his dick hard. God, his cock was hard.

You could see that without even trying at all. The curving shape beneath his sweatpants was enormous and unmistakable, and even if it hadn’t been, his hand made it pretty clear. As You watched, he eased it over that solid length, before finally clasping it in a way that shoved the swollen head right up against the tented material. Now You could make out ruder details, like the thick ridge around the head, and the slit at the tip. Both pronounced, explicit, rude.

But that wasn’t what really got you.

It was the way he stopped to lick his palm, before shoving it

under his waistband.

“Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god, are you serious?”

“It’s cool. it’s fine. We don’t even have to look at each other.”

“No I guess not. I guess…I guess that I can just watch the screen.”

“We’re just two people getting off over a hot movie.”

“Exactly. Exactly.”

But that wasn’t strictly true. You weren’t getting off over the movie at all. Nothing was even happening anymore—it was just rich people looking down their noses and arguments over a Dust buster. If anything, it was vaguely depressing, rather than lust-inducing. Yet still You sat there, face burning, body tender and rigid all at the same time. Half of you stuffed so full of embarrassment and shock you sort of wanted to block everything out, the other half just shamelessly straining to hear every single tiny sound he made. Never daring to look, of course, but then…

You really didn’t need to.

He made so much noise that you could make out almost everything. Every little moan and gasp—and there were a lot of them, too. Lots of thick, guttural moans that started on an ah and ended with a kind of abrupt sigh, as though a knife had sliced through his throat before he could finish. So many soft mmms and gasps, like he honestly couldn’t get enough of whatever he was doing.

Though it was the whispers that hit you hardest. They got you right in the gut, low down and deep enough to ache. Oh yeah, he murmured, as though the hottest sex in the world was happening onscreen. As though they were fucking like animals, up and down and left and right. His tone even sounded sort of tremulous, and it got more intense as time went on. Soon he was panting, and rocking, and every now and then uttering something he was clearly imagining himself doing.

“Ah, yeah, suck my cock, just like that,” he said.

Then just to make it extra agonizing, he spat into his hand.

To make it extra slick, you thought, like someone’s mouth. Someone sucking him the way he’d described, slow and steady until he was actually shuddering, right here and now. The bed was moving, at least, and it wasn’t because he was working that cock hard. He wasn’t. He was going slow, so slow, squeezing and rolling rather than the short, fast kind of thing You’d always thought guys did. They almost never seemed to do anything else in porn…but then again they never did all this other stuff, too. You dared to turn you head a little more and saw to your astonishment that he had his hand pressed to his mouth. He was almost biting his fist, chest heaving, body shivering all over—but most important, eyes closed.

He couldn’t even see you looking. You were free to do as you pleased.Yet something held you back. You couldn’t seem to do more than peek out of the corner of you eye, and even that made you feel strange. You kept getting this clenching sensation—sort of like embarrassment or humiliation—and it got worse when his back arched. When he actually said out loud that he was almost there, that he was so close, that he was gonna come all over your duvet. I need something to do it on, he said, and even that had a shameful frisson of its own. You had a brief flash of him kneeling up and suddenly coming all over your face, or maybe pulling down that ridiculously large neck hole to expose your breasts.

Followed by an image of that thick white liquid coating you, striping you face, dripping off your tight little nipples. Him pushing his cock past your lips to finish off, groaning as he flooded your mouth.

And he would have flooded it, too. You glanced at him just in time to see him shove his sweatpants down, that big dick swelling under the pressure of his too-tight grip. Thick ribbons of come already hitting his bared belly, over and over until you were sure he must be done. He had to be, yet more kept flowing over his still-working fist. You watched it run down over his fingers in slippery trails before pooling in his lap.

Though none of it was what you kept seeing behind your eyes in the aftermath. Instead, you saw the way his face had looked as he shot his load. The open mouth, and the closed eyes, and most of all the strange, wrenching vulnerability that had covered him for a moment. No mischief, no macho bullshit—just a completely open and abandoned sort of ecstasy.

And all of it for you.

He knew you had watched him. He still knew now. You flicked your eyes back to the screen as he started to catch his breath, but the first thing he did was include you.

“Guess I kind of made a mess here,” he said, everything about his tone suggesting two conspirators, finishing off their evil deed. You even got up after he’d said it, to get him a tissue.

Though when You got back he’d pretty much taken care of most of it.

You stopped in the doorway to the bathroom at the sight: Him, casually licking his messy fingers.

It took you a good two minutes after that to go over to him, with your fistful of toilet paper. And when you did go, it was on very shaky legs. Your whole body felt shaky, in fact—though not in any way you’d experienced before. This was like being full to the brim with something burning hot, skin so close to ripping that it couldn’t keep still. Sometimes you thought you could see it shivering slightly under the strain, and every inch of it was tender, so tender. His leg brushed yours as you sat down, and it was agony. You even winced—then immediately regretted it.

He had been concentrating on clean-up. Now he looked up at you sharply.

And asked questions You were loathing to answer.

“Have you…not? I mean have you not—”

“I couldn’t. I’m sorry, I couldn’t.”

“God, you must be bursting.”

“Honestly, I’m fine.”

The problem was though; you didn’t seem fine.

You couldn’t meet his gaze. Your hands were fists on your thighs.

And of course he could see all of that.

“You look like you’re bursting.”

“Oh yeah? And what does bursting look like?”

“Your voice is shaking.”

“Is it?” You asked, voice so light it almost passed.

Almost, almost, almost.

“Your cheeks are flushed.”

“Are they?”

“And then there’s the fact that your nipples are like diamonds. Fuck, look how stiff they are. Isn’t that agonizing, having them like that? I bet your clit’s the same. Bet your pussy is so wet. So wet you’re making a mess of the nice, clean clothes.”

Your cheeks grew hotter and hotter as he whispered each word. By the time he was done they felt like they were going to melt right off you face. That tense, cringing feeling in your stomach was ten times worse, and that was before he got to the last point. The one about the clothes, and the mess, and oh god what if he was right? It felt as if he might be. You weren’t wearing any underwear, and everything was really slippery between your legs. You could feel it, every time You moved.

“Oh fuck, sorry, sorry I don’t…I hope…it’s just that—” You didn’t even know why you were apologizing

“Honey, you don’t need an explanation.”

His tone was like sinking into a warm bath—and the thumb you could feel stroking over you forearm only pulled you deeper down. He just did it so idly. So like he wasn’t touching you at all.

Before you knew it, you were up to your ears in liquid heat.

“Are you sure? Because it kind of feels like I do.”

“I’m sure. I mean, the movie was pretty intense.”

“Right, exactly. Super intense.”

“So why deny yourself?”

“I’m not…denying…anything.”

“I could leave, if you want.”

“No, god no,” You said, too fast and too fierce.v

Though it was only afterward that you realized how it sounded: Not like someone trying to say you didn’t want to masturbate. Like someone saying that you wanted him to stay.

And he took it that way, too.

“Or, you know. I could just…do it for you,” he said.

Then you just had to do your best not to go out of your mind.

You stopped herself from jumping up. Kept your hands from flailing.

Didn’t look at him, in case looking made you do something crazy.

“Oh my god. You can’t be serious. You can’t be serious.”

“Probably wouldn’t take a lot.”

“I always take a lot.”

“Even when you’re alone?”

“Especially when I’m alone.”

“Well, maybe we should see about that.”

Again, you had the urge to get up. Maybe you even would have, if it hadn’t been for the other things he was doing. The thumb stroking your arm was now the back of his hand, running the length of your arm over and over. And that was his breath against the curve of your throat, so close and warm he could have been kissing you there. It felt like kissing.

Only without the scariness of the real thing.

All of this was without the scariness of the real thing. It was just a game, that was all—and one that you could win if you really put you mind to it. He thought he could get you so easily, but he was utterly and completely wrong. You were a rock, in the face of whatever he was going to do. You were impervious to the pleasure he seemed to think he was going to dole out, to the point where you almost laughed when he slipped his hand beneath the waistband of those too-big sweatpants.

It was weird. Slightly uncomfortable.

Not sexy in the least.

And then his fingertips just oh-so-lightly grazed the pouting lips of your swollen pussy, and things pretty much started to go downhill from there. The sensation it sent through you was just so intense, and over something so small. He hadn’t even slipped between them to your clit, or eased a finger into your slick little hole. In truth, you weren’t entirely sure he’d touched you at all.

Yet you still had to clench your jaw.

You had to tell herself that it was just the stuff that had happened before—the film and him coming and then licking his fingers like a satisfied cat. It wasn’t anything to do with this right now, with him touching you, with his skill. He wasn’t skilful at all. He was terrible. Awful.

he worst lover you had ever had.

You had no idea why your thighs were trembling. Or what made you moan when he finally, finally, finally eased his fingers into that slick slit, and then topped it off by telling you just what he found there.

“Ohhhh fuuuuck you are wet. You’re so wet. Jesus Christ, Y/N, how can you stand it? How can you sit still and quiet with those eyes closed when your pussy is like this? So slippery I can just glide all the way down and ease on in and oh man, oh man,” he said, and all You could do in response was shiver and make a number of embarrassing noises. First for his words, and then oh god then for the feel of him doing it.

He used two fingers—two of those long, thick fingers—yet somehow it didn’t hurt when he pushed into you. There was no fumbling or searching. Your body just seemed to open for him, as though they’d dated for years and he’d worked on you for hours. He knew exactly how to touch you there, and when he did you simply had to respond. Your gasp rung out in the small room.Though you vowed it would be the last one. That was it now—you weren’t going to give him the satisfaction of anything else. Not even when he started working his fingers in and out, slow and steady and so unbelievably good. you kind of wanted to cry over the unfairness of it. Why was he the one who had to be so good at this? How did he know how to do it in this deliberate, teasing, tantalizing way?

Even watching him do it was exciting. You made the mistake of glancing down and all you could see was his hand rolling beneath the material, the waistband occasionally stretching to give you a glimpse of your glossy cunt, his gleaming fingers, the way you were spread around that thick intrusion…


You had to look at the screen just to stop yourself coming right then and there—though even those measures had an exciting quality of their own. James Spader was just doing something incredibly dull now, while you sat here watching through slitted eyelids, cheeks flushed and legs spread, as a man slowly fingered your slick, flushed pussy. Back and forth, back and forth, until you were so beside yourself you weren’t sure you even wanted to hold back your moans. You only knew that you were still trying, for reasons that seemed vague and far away now. It just doesn’t matter, your mind hissed, but you kept it up anyway. You held yourself more tightly and bit deep into your lip—deep enough that you tasted blood. And when he started to ease those fingers up, you shut your eyes tight. You thought of other things, more boring things: dry books and bird-watching. All to no avail. He made one circle around your clit.

Just one tiny, insignificant circle, and that was it. Your orgasm rolled up from that stiff little bud, in one all-consuming and all-powerful wave. It took away your control over your body—your toes curled tight and your back arched. But most important, it took away your control over your mouth. It let one little word slip out.

Though one little word was more than enough.

“Jungkook,” You said, and after that the game was pretty much up. That was gratitude in your voice and pleasure in the sigh behind it, and all wrapped in the neat little bow of his name. There was no more pretending that it wasn’t him who had made you feel this way, or suggesting that all of this was just a game.And he knew it immediately. He kept up the thrusts of his long, thick fingers, helping you prolong the feeling of your orgasm for as long as possible. And he didn’t stop there. Your face was starting to contort from the oversensitivity and it was obvious that Jungkook knew it too from the way he bit his lip and started to purposely move his fingers faster once again.

“Ahh! J-Jungkook… I can’t….” You moaned out, though this seemed to have no effect on him as he seemed determined to elicit another orgasm from you. His fingers scraping against your tightening walls as they fought to repeatedly slam back inside you. Your thighs were shaking, your eyes half lidded, leaning back on your hands as his worked between your legs. Suddenly you gripped Jungkook’s moving hand as you came dangerously close to letting go.

“That’s it, fuck, cum again for me Y/N. I need this. You need this” He almost sounded desperate and it made you want to sob because everything was so fucking hot.

With a cry of his name, you came undone again, your body almost curling in towards itself from the sensitivity.

“Holy shit, holy shit,” he said, as though you’d cried out the filthiest thing on the face of the earth. And, again, he didn’t stop there. You could hear him fumbling with the waistband of his sweatpants already—though you tried to turn it into something else in your head. He was just pulling them up, you thought. They had slid down as he serviced you, that was all.

Only it wasn’t all.

When you made the mistake of glancing his way, you saw so much more than you were ready for. It was supposed to be over now, completely over, but he’d shoved everything down to mid-thigh and his cock was in his hand again and god god god why was it so arousing? You’d had cum twice already. He’d had one orgasm already, and now he was being so fucking filthy.

Yet somehow the filthiness only made it worse.

You came searingly close to telling him yes.

And go on.

And come all over me—just like you’d imagined.

For one wild second, it even seemed like he might. He was groaning and panting and he kept saying things, incredible things like “do you see what you do to me do you get how fucking horny you make me oh fuck just hearing you moan my name”. His hand was heavy on your shoulder, and you knew he was close. He was going to yank your top down any second now.

Any second, you thought.

Though you didn’t realize how much you wanted it until the first thick burst slid over his fist.

Didn’t know how little control you had over herself until he grunted your name and shuddered violently, that slick fluid easing over his still-pumping fist. After all, if you’d had any you would have stayed right where you were, content to just watch.Instead of leaning forward to take that heavy, swollen, slippery head in your mouth, to catch the last ribbons of his salt-sweet cum all over your eager tongue.

“Fucking fuck, Jagiya” Jungkook cursed loudly, watching you take the head of his cock in your mouth. He slid his hands in your hair, gripping it from the bottom of your skull gently, rocking your face back and forth, riding out the last of his high. You looked up at him, eye still glassed over, breathing hard and laboured and slid the head of him out of your mouth.

There was no doubt that Jungkook was shocked at your boldness but he seemed pleasantly surprised. His pupils blown out, lips swollen, skin gleaming. He truly was a work of art. The magnitude of what you two had done hit you hard. So, naturally, there was only one thing left to do in panic.

Kick him out.

