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palewolfchild  asked:

How do you throw throwing knives properly?

well, first off you need a good throwing knife. knives are like people: most of them are good for one thing but not for others, like steve with throwing shields and steve with applying basic common sense. or like thor with electrocuting things and eating spicy foods. or clint with shooting arrows and basically any other facet of human life. 

anyway, a good throwing knife will be quite sharp on the point but blunted along the sides–sticks in the target but doesn’t cut your hands. the point and blade should be pretty thick, and the fewer perforations in the blade the better. throwing knives have to withstand a hard impact without breaking, so you want a decent quality knife, and the heavier it is (within limits) the less force you’ll need on your throw. 

you’ll want a good target to learn with, something big and soft enough that you’ll hit it and that your knife will embed so you know where you hit, but not so soft the knives fall out. deadpool may volunteer for this job. do not take him up on it. the commentary is not worth it.

grip the tip of the knife vertically between the pad of your thumb and the side of your index fingers. hold it firmly enough that it won’t slide in your grip but not too hard. 

stand with the foot on the side of your throwing hand pointed at your target, spine straight. start close to the target (another reason not to use deadpool–blood splatters farther than you think) and work your way back as you figure things out. the biggest part is learning to throw with enough force and rotation so the pointy end sticks in your target. it’ll take time, and there’s really no shortcut for just putting in the practice hours. 

if this does not work out for you, i recommend grenades for all your low-accuracy distance combat needs. 

Coming Home – Tom Holland Imagine

Words: 1631. Warning: So much fluff. Tom Holland x Reader

A/N: Just the thought of sleepy!Tom makes my heart flutter and do things, and the idea of looking after him just seems so sweet.



You hear the door slam shut, footsteps fall and keys clamper onto a tabletop. Tom and Harrison just flew back from Japan after the Spiderman Homecoming premier in Tokyo, and needed to jump right back into the swing of things for Chaos Walking.

As the pair came around the corner of your rented apartment for the time being, you could see visible dark bags hanging under their eyes. Ragged clothing sticking to their bodies and clearly unkempt hair were just a few signs that it had been a rough trip.

As Tom neared you, you could see more closely just how tired he was. His facial hair was prickling and irritating his skin, which didn’t help to aid the mood he was in. The two boys were exhausted; energy drained from their fast trip and they had nothing left in them.

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“love" by jack zimmermann || a zimbits fic || 3.3k

“Come in.” Bitty thanks the lord for the legitimate reprieve from the essay he’s been painfully forcing himself through all afternoon.

Jack enters, looking happier than normal. Bitty sees why immediately, and the smile that came onto his face when he saw Jack slips right back into a frown. Jack’s holding another memory card.

“I’m got some new footage,” Jack says in confirmation of Bitty’s fears.

“Jack, you’ve got to stop giving me new material.”

Jack’s smile drops at Bitty’s harsh tone, and his eyebrows draw together in a way that would be adorable if not for the circumstance and the fact Bitty is the one to make them that way. “Why?”

“Coz, honey, it’s not gonna help.” Bitty’s too exhausted to bother being embarrassed that the endearment slipped out.

Jack opens his mouth lamely. He looks down at the memory card in his hand then back to Bitty with sad eyes.

“Sit down.” Bitty gestures to his bed, thankful that he made it earlier while procrastinating. He rubs his sore eyes as Jack perches on the bed, then sighs out.

“Your assessment is to create a two-minute video based on love, yes?”

Jack nods. Bitty rubs at his eyes again, thinking of how to be honest without being hurtful.

“You’re an amazing photographer, and it comes across.” Jack picks his head up, looking hopefully at Bitty. It breaks his heart to have to continue. “But there’s no story here. There’s no love. I mean, unless your story is that you really love your camera. I can’t… I’m sorry, I can’t help you make anything out of this.”

Bitty tries to make his voice gentle. Jack turns his head away from Bitty anyway, but not quick enough that Bitty can’t see the hurt.

Bitty’s happily been helping Jack with his AV assessment after Jack asked. He gets to spend time with Jack doing something that Jack loves. But now he owes it as a friend to tell Jack the truth, even if it makes them both sad.

“Sorry, Bits,” Jack mumbles, still not looking at him.

“It’s alright.” Bitty already feels a little guilty for springing it on Jack with no warning. He crosses his arms, then realises that may come across as defensive if Jack ever looks back at him, so rests them back on his knees. “Look, I don’t mean to be rude, I just want you to do well.”

Jack gives a brisk nod, but still avoids looking back at Bitty.

Bitty’s not sure what else he can do for Jack, so he simply waits.

Jack clears his throat after a moment and stands up. He looks at the memory card before putting it into a pocket.

“Thanks anyway. Sorry for interrupting your essay.”

“It’s alright,” Bitty repeats, but Jack’s already out the door.

Bitty slumps into his seat and stares at his closed door. He really didn’t mean to hurt Jack, but he didn’t think what he said would be that much of a shock either. Jack’s not ignorant to emotion, no-matter what the news articles sometimes say about him.

He swings his chair back round to stare at his essay, starting up on it again as a distraction.

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Too Good

Request from anon for a Jax x Reader using the following prompts:

#113 - “I prefer blondes.”

#123 - “Oh, did I scare you, big boy?”

Originally posted by journeyslegend

You pause outside Jax’s apartment door, your fist hovering over the wood. “Oh, is that a promise?”

“Sure is, big boy.” a female voice responds, a wave of disgust coming over you before you push it down, channelling your humour.

“Oh, Jackie boy.” you sing, bursting into the room, Jax and his half dressed companion scrambling for their clothes as you enjoy the surprise on their faces, a smirk upon your own. “Tables ready.”

“You forget how to knock?” the girl spits rudely, rushing to get dressed as you lean against the door, Jax pulling on his shirt, a hidden grin on his lips.

“Sorry, sweetheart. My mistake.” you reply in a sickly sweet tone, the girl scowling in response as she grabs her heels, throwing you a glare as she scrambles out of the room. “Nice meeting you!”

“Thanks for bursting in like that. I was two minutes away from getting my dick sucked.” Jax says, shrugging on his kutte. You shrug your shoulders, smiling proudly.

“Oh, did I scare you, big boy?“ you reply seductively, Jax raising his eyebrow in response. “I’ll be sure to let the guys know about your new alias.”

“Go ahead, princess. Maybe I’ll let you see if it’s true.” he winks, smirking cockily as he strides past you, your cheeks reddening as you feign repulse.

“No thanks, I don’t plan on getting the clap anytime soon.” You clap your hands together for emphasis, Jax laughing loudly as he heads away from you, flipping the bird as he does so.

The familiar buzz runs through your body as you lean against the wall, Kozik beaming down at you, his eyes slightly glazed from the alcohol. “You’re really beautiful, you know that?”

“You’re really cheesy, you know that?” you tease, him grinning in response, leaning beside you. “But thank you, you’re not so bad yourself.”

He hums, leaning down, his breath tickling at your ear, his delicious scent surrounding you. “Fancy taking this somewhere more private?”

“I thought you’d never ask.” you whisper back, your teeth grazing his ear as he shivers, his hand finding yours as you slip around the corner, following him down the corridor.

His apartment door barely shuts before his lips are on yours, his hands slipping under your ass as he picks you up, squeezing roughly. You moan against his mouth, your fingers pulling at his hair as you wrap your legs around his waist.

He drops you gently onto the bed a moment later, the mattress softening the blow as you sprawl out on the sheets, Kozik crawling over you and connecting his lips back to yours.

“I’ve been thinking about you since I got here.” he mumbles against you, his fingertips running down your sides before he finds the hem of your shirt, pulling upwards to relieve you of the fabric. “How fucking sexy you are, how good you’d look under me.”

“Hope I’m living up to your expectations.” you say, flipping him over expertly, your body straddling his. You pull him up by his shirt roughly, quickly yanking the material upwards, his toned physique coming into view bit by bit.

“Expectations and more.” he whispers, his lips latching onto your neck as you grind your hips onto his hardened crotch, a hiss leaving you as he nibbles teasingly.

