standing on a line

some larry couple photo shoot concepts:

  • louis sprawled across harry’s lap in a silk robe with a glass of wine
  • harry giving louis a piggyback ride, both with crinkly-eyed smiles
  • lying in the grass wearing big sweaters; a recreation of the photo from harry’s another man shoot
  • some stills from a pillow fight where they’re both caught mid-laugh
  • talking animatedly while they walk through one of their gardens, clifford chasing after them
  • cuddling, with clifford squashed in the middle
  • painting one of their rooms (and each other)
  • dancing in a ballroom under a chandelier, wearing colourful suits
  • kissing on a park bench
  • louis cutting harry’s hair and harry looking terrified in the mirror
  • harry making them breakfast and louis on his tiptoes, with his arms wrapped around him from behind, resting his head on his shoulder
  • playing guitar together on the patio while the sun sets
  • some closeup shots of them holding hands, their wedding rings being the focus
  • shirtless ones of them standing together so their tattoos line up
  • on a ferris wheel, harry stealing louis’ candy floss and louis looking at him menacingly

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Hey:) I really love this blog it is very helpful - question - I usually really hate noise, like people eating etc and the people noise in crowded spaces terrifies me. However I love going to rock shows, standing in line and going in and leaving is really hard but the music is so loud that is all I hear and feel so it blocks out all people noise. I guess I was kinda doubting my autism which is silly but is this kind of thing something others experience?

This is definitely something I experience! I am very sensitive to sound and as much as fifteen minutes in a noisy place can give me a meltdown. However my issue is not with volume, but with the amount of sound sources. Three quiet sounds coming from different places is really bothersome, but one very loud sound coming from one source is fine.

I felt the same when I went to a concert - the line, the waiting, it was extremely overwhelming, I was wearing headphones the entire time to block out the noise. Then the concert started and the music was blasting so so loud but I wasn’t bothered at all cause it overpowered all other noise, and there was only one source of sound. So from that point the experience was amazing and I loved every minute of it. I was still very tired after the concert though. So yeah I don’t think this is weird at all, I understand exactly what you mean.


Bias Blurb w/ Sehun

Shortened Bias Blurb for @sehuns-bubble-txe :)

You were standing in line for your dose of coffee when you were bumped to the side and crashed into a tall figure, causing all of his coffee to spill over the both of you >< However, you were more than surprised when Sehun was more concerned over you than himself, hurrying to get a bunch of napkins and apologising repeatedly for the incident; putting you quickly at ease and smiling up at his sweetness :)

  • Your kindness and compassion for others would make Sehun fall head over heals for you <3 He would love how you look after him and you would feel the same way about him, even though he thinks otherwise!
  • Sehun would be taken back at first when he hears a sarcastic comment escape from your lips! However, afterwards, your relationship would be filled with satire humour; eventually causing the both of you to burst out in laughter at your unique way of showing love for each other <3
  • Sehun would love towering over you; always engulfing you in a protective and caring embrace! 
  • Despite teasing one another, you and Sehun would always make sure to let each other know how deeply and completely you have fallen in love!!

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Thank you very much for requesting and your kind words! I hope you liked it!!


So I wanted to draw all the Voltron characters before Season 2 came out, but thought just drawing all seven standing in a line would be boring. So I present to you…Voltron characters: squad edition. 


Rise With Standing Rock Native Nations March coming to DC this Friday

  • Though the protestors at Standing Rock may have been forced off the front lines in February, the water protectors aren’t standing down.
  • On Friday, Native American groups and their allies will converge in Washington D.C. to march for tribal rights at the Rise with Standing Rock Native Nations March.
  • The march, as noted on the Stand with Standing Rock website, is being planned by the Native Nations Rise Planning Committee. 
  • The organizers leading the charge, the website notes, are members of “Tribal Nations and grassroots Indigenous communities rising to the call set forth by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to defend our inherent rights to protect Unci Maka and our water: Mni Wiconi.
  • Though the protest is born out of the Standing Rock movement and fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline, Friday’s protest is a broader call for the tribal rights. Read more (3/6/17 10:50 AM)

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The moment I knew @mormoc was going to be apart of the @pjocoloringbookproject, was the moment I knew that it was going to be the very first picture that I colored. And she didn’t disappoint me! I was utterly blown away with this piece (as I usually am whenever I see any of May’s artwork) and was so excited to color it!

