standing on my tip toes

hello yes please imagine small boys wearing their boyfriends too-big sweatshirt and drowning in them

small boys having to stand on their tip toes to kiss their tall boyfriends

tall boys being able to pick up their small boyfriends like a little puppy

tall boys bending over to kiss their small boyfriends

boyfriends with height differences

1. Standing on my tip toes to kiss you.
2. Pulling away the first time, saying “woah, tongue.”
3. You taking a moment to just simply look at me; the chaotic mess who’s calmed down just for you.
4. Your hands moving up and down my body, making me shiver.
5. Me flinching at the touch of your hand on my thigh.
6. Your reassuring glance.
7. Me telling you you’re too tall.
8. You saying, “I know.”
9. “You go out first and I’ll follow in a minute, so it doesn’t look suspicious.”
10. Getting caught.
—  Ten things I think about when I think of you.

Prompt: Flipping your humanity switch with Stefan.

Pairing: None

Warnings: Blood, mentions of sex,grinding

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Being friends with you is a hostage negotiation
I am standing on my toes on the tip of a knife 
Every word I say could be the breath that pushes you over
I am not allowed to speak without considering that anymore
That is a luxury I lost when I met you
You need me to be your everything
I am meant to fix you
To listen to you
To bend to your desires
When I disagree I’m meant to hush
You are too delicate to get into an argument with
I could hurt your feelings, then what would you do?
I think some days, of what would happen if I was honest
Told you this friendship was too much
I am not your therapist
I am not your soundboard
I am not yours to yell at when your upset
I am not yours to vent to
That I’m not yours.
But you have told me in subtle ways
That if I ever leave you, I am killing you
Like I am medicine 
Like if you stop taking me then you will die
And so I am stuck
Here, your punching bag
Because even if you don’t hurt yourself when I leave
You will add me to your list
For the next person you fixate on
I will be just another reason that you are allowed to be the way you are
Another excuse to treat people poorly and not apologize
Another story of abandonment to get people to pity you
To help you when you don’t want to be helped
Because your ‘damaged’ 'broken’
Which makes it okay when you cut the people try and pick you up
All the pain in your life has become your excuse to be cruel
Even if you would never think of it that way
Friends are meant to listen to each other aren’t they?
Friends are meant to listen to you
Because every day is a bad day 
Every cut on them is matched by a deeper scar on you
So instead of show our wounds, we tend to yours
We rub balm on a scare that has been there for years
And put bandages on it when you scream that it’s still bleeding
We slowly learn how to respond when you are holding yourself hostage
“I hate myself I want to die”
“You are beautiful and deserve life.”
“Everything is awful it will never get better”
“Life always changes”
“Everyone has left me”
“I wont.”
I wont
You shouldn’t have said that
You have trapped yourself
Bargained with more than you have
You are stuck now
You can never leave them
—  Hostage negotiations Harper Carter

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Fluff! Imagine Dean telling you that he loves you (in his Dean way) so you hug him and he's all nervous about being so vulnerable. You can tell that he's nervous so you stand on your tip toes and kiss him!

You had me until I, a 6 foot woman, stands on my tip toes to kiss him bahaha

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I'm leave'in J..*Grabs each loop of Bud and Lou's leashes, almost breaking down as they whimper, knowing I'm upset. With glassy baby blue eyes I look up at you and almost sob but,force it back,biting my bottom lip so you don't see it tremble.In a moment of weakness, I stride forward, standing on tip toe to kiss your pale cheek.Savoring my lips against your skin,knowing it'll be the last time.*Goodbye. I love you.* With a shaky breath I turn and don't look back, walking out the door.*


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Concerts and Being a Decent Human Being.

So I want to bring up something that’s been a problem thru the past couple of Steam Powered Giraffe concerts I'v been to, along with some other concerts in the past.
The thing is a lot of taller people will stand straight in the front making it IMPOSSIBLE for someone who’s shorter to see the stage at all.
I’m 5'2 and the people who were standing in the front had been taller then me by a full torso, even while standing on my tip toes and trying not to fall I could barely see anything, and it happens all the time to me and shorter individuals.
This is a problem I don’t think has been addressed enough and its unfair for those of us who are short.
And yes, I know life’s not fair, but when I'v gone to 3 SPG concerts and all the times I'v not been able to really see the stage cause the tall people rushed to the front it becomes a problem that needs to be addressed.

