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Angel Rice taking standing tumbling to a new level

Why are You like this?

Hi friends! 

Plot: Y/N feels overwhelmed and doesn’t know how to let her Harry know.

I combined my own idea with a request about H hearing Y/N admit something over the phone. 

Hint before reading: Take a moment and think of that one thing that’s overwhelming you right in this moment, the one thing that makes your stomach feel sick and the one thing that keeps you up at night. Okay now you can read it.

Pic isn’t mine but I like to think that it is.

“Are you sure everything’s alright?” 

My throat dried when I allowed my eyes to meet with his sparkling green orbs and the pure worry in them made it difficult not to tear up. With a deep breath I forced myself to smile. 

“Everything is fine, Harry,” I promised him, my tone just sweet enough for it to cover up the lie, “It was a long day.”

“Again?” Harry inquired quietly. 

“Again.” I tried to laugh but got up to walk to the kitchen when I failed.

Ever since the beginning of this week there had been a heavy and uncomfortable feeling settled at the bottom of my stomach making me feel so sick at times I believed I would vomit. 
But I couldn’t let it show. 

“Do you want some tea?” I called towards him.

“Sure, yeah. Thanks, beautiful.”

With trembling fingers I reached for the kettle and I closed my eyes in hopes of calming down enough to keep my distraught emotions a secret. And what better than a hot cup of tea?
There was nothing I loved more than spending time with Harry and if I could I would have him near me at all times. I felt myself long for him when he was gone, fantasized about being in his presence when I wasn’t and when I had him I felt at peace. Momentarily. Harry made me feel warm and without knowing it he’d become the only person who managed to decorate my face with an honest smile. We hadn’t been dating for long, only a couple of months, and it was true that we were happy. Never before had I felt this close to another person, never before did I trust somebody with my whole heart and no one had ever understood me the way that Harry did.
Harry was my everything. 
And still I couldn’t find it in me to trust him with my worried mind. 

It wasn’t that I thought Harry wouldn’t be kind. I knew if I were to tell him that I couldn’t find any peace and that not even the nights provided me with rest, he would try all he could to be supportive. 
What held me back from confiding in him was how utterly ridiculous I felt. Harry had so much going on in his life, he was under constant pressure and given even more from all sides and all at once and still he never uttered as much as one word in complaint. 
Me? I felt like crying when dealing with what was so minor compared to other people’s problems. 
How could I possibly admit this without making a fool of myself?

“Y/N?” I heard Harry’s voice call for me. 

My breath hitched and I quickly finished both of our teas. “Coming!”

Hearing my friend’s voice over the speaker of my phone relaxed me. At least a little. Kat hadn’t had the time to talk properly in a while due to her job taking up a lot of space in her life and selfishly it felt good to hear that I wasn’t the only person who wasn’t having the best week. 

“So anyway,” Kat spoke, “Things took a turn to the better when the guy I told you about showed up again. I think he recovered form the flu or something.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

She chuckled. “I bet your day gets better the moment you have Harry around to comfort you.” 

“Well,” I sighed, “Having him around does bring me joy.” 

When my voice quivered I knew I messed up.

Kat cleared her throat. “What’s the matter? Does he not understand or what?”

“I’m sure he would,” I muttered. 


I didn’t reply. Kat laughed breathlessly. 

“You seriously didn’t tell him? Y/N, he’s your boyfriend! And if I receive text after text about how shitty everything is going for you then something really must be up.”

A lump formed in my throat and I let out a small whine. “I don’t know how to talk to him about this thought.”

“Why not?”

I shrugged even though she couldn’t see. “Harry has so much going on in his life. Never does he get a break not even on his days off. How could I burden him with my stupid and silly problems when his mind is full of much more important things?”

“Because he’s your boyfriend!” Kat repeated. 

“Is that your answer to everything?”

“In a relationship it’s about being there for each other,” Kat lectured, ignoring my words, “You support him constantly. It’s time you let him do the same for you.”

My head snapped up at the noise of my front door opening and then falling shut. 

“Y/N? You home, baby?” My heart fluttered at his voice.

“That’s Harry,” I quickly informed Kat, “I got to go.”

With fast steps I walked further into the bedroom and away from where I could hear Harry moving closer towards me.

“Of course,” Kat said and I could hear the smile in her voice, “Just remember. You have to be honest with Harry and tell him how you feel. Otherwise you’re being unfair to him.”

“I know,” I agreed lowly, “I know you’re right.”

Harry’s knuckles lightly knocked onto the wooden door and I turned around to look at him with a smile growing on my face. He looked insanely good. His hair was tousled from the clod wind I knew was tormenting outside, his upper body adorned a thick jumper and his legs were forced into much too tight jeans which to my benefit left little to the imagination. 

“Hey,” I breathed.

“Hi.” His voice was quiet and I shuddered when the smile on his face didn’t reach his beautiful eyes. 

I walked over to him and reached for his arm. “I’m just going to finish this call really quickly, okay? Then I’m all yours.”

“S’okay,” Harry said and shrugged off my touch, “I just came over to return the shirt you left at my place the other day. M’actually bit busy so I’m just going to head out again.”

My heart sank. “I thought you would stay tonight?” 

Harry nodded towards the phone in my palm. “You should’t let your friend wait, Y/N. Wouldn’t want you to be unfair to anybody, right?” 

And with that he turned around, out of my reach and towards the exit. The shirt he’d brought me was carelessly thrown onto the mattress and I watched him leave with tears already burning my eyes. What the hell had just happened?

“Y/N? You still there?” 

Kat’s voice ripped me back from my thoughts and I quickly told her that I was fine and needed to go. Then I hung up. 
Great. Now not even my relationship was something I could find comfort in. There was no point in running after him as I new Harry moved fast and since he’d arrived by car I was sure he must be long gone. With my palms ice cold, my legs weak and my stomach in knots I sat down on the bed I’d thought I would be spending the night with Harry on, feeling the most uncomfortable and unhappy and in in general at a low I hadn’t reached before.
There was no way I could hold back the tears from burning my cheeks and soon I was a sobbing mess, laying alone on the cold fabric of my bed.

From Harry, 7:20pm.
I’m sorry I left like that, love. How about I come back over and we spend the night together like we planned? x

From Harry, 7:22pm. 
Don’t ignore me now. I know I was being harsh. A bit of a dick actually and I wanna make up for that. Please let me, baby. xx

From Harry, 7:23pm. 
I heard your conversation with Kat. 

With puffy eyes I stared at the three messages. I breathed in shakily and shook my head before picking up the device to reply. There was no way I could face him when I was like this. I felt ashamed enough as it is and couldn’t bear the thought of letting my boyfriend see me in this weakened state.

From Y/N, 7:30pm.
It’s okay, Harry, no worries. I’m a bit tired though. Don’t think that hanging out tonight is a good idea. I’m sorry. x

From Y/N, 7:33pm.
If you want we could meet up tomorrow?

Teardrops smeared the screen and I brushed them off quickly in order to read Harry’s reply. My heart sank even further upon reading it.

From Harry, 7:34pm.
If that’s what you want.

It was what I’d wanted. Still, my chest crumbled and the room filled once more with desperate and loud cries as I let it sink in that I’d successfully driven Harry away. A shaking palm clasped over my mouth as I attempted to somehow quieten the noises of my breakdown as I didn’t want to alarm my neighbours. 
What was I supposed to do? What was I to tell him tomorrow? That was if he even wanted to see me.
My eyes were sore, my throat dry and slowly but surely everything began to hurt. Really ache. 

My entire body froze and I forced myself to calm down long enough to make sure I hadn’t heard wrong. No. There was once again the distinct sound of somebody knocking on my front door. Oh god please no. I scrambled to my feet with hurried movements and came to a tumbling stand. With harsh movements I brushed the tears from my smeared cheeks. 

“Y/N.” It was quiet but I heard and my heart began to pound heavily in my chest. What was he doing here?

“Harry?” I asked, my voice small and trembling weakly. 

I sniffled noisily and tried to steady my breath. 

“Course it’s me, love,” Harry hummed, his voice gentle, “Mind opening the door for me? Letting me in, sweetheart?”

“Harry, I really don’t think-”

“I hear it, baby,” he spoke softly, “You’re crying.” His voice sounded so sad, so empty of the anger it held earlier. 

The pet names spoken with so much affection, the gentleness in his words and tone… I couldn’t fight any longer. 
With uncertain fingers I unlocked my front door and before I could turn the handle I had Harry’s arms wrapped around my waist as he forced his way into my apartment. 
Breathing in his scent as I nestled my face into the warm space between his shoulder and his neck, one of my hands wound itself into his short curls while the other clasped the back of his neck. Harry’s arms tightened around my body, bringing me impossibly close to his chest as he pushed the both of us further inside. I didn’t see but I heard him shut the door with his foot. 

“Harry,” I whimpered, trying desperately to step away from him, worried that the endless stream of tears would mess up his jumper. 

“No.” Harry’s embrace was tight. He ignored my protest and instead hoisted me up higher so that he could carry me to the couch in my small living room. 

I was full on sobbing by this point, my desperation only increasing when he let go of me after making me sit on the couch. My arms were taken into his hands and I turned my head away when he crouched down. 

“Y/N, look at me.”

I shook my head, a whimper escaping my parted lips. Harry’s hands moved gently, his fingers drew circles onto my skin. Normally the gesture was enough to calm me down but not today. I felt utterly embarrassed and I knew that Harry slowly began to realize too that this wasn’t just a small and simple break down. 
This was me, crumbling after having suffered under too much pressure for too long. This was me truly breaking down and falling apart right in front of his eyes.
I gasped upon feeling him press his face into my open palms. 

“My sweet girl,” Harry breathed into my hands, “Tell me if there is something that I can do for you, you hear?”

“There- there’s no-nothing, Harry.” I swallowed shakily and stared at the back of his head. 

Slowly he looked up at me, green eyes wide, kind and patient. His warm hands clasped mine and my breath hitched when his heart shaped lips pressed a loving kiss to them. 

“That’s okay, too,” he reassured, “In that case I will just do what I think you need right now, yeah? And if you want something different you tell me.” 

He waited for me to nod, a small smile gracing his lips. Harry got to his feet quickly and immediately I was scooped back into his arms and brought to his chest. I hiccuped and Harry chuckled. 
His body settled onto the couch and I gasped when he placed my own body right on top of his, my back pressed to his chest. His face settled into my neck and I shuddered upon feeling his warm breath. One of Harry’s arms wrapped around my middle while he gently touched my forehead with his other hand, making me rest my head on his shoulder. 
I sighed and turned so I could nudge his neck with my nose. Next a blanket was pulled over my form, making sure that I was warm. 

“Harry,” I whispered into his skin. 

He intertwined our legs together before kissing my cheek. 

“No more crying,” he said lowly, chest rumbling against my back, “It breaks my heart to see you like this. Which doesn’t mean that I want you to ever keep it from me again when you feel this way.”

The terrible knot at the bottom of my stomach loosened and the longer I breathed him in the more I could feel my heart relax. My breathing slowed, the tears slowly ceased from falling. My own arms wrapped around his and our hands found each other. 

“I’m sorry,” I apologized against his skin.

He shook his head and squeezed me. “No, no, my love. S’not what I want. You don’t have to apologize for anything. All I want is that you trust me. That you know that I’m here. Always.”

“I want to see you.” 

Careful not to hurt him I turned to lay on my stomach, my body pressed tightly against his chest and I leaned up to press a kiss to his soft skin of his chin. 
Harry groaned lowly at the sensation. 

“You’re my girlfriend,” Harry murmured, his hands rubbing up and down my back, “You can lean on me. Confide in me. Don’t want hear that you’re unwell and hiding it.”

I hummed.

“Are you comfortable?” I wondered quietly, referring to his position.

“Very,” he assured me with a nod, cheekily grabbing my bum and giving it a squeeze. 

I swatted his chest with a laugh and he removed his hands and settled them onto my hips instead. I found it hard to believe that having my body sprawled out on top of his was in any way comfortable but in this moment I knew there was nothing other than being in his arms that would heal my tormented mind.

“S’embarrassing though,” I admitted quietly, my unsure eyes finding his. 

“S’not,” he argued, “S’part of being in a relationship. I’m yours, you’re mine and we’re both there for each other.”

I liked how natural his words sounded. How much sense they made.

“But,” I began, “what I’m dealing with is so stupid and you-”

“And I’m never too busy to take care of you just like I trust in you always being there when I really need you. And nothing that makes you cry is stupid to me.”

Harry smiled kindly and I could feel myself doing the same. Gently I reached up to cup his cheek and a tiny gasp escaped my mouth before his lips found mine in a loving kiss. Instantly I melted into him. 
His hands held me close, my own scratched his cheek while the other held onto his hair and for the first time all week I felt like I could truly breath. Harry’s presence took over all of my senses as I cuddled myself even more into his embrace. We continued to kiss until my lungs burned and this time when I teared up it was because my heart couldn’t hold the amount of happiness. 

“Why are you like this?” I whispered, staring at my handsome boyfriend with wonder in my eyes. 

He smiled and pressed another kiss to my temple. “Because you’re important to me. I need you to know that, love.”

“I do. Thank you so much, Harry. And I care about you, too. So much.”