Thank you May, for your beautiful lineart that is just so wonderfully compelling and breathtakingly fun to look at and color! You’re an incredible artist and a lovely friend altogether! Thank you!

Trump pushes racist anecdote to defend voter fraud lie

  • In a meeting with congressional leaders, Trump continued to push the lie that 3 million to 5 million undocumented immigrants voted illegally.
  • According to the New York Times, Trump’s rationale came by way of an anecdote from famous 59-year-old Bavarian golfer Bernhard Langer.
  • Trump described an incident in which Langer “was standing in line at a polling place in Florida on Election Day … when an official informed Mr. Langer he would not be able to vote.”
  • “Ahead of and behind Mr. Langer were voters who did not look as if they should be allowed to vote, Mr. Trump said, according to the staff members — but they were nonetheless permitted to cast provisional ballots,” the Times continued.
  • “The president threw out the names of Latin American countries that the voters might have come from.”
  • Trump described one incident in which a single rich white person was unable to vote.
  • That could have been the result of any number of bad but mundane reasons from inaccurate registration records to Langer arriving at the wrong precinct, while other nonwhite people were allowed to vote. 
  • This is not evidence of mass voter fraud. 
  • This is evidence Trump is suspicious of any Latino person who tries to vote. Textbook racism. Read more

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Imagine the Klance union scene like:

Keith, though he tells himself to hide it, can’t help but smile ear-to-ear when he sees Lance, safe and sound, making his way over to the rest of them.  Lance looks tired, like he’s been through hell, but the moment his eyes lay on Keith, his smile grows twice in size and he’s jogging over to them.  Lance hugs everyone, making his way down the line until he comes to stand in front of Keith.  His smile wavers, but there’s light in his eyes still.  

“Can I hug you?” It comes out quiet, afraid.  Like he was afraid Keith would reject him right then and there.  Keith can easily tell Lance is unsure and cautious, which frankly, is extremely out of character for him, but Keith appreciates it.

Keith doesn’t even answer, instead he wraps his arms around Lance and holds him tight, feeling all the anxiety and tension release from Lance’s body as his arms snake around Keith.  Lance’s hugs with the other paladins had only lasted a few seconds, but with Keith, it was longer.  Way longer.  

They finally break apart when Shiro directs their attention back to business, but they don’t move away from each other.  Instead, they stand shoulder to shoulder, almost like they’re assuring themselves that they’re both here, both safe, and will never let anything separate them again.

Tom Waits on songwriting:
“I like the idea that there are things coming in through the window and through you and then down to the piano and out the window on the other side. If you want to catch songs you gotta start thinking like one, and making yourself an interesting place for them to land like birds or insects. Once you get two or three tunes together, wherever three or more are gathered, then others come. It’s like a line for a hot dog place, you know? And when there’s four people lined up on the sidewalk, some people will stop and get in line just ’cause there’s a line.”

Image by Craig McDean
Source: NYTimes

bruce ‘i don’t do relationships’ wayne responds to allegations that he is actually in love with an elegant raven-haired woman of color capable of kicking his ass: “you’re going to have to be more specific”

cassandra’s line of “They will stand in the fire and complain that it is hot.” is one quote from dragon age that has stuck with me. There are a lot of good lines from those games but that one just really, I don’t know, resonated with me for some reason. It reminds me of people I’ve met, people I used to know and reminds me of myself sometimes too. 

I have been in situations that I could’ve changed, but i chose to complain instead. It’s a good reminder tbh

Women from Standing Rock

The women of #NoDAPL have been the backbone of this movement, and they are still fighting today: they plan community actions together and stand against DAPL on the front lines.

But they are part of a larger story.

These people hope that people believe in what they are doing, and support them and pray for them.

That is all they ask…

The Power rests in these souls, not in the money…


I stand behind you in line at the store with a smile on my face… and a gun under my shirt and you are none the wiser, yet you are safer for having me next to you. I won’t shoot you. My gun won’t pull it’s own trigger. It is securely holstered with the trigger covered and safety on. It can’t just go off. However, rest assured that if a lunatic walks into the store and pulls out a rifle or a handgun, I will draw my pistol and protect myself and my family and therefore protect you and your family. I may freeze up. I may piss my pants. I may get shot before I can pull the trigger, but I will not die in a helpless blubbering heap on the floor begging for my life. I won’t be that victim. I choose not to be. As for you, I don’t ask you to carry a gun. If you are not comfortable, then please don’t. But I would like to keep my right to choose to not be a helpless victim. There is evil in this world and if evil has a gun, I want one too🤘🏼

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I love your line sketches of the BBcsherlock characters and would love to learn how to draw this way. This style where you can see individual lines instead of other shading absolutely facinates me. Do you have any tips on how to start?

