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Sappy Mushy Romantic-Jughead Jones

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: Reader sucks at getting sleep, but her boyfriend’s shirt keeps her warm n cozy (”is that my shirt?” prompt, requested). Basically fluff with little to o plot, its literally less than 500 words bc I couldn’t think of a creative or original plot so enjoy my sucky writing! hope you like it @ anon!!!

Warnings: none, unless swearing counts


An irritating buzzing sound was the first thing I heard when I woke up Friday morning. I groaned in protest at my alarm clock, blindly reaching for my phone and checking the time.6:15
Great, I had literally only gotten two hours’ worth of sleep. Today was going to suck ass.
I sat up in my bed, yawning, and staring at the wall across my room for a solid minute before getting up and grabbing some clothes from my closet, throwing little to no effort in what I wore. Today’s pick was a pair of ripped black skinny jeans and a navy-blue sweater. Not far from what I usually wore, except a little more boyish and the sweater was huge on me. I tiredly made my way to my bathroom, brushing my teeth and putting my hair up, and doing a very minimal amount of makeup, just some mascara and concealer, really. I had stayed up all night, but that was my business, and I didn’t need people poking and prodding and asking questions.
There was a knock at my door before my boyfriend, Jughead Jones, stuck his head in.
“Hey, I’m a bit early today, but I have some news about Jas- Is that my shirt?” I raised my eyebrow and looked back down at the sweater, realization hitting me.
“Huh, guess it is.” I shrugged my shoulders, too tired to be embarrassed.” I can change if you w-“
“No! No, no, it’s okay, really.” Jughead smiled, his cheeks turning a light shade of pink.” I mean, you should wear it, it looks nice, really brings out your eyes…..” Jughead trailed off, scratching the back of his neck.
“Is the Jughead Jones suggesting that his girlfriend play the disgustingly cheesy wear-your-boyfriend’s-clothes card?” I taunted, stepping closer to my boyfriend. Jughead scoffed unconvincingly, sputtering.
“Please? Me? You’re crazy.” Jughead crossed his arms.
“Oh, Juggie.” I sighed happily, uncrossing his arms and intertwining his fingers with mine.” Underneath that cold, hard, edgy exterior you cover yourself in, there’s a sappy, mushy romantic, begging to break out.” I teased my boyfriend, standing on the tips of my toes and pressing my lips lightly to the bottom of his jaw, the only place I could reach.
“We should get going, I wanna go to Pop’s and get breakfast.” Jughead tilted his head down to look at me, a slight smile playing on the ends of his lips. I leaned against his chest, puckering mine slightly. Jughead rolled his eyes, the smile becoming bigger, and leaned down to give me a quick kiss. I grabbed my backpack from my bed and followed my boyfriend down the stairs and out my front door, walking hand in hand to our favorite diner.

good luck | reggie mantle (riverdale)

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a/n: i want more reggie asap like riverdale give us more reggie please i need it in my life. i also had a lot of fun playing around with like kind good protective reggie instead of jerk jock reggie!! asshole to the world but never to his girl!💙💛🏈1️⃣4️⃣

prompt: 55- “don’t you dare lay a finger on her” & 86- “you know it’s okay to cry”

you walk out of the gym still clad in your cheerleading uniform, the hall filling with the loud commotion of kids as they pour out from their classes.

you see the jocks exit their locker room rowdy from practice you assume, as you make your way toward your locker one of the jocks bumps into you sending you toward the ground

“watch it idiot” i spit annoyed picking myself up of the floor “me watch it? how about you watch your mouth vixen” he steps closer to me trying to intimidate me. i place my hand on his chest pushing the jock out of my face

“you think your tough because your a bulldog?” i giggle and roll my eyes at the teen “get out of my face Chuck”

i try and move past as a crowd gathers but he’s hands dart to my arm and he pulls me back pushing me up against the lockers “no can do princess” he snarls

“seriously chuck stop being a meat head and let me go” he steps back and i glance at him before walking forward only to have chuck grab a handful of my ass as i pass

i freeze turning on my heel “what the hell chuck!” i yell feeling sick to my stomach “oh c'mon (y/n), i had to see if the rumours were true” he bites his lip and runs his hands over his head taking a good look at my body

i suddenly feel self conscious in my uniform and lookas a crowds gather “CLAYTON!” a sudden voice yells

i search for the voice as none other than reggie mantle steps through the sea of jocks and shoves his friend into the lockers behind him just like the boy had done with me.

“ah chill mantle im just having fun with the hottest little river vixen, right (y/n)” the jocks get giddy pushing on each other like ‘bros’

“it’s fine reg forget it” i mutter to the raven haired boy turning to leave the scene “yeah reg it’s fine” chuck tease slipping past the boy and walking briskly toward me to get one last touch of my ass

i squeal disgusted in the boys actions, and like lightning reggie is next to me in a flash shoving the dim witted boy up against the lockers holding him up by his sweat shirt

“don’t you dare lay a finger on her” he warns getting into his face “you hear me” he shouts and the boy nods vigorously “okay okay reg chill” he drops the boy down and I turn walking away as fast as my legs could take me.

