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seally104 asked:

What's this clock and pad of paper that gets porn made of it btw?

Remember the Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared short films?  The clock appeared in the second one.  In complete honesty, this site is like a haven for porn, and one of the first places that porn will appear for anything that becomes even mildly popular.  It doesn’t matter what tone the content has, either.

Disturbing short films?  Porn.  Jump-scare-based horror game?  Porn.  Cartoons?  Porn.  Creepypastas?  Porn.  Web comics?  Porn.  Video games?  Porn.

Source: Elle Decoration

Simply a stunning space with right balance of colour, texture & materials. Of course I’m loving the mid century pieces aka the PK22 chairs and Jacobsen lamp (my love for mid century modern is getting out of hand……) and those doors?! Sliding crittall doors = Genius.