“Jungkook…you need to leave”

A/N: So, Idk what happened but yeah hope you all enjoy. Not sure if I’ll make this a series since I’m bad at continuing ideas. I may stick to separate scenarios. I get bored easily. However, please feel free to check out my blog and send me ideas for new fics

actual useful study tips

i’m going to keep this short-ish and shitty and un-proofread because i only have like 6 followers but it’s finals week and i keep seeing these awful study tips everywhere that are like “drink water” and “don’t get distracted on the internet” and other unrealistic stuff like that, so here is a REALISTIC students guide to pulling ur semester together, written by a truly apathetic student still clinging onto the deans list (me). enjoy and share as u wish

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1. make study plans with a distant acquaintance who you think is cooler than you. do you want their first impression of you to be 20 minutes late, saying “oops i just realized i haven’t taken notes all semester?” no u want to impress them! knowing a complete strangers opinion of you is on the line, you can use this to find the strength to make a great looking study guide, or actually add to the google doc instead of just reading what everyone else wrote. bonus points if you make plans to meet at 10am. 

2. fuck the “stay focused” app. if you are anything like me you know it takes about 15 minutes max to download a new browser and you’re back to doing the same exact thing you were before, but on firefox instead of google chrome. plus, we all have cell phones, so blocking tumblr on my computer just means i have to look at smaller pictures. WHAT U HAVE TO DO is find a person you trust, preferably your parents or someone in another state/country who you can’t hound in-person and who WILL. NOT. CRACK. u give them your login information for your social media apps (i do this every finals week with Facebook and tumblr for at least a day or 2 or before my hardest exam) and you have them change your password. it’s life changing. 

3. look at gifs of hermione granger and rory gilmore. literally role play as them, dress like them if you have to. they just have it so together!! how!! 

4. before you leave your dorm ASK YOURSELF “do i reaaaallyyy need my computer?” and if you don’t need it to study, don’t bring it with you. don’t bring your phone either unless you need music. i am an international relations/art history major and the answer for me personally is “no” 99.9% of the time because all my exams are based off readings/in class notes. the next step is to go to the library, or wherever you study, and bring nothing but good old fashioned papers with you.

4b. if you have readings to do print them out. i kill about 8 trees per semester by printing off hundreds of pieces of paper and while environmentally i feel sort of guilty about it, it’s the actual only way i can read anything without my eyes glazing over, or ending up on looking at Diors F/W 2002 collection. plus you can ~highlight~ and annotate better.

5. white noise is your best friend. and white noise generator are 1000x better than the most mellow spotify playlist, imo, or at least work really well in the background. (personally i don’t like studying to music with vocals because the words distract me but if white noise isn’t enough u can do sigur ros or instrumental music) however, when it’s the early morning hours and you feel like you’re about to crash show tunes can and will keep you going. i recommend “you can’t stop the beat” from hairspray and anything from mamma mia.  

6. if possible, make friends with someone who has a car. burger king can make or break you at 2am. 

7. TREAT YASELF. i never eat healthy during finals week and i don’t trust people who do. but if you actually get up early to study you deserve the largest dunking donuts or most expensive latte. and if you are up at 3am, yes you not only can but should get 3 different chip bags from the vending machine. (i swear crunching helps me stay awake anyways)

8. nothing is a better break than a walk outside. this is not an opinion this is a fact. even if you just go stand outside and take 10 deep breaths. or lay in grass for 2 minutes. and if it’s a nice sunset go let yourself watch it. 

9. do not “dress for success,” wear the most comfortable clothes that you own (but not pajama pants or ur fucked. ANYWHERE is a bed when u r wearing pajama pants, in personal experience). also, something to get your hair away from your face/eyes (like a bandana or something stretchy though not a hard headband) is a GAME CHANGER

10. you would be surprised how not-rude people are if you mass-email your class with questions or in need of assistance. whether you need to borrow the book or missed a day (or 5) of notes, throwing an email into the wind usually won’t fail you!! *bonus tip: offer to bake cookies or buy food for who ever helps you. it will make u seem cute/friendly/thankful/desperate and they will NEVER actually ask u to follow through. i once got like 5 days of missed notes AND a girl lent me her flash cards by doing this.*

11. do your bibliography as you research!! there is officially no worse feeling than finally finishing a paper at 3:47am and then realizing you have to add in your citations and make your works cited. save yourself.

12. don’t go out less, but go home earlier. instead of skipping a party or movie night or general get together with friends completely, go from 11pm-1am. it gives you the literal entire day to still study, if you get back at 1am you can drink a gallon of water and watch a 22 minute episode of something, be asleep at 1:30am and still wake up at like 9:30 the next day to keep working. those are the best hours of any party anyways and you don’t have to miss out on the memories just for some shitty number grade. 

13. if you decide to take a napping break, do it on a couch or futon with all the lights on, not in your bed. you get ur horizontal time in but it’s much more difficult to actually sleep for an entire night in this position, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally not waking up.

14. if you get really stressed look up facts about how big the universe is and how small and short lived and tiny humans are in comparison. or a ted talk about how grades can’t measure intelligence, or about how all humans are meant to be artists. OR watch an episode of BBC planet earth. this always comforts me for some reason.

i am struggling to come up with more, so there’s my realistic study guide for all my fellow students out there. enjoy finals, and remember!! 2 years after graduation employers consider it “juvenile” to include your GPA on your resume :) 


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anon said : can you do a yugyeom enemy to fwb smut where the reader is a bit younger? thank you!

Summary : You say you can’t stand him. He tells you to take a seat then.

Warnings : language, smut

Word Count : 2.8k+

If Yugyeom interrupted the lecturer one more time, you were going to take the stapler off of the desk and staple his lips shut. Okay… not really. That was a really gross thought actually. You discreetly shook your head, trying to get the image the thought had conjured out of your mind.

You had been thrilled to be selected as a TA during your first year of college. The thrill had lessened slightly as the year had progressed. Honestly it wasn’t the job that had lessened the thrill. Everything would have been fine if Yugyeom wasn’t a student in the only class you were working as a TA in.

Yugyeom. College Junior. Majoring in dance. Minoring in music. A complete jerk.

It seemed that he’d made it his job to annoy every serious college student, go to every college party, and to have sex with every hot college girl. And one more thing… what was it… oh yeah! He’d made it his job to annoy the shit out of you.

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The Council [Chapter 1: The Body]

Originally posted by timetoemptythetrash

Chapter 1: The Body

A/N: Mature series. Mentions of crime, death, violence & sex.

Mini Masterlist

Standard work hours are long over but your profession is far from ordinary. It is in the dead of night where the true monsters come out to play, feeding and existing only in the shadows. It is there, hidden that they find their strength.

You are no stranger to such a lifestyle. Just as they do, you live under a dark sheath, thinly cloaked by nothing more than a name that is not your own to protect you.

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Obsessions (Part 4)

Writer- @myhellyourstories



Disclaimer- I do not own any of the Descendants characters, all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney’s Descendants. All I own is my story.


Pairing- Harry Hook x Fem! Reader

Warning(s)- Cursing, Taking about abuse, Self-harming, Blood.

Words- 2561

A/N- I don’t feel like writing Harry’s pirate grammar, so imagine it’s more piratey.

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{ five’s company // ch. 14 }

a/n: maybe you can stop yelling at me now?? enjoy! it’s up early!

tags: @toonerzchatz @promisesandmore @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit @itsallexmallory @itsallexwriting @impala-moose @jaydiggs1218 @fierydaemon @slightlysouless @jzzyjones @wiindmill @whitestorm547 @hamilturnt @littleblue5mcdork @arostrolgy @mcgrammer15 @fanagelbagel

(if you’d like to be tagged, just let me know!)

t/w: mention of an abusive/toxic relationship, negative thoughts (but it’s nothing really bad!)

inbox || masterlist


When Alexander woke up, it was three a.m. It was still dark outside. Herc was snoring softly. Alex was lying on top of him, the blankets covering the both of them. John was close to Laf, the two of them asleep. 

Alex didn’t see you in the bed. He figured his eyes were playing tricks on him. 

He shifted a little, then went back to sleep. 

When he woke up and you weren’t at breakfast, he knew something was wrong. When he had bad days, you all stayed home with him. Mental health days, Laf said when he made the very first one an official thing. Alex kind of scrunched up at the word, but he found them to be incredibly helpful on days like these.

You were supposed to be here on “mental health days.” You were always up before him. You always got up before each of the boys. So where were you today?

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An Off Day [Batfam/Jason Todd x Reader]

Requested by anon: “Could you do something where the reader is an intern at WE, and they get to sit in on some meeting with their boss and Bruce, but they keep messing things up; hand B the wrong papers, spill coffee on Tim, literally run into Dick and their boss fires them? And then at the end of the day they go home but their cat gets out and so they end up breaking down on their balcony, only for Red Hood to show up and comfort them + listen to them rant (maybe he gets their job back? And they know it was him?)”

A/N: I absolutely love this idea. Very creative.. much respect. I kind of made it more of an assistant then inter, I hope that’s alright. I hope you love it!

*I labeled this Batfam x Reader but it’s more Jason x Reader.

(Part 2 - All’s Well That Ends Well)


You knew today was going to be a rough day from the moment you woke up.

First you spilled the glass of water on your nightstand all over your phone. Which is now busted.

Then you took a shower to figure out the hot water wasn’t working in your building.

Next your cats decided they were going to have a midnight snack and tore the food bag open. Cat food was everywhere.

Then you ran out of deodorant and one thing after another the day got worse.

Everything going bad that morning made you late to work, and you boss hates tardiness.

“[L/n]! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?” he yelled as you ran to your desk. Setting your bag and coat down you rushed to where his booming voice was coming from.

“I’m so sorry Mr. Vories” you apologized while speed walking over. “My morning was really crazy and my phone broke so I couldn’t call and…” you were cut off by him raising his hand.

“I don’t want to hear your excuses, just get the files I gave you yesterday and meet me in the conference room. Mr. Wayne and his sons have been waiting very patiently. You have to apologize to them more than you do me” he scolded. You flinched before nodding and grabbing the files.

You knocked on the door lightly until you heard your boss tell you to enter.

Walking in you were met with all of the eyes of the room turning to you. “I-I’m sorry for the tardiness. I didn’t mean to make you all wait so long” you apologized. Bowing slightly while the holding folders to your chest.

“It’s alright Miss?” Mr. Wayne began but paused at the absence of name. “[L/n]” you filled in the blank.

“Well shall we get started. The files [F/n]” your boss only ever said your first name when he was trying to come off as a kinder boss.

“Of course” you answered. There were only files for your boss and Mr. Wayne his sons seemed to have just been dragged along. You placed the required files in front of the two men.

“Uhh” Mr. Wayne said while looking at the opened file. You didn’t realize your portfolio for an art gallery you were submitting photos too got mixed in. Sadly that portfolio had your sketches from a human anatomy art class in it.

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry.” Blushing you quickly swept up the portfolio. It was a very accurate sketch of one of the models. Your boss shot you a glare, “No need for apologies accidents happen” Mr. Wayne assured but his sons were silently snickering.

“Maybe you should go get some coffee or something [F/n]” Your boss kept his glare on you. Flinching you nodded. Everyone declined the offer except his son Tim. “And get me the statistics on the last few months’ sales.”

Hurriedly you got out of the room. Covering your face with your hands, “That was so embarrassing.”

You made the one cup of coffee. In one had you had the cup and some sugar in the other you had the files. Also a bottle of creamer under your arm… What could possible go wrong?

Opening the door you walked straight over to where Tim sat setting the cup down. Letting the sugar drop next to it. Then going to set the creamer down, someones phone went off. Startling you, you jumped accidentally hitting the coffee and spilling it all over his lap. 

“Hot hot hot!” He yelped jumping up. “Oh gosh I’m so sorry Mr. Drake that was an accident. Man I’m so stupid” you mumbled the last part to yourself. “I’ll go get a towel or some napkins.” Quickly you placed down the files and ran out of the conference room.

After retrieving the napkins and some wipes you quickly hurried out of the lounge area. Not looking up from the items on your hands you ran straight into some one. Knocking them over you fell on top of them.

Realizing who it was you jumped off. “I’m so sorry Mr. Grayson. God I’m such a klutz.” he only chuckled getting back to his feet. “No worries. I was just coming to see if you needed help with those napkins” he smiled.

“O-Oh, no it’s okay. I have them right here along with some wipes. I really hope I didn’t burn him” You blushed and began to walk back to the conference room with him.

“Don’t worry Tim’s tough. And Bruce doesn’t get phased by anything so don’t worry about the file.” you sighed in relief upon hearing that. However you looked up to see your boss scowling at you through the window. He saw you run into Dick.

When returning to the room you gave the items to Tim who thanked you. “I think that will be enough for today Mr. Wayne thank you for putting up with all of these inconveniences.” He shot a glare at you during the last word. All of the guys noticed it as you dropped your head.

“No inconvenience at all” he said shaking his hand. Exiting the room he said to you, “It was nice meeting you Ms. [L/n].” you simply nodded in response. Opening the door for him and his sons. When they exited you went to leave as well.

“Hold it [L/n]” Uh-oh.

“Close the door” you did so and went to stand in front of him. “Yes sir?” you didn’t make eye contact.

“You are very lucky Mr. Wayne is a kind man he could’ve had fired you on the spot right there” He warned. You felt a little relief, so he’s not firing you?

“But I’m not as kind. You made a mockery of this office and should be ashamed of yourself. I want your things packed up and you out of this office immediately.” He said with a certain loathing in his tone.

You walked out of the room feeling as if you would cry. Quickly you gathered your things and escaped into your car. You didn’t want to go back to your apartment, not now. So instead you drove to a bar across the street from your apartment building.

Parking your car in the parking garage you left your things and went to have a drink.

You sat at the bar, ordering something strong. What were you going to do? You needed that job. Sighing you finished off the drink. Looking out the grimy windows of the bar you saw it was dark out. ‘Better get back before it gets too dangerous’ you thought while calling the bartender over to pay your bill.

Paying and returning to your apartment you threw your bag and coat on the table. You ignored the box of belongings left in your car.

“Nala? Sarabi?” You called for your two cats. Where were the two stinkers? Heart dropping upon seeing the fire escape window open.

“Shit! No no no” you ran to the window. Pushing it open and slipping onto the fire escape. Not a fur ball in sight.

Your precious babies were gone. Your job was gone. Everything was falling apart in just one day.

Giving up you broke down, sitting on the stairs of the fire escape. You didn’t know how long you were out there, but you felt numb. And not from the cold Gotham air. Everything was falling apart at the seams.

“You know you’ll get sick if you stay out in the cold like this” A voice came from above you. Wiping your eyes and looking up, spotting a certain red hooded vigilante.

“Red Hood?” you questioned brows furrowed in confusion.

He climbed down to where the platform you were on was. “In the flesh”

“I wouldn’t get to close or your life might fall apart too” You hugged you knees to your chest and rested your cheek against them.

