standing up for male victims takes nothing away from female victims

10 Reasons Why Sweet/Vicious Should Be Watched and Renewed From A Fan

Sweet/Vicious is an hour long drama/dark comedy series on MTV. The series follows Jules, a sorority sister and survivor of sexual assault, and Ophelia, the university pot dealer and skilled hacker, as they become vigilantes on their college campus taking down rapists. 

Or, at least that’s the general description of the show but really it’s so much more than that. And yet, people have been sleeping on this amazing show so here’s my attempt – a fan’s attempt – at getting you to watch Sweet/Vicious and hopefully, getting MTV to renew Sweet/Vicious for a second season. 

1. The most accurate portrayal of rape on television to date. 

Sure, sexual assault has been a popular beat in television dramas for years, but no one portrays it as real as Sweet/Vicious. Through the course of the ten episode season, the audience is exposed to several different and unique sexual assault cases. Our protagonist, Jules, finds herself a victim of sexual assault after her best friend’s boyfriend, whom is also her friend, rapes her at his frat’s party.  In another episode, we see that sometimes sexual assault is a two person job when two friends team up to drug unsuspecting girls at a bar only to usher them into an ride share and drive them to a dark ally where the driver sexually assaults the incoherent victim. 

Through the course of the season we see rapists who show no remorse. We see enablers, who through their silence or willingness to turn their heads, let rapes happen. We see that sometimes rape isn’t violent, that sometimes the victims don’t fight back or stop fighting back because they can’t win. 

Plus, there are multiple scenes in which Jules and other victims attend group therapy – including, a male victim! 

Through ten episodes we see the most accurate portal of the types of sexual assault cases that take place on college campuses around the world.  

Oh yeah, and they never victim blame or sympathize with the rapist. 

2. Explores sexual assault as it relates to hazing practices

In addition to the sexual assault cases talked about above, Sweet/Vicious does something no television show in modern television has done. It addresses the fact that hazing can be and usually is a form of assault. In fact this happens in the fourth episode of the show when Jules and Ophelia discover that the most popular sorority on campus has their recruits drinking in excess only to publicly shame them in a video when they don’t complete their tasks or disobey the president sorority sister. 

In my opinion, this was one of the most important sexual assault cases that Sweet/Vicious explored because it showed a different side of it. It showed females taking advantage of other females. Because, yes, females are just as capable at being the aggressor as men are. 

3. Hello, complexed female characters who double as vigilantes! What more could you want? 

Jules Thomas the bubbly sorority girl who, after being sexually assaulted by someone she considered a friend, doubles as a kick-ass vigilante providing victims of sexual assault the justice they deserve when the Title IX does nothing. But Jules is more than a just a girl fueled by her confusion and guilt over what happened. Sure, there are moments when she completely shuts down and is consumed by the nightmares of what she’s dealing with. But she’s also this fun loving girl who will do anything to make sure what happened to her doesn’t happen to any one else. She is a supportive friend who makes sure everyone around her knows she loves them. She likes belting out"Defying Gravity” and hanging out with her sorority sisters and Ophelia. Most importantly, she’s a girl who is more than just a victim of sexual assault.

And then there’s Ophelia Mayer a trust fun daughter, the campus weed dealer, and savvy hacker. Ophelia has problems of her own. A complexed relationship with her mother, a best friend who expects more from her than just dealing weed out of the college town’s record store, and a habit of finding herself in the campus police office. And yet, when she stumbles upon the vigilante she later learns is Jules she’s all hands in. Ophelia is unapologetically herself and she is the voice of some of the show’s best one liners. She is the first to learn of Jules’s sexual assault and never once shies away from supporting her and being their for her. But it’s not just Jules she supports and encourages but also Harris, her best friend. In addition, Ophelia struggle with love and commitment. And oh yeah, creator Jennifer Kaytin Robinson confirmed that Ophelia is bi – something she hopes to explore more in the second season. 

4. Amazing Friendships

Jules and Ophelia aren’t the only ones that are #bffgoals. Before Jules meets Ophelia, her best friend is Kennedy. Though their relationship is a rollercoaster there is no denying that these two girls love and support each other. Then you have Ophelia and her best friend Harris, a law student and co-worker at the record store. Harris is Ophelia’s cheerleader in the same way Ophelia is Jules. He encourages her to do better and in turn Ophelia supports him and his endeavors whole hardily. But even their relationship gets rocky because, well, that’s life. Even Kennedy and Ophelia become friends over their shared need to protect and empower Jules. 