“did i hear that chuck & reggie were fighting over you today!” ronnie gushes as we prepare for the big game.

i roll my eyes applying another coat of mascara to my lashes “jeez v it wasn’t like that at all” i exhale placing down the wand and turning to face my two best friends “chuck was being a handsy dick and reggie stuck up for me thats all”

they share a puzzled glance “wait what do you mean handsy?” betty pushes worry washing over her face “he just grabbed my ass a few times and yeah I don’t want to talk about it can we just drop it?”

“(y/n) that’s not nothing you-” and by some grace of god cheryl bounds into the locker room “let’s go sluts show time”

“god i hate the kids at this school” i mummer before following the raven and blonde headed girls out and onto the field.

we stand along the track as the bulldogs rip through their banner jogging onto the school field as the bleacher erupt in cheers. we do a few cheers and flips before it was the opposing teams turn to enter

i make my way over to the drinks table and catch chuck and his mates staring me down like a piece of meat making gestures that would only make a girl feel sick to her stomach

and like clockwork tears dribble down your fast as fast as they appear “(y/n?)” i cuz sand turn away from the boy quickly wiping my eyes before turning back to the jock “reg hey” i smile

“your crying” he states and i shake my head denying it which only causes me to cry even more “im sorry it’s stupid i shouldn’t be crying im fine” i choke and he shakes his head stepping closer to me

“hey hey” he places his hands on my shoulders in attempts to comfort me “you know it’s okay to cry?” he questions dabbing a few of my fallen tears with his thumb

“do you?” i tease earning a laugh from him which cause me to giggle to myself “um yes for a fact i do, your looking at a dude who cried during the fault in our stars”

my eyes widen “no way” he shrugs his shoulders “guilty, but if you tell anyone im afraid I’ll have to kill ya” he said as a matter of fact. i hold my hand up “scouts honour”

i wipe the remaining tears off my face and take a few steady breathes trying to block out chuck and he’s idiotic friends

“forget Chuck okay? a guy like that doesn’t deserve a pretty girls tears okay?” i look up into his eyes and smile to myself “thanks reg” he smiles shyly.

“anytime (y/n/n)” he plays with his helmet and i glance down to my shoes to nervous to say anything else

“mantle lets go!” he turns to his coach as he yells for him “coming coach” he yells back glancing at me looking slightly guilty

“im sorry ive gotta go” and i shake my head touches his shoulder softly “it’s fine it’s fine!”

“goodluck” he smiles at me and i blush “thanks reg” he waits glancing at me “what aren’t you going to wish me good luck?” he sasses and giggle.

“you won’t need it but” i throw my arms around the boys next and stand on my tip toes kissing him

“good” kiss “luck” kiss “reg” kiss

i take my hands away from his neck settling them on his chest as his still linger around my waist “woah that was way better” i smile giddy as he re joins our lips “good luck my little vixen”

“MANTLE” he rolls his eyes “im coming coach im coming!” he yells giving me another kiss before rushing off to his team turning around and smiling giddily at your as a blush covers your face.

maybe not all jocks where jerks after all

Throwing Off The Towel - Dean Ambrose x Reader

Summary:- You and Dean start riding together and sharing hotel rooms to save money, and one night, you go for a shower, forgetting to take your shampoo. You go back into the room in a towel to grab what you need - and give Dean a sight he can’t keep his hands off. 

Warnings:-Smut, Swearing, Some Fluff

Word Count:-1,422


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Prank War - Stiles Stilinski

A/N: Everything’s better wet, right? This GIF literally attacked me in the middle of class which resulted in this 2k smut. As always, enjoy and send in requests if you have any. Love, J xx

Prompt: When a prank goes wrong, you and Stiles have to stay and clean up the mess and end up getting messier than before.

Word Count: 2,144

Warning: Smut and slime.

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“How’s  the saying go?”  ~Naughty November~

Prompt: Reader is shy, quiet, thick, Roman and Dean take an interest.

Pairing: Dean x Reader x Roman

Word Count: 750


TAGGED: @crysxtal @dunbarkiss @kirsty-lou666 @emo-chick-59-stuff@xxshewollfxx @horror-movies-and-disney@kittencutie245@thejulietfarciertlove @jwowwluv @jkjk-h @migirl323

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The One

Pairing: Liam x Reader

Warnings: swearing, angst, jealousy, anger issues Liam

Summary: Liam overhears Y/N talking to Theo during a lacrosse game, and gets jealous, almost turning on the field. Y/N follows him to the locker room to see what’s up and he ends up confessing something to her.

Word Count: 1.9k

A/N: My tumblr app on my phone has been rlly annoying tbh, and idk what’s going on like it just crashes randomly all the time. But, anyways hope you guys like this one bc I do. (I’m also writing another imagine rn too so look out for that.)


I bite on my lower lip, standing on the tip of my toes to peer over the mass of umbrellas. Being short had its struggles in lots of parts of life, but at lacrosse games, it was definitely at the top of the list.

I roll my eyes as the person in front of me raises their black umbrella higher, a sound of annoyance leaving my lips unintentionally.

The guy whips his head around, his slanted eyes shooting death glares at me. “Am I bothering you young lady?” He growls, the question coming off as more of a warning.

“Not at all,” I reply with fake sweetness, my smile not reaching my eyes and my lips twitching at how badly they wanted to frown.

The man rolls his eyes, similar to how I did to him a few moments earlier, and grumbling incoherently.