A loud pounding stops the two of you, the apartment door flying open seconds later. “Can I borrow your-”

Kozik stands up quickly, placing you down on the ground as Tig looks between the two of you, his mouth parted in disbelief. He opens his mouth to speak, you stopping him before he can.

“Careful what you say, Trager.” you warn, grabbing your shirt off the bed, turning it the right way before putting it on. “We’ll be out in a second.”

Tig chuckles to himself, winking at you and backing out of the room. You turn your gaze to Kozik, him smiling sheepishly, his cheeks slightly pink. “You think he’ll tell anybody about this?”

“Oh, yeah. Get ready to be the center of attention.” you say, smoothing your hair down in the mirror. “See you out there.”

You leave the room swiftly, heading out the back entrance, hoping the cool air might clear your head slightly. You’ve only just lit your cigarette when the door is pushed open, Jax’s eyes finding yours under the dim lights.

“You know, I never thought Kozik would be your type.” he teases, the door slamming shut behind him as he heads over to you, your eyes rolling at the nickname. “Saw you as more of a Juice kinda girl, to be honest.”

“Juice? Nah, I prefer blondes.” you say bravely, holding out your cigarette to Jax as he runs his tongue across his lower lip, a surprised look on his face.

“That so?” You nod in response, admiring the way his lips wrap around the stick, his cheeks hollowing slightly as he inhales. “You gonna be making him a habit?”

You don’t miss the jealously in his words, butterflies fluttering in your stomach in response. Shrugging, you accept the cigarette back. “Not sure. Why?”

“Just asking.” he replies cooly, shoving his hands in his jean pockets before standing beside you, his foot resting against the wall to keep his balance. “Didn’t think you were one for sleeping around.”

“Who says I am?” you snap, not enjoying the judgment in his tone, especially considering he’s slept with about three hundred women. “You’re the last one to be judging me.”

“Not judging. Just trying to understand it, that’s all.” he defends, refusing to meet your eyes as he looks forward. “Did you finish up after Tig disturbed you both?”

“What’s with all the questions, Jax?” you sigh, throwing the nub down and crushing it with your shoe. You stand in front of the blonde, forcing his attention to you. “I’m single, I’m young. What’s the problem?”

“You’re worth more than a fuck, (Y/N).“ You scoff loudly, the alcohol making you more sensitive than usual. Jax huffs, shaking his head and pushing himself off the wall. “You know what? Forget it.”

“Let’s not.” you say, pushing him roughly, his back hitting the brickwork behind him. “So, you’re allowed to fuck whoever you want, yet I’m not?”

“That’s not what I mean.” he stops himself, running his hands through his hair in frustration as he tries to find the right words to explain himself.“I just mean-”

“Save it, Jackson. You’re so full of shit, you know that?” You laugh humourlessly, your throat thick with emotion. You turn around, your wrist being grabbed before you can get very far. “Let go of me.”

“Can you stop being so dramatic for two fucking seconds and listen to me?!” he yells, his brows knitted in frustration. You’re taken aback by his tone, your eyes wide as you stare at him, waiting for him to continue.

Sighing, he releases you from his grip, turning around and running his hands through his hair, you silently observing his actions. His expression has softened once he faces you again, though he remains frustrated.

“I sleep around because it’s all I deserve, (Y/N).” You go to disagree, but stops you before you can. “Listen.”

“You’re too good to become some croweater. You deserve to be loved, shown off, showered with affection.”

“Don’t lose yourself trying to be like everybody else.” he says, his words nothing but genuine. “You’re far too good for that.”

You’re not sure what to say, Jax’s words being the kindest, most honest thing he’s probably ever said to you. You step closer to him, leaning forwards to press your lips against his cheek. “Thank you, Jax.”

As you go to move backwards, he turns his head to the side, catching your lips softly with his own. Your eyes are wide in shock as you try to understand what is happening, your body unable to respond.

He pulls away sharply, his expression just as surprised as yours. “Shit, I’m shouldn’t have done that.”

“Kiss me again.” you whisper, a flush creeping up your neck, though you’re too entranced to care. Jax frowns, unable to believe what he’s hearing. “Kiss me again, Jax.”

You can see him having an internal battle, both sides fighting a convincing argument. You decide to take matters into your own hands, gripping his kutte in between your fingers and holding him in place, your eyes fluttering shut as you find his mouth with your own.

He relaxes into the kiss straight away, his hands cradling your cheeks as his lips work with yours, featherlight yet passion filled.

You wrap your hand around his wrist as the kiss deepens, the slight breeze forgotten as his kisses warm you up, your body tingling from his touch. His tongue explores your mouth expertly as you submit to him, your mind foggy with nothing but him.

A/N - Wasn’t sure where this was going when I wrote it, but I hope you like how it turned out! Thanks to anon for the request and thank you for all of your support, see you next time! ❤

you’re hot (when you’re mad)

isaac knows the perfect way to distract his wife when she’s angry.  

inspired by this post:  “you know, when this is over, we should really have angry sex” and “can we fuck? like, now?”  

“You know, when this is over, we should really have angry sex.”

“Isaac.” I sighed. “You’re not listening to me.”

He reclined further against the pillows on our bed and crossed his arms over his chest. “I am, honey. You’re mad because you think I’m trying to control you. You think I’m trying to turn you into an obedient little Stepford Wife, just because I said I wanted you to stop working so much.”

“Stop saying ‘I think.’ It’s dismissive and inaccurate. I know those things to be facts.”

The corner of his mouth turned up in a subtle smirk. “Oh, do you now? I love it when you act like a little know-it-all. It turns me on.”

“I-saac, stop flirting with me like we’re teenagers. I’m being serious. You knew when you married me that I wasn’t going to be a typical housewife for you. Now all of a sudden, you want me to stay home?”

Isaac shook his head. “That’s not what I meant, and I feel like you know that. Will you just come back to bed?” The covers were up to his waist, and he wasn’t wearing a shirt, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit tempted.

“No,” I muttered with half conviction, full petulance, regretfully tearing my gaze from his sun-kissed, toned chest, and the light smattering of hair that covered the hard plane under his stomach, the treasure trail that led to happier places than this conversation. “I’m not getting back in bed until you apologize.” I was standing at the foot of the mattress, admittedly with my hands on my hips, none too proud of my stubborn streak. Isaac was being ridiculous, so I had to hold my ground. Maybe if I kept telling myself I was standing up for women everywhere, I could get through this argument.

“What do you want me to apologize for? Noticing that you were becoming a workaholic? That you’re always tired and frustrated after you come home from work? Baby, all I did was suggest you should cut back on work, delegate some of your responsibilities to other people.”

I shook my head. “No, I can’t. I don’t want my boss to think I can’t handle all of it. He already makes sexist jokes about how I’m the first woman he’s ever promoted to my position. Besides, you said you wanted me to stay home, not work less.”

“That’s the same thing.”

“No, it’s not.”

“Okay, fine, it’s not. Is it so bad that I want to spend more time with my wife?”

“We… spend time together…” I mumbled unconvincingly.

Isaac laughed sarcastically. “Oh yeah, I get to talk to you five minutes before bed because you pass out so quickly from being at work till 9 pm. Oh, and if I’m lucky on the weekend, in between your 15 minute breaks because you bring the office home with you.”

I groaned and paced to the other side of the room. “Well, what do you want me to do?! I’m sorry I care about my job!”

“I get that! I care about my job too, but at least I’m here. And you’re not. I feel like all I ever do is cook and clean and wait for you to get back, holding out some small hope that you might stay awake for just a minute longer so I can share maybe two words with you–that’s if you’re not too tired from crying into my shoulder because you had a bad day at work.”

“Well I–I mean,” I stammered, aimlessly grappling for another line of argument, “so, that’s what this is about? You’re tired of comforting me when I cry?”

“No, of course not–”

“So then, you’d rather I cook and clean, have the house spotless and dinner ready on the table when you get home from work?” Isaac didn’t say anything. A knowing grin spread across his face, accompanied with a playful twinkle in his eyes, and no counterpoint could’ve pissed me off more than that.Well?