That’s not all though, the relationship Jules and Ophelia have with their significant others also shows that your S.O. should also double as your best friends. Not to mention, the show portrays positive male friendships too like the ones Harris forms with Jules’s S.O. Tyler and Ophelia’s S.O. Evan. 

5. Shows that life doesn’t have to end after sexual assault. It’s possible to find love for yourself and others. 

Often in television and films, sexual assault completely ruins the victim turning them off from love completely. That’s not the case at all with Sweet/Vicious. Sure, Jules has moments where she is consumed by the nightmares of her assault but for the most part, she doesn’t let what happened to her ruin her chance at love. Through the course of the series she finds herself in a relationship with Tyler who treats Jules as she, and any girl, deserves to be treated. They have their ups and downs but one thing that stays constant is their ability to support each other blindly. In my opinion, this is an integral part of the series and could have the biggest impact on survivors of sexual assault. 

6. It’s not all dark. There’s comedic moments too

Sure, the series in rooted in two girls hunting down rapists and teaching them a “lesson,” but that’s not all it is. It simple terms, its a dark comedy. There are serious moments but there are also moments where you’re doubled over in laughter. Not to mention, Ophelia Mayer is the queen of comedic one liners like, “Robin is a bitch.” 

7. What about Carter?

Oh yeah, did I forgot to mention the pilot ends with the girls burying a dead body. Did that catch your attention? As if that wasn’t dramatic enough, Carter is the brother of Tyler, Jules’s on and off again boyfriend. And the series ends with a shot of a garage with a piece of evidence left behind. That alone is reason enough to get the show renewed. Come on MTV we need to know what happens there. 

8. Diverse Characters 

Diversity comes in many forms with Sweet/Vicious. For one, both Jules and Ophelia’s are African American. Unlike some shows where race becomes the only defining feature of a character and their story line, Sweet/Vicious takes a different road. Both Kennedy and Harris are more than just the color of their skin and both have dynamic characterization through the 10 episode series. In addition, they are their own characters whose scenes don’t always revolve around their friendship with our protagonists. 

And though, Ophelia never says she is bi, and Jennifer Kaytin Robinsons says she probably will never have a “coming out” reveal, the hints are there with promises for more exposure in a season 2. 

9. Shows men standing up against sexual assault and not making excuses

Sure, there are men who are absolute scum on the show – aka the rapists. But, the Sweet/Vicious also makes a point to bring attention to positive males who don’t excuse the actions of their peers. Without giving too much away, Jules and Ophelia find an unexpected ally while trying to take down Nate, Jules’s rapist. In addition, later in the season Ophelia’s boyfriend, Evan, steps in as a watchdog for a girl in his dorm who was sexual assaulted to make sure she doesn’t hurt herself. 

Plus, Harris and Tyler have their own disdain for sexual assault. Especially, Tyler who’s brother, Carter, sexual assaulted a girl before “disappearing.” Though he misses his brother, he makes sure it is clear that he does not agree with his brother’s actions what so ever. 

10. Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, the show’s creator, promises that she has even more issues to tackle in a season 2.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Jennifer Kaytin Robinson discusses the story lines she hopes to explore in the second season. Including, LGBT+ victims, male victims, bullying, and even race issues. Come on MTV, take a step into the 21st century and let these stories be told! 

If you haven’t watched Sweet/Vicious yet I implore you to give it a chance. The full series is streaming now on And don’t forget to keep tweet #RenewSweetVicious

Changed [Jason Todd x Reader]

Criminal Minds Crossover

A/N: It’s here, part two to Drunken Mistakes. To be honest I thought that story was going to be terrible, but I stand corrected lol. I hope you all love this! (sorry it’s long and I feel like it’s trash lol)

Warning: Swearing

**For anyone who doesn’t know the characters this website maybe useful - Link


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The Third Trial/Feyre Dies (Rhys POV)

All dialogue and ideas behind the scenes belong 100% to Sarah J. Maas. I take zero credit for them.

Chapters 43-45 of ACOTAR where Feyre completes her third trial, solves the riddle, dies, and is resurrected by the seven High Lords, all from the POV of a miserable Rhysand. I warn you, it’s long and a chaotic mess because it’s late at night and my feels after finishing rereading the bloody book were a hot mess, i just couldn’t wait until a time when I’d be more sane to write it. So… here ya go, haha.