Another kiss followed to my lips before Harry drew back to rub his nose against mine in a heartbreakingly sweet gesture. 

Hope you liked this! Wrote it in one go so apologizes for any mistakes. Also, if any of you are dealing with something shitty at the moment I have my fingers crossed for you and know you’ll be alright. x

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Hi can you help me find this fic? It's about Stiles and Derek having one night stand. Stiles wakes up before Derek and tries to leave but Derek wakes up (half asleep) an tells Stiles that he's pretty and that he should stay. Stiles stays. ☺️

That could honestly be one of a million fics bb, lol!  Do you remember anything else?  In the meantime, here’s a Sterek centric update of the One Night Stand tag.   -Emmy

Originally posted by jashuehdz

Manly Man by baeberiibungh 

(1,346 I Explicit I Complete)

Derek blinks at the small shelf behind the mirror. His eye twitches. What a douche.

Put That Body On Me by brokenpromisesandhope 

(1,946 I Explicit I Complete)   *college student!stiles

Stiles meets a beautiful man at the bar and they have super hot sex.

Hypnotic Taking Over Me by Lexatomic 

(1,973 I Explicit I Complete)

When Derek Hale allows himself to have a little fun at a party, Stiles can’t help but stare. The alcohol, the loud music and the warm tension in the air, those probably are the reasons why they end up having sex in Derek’s bed. Probably.


That one night stand they will probably never forget.

One More Night by brokenpromisesandhope 

(2,265 I Explicit I Complete)  *also derek/ofc, stiles/omc, other infidelity (not Derek or Stiles)

Stiles and Derek both just got broken up with.. what are they to do.

The Pickup Line I Deserve by hannah_baker 

(4,227 I Explicit I Complete)

Derek Hale has a type: tall, lanky, pale, brunette, passive. Stiles Stilinski is nearly all of those things - but not quite.

Or, The Time Derek Hale’s One Night Stand Was More Than He Bargained For.

A Broken Heart is Blind by orphan_account 

(5,327 I Mature I Complete)  *college au

College AU - When Lydia dumps Stiles to get back with Jackson, Stiles rebounds with Derek, his former TA. It was just supposed to be a one night stand, but they’re both a little confused about what the rules for those are.

Savannah by SlipOfAScribe 

(5,757 I Explicit I Complete)

Stiles has had it with bad relationships. Tonight he’s just going to find the best sex of his life and that’s it! Until, that is, Tall Dark and Handsome comes along and ruins it all.

Inspired by The Clicks “Savannah”

Dance on the Edge by redeyedwrath

(6,076 I Explicit I Complete)  *teacher!stiles

“He isn’t even aware he’s staring until the guy turns that glare to him and Stiles can instantly feel his dick grow hard. Seriously, fear boners are a thing. He has the evidence in his too tight skinny jeans.”

Or, in which Stiles has a one night stand to get over Lydia and falls in love. Yeah. Nice.

Unmade Plans by manicSaturday 

(16,699 I Explicit I Complete)  *mpreg

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Who was the fucking genius that said that? Because right now, Stiles is flipping out of his mind.

Or the one where Stiles and Derek’s one-night stand turns into late night rendezvous, Friday night movies, a special surprise and maybe a happy ending… yep, definitely a happy ending. I’m not that cruel.

Destiny Knows by TaliskerMortem 

(22,523 I Not Rated I WIP)  *accidental knotting

 It was supposed to be just an ordinary one-night stand. A quick tumble in the sheets and then good-bye. Derek’s wolf however, had other plans.

OR: The one in which Derek and Stiles do the do and a certain part of Derek’s wolfish anatomy decides they should be bonded for life.

Pretty Melody by thepsychicclam 

(30,501 I Explicit I Complete)  *musician!derek, bartender!stiles

Stiles hasn’t seen Derek in six years, so when he shows up at the bar where Stiles works, claiming to be some indie rock star, Stiles can’t believe it. Stiles has even more trouble believing that he and Derek are about to have a one night stand.

Soon one night turns into two and three, and seeing Derek causes old wounds to open for Stiles. As Stiles reconnects with Derek, he finds himself painting things he’s been avoiding, and he thinks maybe he’ll finally start to heal.

I’m a Believer by LittleLynn

(41,721 I Explicit I Complete)

Stiles’ one night stand turns out to be a lot more than he bargained for. Not that he minds, like, at all.

unidentifiedblackthorn  asked:

we were forced to hide in this very cramped space (from friends/authority figures/people trying to kill us) and this is a very awkward position to be stuck in with someone you’re avoiding because they’re too attractive for you to deal with” au WITH RHYS AND LUCIEN?? PLS??? I CRY???

this was for the prompts from a while ago!! still doing them, it’s just taking me 5ever lol. BUT THANK U FOR THIS GIFT IM ALSO CRY. 



“Get off me, you idiotic–”

“You’re the one who’s on me, you get off.”

But there is nowhere to go, and after a few moments of futile struggle, Lucien is forced to settle with his shoulder wedged against the door, half being poked by the cleaning supplies sticking from the shelves in this comically small maintenance closet, and half with Rhysand flush against him, their limbs askew and intertwined as they’re posed to avoid randomly hung buckets and mops.

Lucien swears and Rhysand asks, almost incredulous, “does the Fall Court not believe in adequate storage space?”

“Couldn’t you just replace all their memories with giant squids or something?” Lucien snaps in response, “Cauldron boil me, you’re supposed to be this all-powerful godlike creature and we’re hiding in a closet–”

Rhysand puffs out a laugh and Lucien can feel it on his ear. “I am an all-powerful godlike creature, first of all. And there should be an ‘extraordinarily handsome’ somewhere in there too.”

Insufferable. Insufferable. That he is, in fact, extraordinary handsome, and the slight implication that he knows Lucien thinks that… there are so many awful people in this court it seems impossible that Rhysand could introduce him to new ways to hate a person, but here they are, pure frustrated loathing coursing hot through Lucien’s veins as they hide from the Fall Court guards.

It is entirely Rhysand’s fault, a stunning highlight to this diplomatic trip that seems to have been planned with the specific goal of making Lucien’s life difficult every turn. Today Rhysand had been taking an uncomfortably close look at one of the Fall Court heirlooms, when he definitely had no business being unaccompanied in the vaults–Lucien had stumbled across him and must have startled him, because Rhysand dropped the precious glass artifact he was inspecting, and the sound of shattering was met with cries from the guards and the sounds of approaching boots. A mutual look of fury and fear–neither prince wanted to be associated with the crime, much less face Beron’s wrath for it–and they’d taken off down the hall, since winnowing was magically disabled in the palace. Lucien had been the one to pull them into a closet as the guards drew closer, and as Rhysand’s elbow digs further into his side, he regrets it fervently. His father’s retribution–or almost anything–would have been better than enduring this. It’s pitch black in the closet, and the darkness is heightening his other senses: Rhysand is warm and firm against him, and Lucien is discovering nuances in Rhysand’s scent, thick between them, something like saltwater under the citrus-musk, and he likes it and he hates that he likes it.

Rhysand goes on after a pause; Lucien suspects it’s because he can’t handle the mere suggestion that he’s less powerful than he’s supposed to be.

“In any case, the peace between Night and Fall is tenuous–”

“It gets more tenuous with every passing second of your knee jamming into my thigh.”

Rhys pauses to make a huffy little show of being interrupted. “–As I was saying, is tenuous, and tampering with will or memories leaves traces, if you know where to look. Your father employs people who know where to look. I’d like to not endanger that peace by giving anyone cause for suspicion.”

“Yes, we certainly wouldn’t want you, sneaking around the vaults alone and fondling ancient magical items, to seem suspicious.” Lucien loads it with as much venomous sarcasm as possible.

“Interesting word choice.”

“Oh, you’re going to distract me from your snooping with innuendo? Very mature behavior from a High Lord apparent.”

“I’m not the one who said fondling.” A pause, and Lucien can hear the filthy smirk in Rhysand’s voice when he adds, low and breathy, “And I could distract you with a lot more than innuendo, if I wanted to.”

The points where their bodies press into one another suddenly feel very heavy, and the air around them very thin. Lucien is going to kill him. He’s going to set all of Rhysand’s clothes on fire at once; even if Lucien gets third degree burns by proximity and/or murdered by Night Court spies in retaliation it’ll be worth it.

“Do you just go through life assuming everyone in the world is insatiably attracted to you?” He hisses.

Rhysand hums faintly. “Mostly. I tend to be right, though.”

How can he be so casually haughty, so at ease in this ridiculous pose they’re holding? How in the world does this not phase him?

And what would it take to break that cavalier composure of his?

Lucien feels the urge to try, one way or another, throttle him or kiss him, something, anything, to bring him down to some part of Lucien’s emotional level of lusting contempt. He manages, with great effort, to ignore it and lie instead.

“Consider me an exception.”

“Really?” It’s an amused little purr. “You’ve never thought about me fondling anything other than glass trinkets?”

“Incredibly, I find arrogance something of a turn-off,” Lucien bites out.

“I’m not sure I believe you. Maybe I should rifle around in your head and check.”

“Stay the fuck out of my mind, Rhysand,” Lucien snarls; aware that it’s bait, rising to it anyway. “I catch you trying to get past my shields and I swear I’ll—“

“You’ll what? Mouth off to me some more?” Rhysand says, sharply, baldly. Lucien feels thin fingers find his face in the dark, finds himself paralyzed with equal parts fury and heat as Rhysand traces the shape of his lips, his jaw.  “That temper of yours is going to get you into trouble, little Lucien. I hope you get as good at finishing things as you are at starting them.”

The nickname is too much.

Lucien snaps with something like a growl in his throat, and they collide with the clatter of cleaning supplies, door rattling as Rhysand shoves him against it, lips hot and seeking against Lucien’s. Hands grapple ungracefully, pulling, tugging, digging into clothing, both of them seeking to take; Rhysand tastes like sweat and the dust of the room and a bittersweet darkness, and Lucien is all teeth in search of more of it.

“You bit me,” Rhysand grunts, although it doesn’t stop his hand’s frenzied ascent up under Lucien’s now-untucked shirt to touch his bare chest.

“You called me Little Lucien,” Lucien pants petulantly, as Rhys latches onto his neck, sucking out his revenge.

“Well you are proving me wrong, aren’t you?” Rhys palms the generous bulge of Lucien’s hardening cock by way of explanation. “Not so little.”

Lucien holds back a groan, instead gritting out, “Fuck, I hate you.”

Rhysand chuckles, and Lucien kisses him again, rough, sloppy, just so he’ll shut up, for cauldron’s sake—

And then the world is bright, and they’re both tumbling backwards. Lucien hits the ground hard, arousal interrupted by the painful weight of Rhys landing almost entirely on top of him.

The poor maid who opened the door—and managed to dodge out of the way before her prince and the foreign dignitary he’s clearly making out with tumbled out—stands there in absolute shock, a hand clasped over her mouth.

“Sorry,” Lucien apologizes to her vaguely, feeling his shame return to him with his sense of sight.


Rhysand rights himself and slips away before Lucien can finish calming the frazzled, embarrassed maid, and is mercifully absent for the rest of the day, as Lucien grows more and more mortified about the event. By the time he retires for the night, he’s considering hiding in his room for the remaining days of Rhysand’s visit and also maybe the rest of eternity.

But he opens the door to see Rhysand, calmly inspecting the contents of his desk.

“What are you doing here?” Lucien blurts, too surprised and lingeringly embarrassed to put any real hostility behind it.

Rhysand puts down whatever he was playing with, walks over to where Lucien is rooted to the floor with that brand of disaffected self-assurance that reminds Lucien: he hates him, he hates him, don’t make out with him again–

“We weren’t finished when we were interrupted earlier,” Rhysand murmurs, and kisses him.

Arrogant, entitled, presumptuous, insufferable, insufferable, insufferable–

Lucien’s resolve crumples like wet paper and he kisses him back, Rhysand’s night-cool aura washing over his senses, making him forget why this was ever a bad idea. Somehow they end up stumbling towards the bed, Lucien gripping the back of Rhysand’s neck as they tumble onto it.

“It’s Rhys, not Rhysand, when you come,” Rhys manages to get out against Lucien’s lips, somehow still imperious when he’s underneath Lucien, both of them flushed.

Lucien swears softly. “Only if you promise to stop talking.”

Sleepy Waters

Originally posted by justjensenanddean

Request: Okay so my request would probably end up being kinda long so if you don’t want to do it I understand completely and won’t love you any less but could you please do a Dean x reader titanic au? You can change the ending to make it fluffy if you want

Pairing: au!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,100ish

Warnings: language, disaster scenario

A/N: Um, I may have royally changed this from what you were probably looking for by setting it in modern day and making it more Poseidon Adventure-y and basically not following the plot of Titanic at all…yeah…I came up with this…sorry…

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He’s with Me

This is it! Part2 to “He has Someone Else” !! It can be read as a stand alone though. 

Plot: Harry cheated on his girlfriend, this is him dealing with her having left him for it.

Warnings: It made me sad. Also: It has a few smutty bits.

Pic isn’t mind sadly. It’s hot though.