Basically the only thing I’m asking is that during concerts PLEASE BE COURTEOUS TO SHORTER PEOPLE.
If your tall please don’t go to the front of the concert, or for the most part just be polite and if you see someone struggling and constantly shuffling and standing on there toes to just see the stage, take a step back and let them beside you or in front of you.
Its not going to prohibit you from seeing anything and you will be making someone’s day 100% better from just being a decent human being and being nice.

I don’t know what’s the deal half of the time with tall people but me and a lot of my shorter friends have been pushed further back and been treated roughly during SPG concerts and other concerts in general and its upsetting.
Sometimes it get’s to the point where we don’t even want to go to concerts since we won’t be able to see anything thanks to taller individuals.

So tall people, please keep an eye out for us shorter folk and please don’t all just rush the very front of the stage.


7 Unsexy Things That Unexpectedly Turns Him On - [EXO] Chanyeol

#3 Standing on your Toes

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UnloadedGunn said: I love when my girlfriend stands on her tip-toes to give me a kiss. It’s the cutest damn thing ever.

All she needed to do was exist. Chanyeol thought to himself as he watches you do your laundry. He had just woken up from a sleep that extended to noon. He was pulling and all-nighter the night before, to work on rearranging his mixtape after feeling rather inspired. He soon regrets it because he hates to see you doing the chores alone. You honestly don’t mind. His mixtapes had been bothering his appetite and sleep, the least you could do is try to provide the comfort he seeks. Just because he’s here, doesn’t mean you should cling on him.

Just a basket full of laundries into the dryer, then all you need to do is fold the bunch. You sighed and remembered that Chanyeol was the last one to use the clippers. The thought alone had you frowning. You weren’t upset because he was using them. You were upset because Chanyeol would place it at the top of the shelves because he can. He did it without thinking, and it wasn’t a sabotage or whatever. Chanyeol just forgets that you’re not as tall as he is. No one is as tall as he is. No one you know, at least.

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Protective - H.S

Do you think you could do one where Harry is super protective of her because she is really tiny and shy? Thanks love x

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“I look like a dwarf next to you” I pout , turning to face him .
Harry laughed . “I find it cute thta you’re so tiny” He compliments , kissing my cheek .
I scoff “This is not cute” I say , standing on my tip toes to press a kiss to his lips . “Its tiring” I mumble , standing on the pads of my feet again .
He smiles , before bending down and pressing a long kiss on my lips , leaving me in a daze. “Well then i’ll meet you half way from now on” He replys , and I smile .
“Now , lets go out for dinner” He adds , and I nod , still slightly hazy .
“Hold onto my hand okay? Stay close” He says as the car comes to a stop , hundreds of paparazzi already in front of the resturant .
“How did they even know we were going here?” I mumble , trying not to panic.
“You know how they can be” He sighs as our driver opens the door , and i’m immediatley blinded with flash . I latch onto Harrys hand and he pulls me close to him as we walk into the resturant .
“Enough” He growls at the people who keep trying to grab onto me and talk to me .
I bite my lip and keep quiet , hiding in Harry’s embrace .
When we finally get into the resturant he holds me at an arms length .
“Are you okay? Are you hurt?” He asks , grabbing my face in his hands and examining me .
“I-im fine , i’ll never get used to that though” I laugh quietly , grabbing his hand .
“Lets just eat dinner yeah?” I ask , and after a few more minutes of checking for injuries he nods .
We’re put in a private booth and we eat an amazing dinner.
“They’re still out there?” I groan as we walk towards the exit .
“Lets go through the back” Harry says , before leading me to the back on the resturant .
As we walk out , I jump slighlty as my face is filled with cameras and flash once again , making me cower away and hide behind Harry .
“Y/N!  Y/N! Whats it like dating a pop sensation!”
“Y/N! Y/N! How long have you know Harry?”
“Y/N Y/N why do you act like such a bitch?”
I grabbed onto the back of Harrys shirt but as quick as I had it it dissapeared as he lunged at the reporter .
“Harry!” I shout as I watch him grab the reporter by the coller and slam him into the wall .
“You want to say that again ?” He asks , his voice incredibly low sending a chill through my spine .
“Harry please” I whimper , grabbing the back of his shirt to stop him from doing anything he’d regret tomorrow .
“Please I want to leave” I continue to beg , and he finally releases the man from his grip , before grabbing my hand and walking us quickly to the car .
We both hoped in the car and the driver pulled off .
“Im going to start having to bring security when i’m with you” He grumbles , and I bite my trembling lip .
“I’m sorry” I whisper , looking out the window to hide my face.
“No” Harry says , pulling me onto his lap and grabbing my face .
“This isn’t your fault . These arsehold of paparazzi think they can just talk to people any kind of way and it’s not alright . Especially when talking to my girlfriend” He says , wiping the stray tears and fell from my eyes .
“I love you , and I’ll always protect you . Okay?” He whispers , pressing my forehead to mine .

