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Hi, I just turned 19 and I've been looking into radical feminism/gender critical feminism. I honestly do not understand everything that I'd like to yet, and it still feels like I'm doing something forbidden, but your blog keeps popping up and helping me to learn. I have many trans guy friends, and I'm a gnc lesbian. I told my friend that when I was a kid I used to pee standing up and I liked football and mud and science and he basically said I must be non-binary or trans and not dysphoric. (1)

Which at first made sense to me, and I decided to try out identifying as NB. I used being NB to allow myself to be non-feminine and to wear the clothes I’d always wanted to wear. I didn’t feel male or female, I’d never felt anything related to gender and I started looking into agender and similar identities. I was around 17. I was having a conversation with my mum in which she said she’d like to have a penis for the day and live as a man for the day and it dawned on me that those desires (2)

do not make you trans. They’re the result of female oppression because of our bodies. I started to identify as female and embracing myself as a butch lesbian. I didn’t know any other butch lesbians. I worked on countering my internalised lesbophobia (I was always called a dyke by my grandad growing up and I hated the word and hated myself for it). I feel so much happier being a woman and being a woman who doesn’t adhere to gender roles. I am no less a woman. I am a multidimensional human being.

I’m so glad you’re figuring yourself out, Anon!  And I know what you mean about feeling like you’re reading something “forbidden”– a lot of radfem/gendercrit people come from ‘queer’ circles and have to keep their views hidden from friends.  I barely know any lesbians, or GNC women at all who actually identify as women.  It’s kind of a lonely existence, but we’re out there.  I feel like the ‘movement’ as it were, is going to get bigger in the next few years.  It seems like there are more women realizing and resisting their gendered oppression and how queer theory doesn’t really do anything to solve that, and more people detransitioning, and more people dropping their nonbinary identities.  I’m excited to see what the future holds.

not being born with a penis..

is really hard :

-i just want to be able to feel something in my pants where the emptiness lies

-i want to be able to pee standing up and not be afraid of going into bathrooms

-i want to be able to TOUCH myself and feel natural and comfortable

-i want to be able to have SEX and not want to cry or be so angry that I am so uncomfortable

Somedays i sit here and i think… I really cannot wrap my head around why I wasn’t born with a penis when I physically and mentally know I am supposed to have one.

you know what I really like about contemporary Japanese Residential architecture? Some of it is like “fuck the outside, my house is more black than my soul, fuck windows in the front” *angry cat noises*  and then , some of it is like “what about a facade, but it’s like cheese , yea with them holes in it, made out of the most transparant construction materials u own,  please come in mi casa su casa u know”

If you shame bottom surgery results for trans masculine people, you are no better than transphobic cis people

Literally it is that simple.
Don’t want bottom surgery? Here is a simple guide to not being a dick!

Avoid phrases like:
“It looks awful/bad/like a sea cucumber/weird/a skin tube”

Your opinion on what looks bad is YOUR OPINION. You do not need to use hurtful words. “I do not think the current results would satisfy me” and other phrases convey the exact same thing without triggering the dysphoria of others.
Also consider that bottom surgery (almost all variants) are serious surgeries. Swelling post op can affect appearance. With regards to phalloplasty, make sure you have seen FINAL STAGE RESULTS. First stage phalloplasties are not finished! The surgeons’ main goals with stage 1 are ensuring the graft is viable and has a blood supply. A pretty looking dick is very useless if it ends up falling off! Stage 2 onwards tend to focus on aesthetics and functionality. Most phalloplasties have 3 to 4 stages, make sure you research different stages so you can develop reasonable expectations of aesthetics before and after each stage.

“You won’t feel anything”
This is not true! With meta, the nerves aren’t really touched. If you had sensation in your junk before, you will probably have it afterwards. With phalloplasty, your nerves in both your graft site and natal junk are connected to the penis via microsurgery! Most people have at least partial sensation. HOWEVER! If for whatever reason you don’t end up with feeling in the penis, your natal equipment (even if you have it buried) will still have feeling!