I didn’t need to open my eyes to realize she was gone. Her absence was felt as clearly as the soft breeze coming in through the window. It doesn’t take a person’s sight to know and when their soulmate has left, all warmth leaves too. The skin feels so cold, goosebumps rise and breathing hurts. My eyes opened and squeezed shut against the bright light illuminating the bedroom, and I turned to rest on my back with a groan. I’d forgotten how annoying that could be in the morning, given how I hadn’t slept in this bed recently, but rather spent my nights on the couch instead. I also wished I weren’t naked. Not by any means because I regretted the sex Y/N and I had had the night before, but because I imagined a pajama would protect me against at least some of the cold.

My fingers hesitantly reached over to the side on which I’d seen Y/N sleep only a few hours ago when a nightmare had pulled me from my sleep at some point throughout the night, and a heavy feeling settled onto my heart when the mattress’s fabric didn’t even feel warm anymore. She must’ve been gone for a long while already.

I knew what this meant, it was the first thought coming to my head, but instead of accepting it, my brain did the natural and most human thing to do: it went to denial.

Y/N could have gone anywhere, I decided. It didn’t have to mean what I believed it did. Deep down I believed she was gone. Gone as in out of my life.
Maybe we’d run out of that tea she liked so much and always insisted on drinking in the morning or else the entire day was doomed, but when I thought about it, I couldn’t have said if that still was her habit at all. I hadn’t watched her drink that tea, or any tea, in a very long time.
I hissed at the cold feeling of the floor against my bare feet as I came to a rather tumbling stand, but I didn’t allow myself to gain my balance fully before quickly reaching down to the floor so I could reach for and pull up my boxers from last night. I’d change into new ones after a shower, I decided. Maybe Y/N would even join me once she was back?
I walked into the hall of our house from where I had a view into the kitchen and living room. Both were deserted.

“Y/N?” I called out regardlessly, fear cursing though my veins and paralyzing my body.

She could not have left. Nothing would ever bring her to do that, I knew it. Or didn’t I? Had I been wrong all this time that I believed to know for sure, that she’d always be waiting at home for me? Had my certainty been misplaced when I had believed she’d never abandon me, even though I had abandoned her?
She loved me. I’d seen it in her eyes whenever I’d allowed mine to find her’s for a moment, noticing how her gaze had followed my every movement. I’d felt in in every touch we’d shared the night before, how she’d clung onto me and kissed me as if I were the only thing that kept her breathing. Her love was ever present, like a comforting coat embracing me whenever I came home to her. It was a simple truth that promised me Y/N’s loyalty for always. But… hadn’t I broken that very same promise too? And wasn’t I still in love with her regardlessly?

My heart had still belonged to her when I’d given my body to someone else. And still, it’d be a lie to say I’d thought of her throughout the act. It hadn’t been her face that I pictured, but the one of the woman I was hovering over and when she whined my name I hadn’t compared it to the sound Y/N made when we had sex. For those few moments, it was almost as if Y/N had left my mind entirely and given it enough space for my thoughts to be clouded by the woman I was with and only her. It was her touch I craved in those moments and only her scent I wanted to cloud my head. Not Y/N’s.

Maybe Y/N had left to get us breakfast? She’d done that before on special occasions. Us finding each other again surely counted as such, right? Perhaps she’d gone to get some of those avocado and cream cheese bagels the cafe down the road sold, aware of how much I loved them. A smile pulled at the corner of my mouth and I turned to walk back into the bedroom. I’d change quickly and then go make smoothies for the both of us, I decided, wanting to contribute at least something. My fingers pushed the hangers to the side in search for the particular shirt I had in mind and frowned when I couldn’t find it anywhere. This was odd. I remembered distinctly how I’d hung the Styles shirt right next to the light blue one Y/N’d given me a few months back, but there was no trace of it. Actually there was no trace of the blue shirt either. A frown formed on my forehead and suddenly I noticed how there were shirts hung up, which I knew I usually kept folded in my drawers. It just kept getting stranger, because where had those spare hangers suddenly come from?
That’s when it finally sunk in. More of my cloths fit into the wardrobe, because hers weren’t there anymore.
My feet hastily carried me to the bathroom where my eyes scanned the two glasses, holding toothbrushes and toothpaste. Only that it was just one toothbrush and that was mine. Her light green one, for which I always teased her as it looked like it was made for a child, was no were to be seen. Next I searched the drawers and again, found that all of my products where lined up neatly and all of Y/N’s missing. By now hands shook so hard the bottle of my cologne almost dropped to the floor and I quickly sat it back down to the spot which Y/N’s body spray had originally occupied.

“Huh,” I hummed to myself.

My palms momentarily pressed to my cheeks and rubbed the skin and though sleep still clouded my head, I could think clearly. There was no denying that the realization of Y/N leaving me and with that ending our relationship, hurt. It had me feel a pain I found difficult to describe, showing itself with headaches and a heavy chest. Why, I couldn’t understand.
Y/N’s I realized, was stronger than I believed she was and much stronger than I thought she was. It wasn’t out of vanity that I didn’t doubt her love in me, it was a truth I knew better than my own name, yet it hadn’t kept her from leaving.
I’d believed us sleeping together the night before had meant that our souls had found to each other again. To me, it had felt as if I had been drifting for the past few months and finally she’d come to take my hand and lead me out of the dark. But now she was gone, just as if none of it had meant one bit to her.
How heartless, I thought, before a tiny voice at the back of my head piped in, reminding me how I had been selfish in the first place by being unfaithful.

But last night… it changed everything. We’d fallen in love all over again.

“Maybe it was just me,” I whispered to myself, “and she slept with me, knowing all along that she’d leave the next morning.”

I shook my head, wondering what hurt more, losing her by choice or losing her without getting a goodbye.

*Flashback to four months earlier*

The bar had been crowded enough for me to struggle whilst following Nick, who led me towards the counter where they sold drinks. It had been about time for us to catch up, I’d decided the day before and knowing Nick I knew he’d be up for us going out. So I’d left Y/N with a sweet kiss on the lips and met with my old friend at a bar.

“Here’s to a good friday night!” Nick yelled over the music as he handed me a shot while downing his own.

It was one of many shots I drank, followed by several cocktails and finally I was so drunk I couldn’t tell what it was that burned my throat.
My vision blurred and my body buzzed as I danced to the loud music, allowing myself to surrender to the heavy beat.
That was when I’d felt her. She pressed her hands to my chest from behind, forcing me to turn around and look at her. She was tall, taller than any girl I’d been with before, but I still loomed over her. A smile played on her red lips and I felt my stomach flutter when she pulled my hands forward to rest on her slim hips. Before I could comprehend what happened, the strange woman pressed herself against my body and we danced together. She could move well and I moaned whenever her lips pressed to my exposed neck, nipping and biting on the skin.
This was wrong, I thought, but her hands roaming my chest kept me from moving away. She was beautiful with full, plumb lips, a lovely face and hair redder than I’d ever seen it on anyone before.


I turned around to face Nick, who’s facial expression looked anything but amused.

“I think we should go home. You’ve had enough.”

I shook my head and groaned when the girl moved herself against me a little rougher.

“I’m good, but you can leave if you want.”

“Harry,” Nick urged, “What about Y/N?”

Y/N. The name should have brought me back to reality immediately and awakened the love I held for her. A name, that should remind me of the face I looked at first thing in the morning and to which my life mission of making it smile every day was dedicated to. Mentioning Y/N should have woken me up. But it didn’t.

“What about her?” I asked and though Nick continued to protest it didn’t take more than me snapping at him, for him to leave.

My hands moved from the woman’s hips down to cup her bum and I laughed when she hiccuped, indicating that she wasn’t much more sober than I was. In response, she clung to my body even tighter, coming so close I could feel her breathing against my neck hotly.
I couldn’t remember how we ended up in my car, but we did and after I sent the driver away, claiming we’d be fine to drive in a bit anyway, we settled into the front seats.

“Maybe I should get us an Uber,” I suggested, “One to take the both of us home.”

“We could do that,” she hummed, smiling widely, “but I have a better idea.”

Her hand moved on my thigh, circling and squeezing it before rising higher and to my crotch. I cursed and she laughed, throwing back her head. She shifted in her seat so she had better access to my body and when I looked at her pretty features and felt her fingers move over my growing hard on, the words I’d wanted to tell her disappeared from my head. I have a girlfriend. We can’t do this.
Instead, all I could focus on was the excited buzz and the lust taking over my senses until I couldn’t think straight.
My own hand reached forward and clasped her chin, bringing her close so I could connect our mouths in a heavy kiss, making it the first kiss I shared with a different woman than Y/N in over two years. The girl was quick to comply and moved her warm and full lips with mine, licking into my mouth and battling my tongue for dominance, letting me taste alcohol and smoke she must have consumed earlier. I groaned at the unfamiliarity and she moaned loudly, her hands driving me crazy as she continued to rub over me.

“Harry,” she whined into my ear before pressing kisses to my jaw, “let me help you, yeah? Let’s fix that problem you’ve got.”

Before I could say anything, she began to undo my belt while giggling against my lips. Her eyes locked with mine momentarily and a dangerous smile danced on her face, then she pressed another wet kiss to my cheek and leaned down so she could take me into her mouth. And I let her. Gladly, even, as she made me feel good. My eyes were squeezed shut as I concentrated on the pleasure I was feeling, which was easy to do as it overtook all of my senses. When I came wetly I didn’t feel guilty one bit, but rather amazed how she swallowed it all with no protest.

“Let me,” I panted and reached down to pull her up, “I wanna reciprocate.”

I hissed when she moved to sit on my softening length, sensitive from her touch and my heart throbbed heavily in my chest. Her slender arms wrapped around my neck and she leaned in close, brushing her mouth over mine.

“No need,” she whispered against my lips before kissing them lightly, “We can do that next time.”

When I got home that night, Y/N was asleep on our couch and I found myself unable to stop staring at her. I liked how her eyelashes threw small shadows onto her cheeks and smiled at how pink her soft lips looked. She hummed faintly when I traced my fingers over her delicate features and squirmed, but didn’t awaken. In that moment, for the first time since dropping off the woman, who’s name I learned was Cici, at her apartment, I felt regret. Regret, followed by raw guilt as it only now truly sink in.

“I just cheated on you,” I whispered, looking down at my beautiful girlfriend, sleeping innocently.

Oh god. What had I done? Didn’t I love that woman laying before me more than I’d ever loved anyone in my life? Hadn’t I promised her to be with her and only her? A bling, coming from my phone brought my attention back onto my device which I held tightly in my other hand.

Tonight was fun. Call me whenever you need me to help you out again. ;) Cici xxx

*Back to present time*

My head ached and I throbbed as I declined the fifth call I’d received from Cici today. I hadn’t had a problem with taking her calls in my home before, but now that Y/N had actually been chased away by my affair, it felt wrong. This house… Cici just didn’t belong here.
I jumped up when the front door opened, hope spreading through me, only for my heart to sink quickly when it wasn’t Y/N who’d come in, but her friend. Kate. Her eyes met mine only briefly before she straightened up and raised her head high.

“I’m only here to get some of Y/N’s things out of your dirty grasp,” she spoke arrogantly.

A lump formed in my throat and made it difficult for me to talk, leaving me no other choice but to silently nod. Kate glanced at me one more time before making her way to the stairs and disappearing around the corner. I was about to reach for the door to push it close when another body pushed itself through the gap. Familiar eyes met mine and an apologetic smile was offered.

“Nick?” I asked, surprised since he and Kate weren’t familiar with each other, at least as far as I knew.

“Hey man.”

He clapped me on the shoulder before walking past me so he could follow Kate upstairs. I stayed standing by the door. What the hell had just happened?

“Nick!” I called out.

“Leave us alone, Harry!”

It was Kate who called back, her head appearing from the bedroom door. Taking two stairs at a time I reached them in seconds. Kate was now standing by our bed, roaming though Y/N’s nightstand and I watched her with confusion as I struggled to comprehend what was going on.

“Kate,” I mumbled and reached out a hand to her, “stop.”

My voice didn’t sound like my own and I frowned at its raw and broken sound. Kate’s eyes met Nick’s, who stood behind me, before settling on my face.

“Why?” she asked and put down the books she was holding.

Y/N’s books. Kate crossed her arms and raised her perfect eyebrows, looking at me with nothing but hatred in her eyes.

“Y/N isn’t coming back, Harry. She’s done with you and the poor excuse of a boyfriend you were.”

“Kate,” Nick spoke calmly, as if trying to warn her not to hit a nerve.

But it was already done and I felt cold and tense all over as her words hit me like a slap to the face.
If Kate said it, it must be true, I realized, my thoughts cursing through my head so fast it was hard to grasp them.

“She’s not?” I asked.

“No, you idiot, of course she’s not!”

Kate pushed her long and blonde locks out of her face so I had a clear view on her rolling her eyes at my desperate words. She leaned down and picked the books she’d held back up and walked past me without uttering another word. This felt like a punch to the gut, somehow humiliating as she treated me like I was far below her, unworthy of more of her attention. When I turned around to face Nick he had trouble looking at me. It was only now that I noticed how we hadn’t actually seen each other since the night at the bar and after I’d told him about my infidelity via text, he hadn’t contacted me anymore at all. Now he stood before me, his shoulder slightly slacking and his eyes looking anywhere but at me.

“It was you, wasn’t it?” I said quietly, “You’re the one who told her, right?”