“I’m not doing this with you anymore,” he said calmly. “I’m not engaging in this because we both know you instigate fights when you’re defensive. And you’re defensive because you know I’m right. You’re trying to spin this into a feminist issue, willfully ignoring my valid points. At this point, you’re just Fox News-ing soundbites to make me sound sexist.”

“Really? Fox News-ing soundbites? Cute.”

“I thought I was talking to my wife, not Bill O’Reilly…”

I audibly gasped. “You did not just call me Bill O’Reilly. Have fun sleeping on the couch tonight, buddy.”

Isaac chuckled. I stared back, trying to appear unimpressed, trying not to give away that I was completely turned on. It’s not like I could help my biological responses. My female sensibilities always swooned whenever Isaac managed to stay calm, while also simultaneously calling out my bullshit. Not many people could do that. It’s why I married him: Isaac could put me in my place. I needed that sometimes. Still, I didn’t like admitting I was wrong.

“You’re only hearing what you want to hear,” he continued. “You’re not listening to what I’m saying, so I’m not arguing with you anymore.”

“Fine. You’re the one who brought it up.” I threw my hands up in frustration and headed towards the bedroom door, stopping when he called out my name.

“Woah, woah. Where the hell do you think you’re going?”

I turned the knob and opened the door. “Um, I’m leaving? Since you don’t want to talk to me anymore?”

Isaac’s grin disappeared. “This is true. I’m done talking, but you’re not going anywhere.” He tilted his head and looked me up and down. Five years married, I still hadn’t built up an immunity to The Look.

“Oh really? Why’s that?” I challenged. My defenses were crumbling with each passing second, my flesh burning each time his hungry eyes raked over my body.

“Because darling, you’re hot when you’re mad, and having it out with you always makes me horny. Since I know you are too, why don’t we stop talking in circles, and fuck. Like, now.”  A few moments passed and we stared each other down, both waiting for the other to make the next move. “Come on baby, I can almost taste you from over here. And you look so sexy standing over there in nothing but panties and my t-shirt. Get back in this bed, Mrs. Lahey.”

Shit. He pulled out the surname card. There went my last line of defense. “You know what? Fuck it,” I muttered, and stormed angrily across our room. I crawled over the mattress to straddle his waist where he leaned against the headboard. I peeled off my t-shirt and his fingers wrapped around my throat, reeling me in for a harsh kiss, gnashing together teeth and tongue.

“You really know how to get under my skin,” I spoke against his pliant, soft mouth, weaving my fingers through his hair to tug on his curls.

He chuckled. “That’s exactly where I intend to be, pet.” Isaac’s hands traveled up my thighs and under my ass. He roughly squeezed, then swiftly, he brought down one hand and smacked my ass. I yelped at the unexpected contact, then moaned as he rubbed the stinging area. He spread apart my cheeks and moved aside my underwear. Isaac slipped a finger into my folds and spread my wetness over my clit, circling the bundle of nerves slowly. It was when he started spelling out the alphabet over the sensitive bud that I started emitting whiny little gasps. When he got to W, I was mewling and riding his hand. “What do you say, princess? Wanna ride my cock? Or are you still mad at me?” he mocked.

I rolled my eyes. “I’m furious actually, but for now, I wanna fuck your brains out.” I removed the covers from his naked body and fisted his shaft, holding it steady so I could spit on the tip. I spread the slick saliva all over his cock while he fucked my mouth with the fingers he just took out of my pussy. Smug asshole knew I liked sucking on his fingers. They were just so long and elegant and pretty and I loved the way Isaac could reach the back of my throat. There was also his kink about laying his fingers flat against my tongue and stroking the flesh to let me taste myself.

I continued to stroke him, albeit needlessly. “Well, that didn’t take long. You must really like it when I’m mad. Do you just piss me off on purpose, honey?”

Isaac smirked. “Like you’re complaining. You like makeup sex as much as I do. So why don’t you stop messing around,” Isaac continued, gently extracting my hand from his cock and lifting my hips so he was positioned at my entrance, “and take me where you really need me?”

I scoffed. “Me, need you? I think it’s the other way around.”

Suddenly, Isaac stopped circling my clit. “Is that so?” He removed his hands from my body altogether, sat back, smirked, and crossed his arms over his chest. I gaped. Oh no he did not.

“Are you kidding me?” I deadpanned. “You’re seriously gonna stop now?”

Isaac shrugged. “It’s not like I need you.”

I glanced down. “Your boner suggests otherwise.”

“I can take care of that myself.”

“What, and pass this up? You think your hand compares to me?” Isaac remained unfazed, challenging me with one raised brow. “Aww come on, Lahey, what was it you were saying earlier? About getting under my skin?” I made my voice small and delicate, and bit down on Isaac’s earlobe when I spoke. “Don’t you want to be inside me, baby?” Positioning myself on his thigh, I rode him the way I did the first time we fucked, in the driver’s seat of his car after Derek and Stiles said “I do.” I remember the way Isaac’s lips tasted like champagne and icing when I shoved him against his car door, pulled him down by his tie, and kissed him for the first time since we ended things in high school. “Remember the first time I rode you like this?” Isaac pressed his thumbs into my hip bones and guided my movements. The cocky pretense was gone, replaced by hazy lust. He grunted an affirmation. “It was right after Derek and Stiles got married. We fucked for the first time that night, and you made me come twice. In a fucking car. I think I knew then you were the one,” I joked.

Isaac grinned. “It takes flexibility to do what we did in that car. That was all you.”

My laughter transformed into a heady moan as my clit brushed against his leg in that perfect angle. “You felt so good inside me that night. I love the way you feel Isaac, how you fill me up and stretch me out. Please, baby, I want you so bad. I want–ah! want you, inside me… it’s so warm inside this body, and it’s so soft.” Even though I was trying to make Isaac cave, there wasn’t any deception behind my words. I needed him now. “If you don’t fuck me soon, I’m gonna come, and I really wanna come all over your cock. Please fuck me, Isaac, please… I want it so bad…”

“Shit, are you beggin’ me?” Isaac’s fingers wrapped into my hair and he pulled me down to kiss me. “Are you fuckin’ begging me?” In a flurry of movement, Isaac had me on my back, and positioned himself at my entrance. “This what you want?” He slid into me so fast and hard my eyes nearly rolled into the back of my head. My back arched away from the mattress, and he wrapped his arm around my torso as he slammed into me relentlessly. “Fuck, how do you always feel so good?” He grunted into my shoulder. Suddenly, he stopped. This whiny little noise escaped my throat at the loss of contact. “Turn over. Do it, now. Good, now stick your ass out.” He delivered another stinging slap to to my ass. “Higher, just like that. Wanna fuck you just… like that…”

For the second time, Isaac entered me, sheathed hilt-deep in my pussy. It was all I could do to claw at my sheets because the new angle Isaac had achieved was making it hard to stay on my knees. His hand on my hip holding me in place was helping a little bit.

“Isaac,” I managed to say, albeit breathily, “I’m gonna come.”

He slowed his movement and leaned down, placing a gentle kiss on my spine. “Good, me too.” Isaac snaked a hand around my hip and toyed with my clit. All the while he fucked me slow and deep, with his chest against my back, talking filth into my ear. My moans came out in silent mewls, with frustrated growls peppered in because Isaac’s pace was torturously slow. “There it is, there’s that anger I love so much,” Isaac said. “Look at you, clawing at the sheets, fuckin’ growling at me. You hate it when I go slow like this, don’t you?” He pumped into me again, this time, with more gusto, and I could feel my orgasm bubbling up, so close to brimming over.

“Please, Isaac,” I moaned pathetically.

“Please, what?”

“Please let me come,” I whined.

“Shhh, baby, you’ll come soon enough. You’re just gonna have to be a little patient–oh, shit, you just gonna clench around me like that? Make your pussy all nice and tight for me like that?” Isaac grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled, tugged sharply the way I liked it. “You’re gonna get it now, darling.” He rubbed my clit faster and rutted into me fast and deep. He came before me, but that was probably my fault for clenching around him. I milked out his orgasm before he sent me over the edge.

“Shit, shit, shit,” I whispered as my body quivered. The jolts of pleasure continued for a good minute afterwards, and Isaac laid me on my side and cradled my body against him. He cupped my cheek and brushed soft little kisses all over my face.