“It won’t work properly”
It’s true that with phalloplasty an erectile device is usually required. This is either a malleable (bendable) rod that you bend into the erect position, or a inflatable prosthesis. Many cis men also have these implants, and erectile devices are not exclusively used for trans people.
With meta, you will be able to get spontaneous erections. It is less likely that you will be able to penetrate your partner, but this depends on how much your junk has grown from T. Regardless, your (or anyones) body shouldn’t be judged on what it can or cannot do.

“You won’t be able to pee standing up”
With both meta and phallo you can have your urinary tract rerouted. This is optional, and how someone pees is their business anyway.

Other things not to do:
Sharing people’s post op pictures specifically to point out flaws. Consider if someone did this to you or a friend after your or their top surgery. How would you feel? Would you be encouraged to talk about your experiences afterwards? Why is it considered acceptable to shame bottom surgery results, but not top surgery?

Listening to hearsay before doing your own research. Here are a few links for some helpful resources on bottom surgery: (also switch the tags to meta!)
St Peters Andrology Centre’s website
The bottom surgery tags on tumblr
Trans bucket
Bottom surgery discussion groups on fb (note: Facebook’s T and Cs prevent pictures of genitals being posted)
My blog (specific to radial forearm phallo)

Make sure you also learn about the potential risks! Consider the impact of surgery on your finances, emotional state, dysphoria, personal life and any other areas you feel it may change in some way. Also consider the risks for complications, minor and major, so you can come to an informed conclusion.

TLDR: if you don’t want a dick, don’t be one about other people’s results. We are real people with feelings.

hey ppl should know that the simpsons screencap going around of marge saying “just cause you’re a lesbian, it doesn’t make you less of a bein” is from a super super transmisogynistic episode where a “man” “dresses up as a woman” and tricks marge’s sister into almost marrying them. they get caught when marge sees them pee standing up and later rips off their collar at the altar in front of all the guests, revealing their adam’s apple


I remember being told at a young age to put my shirt on at sleepovers, that I wasn’t one of the boys.
I remember trying to pee standing up at age 8 and making an absolute mess.
I remember the envy I felt and couldn’t explain over my guy friends’ Adam’s apples
And voices
And muscle tone.
While my body softened, though never became quite womanly, during puberty.
I remember my grandmother telling me to stop slouching
And never knowing why I wanted to hide my chest.
I remember starving myself to prevent any curves from staking claim on my body.
Looking back I remember these things, but it would be years until I came out.

I came out as queer (at the time, a lesbian) at 18 when I was out from under my parents roof.
I thought I had finally found my niche, my thing, my explanation to a lifelong unnamed unease.
I chopped my hair off, I loved women openly, and they loved me.
I was “happy” in my newfound confidence as a masculine of center person.
But I wasn’t.

Sometime around 20 I discovered that people could transition.
That gender wasn’t black and white
Or just what was assigned.
I came out as trans for the first time crying on my bathroom floor,
my girlfriend at the time tried to console me.
I never came out to my twin, she just knew
And though it took time, eventually she came around.
The first time I told my mother we were in Vegas
And I’d say it ruined the trip.
The first time I told a stranger my new name was at Starbucks
I was thrilled to hear someone call me Christopher
Even if they didn’t know any better.

It would take me the next two years to come out slowly
First to the my close friends
Then to strangers
And eventually a post on social media to address everyone else.
I had been going by Chris in private for about two years before the day I actually “came out” (again).
Some of us take time, and that’s alright.

Happy National Coming Out Day.

“Yeah I mean it’s been crazy. I never thought I’d be stopped by anyone. So at this moment I’m [filming in this] tiny, little Spanish-speaking town and I went out on Saturday and I got stopped so much. [But this one time] I was having a pee, you know, just minding my own business, and this guy – who’s also having a pee – stands up next to me and turns his head and is like, “WAIT, ARE YOU?“”