Nick bit his lip and nodded. “She was always a good friend to me, you know?”

“I get it,” I interrupted him, before he could form an apology or explanation.

I really did understand him and why he’d done it. He had a better sense of what was right and wrong than me. Nick smiled gently and muttered a quiet goodbye, before stuffing the few shirts he’d collected into his bag and exiting the room as well. I’d realized a lot today. One of it was that I had been blind for a very long time. And the second was a fact which slowly began to sink in, a little more each hour I spent without Y/N. Y/N would never be coming back to me and it would tear apart my heart.


It had been clear to me from very early on, that Y/N and I would fall into a greater, deeper and more consuming love than either of us had ever felt before. This had brought a sense of fear with it, as well as more joy than I could’ve even begin to describe.
We’d only been seeing each other for a few months when I’d let the magical three words fall from my lips. It had happened by accident, a declaration made after Y/N had just made me laugh so hard my belly hurt. To my great relief she’d reciprocated the words with no hesitation, making me the happiest person and us the happiest couple we could have become.
Y/N was by the far the most beautiful person I’d ever met. She’d easily caught my eye when I’d first saw her and after having spoken to her for the entire evening, I’d not only learned about her kind heart and good sense of humor, but had also began to notice how her eyes crinkled cutely when she smiled or how insanely kissable her lips looked. In fact, her beauty had somehow increased the longer we’d spent time together. Soon my heart had been aching for her affection, hands had started to itch to touch her and mind had burned to know more about her.  
Time passed and we’d grown so close, soon we were called inseparable by all of our friends. I’d loved her with all of my heart back then and had been certain that she’d love me just as much. Now I was left wondering when I’d stopped wanting to lay the word to her feet and instead put my most selfish needs first.

Sex with Cici was a lot different than sex with Y/N was. Her touch was rough as she often liked holding me down whilst she took over pace and rhythm, forcing the both of us to an orgasm quickly. Cici’s lips liked to bite and nip on my skin, leaving marks wherever she could reach me and when she was done she didn’t waste any time with affectioned embraces, but got to her feet and continued with her day, leaving me laying sweaty and still panting on her bed or wherever it was we did it. It was clear to the both of us that it was her who set the tone in our ‘relationship’. And it was clear that she wanted nothing from me, but my body, just like I didn’t want anything else from her either.  
Sex with Y/N was… as corny as it may sound, us proclaiming our love to each other. Her hands held on to me tightly, but never rough and without leaving marks. She kissed my lips with such intensity, it was sometimes her lips that stole my breath, rather than the pleasure. Not that she wasn’t great in bed or that it didn’t feel good, because it certainly did. It was a kind of pleasure more intense than any I’d ever felt before, even with Cici, however with Y/N, said pleasure didn’t come first. We didn’t sleep with each other to please our needs. Y/N and I had sex so we could become as connected to each other as it was humanly possible, wanting to have each other close.
So why had I needed another woman to satisfy my needs? I couldn’t tell. And I’d often wondered what I believed I were missing shortly after having slept with Y/N.
Perhaps I’d searched for more due to how easygoing Cici was with it all. She gave me head whenever I wanted her to and didn’t complain when I stopped by at her apartment in the middle of the night, asking her for a quick shag. Of course, in return, I had to be willing to comply when she called me, ordering me over so she could have her way with me. It happened this way more often, than me asking for her. She couldn’t get enough. Cici was cold and didn’t care and over time, I feared I’d become the same.


My closed fist met the wooden door with such force a stinging pain cursed from my knuckles up my arm, making me hiss. I didn’t stop though and continued to knock loudly. Finally the door flung open and there she was, my beautiful Y/N.
Her hair was a mess, sticking out into every direction, but I couldn’t pay much attention to it as my eyes instantly found her sleepy and swollen ones. They widened when she recognized me and I acted quickly, pushing my foot between the door and its frame, stopping her from closing the door again. She cursed and whined, pushing furiously at the handle.

“Please,” I begged, my voice thin and faint, “hear me out.”

She didn’t speak. She didn’t even look at me, but instead turned away her head and began pushing against the wood as hard as she could. My foot ached but I couldn’t give up now.

“Y/N, baby, I-”

I was interrupted by a loud sound, a mixture between a hiss and cry that made the blood freeze in my veins. It almost sounded inhumane and was a declaration of utter frustration and pain. Finally, the beautiful eyes I had missed and longed for so badly met my gaze with a burning intensity. Y/N’s lovely lips were set into a thin line and though she didn’t try to push the door shut anymore, her hard stare was enough to make me feel unwelcome.

“How dare you come here?” she asked, her voice so tense with anger it cut into my soul, “Huh? Is this the moment I’m supposed to jump into your arms and forget what happened? Forget what you did to me?”

I swallowed hard, desperately searching for the right words. “Y/N, I understand you don’t want me here. Of course you don’t, but I beg you to hear me out still.”

“Forget it,” Y/N replied coldly, “You are the last person I could ever want to see and there is no reason for you to be here anyway!”

“There isn’t?” I asked, my voice suddenly incredibly small.

I hadn’t been stupid enough to believe she wasn’t beyond angry with me, but god had I underestimated how much her rejection would hurt. My lungs ached as breathing became difficult and my sweaty palms shook heavily. If she would have punched me it would have been more pleasant. When a humorless laugh fell from her lips, I felt as if she’d spit in my face. Y/N shook hear head, an insincere smile pulling at her mouth.

“No, there isn’t,” she said, “I am here! This means there is no room for you! There will never be a "Harry and Y/N” ever again as there is no scenario in which I’d forgive you.“


The pleading word fell from my mouth before I could stop it.

“Did you think I would take you back? That I would still want you?” Y/N asked, “After you fucked someone else behind my back for month! And after I didn’t even find out through you, but was told by one of your friends!”

Yes. That had been exactly what I’d hoped for. I’d known it would be difficult, if not nearly impossible, but never completely ridiculous to believe. I’d been sure, that her and I would somehow be good again. But now, looking at her, it finally sunk in how mistaken I’d been. She’d never come back. The night we’d spent with each other had meant nothing, certainly not us vowing our love to each other.
I didn’t find it in me to feel ashamed for the tears slipping from my eyes. She had every right to see me cry, see how hurt I was, too. Maybe it would give her some satisfaction to see me in pain for once as it was just what I deserved and had brought onto myself. It was only fair, wasn’t it? I’d heard her cry more times than I could count, late at night when I came home to find her curled up in our bed, her entire frame shaking. And that was only if  I came home. There had probably been many more moments where I’d made her cry, without being there to notice. Without being there to at least face her pain. A sob wrecked through me and I lowered my gaze to my feet, too ashamed to look at her any longer.


“Please, Y/N,” I spoke shakily, “I need you to not hate me. That’s all I can ask. Please don’t hate me.”

She stayed silent after I uttered those words and I could feel her eyes on me, but I didn’t dare look up. I was too much of a coward.

“Please calm down,” Y/N sighed, yet not sounding annoyed,  really.

Hesitantly I looked at her and noticed how she was biting the inside of her cheek, something she always did when she was nervous.
I realized that she didn’t know how to deal with the situation either. She may have got herself a nice apartment and sorted it all out, but me appearing at her door shook her more than she liked to admit. When her orbs wandered back to find mine, I tried my best to keep her gaze, too afraid I’d never get them to look at me again if I let this bond break.
Sighing, she moved so I could enter the small space behind her and with weak legs I followed her into the living room, letting the door fall shut behind us.

“Looks nice,” I muttered.

She didn’t reply, but instead walked over to the sofa where her phone was, picked it up and began dialing.

“What are you doing?” I asked quietly, still unable to stop the tears from wetting my cheeks.

I took my time to muster her and how pretty she looked. The jumper falling from her shoulders gave her appearance a cuddly look and I, much like the first time we’d met, itched to reach out and hold her in my arms.

“I’m calling you a taxi,” she informed me quietly, “You’re too wound up to drive and you staying here certainly isn’t an option.”

My tongue felt heavy as I slowly spoke: “You won’t even listen.”

“It wouldn’t change anything if I did,” she replied, but set the phone to the side regardlessly.

She was so beautiful. And kind and loving and simply too good for me to have ruined her the way I had done. I watched her walk over and take a seat on one of the chairs by her table and noticed that it was the very same chair she used to drink her tea on when it had still stood in our kitchen. Our chair.

“Your moving men came last week to get what Nick and Kate couldn’t carry,” I muttered, even though she already knew that of course.

“They didn’t charge too much,” Y/N said emotionless, “I even got a discount when I explained that they were helping me escape an asshole of a boyfriend.”

She flinched when I moved closer to her and before either of us could properly react I was kneeling before her, grasping one of her hands in mine tightly and crying onto her skin.

“I’m begging you,” I whimpered, “my life can’t exist without you in it.”

“Harry,” Y/N winced but I didn’t give her a chance to reject me again.

“I’ll do whatever it is you want! Please, Y/N. Move to your favorite place in the world, quit my job, get us whatever pet it is you want! Even if it’s a llama or something else that’s completely ridiculous to keep in a city household. Anything, Y/N, please-”

“Delete the last four and a half months, Harry!” Y/N yelled, “Maybe I’d forgive you then!”

My body jumped back at the sudden raise in her voice and its volume. She forcefully pulled her fingers from my grasp.

“You cheated on me! You can’t even imagine what that felt like! What it still feels like everyday when I look into the mirror, when I stand there and ask myself what the hell it is that is so wrong with me you had to do this!”

“It’s not your fault, Y/N, I swear! It had nothing to do with you-”

“Sure it didn’t.”

The finality in her voice made me shut up and a new wave of pain and tears hit me as I truly saw what I’d caused. She shook her head and pushed my hands from her lap, as if too disgusted to have me touch her.

“Didn’t the night we spent together mean anything to you?”

I felt bad for not being able to keep the judgmental tone out of my voice, especially as I was probably the last person allowed to accuse her for using me for sex.
Something in her eyes widened and I knew I’d struck a nerve.

“Of course it meant something to me,” she whispered and I whimpered when she reached out to touch my cheek, just like she’d done that night. The gesture held so much comfort it caused another few tears to slip from my eyes.

“But Harry,” Y/N continued, holding my gaze with a raw kindness in her gaze, “It meant goodbye.”

Goodbye. It meant that we were done, our relationship dead and to never be revived again. All the nights we’d spent laughing together, cuddled up in bed while sharing our most sacred secrets, they were all gone. She’d never embrace me form behind while I was selecting a shirt, cuddling herself against my naked back again. Y/N would never drink her tea while I made her breakfast, again. And above all, I would never again hear her tell me she loved me.

“Goodbye,” I whispered, looking at my beautiful angel before me, “Okay.”

Without speaking any further I got to my feet and cleared my throat. She rose from her seat as well and looked at me expectantly.

“You don’t have to call a taxi,” I mumbled, “I’ll drive, it’s okay. Can I just quickly use the bathroom?”

“Sure,” she spoke and cleared her throat, pointing me to the hall to her right. “It’s the first door on the left.”


With heavy feet I made my way to the small bathroom, but instantly tensed when I heard the sound of my familiar ringtone erupt from where I’d placed my jacked on the couch. Shit. I knew exactly who it was, it could only be her.
Before I could react, the ringing ended and Y/N’s small and uncertain voice spoke: “Who is it?”

Silence. My heart jumped so badly it might as well have flown from my chest. She audibly gasped when the voice on the other end of the line introduced herself. Knowing Cici she’d probably said something inappropriate like “his dick sucker” or some shit that had my stomach turn and vomit raising in my throat.

“Yes, this is his phone. He’s gone to the bathroom.”

I wanted to interrupt her so badly, finding it hard to even imagine what she must feel talking to the woman I’d had an affair with. But a part of me, a tiny selfish little part, wanted to know what she’d say. Would she send Cici out of my life? Would the reality of there being another woman, make Y/N fight for me?

“I’m Y/N,” she continued, her voice, while tense and strained, stayed very collected, “I’m his ex girlfriend.”

I leaned forward so I could glance at her form where I stood. She sat with her back tensed and her fingers shook heavily. There were tears rising in her eyes, but she blinked them away.

“He’s with me,” she said and suddenly sounded much more confident.

Maybe there still was a chance for us, the selfish part of me rejoiced, but was shut down quickly when she spoke her next words:

“Don’t worry, though. You can have Harry. He’s not mine anymore.”

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“Who’s that? You asked your best friend, pointing to a boy with blue hair stand on the tumble track. “Oh, I guess his name is Ethan, he started coming here about a week ago.” She said looking to the guy. “We talked a little bit before you got here. He said he did gymnastics in high school and wanted to get back into it.” “Oh that’s really cool.” You replied as you watch him do 2 perfect back handsprings. “Stop staring at him, Y/N. You’re being creepy.” She grabbed your shoulders turning you away from him. “Plus he’s coming over.” “Hey Y/F/N!” He said with a big smile. “Hey Ethan! This is Y/N, by the way.” He smile toward you and you smiled back. You stood there looking for something to say. “Um, so, I was gonna go work on stuff on the floor, if you wanna, like, come with me.” You stutters your way through the question. “Yeah, sure. Lead the way, Y/N.” he said with another beautiful smile. You guys started to walk off to the floor. Y/F/N turned to another girl standing by. “They are gonna get married some day and it’s gonna be all because of me. Just you wait.” The other girl laughed and the two turned to watch you and Ethan starting a great relationship.

