standing ovation

Twelve glorious seconds of Ja’far spitting in Ka Kobun’s face at 0.125X slow motion speed!

It can’t decide if it sounds more like a shotgun or a missile. Either way, Ja’far deserves a standing ovation for marksmanship. He nails Ka Kobun without getting a drop on Kougyoku. 👌👌👌

 $5 says Ka Kobun would intentionally try to use Kougyoku as a shield if he had the chance. Jaffybeefcake would adjust, though. His aim would be true. 😏

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I just want Marion Cotillard to be honored at the Golden Globes or The Oscar so that everyone there and watching on tv has to see a 7 minute montage of how unfucking believable she is (mostly in her french movies) and so that she can finally get the standing ovation she deserved for Le Vie en Rose and we can all revel in how inadequate we are compared to her

Okay but every time I see positive gifs/photos/posts about Hayden at the Star Wars celebration I get so emotional because that man was torn to PIECES by the media (and he was never angry about it, he just focused on what he loved: how it made kids happy, and how much fun it was) and now he comes back, a decade later, probably a little nervous if not scared out of his mind (he looks a tad nervous in the pics of him first walking to the event) about how the people are going to react to seeing him again, and he gets a STANDING OVATION and a girl yelling “I love you Hayden” and I can barely imagine how WONDERFUL that must have felt to realize “hey, WE still love you, despite all the haters” and I’m just ugh THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WELCOMING HIM LIKE YOU DID I HOPE HE IS TREATED AS WELL AS HE WAS AT THE CELEBRATION FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE

If Izaya ever were to fall in love with one human being, something would change….If he ever really fell in love with one person, then he would truly become evil. To obtain that person, he would be fine with destroying the world, killing people, or making a mess of society….We probably should find ourselves fortunate. That such a man as he, a twisted philanthropist, to love the whole human race equally.
—  Densuke Sozoro, Standing Ovation With Orihara Izaya (Translation by Kaedesan721)

“Loving” writer/director Jeff Nichols and the film’s co-stars, Ruth Negga and Joel Edgerton arrive for the film’s world premiere at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, and emerge 2 hours later fighting back tears after a very emotional screening and a 5-minute standing ovation from the audience.

“At the premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, I walked up the steps of the Palais in full makeup, and I walked down the steps with mascara dripping. It was such an emotional experience. All I could think was that I needed to blow my nose before it dripped all over my frock.”

–  Ruth Negga