“Eh, been there done that” he shrugged. “What’s wrong beautiful Gotham citizen?” he questioned. You chuckled at the way of asking

“I had the worst day. My phone and shower broke this morning, making me late to work. When I got to work my boss chewed my ass out, without taking any consideration that I really couldn’t help it. Then I fucked up one of his meetings, gave the wrong files, spilled coffee on another person, knocked a third person over. Then got fired by my douche of a boss, when this is the first time I’ve ever made such mistakes. Then I get home to find both my cats missing, the only two things I was looking forward to see today. And now god knows if I’ll find them” you ranted, feeling a lump in your throat.

You swallowed it down and sniffled. “This is your apartment?” he questioned and you nodded. He opened the window a bit wider and took your hand making you stand up.

“Come on, you don’t want to get sick” he helped you get back inside. He closed the window behind him. “You’re boss sounds like a dick” he handed you a blanket from off your couch.

Wrapping it around yourself, “Understatement. He acts nice around his boss, the Bruce Wayne, but when he’s not around he’s an ass to everyone.” explaining before sitting on your couch.

He sat on the arm rest. “I’m sure everything will work out”

“I hope so” you fiddled with the blanket between your fingers. You watched as his posture perked up a bit, as if he got an idea. “It will I promise, but I have some vigilanting to do. Have a good night [F–, I mean ma’am” he stuttered but you didn’t notice his almost slip up.

“Thank you for listening and making sure I didn’t freeze” Smiling at him as he had one leg out the window. “My pleasure” responding before slipping out the window.

He didn’t match up to the news stories you had heard about him. He was… sweet.

You had fallen asleep on your couch that night, wrapped up in that same blanket. Until a few hard knocks on your door woke you up. Groaning at the intruding noise you slipped off the couch and to your feet.

Running a hand through your hair in an attempt to tame it.

You cracked the door open, as far as the chain lock would allow. More than surprised to see the figure on the other side.

Quickly you closed the door and undid the chain before opening the door completely. “M-Mr. Wayne what are you doing here?”

He looked at your disheveled appearance but thought nothing of it. “May I come in?” he questioned.

Nodding you moved out of the way as he entered. “Um sir, I don’t mean to sound rude but why are you here?” you looked at him, brows furrowed in confusion.

“It was brought to my attention that Mr. Vories was not being entirely fair with his employees and at Wayne Enterprises I don’t like having those types of people in charge of my workers. So I came to tell you that his employment has been terminated.” he informed you. Feeling a little bit of karma working in your favor.

“I would also like to offer you a position. I’ve looked over your resume and your time working as his assistant and I must say you’re very impressive. How would you like to take over his position?” he was now standing in front of you.

You were speechless. ‘Say something you idiot’ mentally scolding yourself.

“I-I… It would be honored, thank you so much Mr. Wayne!” You thanked him excitedly.

“I’m glad to hear that. You’ll start tomorrow” he passed by you toward the door.

“Thank you so much I won’t let you down Mr. Wayne” your tone firm and serious.

“And I believe you won’t.” he opened the door. “But [F/n], please just call me Bruce” he told you before exiting. You nodded, keeping a straight face.

But as soon as the door closed you were jumping around and silently squealing. How’d this even happen? Who told him? No one ever thought of turning him in to human resources and the only person you ever told was….

Wait, did Red Hood tell him? How would he know where you worked? And how would he know Bruce Wayne no less? You racked your brain but couldn’t find an answer.

The rest of the day you spent printing flyers about your missing cats. You had to find the stinkers. You were focused on designing more flyers when you heard a tap on the window.

It was dark and you couldn’t make out what made the noise. Walking to the window you saw a red sheen. Recognizing the figure you pushed the window open. “Hi” Red Hood greeted poking his head in the window.

“I found a couple things that belong to you” He picked up a pet carrier. In it were Sarabi and Nala.

“Oh my god!” You took the carrier and let him in the apartment. “How’d you?”

“Their tags” he pointed to the collars around their necks.

“Wow you’re amazing. This and I know you somehow got me my job back plus a promotion. How can I ever repay you?” questioning while staring up at his masked face.

“No need for repayment, it’s what I do” he shrugged. Leaning to pet Sarabi who was rubbing against his legs. Standing back up he walked to the open window.

Following you questioned “Nothing?”

He had one leg out the window and was sitting on the sill before turning to face you. “Well, there is one thing. A friend of mine is going to stop by your new office tomorrow around noonish. So do me a favor and when he asks you to dinner, say ‘yes’.”

You could hear the smirk under his mask. Biting your lip, “I think I can do that”

“Great, good night. Take care of those fur balls from now on” he laughed before exiting the window.

You watched as he disappeared before closing and locking the window. Fully prepared to accept the friend’s offer to dinner the next day. That friend who you would learn to be Jason Todd.

Hunted {BTS Mafia!au}

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3

Pairing: Yoongi x reader
Genre: BTS mafia au
Warning: angst, smut (at some point), violence, mentions of prostitution/drugs, swearing, other dark themes I can’t think of right now

Writer: Bom

Word count: 1629

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Y/n wakes up in the head quarters of M.A.D, briefly confronting Jungkook. And finally coming face to face with the handsome leader of M.A.D, Min Yoongi. But can Y/n piece together why Yoongi wanted her so badly?

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Old Sparks, New Flames - Part 4: Flames

Characters: Y/N Y/L/N, Danneel Harris, Jensen Ackles, Genevieve Padalecki.   

Pairing: Danneel x Jensen, Danneel x Reader,

Warnings: Confused feelings, F/F sex, oral, scissoring.    

Word Count: 2500ish

A/N: I had a crush on Danneel before writing this series. This did not help things lol. Anyway I am having fun. I hope y’all are too!!

This series is written for my free square in @spnpolybingo

Thanks to my amazing lil sis @mysupernaturalfics for betaing this series for me.


It wasn’t easy but somehow you had calmed yourself down enough to stay. At first you couldn’t think of anything worse than staying under the same roof as the couple you spied on while they were having sex. Right up until you were halfway out the door, realizing leaving so abruptly would mean admitting to the woman you were in love with what you did. The thought of the wounded expression on her face hurt you more deeply than the thought of pretending like nothing happened ever would. So you kept yourself busy at the studio, staying away from Danneel and Jensen as much as you could. You knew they were noticing. Jensen had tried to get you to talk to him a few times when he was home from filming in Vancouver, but you had played if off, telling him he knew what it was like being busy. He hadn’t believed you, you knew that and you felt terrible. Jensen was a great guy. You really liked him, but now he was starting to think you hated his guts.

Danneel was no better. She asked you if you were okay pretty much every time she saw you, but it wasn’t until she had changed her tactics, basically cutting you off from your path from the stairs to the door, that you actually listened to her.

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a-z nsfw: moon taeil

warning: absolute filth (YOU’VE BEEN WARNED)

author’s note: so, I’ve seen a handful of these floating around, and I decided to make my own, cause why not! (I got this template from @chantenyongs but I wasn’t able to find the original creator to give proper credit to… I’m sorry!) I’m pretty sure I’m gonna do it for the entirety of nct (legal members only, of course) and I’ll prolly just go in age order? alrighty, without further ado! (K, I just finished and I went a little overboard with this lmao oops)

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that stare at the very end of the gif; hot damn

A = Aftercare

I don’t know if it’s just because he’s the oldest, but it’s very evident that Taeil has taken this sort of “mother figure” towards the rest of the boys. They’ve even admitted that Taeil is the best one to turn to in regard to any personal problems they may be having. And for that very reason, I strongly believe that this angel would be tending to your every need (and then some) after y’all finish “doin’ the do.” It doesn’t matter if the two of you spent hours partaking in rough, kinky sex, or if you simply made love for 20 minutes. Either way, his first instinct is to ask you how you’re feeling; followed by questions regarding showering, eating, and the possibility of another round KIDDING!

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of their’s and their partner’s)

Okay but I remember reading somewhere that he said his favorite body part of his was his abs, so…. I’m just gonna leave that one as it is lmao. As for you, he’s in love borderline obsessed with your neck/jaw. Whenever you guys are alone, he likes to cup your face and rub little circles into your jawline right before he kisses you; slowly making his way down to - you guessed it -  your neck. During steamier moments, he loves attacking your neck area; loving how you squirm underneath him. He doesn’t even try to hide the smirk on his face as the whimpers pour out of your mouth while continues to go to town on your neck. When he’s finished, he sits back and takes a good 15 seconds to praise himself on the dozens of blue-ish/green bruises scattered all over your neck and jawline.

C = Cum

In all honesty, I think Taeil likes to keep it plain and simple and cum inside of you. Not only does it save you a mess that neither of you really wants to clean, but he enjoys the intimacy of it. When he feels himself about to fall off the edge, he loves to hold your body flush against his, and bury his face in your neck as he lets himself go inside of you.

D = Dirty secret (A dirty secret of theirs)

This is more of a secret the both of you share, rather than just him, but if any of the boys found out it would end the two of you. You’d both be too mortified to show your faces ever again… I mean, who wouldn’t be embarrassed if their friends found out that they took part in their sex life? The entire thing actually started out as an accident. One day while you were at the dorms, you unintentionally got a little too close to Yuta while the two of you were watching a scary movie together. Taeil watched from the other room, fuming as you clung onto one another; burying your faces into each others chests. That night, Taeil decided to show you who you really belonged too, and after agreeing that that was by far the best sex the two of you had ever had, the whole “using the members to tease Taeil” thing became a regular occurrence!

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)

As far as actual physical experience goes, I don’t think Taeil has much of any. He spent years of his life as a trainee, with presumably little to no time to maintain any kind of relationship; so I think its safe to say he’s still a virgin. But I do think he knows a lot about sex in general, and knows just how to please a woman. Given the opportunity, I think he’d do a pretty damn good job!

F = Favorite position

Taeil prefers good ol’ missionary. Referring back to the answers I’ve already given, this position not only gives him free rein to mark up your neck as much as he pleases, but it also allows him to pull your body against his and bury his face into your neck while he cums.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

Honestly, I think it all depends on his state of mind. If he’s stress free, or as stress free as you can be as an idol, and in a good place, I think sex would be bubbly and lighthearted! But if he’s being overworked, and the pressure is weighing down on his shoulders, I feel like he’d be more serious, and focus all his attention on fucking his troubles away.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)

Tbh I think he’s pretty good at keeping himself well groomed. As long as there’s nobody to shave for, I don’t think he’d go through all the hassle. He probably trims it regularly to keep it under control, but as soon as he gets into a relationship, I can see him starting to actually shave… Cause I mean, ya never know when you’re gonna get lucky, am I right??? 

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

“Doyoung-ah, I’m romantic” I’m sorry that’s the first thing that popped into my head as soon as I read the question lmao. But in all honesty, I truly think Taeil is a very romantic person! During mainstream, casual sex, I see him as the “people pleaser” type. He’s always putting you before himself. He’s one of those people that actually gets off on your pleasure! He doesn’t even think about coming before you have.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)

I’d say Taeil masturbates on a regular basis; sometimes more than usual when he’s got a little extra tension built up in him. But he’s kinda weird in regard to said topic… Even though y’all have done much worse in the bedroom, he still gets oddly shy when it comes to masturbating? He checks at least three time to make sure he locked the door before even thinking about dropping his pants. Even the thought of you catching him in the act has him losing his hard on faster than he got it… idk man, I guess everyone needs their alone time, right?

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again - Taeil is one hella freaky dude. As far as kinks go, I think he’s into the following:

Dominance: Referring back to the “dirty secret,” you can bet your ass Taeil is gonna be the one in charge in the bedroom! He takes much pride in the way you listen to each and every one of his commands. Even when he “gives you control” for the night, you and him both know damn well that you’re never really in control… Even when you top, he’s got a firm grasp on your hips; controlling both your speed and your movements.

Marking (giving & receiving): Also referring back to his favorite body part of yours, Taeil has a slight obsession with leaving as many hickeys on you as he can. He loves the way your body, (neck in particular), looks after he’s left his mark on you; in the form of little purple blotches. He also secretly loves it when you return the favor; as long as its below the neckline, and out of sight for anyone to see! He likes to bitch and complain about the hickeys on his chest and scratch marks covering his back the morning after, but when he’s all alone, he’ll stand in the mirror shirtless, and admire the work of art you left on his skin.

Dirty talk (giving & receiving): At first glance, Taeil might seem like a shy and reserved kind of guy, but in the bedroom he’s far from! He’s actually quite blunt. He likes to whisper crude remarks in your ear in-between pants and moans; leaving you speechless and blushing like crazy. But Taeil can’t even put into words what it does to him when you return the vulgar comments. It sends a chill down his spine hearing such dirty words spill from your precious mouth, and he has to stop himself from coming right then and there.

Teasing (giving): This little shit… Taeil is the biggest damn tease! One of his favorite things to do is make you beg for whatever it is he’s withholding from you. He’s relentless, too. If you’re feeling stubborn and refuse to give into his desire to hear you beg, then oh well. I guess you’ll have to go without, because no matter how willful you may be, he’s even more headstrong; and he is not giving you want you want until he hears you beg for it!

Orgasm control (giving): This one goes hand in hand with the teasing. More often than not, Taeil is going to make you work for your orgasms! Right when he realizes you’re on the brink of euphoria, he’ll slow down any and all movements to an agonizing, torturous pace, with a cocky smirk plastered on his face. He’ll then proceed to taunt you, asking if you “really deserve it” in an ever so condescending tone. Sometimes ya just wanna slap him.

Loud sex: If you ask me, Taeil is one of, if not the loudest in bed. He lets himself bask in the pleasure, not giving two fucks about how loud he may be in the process. But he’s always making an effort not to get too loud; as he wants to be able to hear you crying out from the pleasure. And if you’re thinking of slapping a hand over your mouth, or biting your lip to forcibly quiet yourself down, don’t; because Taeil won’t be having any of that.

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)

Honestly, this freak dude would be fine taking you anywhere, as long as theres a locked door; meaning absolutely no chance of getting caught. Being the oldest, there’s this sense of responsibility he carries, and he can’t help but try to be the best role model possible to his younger brothers. Getting caught having sex by one of the other members is one of the worst things that could happen, according to him.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going, etc)

As previously stated, seeing you “flirting” with his friends is a sure way to get him all riled up and ready to fuck your brains out. But a very close second to that would be stress. Taeil is the type of person to literally fuck his stress away. If he’s being overworked and pushed too hard, his emotions get all out of whack, which tends to makes him extremely horny. And I’m not talking “cute, bubbly, vanilla sex” horny - no. I’m talking “fucking you into your mattress so hard you can’t walk tomorrow” horny. But I mean hey, who’s complaining? He’s relieving himself of some unwanted stress while you get dicked the fuck down… It’s a win-win situation!