“Shh, I got you,” he said softly.

When I finally recovered and muddled through the foggy haze, I realized I was no longer mad. Isaac had that effect on me when he made me come really hard, obliterating my anger and my pride, enough for me to apologize. “I’m sorry,” I said quietly.

“Mm-mm, don’t be. I told you angry sex fixes everything.”

I laughed. “True. You were right about all of it. I’ve been working too much. We barely see each other.”

He kissed my forehead. “S’alright. I just get worried about you. And I miss you.” Isaac moved his fingertips against my back, tracing lazy, comforting circles.

“I miss you too.” I snuggled deeper into his chest. “I’ll cut back. Wanna spend more time with you.”

“Is that right? You’re actually gonna listen to me?” He feigned shock.

I giggled and lightly punched his arm. “Shut up.” I pressed a contented kiss against his chest. “Love you,” I mumbled as I dozed off. Isaac’s fingers combed gently through my hair, lulling me into slumber.

“Love you more.”


Dating Newt Scamander Would Include...

Originally posted by xavatarfan

  • Essentially meeting because of your interests in magical creatures.
    • Imagine him sitting you down and almost flying off the handle as he explains to you about his creatures. He pulls out his incomplete book, and points to things and facts excitedly, telling you with happy eyes how excited he was that he found someone who enjoyed them equally.
    • You smile widely at him as he comes to a stop, rubbing the back of his neck, now suddenly nervous and aware that you had been watching him acting so crazed.
    • While secretly, you admired his expressions and his attitude 
  • Newt showing you the inside of his case, and smiling to himself as he watches you excitedly run around, pointing at creatures you knew, and asking questions about creatures you weren’t quite sure about.
    • Your curiosity and liveliness makes him feel alive himself.
    • You and he sitting in front of the Bowtruckle, watching as he tries to convince Pickett that everything is okay, and that they’re not bullying him. Your focus is on Newt completely though. 
      • Seeing him so selfless and so caring for creatures that people think are dangerous makes your heart flutter.
      • He smiles at Pickett, and you smile at him. Newt turns his head and looks at you, now vicariously aware of how close you are. He clears his throat, sets Pickett on his shoulder and looks forward, shuffling his arms awkwardly.
  • You starting to refer to the newborn creatures as Newt and yours. “Our Children” “our babies” because you are spending so much time with them, that’s what it felt like they were.
    • Probably makes him blush.
      • It does.
  • Newt never being able to stand still around you.
    • Either he’s playing with his hands, jumping from one foot to another, or is making obscure gestures, he still finds it slightly difficult to stand still around you because he’s not completely sure what it is he’s feeling for you.
      • Also, avoiding eye contact as usual.
      • Though lately, you have noticed that he’s making more of an effort of maintaining eye contact for longer than his usual second.
  • Newt feeling the instant connection to you, though he’s worried that you don’t feel it as well.
    • If anything, Newt is just really nervous that he’s going to annoy you, or make you hate him.
    • Of course, you do feel something warm for him but you’re too shy to actually bring it up with him.
  • Newt probably wondering why exactly you want to be his friend.
    • He honestly, at times, thinks you just pity him.
    • He constantly asks, “do I not annoy you?”
    • “Is this too weird for you?”
    • “I have been known to annoy people quite frequently.”
    • “People do find me to be a bit… Eccentric if you will.”
  • Probably lets it slip that he wants to take you on a date in a way that he wasn’t expecting.
    • If you don’t think it involved one of the many mating dance he knows then?
    • “You make me feel so…” 
      • He danced. Hoping you’d understand, to which, you didn’t and it ended with him laying on the ground, murmuring, “I just want to take you out on a date, at least once. I thought my mating dance would work—”
  • Having the pleasure of watching him adapt to getting comfortable and affectionate around you.
    • The man is a fan of forehead kisses, knuckle kisses and holding hands.
      • Especially holding hands. He probably still asks to hold yours even when you told him that he doesn’t need to ask.
      • Has this habit of always stretching an arm out to touch you. Whether or not he’s making actual contact, or if he’s just ghosting his fingertips around your aura, he feels the need to be close to you know that he knows it’s okay.
      • Convincing him to let you tie his bowtie rather than using magic. “It’s a no-maj thing, but I like helping you.”
      • The two of you enjoying each others company. 
      • Cuddles, while he reads from his unfinished book about the research he had done that day.
  • Your first kiss not being perfect.
    • It was actually a rather fumbling, awkward situation. You butted heads with one another, you almost fell over.
    • But the moment Newt finally cupped your cheeks in his hands, and pressed his lips against yours, you felt the entire world fall away.
    • Soft, gentle and lingering kisses are his favorite, though he can honestly admit the occasional rough, more dominated sort are a surprise every once and a while.
    • Imagine him whispering things against your lips as he holds you close, his hands resting on the small of your back.
    • Newt kissing your nose, following every kiss on the lips.
    • You kissing the freckles on his face.
  • He totally gives you his jacket when you complain about the cold.
    • It drowns you, but you love the color, and it’s always so warm compared to you. 
      • When Newt insists you give it back, because it’s no longer cold, you refuse and lay on it.
  • Running your fingers through his soft, thick hair.
    • Occasionally, when he lets you, the two of you sit together and you tangle flowers into his hair. 
      • He finds it really relaxing. It’s even more so when he lays his head into your lap and shuts his eyes to focus on your hands running through his hair.
  • If you don’t think Niffler somehow got a hold of your engagement ring that Newt bought a few nights ago then?
    • Poor Newt probably had a heart attack when he couldn’t find it.
      • The stare-down he had with Niffler was intense until he finally gave in.
        • With a certain look, the creature admitted to taking it.

Hey guys, reblogs and likes are really appreciated! Thank you, thank you! I hope you enjoyed. 


Romeo and Juliet || Jughead Jones

Prompt from anon: a jughead x reader imagine based off this romeo and juliet quote? ‘did my heart love till now? forswear it, sight! for i ne'er saw true beauty till this night’ (with all the romeo and juliet references i felt the extreme urge to request this cause i love the play)

A/N: This was so fun to write! Hope you enjoy!!

Gif by @ravemreyes


Jughead groaned as the two of you exited English class, looking at the assignment your teacher just handed out.

Romeo and Juliet? Seriously? Out of all the plays in the world like Macbeth, Hamlet, Oedipus Rex, Antigone, and we get a romantic passage from Romeo and Juliet?” he asked.

You snickered at your best friend.

“Better start reading up, Juggie. It’s worth 75% of our final grade.” you said.

He scoffed.

“Please. I’ll have it memorized by eighth period.” he said.

You smiled.

“Good. The sooner we can rehearse, the better. Come over tonight for dinner. Afterwards we can run lines.”

Jughead nodded.

“Sounds good. See you later.” he said before walking in the other direction to his next class.

You gave him a quick goodbye wave before walking away, heart beating like crazy.

Stop it! God, he’s your best friend! He doesn’t like you back!

You shook the negative thoughts away and took a deep breath. It was just a hangout. Except this time you were running lines. For a play. A play called Romeo and Juliet. Where Jughead was Romeo. And you were Juliet.

Yeah. Everything would be just fine.

It was around seven o’clock when the two of you began brainstorming your scenes together in your living room. Thankfully, you didn’t feel anxious anymore. Your mom’s spaghetti and meatballs that you had for dinner had definitely loosened you up.

Jughead thought it would be a good idea if you would freeze during the scene the two of you were assigned and then have Jughead walk around you, reciting his words of love. He said it could symbolize Romeo walking around in his head, in his thoughts. You rose your eyebrows at him at the cheesiness and Jughead rolled his eyes.

“It’ll get us a few extra points for creativity, okay?” he said.

You sighed but nodded.

“Okay,” he said, getting up. “Showtime.”

You walked to the middle of the room while Jughead walked to the corner, notes in hand.

“And… action!” he called.

You froze into place, the only movement being your chest from breathing and your eyes for blinking.

“Oh, she doth teach the torches to burn bright!
It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night”

Jughead began as he walked slowly over to you, stopping and looking out at the imaginary audience.

