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No matter what I REFUSE to analyze the politics of the prequels. was the senate bad? were the separatists right? I don’t care because GEORGE LUCAS wrote this horseshit and thinking about it for too long is a complete waste of brainpower that could go towards writing another osmosis jones thinkpiece 

Imagine Mab practically hammering down your door one night, demanding to know where Sage is. Having the Winter Queen storm into your home isn’t exactly new to you, but the fact that she didn’t even wait until the sun was up, and the fact that you had thought Sage was back in Faery for the past week, make you uneasy. 

You’d been sitting up watching the news reports on the Dakota Access Pipeline protests when Mab decided to barge in, and as you’re desperately trying to explain that you don’t know where Sage is, she towers over you, nostrils flared, and demands, “Then who is that?!”

You turn to follow the finger she jabs at the TV, and feel your jaw drop to see, standing completely at ease in a sea of protesting humans, Sage, sporting a beanie emblazoned with “I Stand with Standing Rock”, pulled down over his pointed ears. 

When he returns home the following day, you and Mab both let him have an earful. Mab is furious that he ran off to “play savior with some human rabble” while you’re pissed that he didn’t take you with him. He ignores Mab, and gives you the beanie. 


Veterans Ask Native Elders For Forgiveness At Standing Rock.

I never thought I would see this day when a white man apologizes for the tyranny and oppression of Native American population. This is so powerful. This is the nation that I want - responsible, compassionate and that learns from its mistakes.

God bless them!


What Trump’s latest executive order actually means for the protestors at Standing Rock and the building of the pipeline

This would be a huge blow for the people who fought for more than seven years against the project, a transnational pipeline that would extend from Canada to the Gulf Coast. The venture was killed by President Obama in 2015 because it would contribute to climate change and deter American efforts to reach a global deal addressing this issue.


The Native American people are real superheroes. They took a stand and fight for their rights on their own land at Standing rock. Indigenous people have been surviving police brutality for months to save clean water and environment. They were under attack and suffered from cold and injuries. They were even forced to eat thanksgiving dinner on top of a sacred burial site.  

This is insane. And Bernie Sanders knows. And he stands there, like one of them, drawing attention of the government and the media. 

#NoDapl #StandingRock #BernieSandrs

The DAPL news is definitely something to be proud of but don’t think that the work is done. Jan Hasselman, who serves as an attorney for the Standing Rock Oceti Sakowin Camp, said that the Energy Transfer Partners can still sue this decision, and Trump can try to overturn it. This is a lengthy process that will takes years (with a better explanation why below) and we need to watch it as decisions are made. Remember the pipeline is still being built and it’s going somewhere. 

[Text reads: I do admin law for a living so let me explain how this corps decision plays out. The refusal to grant the easement stop the pipelines… for now. Trump could easily reverse it. But, the decision to order an EIS delays the pipeline for at least several years. If Trump orders the corps to stop the EIS process, several groups will sue, arguing that the reversal is arbitrary and capricious. And they will likely win, which means the EIS will be completed. That takes 2+ years. If the EIS ultimately recommends the same of similar route, several groups will sue, delaying it for 2+ more years. 1 year for suit in federal court, and 2 more year for appeal. Bottom line: decision to order an EIS that Trump probably cannot force a pipeline through same/similar route for 4+ years.]

We also have to remember that many water protectors are still going to be needing help with medical and legal funds so keep an eye out how to still help. 

#NoDAPL #StandWithStandingRock  


‘Where is Bernie Sanders?’ you may ask. He is here, with us, fighting for people and fighting for planet.

Another day at work for Bernie Sanders. Another attempt to save the world. I wish there were more chances to save the ecosystem and to stop the pipeline…That’s why I wish more people join the call to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline.

#NoDapl #StandingRock

Standing Rock Update

Tonight at Standing Rock, 4 people were arrested and water cannons were fired once again.

Despite the ACOE denying the easement, DAPL continues to build, and to terrorize the Indigenous folk trying their best to live there in peace and health.

Will update again as news is shared with me.