He's the Teacher? (16/?)

He said he’s in love with me…
I couldn’t hold it in anymore, I wrapped my arms around his neck, standing on my tip toes and gently kissed him. I could feel him smiling into the kiss, causing me to do the same.

It feels far too early in the relationship to say the L word… But in all honesty, I believe I feel that way towards him.

Dan deepens the kiss, eventually lifting me up and carrying me to the bedroom. Gently, he placed me on the bed, following with his own body, hovering over the top of me.

I pulled away from the kiss, leaving my forehead against dans as he slowly opened his dark eyes, staring into my own.

“I love you Mr.Howell” I whispered and I had never seen Dan smile so much, he smashed his lips to mine only to pull away a few seconds later, just long enough to say

“God I fucking love you Y/N”

Then trailing his kisses down my sensitive neck. Finding my sweet spot and leaving his mark. A small moan left my lips as Dan pressed his crutch onto my own, rocking his hips back a forth. My core only getting wetter as I felt his arousal through his pants.

Moans became more constant between the two of us, as Dan removed his top, followed by my own. He kissed all over my stomach, cause me to giggle as it slightly tickled.

“Your so beautiful” Dan stated as he looked up into my eyes. Then moving back up to place his lips back on mine. After a few moments of passionate kissing, I felt Dans hand travel down my body as he undid my jeans, sitting up so that he could pull down both the jeans and my panties. A breathless gasp left my lips as I was exposed to him.

Dan started trailing wet kisses up my thighs until he reached the place I needed him most. Looking into my eyes, he did one long lick up my slit, a loud moan leaving me.

“Mmmm, I love you so much baby girl”

He returned his lips to my sensitive clit as I tugged on his hair

“Dan! P-please Dan.. I just… I need you.. N-now”

Dan then stood, pulling down his pants and boxers. His member standing to attention as he moved back onto the bed, hovering over me again.

Holding himself, he began to tease me by rubbing his tip up and down my slit

“Dan, p-please” I begged, Dan not needing anymore convincing as he slowly thrust into me

Dan kissed me as I adjusted to his size, as the pain settled Dan began thrusting slowly. Bringing his lips to my neck, he panted between kisses just below my ear lobe.

It wasn’t long until we were both coming, Dan whispering sweet nothings into my ear as we rode out our highs.

We lay in my bed for a while, looking into each other’s eyes.

“Y/N, I know I’ve probably said it too many times over the last hour but I cannot even begin to explain how much I-”

*ring ring*

“Fuck” Dan mumbled as he reached down to the floor, pulling his phone out of his pants pocket.

~~Dan’s POV~~

I looked at the caller ID, which was the school office… Strange?

“Hello, Dan Howell speaking?” I answered

“Mr. Howell, we’ve had a student claim you’ve begged to take her on a date, and given her the school office number which she called multiple times”

I’m so sorry, I am terrible at smut. This was a very boring chapter and oh god why am I still bothering? Anyway, I’d like to thank-you guys again for reading, please feel free to message me and give opinions and feedback. Hope you are all well xxoo

Height Insecurity

Imagine for anon :)

“Heeey” I hear Shawn walk behind me. He hugga me as I finish washing the dishes.

“Hi, baby” I smile as I close the water key. I turn around to wrap my hands around his neck but even when I stand on the tip of my toes, I can’t reach his neck so I hesitate and then wrap my arms around his torso.

“What’s wrong?” He notices my hesitation and frowns.

“Nothing, it’s just that I want to feel your abs” I wink at him jokingly and he chuckles.

“I was thinking that we could go buy something to eat and then we can Netflix and chill” He wiggles his eyebrows jokingly at me. “I’m joking with the last part”

“Okay, we can watch Harry Potter” I suggest as I grab my coat.

“YEEEEES” Shawn fist bumps the air and we walk out of the house.

He grabs my hand after locking the door and it felt weird how his finger could touch my wrist so I slowly move my hand from his to the back pocket of his jeans.