“Like a rich jewel in an Ethiope’s ear,
Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear.”

His voice was beautiful. It sounded like he had known the lines since he was little as he recited them flawlessly, never missing a beat.

“So shows a snowy dove trooping with crows
As yonder lady o'er her fellows shows.”

He turned back to you and your heart hammered in your chest. You realized he was really getting into character as he looked at you lovingly. You tried to keep your eyes fixated on the nothingness you were staring at in the beginning as he began to walk over to you.

“The measure done, I’ll watch her place of stand,
And, touching hers, make blessèd my rude hand.”

He was half a foot from you now, looking at you with such an intense stare that you couldn’t help but gulp.

“Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight!”

His face was inches from yours now and you swore Jughead could hear your heart beating. His pupils were dilated and you couldn’t help glancing at his lips.

“For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night.”

His voice was lower than ever now. Before you knew, his lips were on yours, his hand coming up to caress your cheek. You heard the notes in his other hand fall to the floor as he swapped them for your waist instead. You clumsily entangled your fingers in his black hair and pulled him closer to you. Jughead smiled into the kiss as you deepened it before the two of you pulled away for air. Jughead smirked at you and your reddened cheeks.

“Should we run that part by again? Just to make sure we really have it down?” he asked cheekily.

You rolled your eyes as you pulled him down for another kiss.

“Oh, shut up.”


A/N: Send me feedback! Hope you enjoyed it!!


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Genre: Angst? But with the tiniest bit of cute at the end?

Word Count: 5,478

Prompt: Soulmate au where when you turn 18 you get a mark where your soulmate touches your skin for the first time and the mark only disappears after they touch you.

A/N: Sooooo this is something that I wrote a loooong time ago on another blog that no longer exists, but after some quick editing, I remembered how much I loved this piece, and I wanted to put it out into the world again. That being said, this was written before the release of CACW, so it’s not wholly accurate to the movie. Enjoy!!  ♡

Originally posted by wintersthighs


You remember being young when your mother told you the story of her soulmark.

She was only twenty. Going to school full time while working a part time job, she had no time to sit around and dwell on the day she would meet her soulmate. Though, that didn’t keep her from thinking about him at night sometimes. What he would look like, sound like, feel like… She told you of how she would sometimes trace the outlines of her mark in the dead of the night when she couldn’t sleep – how it always made her feel calm and warm inside. Two large, lightly colored handprints on her sides, one on her waist while the other fell lower towards her hip.

It was a chance encounter. She had been late getting off work that evening, running to her train and thankfully catching it before it took off, yet her late entrance meant that there were no more seats open. Alas, she stood by the door, hand grasping one of the rails for balance. It was only briefly into her ride when it happened. The train hit a short stop that sent everyone pitching forward, and, for your standing mother, that meant falling straight into a man standing but a foot away from her. His hands grabbed her sides while her hand went for his shoulder in an attempt to stop themselves from falling but to no avail. Collapsing on the floor, they almost didn’t notice what had just happened, but as your mother raised her red face to apologize to the man, she noticed that where her hand just was, a perfectly sized peach hand print was beginning to fade. Looking into the man’s eyes, she moved herself to a sitting position, her hands coming up to her mouth to cover the ever-growing smile on her face.

“My hands- Were they-” The man’s unsure voice was cut off by your mother’s giggle and a vigorous nod of her head. Then, the man, your father, began to smile too, and it didn’t matter that they were on the floor of a dirty train in that moment. Nothing else could have mattered in that moment but them.

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stark over saxophones (one) - peter parker

Originally posted by mockingbbird

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Summary: Peter and Y/N keep nothing from one another, or so they thought. While Tony calls the shots, the two teens can’t help but keep it from each other.

Part One of Four.

Requsted: Yes!! lovely @sddonald22

Warning: language

Words: 1383

This is a four part fic I’m starting:) Inspired by @sddoland22 request!! Hope you all enjoy and it will get much fluffier as the chapters go one!!


Part Two


“Parker! Get in line up now!” your band director screamed at the top of his lungs in anguish.

Your eyes immediately flipped over to your best friends and locked stares with him, your eyes urging him over to the spot next to you. Peter’s eyes filled with fear as he dashed over to the open seat beside and sat and down in defeat.

Eyes rolling at his startled state, you hit him on the shoulder with your left hand, turning towards him, “Mr. Robin is going to murder you if you’re late for line up again,” you exaggerated.

Peter stared straight forward as he got his instrument out of the case, attempting to get it situated, “I’m sorry! I rejoined like a week ago. I’m still confused on the times!” he whisper-yelled to you, as your band director was screaming at the top of his lungs on how being late wasn’t an option.

You chuckled underneath your breath at Peter’s exasperated state and began to situate yourself for the start of practice. Peter had just rejoined band, due to his previously ‘intense , vigorous, and sudden’ internship with Tony Stark. He claimed that it was way too much pressure on him, so he quit, leaving you in the dust.

You didn’t mind, no. You knew Peter had to be keeping some kind of off the wall secret due to the fact you absolutely knew Tony had nothing to do with this 'so called’ internship. Tony was too busy situating everyone else’s lives around, there’s no way he had time for an internship program. Even though you hadn’t spoken to Tony directly since he offered you your suit. But, more on that later.

Anyway, Peter had to be intently hiding something from you and everyone around in his life. Peter has been attached at your hip since day one, and you the same. You two told each other everything that occurred in your lives, whether it be exciting, downgrading, or upsetting. You told each other anything and everything.

Well, maybe not everything. But again, more on that later.

It’s not like you were enraged and detached with Peter, you were more worried about him than anything else. His sudden vanishes in the middle of class, the straight to voicemail phone calls you would receive every day, and the always constant void look he gives off to the side when someone would carry one a conversation with him. You had desperately wanted to ask what was up with him, but you vowed against it, not wanting to stress about a little time apart from your best friend.

But everything was falling back into place now. Peter had rejoined band a week ago, his mind was no longer wandering off into different places of the scenario, and you two were back to being closer than ever.



“Okay, water break! Ten minutes then be back on the field!”

Your chest heaved another deep sigh as you tore your mouth away from the saxophone. The slight breeze wasn’t enough to hit home for the sweat beads to stop running down your forehead. You placed your instrument on the chair and grabbed your water bottle and walked over the fountain. Everyone around you was milling around happily, getting the chance to discuss things with their friends before having to go back out and practice.

Where was your friend?

Your head immediately turned to look around your stagnant figure, eyes squinting in the afternoon sun to search for Peter. All you came in contact with was a group of girls, people sitting on bleachers, and an empty field. You sighed and twisted the cap back on your water bottle before taking a swig. Your body cooled down instantly at the cool touch down your dry throat.

How could one person fly that fast off a football field? And besides that, where would he have to go?  

But your mind was completely interrupted with the immediate action that had to take place in the next five minutes.

Fuck. You totally forgot about the meeting you had with Tony tomorrow, during band practice. The memory of the previous and bothersome conversation with Tony you had two days ago outside of third period flashed through the front of your mind in a hazy blur.

“Mr. Stark, I have band practice Wednesday afternoon. Could we do it that night?” you pleaded to your new close confidant in a quiet manner, making sure you don’t cause too much noise outside your classroom.

Tony’s scratchy yet intimidating voice rang through your ears in an annoyed manner, “Mrs. Y/L/N, I don’t reckon that seem to be arguing with me…?” he questioned, the tense sound in his voice causing you to sigh deeply in defeat.

“No, Mr. Stark, I apologize. I’ll be there at two,” you agreed, reaching up to rub your temples in stress and worry, already wondering what in the hell you were going to tell your band director.

“Good! See you then!” he snarkily responded back before ending the call.

God, this is going to be awful. Your band director was fucking insane. He never took no for answer, and you weren’t about to be the one to piss him off. Your mind ran with thoughts on how you were going to let the lie slip through your nervous lips.

“Mr. Robin, I’m sorry to bother you, but I won’t be at practice tomorrow, I have to feed my dog.”

“If you don’t see me at practice tomorrow, I’m having my kidney removed.”