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do; turn offs)

Like I said, Taeil wouldn’t do anything to risk getting caught in the act by any of the other members. Meaning absolutely no sex if theres not a lock on the door. Just the thought of that is bone chilling to him. Other than that, Taeil strikes me as the kind of guy to “try anything once,” so I think with him, experimenting would be a major key in letting you know what things he enjoys and what things  he doesn’t.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)

Honestly, with Taeil, its dead even. Of course he loves getting his dick sucked, (what guy doesn’t), but he loves pleasuring you just as much. Watching you squirm underneath him while your faces scrunches in pleasure, hands desperately grabbing at his hair as you whimper his name followed by moans and groans of pure satisfaction is a thing of beauty to him. He wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world. As far as skills go, this boy definitely knows how to use his mouth; thats for sure! Hell, he probably knows your own body better than you do!

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc)

Like I’ve been saying throughout this entire post, his pace, attitude, and everything alike depends 100% on what kind of mood he’s in. But more often than not, be prepared for rough sex, because thats exactly what Taeil will be giving to you!

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc)

Hell yeah, Taeil’s down for a quickie! But, (for the 50th time), only if its behind the security of a locked door! Whether it be fast one in a LOCKED bedroom at the dorms, or a quick fuck in a LOCKED supply closet backstage before a show, he’s all up for it! He just, and this bares repeating, DOESN’T WANT TO GET CAUGHT!

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc)

Taeil’s as game as they come. Like I mentioned, he’s the kinda guy to try something at least once before deciding whether or not he likes it. A big part of your sex life is experimenting with different kinds of positions, kinks, toys, etc. As far as risks go, Taeil is pretty mild. Since getting caught is a huge no-no, don’t expect to try anything spontaneously perilous.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last, etc)

I’d say Taeil’s stamina is a little above average. On average, he can go two, sometimes three rounds if he’s feeling up to it. Sex as a whole usually lasts about an hour or so, (give or take a little), but a lot of it foreplay, rather than actual sex. Still good, nonetheless!

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)

It definitely depends on the toy! I can see Taeil loving things like handcuffs, blindfolds, and pretty much anything that has to do with sensory depravation; aiding him in the teasing aspect of things. But I don’t see him being too fond of toys such as vibrators. He prides himself in knowing just what you like and being able to pleasure you in unthinkable ways, so bringing in a toy that’ll potentially take his place isn’t really ideal to him. He also isn’t too keen on you using any of said toys on him. In his eyes, it only takes away from the domineering persona that he worked so hard to build.

U = Unfair (How much do they like to tease?)

HE TEASES YOU TO NO EXTENT! Sometimes, if he’s feeling extra cruel, he’ll see just how far he can take the teasing; until you absolutely can’t take it anymore. If that means you’re left with tears pricking at the corners of your eyes, then so be it. His dominant nature mixed with his love for teasing and hearing you beg makes for some harsh and persistent torment. Which is still undoubtably enjoyable.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make, etc)

Again, if you ask me, Taeil is the loudest of all in the bedroom. He is very much a moaner! Most of the sounds he elicits are going to be loud, angelic moans. He’s also a bit of a groaner/grunter; especially if he’s fucking you for all you’re worth. I can definitely see him being the type to cry out when he cums, too. The most beautiful, sinful, melodious sound your ears have ever been blessed with.

W = Wild Card (Create a random headcannon for the character of your choice)

“Now, baby girl,” Taeil says, ignoring your distraught whimpers as yet another orgasm slips through your fingers, “what have I told you about flirting with my friends just to tease me?” he asks in a low, raspy tone while dragging a single digit tauntingly around your core; purposely avoiding the place you desperately needed him the most.

There was a dull ache in your shoulders as you wiggled your wrists, wincing at the chaffing of the handcuffs that currently bound your hands together. You slowly looked up to find Taeil already staring at you; making you feel completely powerless under his intense gaze. His eyes were a darker shade than usual, and his face held a stern expression that sent waves of both excitement and nervousness coursing through your body at the thought of what was to come.

“I asked you a question!” he bellowed out as he suddenly pinched your clit between his thumb and pointer finger; eliciting a high pitched yelp from you, as you helplessly tugged on your restraints.

“I’M SORRY I’M S-SORRY-” you cried out, trying to the best of your ability to shimmy your way higher up on the bed, and away from the harsh hold he had on your sex.

“Really? Cause you didn’t seem too sorry when you were throwing yourself on Johnny earlier today?” he asked rhetorically as he cocked his head to the side and sent you a bone chilling glare.

“I-I…” you stuttered, unable to think of a suitable response for his accusation.

“That’s what I thought,” he replied in a curt manner, before thrusting his hips forwards; filling you up without the slightest warning.

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants; picture or words)

Hmm I think Taeil is average in length; maybe around 5 inches? But he definitely makes up for it in girth because DAMN that boy is THICK !!!

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

Since a big part of his sex drive comes from stress, and I’d imagine he’s pretty stressed out most, if not all of the time, I’d say his sex drive is fairly high.

Z = ZZZ (How quickly they fall asleep afterwards)

This all depends on how rough he was with you. The rougher he is, the more thoughtful and considerate the aftercare will be. This boy doesn’t even THINK about laying down to go to sleep before making sure you’re alright; and that he didn’t go to far, or get too aggressive with you. He might be all dominant, rough and condescending during sex, but afterwards, he’s back to the sweet, harmless, caring and gentle Taeil you know and love!

Trauma and Healing: Cigarettes [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/N: Jeez part 3 took way longer than expected. Sorry my loves I hope you all like it!

Warning: Mental Illness (hearing voices/mentions of schizophrenia), Mentions of abuse/rape.

Ch. 1 - Ch. 2 - Ch. 4 - Ch. 5 - Ch. 6 - Ch. 7 - Ch. 8 - Ch. 9 - Alternate Ending


Ch. 3 Cigarettes

That night wasn’t very hectic. Jason had offered you his room once more but you declined, saying the couch would be fine and that he should get some rest having saved you and all. But you couldn’t sleep, left to be staring at the ceiling of this unfamiliar apartment.

Examining the ceiling you memorized each and every dent or chip in the paint. However your attention was drawn away by the sound of someone’s feet hitting the fire escape and climbing up it.

Curiosity getting the better of you led to you escaping your blankets and following the source of the footsteps. Reaching the top of the building you saw Jason with his back turned to you. Telling it was him by the leather jacket he was wearing. Noticing as he lifted his hand occasionally to his mouth.

Upon coming closer you saw the cigarette in his hand.

“Sorry, I guess I wasn’t as quiet as I was trying to be” he looked over his shoulder at you. His voice startling you. But you shook it off and leaned against the ledge next to him. Your arms only a few inches from his.

“Couldn’t sleep” You shrugged, looking out at the city skyline. “What city are we in?”

“Coast city” He answered before taking another drag of his cigarette.

“It’s beautiful” eyes scanning from right to left. You noticed Jason shift next to you. Looking over you saw him present a box to you, “Want one?”

You examined the box which turned out to be a cigarette box. Hesitantly you took the box from his hands and tapped the end making one slide out. Handing the box back he offered you a light. You’d never had a cigarette before but for some reason the tobacco just sounded appealing.

Taking your first drag of one, you began hacking. Jason couldn’t hold back the chuckle that escaped his throat, “You didn’t say you were a first timer.” Looking over to see a smile had taken over his features.

“Yeah well they didn’t exactly give us such luxuries” You chuckled and he nodded. Taking another drag, doing it correctly this time. Immediately feeling a sense of relaxation, it not only helping your physical muscles but your mental state.

“Wow, it’s actually helping with the voices” you muttered to yourself. Though Jason heard it, “Do you hear them often?” he was still watching you.

Turning your head to meet his eyes, “More often than not” fiddling with the stick in your hand. “No matter what it feels like they are always there in the back of my head.”

“I kind of understand that. When I came out of the pit, I heard voices, or what I thought were voices. Maybe they were, maybe it was just my imagination.” he shrugged. You nodded, even though you didn’t know what this ‘pit’ was.

“Yeah” sighing before bringing the cigarette to your lips once more. A comfortable silence falling between the both of you.

After a minute or so Jason broke the silence, “Hey um. You don’t have to answer this, but did you have any pre-existing conditions before the particle accelerator?” his eyes watching as your expression fell sombre.

“Um. Kind of. I was beginning to develop schizophrenia. It was very minor before the accelerator explosion, nothing anti-psychotics couldn’t handle. But the night of the accelerator explosion there were also some other mental things going on that night. I’d rather not talk about that though. Everything got enhanced from it, that was when I started to actually hear and kind of feel the voices. But the outbursts became less common and I would be able to tell when they were coming. In a way it made it both worse and. better.” Nervously scratching the back of your neck.

He nodded understandingly. “I’m sorry you had to go through all of that. We did a lot of monitoring of that group, I know everything they did. A person shouldn’t have to endure that.” his eyes diverted from yours, looking down at the concrete ledge.

Your eyes diverted to the same place. Remembering everything they would do. The beating, starving, rape, all of it. “Yeah, me too.” Feeling tears sting the corners of your eyes. Quickly you wiped them away before taking another breath of the tobacco. Silence falling over the both of you once more.

Jason watched you as you stared out at the city lights. Thinking about all the torture you must’ve gone through, how scary this must be for you. “[F/n] I want you to know that no matter what Kori, Roy, and I aren’t going to let anything happen to you. You’re safe here.”

You looked at him quickly, astonishment painted plainly on your face. Processing what he said you nodded.

“Come on, you should get some rest” nodding his head in the direction of the fire escape after putting his cigarette out. You nodded, putting your own out before following him.

He helped you back down, though before you both entered the apartment he stopped and looked at you. “Since you told me about some things about you tonight. How about we do this again tomorrow night, there are some things about me I’d like you to know as well.” This caught you by surprise, but smiling you answered “Sure.”

He smiled to before pushing the window open, letting you go in first. When you were in he didn’t take long to follow. Snuggling back into the blankets on the couch as he went to his room, but before going in he said “Goodnight [F/n]”

You stayed hidden by the back of the couch and answered, “Goodnight Jason” a smile gracing your lips. Thinking that there was something different about him, a good different. The kind of good that gave you butterflies in your stomach and made your heart tingle. Though you forced yourself to suppress these thoughts so you could finally allow yourself to sleep.

When you woke up the next morning you were a bit taken aback. Having to reprocess everything that happened the prior day. The final thing to flash in your memory was that cigarette with Jason.

Letting out a sigh while sitting up. It was still early and the Outlaws were all still asleep. Not exactly sure what to do you just wandered around the area, looking at the multiple novels on the bookshelf.

Sliding one from its place. ‘The Great Gatsby’ the title read. You didn’t have much of an education, having been taken when you were young. Having only basic math and reading skills, skimming through the pages but there were many words you didn’t fully comprehend.

“A classic” jumping at the unfamiliar voice you heard. Quickly turning to see Batman and The Green Arrow standing in the room.

“Don’t scare the poor kid Bats” Green Arrow commented. You gave him a weak smile. Soon enough you heard a door open.

“Just let yourself in why don’t ya” Seeing Roy come into the room. “Good to see you to Roy” he walked over to him. Putting a hand on his shoulder, you smiled at the relationship.

“Let me get the others” Roy said before heading away from the three of you. Though you couldn’t help but feel intimidated, Batman hadn’t taken his eyes off of you. Did he find you a threat?

Shifting uncomfortably before placing the book back on the shelf. Beginning to hear the voices again, whispering terrible things to you. That’s one thing you never want to tell them about. The things the voices said.

You visibly winced at the words. ‘Kill. It’s the only way to survive. Take them now.’ The faint whisper said to you. “Just stop” whispering to yourself.

“Is something wrong?” The same voice said. You turned and shook your head. Feeling relief when the others came into the room.

The three looked at you, sensing the discomfort. “Let’s talk in here, just give us a minute” Roy gestured to the kitchen. The two went onto the kitchen leaving you with Roy, Kori, and Jason.

“Are you alright?” Kori came up in front of you.

“I uh. I don’t really know. It’s just the voices they.. never mind it’s dumb” you sputtered, not knowing how to communicate what the voices just told you without giving up what they said.

“You don’t have to be afraid to tell us” Roy followed, putting a hand on your shoulder. Flinching slightly before relaxing under his hand.

“I’d just, I’d rather not.” Looking over to Jason pleadingly. He took notice, “It’s alright you can tell us when you’re ready” stepping up. Allowing you to breath a relieved sigh.

They looked back at Jason before returning their attention to you. “Well no matter what we’ll be here every step of the way. Don’t be afraid to ask us for anything or say that you’re uncomfortable.” Kori smiled at you warmly.

“Thank you guys. I really appreciate everything you’re doing for me.” Smiling at the three. Roy smiled wide,”It may only be a day but you’re already apart of the family my friend” he laughed. Making you and Kori smile. Noticing a smile pull at the corner of his lips.

“We’ll be right in here. If you want you can come join us but no pressure” Roy said ruffling your hair. You were already beginning to get used to his actions.

After that the three went into the kitchen.

Sitting in the couch, letting out a relieved breath. It felt like Batman could see right through you but they really just seemed to know how to calm you down. Running a hand through your hair before thinking you were really going to like it here.

In the kitchen the five had all gotten to talking.

“What do you mean she has schizophrenia? I thought she said it was from the powers.” Roy looked at Jason confused.

“I don’t know it seems she had a minor case of it and the dark matter enhanced it in someway. Since then she’s had those outbursts less I guess but the voices got worse.” Jason looked around at the group.

“We should do some sort of testing. Figure out if this is a meta gene or something different” Oliver suggested.

“What? No! This girl has been poked and prodded like an animal for years there’s no way we’re going to do the same thing to her.” Jason objected, the other two nodding.

“How do you know you can even trust her?” Bruce asked sternly. Staring down the three.

“I don’t mind tests” they all turned to see you in the doorway. No one said anything so you continued, “I understand you need a reason to trust me, so let this be that. I’m used to the needles” you shrugged with a small smile.

“[F/n] you don’t have to” Kori walked over to you.

“It’s fine, honestly I’d like to know what the cause of all this is as well. I’m sitting in the dark here” your tone was surprisingly calm and rational.

“We have the equipment with us. It’s just a simple blood draw and maybe a few other things” Green Arrow looked over to you.

Nodding you sat on a chair in the kitchen and held out your arm for their test as they got things prepared.

Kori, Roy, and Jason came over to you. “Are you sure about this?” Jason asked, concern laced in his voice. You nodded “Yeah, it’s about time I know where all of this is coming from.”