My Mate

Watching Feyre enter the throne room for her final trial was… a challenge. As with the last trial, I had no idea what Amarantha had in store for her, only that it would be cruel and sneaky and very likely a trick. I still believed Feyre could do it, could beat her, but Amarantha would not go quietly nor without damage and that was what scared me. We would leave this room together today, but at what cost?

And then, there she stood, my Feyre, before our evil queen, chin held high and boldness in her stance. At long last, the end was here.

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Interference (pt 2)

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Officer!Jimin x Reader (More like detective, but meh)

“Hey get up, we have to get to the hospital.”

The blank look that the brunette sends Park Jimin irritates him, however he pushes the urge to punch him in the face down and forces himself to remember the boring scolding he got from the eldest of his unit for punching him the last time he was fuming.

Seokjin had a knack for being the mother of their unit.

Instead, he frustratedly runs his fingers through his recently dyed orange hair before reiterating his demand even more impatiently this time.

“Why?” Kim Taehyung responds, the rectangular grin on his face exposing his intentions of teasing the older male. Before the older can respond, he’s up and twirling the car keys around his index finger, “You’ll never get a woman looking like an old man Jiminie.. oh! By the way, the orange looks great on you~”

The sly grin on his face causes Jimin’s face to heat up in anger, his teeth grinding as he stomps after his partner. Sliding into the passenger’s seat, he ignores the teasing upturn of his friend’s mouth.

“So why are we going to the hospital?”

Jimin shoots him a look, mouth just slightly twitching in irritation, before softening with an exasperated sigh, “Some doctor called about that case we couldn’t find any leads on, the victim recovered apparently…”

“But what?”

“Says the person lost all their memories.”

Jimin had a problem. He wasn’t afraid of girls, hell no. God he’d be a big wuss if he were afraid of the female population.

He just couldn’t stand them.

So when he finds out the victim was a woman, he’s instantly pushing Taehyung to talk to her when they see you at the front desk.

“Come on Tae, let’s just get this over with!” he insists, fighting against his resisting partner, “Stop shitting around and go approach her.”

However his mischievous partner has the table turning and finds himself shoved towards you instead. A sly smirk curling at his lips as he swiftly ducks under the older’s grip.

“Why don’t you go approach her yourself, you were the eager one who wanted to go to the hospital so badly, you do it,” he pauses as he grabs Jimin’s hand on his shoulder, “And you’re a detective Jiminie, at some point in your life you’re going to have to find yourself an actual living woman rather than the corpses we send to forensics, unless you really want to die as an old virgin spinster.”

Stumbling over his feet, Jimin shoots him a glare before reluctantly giving in.

“Says the jerk who can’t get himself a girlfriend either,” he mocks scornfully (ignoring the offhanded ‘because I’m not a man of commitment’ comment), displeasure running through his system up until it comes to a screeching halt when his throat runs dry and his shoes begin to drag against the floor. There’s a soft nudge on the small of his back, pushing him further towards the two women. Inhaling sharply, he shakes his head vigorously before continuing to trudge towards the front desk.

When he comes to halt a little behind you, he can’t help the wary shuffling of his feet and the wringing of his clammy hands. Discomfort pits in his stomach, and his voice catches in his throat.

“You have to cut me some slack,” you say to the receptionist, gauze wrapped round your head, “I’m unable to pay for this, I have no idea who I am and what world I’m about to step into outside those doors, I have nothing…”

The receptionist shakes her head with a frown, “I’m sorry Miss there’s nothing we can do about it, you can pay in increments but until then you-”

“I’ll pay for her, partial now and in increments until it’s fully paid for,” he cuts in, leveling his voice to conceal his nervousness. Sweat dots his forehead, when the two women slowly turn to regard his entrance. His heart beats out of control against his chest as he waits for one of them to speak. A part of him is completely beating himself up for his reckless proposal, his teeth nervously gnawing at his lower lip. The other… well it’s long gone sucked out of his body and floating to the sky, the longer he wishes for the floor to swallow him whole.

When you slowly look up, he’s about ready to backtrack and move as far away as possible from you both. His teeth catches his bottom lip in between, forcing himself to not retreat when he’s already dug his grave. Your eyes are wide and blinking curiously up at him, speechless at his proposition.

“Oh my, are you sure sir?”

She thinks she’s being sly, but he can see it as plain as day when the receptionist bites her lip and twirls her hair around her index finger flirtatiously. Nothing attractive about the woman pushing her chest out and bending just slightly towards him, more like it just makes his temper rise and the desire to flee increase.