“Well that guy’s an asshole,” a voice I recognize mutters behind me.

I turn towards the voice, my suspicions of it being Theo correct. He’s wearing a black hoodie and jeans, his hood up to cover himself from the droplets of water slowly pouring down from the sky.

I nod my head vigorously at him, rolling my eyes for the second time. “Can’t see,” I explain, motioning towards the group of people crowding the bleachers in front of us with umbrellas in hand.

“You’re a shorty, that’s why,” he laughs, reaching out his hand and messing up the strands of hair I took an hour making look perfect.

My eyes go wide at his action, my jaw dropping slightly. “You did not, Raeken,” I mumble through deep breaths.

“What?” He asks, playing dumb, suddenly gaining interest in the two strings attached to his sweatshirt.

I push him playfully, the action barely having any affect over the boy as he just chuckles at me. The people watching the lacrosse match all suck in their breaths simultaneously, our attention being drawn back to the field.

“Ow, that was a bad hit,” a brunette girl in my chemistry class states to her freckled friend.

I scan the field quickly, hoping that it wasn’t what I was imagining. Nope, the universe hates me.

The jersey number 9 belongs to the player lying on the ground; Liam. My brows furrow, knowing that it wasn’t like him to get hit ever, and the few times that he did get hit, he didn’t take it very well.

I watch as Scott rushes out onto the field, kneeling down to Liam’s face and saying some words I couldn’t make out. They were way too far away, so I take to other methods.

“Can you hear them?” I ask to Theo, his eyes focusing in on them and his whole body tensing in concentration.

“Scott’s trying to calm him down and… the cause- is, well um…” he pauses, looking down at his sneaker-clad feet and shifting his jaw left and right.

“What?” I push, not understanding why he couldn’t give me the truth.

“It’s me-” I look at him questioningly, still not understanding. “He went down because he was too focused on us talking.”

My brows knit together even deeper, lines creasing my forehead. I know Liam had a jealousy issue, but getting angry about me just talking to another guy was bonkers. What was the issue with a friendly conversation?

“That’s crazy,” I say, then I see Scott’s eyes trail across the bleachers until landing on me, his hands motioning for me to get on the field.

Scott’s lips move and I look to Theo again. “Liam needs you,” he translates.


“Just go,” he commands, nodding his head towards the field, where Liam is starting to get up and head off the field, presumably to the locker room.

“Okay,” I respond, getting the point, tugging my hood on tighter and saying a bunch of ‘excuse me’s to make my way through the metal stands.

Once I walk into the school, I tug off my hood carefully, taking in a deep breath and slowly walking towards the boys’ locker room.

Eventually, I reach the door, gently knocking on it and calling out Liam’s name, but there’s no answer.

“Liam,” I call again, opening the door and pacing cautiously into the room. “I know you’re in he-” I stop mid-sentence, examining the punched in blue locker.

I look around again, noticing blood stains along the tiled floor leading to where the showers were.

I follow the trail of bright red, winding the corner and finding Liam sitting under the first shower, his fists clenched and his eyes flashing every millisecond from baby blue to a golden.

“Liam,” I whisper, treading carefully because the worse thing I could do right now was to piss him off even more. His expression softens at my voice, his eyes darting to me, my jeans and converse surely drenched.

I take off my rain jacket completely, tossing it to the side and sighing, sliding down against the wall to sit next to Liam. At this point, I wasn’t worrying about me getting more wet; I was worried about Liam.

“Li, come on, just talk to me,” I gently encourage, shivering at the cold water pouring down over me. “Liam, you can’t ignore me forever.”

Without thinking, my hands wrap around his clenched fists, the tension in them diminishing at my touch. I lean my head into the crook of his neck and shoulder. Every second of this position was slowly unraveling his anger, his head soon resting on top of mine.

“Li,” I mumble again, through gritted teeth, the cold really affecting me now.

Liam realizes this, his eyes widening and his previous rage fully gone and being replaced with concern. “Y/N,” he says, looking up at the water still splashing down on us, then dragging me out of it with himself.

He pulls me by my wrist to his locker, the one right beside the one with the dent. He shuffles with his lock, getting the combo wrong a few times and frustration boiling up inside him again. “31-1-35.”

He quirks an eyebrow at me, trying the combination and pulling the lock down, it clicking open.

“What? How do you know th-”

“You remember at the beginning of last year, when you asked me to get your History textbook in here, for whatever reason?”

He nods his head slowly, after looking up at the ceiling to recall the memory. “But, that was like forever ago, like that happened before Scott bit me.”

I stare at him blankly. “What, I have a good memory?”

Liam smiles at me for a few blissful seconds, before realizing what he was originally doing, his jaw dropping and shuffling into his locker.

He grabs a white towel from the top shelf, wrapping it around my shoulders. “There you go.”

I smile appreciatively at him. Small things like this were the reasons why he was the one. The one who I wanted to fall in love with deeper and deeper everyday. The one who I wanted to wake up with every morning. The one I wanted to tell about every little accomplishment or issue I had, and didn’t have to worry about judgment. The one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. And the one I was willing to risk it all for.

But, of course, this wasn’t the cliche teenage movie, and the best friend never gets to be the love interest. I loved him and he didn’t love me back. I’d always been and always will just be the best friend, nothing more. He was the one, but I wasn’t his.