They all exchanged a look before letting out a collective sigh. “Alright, but we’re not going anywhere. If you ever want to back out of this we’ll make sure they stop” Roy affirmed making a smile pull at your lips.

“We will let them get started but if you want I can stand over here with you.” Kori offered. You smiled at her “Yeah I’d appreciate that.” She took your hand, “Any nervousness and I will be right here”

Jason and Roy went and stood by the wall, out of the way.

‘How can she be so calm about this? After everything she’s gone through. Just accepts these tests. I don’t get it’ Jason said. “She’s strongly” Roy answered looking at Jason

But Jason’s eyes never left you. They were Looking for some physical tell, some hint that you didn’t want this and he’d pull the plug.

But there was nothing. Nothing but calm. However we all know the phrase

‘The calm before the storm’

Morris Delancey x Reader: A New Beginning

Words: 6,174

Request: NOPE! This was 100% my idea :D

Plot: Morris Delencey wants to go on a date with Y/N… when she finally agrees, can she deal with the consequences.

Characters: Morris Delancey, Reader, Race, Jack, Crutchie, ext.

A/N: THIS IS SHIT OMG. I rushed the ending, everyone is OOC, I’m pretty sure I didn’t keep the bunking consistent. But I hope you enjoy it anyways…

Warnings: Foul language, OOC characters, asshole Oscar, shit ending


“Agh! Jack!” You wailed as your good friend, and leader Jack Kelly tugged a comb harshly through your greasy hair. “Yous can be gentle, yah know?”

“And yous can take better care of yah hair, babycakes.” He teases you lightly, tugging the brush once again. You wince. “When was tha last time yous took a showah?”

“If I could rememba, I would tells yah.” You groan in agony. You catch Crutchie’s eyes, finding him laughing at you and Jack. “What ‘re yous laughin’ at, huh? I gots somethin’ on my face?”

“Just beauty.” Romeo says as he passes you by. You start to stand, wanting to smack the flirt upside the head, but Jack brings you back down so he can finish doing your hair. You attempt sit calmly while he finishes, using a thick red ribbon the boys had managed to find for your birthday a couple weeks back to tie it up.

“Now you,” He waggles a finger at you as you stand. “Yous is gonna showah tonight. I’ll get all the boys ta stay outta the restroom so yous can have some privacy.”

“Well, well, being tha only goirl does have it’s perks.” Crutchie piped up. You shot him a playful glare.

“Yous lucky you got a bum leg Crutch, or I’da shoved you ovah by now.” You bump shoulders gently with your selling partner before he lifts his crutch up off the ground to hit your leg.

“Yous lucky you’re a goirl. Else I wouldda roughed you up by now.”

“Yous sayin’ I can’t handle myself because I’m a female?” You watched Crutchie’s face glow a light shade of pink before he let out a genuine laugh.

“No, no, not at all (F/N), just sayin’ I don’t feel too comfortable hittin’ any goirls is all.” He flashes a kind smile that’s much softer than the one he uses to sell the papers. You lean forward and press a soft kiss to his cheek.

“You smile at any goirl like that, and she might buy all our papes.” You tease him, causing Crutchie to let out another laugh. As Jack passes you by he pecks your cheek. You’d become accustomed to all the affection from and to the boys, that kisses on the cheek hardly meant anything nowadays (unless it was the flirts of the group).

“I’ll see yous two in a bit. I gots somethin’ I need ta do before work.” He began heading towards the door.

“Don’t yah go gettin’ in ta any fights Kelly. If I see even a bruise, I’ll beat yah ass.” You puff out your chest to seem tougher, and Jack rolled his eyes in amusement.

“Yes, ma.” He saluted you playfully before exiting the Lodge. You turn back to Crutchie and he offers you an arm.

“Ma’am, I believe it is time ta go and get us some papes.” You loop your arm through his and he pulls you to his side.

“Yes, I believe it is.” The two of you grin at each other before exiting the Lodge arm-in-arm.

“Ah shit.” You mutter under your breath. Crutchie looks at you concerned. You two were almost to the front of the line to get your papers.

“What is it (F/N)? Yous forgot yer money?” He panicked shortly. You shook your head. You’d brought enough for papers, and a little extra in hopes one of the boys would split a loaf of bread with you.

Your problem was that, of all days, today was Morris Delancey’s day to take the money. Usually Morris and his brother Oscar were the ones handing papers to the newsies. Morris would cut the stacks open and Oscar would hand the papers to the newsies. You had very little interaction with Morris most days, but every once in a blue moon the two and their uncle would switch jobs. And Morris was the biggest flirt you had ever met.

“Nah, Crutch. I’m fantastic. Just forget I said anythin’.” As Race passes you by, he hands you a cigar with a wink. He knows you’ll be needing it later.

“Don’t listen’ ta ‘im, yous got that?” He asks. You agree silently, placing the cigar between your teeth. Anywhere else, and you might forget where you put it. You had a slight habit of losing your smokes in pockets. Standing there bouncing, you can practically see things click into place inside Crutchie’s head, but before he can say anything it’s his turn to pay the devil.

“Come on Crip, yer holdin’ up the line.” Morris sneers. Crutchie sends you an apologetic look before handing Morris the money and getting his papers from Weasel. Morris catches your eyes and his sneer turns into a smirk. Romeo grabs your upper arm from behind you.

“I can get yer papes for you, babydoll.” He offered protectively. You were the one and only “girlsies” in Manhattan as they called you, and the boys typically got protective over you. Over in Brooklyn it was a whole mix of boys and girls - but girls over in your area all decided to sell flowers rather than papers.

“I can take care of myself, Romeo. Thanks for tha offa though.” You two share a smile, but inside you were tempted to take his offer. You take in a deep breath and stride up to Morris and his tin box.

“Well, well, if it ain’t Manhattan’s only Girlsie. How are you this morning Miss (l/n)?” He leaned subtly against the table, and you roll your eyes.

“Morris,” You greet him shortly. He lets out a low whistle as you take a few coins out of your pocket.

“Awe come on, are yous ignorin’ my question doll?”

“Don’t call me that.” You frown. You think he reaches for the money in your hand, but instead find him holding your wrist. He stands, leaning over the table.

“Come on, smile doll. Yous got a pretty smile.” He flirts. You’re tempted to spit in his face, but as you meet his eyes your breath catches in your throat. You’d never bothered to properly look at his eyes, but being so close you had no choice. You had to admit reluctantly to yourself that they were very pretty. “That a new ribbon?”

“Leave ‘er alone, Delancy.” Romeo placed a hand on your shoulder.

“We was just havin’ a conversation.” Morris hissed at your friend. You look down, realising he was still holding your wrist. “Weren’t we doll?”

“Let ‘er go, Morris.” Crutchie piped in. You had yet to try pulling away from him, but as soon as he released your wrist you were pulled back by Romeo.

“Show a lil respect ta da lady, Delancey. We’s wouldn’t wanna hafta rough you up in frontta ‘er.”

“Romeo!” You snap. The boys all stop what they’re doing. “I’s can take care of myself.” You grumble, pushing back to stand in front of Morris. You shove the coins into his hand with a glare. “I can handle a coupla flirts.” You’re quick to get your papers before any of them can say a word. Crutchie rushes to catch up with your retreating form.

“Hey, hey,” You don’t stop until Crutchie grabs your arm. “Hey, (F/N). Don’t let ‘em gets ta yah, okay? Morris’ just bein’ an idiot.”

“But does he hafta flirt every time he sees me?”

“Well (F/N), just give us tha word, we’ll teach ‘im a lesson or two.”

“Thanks, Crutch.”

“It’s nothin’, (F/N).”

You and Crutchie found yourselves with a single newspaper left to sell and, much worse, no one willing to buy it. Everyone who passed you by ignored you or declined your offer (quite rudely, you might say). You were prepared for desperate measures.

“Hold this for me, would yah?” You pass the paper back to Crutchie, who gives you a look of confusion in return. You take the top button of your top and pop it open, followed by another.

“Whoa, whoa, no.” Crutchie shoves the paper in front of your chest to block any view. “What do yous think you’re doin’, (F/N)?!”

“I think I’m selling our last pape Crutch.” You tell him, attempting to fix your shirt in a way that would make your breasts stand out. “If I can catch some old pre-verts eyes and sell him tha pape, yous and I gets ta meet up with Race and Romeo for some grub.”

“You ain’t catching no pre-verts eyes.” He reaches forward to yank yours hands away from your shirt and you two struggle momentarily before he manages to re-button your shirt. “Yous is a lady (F/N), not just a pair ‘a walkin’ breasts. We can find another way ta sell tha pape.”

“Crutch-” You start, only to be cut off by a new arrival.

“You twos havin’ a bitta trouble there?” You groan internally, turning to face the ever growing annoyance in your life. Morris stood leaning against a nearby wall, a lit cigarette pressed between his lips.

“What’s it ta yah, huh?” Crutchie asked, moving to stand between the two of you.

“Well, I was just gonna be nice and help you suckers out.” Morris pushed himself away from the wall as you and Crutchie scoffed in unison. Who the hell did Morris think he was?

“We don’t need yer charity Morris. Crutch and I do this for a livin’.” Ignoring your words, Morris snatches the paper from your friend’s hands.

“Hey, give that back you scum!” Crutchie reaches for it, but Morris holds it high above his head. You’re in such shock that Morris’ next words don’t reach your ears, but the next thing you know the paper’s gone and Morris is waving a dime in your face. Crutchie stands beside him, face red with exhaustion and annoyance.

“Don’t say I never did nothin’ for yah,” You reach out to take the coin, but Morris pulls back with a smirk. “Ah, ah, ah, not so fast.”

“What tha hell do you want Delancey?” You spat out. Morris turns the coin in his hand a couple of times.

“Well (F/N), as you know, yous are a very attractive young lady,” You thank the lord in that moment for the heat that had already turned your cheeks red. “I was thinkin’ you might let me take yah out this Friday. After you’ve sold your papes, of course.”

“In your dreams Delancey. (F/N) would never be caught dead spendin’ quality time with tha likes of you.” Crutchie attempts to snatch the coin away, only to have Morris pull back his arm, holding the coin up as high as he’d held the paper. You were starting to snap.

“You shut yer mouth you dumb cri-”

“Stop it!” If you’d been made of glass, the boys would’ve been able to see the cracks crawling across your skin. “Just stop it, both of you.” You step between them, and look Morris in the eye. “Look, Delancey,” You sigh. “All kiddin’ aside, I’m sure there’s some good in yous.” You turn back to Crutchie before continuing. “But I’m a newsie.” As you continue, the boys stand there awkwardly avoiding eye contact with each other. “You and yer brother beat us, and talk down ta us, and spit on us.” You reach for tha coin, surprised by how easy he was to give it away. “And no amount of kindness can fix tha damage you’ve already done.”

You lie awake that night, turning a dime in your hand. The same dime Morris freaking Delancey had gotten selling your paper. You bit on the end your last, unlit cigar nervously, but quickly put it away when you saw Crutchie heading your way. You could tell by the look on his face that he knew what you were thinking about.

“You wouldn’t really go on a date with a Delancey brotha, would you (F/N)?” Straight to the point. You liked that about Crutchie - usually. But in the heat of the moment, all you wanted to do was curl up and disappear.

“‘Course not.” You lie. You’d been thinking about Morris’ offer all afternoon. The look of defeat he’d had on his face before stalking away from you and Crutchie had stung more than you thought it would. You almost feel bad for him. And you’d be lying if you said he wasn’t attractive. Attractive and rude. “I’d go on a date with Romeo before I went on a date with Morris Delancey.”

“Is that an offer babydoll?” Romeo called from the other side of the room.

“‘Course that’s all yous would hear. Asleep for tha real conversation, awake for tha sarcasm.” Race teased him from his spot on the top bunk.

“She didn’t say no, did she?” Romeo argues, sending you a wink.

“Does she get a say?” You ask, trying your hardest to fight a smile, but your teeth are quick to make an appearance. Race and Romeo could always make you smile with their pointless banter, no matter your mood

“No.” Romeo says, only to be smacked moments later with a sheet-thin pillow.

“Yes.” Race corrects him.

“(F/N),” Crutchie steals back your attention from the other two. “Yous been acting strange eva since we’s was confronted. What’re you-”

“Crutch,” You cut him off. “If you want me ta be honest with yah, yes, I was thinkin’ about his offa.” Crutie opened his mouth, you you held your hand up to get him to stop. “I was just thinkin’ about how pathetic he looked when I turned him down. And I know he’s always beatin’ on you and tha otha boys. But I just feel a little bad, you get me?”

“I gots yah. But (F/N), tha Delancey brothas are bad news. Try not tah make any rash decisions, okay?”

“I got it, Crutch. No rash decisions.”

“You sure yous gonna be good out there all on yer own, (F/N)?” Jack asked, sounding unconvinced. You roll your eyes and fix the cap on the top of your head. Crutchie’s leg was giving him too much trouble, so he was (reluctantly) taking the day off. Which meant you’d be selling alone. Jack had offered to go with you, but you knew that would leave Specs all on his own. And everyone knew how Specs got lazy when he was alone. It would take him all damn day just to sell five papers.

“I’m positive Jackie. I’m a big girl, I can takes care of myself.” You nudged his arm. “Nice ta know yous is worried about little ol’ me though.”

“I’m always worried about you babycakes. Yous is my sista.” He pulled you into his side, and pressed a kiss to your temple. Race waltzes over and repeats Jack’s action on the other side of your head, having been listening to your conversation from where he and Romeo stood

“Yeah, so don’t go gettin’ in any kinda trouble, (F/N).”

“We’s don’t wanna hafta beat anyone up any time soon cuz they were messin’ with our goirl.” Romeo added. You punch him lightly in the arm.

“Now boys, would I eva do that?” You grin at them. “But in all seriousness guys, I’s can handle myself. We still meetin’ for lunch, Race?”

“Course we is.” He discreetly passed you a cigar. You raise an eyebrow at him. “I gots it off’a mean ol’ Weasel.” You don’t hesitate to place it between your teeth. “Sucka left his box of ‘em out on tha counter. Swiped a couple when he wasn’t looking.” He put what you assumed was the other one between his teeth. You sigh happily.

“Thank god for ignorant people.”

“Extra, extra, large explosion in tha Bronx leaves people injured!” It wasn’t technically a lie. There was an explosion. And there was people “injured”. But no one had to know that the explosion was toilet water, and the injuries were to the Bronx Newsie’s egos. The story had been floating around all week and there was no way anyone would let them live it down. The paper was snatched from your hand in a hurry, replaced with stray pennies that you fumbled to put in your pockets.