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For the Valentine's Giveaway. I was thinking that maybe Derek got a reservation at this fancy shmancy restaurant but Stiles got a minor serious injury so instead they would stay at the loft and have a Star Wars marathon and Stiles would use cheesy Star Wars pickup line. I hope it's no too much... :)

Also on ao3!

Stiles couldn’t help but feel guilty. Reasonably, he knew it wasn’t his fault but he still felt responsible. He had ruined everything.

Derek had made reservations for them at the fanciest, most expensive restaurant in all of Beacon County over two months ago, reserving them a table for two in a private section. Stiles had never even been to Le Papillon before, beyond excited to dine at the same place his parents used to go for each and every one of their anniversaries.

Derek had been extremely excited too, in his own understated way, blushing a bit when he told Stiles about the reservations back in January. Stiles had taken to occasionally mentioning it in conversation just to see the way that his boyfriend’s face lit up with a bright smile stretching over his face.

He was so proud of himself, for his foresight of reserving them a table long before Valentine’s Day, for the romantic thought he had put into it, for the fact that for once he was using his ridiculous amount of money for something a little bit self-indulgent. And Stiles was equally proud of him, telling him as much at least once a day leading up to their Valentine’s Day reservation.

And then, the morning of their reservation, Stiles ruined it.

He had been practicing lacrosse with Isaac and Boyd when the accident happened, both of them volunteering to help him with his shooting after Scott texted him to announce he was busy going out to brunch with Allison. Everything had been going well, Stiles actually scoring a few times, though he had the sneaking suspicion that the two betas were holding back, when his foot got snagged in an unseen hole.

He had twisted his ankle, falling face first onto the lacrosse field, getting a mouthful of grass and dirt as he landed with a loud, heavy thud. Pain had instantly shot through his leg, his ankle throbbing as he tried to stand, only to tumble back down with a pained yelp.

Boyd had carried him back to the Jeep, carefully setting him down in the backseat with Isaac who took away some of the pain with a hand on Stiles’ arm while Boyd rifled around Stiles’ lacrosse bag for his car keys. Once he found them, letting out a triumphant grunt, he drove them all straight to Deaton’s, Stiles begging them not to take him to a hospital, unable to afford it.

Deaton had diagnosed him with a sprained ankle, giving him a few ibuprofen pills and setting him up with a temporary cast. He advised Stiles to stay off his feet for a few days at least before shooing them out of the vet clinic, needing to neuter a couple of dogs. Stiles really didn’t want to see that anyhow.

Boyd and Isaac had taken him to the loft at his own behest, both of them helping him up the ridiculous amount of stairs that led up to the loft. Reluctant as he was to tell Derek that he wouldn’t be able to go out to dinner that night, his leg still throbbing, he knew that it was best to just get it over with and hope Derek wasn’t too upset.

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"Kiss me" with bokuto and his crush playing 7 minutes in heaven and he's nervous but she's been waiting for this oppurtunity for a while.

Bokuto Koutarou:

Bokuto seriously wondered how such a terrifying turn of events was cursed upon him.
When Konoha had told the team that he was hosting a Valentine’s Day party, not a single soul thought anything of it. It was sure to be a casual get together, with Konoha, everything was terribly lowkey. However, every suspicion they had was absolutely contradicted. Everyone on the team, including Bokuto himself, began to believe that Konoha had planned this elaborate event just to spite them, and spite them he did.
Bokuto hated being oblivious, sometimes. Walking into the party was incredibly awkward, his eyes trailing behind a couple against the wall as he loudly exclaimed, “What are they doing that for?”, and receiving a slap from Akaashi, who was just as flustered as the couple he called out.
“You know exactly what their doing.” Akaashi grumbled, shoving his hands in his pockets. “If I knew there was going to be this many people here, I would’ve just stayed home.” 

Bokuto was still confused, his eyes doing circuits around Konoha’s house. A really bad American pop song was echoing off of every wall and every ceiling, the bass resonating through his bones. People were scattered everywhere, in the mud room, the kitchen, the living room, spilling out of the basement and bathroom and back yard, and Bokuto began to wonder where in the world this kid’s parents were. Now Bokuto, although being a natural born leader, sometimes had a lack of backbone, and he knew it. So there he was, being pushed around, sat down into one large, comical circle. He wasn’t really sure what it was for, but there was a hat and about twenty stips of paper, and he began to think it was a cult initiation. Knowing Konoha, that was a definite possibility . Although, it wasn’t a cult meeting, it was more like a seance, the passing around of the hat and people rapidly scribbling down their name, but when the hat came to Bokuto, he was very confused on what to do. He looked up at Konoha, who was smirking quite deviantly, and frowned.
“What’s this for?”
“You’ll see.”
With that, Bokuto scribbled down his name and tossed it into the hat. He sat there for a while, listening in on a group of girls giggling, then it hit him.
Seven Minutes In Heaven.
Bokuto had just notoriously gotten himself stuck in a game of Seven Minutes In Heaven and the only way out was through. He gulped, his hands getting fidgety. He tried to spot Akaashi in the circle, only to find him halfway across the room huddled up on the couch with Konoha’s Shiba Inu, which wasn’t surprising. One by one, people dropped their name into the hat, when suddenly it stopped, and people began picking. Bokuto really didn’t want to kiss anyone, especially someone he didn’t like, or know, and judging by the faces he saw in this crowd, the probability of him getting stuck with a stranger was very, very high. He did know two people, though, the captain of Fukurodani’s soccer club, who he wouldn’t kiss if his life depended on it, and __ __. He wasn’t all that sure if he wanted to kiss __ or not. She was one of Konoha’s friends, a girl who always showed up in the gym for a couple of minutes before parting to go to her own club. Bokuto didn’t really like her, but God, did he like her. If you asked him if he had a crush, he would deny it, but that was only because he was denying it from himself as well. When he saw her sitting in that circle, laughing at something her friend said, he flushed up, his eyes focusing on the carpet beneath her. She was gorgeous, he thought, too pretty to be playing a stupid frat game like this. Something bubbled up in his chest, anger, jealousy, and God knows what else. He didn’t have a crush on her, absolutely not, but the thought of her being locked in a closet with someone who wasn’t him enraged him, but he didn’t have a crush on her. He just thought she was pretty, that’s all. More and more people stood up to wonder off into closets, a fit of giggles erupting every time someone nervously stood up and took another person’s hand. Bokuto couldn’t focus on the game, he was solely focused on the patch of carpet beneath __ __. He didn’t know how long he was zoned out, twenty minutes, at best. He’d be there longer if it weren’t for a fateful chant of “Bokuto, hey, Bokuto. Bokuto.”
His eyes snapped up to meet Konoha’s, whose smirk was wider than before.
“You were picked.”
Bokuto gulped, his eyes scanning the room for signs. Then he looked back to the little patch of carpet and saw nothing on top. His chest constricted and his stomach flipped, his eyes wondering upwards to look at her, her hands nervously clenching and unclenching at her sides. Bokuto was frozen, probably gaping too, because someone had pushed him up by the back and shoved him, forcing him to stand up and almost tumble over her. He flashed a quick look at her, then looked back at Konoha, who mouthed a quick ‘you can thank me later’, before shutting him in the closet.
He blinked, staring straight ahead at the door that was slammed in his face.
“Hey.” She peeped from behind him. “Who would’ve guessed I’d be put in here with you?”
Bokuto didn’t dare turn around, the intimidation factor far too high. He could face volleyball players with three times his skill, but for some odd reason, he didn’t dare look into the eyes of this girl that he could instantly crush.
“Who would’ve guessed?” He mocked, slowly, slowly turning around. She looked up at him with a smirk, her arms crossed and her weight shifted to one side.
“We don’t have to do anything if you’re nervous.” She shrugged. “I get it.”
Bokuto nodded, glancing down at his feet. The thing was, deep down, he really wanted to kiss her, and seven minutes was definitely not enough time to do so. He looked up, his eyes meeting hers.
“I’m not nervous, just intimidated.” He winced, internally slapping himself for admitting such a thing. “You’re really, really pretty.”
She chuckled, shuffling closer to him.
“Thank you. That’s definitely not something I expected to hear tonight, so thank you.”
Bokuto nervously grabbed her hand, lacing his fingers with his. All the doubt that he had a crush on her vanished, because god, the way her hand fit into his was perfect, and call him crazy but they had to be soulmates or something, because he was absolutely malfunctioning over the simple touch of a hand.
“Kiss me.” He muttered quick, his hand clutching tighter onto hers. She peered up at him, wide eyed and agape. She wasn’t expecting him to say that, and quite frankly, Bokuto didn’t even know if she wanted to kiss him, but she did. She did because she popped up onto her tiptoes, her arms snaking around his neck and her lips softly colliding with his. Bokuto freaked, instantly dodging away and gasping.
“Holy shit.” He muttered. “Do that again.”
“I barely even kissed you.” She chuckled. “I can do better if you don’t move away.”
Bokuto nodded, his shaky hands enveloping her waist. He almost hooted when her lips fell against his again, gently pulling away then coming back in. It was soft and warm, and amazing, the opposite of every connotation this game had offered. He didn’t want this to be a game, he really wanted this to be a reality, because he knew once those doors opened back up, things would go straight back to normal. He’d only ever see her when she stopped by to drop of Konoha, and she’d only ever know him as the captain of the volleyball team. He didn’t want that at all.
“Hey.” He whispered, breaking the kiss. “You know I really meant it when I said you were pretty.”
She nodded, her hands subconsciously fiddling with his hair.
“I know, you don’t seem like the one to give a false compliment.”
“I would really like it if this wasn’t the last place we ever kiss.”
She snorted, then started laughing, leaning her head on his shoulder. His skin went cold and his heart started racing, wondering if he had said the wrong thing.
“Oh, Bokuto, honey.” She sniffled. “Konoha told me that you liked me.”
“He what?” Bokuto gaped.
“He told me that you liked me. You know, in a romantic way.”
“I’ve never-” Bokuto began to stutter. “I’ve never said anything, though…” As Bokuto began to think, the more he realized he was oblivious to his own crush on her. All the times he’s exclaimed how pretty she was in practice, all the times he’s asked Konoha about her, they all came rushing back. He groaned, hanging his head.
“Don’t worry.” She giggled, kissing his cheek softly. “Don’t you ever wonder why I stop by to your practice all the time?”
“To talk to Konoha?”
“No, I see that idiot enough already.” She popped back down to the floor, giving Bokuto a playful nudge in the side. “I come to see someone else.”
“Akaashi?” He questioned, cocking his head to the side. “Oh… Oh! You mean me! I’m the someone else!”
She nodded, smiling bashfully.
“I’ve always thought you were really cool…” She opened her mouth to say something, then closed it, opting for a shake of the head. “And honestly, Bokuto. I wouldn’t mind kissing you elsewhere.”

Day Two: Hypothermia

I’M SO SO SORRY I DIDN’T HAVE WIFI YESTERDAY AND I RAN OUT OF DATA SO I COULDN’T POST THIS YESTERDAY I TRIED FOR HALF AN HOUR STRAIGHT! Anyway, here it is. Tiny spoilers for episodes one and two of season three but nothing major. Words: 1.9k

“Why do we have to be on this stupid planet?” Lance griped, traipsing through the thick rainforest. “There aren’t even any cute girls.”

“Because, Lance,” Keith muttered, pushing away a tree branch. “I needed another person to come with me, and you were the only one who wasn’t doing anything. Quit complaining, at least the weathers nice.”

“For now,” Lance grumbled. “We don’t know what it’s like when the sun goes down. We’re not even wearing our suits, what if something happens?”

“We’re just getting plants, Lance,” Keith sighed. “Nothing’s going to happen, you’ll be fine. We’ll be back by sundown.”

“Whatever, brilliant leader,” Lance muttered. “Lead the way.”

“Found it!” Keith grinned, planting his feet firmly on the ground and tugging at a weedy looking plant sticking up out of the soft ground. “Allura’s going to be so happy!”

“Hate to burst your bubble,” Lance interjected. “But i have no idea where we are, and it’s starting to get dark.” Keith dropped the plant, glancing up at the sky. Sure enoug it was painted in red and gold hues, signaling the beginning of nightfall. “Do you even know where we’re supposed to meet Hunk?”

“We’ll find it, don’t worry,” Keith said, his tone uncertain.

It occurred to Lance that they had been walking in circles for half an hour, ending up at the same spring they had passed twenty minutes ago. “Are you sure you know where you’re going?” Lance asked quietly, not wanting to aggravate Keith.

“Lance, I said I’ve got it!” Keith snapped, running a hand through his hair. A cold wind ran through the forest, sending a sharp shiver through Lance’s body.

“Are you sure?” Keith’s shoulders slumped, and he let out a shaky breath.

“No,” he admitted. “We’re lost.” He pinched the bridge of his nose, shutting his eyes. “How could I have let this happen?” He groaned. “I’m supposed to be your leader, and I just got you lost. I’m sorry, Lance. I know you didn’t even want to be here in the first place.”