“Tony Stark needs me for a very important meeting so I can save Queens from ample crime, that’s why I won’t be here tomorrow.”

Dammit, this is going to be a pisser.


Peter hang up the phone with Tony and made his way back to the field. Everyone was milling around as he appeared from the back of the fence as casually as he possibly could. He didn’t mean to leave so quickly and leave you there alone, but he had to take the call from Tony. What if he needed him for another 'retreat’? There was no possible way he could pass on that! But, he didn’t need him for a retreat. He wanted to see him in a meeting tomorrow night at seven.

Peter’s eyes grew with excitement as Tony discussed the plan over the phone. He finally, finally called him first and actually wanted him for something. Peter’s excitement grew minute by minute as soon as he hung up the phone, the world actually blessing him for once when Tony said the words “Seven” and “P.M.”. A breathless sigh released from him as he realized he wouldn’t have to miss band. Mr. Robin would’ve ringed his neck at the comment of Peter flaking once again.

Relief flooded his demeanor as he made way back to his seat. He sat down, the vacancy of your spot catching his attention. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion, eyes wandering around the gigantic area in search of your figure. He skated over the bleachers, then the open area by the gym, and then to the front of the field, spotting you. He glanced over your body that was standing a foot away from Mr. Robin’s. Your hands clasped together in a pleading manner, your eyes squinted in regret.

What the hell?

He couldn’t make out the words pouring from your pretty lips, but he could sense and clearly notice Mr. Robin’s furious demeanor. Weariness flooded his veins as he watched your encounter carefully.

“I DON’T CARE IF YOU HAVE LEAVE TOWN. YOU MADE A COMMITMENT TO SOMETHING AND NOW YOU’RE WALKING AWAY FROM IT?” Mr. Robin’s anger flowing out of mouth and hit your face with guilt. Peter’s heart ached at the sight of your weary figure and felt guilty all over again.

“I know, and I’m really sorry, Mr. Robin! I just have to leave for one day!” you pleaded back, eyebrows scrunching in fear and brain flooding with lies.

Peter’s mind wondered, what were you doing as to where you had to miss band? You never missed band. You would leave something extremely important just to be able to make it to band on time. This was odd, and completely unlike you.

Whatever you had to do was something extremely paramount, and he was going to find out.

“Flat out” - h.s. Part 7

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6



You had your head on your kitchen island as you stared at the small fish tank in front of you. The little beta fish swam around with it’s burgundy tail flipping through the water as it swam in little circles around and around. 

“Same,” you sighed, spooning a mouthful of cereal into your mouth while continuing to watch your little fish. You’d bought him two weeks ago, after living on your own for two full months, and you were quite content just watching this little guy swim around with no worries in the world. 

He soothed you.

You may or may not have named him Harry. 

David had already texted you twice today around five in the morning like an apparently normal person in the law world. You had been working the same case for about a month now and you seriously were started to get agitated. Patience had never been a strong suit for you. 

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Beauty and the Beast

A/N: A small drabble about one of my fav movies ever. 

This was the 4th time that Dean had joined you, this week. You were certain that he would have hated it the first time he saw the classic movie but each time he heard the familiar opening song, he came barreling towards your shared room and pulled you into his arms. The bed would always sink under his weight, forcing you to rest your head on his chest as he mumbled along to some of the songs.

“Okay, what gives? Since when do you like Disney?” you asked, pausing the movie. He protested, wanting to finish it. Standing at the foot of the bed with both your hands on your hips, you didn’t waver in your stare. A blush dusted his cheeks, emerald eyes darting nervously around the room.

“What? Is it a crime to like Disney now?”

“No, but since when do you like it? You’ve watched Beauty and the Beast with me every single time that I’ve watched it…what gives?” You didn’t want to make it a huge deal, frankly, you were overjoyed that Dean wanted to just lounge around and cuddle with you as you watched your favorite Disney movie – but there was something more that you couldn’t quite put your finger on.

“It’s stupid,” he mumbled, fiddling with his fingers. The first time he saw it, he swore he was gonna hate it. But when he actually payed attention the film, he would rather eat vegetables than admit that he was obsessed with it.

“Please, just tell me! I promise I won’t laugh, I’m just genuinely curious,” Crawling across the bed and over to his side, he knew there was no way he was going to get out of this conversation. With a sigh of defeat, he easily picked you up and sat you on his lap, gingerly tracing the skin that was exposed to the cool air of the night. The shirt that you were wearing was undoubtedly his, from the way it dwarfed you, the dark plaid was unlike anything your normally wore – he took pride in the fact that you willingly chose to rest in something of his.

“I like it because it reminds me of us.”

It took you a moment to process what he had said. He scowled as he saw you trying to fight off a grin.

“I knew you were gonna think it’s stupid!” he groaned, wanting to leave the room. However, you quickly wrapped your arms around him, a wide smile he couldn’t resist, gracing your lips. “Y/N, just let me go,”

“No, no. Stop, I didn’t mean to make you feel bad, I just – it’s cute.”

“That’s even worse!” He flopped himself onto his stomach, ignoring your giggling as you tried to get him to face you.

“Dean! Come on, I just want to understand.” You whined, “I will sit on you!”

His shoulder moved, indicating that he was chuckling at you. It only served to become even more persistent in your efforts to get him to open up. He had clearly spent quite some time thinking about this. He finally peaked out over his arms at you, taking in your messy hair and silly euphoric grin.

“You’re Belle and I’m the Beast,” he stated, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Immediately your defenses went up, not knowing if something negative was going to come out of this. He must’ve seen the wariness in your eyes and quickly tried to explain himself. “The way we met, the way we, um, the way we fell in love. The beautiful, intelligent woman falling for the monster. It just, it reminds me that you chose me. Despite everything, despite who I am the life I live and the hell I drag you through…you chose me, Y/N.”

           Your heart constricted inside your chest, your throat tightened making it difficult to breathe. Oh, Dean.

“You got all this from a Disney movie?” you questioned breathlessly, eyes watering as you brushed your hands through his hair. He smiled sheepishly, hoisting himself up to face you.

“I do love a good chick flick moment, sweetheart.” He merely shrugged, hands placed on either side of your face and gently pressed a soft kiss against your lips.

“I’m always going to choose you, Beast.”

With a playful growl, his broad frame tackled you to the bed - endless laughter filling the shared room and for once you felt like a princess. A badass princess with a handsome beast. 

Missed Shots

Request: hello!!!!! i was the anon that requested have you ever seen a heart shatter and oh my word i am blown away!! i couldn’t stop crying after reading it!! anyways, i would love to request another newt x reader where the reader is a legilimens and she reads newts mind and finds out he’s in love with tina or leta (which ever one you can choose who you like i guess) and she just breaks i guess?? pure angst as always haha. please and thank you!!!

Word Count: 2,779

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

August 1st, 1903

Sploosh. You shriek with laughter. Mud flies every which way. It lands on your cheeks. It sprinkles the front porch. You don’t care that your mother will be mad. You look at the next puddle and bend your knees.

A little boy suddenly bursts into your yard. He shouts, hands out in front of him, as a bunny darts by. Another boy, a little bigger with darker hair, tears into your yard, too. He stops when he sees you. He marches over, calling the other one, too.

“Who’re you?”

You scowl. “Who’re you?”

“I’m Theseus Scamander. This is Newt.” He prods the other boy in the back.

“Why’re you in my backyard?”

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GOT7 Reaction to seeing their s/o casually wearing their clothes at home.

Ah, I see! Then, can I get a GOT7 and VIXX reactions when they saw their S/O casually wearing their clothes at home? Thanks a lot! And feel free to take your time. 🌸🌸

Here to complete your request, here you go hon, hope you like it! Thank you for requesting! :)


When you walked out of your bedroom with JB’s shirt tucked into your jeans, ready for your day of shopping, he would grin at you. “I like that shirt a lot, where did you get it?” When you rolled your eyes at him he would laugh and pull you into his lap, his arms wrapping around your waist. “If you like that shirt I can buy you one?” “But I want YOUR shirt.” JB would sigh and shake his head, already planning in his mind to buy more clothes so that you could keep the ones you wanted.