“That tha best yous got today, (F/N)?” You groan, turning to face Morris with a glare. You barely register that Oscar’s with him before you open your mouth to speak.

“What is it now, Morris?” You ask him, taking another paper out of your bag.

“Well doll, I wanted ta know if you’d rethink my offa.” He shoved his hands into his pockets, swaying back and forth on his feet. Oscar scoffed from behind him, and muttered an incoherent sentence that caused Morris to elbow him. “I’d really like ta take yah out.”

“You asked me that a month ago Delancey. Haven’t you found another goirl ta botha?” You turn around, greeted by the familiar face of Mr. Falcone, one of your’s and Crutchie’s regulars. He hands you a dime and you pass him his paper. “See you tomorrow.” He nods before walking away.

“I don’t wanna botha any other goirls.” Morris told you once he regained your attention.

“You make me sick.” Oscar piped in, earning a harsh glare from his brother.

“Is there any way I could possibly make you reconsida?” He leans against the nearby wall, a hopeful look in his eye. You bite your lip, trying to avoid Oscar’s glares from beside Morris. The truth was, you had been thinking over the offer. But by the time you’d come to a conclusion, you figured he’d already moved on to some other pair of legs. But the smirking man in front of you said otherwise.

“I’ll tell you what, Morris.” You pulled another paper from your bag and squeezed it tightly. You almost wished Crutchie was with you - or that you had accepted Jack’s help. If either of them were with you, you wouldn’t even consider making a deal. You almost don’t continue.

“I’m listening.” He eggs you on.

“I’ll go on that outtin’ with you.” You’re surprised by the way his eyes light up. “If!” You don’t see any faltering in his expression, almost as if he was expecting a compromise. “Yous and yer brotha stop beatin’ on tha boys.”


“Deal.” Morris agrees. You stand there with your jaw hanging, and from the look on his stupid face Oscar is shocked as well.


“We’s can talk about it late’a, Oscar.” Morris cuts his brother off again. He turns back to you with what appears to be a genuine smile. “So, when yah free? This Friday sound good ta yous?”

“Only if you can keep yer side’a tha deal, Morris.” You grumble. How the hell were you supposed to tell the boys?

“So, Crutch, rememba how yous told me not ta do tha… thing?” Crutchie looked up from the newspaper in his hand, the only one Albert hadn’t been able to sell. Of course he knew exactly what you were talking about. It was all the boys would talk about for the past month. No one would let you live it down - asked out be a Delancey.

“What about it?” He set the paper down cautiously. You clutched your sheet-thin pillow to your chest, light you might float away if you let go.

“I might have, uh. Done tha thing.” Telling him went about as well as you thought it would. He was at your side in an instant, regardless of the pain his leg was giving him. He clutched your shoulders tightly, crutch left forgotten on the floor having reached you.

“Are you insane (F/N)?!” He squealed, shaking you and catching the attention of the other boys in the room.

“I thought we already established we’re all crazy in ‘ere.” Specs said, shuffling a deck of cards you’d assume he had stolen. “What so special about ‘er?”

“She did tha thing!” In seconds, the room was in an uproar. Race had his warm hand pressed against your forehead.

“Is she sick?!” You shove him away, shifting uncomfortably under the stares of the other Newsies. “What were yah thinkin’?!”

“Race, please, I can-”

“Hey! Why’s everyone crowndin’ (F/N)?!” Jack demanded as he entered the room, pushing past the others to get to you. You open your mouth to tell him yourself, but Race beats you to it.

“She did tha thing!”

“You did tha thing?!” The change in expression was split second, and Jack was holding you by the upper arms. “What were yah thinkin’?!”

“That what I asked!” Race exclaimed. The room went into an uproar, everyone’s shouts being drowned out by another until you couldn’t take it anymore.

“STOP IT!” Jack jumped back with wide eyes, and everyone quieted down. Eyes were on you, looking for some sort of explanation for your actions. “I… I made a deal with Morris.”

“That’s like makin’ a deal with tha devil, (F/N).” Romeo shouted, shoving himself between Albert and Specs. Both boys adjusted in their crowded spots uncomfortably to accommodate him, and you pushed yourself towards the wall.

“I told him I’d go on an outing with him if he and his brotha’d leave yous guys alone.” You shrugged, shrinking further into yourself. “And he agreed.”

“He’s a lia’, there’s no way Morris Delancey’s gonna stop beatin’ on us Newsies.” Race grumbled, dropping onto the bed next to you and slung an arm around your shoulders.

“Well, our outting’s not till Friday,” You shrugged, pressing yourself into your friend’s side. “So I guess we’s ‘ll just hafta wait and see.”

“Papes for the newsies!” Like clockwork, Weasel announced the arrival of the papers. “Line up!” You ran through the gates, stopping yourself moments before you can crash into Finch, breathing hard. He had turned around at the sound of your feet slapping against the pavement.

“(F/N), whys you late? Yous get lost or somethin’?” He teases you.. “Anyone givin’ yous trouble?” You roll your eyes. He knew full well you could take care of yourself. They all did.

“If they were, I’s could handle myself Finch. Don’t worry yer pretty little head about it.” You two jab at each other with your elbows. “So. Which Delancey saved me from a wasted Friday afternoon?” You smirk, crossing your arms. Finch purses his lips, and your heart drops.

“Neither.” Finch shrugged. “They’s been actin’ all nice and stuff. But it won’t last long. You’ll be saved by tha end of tha day.” He tossed an arm around your shoulder and grinned. “Promise.”

“I know. Just wish they would get it over with.” You roll your eyes. “There’s no way tha Delancey family can be any bit nice ta people like us.” Finch hums in agreement

“Preach it sista.”

“What is we preachin’ ova here?” Suddenly there’s another arm slung around your shoulders, and Race is puffing smoke in your face. You steal the cigar from his mouth and tuck it between your teeth. You look his over, and take note of the bag slung over his shoulders. He’d already gotten his papers.”

“Just tha obvious.” Finch replied, laughing as you return a puff of smoke to your best friend’s face. Race scrunches up his nose and takes his cigar back.

“There’s a lotta obvious stuff out there, Finch-y.” Race argues, pushing him off of you so he can pull you into his side. “How many papes you gonna get today, (F/N)?”

“Well, since Crutchie’s selling with Buttons today, probably fifty.” You stretch your neck out to see where your usual selling partner was, and caught sight of him near the front with Jack. “I’s can usually sell around ninety when I’s got Crutch with me. People pay more attention ta men these days. But I’s by myself again.”

“I’s can sell with yous today, if you’d like.” Race offered with a grin, blowing smoke above their heads. “Romeo can handle ‘imself for a day.” You pat his chest a couple of times, and shake your head.

“And so can I.” You tell him. You steal another puff from his cigar. “You worry about you.”

“Always.” Race takes his cigar back. “You sure you’s is okay sellin’ alone again?” He glares towards the front of the line. “You ain’t gonna agree ta any more outin’s?” You shove him and scoff.

“Yeah right. I’s made a deal, Racetrack. And in no time, I won’t ‘ave any plans for Friday.” Race laughs, and rubs your hat into your hair. “Don’t leave Romeo waitin’.”

“Eh, tha little shit deserves it.” Race puts out his cigar, and gives you a quick, strong side hug. “See you’s afta work.” He begins walking away, waving goodbye as he went.

Finch tossed his arm back around your shoulders, and you two made small talk as you approached the window.

Your face paled slightly when you saw that Morris was, yet again, at the window taking cash.

“You need me-”

“If one more of you’s ask ta buy my papes for me, I’ll soak yah.” You say, not daring to look at your friend.

“Next!” finch went on before you, getting a hundred papers for himself. He shot you a look as he passed you by. “Next!” You approached the window, and your heart sped up as Morris gave you a genuinely happy smile. “Good mornin’ ta you, (F/N).” He leaned against the counter. “How many ’ll it be today?” You found yourself dazed by his toothy grin. Was he always so handsome?

“Eighty.” You stutter, but your eyes widen. “I-I mean fifty.” He raisen an eyebrow as if asking if you were sure. You slap a quarter down onto the counter.

“Alrighty. Fifty papes for the lovely lady.” He turns to Oscar, who collects fifty papers and hands them to you with a smile that doesn’t quite reach his eyes. You swear Morris kicks him behind the counter. “Until tomorrow, (F/N).” You nod shortly, and speed away.

The rest of the week was just like this. Morris would greet you kindly, either Oscar or Weasel would hand you your papers, and none of the other newsies complained about the Delancey’s being mean to them. In fact, they all gossiped about them being nice. Some even went as far as to tease you about your outing with Morris.

You told yourself again and again that it wasn’t going to happen. You told yourself that, eventually, one of the Delancey’s would slip up and you would be free. This hope all went away on thursday, when you went to Jacobi’s with Buttons and Snipeshooter. You three had agreed on sharing a bowl of soup, which Button dropped on his way back to the table - all over Oscar, who had just entered the building.

He was fuming, red in the face, but he smiled with his teeth and excused himself.

You’re sitting on your bed that night, getting ready for lights-out when reality sets in.

“They’s actually trying.” Albert looks at you from his bed.

“What?” You turn to him.

“The Delancey’s.” You smooth out your night-gown. “They… They’s actually tryin’ ta be nice.”

“I know! It’s surprising!” Specs calls from above you, hanging his head down. “Morris must really like you’s.” He teases. You slap him in the face with your pillow.

“Shuddup, he’s just’a flirt.” You grumble, laying down with a huff.

“I’s don’t think’a flirt would go through this much trouble for just one goirl.” Albert shrugged. “I mean, have you’s seen Race?”

“I ‘eard that!” Race pouts.

“We all did, get over it!” Blink shouts back. You sigh, snuggling further into your lumpy mattress.

“So… You ready for yer outing tomorrow, (F/N)?” Albert asks softly. You close your eyes and take in a deep breath, unsure how to answer at first.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.”

The day had gone same as the rest - the Delanceys were overly nice. With Crutchie back, papers sold quickly, the day went by faster. And now it was time to get ready for your outing, and you were taking forever. You don’t remember the last time you’d taken a half-hour to pick out a shirt.

And now, having gotten dressed, you were seated on the floor in front of Blink’s bed while he did your hair all fancy-like. You asked him once how he knew to do hair, but he winked (blinked?) at you and said it was a secret. He pulled a comb through your hair - the same one Jack had pulled through your hair the day Morris asked you out the first time. Then, he’s pulling and tugging, turning your usual pigsty hair into a fancy little braid.

“Hand me tha ribbon?” You do as told, and Blink uses it to finish off your braid. You sit there for a few silent moments, jumping when Blink places a hand on your shoulder. “You’s sure yah want ta do this, (F/N)?” He asks. “You’s still got tha choice to back out.”

“No.” You state firmly, straightening up as you did. “Morris… kept his side’a tha deal. And I’m goin’ to keep mine.” You stand up, smoothing out your pale pink skirt. “Well… How does I look?” You give him a twirl.

“Well, yah don’t look like yourself.” He says honestly. “But you’s don’t look bad. Yah look pretty.”

“Well, would you get a look at ‘er!” Jack exclaims as he enters the room. “Who knew she could look so lady-like!” He teased you, taking your hand so he could twirl you. You smack his chest, glaring at him playfully.

“Awe, shut yer mouth, Kelly.” You giggle as he kisses your temple. “So…” You bite your lip. “He here?” Jack pouts.

“Dunno. Don’t care.” He shrugs. “Morris’ an idiot, he don’t deserve’a date with you.”

“But I-” You start, but Jack waves you off.

“I know, I know. You made’a deal. A stupid deal, might I add.” Jack fell back onto your bed, and you roll your eyes.

“He kept his end’a tha bargain, didn’t he?” Jack had nothing to say to this. “So,” You smack his knee. “I gotta keep my end as well, ‘else I ain’t no betta than them.” Crutchie ends the room with a frown, and you let out a sigh of disappointment. “He here?”

“Yea. He’s here.” Crutchie grumbled, going directly to his bed.

“Well boys,” You flatten out your skirt again. “Wish me luck.”

Your breath hitched in your throat when you exited the lodging house. Morris stood at the bottom of the steps, shuffling his feet awkwardly while he waited. He had on a nice, clean pair of slacks, a white button-up, and his usual suspenders. He was missing his tie, and his hat as well. He didn’t look anything like himself… He looked like any other guy on the street.

He looked cute.

You shake the thought away, making your way down the steps. At the sound of you approaching, he straightened up and turned to face you completely. You saw his face turn a light shade of pink, to which your heart skipped a beat. Why the hell was he blushing?

“W-wow.” He stuttered. You met him at the bottom step, and were taken aback when he kissed your knuckles. “You look… You look…”

“I look what, Morris?” You grumbled, trying to shake off the idea of wiping the back of your hand on your skirt.

“You look even more beautiful than you usually do.” Morris smiles softly, and you feel yourself begin to melt. Quickly, you remind yourself that this is the same man who threatened all your friends on a daily basis. Even with this thought in mind, you found yourself checking him out.

“You…” You bite your lip, hoping none of the boys were listening to the two of you from inside. “Don’t look too bad yourself, Delancey.” His smile grew, and he offered you his arm.

“Shall we?” You took in a deep breath, and looped your arm through his.

“We shall.”

The night turned out way different than you had expected it to. Morris’ idea of an outing consisted of grabbing a loaf of bread (which he paid for in full) from the best bakery in Manhattan, and taking a walk while eating. His idea, while odd, was quite calming. It took him a while to coax you into talking, but once you started a conversation with him you couldn’t stop. You didn’t realize you had so much to tell him until you opened your mouth.

That night, you found yourself laying in a patch of grass beside someone you never thought you would be interested in in a million years. Yet every time he laugh, every time he smiles, you wanted him to do it again.

This night was turning out very different from what you had expected.

You and Morris lay silently in the grass, taking in the view of the setting sun. You glance over at Morris, who had his hands folded behind his head, using them as a pillow.

“Hey Morris?” You’re the one to break the ongoing silence. He rolls his head to the side, giving you that charming smile.


“Why?” His smile falters, and you can tell that he’s confused.

“Why what?” He rolls onto his side, propping himself up on his elbow.

“Why do you’s hate us?” You can’t stop yourself from saying it. You had to know. Morris’ smile disappears, but he doesn’t look mad. He looks disapointed.