My thoughts are suddenly clouded by what happened earlier, images of him lying on the turf flashing back into my mind.

“So,” I begin. “What happened out there?”

His facial expression changes from gentle bliss to discomfort in a matter of milliseconds. “Erm, well, I was focusing in on something other than the game, that I probably shouldn’t have.”

“Um, what were you focusing on?” I query, curiosity blazing through me.

He looks down at his soaked cleats, mumbling something under his breath really fast.

“You know, I’m not a werewolf, so I don’t have enhanced hearing like you do. So, I didn’t catch any of that.”

His chest and shoulders raise as he heaves in a breath, then reiterates what he just said, but slower and louder. “I was listening to you and Theo.”

“What?” I question, disbelief lacing my tone. I had to have heard that wrong.

“You were, erm, flirting with him. And i know I really shouldn’t mind that because, I mean, you’re not mine or anything, but he’s a bad guy and you deserve better, likemaybesomeonelikemeifthatsokay.”

My heart begins to pound in my chest, surely loud enough that even non-supernaturals could hear. That time, I must’ve heard wrong, because the words that just spilled out of his mouth had to be a figment of my imagination.

I must’ve been in shock for a long time, because Liam looks back up, probably wanting me to say something, anything.

“Li, I don’t know how to res-”

“No, it’s fine, Y/N. I get it you don’t like me like that, but whenever you say Li, goddamn, please can you stop that because every single time you say that I want to fucking kiss you so bad,” he interrupts me, and somehow during it, he gets closer, his hands gently holding onto mine.

I look down at our intertwined fingers and Liam follows my gaze, his eyes going wide and trying to pull away, but I stop him.

I hold onto him and his eyes look back up to me frantically. “But, I thought th-”

“Li, do you want to kiss me?” I ask, the possibility of him saying what I want him to say causing my body to gravitate even closer to him, if that was even possible.

“Yes,” he replies sheepishly, blushing a bit.

“Then do it.” And he does just that.

Without letting another second pass, he reaches out and grasps my chin, pulling my face towards his. The kiss is delicate, his lips tasting of sweat, but I couldn’t care less.

“So you don’t like Theo?” Liam asks, unsure.

“No, Li,” I answer, gouging his reaction to the nickname, which he previously declared made him want to kiss me.

He groans, licking his lips. “Now, you’re just saying it to mess with me.”

“Li, why didn’t you kiss me sooner?”

“I didn’t know you liked me back.”

“That’s what I thought, Li.”

“Fuck, stop doing that.”

“Li, Li, Li, Li,” I laugh, as his face morphs into playful anger, a smile plastered on his face.

“You’re so gonna get it, Y/N,” he yells. I run away, still laughing, dropping the towel somewhere on the tiled floor behind me.

Strong arms hug me from behind, Liam picking me up and swinging me around as I kick my legs up in the air like a child. After a while, he drops me back down. I turn around to face him and stand on the tip of my toes, grabbing the side of his face in my hand and planting my lips on his.

Being short had its hurdles, but this one, I didn’t mind. I finally had the one and somehow, I was his.

Meeting Zalfie || Joe Sugg Imagine

“Love you ready to travel down to meet my family?” Joe says trapping me in his arms, kissing the side of my head softly.

“I’m never going to be ready,” I mumble, attempting to break away from his grasp, but Joe being Joe, he doesn’t let me instead squeezing me into his chest tighter.

“It’s all going to be perfect,” He whispers kissing my cheek, letting me go and walking to his room grabbing our bags and taking them down to his car. Joe was going to drive us down to Brighton so that I could meet his sister, Zoe and her boyfriend, Alfie We were going to be staying with Zoë for a few days. I had been so nervous to meet his family, fear of rejection plaguing my thoughts.

“I’m leaving with or without you so I suggest you get you cute little ass down here and come meet my family with me,” Joe yells into his apartment, I chuckle softly putting my phone into my pocket making my way out of his apartment locking the door. I follow Joe, he opens the car door for me. I grin up at him and stand on my tiptoes and kiss him softly. I step into the car and sit down. Joe makes his way into the car and we begin our journey to the Zalfie household.

“Are you stressed about today?” Joe asks I jump slightly, we had been sitting in a comfortable silence for a few minutes.

I nod my head slowly, “Yeah, a little, but its normal, I think,” I trail off giggling softly, Joe brings a joined hands up to his face. He presses his lips to the back of my hand softly. I feel the butterflies in my stomach whenever he’s around, goes insane. A wave of emotion hits me like a truck.

“Hey Joe,” I say softly after a few more minutes of quiet driving, He hums in response, “I love you.” We hadn’t said that we loved each other yet, we just knew.

I watch him as he concentrates on the road in front of him before he realizes what I’ve said. He looks over at me grinning widely, a blush spreading over his cheeks. He continues to smile and lean towards the steering wheel a shy smile gracing his features. He looks back to me, “I love you too,” is all he says, we go back to sitting in silence, my hand still held tightly in his.

A few hours later we arrive at the Zalfie household the nerves build back up, but I bury them when I see the excitement evident on my gorgeous boyfriend’s face. I watch as he eagerly makes his way around to me taking my face into his hands kissing me softly, I grin into our kiss knowing what it meant.

