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Jared Leto wins “Prince of Darkness” Chainsaw Awards Fuse Fangoria 2006

His eyes!! Omg 😍😍



If only I knew what my heart was telling me, don’t know what I’m feeling, is this just a dream?   //    Chills run down my back, I'mma flirt with that, get a little closer   //   We are high, I’m in love, we are high, fucked up american boys   //   Your love was handmade for somebody like me, come on now, follow my lead   //   If you just let me invade your space, I’ll take the pleasure, take it with the pain   //   You do to me so well, hypnotic takin’ over me   //   Shut your mouth, baby, stand and deliver, holy hands oh they make me a sinner   //   Now if we’re talking body, you got a perfect one, so put it on me   //   The goosebumps start to raise, the minute that my left hand meets your waist   //   I don’t think I ever planned, for this helpless circumstance with you   //   Take me down into your paradise, don’t be scared ‘cause I’m your body type

I know this wasn’t really a sex scene but I couldn’t resist making a playlist once I saw this post


“A gentleman doesn’t give up that easily!”

i literally just saw someone say “jeffree star can be a racist nazi for all i care his products are vegan and cruelty free” like,, what. animal lives are important but are you really gonna sit there and say that the life of another human being is less important and that you would support a N A Z I before even considering buying something non vegan? are poc lives that disposable to you?

Miraculous au where there’s a “dress up as your hero” day at school and literally every. Single. Student is wearing a makeshift ladybug outfit. Just a sea of red with black spots in the class and then in comes walking Marinette with a chat noir costume (bc if people see her as ladybug someone might put the puzzle pieces together) and just stands there like “holy shit” and she looks around the room and sees ADRIEN WEARING A HIGH QUALITY LADYBUG COSPLAY WITH A YOYO MADE WITH ULTIMATE PRECISION. And then Adrien gets all excited that SOMEONE is dressed up as him. I don’t want to think of anything else atm

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Have you ever met Diego Brando?

Honestly man stop reading so much manga you Weeb

I HAVE met a few Diego cosplayers though, I wasn’t in costume but if I could I’d be in hotpants cosplay for sure. I should do that next time now that I think about it.

((to explain: I love the idea that sbr onwards is actually a manga in the og universe, one which is closely tied to pink dark boy too!))

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Blue star button-up or oatmeal cable-knit? You must only choose one.

Actual quote from me to Sarah when I saw this:


I stand by it.

Holy SHIT I fucking hate this so much, lmao. 

I’m really having a hard time actually committing to it in text – I’ve already made up my RELUCTANT mind, but this is….

Cable-knit. Because he’s casual, and cozy, and probably at home, or having a chill day, and it’s really soft to snuggle up against. 

I hate everything and I’m going to go CRY now. 


Okay so… apparently I have to start treating GQ like actual journalism too.

Fallen angels with sore wings, that feel as if they’re burning whenever they stand on holy ground, who think and wonder whether they are doing the right thing.
Fallen angels who despise authority, it just reminds them of who cast them out, who sent them here, who tore their wings and their souls.