“I… I really don’t know.” You’re surprised by how genuinely confused he sounds. “I guess it’s… It’s because of our uncle.” He scoffs, rolling his eyes. You stare at him intently - it’s the first time you’d heard one of the Delancey’s talk bad about one of their own. “You see, after he took us in he, uh, taught us who was ‘bad’, an’ who was ‘good’, an’ how we should treat ‘em.” He laughed dryly. “Anyone who was poorer than us was ‘bad’, anyone richer was ‘good’, and if they were poor…” Morris shook his head. “Sorry it’s… It’s really complicated.” He looks at you, eyes sad. “Just… I just want you to know, if this… you an’ me… it don’t work out,” He sits up more, fixing his hair feverishly. “I want you to know that I’m sorry. For tha way we treat you. You’s guys don’t deserve it. And you were right, before.”


“No ammount’a good can fix what we’s done.” He takes your hand in his. “And I ain’t gonna ask you to forgive me…” He closed his eyes with a sigh, squeezing your hand gently. You unconsciously squeeze back. “An’ I’m almost afraid to ask you… for a second chance?” Silence. You don’t know what to say. Did he just… pour his heart out to you?

You reach your hand up to gently touch his face, and you don’t miss the shudder that racks Morris’ frame gently. He’s scared.

“Look at me.” You murmur. “Please… let me see your eyes.” Your heart leaps out of your chest when he does just that. It was almost as if he was staring into your soul, mesmerising you with his eyes. “It’s going to take some time.” You whisper. “And you’ll ‘ve to convince tha others… But… I don’t see why not.” Almost as soon as the words were out of your mouth, Morris pulled you into a bone-crushing hug. You laid there, shocked.

“Thank you, thank you.” He murmured into your hair. He pulls away, and you share a genuine smile with your brand new… friend? You two stare at eachother for the longest while, so you don’t miss the moment his eyes trail down to your lips. “Can I…”

“Yes.” You say without a moment’s hesitation. The kiss is surprisingly slow and sweet, the exact opposite of what you would have expected two hours previously. Morris hovered over you, placing his hands gently on your face.

Nothing more escalated that night. Your sweet kiss was as far as you two got. He walked you back to the lodging house, his fingers entangled in yours - and this was the start of a new, beautiful friendship.

As you guessed, it took a long time to get the boys to trust Morris. A lot of sacrifices were made - good time, good money out the door. But Morris was determined to redeem himself. The hardest part of it all was the day Morris was kicked out by his family - tossed aside by his brother. He came to the lodging house, looking broken and betrayed. You begged Jack to let him stay.

That was how Morris Delancey became Mike.

Mike slept four bunks away from you.

Mike was one of the nicest newsies you had ever met.

Mike often had nightmares.

And when the strike came along, Mike fought alongside the newsies. He stood his ground against the men he used to refer to as family. He protected you during the riots, he stayed by your side.

He loved you.

And you loved him.

Two cute neighbours.

Hello, love bugs!!
Dan x reader
Warnings-fluff, kisses. Also, swears because Dan

1887 words yo, Its a long one.

hi !! i love your writing soooo I was wondering if u could do a dan x reader where the reader moves in next door to dan n Phil n the reader has an emotional support dog (preferably a mini chocolate lab) n dan n Phil loooooove the dog n it’s cute n fluffy !! then it time skips to when dan n the reader are dating n the reader tells dan why they have the support dog (anxiety n panic attacks) n dan is supportive n its just cuuuuuuuuuuttttteeee –anonymous

“Dan!” Phil practically screams as he runs up the stairs.

“What, are you okay?” Dan says jumping from his couch crease to make sure poor Philly isn’t to hurt.

“We have the two cutest new neighbors ever!” Phil announces. Coming face to face with Dan on the landing.

“Phil!” Dan moans putting extra emphasis on his part. “I thought that fucking aliens were outside. Christ!” Dan says walking back into the living room.

“But Dan you don’t understand,” Phil says smiling. “One is possibly the prettiest girl I have ever seen. The other is the prettiest brown lab I have ever seen.” Phil recounts as he moves into the living room staring down at Dan trying to make a point.

 "Prettiest girl ever?“ Dan questions as Phil nods his head in agreement. “Well, I suppose we should be gentlemen and go see if the two of them need help moving in,” Dan says closing his laptop.

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kissmeimalicia  asked:

Could you write Viktor, Guang Hong and Leo surprising their s/o by picking them up at the airport after they have been away on a long business trip? Thank 😁

Ugh these types of moments are wonderful ;-; I cherish the airport reunion troupe like a religion. It’s so cute and I simply loved writing this. Thank you for the requests; I hope you enjoy~ ((This got kind of long, so I put Leo and Guang Hong under the cut to save time for people scrolling by))

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • The last few weeks have been extremely lonely for you and your boyfriend, since you’ve been on a lengthly and important business trip
  • and you may or may not have had to keep yourselves somewhat content by engaging in phone sex every few days but hey whatever gets you through it
  • But the day has finally come, and you’re stepping into the terminal of the airport and ready to go home to see Viktor
  • You remember that you promised Viktor that you would call him as soon as you landed and pull out your phone to dial his number
  • You keep a fast pace while you hold your phone to your ear to get to the luggage carousel, ready to get the hell out of there
  • you feel so stressed and worn down and you have to carry all of your shit and U G H you’re ready to die
  • Viktor answers the phone right away and you know he was waiting around for your expected call; you tell him about your flight, but you can’t help but notice how loud everything sounds on his end of the phone
  • “Ah, sorry, (Y/N). There’s a lot of people here. Oh, damn, that person is so beautiful. Oh my god. (Y/N), I think I’m seeing an angel…”
  • “Viktor? Where are you? Are you hitting on someone else? Who is it? What are you—?!“
  • You’re cut off when a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist from behind and lift you off of the ground
  • A scream nearly leaves your mouth, but Viktor’s laugh invades your eardrums and his familiar scent fills your nostrils
  • i am willing to bet millions of dollars that he wears expensive-ass designer cologne imported from other countries js
  • He releases you and turns you around, and you’re greeted with his familiar eyes, smile, and hair; it’s the most comforting sight you’ve ever seen
  • You throw your arms around him, hugging him tight and peppering kisses on his face wherever you can reach
  • “I see you missed me, love. I missed you more. Let’s go home and make up for the time we lost, shall we?”
  • Viktor carries your luggage and things all the way to his car, insisting that you relax and rest after your long trip
  • You allow yourself to doze off in the front seat while Viktor safely escorts you home, holding your hand across the console the entire drive home

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • Being as anxiety-ridden as he is, this whole trip has made him nervous and anxious ever since you left, and you can say you’ve felt the same for the last few days
  • It’s only been about a week or so, but Yuri is worried about being separated from you and he misses you with all of his heart
  • And you feel the same, but the exhausting feeling increases ten-fold as soon as you step off of the airplane and into the airport
  • and you’re so anxious to get home but you look at your phone quick and yuri texted you and told you how much he loves you ;-; that alone is a good enough reason to push through and get home
  • You go through the airport in a haze, collecting your luggage and dragging it out to the sidewalk without much recollection of how far you’ve actually walked since getting off of the airplane
  • You do your best to hail a cab, but no drivers seem to stop for you, and you become frustrated quickly
  • and honestly ???? you’re debating just walking home because you just want to see your damn boyfriend already
  • Finally, a cab driving rather erratically pulls up to the curb, and you gratefully open the back door and throw your luggage onto the seat and crawl in after it
  • Once the door is closed, you tap on the window separating you from the driver rather to tell them your destination
  • The window opens, revealing the sweet, blushing face of your boyfriend who is sitting in the passenger seat of the cab with a dumb smile on his face
  • You yell his name and throw your arms though the window, eagerly touching his face and hair that you missed so much
  • he wishes he could hug you but of course he couldn’t sit in the back or that would ruin the surprise, so he just hold your wrists and laughs at your excitement
  • “Ah, (Y/N), I missed you so much and I love you! You’re tired, yeah? Don’t worry, we’ll get you home safe and then we can relax.”
  • You raise your eyebrows because you are unsure of who ‘we’ is referring to, but the window opens a bit wider to reveal Viktor sitting in the driver’s seat
  • Yuri quickly exist the vehicle and joins you in the back seat, though you have to practically sit in his lap because your luggage is taking up so much room.\
  • “Don’t worry, (Y/N), you and Yuri will be home soon, and you can continue your reuniting ritual in private, okay?”
  • Viktor winks at the both of you with a flip to his bangs before closing the window and driving off, leaving you and Yuri blushing in the backseat while you hold each other in your arms

[Yuri Plisetsky]

  • Even though Yuri is a hard-ass and is always acting emotionally detached and independent, the last few weeks have really taken a toll on his sanity
  • He misses you more than anything, and he’s been spending a bit too much time in his room while he awaits your arrival
  • You’re eager to see him to, and you bounce anxiously on your toes while you wait for you luggage to come around the carousel
  • and you’re tired enough as it is but like just wait lmao it’s gotta get worse before it gets better so oops sorry hun
  • You glance at your phone and see a notification that your Lyft driver has cancelled, and you no longer have a ride home
  • Internally, you panic because you have no idea how long it’ll be before you can get home to see your precious Yura
  • You hurriedly grab your suitcase as soon as you see it and bolt outside, hoping to get on the phone and get a ride as soon as possible
  • you want call yuri but ???? it’s super late at night and he might be sleeping so he can be more awake once you come home like f U cK
  • You sit on a bench and go to Lyft, hoping to be able to find another ride this late at night, but your hopes are not up
  • It takes a few minutes, but you’re able to find a ride; you don’t even look at the driver’s profile before accepting it
  • Less than ten minutes later, a blue car pulls up to the curb where you’re sitting, and you eagerly get up and open the door to the back seat
  • You drop your suitcase to the sidewalk in shock when you see your Yura sitting in the back seat of the car with a variety of snacks and a fairly large cat stuffed animal
  • and you’re so excited that you drop all of your shit on the ground and pounce on your boyfriend like lmao you were so SCARED BUT NOW IT’S OKAY
  • Yuri’s grandpa is driving, and you’re surprised you didn’t recognize his vehicle; you’ve been in it many times before
  • You get yourself and your belongings situated and cuddle right up to Yuri, and he accepts your embrace by molding his body against yours
  • “This was all Grandpa’s idea, (Y/N). Sorry if we scared you, but this whole thing was planned. Don’t worry now, though, we’ll get home and rest for a while. Does that sound good?”
  • You nuzzle your face into his jacket and relax into your boyfriend’s body heat, drifting off now that you and your love are reunited

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After all this time, Always (Newt x reader)

Originally posted by savemefromthisaddiction

Link to the end

Summary: You always dreamt everything would be alright, you wanted to be happy and you wanted Newt to be happy. But, once again, you’re in the shadow. And this time, you can’t take it anymore.

Words count: 3949

Warning: Sadness and regrets

A/N: Hi! I’m sorry for not posting for a long time, I’m still writing but with school, I just don’t find the time with my studies (I’m the equivalent of a sophomore). But I’m on holidays so I’ll try my best to post stories. Well, I hope you all have a good day! And requests are open by the way!

And just before you start reading:

  1. -Y/S/N: your shop’s name
  2. -The italic stands for the place the reader is reminiscing the past

   You were rummaging through the pile of stuff in front of you, picking up what belonged to you. You were feeling so sad right now. You wished to be angry, to hate her, hate him. But you couldn’t: the only one you were able to blame was you. Because, after all this time, you thought for a brief moment that he would return your feelings.

   After all, you knew him since your childhood: your parents were in good terms with his and you quickly became friend with him. You were always the first one he would talk about his discoveries and you were the first one he told about his dream.

   At this time, you were still toddlers and all you could think -or much all you wanted to think- about was to dream of what you will be when you are older. You absolutely loved to hear him explain his dream to you: he would take care of beasts, just like he took care of his own Puffskein or his mother’s hippogriffs. He would make the world realise their importance and he would make everyone stop treating the poor animals badly. And you trusted him: if someone could do it, it was him! He was always so kind and so patient… Yes, he could do it.

   At the end of this speech, you always asked in a tiny voice « And, will I have the permission to travel with you? Because it would be so lonely without you… » To this, he would perpetually answer with a smile going all the way up to his eyes « Of course, you’ll come with me! You’ll help me and I will teach you about them and you will take care of them with me! »

   All of this started when you were so young… You never expected it to end in this way. And not now. But, to state the truth, you never expected it to end at all.

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I’ll Protect You

Request: Hi, could I request a modern au John Murphy imagine where murphy and the reader live in an apartment together, they’re dating and go to the same college.One day he sees a guy flirting with the reader and she tells him but he doesn’t get the message and tries to touch her. Murphy ends up fighting him.The reader gets him home and cleans all of his injuries in the bathroom and thanks him, and they kiss and go to bed and he just hugs her and it’s all cute. Sorry it’s so long, is this okay? ❤️

Requested by: @1blurredsmoke10

A/N: Sure thing! I was actually super excited to write this, so thank you for requesting it!

Warning: non-consent touching. fighting. fluff.

Originally posted by lachicainmortal

“What’s a beautiful girl like yourself doing here all alone?” Snapping your head up from your drink, you turned to see a much taller man. He had blonde hair, wore a black shirt and had green eyes. He was about a head taller than you, but you thought nothing of his comment, only think he was trying to start a conversation.

Smiling lightly up at him, you laughed. “Thank you,” you started, “but i’m actually not. Well won’t be.”

He took a step towards you and suddenly you felt a tad bit uncomfortable, you went to take a step back only for your back to hit the edge of the bar counter. 

You were at a party, thrown by one of your college friends. You’d been excited to go seeing as it was her birthday and it was sometimes nice to just get away from all the school work. The party was set at a club, which slightly made you hesitant to go. Clubs had never been your scene but Y/F/N had been a dear friend of yours for a long time, and you couldn’t just bail on her.

Originally you had thought you’d have to go all alone, which was okay, only thing is your friend had a lot more friends than you did. It was self-explanatory, seeing as she was a much more outspoken girl. But that in turn meant you wouldn’t really have anyone to spend the evening with.

Then, your two year long boyfriend had agreed to go with you. The two of you shared an apartment and you loved him very much. He was abrasive to others but he always treated you like a queen and was undeniably sweet to you. You knew the only reason why he agreed to go was because he didn’t like the idea of you going to a club by yourself. 

You two had made plans to go together but then school caught up to him and he had to stay a bit later. He should be on his way now though.

“Oh, really?” The boy smirked, closing what little distance the two of you had between each other. You sucked in a deep breath, at first the boy had seemed nice and you’d jumped at the thought of actually being able to talk to someone. But now all he did was make you feel uncomfortable. “Well, I don’t see them now. I’m Jake.”

