standing up for rights

I still can’t believe tomorrow is happening. Good luck to us all over the next four years. Remember to stand up for what’s right, and fight back, and to help others. And get involved, stay involved.

I’m gonna remove myself (mostly) from the internet for the next 48 hours. I’ll be around a bit during CR tonight, but after that, I’m gonna stick to my usual Discord channels for the duration. I’m gonna spend tomorrow cleaning things up at work, and on Saturday, I’ll head downtown to the Women’s March, because the least I can do right now is stand up. 

But otherwise, I’m going to avoid everything happening tomorrow, and all the commentary around it. Take care of yourselves, folks, whatever that means over the next day or so.

I’m headed to a little rally in D.C. this weekend - which means my fic isn’t going to be updated until next week, and I might not be able to promptly respond to the bidder who wins my services in the Fandom Trumps Hate auction. I’ve also made a few bids of my own for a beta for the story, and for art for an older project. But first things first - joining thousands of other women (and not a few men) the day after the (oh shit do I have to say it?) inauguration of Donald Trump. It’s worth the 13-hour drive, the countless warnings from friends and family to ‘be safe,’ the tight security and the out-of-pocket expenses to stand up for our economic, reproductive, representative and basic human rights.  

My sister has the shoe polish to decorate the van windows, and this makes me nervous for our safety, and it shouldn’t! That gives me even more determination to see this thing through. Hope many of you are there (or at local marches) in person or in spirit.  Stay strong.

Message to FTH Folks

I went through the offers last night and put in a bunch of bids, to cheer myself up about the upcoming “inauguration.” (Had to put it in quotes because I still can’t believe it’s going to be real.) I thought some of the people I bid on might come over here, wondering who I am.

I wanted to let you know, if I bid on your auction and win for a modest amount ($20 or less), I’m not going to ask for a huge long fic. It can be something little, even just a scene. It can be in any fandom, whatever your heart wants to write.

My request is this:

Write something in support of freedom, of peace, of diversity, of kindness.

It can be a story about someone helping someone… or somebody standing up for what’s right… Or fixing something they did that hurt someone…

It can be a story in support of someone who might be afraid to speak their truth. A coming-out story, a finding-your-dreams story, a relationship-fluff story with a “non-mainstream” couple or group, or even the craziest kink you want to put out there or the most brazen self-insert you’ve been secretly dying to write. Or something else I haven’t thought of, that someone who’s hurting might read and feel stronger afterward.

Good enough?

I can’t wait to see all the wonderful work that comes out of this auction!

i want the opposite of a suicide pact to happen

if trump wins, we’re all going to survive. live. thrive. and fight for what’s right. we need to stand up more for people like us, because we need it the most now.

hold on. stay with me. i’ve got you.

Thanks, Obama

A list of the amazing things Obama did for the United States of America in his eight years as president:

- He provided health care for those in need, including expanding health care for children;

- He made America a safer place, with more jobs;

- He created a better economy, with opportunities for all Americans;

- He ended two wars;

- He made it easier for students to get loans;

- He created laws, helping those in need after the recession; 

- He increased the support for veterans;

- He gave women the right to stand up against discrimination at work;

- He introduced two women to the Supreme Court, including the first Hispanic woman on the Supreme Court;

- He passed environmental laws, including renewable energy laws;

- He ‘killed’ several plans that would cost billions and would gain nothing;

- He actually started working towards ending hate crime, by expanding the laws to sexual orientation, gender, or disability, in addition to race, color, religion, or national origin;

- He payed minority farmers, including Native American and black farmers, $4.6 billion in settlements after they were cheated out of a lot of money and natural resources by the government;

- He ensured better relations between the United States and Cuba;


- He joined the fight against terrorism, ISIL, in the Middle East; 

- He funded Planned Parenthood, which has saved many lives.

Thanks, Obama!
Common, the National Announce Huge Planned Parenthood Benefit Concert
The night before the inauguration, Common and the National will headline a "call to action" and benefit for Planned Parenthood.

“Common and the National will co-headline the Planned Parenthood benefit Show Up! on January 19th. The event, billed as a “concert for reproductive health, freedom and justice” will take place the night before the presidential inauguration at Washington D.C.’s 9:30 Club.

“We plan to send a clear message to the incoming administration that millions of people across this country are prepared to fight attacks on reproductive health care and abortion services,” Planned Parenthood’s president, Cecile Richards, said in a statement.

While Common and the National are on the bill as the only musical performers, the show, hosted by the All Access music and comedy series, will also feature activists, elected leaders, celebrities and more who support abortion rights and widespread access for women to reproductive health services. 