“Are you guys just going to make out in my front yard or are you going to come inside and say hello?” I jump away from Joe, blushing when I realize that it was Zoe.

“Wow Zo, Killing my game much,” Joe chuckles making his way over to his sister embracing her. I slowly make my way over to where the two are stood, I wrap my arms around my waist not knowing what to do with myself. Joe pulls away from Zoe, and takes a step towards me taking my hand in his, he always seems to know what to do when I need him to something.

“Hello Y/N, it’s nice to finally get to meet you, I’m sure you’re aware that I’ve heard of you,” She giggles softly, “Please come inside make yourself right at home.” she says opening the door for me to step through, I look back at Joe watching as he nods “I’ll be in soon love, just need to get our bags,” I look back to Zoe smiling and following her inside, once we’re inside her living room, she takes me into her arms making me laugh slightly, “Thank you,” she whispers into my ear.

“For what?” I finally use my voice.

“You make my brother so happy, I’m so glad that you both found each other,” She lets go of me tears gathered in her eyes.

“Please don’t cry,” I say panic evident on my face, she laughs softly.

“You’re as bad with emotions as Joe is,” She smiles over at me.

“You’d be surprised on how romantic your brother is, well normally, I was the first to say I loved him, which was in the car on the way here,” I nervously babble out.

“Wait you guys said that you loved each other for the first time today?” She asks staring at me with her mouth open.

“Uh,” I trail off, “Yeah?”

She bursts out laughing. “You guys are so cute, Hey Alf come here!” She calls out to Alfie.

I see a tall man make his way into the room that Zoe had led me into. “Hello, I’m Alfie, it’s nice to finally meet you Y/N,” Alfie says hugging me.

“It’s nice to meet you guys,” I say stepping back from the couple, Joe make is way into the room, and wraps his arms around my waist and rests his head on my shoulder.

“I love you,” He whispers kissing my cheek, making my blush a deep red.

“So Y/N I feel like as your future sister in law I’m legally obligated to tell you embarrassing stories about Joe,” Zoe says laughing when Joe groans burying his face in my neck. I laugh and nod my head, “Please do, Then I can tell you stories of our relationship,” I wink at her.

“Oh my God, Yes!” She takes my hand in hers and drags me away from the boys, “Come with me,”

I giggle following her into her second living room, we sit on the floor and that’s where we sit swapping stories for hours, eventually, our girl talk being crashed by our respective boyfriends.

“So do the fans know yet?” Alfie asks. Joe nods his head, “She basically lives at my housemate, if they didn’t know I wouldn’t be able to vlog,” He chuckles kissing the side of my head quickly.

“We’ve known about you for ages Y/N/N, Joseph hasn’t been hiding you from us, Alfie is just trying to figure out the rules for videos,” Zoe says laughing.

“Yeah this kid doesn’t shut up about you, like ever,” Alfie laughs at Joe’s obvious embarrassment. I spin my head to the man that’s sitting next to me, I raise an eyebrow, he looks down to his jeans, “Like what?” I direct the question to Alfie seeing how red I can get my boyfriend’s cheeks. I watch as his eyes snap up to Alfie and widen, the red on his cheeks becomes more apparent. Alfie, Zoe and I all burst out laughing.

“Don’t tell her mate,” Joe warns, challenging Alfie with his eyes.

“Why not buddy? I’m sure Zoe and Y/N would love to hear that story,” Alfie laughs. I turn my gaze away from my Boyfriend and place my eyes on Alfie.

“Okay, now you actually have to tell me,” I say concern flashing over my face, Zoe’s face is locked on Joe’s, “What happened?” I glance over each face.

“Mate, I’m going to have to tell her,” Alfie says, worry clear in his eyes.

“I’m right here, I can hear you,” I feel anxiety bubble in my chest.

“Fine, but if she breaks up with me I’m going to beat your ass,” Joe mumbles laying his body down. Joe wraps his arms around my waist, calming me down. He loves me.

“Okay so before you guys got together Joe, Marcus and myself went away, and during them few days, he wouldn’t shut up about this girl that he had met, Y/N, but the thing is is that he thought that you were into Caspar,” Alfie says, I laugh softly.

“That’s really all that you didn’t want me to know?” I look down at my boyfriend who shakes his head ‘no’, I bite my lip.

“I didn’t want him to tell you, how he helped me plan our first date, but since we’re on the topic of things I didn’t want you to know, I didn’t say 'i love you’ first because I still think you’re joking about being into me,” He says standing up and walking out of the room. My mouth falls open, tears prick my eyes.

“Uh, I’ll go talk to him,” I mumble following him up to the guest bedroom.

“Joe? What was that?” I ask, wrapping my arms around his waist. His arms are bracing him against the wall.

“Please just pretend you don’t know how insecure I am,” He mutters spinning around to face me.

“I love you, insecurities and all,” I say standing on my tip toes to kiss him, “Now please have a good time, and relax a little, I like knowing all the little things about you,” I wink.

Instead of saying anything he presses his lips to mine, the kiss is sweet and innocent. We are hopelessly in love. I pull away from him and hold his face in mine, “By the way you’re way hotter than Caspar,” I wink making my way down the stairs back to where Zoe and Alfie are sat. I smile at them subtly letting them know that he was alright, “He’s okay,”

I watch as the two look to each other and back up to me, “What?”