Sir rules
  1. You come to Sir for full obedience and service. Service and obedience are not only « in the bedroom », but in each aspect of life.
  2. Slave doesn’t come to Sir for his own pleasure, which his only Sir’s pleasure when slave serves on the appropriate way.
  3. Hygiene and appropriate clothing are always required. If Sir doesn’t give special orders, slave wears only chastity device and collar at home (sometimes jockstrap if ordered). Kneepads if ordered. Hygiene includes clean ass in each moment, adapted haircut and neat shave (face, ass, balls, dick). Beard can be authorized by Sir.
  4. Slave must obey in each moment to Sir’s orders. Infractions are always punished.
  5. Silence is the rule, exept when Sir orders to talk or to answer a question.
  6. Slave has his regular place in the house : on his knees, in the corner, when not in service.
  7. Appropriate talking with respect is always required : « Yes Sir », « Please Sir », « Thank You Sir ». « No Sir » shouldn’t exist.
  8. Full service includes : house cleaning, ironing, cooking, arranging Sir’s bed, shoes and feet service, sexe service.
  9. Slave must respect hours ordered by Sir, include curfew : Sir says at what time he will wake up the day after. Breakfast must be ready when Sir wakes up.
  10. Slave is required to anticipate when he disobeyed : if he has commited an offense, he says it immediately. He doesn’t wait Sir discovers it.
  11. Smoking and drinking alcohol are not permitted for slaves at Sir’s house.
  12. Cuming is not for slave. He will be put in chastity during his stay at Sir’s home.
  13. Slave must sit when he pees. Stand up is for Sir, and slave mustn’t smear Sir’s lavatory.
  14. Sport and gym are Sir’s way of life : must be the same for slaves. Slave will take care of his body for better service. He will go to gym when Sir orders.
  15. Slave is required to always tell the truth to his Sir : includes medical problems, impossibility to follow an order, fears, etc
  16. DISCIPLINE must be your way of life and your favorite word in each moment.
  17. Punishments can be : corporal punishments with hands and implements (belt, strap, cane, tawse, whip, wooden hairbrush or bathbrush, paddle,…). Generally on his ass, sometimes on his back, on his chest, on his abs or on his hands. Slap face. Silence. Cornertime. Ear pulling. Copy lines. Mouthsoaping, Cold shower. Bondage, handcuffs. Sleeping on the floor…

Sir’s limitations (and will never broken) : drugs, bareback, FF, blood, scat.

Sir will have regular interviews with his slave, to make a point and to fix new goals. It’s the moment to talk about your attitude, your progression, your fears, your wishes.

Sir promises totale security, protection and appropriate discipline for slave’s progression.

You will come to the first training session with a notebook. On this notebook you will copy 3 X those rules, to make sure all is understood before your training session.

If after some training sessions, a total slavery (24/7/365) is decided by mutual agreement, new rules can been added.

Cheer Up Buttercup

 A/N: So I’m a totally Dolan Twins fanatic and their Coachella posts have got me in my feels so I decided to write an imagine based on Grayson so, I hope you guys enjoy ♡

warnings: Pretty crappy and horrible time skip transitions so my apologies. 

You sat at the counter, twisting left and right as you ate your bagel. You kept glancing up at Grayson who stood at the stove, making pancakes for him and Ethan with his back to you. 

The twins had asked you the week prior if you would go shopping with them for Coachella, and you accepted, always grateful to help people out. But, as soon as Ethan let out inside the apartment and you caught a glimpse of Grayson, you automatically knew something was wrong, by the way his shoulders slouched and his eyes were constantly looking down.

You of course asked him if he was okay and he mumbled a yes, kissing your head before going to make breakfast; you didn’t believe him one bit. 

Through the whole time of dating Grayson, you have never seen him upset. You’ve seen him angry, embarrass, and of course those occasional sad moments while watching a movie, but him and Ethan both were always so upbeat and happy. This, was something new for you. 

You sat your bagel down, taking your phone out your pocket and opening snapchat. 

“Whoa Gray! Look at you cooking without your shirt!”

Grayson turned around at the sound of you speaking his name, seeing you sitting there with a grin as you angled your phone at him. He couldn’t help but to grin back, a spike of happiness at your compliment and happy face.

“Thanks babe,”

Graysons happy mood lasted through breakfast, but it quickly vanished when you guys slid into the car. You sat in the back, laughing as Ethan went crazy with his dace moves, doing his best to keep control of the wheel in the process. 