“Women should be able to make their own decisions regarding their bodies and health,” the National’s Matt Berninger offered in his statement on the event. “This is a basic human right, and we’re at the very beginning of a long and tough battle to defend these basic rights. A concert in D.C., inspiring people to take action, seems like a pretty good way to kick it off.”

Read the full piece here

How to End a Toxic Relationship

1. Step out of denial and admit to yourself that you are in a toxic relationship.

2. Journal your emotions so you have a record of when things are really bad (as we pretend to ourselves that things are fine when our freind or partner is treating us well).

3. Look for what you’re getting from the relationship. Are you putting up with meanness or abuse as you think it’s better than being on your own? Then, look to have your needs met in healthier ways.

4. Hang out with people who are positive, and who treat you with the kindness and respect you deserve. Doing that will help you to recognise your worth, and to see your frind or partner for who they are (That is, a toxic individual who is ruining your life).

5. Reward yourself for being strong enough to stand up for your right to be treated properly.

6. Get help for the feelings that come with the pain, or the shame, of being treated like you’re insignificant, worthless, or deserving of less than other people.

brendonurieWith America showing its true colors to the world, I’m in Europe looking at what they have to offer. Today in Cologne, Germany, I walked across this bridge that was a pure symbol of love. Thousands of examples of people pledging their unconditional love through padlocks on a bridge. I love you all and hope that we continue fighting the good fight and standing up for what is right. ❤️

give me lena and kara as the anti clark and lex. let them bond over being adopted, over feeling like an outcast and not having many friends when they were kids. let lena struggle under the dark shadow that her mother and brother have cast, but also have kara to depend on and help her though. let kara embrace lena completely, and trust her with her secret because she knows what an amazing person lena is and how much it would mean for her to entrust her with something like that - a luthor and a super, working together. give me kara defending lena to j’onn, to alex, to james, to clark, because she knows that just because you share a name with someone doesn’t mean you are anything alike. let kara and lena be the ultimate allies, both heroes in their own right. kara as supergirl, and lena for standing up to her family and daring to believe in a better world. let them show clark what could have been, if he and lex had set aside their secrets and lies and embraced each other instead. give me an unbreakable friendship built on mutual trust, love, and support. 

If Danger Days taught me anything it's to...

Never give into societies expectations of who I should or shouldn’t be

Never stop trying

Not be afraid to fight for what is right, and stand up for myself no matter what

And most importantly, its that I need to stay true to myself no matter what

“Why won’t you just—”

“Because I said so, Dean! Not everything is about what you want!”

Castiel feels tears spring to his eyes, shoulders heaving as he sucks in deep, angry breaths. He hurts, of course he hurts, but he’ll be fine; his wings are safe in the aether. They’ll heal.


And Castiel can’t take it. Not Dean’s hurt, furrowed brow. Not his low, earnest voice. He turns away. “I’m fine.”

“You’re hurt.”

“I’ve been hurt before and I will be again. I’m fine.”

“Yeah well, fine ain’t good enough for me.” Dean’s voice is hard, now. “’Cause the way you’re standing right now, all tensed up and bent over? That’s not fine, or good, or any other type of placating bullshit you’re gonna try and feed me. I need to fix your wing, Cas.”


“Why?” Dean demands. “You give me one good fuckin’ reason and I’ll leave you alone but until then—”

“Because they’re me!”

Castiel clenches his jaw so hard his teeth ache in the wake of his own words, eyes squeezed shut and fingernails pressing into his own palms. Dean is silent.

“Because my wings are me,” Cas spits. “And they’re vile and broken just like the rest of me. They’re not Jimmy’s body, they’re not your clothes, they’re me. A-And if you see them… you’ll know that.”

Castiel can hear Dean step towards him, can feel the air displace when he moves his hand and can feel his callouses drag against the stubble on his jaw. Dean tilts Cas’s face up, thumbing the skin until the angel finds the courage to open his eyes. “You’re gorgeous,” the hunter says. “The packaging doesn’t matter. This right here?” A finger taps the area over Castiel’s heart. “That’s what I… I fell in love with. Well, that and this.” Lips press to the angel’s forehead. “You ain’t broken, Cas. A little scarred, maybe, but nothin’ to write home about. I mean, we’re all scarred. ‘Specially me.” Castiel sniffles. “Hey, look at me?”

Slowly, blue drags up to meet green. 

“Let me help you,” Dean breathes. “Please.”

Swallowing thickly, Cas pulls his wings onto humanity’s plane of reality.