“He loves you a lot, but I’ve never seen him be so un-Joe-like before, He’s a completely different person,” Zoe says, a small frown gracing her features. I feel the anxiety bubble in my chest again, “Is that a bad thing?”

Her eyes speak the words she’s too afraid to say, “Oh,” is all I say, picking up my phone from her coffee table, “I’ll be back soon, I’m just going for a walk,” I exit the house before she or Alfie can stop me.

I turn my phone off when I can no longer see the house, tears well up in my eyes. I let my feet take me in any direction they choose and before I know it I’m at the sea, I take a deep breath. The smell and sound of the ocean are so calming to me. I take a step onto the beach and sit on the stones. I feel the tears begin to fall, I lay my back down on the stones and think about Zoë, is she right? had I changed Joe? I’m a bad person, I don’t deserve him. I lay there for a while longer with my eyes closed. I open them after I had finished crying and sit up when I notice that it’s dark out.

“Well fuck,” I mumble under my breath. I turn my phone back on and notice that I have fifteen missed calls from Joe. I hear the sound of steps on the stones.

“I wish you hadn’t of left you know?” I here Zoe’s voice say, “You sent my brother into quite the anxiety attack.” I glance up at her and back to the sea in front of me.

“I-i,” I attempt to talk but Zoe cuts me off.

“I really like you, I love you and Joe, But it’s weird seeing him so in love,” She says sitting down next to me, “I told him that you’d be here, I can tell that it’s your safe place as well as mine, but that boy was far too upset to listen to me.”

“I’m sorry,” Is all I say.

“He loves you so much. I’m sorry if I said something that offended you, but all I meant by it was that you are both acting ways too grown up for your age, Hell you’re what? 22? Joes 25. You guys are both already better adults than I am,” She laughs making me laugh, “But please just try and have fun, I’ve never seen him like this with anyone,” I nod my head.

“He’s my other person,” I say shrugging, “Have you met your brother? I don’t think that he’s mature at all,” I chuckle.

“You ready to come home now?” Zoe asks standing up, holding her hand out for me to take, “I drove so we won’t freeze getting home.”

I smile and take her hand standing up. I hug her, “Thank you Zo,” We make our way to her car and back to her house.

Joe is stood out the front, worry evident on his face. I step out of the car and make my way over to Joe,  "Why did you leave?“ He asks pulling me into his chest.

"I just wanted to go for a walk,” is all I say, not wanting him to feel like I don’t like Zoe. I lean up to kiss him softly, “I’m okay,”

“You turned your phone off,” He pouts, I look around and notice that Zoe has gone inside to Alfie.

“I’m okay, you’re okay, let’s go inside and do something with your sister that doesn’t involve either of us walking off,” I chuckle taking his hand, pulling him inside after me.

Meet Me In the Hallway- Three.

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A few weeks had passed since the party and I had ultimately sworn off heavy drinking for a while, only opting for a bit of wine or a single pint of beer, not daring to push it any further than that. Making a fool of myself in front of my friends was not something that was in my plans and I didn’t want to go back to that dark point in my life where I felt like the only thing that I could do to numb the pain and heartache was to drown my sorrows with alcohol. It was the lowest point in my life, and I would not let myself return to it.

Classes were in full swing and so were my Alpha Xi duties, taking up most of my time. If I wasn’t in class, I was working a booth for our philanthropy, with my study group, or raising money for our glow run we had coming up soon. It was always one thing or another and I was glad for the constant hustle and bustle that my days brought, things were finally starting to feel completely normal again.

It had also been a while since I had seen Harry outside of class, both of us completely busy with our schedules which left little time to hang out. After our little lunch outing, I had given him my number knowing that we would inevitably be hanging out again soon if not from personal desire, from having mutual friends. We texted on and off everyday; he’d send me corny jokes and I’d act like they were dumb when in reality I would be trying to stifle a few giggles in class. It was constant banter and I found myself enjoying our conversations more and more. There was never a boring moment with him.

After a grueling two hours of organic chemistry, I started my trek back to the house. I opted to walk to class today, it was just so beautiful outside. The mid September days bringing the slightest taste of fall to the beautiful antique and timeless campus, the air becoming cooler as the days passed, much to my appreciation. Fall had always been my favorite time of year; the leaves changing color, the crisp air, football season, the impending holidays. Everything about it just made me feel warm inside.

“Hales, you here?” I called, walking into the house, hanging my keys up on the hook. “Haley?”

No sound came from the back of the house. I shrugged, walking into the kitchen to grab a snack. Browsing through the cupboards and fridge, I realized just how much we needed to go grocery shopping, making sure to make a note of what we needed and placing it under a magnet on the fridge. Settling for a somewhat over ripened banana, I trudge into the living room, scrolling through my phone, noticing another text from Harry.

Harry: why do fish live in salt water?

I giggled, knowing that the impending answer to this question would probably make me laugh more than it should. But let’s be honest, I was a sucker for a good dad joke.

I don’t know, why?

Because if they lived in pepper water, they would sneeze!

You can do better than that, Styles. I’m disappointed.

Ok miss sass, I’d like to see you come up with a better one

What’s the difference between a hippo and a zippo?