Originally posted by got7--af


“Looking good baby,” Seeing you lounge on your bed in Mark’s oversized shirt was the perfect thing for Mark to come home to. He’d wink at you as he approached the bed, coming to stand on the edge. He’d lean down and tug at the hem of the shirt, pulling it lower down your legs. “It’s a bit short though, hm?” He’d slowly edge the shirt higher and higher up your thighs, grinning at you as you wiggled and blushed a bit. “But I like it. It’s a good look for you.”


“Why do you steal all my stuff?” Jackson would stand with his hands on his hips, his foot tapping as he glared at you. You’d ignore him, continuing to make your lunch. You had his joggers and shirt on, and had had them on all day. You loved that they were a bit big on you, they were perfect for a lazy day around the house. “How would you feel if I took all your skirts and started wearing them?” “I think you’d look cute.” Jackson would blush and grin, shuffling over to you to give you a hug. “Aw baby, you look cute too.”

Originally posted by jypnior


Seeing you in his jeans and shirt would make Jinyoung super duper soft. He’d come and sit next to you on the sofa and bring you over to lie in his lap. He’d run his hand up and down your arm, along your waist, just admiring how cute you looked. “I’m glad you like my clothes, hunny.” He’d lean down to kiss your cheek softly and when he pulled back he would start to comb his fingers through your hair. He would probably spend the whole day smiling, getting to see you in his clothes made him super happy.


When Youngjae finally emerged from the bedroom after oversleeping the last thing he expected to see was you on the sofa, scrolling through your phone, in the shirt he had worn last night. Immediately he would burst into laughter because you looked so small and cute in his shirt. He’d lean against the wall, smacking it softly as he chuckled to himself. Your hair was sticking up in all directions, and the shirt wasn’t completely done up. “Ah, how can you look so cute and beautiful at the same time?”


Bambam had actually made a point of walking around in your clothes since you stole his so often. A day spent casually in your home was you two dressing in each others baggy clothes. Every time Bambam found you in his clothes he would always criticise your style choices. “But you wore this last week” “But it doesn’t work for you!” but then almost straight away he would run over you and hug you from behind, pressing a soft kiss to your neck. “Can you just wear my clothes all the time? Please?”


This would be Yugyeom’s favourite thing ever (fight me). He would feel SO proud to see you lounging in his hoodie and joggers, like you had become a seriously permanent part of his life, to the point where you had taken on his style. He would hug you so tight and take lots of photos of you, making one his phone background. “I can’t believe how cute you look. I’m just gonna send this to Bambam to make him jealous…”


pizza delivery || scott mccall (!!)

author: @broodybell
pairing: scott x reader
word count: 1,398

warnings: dom!scott, teasing, slight bondage, oral (female receiving), orgasm denial

authors note: 2017 is the year for smut so expect more lmaoo

summary: reader and scott can’t keep their hands off each other, but the pizza man likes to be early. 

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Pairing: Harrison Osterfield x Reader

Request: heyyyy babe! your one of my faves and i know that you love harrison too so i was maybe wondering if you could do a daddy smut w him? with a lil bit of spanking if you can. if not i understand(:

A/N: yikes ive read a lot of kinky fucked up shit on tumblr but ive never written it so this is gonna be an experience lets go

Originally posted by misshollander1

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Like This

Notes: Thank you for the prompt, @bogwisdom! I’m sorry this took me around 6 months to write and post. Hopefully, you won’t be disappointed. 

This is VERY MUCH out of my comfort zone because it’s NSFW, which is a first, and I would not have been able to write it or post it without @a-january-girl. She is a lifesaver really and the biggest thank you for helping me. Also a very big thank you to word wizard, @crossedbeams who saved the beginning of my story that I just couldn’t get right. 

Final notes: What they did with the bureau credit card? The answer is nothing. They were too busy with… other things. Enjoy! 

It would be wrong to say she hadn’t planned for something to happen. If that were true, she wouldn’t have picked out matching black, lacy underwear and she wouldn’t have worn that stupid dress. Still, this wasn’t quite what she had imagined, him in her hotel room, after they’d watched that god-awful movie that’s still playing on loop behind her eyelids, hours after it ended. They had looked on in disbelief at the embarrassing charade as it played out in front of them for everyone to see. Their lives, everything they had ever fought for, turned into a brainless comedy — hopefully one as quickly forgotten as it was written.

It isn’t that she can’t take being laughed at — that comes with the job, or the company that she’s in, really. No, what she hates is the fact that when the laughter fades, they still never talk about real things. Important things. They still haven’t talked about how she walked quietly to his bedroom a few nights ago to find him awake, wanting the very same thing as her. Seven years of courtship had ended quickly and silently, partners dancing a well-known waltz, brand new and yet right in every single imaginable way. But she hadn’t told him how it had made her feel. She hadn’t mentioned anything about it in the office the morning after. Nor had he. It was like it had never happened. It was just another thing added to her little library of small failures.

He had surprised her earlier though when he had reached for her hand to leave the movie set, guiding her outside, to where a nice car stood parked, ready to take them both away. He had wanted to drive them somewhere nice to watch the sun go down, he said, but when she asked him if that was really what he wanted he had been quiet for some time before asking if she felt like going back to the hotel. Relieved about how simple it could be, she had nodded as a breathless yes had slipped out of her lips, and he had turned the car around.

Driving back to the hotel, she knew that the movie didn’t have to ruin anything between them and didn’t have to make things awkward. So she decided to stick to the truth they both knew in their hearts — she carries him with her wherever she goes, and him her. She didn’t tell him though. This would be another thing left unsaid.

Knowing it was enough; there was no need to complicate this part of their lives too.

And that’s why she now finds herself lying in her bed, his eyes following her every move. It’s thrilling, she silently admits to herself, and she hopes he’ll take the next step as she spreads out her arms on the big bed.

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The Arcana: Regency Era AU

Not sure if this has been done but I’ve been too self-indulgent in my period dramas as of late.


  • Childhood friend of yours that you often played with in your youth
  • Grows up to become a merchant that specializes in foreign trade
    • Visits often with trinkets from his travels
  • Brings Faust everywhere he goes. People find it most peculiar.
  • Hates wearing cravats
  • Plenty of rumors of his practices in magic
    • “It’s quite the scandal. One might believe that he has bewitched the good MC, look at the way they look at him.”
    • “Portia, have you been watching them?“
    • “Oh a maid never reveals her sources.”
  • Completely adores you and finds it hard to withhold his affections in the company of others
    • Gets caught holding your hand more times than both of your fingers combined
    • You two just stare luringly at each other on the other side of the room
  • Playful banter every now and again
    • “As much as you adore the cheetah print Mr. Asra, I cannot let you attend Lady Nadia’s ball in such a ghastly pattern.”
    • “Perhaps you fear that you will not bear to take your greedy hands and thirsty eyes off of me if I do.”
    • “…I would think you to be grateful that I already regard you with affection.”
    • “To be in your regard is a true feat in its own.“
  • Your family doesn’t quite approve of courtship or marriage given his occupation and the rumors so they saved you from such scandal
  • Little did they know that mirror he gifted you is enchanted so he could sweep you away to a crossroads to practice your magic


  • Dramatic physician and dashing rogue
  • Probably shows up at your house to take care of an ailment that befalls your cousin
  • Doesn’t talk much at first but he finds himself stopping to chat with you more often than not
  • Subtly flirts with you through a code with his gloves
    • *gasp* He let his glove linger before covering his right thumb, he wants to kiss you!
  • Lots of running off from the servants and family 
  • “Oh, I heard he once served the Count during the war as his medic. And now he simply works as a physician in the city. My sources say, he’s quite the popular bachelor as well." 
    • “Are you that source, Portia?“
    • “Who is to say? A sister never tells her brother’s secrets“ she says as she casually sips her spiked tea.
  • Dramatically stares out the window while he broods
  • Picnics in the meadow as he attempts to draw you
  • Ends the relationship on a bridge during your morning walk with a long monologue
    • “We find ourselves in quite a scrape. These affections…they must not continue lest I break your heart. Pray my dear, no tears. Oh, how do you manage to bend my heart to your will?” 
  • Later that afternoon he shows up at the bridge again then gives another speech about how he can’t stand to be away from you