It takes all of his will to nod with a disgusted smile and pull out his wallet rather than turn on the idea and haul his ass out of there. When he turns his head, he could spot the infuriating smirk on his partner’s face, shooting him a double thumbs up to which he responds with a heated glare.

Fuck you,” he mouths to Taehyung before turning back to the receptionist who is ringing up his card. He ignores the offended frown she displays when he hastily snatches back the card, not meaning to be rude but in a way to avoid any contact with her hand.

“I’ll make sure to to pay the rest later,” he says firmly before he motions for you to follow him.

And when you do, he’s slightly regretting the idea because you’re staring at him in a daze now, eyes fixed on his side profile as he approaches Taehyung.

“Are you gonna speak, or are you just gonna stare at me like that you pervert?” he grumbles, completely annoyed by your silence and staring. Perspiration builds at his forehead, hands growing clammy the longer you stare.

Blinking, you shake your head and scowl at him for labeling you as a perve, “Excuse me, I’m not a pervert! But uh.. thanks back there.. for paying for my bill..”

“It’s nothing, but now that’s over, we have a few questions for you.”

“Um.. if this is about what happened before I woke up, I can assure you that I have no idea about anything,” you say timidly as he motions for you to sit beside Taehyung, “I’m sure you’ve already heard, but I lost all my memories.. retrograde amnesia to put it specifically.”

“You heard her Tae, she has no idea about the incident, looks like a lost case,” Jimin says hurriedly as he turns to leave.

“W-wait!” you squeak, hand reaching out to grab a fistful of his uniform top, the dark material twisting and creasing under your fingers, “Wait.. you guys are detectives right? I was told you guys could help me-”

“Don’t fucking touch me,” he growls, smacking your hand away and moving out of arm span range. His glare is vicious and his mouth is twisted in a snarl, fists tightly balled and nails digging into his palm, his knuckles draining of its color. His breathing picks up as though he’d just run a marathon, chest heaving as Taehyung stands as a wall in front of him.

You flinch away at the sudden hostility his stance displays, startled by his outburst and the look in his eyes. There’s fear mixed with hatred, distrust even, swirling in their brown depths as Taehyung forces him to take a seat and compose himself.

“Ah sorry about that Miss,” he says with a slight bow, his deep voice surprising you as he casts you a boxy smile, “Our Jiminie is a unique one.”

“That’s Jimin by the way, I’m Taehyung,” he introduces warmly, a polar opposite from his seething friend behind him, “..I don’t think I’ve caught your name yet.”

“N-nice to meet you both, but I’m sorry I don’t even remember my own name..”

In a monotonous voice, Jimin sneers back, “What a shame, let’s go Tae, she’s got nothing on the case now, unless she can remember anything, she’s useless. She doesn’t even know her own name.”

Despite the initial flinch of pain at his curt insult, it’s an instinct that you reach for him, but the warning look that Jimin shoots you has you freezing. Meekly scratching the back of your neck, you smile softly, “I may not be of help to whatever case I was involved in, but I need your help.. I was told you could help me figure out who I am.”

There’s a brief silence as they stare at you blankly, Jimin’s expression growing significantly darker as he waves a dismissive hand.

“Nope. Sorry. Can’t.”

Both disbelief and anger rushes through you, but before you can explode Taehyung stops his partner from walking away.

“Hey now, we can’t really refuse her, now can we?”

“Yeah!” you agree, hands on your hips, “I have nothing, don’t you have any sympathy?”

“Nope,” he repeats blandly, expression blank and indifferent, “We’re homicide detectives, not some identity theft agency.”

“Come on Jiminie, just for a little bit, okay?” Taehyung tries reasoning, “She might not be so bad, look how desperate she is!”

“She’ll be a burden,” he snaps back viciously, squinting at his friend, mouth turned down in a deep frown, “I have other, more important, cases to look into than waste time with a woman.”

The venom practically drips from his words, the way he emphasizes the word woman with such hatred and dislike in his eyes and tone, it causes you to wince. But you’re not as frightened as when you had touched him and he had acted upon it.

A feeling of defeat settles in your stomach as you’re about to give up and wave a white flag. When you’re about to open your mouth and tell them that you’ve changed your mind, you’re interrupted once again.

“Oh he’ll do it, or rather we’ll do it.. we’ll help you!”

Feminism, a false sense of empowerment while turning us into incapable morons

Modern feminism has done a huge disservice to women that’s a mirror image of the disservice it’s done to men, and that is fostering continued weakness and dependence in women, while placing a hideous and unfair burden on men.