Grayson was leaning against the door, gazing out the window silently. 

You guys pulled up the mall and you all got out. Ethan went ahead of you two, excited to shop. Grayson slowly followed him and you ran up, grabbing a hold of his hand.

“You look good today,” you said, “I mean, you look good everyday. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you not looking good. Even in those horrible looking screenshots, you look good,”

Grayson smiled, looking at you as you stared in front of you, rambling on about his appearance. He squeezed your hand, planting a kiss on your cheek.

“You look good too Y/N,”

The shopping portion went rather well. You gave the boys your opinions on their outfits and helped them throw some stuff together, while finding some stuff for yourself; you also made sure to throw compliments at Grayson about his hair every now and than just to see him smile at you. You helped take pictures of them with some fans and some even asked for you to join in the photo as well, which made you happy.  Now, the three of you were sitting in the food court. 

“Thanks for tagging along Y/N,” Ethan said through a mouthful of food. You smiled at him, shrugging a bit.

“Yeah of course. I’m always glad to help. You guys, are gonna look great at Coachella. Cameron too,” 

“And, it’s all because of you,” Grayson said making you smile at him.

“It’s a shame you can’t go with us, but I’m sure New York will be even better,” Ethan said before standing up, “I gotta pee so I’ll be right back,” 

You watched as he walked away before looking back at Grayson who sat across from you. He picked at his food, his mood and expression changing within a second. You pulled out your phone, doing your best to not make it noticeable when you snapped a few pictures of him; of course he noticed.

“Why are you taking pictures of me?” He asked, raising an eyebrow as he looked up at you.

“I couldn’t help it, you’re very pretty,” You said still looking down at your phone. 

Grayson grinned for about the thousandth time at your thousandth compliment since this morning. 

“I like when you smile. It makes me happy,” you said, looking up at him finally. 

“I’m always smiling,” 

“That would explain why I’m always happy,” 

The two of you stared at each other happily. Grayson opened his mouth to tell you something, but was cut off by Ethan running back over.

“Yo Gray, some of the guys are here. They wanna hang for a bit,” He exclaimed before looking at you. “You don’t mind do you Y/N? Being the only girl?”

You shook your head, “Nah. Of course not,” You and Grayson stood, throwing out your trash and following Ethan towards their friends. 

Grayson still seemed pretty down, even with the guys being around. He held onto your hand tightly and you listened to their conversations, laughing along to some jokes. They’d constantly bring you in, not wanting you to feel left out, but you didn’t mind just listening. 

You heard Grayson sigh quietly and you slowed down your walking pace, him doing the same with out questioning. You waited until the others were out of hearing range before speaking.

“What’s wrong?” you asked, glancing at Graysons now serious expression. 

“What? Nothing,” 

You stopped, causing him to stumble at the sudden action of you jerking him. He looked at your concern expression and sighed.

“Are you sure you can’t come to Coachella? I can pay for you and I’ll also pay for another concert ticket for you and Y/B/F,” 

“Gray,” you said sighing, “I told you I was fine with not going. You guys are already paying for Cameron to go, plus I want you to have fun for once without me tagging along,”

“But, it won’t be fun without you,” he said frowning.

“Is this why you’ve been so upset? Because I’m not going to Cochella?”

He sighed, “It’s not just that. You’re gonna be in New York which is across the country. I’m afraid you’re gonna like it better there and not want to come back or you’re gonna run into some hot, 23 year old model and fall in love,” 

“First of all, that’s illegal because I’m underage and second of all you’re a hot model Gray. You don’t think I’m upset about you staying here in LA while I’m somewhere else? You’re gonna be surrounded by all these smoking hot girls-”

“You’re a smoking hot girl!”

“I meant girls hotter than me, and I’m paranoid that you’re gonna run into some hot 23 year old model and fall in love,”

“That’s illegal because I’m underage,” 

You rolled your eyes at him throwing your own words back at you. 

“I’m serious Y/N!” He exclaimed, “It happens in movies all the time!”

You reached up, grabbing his face and bringing his lips to yours. Grayson was caught by surprise, but quickly kissed back, wrapping his arms tightly around you. You two finally pulled away in a time span that didn’t feel like enough.