“Hey, don’t worry about it,” Lance said, placing a comforting hand on Keith’s shoulder. “We should keep moving. It’s getting colder.”

If anything, they were more lost. Night had officially come, and it had brought freezing temperatures and icy winds. Keith shuddered violently, wrapping his arms around each other. His thin jacket was no match for these temperatures, and Lance was glad that his mama had believed in thick, quality jackets. “Do you recognize any of this?” Keith asked, his voice trembling with cold.

“No,” Lance said, rubbing his arms in an effort to stay warm. Another sharp shiver made its way through Keith’s body. He tried to move forward but his legs were shaking and he nearly fell over. “You good?”

“Fine,” Keith responded. “come on, let’s keep going. The sooner we get off of this planet the better.”

It was clear to Lance that he would have to force Keith to take a break when he started to lose his coordination. “Hey, Keith, why don’t we take a break,” Lance suggested, putting his hand gently on Keith’s shoulder. The gesture did nothing to calm Keith down and he continued trying to walk, his eyes wild.

“I- I have to find our way back,” Keith said, nearly walking into a tree before Lance grabbed the back of his jacket, pulling him back.

“Don’t think that’s the best idea right now,, buddy,” Lance said. “You can barely walk.” Lance didn’t want to stop searching for where they began but Keith looked exhausted, his eyelids drooping and his cheeks bright red from the cold wind howling through the trees.

Keith sunk down against the trunk of a tree, resting his head on Lance’s shoulder. Keith’s skin was cold to the touch, making worry build in Lance’s chest. He was freezing, despite his warm jacket. He glanced over at Keith, wondering how bad off he was.

“How’re you feeling?” Lance asked, knowing that he wouldn’t like the answer that came out of Keith’s mouth.

“Bad,” Keith slurred. Lance but his lip.

“Hypothermia,” he thought. Even though he had never had hypothermia he recognized the signs, the loss of coordination, the slurred speech. he began to rub Keith’s shoulders, trying to coax some warmth into his body. Another violent shudder passed through Keith’s body and Lance could nearly hear Keith’s teeth chatter in his skull.

“I’m really tired, Lance,” Keith said, his voice nearly silent. Lance’s heart jumped in his chest, his concern rosin as he realized how quickly Keith’s heath was diminishing.

“No, come on, Keith, stay awake,” Lance begged. He began to rub Keith’s shoulders more vigorously, drawing Keith’s head into his chest in a vain attempt to combine their body heat. Keith’s head dropped, lolling around his chest. His eyes were shut and his breathing was slower, much slower than it should have. Lance uttered a string of curses, tugging his jacket off of his body and draping it over Keith. He lied down on the ground, pulling Keith on top of him.He desperately hoped that Keith’s body heat, albeit limited, would help him be as alert as possible for Keith.

The cold bit into Lance’s skin, making him tremble. He turned his face to the ground in an effort to shield it from the wind, but he knew it wouldn’t be long before he started feeling as bad as Keith. Keith was
still listless, barely breathing and constantly shivering. Lance gently pressed two fingers against Keith’s icy wrist, feeling his slow but present pulse. Lance let a sigh of relief, although he knew that it wouldn’t be long before Keith’s body began to shut down for good.

“Lance?” Lance’s eyes flew down to Keith, who was slowly blinking his eyes open. “M’so cold.” Lance’s fingers fluttered to Keith’s forehead to find icy skin underneath his fingertips. Keith’s temperatures had undoubtedly gone down and Lance was starting to go into full on panic mode. He wanted more than anything to bring Keith far, far away from this planet but he wasn’t sure how well he could walk, let alone support another human being.

“You’re so warm,” Keith murmured, snuggling his head into the base of Lance’s neck. Lance knit his eyebrows. lance knew that his own body temperature was below what it should be. If he was warm to Keith, how cold was Keith?

Keith had fallen asleep again, his breathing down to a maddeningly slow pace. It was maybe three am, only three more hour until daybreak, but Lance was sure that by the time the sun rose, Keith may already be dead. That thought had just crossed his mind when he heard the roar.

The yellow lion bounded through the trees, lighting up the night with illuminated eyes. It stopped not three feet away from Lance and Keith as it opened its mouth, allowing Hunk to bound out.

“Thank voltron i found you two!” He gasped, scooping Keith up from Lance’s chest. Lance’s jacket fell to the ground and he scooped it up, sliding it on. “Can you walk?”

“I think so,” Lance responded, standing on unsteady feet. He grabbed onto Hunk’s arm for support, leaning heavily on him. Hunk, wearing his armor, nearly radiated heat and Lance let out a soft sigh. He stepped into the yellow lion as Hunk set Keith down gently on the floor, cradling his head.

“Get some sleep, Lance,” Hunk murmured. Lance’s eyes were beginning to close and he laid down next to Keith on the floor of the lion, Keith curling up against him like a cat. “You’re going to be just fine.”

Lance awoke a few hours later, blankets loaded onto his chest and heat blasting from the vents of the med bay. Hunk was cross legged in a chair, wearing a tee shirt and shorts, and he brightened up when he saw Lance.

“Lance!” he grinned, standing from his chair and walking over. “ How’re you feeling?”

“Better,” Lance responded, glancing over at the bed next to him. “How’s Keith doing?” Hunk’s grin melted off of his face a bit, and he took on a more serious tone.

“You both had hypothermia, but he was way worse. He could have died by the time day came. He hasn’t woken up yet but he’ll be fine. He’s going to need a few days of rest, though.”

“How come we weren’t in the pods?” Lance asked.

“They wouldn’t work on hypothermia. Alteans can’t get hypothermia, so the pods wouldn’t sense a problem. The blankets and the hundred degree room temperature seemed to do the trick, though.” He leaned over, reaching out a hand and placing it on Lance’s forehead. “You’re Almost fully recovered, by the way. You can go, if you want.”

Lance glanced over at Keith a second time, drinking in his appearance. He was still pale, and he shivered slightly, even under the massive pile of blankets. “How much longer until he wakes up?” Hunk shrugged.

“Not sure. The important thing is that he’s not going to die. He could be asleep for another week, I have no idea.” Lance could leave. He could go and join the rest of the team in their day off, have some food. But after Keith had nearly died in his arms, it didn’t seem right to leave until he could see with his own eyes that Keith would be ok.

Thankfully, Lance and Hunk didn’t have to wait long for Keith to wake up. Lance had only been sitting next to Hunk for five hours, a thick blanket draped over his shoulders when Keith began to wake up.

“Keith!” Lance gasped, standing up, his blanket tumbling off of his shoulders. He walked over to Keith, laying a hand on his cheek. Keith’s temperature had gone up but he was still cold to the touch. Keith cracked a small smile, looking up at Lance with bleary eyes.

“Looks like you were right, Lance.”


“That mission really wasn’t a good idea.”

Hunk announced that he was going to tell the rest of the team that Keith had woken up, and that he was going to make the pair of them his famous chicken noodle soup. “It’ll warm you up in no time,” he promised, already halfway out the door. That left Lance sitting on the foot of Keith’s cot, his eyes trained on Keith’s face.

“I guess i should thank you,” Keith said. Lance furrowed his brow.


“I would have died without you,” Keith answered like it was the most obvious thing in the world. “Without your jacket and added body heat i would have been a goner.”

“Are you calling me hot, mullet?” Lance chuckled, his eyes shining. “I always knew you had a thing for me.” Keith rolled his eyes, although he didn’t say anything to the contrary.

“Seriously, though,” he pushed. “You wouldn’t have gotten hypothermia if you had kept your jacket. Why did you give it to me?” He glanced down, and Lance could her the guilt coating his words.

“I guess I was just focused on saving you,” Lance responded. Keith shuddered and. Lance gave a frown. “Are you still cold under all of those?”

“A little,” Keith admitted.

“Scoot over,” Lance instructed, crawling into Keith’s bed next to him. Keith rested his head on Lance’s chest, feeling warmer already. Lance only put out a tiny bit of heat but to Keith, it was the equivalent to an inferno.

right // jimin (M)

Originally posted by hoseokijn

Flatmate!au. 4.3 words of everything Park Jimin doesn’t like in bed that you would do right –unlike the girls he brought home.

❝Had there always been a sultry look in his eyes when you’d stretch in the middle of a movie, ravishing the fleeting moment of perfection without you noticing and thought he was sporting a usual, carefree, cheeky grin? Had his dark gaze lingered on your ass a tad too long each time you got up to get some popcorns from the kitchen and stayed on you, undressing you with his eyes until you came back and he had to avert his eyes back to the TV screen as if he’d been engorged in whatever was playing and smiled with innocent enthusiasm at the sugary sweetness you brought as if he didn’t just eye fucked you? Had there been a sinfully silent enjoyment in his ear splitting grin when you’d chastely pressed your body into him, in the need to fit both of you in the screen when you were taking seemingly, friendly innocent selfies? ❞

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This could be our thing

Short little one shot about Harry and his lovely girlfriend baking christmas cookies together. Hope you are all well and that you’ll like this! :) 

Warnings: none, it’s pure fluff

Gif isn’t mine but oh gosh look at his face!

I pressed the doorbell to my boyfriend’s apartment and though I’d done it several times before, it still freaked me out. My heart dropped to the pit of my stomach and I breathed in shakily as I waited for him to open. My hands were shaking too and my knees weaker than they ever had. Harry would be here any second to invite me into his home and it’d be so ordinary and what any other couple did on a daily basis. Seeing Harry would be normal, just like hanging out with him. Only that it wasn’t, not in my head. Though he was familiar to me by now, coming by to his house to spend the afternoon with him, had a rush curse through me and made me wanna jump around. My tummy was dancing with happiness.  
I heard a faint hum followed by steps, then I was met with the sight of my boyfriend. He was so gorgeous it surprised me anew each time. His soft brown hair stuck out in different directions and the shirt he wore emphasized his muscly figure perfectly. Harry’s clear green eyes instantly locked with mine and a smile stretched his lips the moment he saw it was me.

“Hello, love!” he greeted me happily and opened his arms so I could step into them and hug him.

My reply was muffled as I pressed my face into his warm chest and I breathed him in contently while wrapping both arms around his neck, squeezing him tightly for a moment. Harry chuckled lowly before making a cooing noise and I felt him brush his nose against my temple.

“Did you miss me?”

I only nodded and smiled against the fabric of his jumper. Harry chuckled once more and wrapped both arms around my waist, squeezing tightly but not too tight all the same. He was perfect, I thought. Fair enough, Harry and I hadn’t been dating for too long yet, so it was possible that me believing he was flawless came from the rush of being in a new relationship. But honestly, I couldn’t think of any part of his, that I couldn’t fall in love with.

I slowly loosened my hold on him and took a step back, looking up at him with a mirroring smile on my lips.

“What’s the plan?” I asked, “You called and I’m here. What did you need my help for? Is something wrong?”

Harry grinned smugly at me and squeezed my hips to which he was still holding on to. “I didn’t really need your help. Just wanted to lure you here so I could test my freshly baked cookies on you.”

“Well, you wouldn’t have to go to such lengths,” I giggled and reached down to take his hands, “You only would have had to say the word ‘cookie’ and I’d rushed here faster than I have now.”

“Oh, alright, nice,” he laughed, squeezing my fingers before he pulled me into his apartment.

The warmth of his home enveloped me, instantly setting me at ease and calming my anxious emotions. Though they still had me wary around him and think twice about every move I made, I didn’t feel awkward. Harry and I had started dating a little over a month ago and everything was going more than well. He was funny and had me laughing most of the time we spend together. His intelligence surprised me anew whenever we had a long conversation and above all he was the nicest person I’d ever met. And though Harry never failed to make me feel comfortable, it was difficult for me to fully let go around him. Being with him was so new and not like anything I knew. Sometimes I felt ashamed for being worried, as nothing indicated that he struggled with getting used to have a girlfriend.

I slipped off my shoes and being the gentleman he was, Harry reached for my arms to steady me. He even hung my coat for me, making my heart jump at how cute he was being and so I leaned up to kiss his soft cheek in thanks.

A blush rose to his cheeks and his dimples showed. “C'mon, love.”

Harry led me to his kitchen where I could already smell the sweet scent of cookies and he directed me to sit on the counter so I could watch him. I hesitated first, uncomfortable with the idea as it almost felt a little intruding, but he insistent and so I clumsily climbed up and sat down.

“Now, I don’t want you to do anything,” he ordered and gave me a stern look, but his cheeky eyes betrayed him and I giggled. Harry continued: “I didn’t call you to do my christmas baking for me. You just tell me if you like the cookies or not.”

I shrugged and let my feet dangle from the high surface. “Sounds good to me. Wouldn’t wanna bust your ego.”

Harry pushed some of his longer strands out of his lovely face and turned back to face me, stopping his action of fastening his blue apron. Both of his hands were white with flour which I somehow only noticed now and my heart sped up at how incredibly adorable he looked. So comfortable and sure of himself, confident and funny. All Harry Styles and cute houseman at the same time.

“Bust my ego?” he challenged.

I nodded. Harry stepped closer and I spread my legs slightly so he could stand in between them.