You smiled, still trying to be polite. “I’m Y/N.” You said, hoping that maybe if you just went with it he’d eventually leave you alone.

“So, tell me, how does one get you to come join them on the dance floor?” He asked slyly.

You laughed lightly, trying to break the awkwardness. “Nothing,” you said shortly. “I, uh, have a boyfriend who actually is the one coming. So…-” His hand fell on your waist as he pulled you even closer. You placed your hands on his chest, you tried to push him away but he fought your struggle.

“I don’t see him.” He said flatly. Raising his other arm he stroked your cheek, brushing some of your hair away as you looked around nervously. You tried to see if you could spot Murphy or your friend but came up empty. Your heart began to race as you tried to figure out a way to get out of the situation. He was undoubtedly much stronger than you and with how determined he seemed, it didn’t look liked he’d be letting you go anytime soon.

“Please, i-i’m not interested.” You tried pleading.

“Something te-” You let out a leap of shock when a fist suddenly came in front of your view, knocking Jake over as a body came in front of you. You let out a breath of relief when you recognized the figure as Murphy, your boyfriend.

But quickly you noticed the anger that literally rolled off of him and the way his breathing was rapidly fast. “Woah, man.” Jake said as he regained his balance. Murphy said nothing as he punched Jake again, alerting the whole bar of what was happening. Murphy was quite aggressive and you remembered, before meeting him, that he was always getting into trouble. That all stopped when he met you and had a ways to release his anger more efficiently.

Jake’s face became angry as he punched Murphy. You gasped at the blood that began leaking from your boyfriends nose and you felt your heart break when he let out a strangled cry, hitting Jake again. 

You watched as the club owner came rushing out and you knew you needed to gain Murphy’s attention before he got himself arrested. “Hey, what’s going on here!?” The manager yelled.

You quickly raised your hands, standing in front of Murphy so he couldn’t throw another hit at Jake and Jake looked at you shocked. His face was much worse than Murphy’s but not much of you cared after the way he had treated you. You smiled apologetically at the manager. “I’m sorry. We’ll be going, we’ll be going.” Grabbing Murphy’s arm, you dragged him out of the club.

Before Murphy walked away from Jake though, he spat angrily. “Never touch her again.” You continued leading him out. Apologizing to your friend on the way out who only smiled knowingly.

When you arrived back at your shared apartment with Murphy, you said nothing but lead him into the bathroom. You had him sit up on the counter as you grabbed some alcohol and bandages. You grabbed some clothe as well. His face was bruised and bleeding as well as his knuckles were bruised.

You said nothing and neither did he as you cleaned his injuries and bandaged his hand. You were still in your dress and felt oddly disgusting as you remembered how his hands had lingered on you. You frowned at Murphy’s hand, hating how he got hurt because of you.

“Thank you.” You whispered. A hand came under your chin as Murphy led you head up so you finally made eye contact with him. He smiled sadly down at you, staring at you lovingly. He already knew what you were thinking.

“He was touching you, Y/N.” He reminded.

You sighed. “I know. I just don’t like you getting hurt because of me.” You admitted, immense guilt inside you. Maybe if you had just been a bit more clear to him, none of this would have happened and you could’ve been enjoying the night instead of cleaning your boyfriends wounds.

“Hey,” Murphy said, grabbing your head with both his hands. “It’s not on you. He had no right to touch you like that and nothing you could’ve done would’ve stopped him.” He leaned down to kiss you, and leant into the kiss, relishing in the moment.

“Thank you,” you repeated. He nodded, smiling down at you lovingly as he began taking off his shirt. You stared confused as to why he was doing this and even more baffled when he began to unzip your dress.


“Sh.” He shushed you, and you obediently stepped out of the dress before Murphy placed his shirt over you. You smiled, feeling much more comfortable as Murphy jumped off the counter. He grabbed you suddenly, holding you bridle style as you squealed.

He carried you to your bed and placed you down. You snuggled into the warmth, immediately feeling him against your back as he wrapped his arms around your waist. You suddenly felt very tired and let your eyes drift close, missing the way Murphy smiled at the back of your head, snuggling into you.

[Right, so. P sure I’m officially obsessed lmao. Anyways here’s the third and probably final part of the tale of The One With Many Names, also known as My Blatant Self Insert. Hope it doesn’t break canon too much, please enjoy, and sorry for spamming! (also i still have No Idea What I Am Doing ahahahaha.)]


Eventually, as everyone knew ce would be, The One With Many Names was Taken.

Spectator, the junior who watched people and noticed patterns, sharp-eyed behind the shadows of their hoodie, collected their bet. They placed a pittance of their winnings on Many-Names coming back.

It was mostly out of pity.


Your memories are doing The Thing again, and you cannot for the life of you remember the sequence of events that led to place you in the Elsewhere. But you know you are without iron, and your backpack is missing, and you should be terrified. Except They took you Elsewhere early in the morning, when you were stumbling your way to your eight am class, and you are far too tired to really care.

(You still have your dog tag necklace. Putting it on is too deeply ingrained into your morning ritual for you to forget it. This is a small comfort.)

You stare up and around at the Elsewhere despite knowing that you shouldn’t. Your eyes settle on something with too-sharp teeth like needles, shades of blue like ice and ocean, vaguely humanoid in shape but with proportions defying normal physics. You close your eyes and take a shuddering breath. Your eyes hurt. It’s too fuckin’ early for this. You consider the questions you could ask, from the informative (‘why have you taken me’) to the Actually Helpful.

You go for the latter.

“If I tell you a story,” you say slowly, carefully, “will that work as payment for my freedom?”

The fae hisses, and you flinch, wishing that you had your notebook with you, or at least another hour of sleep on your side. “You presume?”

“I, I, I have heard your–the, the stories humans tell of you,” you say, stumbling over your words, “the stories the students tell of you. They say you will free us if we bargain.”

“And you come,” the fae says contemptuously, “and bargain a mere bedtime tale? Stories have power, child, but I have heard so many before. You would have to pay something more than a paltry rendition of a well-worn path to return to your realm.”

“If you don’t want my stories,” you say in return, “then why?”

You blink, and the shades-of-blue creature is upon you, cupping your chin with icicle fingers. “You shift,” it says, “You are not fixed. You have a touch of us in you. Thus, you are ours.”

You squeak, and cower, and cover your eyes. You take deep breaths until the frostbite of the creature’s fingers fades. Then–your fear carrying you beyond terror and out the other side, knowing you are dead or worse than anyways, you speak.

“If you have not taken me for my stories,” you say, and pause, and swallow hard, “th-then y-you, you don’t–” You stop. Collect yourself. Attempt to speak with confidence. “You do not know of my skill. I would not tell you a mere bedtime story. It may follow a similar path as others, true, but…”

The fae tilts what passes for its head at an unnatural angle. You breathe in deep and make your bargain. “A story. A tale. If it pleases you–if it pleases an audience, mayhaps–I am to be released. Sent back to my realm. If not…” You swallow hard, knowing your next words would seal your fate. You are not willing to speak them. You hope the fae will speak for you.

It does not, of course. You close your eyes and damn yourself. “If not, I accept the fae–the touch of You I have inside me.” ‘Do with me what you will’ is not said, but you both know They will if you lose.

“Deal,” the fae says delightedly, “Begin telling.”

“If it pleases an audience,” you repeat. Perhaps a variety of opinions would be what damns you, but relying on the tastes of a single fae…if the story you have in mind displeases it, then you are lost. Better to have a security net of varying opinions.

The fae narrows eyes dark as ocean abyss and hisses. You flinch. “An audience,” you repeat anyways, “I said, if it pleases an audience.”

“You said mayhaps.”

“My stories are my talent,” you say, “if this is the last one I tell, I want it to be remembered.”

Amazingly, this works. You get your audience.

You stand in front of the fraction of a Court, wishing you could write or type the words rather than say them. You are afraid.

But you know your talents. You know your stories, you know your characters, and it is not the first time you have told this tale. If all else fails, you have the phrase ‘but there is always more to the story,’ a gimmick you can pull out to expand and continue if the fae do not like it quite as much.

If you are honest with yourself, you will probably pull out that “gimmick” anyways. You love your stories and characters too much to not expand on them. You close your eyes.

You gather your thoughts. You take a deep breath.

“This,” you begin, “is the story of Phoenix Song.”


It is nearly a year before Many-Names stumbles back into the normal world. Ce comes back somewhat confused and half-glowing, as though some internal light has given cer an aura of confidence. For all that, the glow is entirely human and largely metaphorical. Cer changling leaves as ce moves back into cer dorm, all smiles and laughter. The kind of smiles and laughter that covers deep, deep relief.

People ask how. Ce replies with a grin. “They love a good story, didn’t you know?”

Spectator attempts to get a fuller explanation, because for all their perceptiveness this has still totally blindsided them. Many-Names explains about the world ce’d spent five years in the making.

“I picked the one that I thought would appeal the most to Them,” ce explains. “Well, that and I actually had it figured out to the end.” Ce says maybe ce’ll show you cer old notes. “If they still exist, anyways,” ce adds thoughtfully, “I think I might have given the story to the F–Fair Folk. It’s a worthy trade.”

Many-Names leaves out drawings with cer ice cream and milk now. Sketches, colored with pencils, sharpie-lined, printed digital art in full color and shading. All labeled with names. They are always gone in the morning. Spectator thinks, to their great disbelief, that Many-Names has managed to create a fandom.

This is bad for cer. This is very very bad.

“They aren’t going to let you leave, you know,” they tell cer, “Not if you keep giving them content.”

Many-Names pauses in the middle of a sketch. “Well,” ce says eventually, “there’s always the internet.”

“You’re not getting it,” Spectator decides, and tells cer, “You can’t leave, Many-Names. Can’t go home. Can’t see your mom. Can’t go out and get another job. You’ll have to stay. Become a teacher, or whatever. You have to stop talking to Them.”

Many-Names considers this. “I can’t just cut off,” ce tells them, “That would be rude. I mean, they’ll forget soon enough. Or I’ll get tired of drawing stuff. But as long as we’re both interested, well, they get art, and I get these things.”

“These things,” Spectator repeats. Many-Names flicks a hand at cer windowsill. There is a bright red feather that almost glows, an image of a hammer, a glass crafted phoenix that seems to burn internally, a music box, and a crude, human-like figure.

“It’s like fanart,” ce says in a delighted tone, and Spectator gives up. They’re graduating this year, they don’t have time to pull a delusional freshman out of cer dealings with the Gentry. Ce seems happy, anyways.


And life in Elsewhere University carries on.


Jon Snow x reader- We Will

You swerved and ducked as you fought the wilding, dodging his attacks. You thought you could take this one on and kill him easily, but you were wrong. He was tougher than he seemed and put up a good fight.

You were becoming tired and sluggish, having trouble keeping up with his somehow swift and fast attacks. Before you knew it, your sword was knocked out of your hand and his hands were around your neck.

You punched and scratched at him, trying to break free. He picked up your sword, looked at it then you and pushed it through your stomach. You couldn’t scream, only have your eyes go wide and body stiffen from the sudden gut wrenching pain. Everything began turning dark and the battle faded away.

“NO!!!” you heard a familiar voice scream and bring you back. You looked over to see your love, Jon Snow, looking at you. You could see his overwhelming sadness quickly turn into red hot rage as he charged at the wildling, knocking him to the ground.

Jon punched the wildlings face over and over again to the point where it couldn’t even be classified as a face. He then did the same thing the wilding did to you. He grabbed him by the throat, lifted him off the ground and stabbed him in the stomach, with the addition of pulling out the sword and cutting off his head in one swift motion.

Jon looked at the body then turned to you, sadness flooding his face once again. You stood there with a sword in your stomach, but you still smiled ever so faintly seeing Jon stand in front of you.

Jon dropped his sword and caught you as you fell, holding you as close as he could. Jon was horrified to see your sword sticking out of your stomach, the sword he gave you when he first started teaching you how to fight, as if to tell him that he never should have.

You slowly reached out your hand and placed it Jons cheek, wiping away the many tears as they fell. Jon leaned into your hand and place his own hand on top of it.

“I’m so sorry (F/N).”Jon said through small sobs.

“Don’t be, my love.” you whispered, hardly able to raise it any higher than that. You began coughing and Jon pushed you onto your side so you could spit out the blood.

You could tell that Jon was contemplating taking the sword out, but you both knew that would only make it worse.

“You’ll be okay. You’ll be okay.” Jon repeated, looking over your body for any other wounds that might be present. As you looked at Jon, you remembered all the times the two of you talked about your future together and what that would entail.

“I wish we could have had a family.” you breathed, the thought escaping your lips. Another wave of pain and sorrow washed over him as soon as you said that, making you regret ever saying it. He was already losing you and you go and remind of the future he is losing as well.

“We will, we will have a family. We’ll have so many children, it‘ll turn into second nature for us. Our daughters will be beautiful and caring. They will be persistent and strong, just like their mother.” he said, smiling down at you through the tears as he stroked your cheek lovingly. You tried to hold yourself together as Jon described your future family.

“And our sons will be dashing, loyal and skilled fighters who will protect their sisters and everyone else they meet, just like their father.” you said, straining to make it more than a whisper, feeling the tears break free. Your voice was getting more raspy and breathing more strained. You started to look past Jon and up the sky, feeling yourself starting to slip again. Jon shook you, trying to get your attention back to him.

“Aye. You and I will be with one another everyday, caring for each other, loving each other. And every night, I will love you like there’s no tomorrow.” Jon said, trying to pull himself back together, but failing miserably.

He wanted to be strong for you, but his whole world was crashing down around him. Everything he planned to do, you were there, supporting and helping him. He had no idea what the future would be like without you in it.

You began to picture everything Jon said and you broke down, realizing you were going to lose all of it. You grabbed Jon’s face and pulled it close to yours.

“Kiss me.” you begged. Jon quickly obliged, gently putting his lips against yours, making the kiss sweet and gentle. Jon pulled you closer and deepened the kiss, putting more passion into it as he felt your body beginning to go limp, trying to keep you a little while longer.

It was working. This kiss is what was keeping you here. You could tell how much Jon loved you and wanted you stay by his side by the way he kissed you. But you had to pull away. There was one thing you had to tell him before you left just one more time.

You pulled away and looked up at Jon, his eyes full of love and pain. You looked at him with the same eyes as you tried to form your words, it getting harder to do so every second.

“I love you Jon Snow.” you managed to say with a smile.

“And I love you (F/N), with everything I have and ever will have.” he said, smiling back at you. And with that, you closed your eyes and you were gone, hearing Jon calling to you as you left.