  • An accomplished, respectable lady of the land who you met at a salon years ago
    • Likes your view of the world
    • She finds you quite refreshing and excellent company
  • Her impressionable fashion taste is followed avidly by the ladies of the land
  • Has an impressive shoe collection
  • Owns practically every type of wheeled vehicle: chaises, post-chaise, landau, cabriolet, barouche. You name it, she’s got it. 
  • Doesn’t throw many salons on her own, but she tends to do more private ones
  • “Oh, MC, a letter from the Lady Nadia. She wishes your company! Why, what a bold move!”
  • Visits your estate quite often
  • You get frequent invitations to her summer and winter estates
  • She takes any opportunity she can get if it means to be close to you
    • Shoulders touch when she sits with you, adjusts your clothes or hair, taking your hand to help you stand up, tapping your foot under the table, and playful hands when you dance
  • “The weather is quite dreary, there is no way I can let you go home in this state. You can return in the morning. And I will have you out of those clothes. After all, we were riding all day. Come and sit with me by the fire, you are shivering. ”
  • “My lady is quite taken with MC. Some say she is even considering marriage. It would be exciting to have a pleasant wedding hosted at the estate.”
    • “Where are you getting this information, Portia?”
    • She takes a sip of her tea.


  • Working as the lady’s maid for Nadia
  • She is the source of all gossip in the estate, although she refrains from making such rumors about her lady
    • Snooping is her true occupation
  • By day she works and by night she kicks back at the pub sometimes with her brother
    • Julian has to pry her away from fights as much as possible
  • Met you at a salon Nadia was attending while you were trying to escape the crowd
    • You two got yourself in a drinking contest. Lady luck was not on your side.
    • She made sure she got you back up on your feet enough to head home
  • During Nadia’s visit to your estate, Portia goes off to spend time with you—when she’s spared a moment.
  • You two have a secret correspondence over time to express your affections
  • When there is a single rumor  to rise about the subject, she quickly shuts it down with an outlandish rumor
    • “Forgive me, Lord Valerius but you like to pry into my business. Perhaps people would rather hear of the tantalizing tale of the goat and the melon in my lady’s barouche. 
    • “You would not dare!” 


  • Worked as an apprentice to a groundskeeper at the cemetery as a boy
    • childhood friends with you and Asra too
  • Gets a job as the groundskeeper at your family’s estate when he’s older
  • When Asra comes to visit, the three of you manage to sneak off to sit in nature
  • "They say MC takes tea outside just to watch the groundskeeper work.”
    • Portia!
  • You find time to have small chats with him on your walks
  • One time you twisted your ankle and you couldn’t walk so he carried you back to the estate
    • Leaves you flowers by your bedside to make sure you’re in good spirits
  • His lessons in reading and your little chats have gained the intrigue of the estate
    • It’s no secret of your time spent with Muriel
  • Your family does not approve and has promised you into a secure marriage to end this dalliance of yours
  • Distraught, you dramatically run into the courtyard in the rain
  • Muriel finds you and instead of bringing you back to the estate—through much difficulty—he confesses his affections to you.
  • Then you give him a reassuring kiss to seal the deal 


  • Decorated colonel, “paragon” of the war, and the Count
  • His estate is a whole menagerie of exotic animals he’s collected in his travels
    • Don’t goad the peacocks
  • Goes on hunts every so often while visiting his summer estate
  • Tells endless tales of his time on the battlefront
    • Bores everyone to death 
  • Always makes it about himself
    • Fun at parties, but not the greatest of company
  • Scoffs at the thought of magic 
  • Throws the finest salons and masquerades in all the lands
  • You met him at one of his salons when you had the “pleasure” of “dancing” with him or as his court calls it, “choosing his next victim”
    • if you could call stumbling on his two left feet dancing
    • For an esteemed Count you come to learn he’s a scoundrel
  • “One more dance?”
    • *disgusted noise*
  • Much fiery wit is exchanged
    • In fact, he loves the struggle between the two of you
    • It reminds him of the hunt
  • This has probably happened (he’s a Darcy through and through)

Request: Could you do a Macgyver oneshot where the reader is Jack’s niece/nephew or something and is secretly dating Mac and the team finds out???? Your writing is 👌👌👌

Thanks!! I changed it slightly, but I hope I still did it justice :)

Characters: Angus MacGyver x reader

Gender: Any/Neutral   Triggers: None

Words: 1,614 

Originally posted by fyeahlucastill

“Y/n, where are you?” you heard Mac ask through his earpiece

“Second floor coming up” you said as you were walking stealthily down the hall towards the staircase

“Head up y/n, you got two guys comin’ your way” you heard Riley say quickly

Just ahead you heard whispering, quickly hiding behind a wall you waited for them to pass, it would be better if you don’t get caught yet. But just as you thought this you saw the men come flying down the stairs with Mac behind them.

After fighting the men for a moment he managed to knock one out but the other got away “Mac!” you yelled running up to him “What part about stealth mission don’t you get?!”

“I didn’t want them to find you” he said simply

“I was hiding, they wouldn’t have” you said exasperated

Just them you heard more yelling as men ran towards you, giving him a look that said ‘This is your fault’ you two quickly ran up the stairs.

“Jack, we need to hurry” Mac said while dragging you down the hallway, his hand in yours.

“Yeah yeah, I’m coming” you heard Jack yell frustrated

Running around the corner you see Jack waiting for you with a bloody lip. He had obviously been caught at some point too. Pointing and firing his gun behind you as the men rounded the same corner, he gave you cover as you dived into the security office.

You quickly put the USB device into the side of one of the computers, you needed to download the files. Doing everything Riley was telling you, you managed to get the files. Taking the USB out and shoving into your inner jacket pocket you looked at Mac.

“So, how are you gonna get us out of this one?”

Looking around the room then seeing his eyes fall to the fire extinguisher he looked at you “I’ve had worse ideas”

As the door flew open and he blasted the men in the face with the fire extinguisher, you and Jack managed to get around them, running down the hallway with Mac following closely. With the bullets flying you managed to dive out onto the fire escape. Seeing Riley pull up in the vane you three jumped the rest of the way down, ignoring the throbbing in your ankle as you landed roughly you jumped into the van, speeding off.

Lying on the van floor, panting you looked over at your Uncle and Mac, each of them having obviously been in a fight you chuckled “You two really need to learn the definition of stealth”

Glancing at each other they turned back to you smiling, you and Mac sharing a look that Jack didn’t notice.

After debriefing with Thornton you, along with Jack and Riley, headed to Mac’s place. Bozer, after cooking you guys some burgers, was with Riley, trying to get her to help him with another project for his movie. 

As you sat down outside, Mac came and sat next to you, handing you a drink, with another in his hand 

Leaning closer he spoke quietly “So, you still mad at me?”

Why would I be mad?” you asked genuinely

“About ruining our stealth mission” he said taking a sip of his drink

Smiling you shook your head “No. I know why you did it” you said giving him an amused look.

Mac had a way of getting protective over you on missions, sometimes it was aggravating, but when the mission worked out well enough, like it did tonight, it only amused you. Glancing behind him and into the house, checking to see where Jack was you leaned forward, quickly pressing a kiss on Macs cheek, earning a smile from him. Mac smiled at you, leaning in to kiss you he pulled away quickly when he heard Jacks approaching footsteps.

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Compliments - Shawn - blurb

“why do you never give me any compliments?” I said at Shawn’s shoulder. We were standing in the kitchen.

“what do you mean?” he asked leaning around to look at me.

“you never give me any compliments” I said starring back at him.

“I do so” he said to me.

“like even my customers at work give me compliments, you don’t” I said moving away from him.

“I do you just don’t remember” he grabbed my hand and spun me around to him, so I had my back pressed to his chest.

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Cookies and Cuddles and Kisses

Summary: Reader can’t stop thinking about Bucky and how good he was with her.

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1372

Warnings: None? Fluffy? Wine?

A/N: I decided to write another part to Cookies and Cuddles! I hope you guys like it as much as the first part!

Cookies and Cuddles

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