“Now tell me,” he spoke lowly, one of his hands reaching up to poke my nose in a teasing gesture, “how would my oh so lovely girlfriend, manage to bust my ego? Which I don’t have, by the way. I’m not a vain person or-”

“S'not what I meant,” I reassured him and gently traced his forehead with my index finger and he momentarily closed his eyes, “I know you’re not a vain man, Harry.”

“Then what is it you were implying?”

I shrugged and took hold of one of his hands. “I’m quite good at baking myself, you know?”

Harry raised both brows and though he still grinned, I noticed something else light up in his eyes.

“Quite good, huh?”

I nodded and kicked my feet a little faster.

“How good?” Harry asked.

“You said you didn’t want me to bake for you, so you’ll never know.”

“Okay,” Harry nodded, as if deep in thought, then he pulled his hand away from my hold. “Good. This has just become a competition, then.”

“Has it?” I wondered and leaned in to press another featherlight kiss to his warm cheek.

Harry quietly hummed and nodded. “Oh, yes.”

His hands found my wrists and I shrieked when he began to pull. “Harry!”

A laugh fell from his pink lips and he grasped my waist so he could lift me off the counter and set be back onto my feet. I came to a tumbling stand and held onto his shoulders for a moment, before allowing him to step back so he could opened one of the drawers to our left.

“What are you doing now?”

He didn’t reply, but instead crouched down and began looking for something. Once victorious, Harry turned to stand in front of me with another blue apron in his hands, holding it out for me to take.

“Are we really doing this?” I asked, not quite sure if he was being serious or not.

“Absolutely,” Harry chuckled, “Put it on and get ready to have your ego busted, darling.”

“Alright, slow down,” I laughed.


My hands were sticky with dough and I felt way too hot. Harry had just put the second tray of oatmeal-chocolate-chip cookies in the oven and was now helping me with cleaning up the bowls we had used.
In order to find out who was the better baker, we’d decided to both make the same kind of cookies and then afterwards choose whose were better by shape, taste and color. We’d only made it to half a tray though, before Harry’s flour covered arms had wrapped around my waist to pull me to the side so he could take away my space and bake by himself, claiming that I wasn’t playing fair.

“How am I not being fair?” I’d then asked and had thrown some flour at him.

“You’re cheating, I know it. No way your cookies are sticking together better than mine are.”

“Oh, you’re such a sore loser,” I’d accused him, before I’d pushed at his chest so I could resume with my own tray.

Harry had only let me form one more cookie, before he once again wrapped his tattooed arms around my waist and he’d pull me flush against his chest, forcing my hands from the dough bowl. I’d laughed and had only struggled half-heartily, too happy to be in his arms again.

“You won’t even let me win,” I’d whined.

I’d shuddered when his warm mouth had settled right between my shoulder-blades in a kiss and my head had moved back to rest against his shoulder.

“Baking is my thing,” Harry had murmured quietly, “You’re not supposed to be better at something I was trying to impress you with.”

“Awe,” I’d cooed and laughed when he’d squeezed me tighter as a low growl had fallen from his mouth, “It doesn’t have to be my thing or just yours. Could be something we do together, you know?”

I smiled at Harry as he now stood beside me, drying the last spatula we’d used. Noticing me staring at him, he cheekily nudged his him with mine, smiling so wide his cute dimples showed.

“I’m really happy to be here,” I confessed quietly.

“Christmas has always been my favorite season,” Harry replied calmly and put the spatula away.

He then turned to me and reached down so he could hold onto my waist gently.

“And I think with you by my side, I might just like it a even more.”

When Harry’s warm lips found mine, I was still smiling. My heart squeezed almost painfully and my tummy tingled when a low moan fell from Harry’s mouth in response to me deepening the kiss. His hands moved from my waist up to hold my jaw before traveling down my arms to take hold of my wrists, pulling both arms up and laying them around his own neck.
We hadn’t started dating long ago and there were still a few insecurities to overcome on my part, but in that moment I knew, that there was no place I’d rather be than wherever he was. Harry made me so incredibly happy and I felt like the luckiest person in the world. It was too early to say it, and I would keep it to myself for a long while, but I knew then, that I loved him with all of my heart.

Hope you enjoyed it! Feedback is welcome, requests are currently closed! :) 

BIGBANG Reactions To You Being Hounded By Paparazzi


You and Seunghyun had just finished eating at one of the fancy exclusive restaurants he frequented, when you heard the distinct click of a camera. You both instantly looked around to find the source and eventually your eyes settled on what appeared to be a high school student dining with her parents. She smiled smugly before typing away on her cellphone. Seunghyun immediately tugged on your sleeve, “come on, let’s get out of here before the paparazzi find out.” You nodded before you remembered that you hadn’t paid. “You go on ahead first, I’ll go pay quickly,” he reassured. The second you made your way out the back entrance you heard a rush of footsteps. In barely a second you were crowded by microphones and cameras. You tried to push your way through but it was nearly impossible. They barely budged. You avoided say anything, as you persistently tried to push through before you heard the backdoor slam again. You didn’t even have to turn around to know it was Seunghyun, since all the paparazzi had begun calling out his name as well. Seeing your struggle to get to his car, Seunghyun paid no attention and successfully made his way to you. “Please let us through,” he first said trying to sound polite. When the paparazzi continued, all he said was “excuse us,” as he began to push both of you through. The second you were in the car and managed to lose the paparazzi Seunghyun looked towards you worriedly, “are you okay?” You simply nodded and gave him a kiss on the cheek, “thank you for saving me back there.”

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Jiyong had told you countless of times that it was better if you didn’t come to meet him at the airport. Since news of the two you dating had just been revealed, the paparazzi and press had been extra crazy. You couldn’t help yourself though, he had been gone for months and you missed him dearly. Before you knew it, you found yourself decked out in a ridiculous excuse as undercover clothing. You were waiting on a bench outside the sign that read “arrivals”, having arrived early. About and hour later you saw the first stream of people begin to make their way through the hallway, and excitement flowed through you. You had just seen the tip of Jiyong’s head rounding the corner when you felt someone bump into you, knocking your glasses to the ground; leaving your face exposed. A second barely passed as you scrambled to pick up your glasses when you began hearing your name being called by multiple people. Before you knew it you were crowded by numerous paparazzi and camera, each asking you multiple questions at a time. Abruptly overwhelmed, you stood frozen in place, your mouth hung open, words failing you. As soon as Jiyong noticed the commotion and recognized you, he immediately rushed to your aid, abandoning his suitcase on the way. He pushed himself through the hoard and took you by the arm and quickly told you to run to the limo waiting outside for him. The second you were both seated he captured you in a tight hug. “Y/N, you nearly gave me a heart attack! Do you ever listen to me? I told you to stay home-” he was about to continue reprimanding before he saw your eyes cloud with unshed tears and he immediately softened,”I’m glad you’re safe. Let’s go home.”

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Being the forgetful person Taeyang had come to love, you forgot to bring both glasses and a mask to disguise yourself as you left to a nearby grocery store. Youngbae had yet to wakeup as you browsed each section of the store trying to figure out what you wanted to surprise him with for breakfast. The young cashier’s eyes nearly bulged when she saw who you were  and you smiled and motioned to her to keep it a secret. You were nearing your apartment when you saw a mass of paparazzi crowding the entrance. You silently cursed and tried to make your way to the back entrance, but it was equally blocked. You quickly turned around to attempt to lay low until they left, but one of them managed to catch the side of your face as you turned. “It’s Y/N!” You heard him shout and you flinched. Before you even knew what was happening you were hounded with questions, microphones, and cameras in your face. You wordlessly pushed your way through; the grocery bag in your hand getting ripped in the process. Just as you sighed in relief at almost making it out you tripped on one of the paparazzi’s camera stand and went tumbling to the floor. You heard them all gasp and decided to take the opportunity and quickly made your way inside despite the pain you felt in your knee; abandoning the groceries. You tried to quietly make your way inside the apartment, to not wake up Taeyang but it was too late. The second he heard the door creak open he rushed towards you with a big smile ready to bid you good morning. His smiled dropped though and he paused as his eyes caught sight of your now bloodied knee and scraped hands. “Jagiya, what happened?” He asked, voiced laced with deep concern. You put on a smile and reassured him, “oh nothing I just tripped coming up the stairs that’s all.” His eyes narrowed, pleading for you to tell him the truth. You sighed, “I forgot to wear a mask and there was a crowd of paparazzi downstair and as I was trying to make my escape I tripped and fell.” Taeyang was visibly upset by the whole ordeal but he could tell you were a bit shaken up, so instead he silently tended to all your wounds despite your protests that you were fine. 

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You and Daesung had been dating for two years now and you were on such good terms with his parents and family that you visited them often. Just like all  the other times, you were on your way to visit them baring gifts (most of them being desserts). You had just reared around the corner when you spotted the large crowd of paparazzi surronding their home. Just then you received a text from Daesung’s mom informing you that it might be best if you came another time. You were determined, though. You had seen how excited his father had been when you had promised to bake him his favourite flavoured pie the last time you came. You slipped on a hoodie, making sure to pull up the hood and slid on a pair of large glasses. You parked your car around the corner so it would be hidden from view, and began to casually make your way down, opting for their house’s back entrance.  You could’ve pulled it off if it hadn’t been for one particularly curious paparazzi. The second he saw you, his eyes would not leave you. The look in his eyes looked perplex, almost as if he was trying to solve a puzzle. You had just passed the majority of the hoard when he finally connected the dots and figured out who you were. It didn’t take long before you were surrounded and your name was being yelled from each direction. You apologized profusely as you asked them to move aside as you were trying to get by but they refused to listen. You had nearly made it out when you felt one of them grab you harshly by the arm and pull you back. The force in which he used caused you to fall right on your ass and spill all the contents of the bag you carried; including the pie. You were beyond upset at this point, but you knew that any wrong move from your part would result in the tabloids making you the bad guy. Just then, you felt yourself being helped up by none other than Daesung’s sister, his parents not too far behind. With their help you managed to escape. They were all visibly worried though, so worried that they couldn’t help but contact Daesung and tell him what happened. He was very upset but above anything else he was worried. He was worried whether you had been seriously hurt and threatened to sue whoever the man who dragged you down was. Once the paparazzi had finally left, and Dae had been informed he immediately came to see you. 

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It was around 2am when you received a call from your drunk boyfriend, Seungri, asking you if you could pick him up. Although, you were annoyed at having been woken up, you still got dressed and made your way to the bar he was hanging out with his friends at. Unfortunately, someone in the bar must’ve overheard your conversation, as the second you stepped out of your car near the bar you were hounded by a group of 6 people, all paparazzi. The flashes on their cameras were blinding as they began taking pictures from every angle. Fortunately, they allowed you through to go find Seungri but that did not mean they left you alone. They followed you continuously, until they had to stop at the entrance of the exclusive vip bar. Once you had found Seungri and his friends you quickly filled him in on what was happening, which seemed to sober him up a little. He suggested you take the back entrance as it was almost always a safer choice. However, the paparazzi had decided to not wait by any entrance and instead wait by your car. You had no other choice but to face them head on. Seungri managed to not sway as he pushed through them. Unfortunately, you were not as strong as he was and could not brush through them as easily. They took advantage of this and instead focussed all their attention on you. You were trapped by walls made of bodies and cameras. Fortunately, Seungri came to the rescue and promised to let them in on a secret if they allowed you to pass through. He stalked towards you until he finally had a hold of you. Not being able to resist the temptation, they conceded. Thinking quick on his feet however, Seungri came up with some bullshit story of how he had been casted for an upcoming movie, which seemed to keep the paparazzi at bay allowing you guys to finally go home. 

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Lance Gains a Follower

AN - A drabble from my percy jackson AU inspired by @willowstarr 

“Morning Coran.” Lance greeted, yawning as he made his way over to get breakfast.

“Good morning Lance!” Coran gave him a grin before turning away only to look back at the twelve year old moments later.  “Lance!  Watch out!” He announced, grabbing the younger boy and pulling him away from what he assumed to be a beast.  

“What’s wrong Coran?” Lance frowned, looking between the two.

“It must’ve wandered out of the woods.”  Coran frowned, looking at the great dame who flopped into a seated spot, panting up at Coran.

“Huh?”  The young halfblood seemed confused before realization dawned and he laughed.  “She’s not a monster!”  He announced, pulling his arm out of Coran’s to wrap his arms around the dog.  “She’s a dog!  She came to my cabin last night.”  He grinned.

“Are you… sure that… thing’s a dog?”  Coran frowned, still eyeing the giant fluffy monster suspiciously.  

“Of course!”  Lance beamed.  “One of the satyrs said she’s a Tibetan Mastiff.”  He added, lips moving oddly around the breed name as though it didn’t quite fit in his mouth.

“And you’re sure it’s safe?” The counsellor double checked.

“’Course!”  Lance assured.  Coran still gave it another moments consideration before sighing and nodding.

“Alright then, I suppose I don’t mind it being around the campers.”  He concluded.  Lance’s smile to manage to widen, melting Coran’s heart just a little.  He assumed the dog, like the other strays that found their way to Lance, would move on once it felt well feed and loved once more.


The dog did not move on. A week passed and then two and the dog remained ever present at the camp, following after Lance everywhere.  A few year rounders complained to Coran that they didn’t like the dog being so close all the time but Coran didn’t give Lance any warnings, how could he when the child (usually so sombre without Hunk around) seemed so happy?