“I might need a few more,” 

You laughed, nudging him a bit, “Later, right now we need to find the guy,”

He groaned, but took your hand away mumbling as he pulled you along.

“There you two are! Where have you guys been?” Ethan asked as you two got closer.

“We got distracted by something, sorry” You said.

“ You okay Grayson? Your face is pretty red,” 

Grayson glanced at you before looking at his brother, smiling.

“Never been better,” 

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I was wondering if anyone who has had bottom surgery would talk about the way it feels? Does it become erect naturally? Morning wood? Is standing to pee hard? What's the sexual sensation like? I know they're kind of weird questions but. I'm curious about the little things

Hopefully some people will feel comfortable talking about their own personal experiences, but to answer some of your questions:

Does it become erect naturally?
It depends on the type of lower surgery that you opt for.  Phalloplasty, which uses a skin graft from either the arm, abdomen, or less commonly, the thigh, cannot get spontaneously get erect as there is no erectile tissue.  In order to get an erection with phalloplasty an erectile device is required, taking the form of either a pump or a bendable rod inserted into the phallus.

With metoidioplasty the existing “growth” from testosterone is released and freed up, so the erectile tissue remains the same, allowing it to get erect on its own just as it would before lower surgery.  This means that it would be possible to wake up with “morning wood”.

Is standing to pee hard?

There can be a bit of a mental barrier against standing to pee initially, as your body is trained not to let you pee standing up to avoid you wetting yourself.  After a while your subconscious catches up and realised that it’s now okay.  Some people also find that they get quite pee-shy if they’re using urinals, but this isn’t a problem unique to trans people.

Some people can have issued with dribbling after urinating as there can be some urine left in the new part of the urethra.  Running a hand down the length of the urethra to milk it out can help.  This is more commonly an issue with phalloplasty than with metoidioplasty as the urethra is much longer.

Due to the shorter length of metoidioplasty it can take a little trial and error to find a method of peeing standing that works best.  It can sometimes be too difficult to clear the fly, but most people find that they can pee standing by undoing the top button of the trousers as well.

What’s the sexual sensation like?

Again, this depends on the type of lower surgery.  With phalloplasty they try to hook the existing nerves up to one relocated to the new phallus, where possible, to give sensation down the length of the penis.  There are also a couple of options for what can be done with the original growth, either burying it under the skin where it can still be stimulated, or leaving it nestled between the penis and the scrotum where it can be accessed easier.

With metoidioplasty, as things are rearranged less, sensation should remain very similar to how it was prior to lower surgery.

~ Alex

Got7 as stuff my groupchat says pt.3

Mark: “Plz be nice and protect the innocence that is left in the poor human”

Yugyeom: *named the group #iHateOppa*

Youngjae: *named the group #SPREADLOVE2EVERY1*

JaeBum: “I wish I was dying faster”

Jinyoung: “Wowie ur using my full name this is serious”

Jackson: “Y is it that every time I stand up I’ve gotta pee?”

BamBam: “Gays, I just turned down a threesome you should be proud!”

I’ve used gender-neutral bathrooms specifically designated in LGBTQ-safe spaces and I think I can confidently say that I have a grand total of one (1) single complaint about it:

Folks, regardless of your gender identity or expression, please put the toilet seat back down if you pee standing up.

BTS as shit my sister says pt IV (4)
  • Jin: i cut my bangs, i did a BANG'ed up job.
  • Yoongi: *rapped eminems rap god perfectly* did you hear my mad rap skills?!
  • Hobi: i ripped my pants in the crotch area. If i didnt wear underwear, think i could pee standing up?
  • Joonie: listen, listen. I cut an onion today, without crying. I say thats a major accomplishment in adulting today.
  • Jimin: just so you know, i forgot i had onion juice on my hands, and rubbed my eyes. Thats why i have puffy eyes. No im not high.
  • Tae: *stares off into space* you think if we stare hard enough, we can open a portal into another reality?
  • Jungkook: *answering herself* what if we already opened another reality, and we are now living it? *shook staring*