The message that modern feminism sends is all women, no matter their wealth or status, are the default victims of male dominance. We are told non-stop by feminist organizations that we’re afraid, we are oppressed, we are kept down, we are persecuted, we are victimized, and that there is nothing a woman can do on her own to get out from under this enormous, nebulous burden of fear and misogyny that is still an “epidemic” in our western society. We can only be liberated through things we are given - subsidies, incentives, a leg up, kid-glove handling, uneven application of the law, and hampering men with handicaps. Modern feminism casts all men as predators, but in doing so, feminism casts all women as prey. I am not prey.

It’s not The Patriarchy, or men in general, who are oppressing western women. What’s oppressing them is their dependence on these systems. At one time, that dependence was enforced by law, social pressures and lack of opportunities, but that isn’t the case anymore and hasn’t been for decades. But the mindset of feminism continues to be colored with the implication that men act, while women are acted upon. Men must make/take opportunities, while women must be given opportunities. Men must make their own way, while women must be guided and assisted through social programs and legislation designed to help them succeed - because lord only knows, they’d never be able to become scientists or engineers on their own…

And at the same time, men can never be victims of women. Even when women commit heinous crimes against men, the man is still almost universally cast as the villain- “She stabbed him? He must have been abusive/cheating/driven her to it.” “She had an abusive upbringing.” “She was disadvantaged.”

And men are never allowed to seek help - “Your wife beat you up? Stop being a sissy.” “Make your own way in life, because no one’s going to do it for you.” “Can’t get a job? Fucking deadbeat.” Feminists are going to extreme lengths to protest against men simply having somewhere to spend the night if they’ve been abused, it doesn’t exist because feminists successfully protest against the funding needed for men’s shelters. 

We have freedom and opportunity, there is no corresponding expectation of self-sufficiency, accountability, or responsibility placed on women. For men there is only self-sufficiency, accountability and responsibility, while freedom and opportunity is becoming a thing of the past. 

Life is pretty sweet for women these days - we have all kinds of career opportunities and earning potential handed to us, an artificially uneven playing field in all the jobs we actually want, daddy government to help us with our financial burdens, and punishments for female criminals that often amount to standing with your nose in a corner for time served, while blame for our behavior is shifted onto The Patriarchy. If a man dares to raise a hand against us, we have the monopoly on DV shelters and programs, and an application of the law that is almost always unbalanced in our favor. We’ve even seen due process completely done away with when it comes to accusations of rape and sexual assault. Women have been elevated to the status of princesses, and men doomed to be servants and scapegoats. So why aren’t we happy? Why aren’t we satisfied with what we have? Why hasn’t the feminist movement declared “mission accomplished”?  Because nothing will ever be good enough. And what they think is good enough still won’t be good enough. It’s gone from wanting the same rights as men to wanting to be identical in every way to men and now wanting to leave men behind. 

Modern feminism is not about female empowerment. It was, at one time, but no more. Empowerment is the ability to stand up for yourself, to take care of yourself, to be active instead of passive. And there can be no self-empowerment without personal responsibility and accountability. Sometimes that means accepting part - or indeed, all - of the blame when something bad happens. But women are so rarely held accountable for their actions and decisions and burdens to the degree they should be as human beings. 

When you constantly point at other factors as being completely at fault - the patriarchy, discrimination, sexism, men’s predatory instincts - what you end up with is a whole group of people who may feel empowered, but they aren’t, and subconsciously they know that they’ve been further disenfranchised on a deeply human level. If you are never held accountable for your decisions, you’re being told that you’re essentially as ineffectual as a child. 

Empowerment is about owning your own shit. It’s about more than rights and opportunities and freedoms - it’s about personal responsibility and accountability and shouldering your own burdens. It’s not only about having the power to succeed - it’s about having the power to fail. To be the primary arbiter of your fate. This is MY life. I am the architect of it. If I fuck it up, it isn’t something that merely “happened” to me - I was an active participant in the sequence of decisions that led to the fucking-up. 

What we have is not patriarchy, but it’s still a system where we’re told we need to be taken care of, and where we eat that line of bullshit as if it’s ice cream. Modern feminism isn’t about women’s rights. It’s about women’s privilege. It may not look like privilege to everyone, but that’s what it is. That’s not empowerment, it’s an insult to women and women like my great-grandmother was - a career woman born in 1909 who made her own opportunities just like any man raised in rural poverty would have had to, and who always, always owned her shit.

There’s no greater empowerment than having earned your own success, on standing on your own feet and shouldering your own burdens, and even accepting your own failures. This is my shit. I own it.