So the dog stayed.

And stayed.

And stayed.

By the time the summer campers arrived the dog had simply made itself a presence in the camp, like the satyrs and the campers themselves.


“Welcome back Hunk!”  Lance cried, tackle-hugging the son of Hephaestus as soon as he spotted the boy.

“Hey Lance!”  Hunk grinned back, managing to keep the two standing rather than tumbling to the ground.  Or at least, he was, until a much heavier weight joined the hug.  Hunk let out an ‘oof’, inspecting the new addition with confusion.  “Another stray?”  He asked Lance, laughing lightly when the fluff ball licked his face.

“Nop.”  Lance grinned.  “Cerberus 1 is my dog!”  He announced, completely connect to be in middle of the hug sandwhich.  

“Cerberus 1?  But wouldn’t he be Cerberus 2?  Because your dad has a Cerberus in the underworld?”  Hunk asked, patting the dog on the head.

“No, that’s Cerberus with 3 heads.  My Cerberus only has one head, so he’s Cerberus 1.”  Lance explained.

“Ooooh.”  Hunk nodded.  “It’s very good to meet you Cerberus 1.”  He grinned, getting another lick in response, prompting laughter from both boys. It was nice for Hunk, to see Lance again without the hint of loneliness that invaded his eyes once the summer was over.


panic rising // lydia martin

summary ; in which y/n has a panic attack and lydia’s the only one who can calm her down by doing the only thing she can think of.

requested ; yes

pairing ; lydia martin & reader

warnings ; panic attacks, hallucinations, gxg, making out

word count ; 2.5k

published ; 1st september, ‘16


stay safe + ily🐘

As soon as you awoke that morning, something had felt different. You tried to ignore it, but now, walking down the hallway with your best friend, Scott, it felt worse than before. 

You could see all the students loitering the hallways, chatting with their friends like they didn’t have a care in the world, you could feel yourself moving: one foot in front of the other, one step at a time, and you could also hear Scott talking persistently to you about how he got a boner when he and your sister, Allison were hiding from your father the other day.

But something was out of place, something was wrong. You couldn’t understand or even begin to explain it. You were catching all the information of Scott’s mundane story and your body was moving and walking to class just like you did every school day but something was different. It felt like you weren’t really there: like you were a spirit, or like you were dreaming.

Except you weren’t dead nor were you dreaming because Stiles once told you that you couldn’t read in dreams and you could read just fine. Also, you didn’t recall your supposed death.

“You’re doing that thing again,” Scott’s voice abruptly broke you out of your thoughts; your head snapped towards him in surprise.

“What thing?” You asked with an exasperated sigh, running your hand through your unusually messy hair. It’s been a long week, you thought.

“That thing where you pretend you’re listening to what I’m saying but you actually have no clue because you’re in [Y/N] land.” Scott looked over at you with a raised eyebrow and your immediate reaction was to defend yourself.

“I don’t do that,” You rolled your eyes. Normally you would brush off Scott’s teasing with a gasp and a playful shove but today was most certainly not that day.

Then, a wave of nausea and dizziness unexpectedly swept over you; you’re head began to thump and you heard a constant, low rumbling sound coming from every possible direction. Stumbling slightly, you had to lean against a random locker in order to stay upright.

Scott noticed instantaneously, standing in front of you, hands on both of your shoulders - he gave you a concerned look like a parent would do. “Okay, tell me what’s going on.”

“Nothing’s going on.” You snapped at him. It was a complete lie and you knew it, he knew it, the whole pack knew it. You assumed it was the aftermath of sacrificing yourself to the Nemeton in order to save your father, but neither Scott or Stiles had mentioned any weird things happening to them yet so you preferred to stay reasonably quiet. You didn’t want to burden them with your petty problems. You hadn’t even told your sister and you and Allison told each other everything.

“Really?” Scott asked, his face clearly stating that he didn’t buy your lies. You slapped his hands off your shoulders with a roll of your eyes.

“Yes, really. Now can you just -” You cut yourself off; your eyes curiously wandering over Scott’s shoulder: towards the entrance doors. Five dark, void-ridden figures dressed in all black, their faces shadowed and hoods up. The only thing showing from under the hood would be their vibrant, glaring, yellow eyes which would most likely haunt you for a while.

Marching aggressively down the hall, their katana swords in hand - you wondered why nobody else was confused or intrusive about their presence. That’s when you noticed no one else was standing in the hallway, the lights shut off; the entire hall dark and cold.

“What?” You breathed out in bewilderment as they stomped right past you. Turning around, your eyes instantly darted to the only other person in the desolate hallway.

“Allison?” You began to jog down the dark hall towards her, she was just simply grabbing some books from her locker, not noticing the situation at hand.

You heard quiet hissing whispers come from thin air; your head pounding as you continued to follow behind these figures. They gripped their katanas tighter in hand, raising them slightly before they all came to an abrupt stop in a sacrificial circle around your twin sister.

One of them stepped forward, the whispers becoming louder and louder until you couldn’t hear your own thoughts, although, there were so many different whispers, you couldn’t make out what the hell they were trying to tell you. The thing raised its katana slightly, and you gasped; eyes widening considerably more as you began to sprint down the hallway.

“Allison!” You shouted quickly, tears threatening to spill down your rosy cheeks as you kept running but no matter how far you ran, you were still the same distance away. “Allison, run!” Panic began to rapidly rise inside of you, you couldn’t lose her too, not after Kate and your mom. She was your sister, your best friend, your everything. 

“No!” You let out a strangled noise when it’s sword ultimately pierced through Allison’s stomach. She tumbled to the floor, blood staining her soft lips, eyes frozen and empty as she laid there in a puddle of her own blood, completely still.

“No, no, no, no, please no.” You cried out, your heart wrenching as you stated at her lifeless body.

Then, a weight built up in your chest, and all you could do was scream, the whispers were now screaming along with you; your vision began to go blurry and your breaths choppy. You tried to run to her, but to no avail, you couldn’t reach her.

Your erratic heartbeat sped up to the point where you found it hard to stand upright, more tears tumbling down your cheeks at the millisecond. Your breath seemed to get caught in your throat as you began to gasp for air; sobbing desperately as you watched the 4 figures vanish into thin air. You lost her. Just like that.

“[Y/N]?” Scott called you, his voice laced with concern and confusion but you could barely hear it over the frantic whispers in the air; squeezing your eyes shut and holding your hands against your ears in an attempt to block the voices out but they just seemed to whisper louder.

“[Y/N]!” This time, Scott shouted your name and your eyes shot open, your heart thumping in your ears and breathing more ragged than before.

“S-scott?” Your eyebrows furrowed together as you noticed the lights in the hallway were now on and shining a bleach white light in your teary eyes, quite a few students now crowded around you, chatting and peering over you to see what was happening. Your breathing picked up again, eyes widening, cornered, trapped, captured. It was like a giant, flashing sign in your jumbled head.

“I-I need, I need to find..” You rasped as you clutched at your tightened chest, too many faces, bright lights, it’s too loud. You need to find Allison.

“Allison,” You breathed out, your eyes darting in every direction, tears still falling as you stumbled to get out. You need to get out. You couldn’t; you were trapped.

“Lydia?! Yeah - It’s [Y/N]. I-I think she’s having a panic attack and I don’t know how to stop it.” You heard Scott’s frantic voice on the phone and you tried to locate him in the swarm of people but you couldn’t; you tried to move. They had surrounded you in a semi-circle against a row of lockers. Calm yourself, count to ten.

“[Y/N], are you okay?” An unfamiliar voice questioned.

“What happened to her?”

“She just screamed then started having a meltdown.”

“Weird.” Too many people were making too many comments or asking too many questions and it made it feel like they were the ones who were taking up so much of the air that you were desperately trying to grab onto.

“S-stop,” You murmured through sobs and rough breaths, your throat felt like it was constricting. The walls were closing in -you managed to convince your toxic self.

Too close, too close, too close, they’re too close.

There were too many people, faces, lights; everything seemed jumbled. Stumbling to the cold floor, the world seemed to tip side to side. Breathe. The air seemed to be getting thinner and thinner  

“[Y/N]?!” Your eyes shot open at the voice, darting through the vast crowd of insensitive pupils who were still surrounding your shaking body. 

“[Y/N], it’s okay. I’m here, I’ve got you,” Soft hands grabbed your waist and pulled you up and through the swarm of students.

“N-no, I need to find, I need.. I- Allison. Lydia, Allison.” You cried, stumbling against the girl whom you loved, unspoken, though. Gasping for air, you struggled to hear whatever Lydia was saying to you, everything sounded like you were underwater. You felt like you were drowning. 

Lydia’s eyes were wide as she rushed your shaking and trembling body to the girl’s locker room, sitting you down on the cold tiles and she knelt beside you, racking her brain to find something to help you. Counting. Deep breaths.

“[Y/N], look at me, Allison’s okay, look at me.” She started but your eyes were screwed shut, she gently put her hands on either side of your face and your eyes flickered open, connecting with hers immediately. “Allison is safe, she’s in class right now.” She repeated, her warm hands resting on your cheeks.

“Just breathe, deep breaths, in and out.” She instructed and you tried, you really tried to but the nausea feeling in your stomach, the pounding in your head, your heart beating in your chest and your throat closing in even more by the seconds made it extremely difficult.

“I-I can’t, I can’t, L-Lydia-” A sob wracked through you and your struggled breaths came out rapid and choppy, the opposite of what Lydia was asking of you. The suffering that you were currently going through made her feel dreadful because she just didn’t know how or what to do, she didn’t know how to help you and she felt awful about it, she knew you didn’t deserve the pain.

“You can, listen to me, you can.” Lydia sounded calm and in control but on the inside, she felt like she was panicking just as much as you. It wasn’t working, nothing she was saying was working. You just kept shaking your head, tears streaming down your pretty face, strangled noises coming from you as you tried to breathe calmly and inevitably failing.

Lydia was quiet for a few moments, feeling absolutely helpless as she stared at your panicking self with wide eyes before an idea suddenly popped into her head. She thought it over for a couple seconds before muttering a quick ‘fuck it’ and ultimately smashing her lips onto yours without any warning.

You took in a sharp inhale of air, your eyes nearly popping out of their sockets as you realized what was happening. Lydia’s lips moved against your frozen ones but nevertheless, the weight in your chest seemed to lessen and the knot in your stomach seemed to untie by itself, the sense of panic that had filled you up slowly started dwindling down the drain as relief washed over you in waves.

Lydia pulled away slowly, her eyes closed and her face so close that you could still feel her minty breath tingle your soft lips which were slightly agape along with your wide eyes of surprise.

“W-what? What? H-How?” You managed to stutter out, still out of breath from previously and Lydia’s eyes fluttered opened, a small smile etched onto her lips as she noticed that you were okay. You weren’t perfect, but you were okay for now.

“Remember last year when you caught me in my car, crying, and you comforted me and told me everything was going to get better eventually. We were really close and that’s when I realised that I had feelings for you, which only got stronger when I decided to take a risk and kiss you.” Lydia explained, her cheeks rosy as she continued to explain her story, you stared at her, a loving expression in your still somewhat- teary eyes.

“And you held your breath,” She smiled, running a hand through your messy hair.

“I did?” You croaked out and chuckled slightly, not remembering doing such a thing.

“You did, and so I thought that if I kissed you now, you’d do the same thing and so I hoped for the best.” She shrugged as if what she had done was nothing. You’d beg to differ, though, you thought it was anything but nothing.

“Thank you,” You breathed out, blushing when you noticed the proximity between the two of you still.

“Anytime,” She whispered before going to move backwards to give you space but you didn’t want space. You wanted her.

Having a rapid argument in your mind about what to do, you shook your head of useless thoughts and choose the side that told you repeatedly ‘do not let her go again.’ You had been seriously crushing on her for years and too many times had the two of you ignored the sexual tension both of you had felt. It wasn’t happening again. You were going to get the girl. 

With that, you grabbed her waist and pulled her over to you again. She let out a small gasp before placing one hand on your left leg and the other on the side of your face. “How about right now?” You asked in reply to her ‘anytime’.

“Right now is great,” She mumbled, her eyes darting back down to your lips and this time, you were the one who made the first move. Pressing your lips to hers in a soft kiss, her fingers running through your hair as you pulled her even closer if that was possible; both your lips moving in sync, the feeling of euphoria filling you up.

“I really like you,” You mumbled against her lips and you felt her smile into the blissful kiss. Pulling back slightly, Lydia bit her lip, looking into your hopeful eyes.

“I really like you too,” She whispered; a smile on her glossy lips and happiness in her eyes.

“Good,” You whispered lowly, going back in to connect your lips together once again. It got heated very quickly, Lydia’s legs moving to straddle your lap and your fingers dug into her hips as you felt her tongue glide across your bottom lip: asking for entrance which you granted immediately.

The two of you spent the rest of your free period in the girl’s locker room, lips connected and feelings finally free. Allison was safe, Lydia actually liked you, you were calm and happy, and everyone was free from the supernatural for a while. You had no doubt that things would start up soon, you had been ritually sacrificed to a magic tree stump- it was a given that something supernatural would happen soon. But for now, you had your sister, you had your dad, you had your pack, and you had Lydia. 

That’s all you could ever want in life.