“What happened?” He frowns again after my action.

“I want to touch your butt” I joke and Shawn laughs shaking his head. Shawn then decides to wrap his arm around my shoulders but do to the fact that I only reach his chest since I’m 4'9, his arm hangs at my side. I ignore that because I don’t want to make him worry and I continue walking.

We walk into the store and we look for the drinks first. When we get to the ail of the drinks, we bump into Melissa, our neighbor.

“Sara! Shawn” She greets us with a bright smile. “How are you guys?”

“We are great, thanks” Shawn replies and they keep talking but I can’t help but notice how normal it looks their height difference. She is smaller than him but just for a few inches while I’m just way too small compered to Shawn.. And the rest of the world.

“Well, it was great bumping into you guys” She smiles as she grabs her shopping cart. “See you around”

“Let’s get the food, now” Shawn smiles at me but notices that I was frowning. “What’s wrong?”

“Oh, nothing” I change my face immediately. “I just don’t know what I want to eat”

“Well, that’s easy” Shawn smirks. “We can make bacon cheese fries”

“You and your fries” I chuckle as we move to look for what we need.

“You love me and my cheese fries” He laughs and we continue with our little shopping.


“Babe, can you pass me the salt?” I ask Shawn as I’m making the fries.

“Coming” He walks to where we have those things but I could never reach them. “Here you go”

“Can you pass me the cheese?” I ask embarrassed for always asking him to reach for everything.

“There you go” He hands me the cheese.

“Can I bother you one more time?” I bit my lip.

“You are not bothering me, babe” He frowns. “What do you need?”

“The plates” I point the cabinet that was way to high for me.

“This makes me feel so important” He laughs as he hands me the plates.

“Why?” I frown as I put the food on the plate.

“Because you always need me” He bends down to kiss the top of my head.

“Because I’m to small” I roll my eyes and he notices.

“Is that a bad thing?” He asks turning me around. “Tell me”

“It’s just that I’m too small for everything” I bit my lip and avoid his gaze. “My hands are to small to hold yours, my legs are too small so I can’t reach for your neck, I’m too small to get the things I need”

“But that’s what I’m here for. To bend down and grab you” He bends down and he raises me and makes me sit on the kitchen counter. “To hold your hands with mine. To help you reach for everything. I love you just like this, I always want to hold you because I feel like you are to fragile so I always want to hold you little hands” He grabs them and kisses both of them.

“You know what?” He asks but I can’t answer because he kisses me. “We can eat later. It’s cuddle time”

He picks me up and carries me to the living room where we have the big couch. He sets me there and then goes to look for a blanket. He comes back and lies next to me.

“If you weren’t this small, we wouldn’t be able to cuddle here” He kisses my head.

“We could cuddle in the room” I kiss his jawline.

“Don’t ruin the moment” He glares at me and I giggle.

He pulls me closer to his chest and wraps his arms around me and I move my hands around his neck. I hide my head in his neck as he makes circles in my back.

“I love you so much” He breaths out and I move back to kiss his lips slowly but lovingly.

“I love you more, baby” I kiss his chest and move closer to him.

“Now.. That Harry Potter idea you had” He says and I laugh.

“Put it on, Mendes” I kiss his lips one more time.


I loved this! The idea is so cute! Hope you like it.

I have spent too much time pointing out all my flaws and making it their fault. Late night wonders if maybe the problem was me and not you. I have spent too long picturing stars in your eyes and pretending every word that came out of your mouth rhymed like poetry and sounded like a love-song, but you’re not a masterpiece and your eyes are just eyes – they don’t have constellations nor they are dark like the night skies. It is not because of the way I talk or how I laugh. It is not because of the color of my eyes – it still wouldn’t be even if they were hazel like hers or if I were tall enough to kiss you without having to stand on the tip of my toes. I wasted months hoping to figure out what was wrong so I could fix it, only to realize you’re the one who needs changing, and maybe I am a little bit too good for you after all.
—  Brown eyes are just brown eyes. (Mariana Meyer)

Here’s a short little drabble for whovian888! I hope you had a very happy birthday! <3 Thanks for all the support! (:


I huffed loudly as I glared up at the large dragon slayer in front of me. He was smirking from ear to ear, and was holding my book above his head—just high enough to be out of my reach.

“Gajeel, give it back,” I snapped, standing on my tip toes as I attempted to grab it.

He chuckled, patting me on the top of the head. “I told ya I’d give it back when you took it from me.”

