standing pigeon

Okay so here is a story of why ThePeacePigeon is one heck of an awesome guy.

Yesterday I went to the League of Legends LCS Spring Finals and at 13:30 (1pm) Sp4zie was hosting a meetup. Unfortunately I got stuck in traffic and right when I got there they closed the meetup and I just had to watch him leave.
It was disappointing, but I can’t stop that.

Now after all 5 games of Fnatic vs H2K (me being in favor of Fnatic) I was completely exhausted and didn’t even want to meet any of the casters, so I let my friend Oskar go ahead to meet H2K and in the end he actually pulled me to go meet Sjokz, Deficio and Krepo (Who were all sweethearts). While we were waiting out of nowhere..
Pigeon just stands there and casually talks to us. I’m extremely anxious when it comes to talking to people so I just tried to hide behind my friend who went to get an autograph.
Soon we got to the topic of Sp4zie and in the end Pigeon said he would try and get the picture to him the next day. 

So I sit in the car for 4 hours and while I’m at the gas station I just see a notification on twitter pop up that actually made me shake and almost cry.

I can’t describe how emotional I am for the fact that he did give it and being a complete pleasure to talk to. Thank you so much, Pigeon <3

for @prmntvacations and @cliffordchick‘s disney!5sos night

as a disney cast member, your favorite part of the day would have to be when you were being a character handler for the prince from snow white, prince ferdinand. however, that had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that your co-worker behind the face character was absolutely crushworthy considering…well, just about everything about him – from the hue of his impossibly blue eyes to how even as a natural blond he still looked good in his character’s brown wig to the fact that he watched science videos before bed to the way he always seemed to stand pigeon-toed, even when in character.

on days you and luke were both scheduled at the same time, you were always his handler, and even though he was usually in character, you two often spent your breaks and lunches together and you had gotten to know him well. and okay, so maybe you did have a crush on him, but you didn’t think you could really be faulted for that since you knew weren’t necessarily the only one. to your mostly amusement (and maybe a little jealousy was involved), throughout your time being luke’s handler, you’d seen many a teenage girl – even older women, some of which were definitely moms – attempt to flirt with luke or slip him their number if they were one of the bolder ones. you really couldn’t blame them; even in character, luke just had this charm to him that easily made you enamored with him. still, that didn’t mean you didn’t take a little satisfaction out of when he politely rebuffed any hopeful potential suitors, always turning them down with an excuse relating to snow white – about how he’s flattered but already happy with her, couldn’t be unfaithful to her, wouldn’t want to leave her for anyone else, etc.

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This is what happens when I actively try not to stand pigeon-toed. Also, I’m sorry skirt, that was very disrespectful to drop you on that filthy floor.

This dress is definitely shorter than what I usually do but I’m feelin’ it.

Edited to add: I’m 5'6" but wearing a small heel. I’m 22/24 and this is the 3x
signs as niall’s quotes

aries: if it were legal, i’d marry food.

taurus: i’m the most carefree ‘mofo’ in the world.

gemini: i think there’s nothing wrong with eating all the time. at least i’m not doing anything illegal.

cancer: i’m still in bed cause all my boxers are dirty and if i stay in bed, i don’t have to change them.

leo: i can’t stand pigeons after one once flew in through my bathroom window and went for me while i was having a wee.

virgo: louis’s feet smell the worst. literally like dog poo on a stick-that bad!

libra: don’t mess with our fans or we’ll come and find you.

scorpio: chicken fillet is my favourite word for boobs.

sagittarius: wow this is unbelievable

capricorn: zayn pisses me off sometimes, how can he be so stunning without even trying?

aquarius: i’d rather go to sleep than find a girl.

pisces: i want a girlfriend who eats as much as i do, which is a lot.

@lastnote_: 僕もまふまふ君の家にお泊りに行きたい。そして写真を解禁したんだから久々に女装も解禁することを要求し、どうせならごちうさのチノちゃんではどうかと提案したい。こんな事をツイートしたら今後お泊りには呼ばれないかもしれない、だが僕は戦う!!
Last Note.: I want to sleep over at Mafumafu’s place too. And since he’s lifted the ban on photos, I’ll demand him to do the same for cross-dressing photos as well, and while I’m at it I want to propose a cosplay of Gochiusa’s Chino-chan. If I tweet this he probably won’t ever call me for a sleepover again, but I will fight!!

@uni_mafumafu: この時間に女の子みたいな声で歌って録音してる。だんだんノッてきてちょっと内股にしたりポーズきめて女声を出して、ふと我にかえった瞬間の虚無感やばい。いまの自分の顔には一切の表情が存在しない。無がある。
Mafumafu: I’m recording myself singing like a girl. I’m standing here pigeon-toed, deciding on a pose and making my voice sound like a girl. The second I came to my senses, the feeling of emptiness I felt was awful. Right now, my face shows no sign of any emotions. This is impossible.

@lastnote_: ちょっと撮影に行かせて。悪用しないから。LINE@で限定公開したりしないから
Last Note.: Let me take a few pictures. I won’t use them for anything bad. I’ll just distribute them on LINE@.