One is really heavy and the other is a little lighter.

And you said mine was bad?! yours was rubbish!

I was in a fit of giggles as we continued to compete in who had the best dad jokes. Never would I have thought that I would be enjoying a conversation like this so much, but it was like Harry knew what would make me laugh without even trying. The more I talked to him, the more I found myself wanting to see him again.

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My Jealous Boyfriend

Description: You and Cameron has been hanging out a lot lately and Shawn starts to get the wrong idea…

Requested: Yes

I sat in the bleachers with Cameron at my side. I’m currently waiting for Shawn to finish his tour preparations. I place my feet up on the back of a seat that’s in front of me as Cameron turns his head toward me and says something. I smile as I agree with him. 

I see Shawn glance my way and I give him a slight wave only for him to turn his head and continue his conversation with Geoff. He points around the stage and Shawn nods his head before they try the set again. The music starts and Cameron turns to me and says something. I let out a chuckle.

I can feel Shawn’s eyes on me as I turn to face Cameron. A smile spread across his face as we joked about the time he filled Alex’s house with boxes. He nods his head and adds something, causing us both to laugh as the music stops. I turned my head to find Shawn handing his guitar to the stage technician and storming off the stage.

I excuse myself from Cameron and make my way back stage. Once back there I don’t see Shawn at all. I look at Andrew and he points to the dressing room. I silently thank him as I made my way toward it. I knock first and then open the door to Shawn pacing around the room.

“Hey. What happened?” I asked.

“What’s going on between you and Cameron?” He asked catching me off guard.

“What?” I said closing the door behind us.

“What’s going on between you and Cameron?” He asked again getting impatient.

“Nothing.” Shawn crossed his arms, his face straight.

“Do you like him, Y/N?”

“As a friend, yes. ONLY as a friend.” Shawn chuckled bitterly and continued to pace. “He’s your best friend. I wouldn’t-“

“Then why do you laugh at almost everything he says!” Shawn yells startling me.

“I don’t-“

“yes you do. I watch you, Y/N. You laugh, you always sit next to him and you’ve been hanging out with him quite a lot.” He states.

“Your jealous.” I say with a smile.

“No, I’m not. I just don’t like you hanging out with him.” Shawn states. I wrap my arms around his waist and stand on my tip toes, placing my lips on his. I put as much passion as I could into the kiss, causing him to let out a soft moan. I clutched his t-shirt in my fist at his sides to bring him closer to me as he wrapped his arms around me, kissing me back. After a few minutes of making out, we broke the kiss.

“Does that answer your question? I love you, Shawn. Not Cameron, we are simply friends. Nothing more and Nothing less.” I say looking into his brown eyes. He looks back into mine for a few minutes before nodding his head and bringing his lips back to mine.

Then there was a knock on the door.

“Shawn, we need to get back to Prepping.” I heard Geoff says. Then Shawn broke the kiss with a sigh and left the room, pecking my lips once more.


I’m home…

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Controlled {Kim Namjoon}

Prompt: 28 w/ Namjoon || Requests Open || Smut Game

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Word Count: 760

Warning: quickie

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My old middle school had a swimming pool and, in the summer, they used to let kids use it during lunch break.

Now, what was weird about this pool was that the deep end was by the door— normally pools have the shallow end by the door and then you can swim to the deep end. So the first time I went in I expected it to be shallower than it was. It wasn’t deep or anything— ten to twelve year old me could easily stand up on my tip toes— but I still flailed and splashed around a bit while I tried to find my footing.

So this other girl was swimming nearby and saw me and jumped to the conclusion that I was scared of getting my head underwater (I hadn’t put my goggles on yet, so I was trying to keep my head up). You know how a lot of kids’ shows have storylines about people being scared of something and then facing their fears and learning there’s nothing to be scared of? Like if somebody’s scared of spiders, you get them to touch a spider. If they’re scared of heights, you take them bungee jumping. And, at least according to this girl, if they’re scared of getting their head underwater then you force their heads underwater.

She leapt on my back and started trying to push me under. Luckily I managed to fight her off before she drowned me.

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UPDATE ON DIPPING MY FEMME GF: I'm slowly getting stronger and can almost pick her up. She's confused as to my random picking her up but just laughs and doesn't question it. I still have to stand on my tip toes to kiss her.


A Mile High

A Shawn Mendes one-shot *

I’ve always loved airports, but could never but my finger on exactly why. I suppose there was just the excitement of being taken somewhere else. Everyone around you is going, living their own lives out in Alaska or Brazil or Germany. They were travelling for business, for pleasure, for family. I loved all of it.

Planes, not so much. I wasn’t afraid or anything, but I didn’t like being crammed into such a small space with no fresh air. Shawn never let me complain, though.

“At least you’re not 6'3.” He said, “Do you see my knees right now? I’m practically folded in half.” I rolled my eyes and put my hand on his knee, which were very high on the back of the seat in front of him.

“Alright, big tough guy. I get it, I’m sorry.” I sympathized, smiling gently and watching Shawn’s lips form a smile in response. He leaned over and kissed my nose.

“I have to pee.” He said. I rolled my eyes and pulled away from him, unbuckling and standing in the aisle so he could get out. The rows were only made up of two seats, so he slid into my seat and then stood, overestimating the amount of room he had and hitting his head on the plastic ceiling, turning on the little light there and emitting a groan.