Once again, I took to glaring at him. I had purchased the book just the day before, and I was nearly finished with it. I had reached the climax of eh story when Gajeel suddenly plucked the book from my hands, claiming I had been ignoring him all day.

“I’m being serious,” I told him, placing my hands on my hips. “I was at the best part, so give it back. We can go on a job once I finish it, alright? Or maybe a nice romantic dinner somewhere?” I tried using our new relationship as leverage, and smiled sweetly at him, but he wasn’t buying it.

“No can do, Shrimp. The train leaves in twenty minutes, and I don’t think that’s enough time for you to finish. Besides,” he smirked again, “I think it’s cute that you’re too short to reach it.”

He burst into laughter when I blushed and began sputtering, telling him not to say embarrassing things like that. In response, he merely patted me on the head, still laughing. “It’s true, Shrimp. Just like how you have to reach up to kiss me.”

“I wouldn’t have to if you weren’t such a mammoth,” I grumbled.

“Mammoth?” He frowned. “I’m not a mammoth!”

“And I’m not a Shrimp.”

He waved his arm, shaking my book slightly with a taunt. “Yes you are.”

“Fine,” I snapped, grabbing the front of his shirt. I pulled hard on the material, bringing him down to my height and planting my lips firmly against his. In his shock, he released my book, allowing me to grab it. With a smirk and a wink, I pulled away and waved the book. “This Shrimp can still get her book back.”

“That was—You—”

I giggled, heading towards the guildhall doors. “If you don’t hurry up, we’ll miss our train!”

Old friends

Calum and Michael

Requested: Yes 

 - This is sort of similar to that Luke one that was requested but Can u do an imagine where u and Calum were dating but never had sex because u were like 16 then he breaks up with u because he was going on tour or something like that and u end up a party with them all like 2-3 years later but u only see Michael so u talk to him and both end up getting really drunk and having sex because u think you’re never going to see Calum again of Michael again after that night but cal finds out

I’m going to two part this if you still want it because I feel like it would be too long for just one post.

The bass vibrated my whole body as I jumped to the beat, swaying my hips and gulping more of my drink. The dance floor was sweaty and warm, the air a stale mix of alcohol and dirt. Lifting my head up, standing on my tip toes with my drink still above my head in my hand, I parted my lips and took gulps of the slightly cooler air above the crowd. My vision shook slightly due to the amount of alcohol I had consumed, my veins buzzing as I looked around, breathing heavily, when I did a double take. A familiar face stood at the side, pale and cute, hardly changed at all. He watched the crowd, smiling happily as he sipped his drink. A sense of nostalgia overcame me as I realised I had been holding my breath, the room suddenly too warm and too full.

I began to push past people desperately, clutching my drink as I began to panic, stuck in the mass of sweating bodies. The thick air was choking me, too heavy for me to stomach as I finally reached the side, grabbing the railing as it gave me a little bit of relief. The coolness of the metal travelled up my wrist, as I found it hard to steady myself. Images from my 16 year old self flashed in my mind as I desperately tried to fight them.

I was so in love. So, so in love.

Young, but no one could deny it, no one could tell me it wasn’t because love wasn’t methodical and it was certainly different for everyone.

And Calum was all there was for me.

“Are you mad?” I asked him quietly, sitting in semi darkness as the only light was coming from the TV. The boys had just left, after an extremely long and painful conversation as they joked about sex and what they’d all done. Calum had sat, mostly silent for the whole time but I felt his hand tense on my knee as he did.

“No.” He shortly answered as I bit my lip. He looked straight ahead; jaw set and eyes dark.

“You are.”

“I’m not. I just – I just don’t understand.” His voice calmed as he finally looked at me, tears beginning to form. “I would never pressure you, you know that right?” I nodded silently, spurring him to go on. “But I just – I.”

His voice kept stopping, like he couldn’t find the right words, breathing shortly.

“Y/N, I love you. And I just – do you not, trust me?” His hand was set but not in an angry way, more like prepared for the answer.

“Calum, I love you. But I’m sixteen. We just – I feel like. I should wait a little longer.” I sat forward, snaking my arms around his neck as my heart dropped. He looked away.

“You don’t. I, I just can’t.” He pushed me off gently, standing up abruptly.

“W-what?” I stuttered, tears instantly forming.

“You, I, Us. Just,” He sighed, a hand running through his hair. “I’m leaving for tour soon. I love you, and that’s why this has to stop now.”