Hey thanks! I don’t think there’s anything particularly special about this sort of style, it’s basically just the same as crosshatching with a traditional pencil, except here with digital art I just used the pen tool in SAI so the lines don’t blend and they stand out more.

Essentially what you’re trying to do is express a plane with a series of lines, like this:

To express tone and shading, you can vary the density:



Or overlap lines (crosshatch):

This doesn’t mean that crosshatching always makes things darker, sometimes you can crosshatch lightly, it’ll just make the shading look finer:

So with a combination of line density, thickness, darkness, and overlap, you can create all sorts of different tones and textures depending on what you need for different parts of the picture:

To express turning faces, you can vary the direction or angle of your lines:

The rest is just a matter of deciding how you use those techniques to express the picture you want to draw, and that’s a matter of your own judgement and experience; it would be impossible to list every rule because there aren’t any rules. The stuff about thickness and crosshatching and density etc. I basically made up just now by looking back on my drawings and analysing the lines; I never actually consciously thought about those things when I drew them, so don’t treat them like commandments or something, play around with different lines and combinations to get a feel for yourself what works in what situations.

To illustrate that I’ll draw a picture of Sherlock and try to break down what I’m doing at each step:

Sorry my notes are a bit messy (I hope you can read my writing) but if anything I guess it reflects how messy my thought process is, I’m always adding things and changing things as I go along.

Always remember, you’re trying to use lines to represent planes, so even though you’re drawing in lines, you need to be looking at the reference and thinking in terms of planes, not lines. Also, make sure you keep your lines parallel so they don’t run into each other because that’ll make it look messy.

I think the best way to learn is always to try things yourself, so don’t just look at this tutorial, go play around with the lines yourself, whether you use my steps as a starting point or draw from a photo of your own, hopefully you’ll get a feel for how to use lines then. Also remember that you can go as detailed or as loose with your lines as you want, so long as you have the important shapes and facial features expressed.

Hope this was helpful! :)

About Jin and Jimin

I will not, under any circumstance justify what Jin said to Jimin in today’s Episode, not a chance, not at all. He was wrong, what he said was uncalled for and in a way hurtful. But I will not stand for this Jin hate bandwagon. Why are you all (specially maknae line stans) like this?

Your fellow fans are literally sending death threats to Jin publicly (proofs below) and saying foolishness such as he should leave the group, that he is cancelled or that his jealousy and/or recent popularity (?) got to his head. (Some of you even tweeted that to their public account). 

(There are more comments like these)

BTS unfortunately has always made jokes about weight, eating habits and calling names that can actually be seen (and are) fatphobic… and it should stop, really. Bangtan should not use being “fat” as an insult, and I totally understand if you feel triggered/upset about what Jin said, it’s totally okay to be mad and disappointed… but what it’s not okay is all the hate Jin is getting. 

Remember when Yoongi called Jimin a pig and all the backlash he got? It’s the same now with Jin though a different situation but still bad.

I know that Jimin’s weight is a delicate matter within the fandom and it’s used to insult him, but please stop inventing diseases and/or eating disorders we know nothing about… and for those people saying Jin does not care when someone calls him “pig” or that he didn’t went through any diet/mental stress over it…

And he was also called pig countless of time over this… even by his managers any time they saw him eat. His answer?

When Jin gained a little weight how did everyone else treat him? 

Yet he had to endure that, pretty much just like Jimin had to countless of times. I’m not comparing nor justifying. I repeat, what Jin and BTS in general does is wrong, it’s uncalled for, ugly. But you are attacking Jin, calling him names when he has to go through this since probably before debut? This has to stop, Jin got called fat so many times and no one bats an eye, it’s deemed as “a joke among friends”, but now that Jin did make a mistake and apologized right after and checked how Jimin was (in a game in where they had to diss each other, but still bad), he’s being criticized (and it’s okay) but to the point in where he’s receiving hate and threats.

Not cool guys, you can be disappointed, mad, upset… but don’t send them death threats, it’s worse, it’s ugly. And by the end of the day Jin and Jimin are best friends, they love each other, they have lived together for so many years… you think you know better than them? You don’t. If you don’t like Jin then just say it, but don’t use this as an excuse to hate on him, it’s nasty.