“Oh, baby. Yikes.” I said, concealing a laugh as he rubbed the top of his head and pouted, making sure he was all the way in the aisle before standing up. I put my hands on his chest and pouted up at him in sympathy.

“That hurt.” He said, laughing gently and still rubbing his head. I laughed too and pulled his head down, standing on my tip toes to kiss his hair.

“You’re a klutz. How the hell are you going to fit in that tiny bathroom?” I said, laughing. Shawn shrugged and leaned closer.

“Think you could fit in there with me?” He asked. I leaned back and gave him a warning look, to which he replied with a cheeky grin and kissed me quickly. “As I recall, someone wanted to join the mile high club, no?” He whispered in my ear. I laughed against his neck.

“Not on this tiny plane, Shawn. I’d have you moaning my name way too loud, and the team’s sitting just in front of us.” I replied just as quietly. I could feel Shawn laugh against my shoulder as he pulled away and shook his head. His cheeks were red and I could tell he was trying not to laugh with his pursed lips. He ruffled my hair and walked away towards the bathroom. I admired his butt as he left.

I stood and stretched as I waited for Shawn to come back. He came out of the washroom and walked towards me as I lifted my arms above my head and leaned back slightly to stretch. I could see Shawn lick his lips and shake his head.

“Shawn, we’re almost there. Keep it in your pants.” I told him softly as he passed me to get back in his seat, mindful of the ceiling this time.

“It’s been like, a million years. This is our fourth airplane, babe. I’m feeling a little… antsy.” Shawn complained as I slid back in my seat. I squeezed Shawn’s leg and smiled softly.

“I think you’ll survive.” I laughed. Shawn grumbled and slumped further down his seat, wrapping his arm in mine and leaning against me, playing with our intertwined fingers.

“I can’t believe people know who I am in Japan.” He muttered quietly. I smiled.

“People probably know who you are in every corner of the earth.” I replied. Shawn looked up at me, then back at our hands.

“That’s kind of scary.” He said softly.

“It is a little scary. But think about it this way: you have friends wherever you go, right? You’re loved in every language.” I replied. Shawn smiled.

“I love you in every language, Y/N.” he whispered. I smiled softly and pressed my lips to his fluffy head of hair, closing my eyes and resting for a moment, breathing in his presence.

“I love you too.”


The airport was crazy. Once Shawn, the team and I reached baggage claim, we were blown away by the amount of fans pressed against the barricade, trying to reach Shawn. He took them all in with shock and amazement in his honey coloured eyes. I squeezed his hand and he looked down at me, with the most genuinely happy smile.

“This is insane. We’re in Japan. I’m from fucking Pickering, Ontario! This is insane.” He said enthusiastically, jumping a little. I laughed and pulled him back to me.

“Go say hi.” I told him. He smiled down at me.

“Come with me?” He asked. I smiled and nodded, letting him lead me to the increasingly louder fans.

Shawn barely let go of my hand the entire time. When he’d lean in to try and hear what a fan was telling him in broken English, he’d keep his arm outstretched behind him and his pinky laced with mine. Sometimes the fans would beckon me over to be in the photo with them, but for the most part I watched. Shawn was ecstatic, I could tell. A fan had given him a headband with the Japanese flag, and he wore it across his forehead. He looked adorable, with his eyes bright and his cheeks rosy. I told him that once we finally had to move on. He stopped pushing the cart of luggage to wrap his strong arms around my waist and twirl me around once, happily affectionate despite the paparazzi. He set me down when Geoff started yelling at him, and kissed me before continuing to push the cart.

Shawn kept his eyes glued out the window as we rode to our hotel, watching Japan go by. Occasionally, he would point something out to me excitedly, or lean over to kiss my cheek. Seeing him happy made me happy. Our hotel was ultra modern, in the heart of Tokyo. Our room was nearly all white, with tiles so shiny you could see your reflection in them. Across from us was a window stretching across the entire wall, giving us an amazing view of the city. “This is amazing.” Shawn said breathily, standing before the window. I slid my arms around his middle and hugged him from behind, cuddling my head into his back. "I’m so happy to be here with you, Shawn.” I muttered. Shawn smiled as he turned in my arms to face me, his callused thumb brushing across my cheek. He moved his hands down to my waist and I moved mine into his fluffy, curly hair. I loved his hair when it was like this. My smile widened as he laughed at nothing, all rosy cheeks and perfect teeth. He nuzzled his smile into my neck and nipped at the skin there, causing me to shriek in protest and try to wiggle away. Shawn’s grip just tightened as he laughed, his hot breath against my neck as he soothed the bite with a kiss. I laughed breathily, melting into him as he left short kisses along my neck. Eventually he pulled away and looked me in the eye. What floor are we on?” I asked. Shawn’s smile faded into confusion. "Twenty-three I think. Why?” He asked. "Well, we’re probably a mile high, wouldn’t you say?” I asked cheekily, watching the realization cross Shawn’s face and turn into a grin. He pulled me closer and kissed me hard on the mouth. "Oh, I think so.” ** Shawn in Japan was amazing. I hope you guys liked this :))) send in some Shawn requests my friends and I will happily write them. Love you all xox

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