My eyes widened as I began to shake. He turned and looked down at me, his face pained.

“I’ll wait for you.” I whispered, sounding as shredded as I felt.

“I don’t want you to. Y/N, this can’t work anymore. I’m sorry.” He burst out of the room as I took a minute to let it sink in.

My heart suddenly lurched, as I let out an anguished sob. I clutched at my chest, clawing at my heart, choking out cries as my body drained of any heat it once had.

I snapped out of it as a drunken stranger crashed into my side. My knuckles on the rail were white as I clutched it tightly, my other hand no long with a drink in it, clawing slightly at my chest like I had on that day. The same hurt spread through me, stinging like an old scar as I desperately tried to shake it off. It was almost three years ago. And the scar had begun to fade; there was no need to stick a knife in it.

But it didn’t stop me. I made my way over slowly to where Mikey was standing, remembering the last time I saw him. His eyes were swimming as he hugged me tightly, murmuring ‘sorry’ in my ear a thousand times. Until the breakup, he was well on his way to being my best friend. And I still ached for that back, resenting Calum for taking it.

His eyes widened as he saw me, grinning widely as he opened his arms.

“HEY.” He shouted, wrapping them around me as I giggled nervously, holding on to me a little too long in his slightly drunken haze.

“Hey Mike.” I said softly, breathing deeply as I smelt his aftershave, comforting like the old days. His newly black hair tickled my nose as he let go.

“How you doing? I’ve missed you – so much! What are you doing here?” He kept a hand on me as we slowly caught up.

We made our way to the bar area, sitting on the plush seats as we ordered drink after drink, laughing loudly. Hours passed but we continued, never running out of anything to say. Eventually Mikey moved next to me instead of sitting opposite me, his hand resting on my thigh as we chattered.

My vision became clouded, blurring slightly and taking a minute to focus on something if I looked at it. Mikey became very close suddenly as I cuddled into him.

“I really missed this.” He admitted, slurring slightly but I knew his words were true.

“Me too Mike.” I replied quietly, still able to hear me over the music because he was so close.

I looked around the dance floor, watching the gyrating bodies as I realised that I would honestly much rather be up here with Mikey, anywhere, with Mikey.

I turned back to look at him, his lips suddenly gently grazing mine. I took note of the softness, their plumpness taking me by surprise.

“Sorry.” He murmured, his forehead against mine as I leant back in.

He kissed me back as I deepened it, him evidently surprised but pleased at the same time. It got heated as he brought his arms around me, pulling me onto his lap.

“Let’s get out of here.” He pulled away, breaking the kiss as he said it breathily. I nodded hastily, standing up as he took my hand to lead me out whilst he grinned in reassurance to me.

I smiled back happily as we headed for the exit.

I looked back around the club, glad of how my night had turned out when I saw Luke and Ashton in another corner, leaning slightly as they laughed and talked. My mouth went a little dry as my vision went in and out of focus on a boy with tanned skin and beautiful brown and caramel curls, whose eyes I could have sworn were on me.

I thought nothing of it.

Let me know if you want a part two! It will probably be smutty because of the request :)

You can request any type of writing here!

“I can watch the streetlights turn on as the sky turns grey on my own,
and I can take a photo of the sun setting between the trees on my own,
I can wave down the bus on my own
and I can hold my own damn hand.
I can stand on the tips of my toes to reach the first aid kit when the cat scratches me,
I can introduce myself to the new people I meet,
I can talk myself out of panic; and wipe my glasses on my own damn shirt,
And although it’d be nice to have you around,
I don’t need anyone,
and most importantly
I don’t fucking need you.”

Yes I forget the exact color of your eyes. I’ve forgotten the name of your favourite book. I can’t remember your music playlist. I have no idea what your favorite type of art is. There is no memory of your mother’s name and I can barely think of your birthday. But I remember the comforting scent you gave off when you held me. I remember when I sat on your bedroom floor and told you that I loved you and you cried because nobody has ever said that to you in person. I remember how you said you’ve never felt the way you felt with me ever before. I remember how even though you hated dances, you went with me. I remember our first kiss and you were wearing platform shoes so I had to stand on my tip toes. I remember when you gave me your favorite shirt and I never took it off because it reminded me of you. I remember holding you while you cried in the bathroom. I remember the song you wrote about me. I remember counting down to 100 kisses. But we didn’t make it to the last one. I remember the important things and I hope you do too.
—  Why am I still thinking about you?