standing hand to foot

shiro and keith in a haunted house
  • shiro: *clutches keiths shoulder, mutters* there's a lady standing there in that corner why is she just standing there oh look there's a hand about to grab my foot--
  • shiro: *screams*
  • keith: *watches shiro run around screaming, beg for his life while little kids follow him and watch him instead of fully experiencing the scares in the haunted house*
  • keith: *talks to camera like in the office*
  • keith: shiro is just a big dork
  • keith:
  • keith: which is one of the main reasons why i married him

It was in the blink of an eye when he shoved the blade in my face, and held it firmly against my throat. His eyes met mine, and then they changed from menacing to apologetic. The knife dropped from his hands and clattered on the wooden floor with a thud. His breaths regained normality as he shifted in his bed. I started breathing again when my chest stopped hammering. He shook his head, like he was trying to shake away a bad dream. My hands stopped shaking after a few moments, when he purposefully didn’t look at me. We were silent. Him on the bed, head in his hands, me, standing at the foot of the bed with my hands behind my back and my leg propped up on the bed frame.
“I am sorry that I scared you.” He said. Words quiet and stature sagging.
“It is alright.” We sit in silence for another few moments until I sit on the edge of the bed. “I frightened you. I shouldn’t have come in here without warning I should—”
“It is fine, Y/N.” He cuts me off. “I am sorry if I frightened you… also.”
I place my hand on his. “You could never frighten me, Ivar.”
“Not even sometimes?” He jokes.
I smile. “Sometimes. When you haven’t eaten food all day, I try to avoid you.”
He chuckles softly, wiggling his fingers through mine. “Perhaps you could lie down with me?”
I nod silently, moving my feet off the ground and crawling in under the blankets. He wraps his arm around my shoulder as I put my head on his chest. He rests his chin on mine and kisses my head. The candlelight flickers softly, casting dancing shadows over the walls.

xiumin; snow
festive season drabbles + 4

Minseok is standing still about a foot deep in snow; hands shoved into the warmth of his pockets, eyes trained on you as you make your way downstairs. Ice made your feet slip from under you on occasion, though you continued toward him. Minseok lets out a chuckle as you steady yourself.

“Can you help me instead of laughing at me?” You call out, stepping into the footprints that he’d left for you. Instantly the feeling of the snow sinking into your boots makes you cringe, and Minseok stretches his arm out to take yours. He pulls you forward a few steps. The sun shines brightly above and is shielded only by the occasional stretch of cloud; it’s backdrop being a number of pale oranges, pinks, and blues, the evening beginning to sink in.

“You’re just that funny!” He shouts, a bright smile gracing his features as he throws his arms up in an exclamation, shrugging his shoulders at the same time. His hair is fluffy, a light brown shade, flattened cutely under the soft red wool of a beanie you’d knitted last Christmas. Though it resembled more of a lump of wool, he wore it with pride regardless. He looks into your eyes blissfully, taking in their color and the way they shine in the afternoon sun, watching how your lips tremble from the cold; to him, you are most beautiful up close.

“I’ll give you something to laugh at.” You say as he chuckles, watching you bend down to form snow into a ball between your palms. He gets only a few seconds to put as much distance as possible between the two of you before you pelt the snow, aiming for his head. It hits him squarely between the shoulders instead, and it is your turn to chuckle as he squeals.

“Some went down my shirt!”

“Serves you right Minseok.”

SVT: The boys walk in on Dino kissing someone.

“17 reaction to walking in on Dino kissing/making out with someone? ☺” -Anon

S.Coups: BOII YOU ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE HAVE YOU SEEN OFD S.Coups would stand there, and clear his throat, his hands on his hips, his foot tapping. A real dad.

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on my way to beat my kid

Jeonghan: Jeonghan wouldn’t really know what to do, as Dino is his little baby. Jeonghan would probably quietly say something to get Dino’s attention.

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Joshua: Josh, being our child of God, would immediately break it up. He would be extremely confused as to how this even came to happen, because I doubt he knew about the girl before.

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Jun: Jun would probably laugh quietly before taking a quick picture for teasing later. He would break it up, though.

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Hoshi: Hoshi would walk in on it, then immediately walk out. His innocent eyes wouldn’t be able to believe what just happened.

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Wonwoo: Wonwoo wouldn’t really say anything, but rather clear his throat awkwardly. He wouldn’t be too angry, but would be more embarrassed he walked in on this.

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Woozi: Woozi would be similar to S.Coups. He would be upset, worried that word of this might get out and ruin Dino’s image. Also he’s the lil babe maknae. No.

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DK: DK wouldn’t really be tooooo angry. He’d find the situation more funny than anything else. That being said, he’d interrupt the session with laughter.

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Mingyu: Mingyu might laugh, he might turn around and leave. I don’t see him interrupting them on purpose, though.

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The8: Minghao would turn around like Hoshi did. He wouldn’t really know what to say, so he’ll just walk away. Not before doing the thing.

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Seungkwan: Seungkwan would be the most vocal here. Definitely, hands down. He would immediately start out with a loud “Dino?!?!” and continue on with a sort of lecture-roast mixture.

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Vernon: Vernon would probably leave them alone, on the points of “Good for him” and “I’ll let someone else interrupt.” I don’t think he’d want to get in that mess.

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Dino: You know that gut sinking feeling you get when you get caught doing something you knew you shouldn’t have done? That’s Dino right now. His mind would probably be somewhat blank too.

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Over a low garden wall around the back of a very fancy townhouse, just beyond the servants coming and going sits a small girl in an apron. She looks across and very shyly waves back at you. Wiping a bit of flour off her face she stands looking down at her feet hands clasped behind her back. Her foot wiggles a bit and you can tell she clearly has been told to react this way.  

The person may have had drill training if:

  • Whenever they turn 180 degrees, they turn right
  • They mostly start on their left foot
  • When standing they might either have their hands placed flat on top of eachother behind them (parade at ease) or stuck by their sides in fists with the thumbs on top of the hands instead of in the balled fist (parade attention)
  • When told to look left or right they turn their head a full 90° to look (this is how you have to look when commanded to on parade)
  • They are more likely to hold their head high (youre not allowed to hang your had low on parade)
  • They subconciously swing their arms a bit

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20. Shopping Together

“Why can’t you just wear like a little black dress or something?”  Nick asked, bored out of his mind.  He leaned back in the padded seat just outside the dressing rooms.

“Because, it’s a formal event Nick.  We have to look nice.”

“And a little black dress isn’t nice?”

“It’s not elegant Nick.”  Judy countered.  “We have an image to uphold, we can’t look like party crashers or whatever.  It will put the other guests off, which will make them not donate as much.  Didn’t you read the memo.”

“I read the subject line…skimmed the rest.”  Nick shrugged out.

“Nick this is important!”  Judy stated, sounding like she was right in front of him.  

He straightened up to look at her, and his throat went dry.  Judy was standing in front of him with her hands on her waist, and left foot thumping in frustration.  However it was more what she was wearing that dried out his throat then her pose.  

She was dressed in a navy blue floor length dress, with decorative gold stitching, lace, and beads from her neck to the start of her chest.  The top half of the dress was form fitting, and the bottom loosened and flared out.  A split in the front that stopped in the middle of her thigh, and displayed on leg if she stood right.

Nick gulped.  “Yeah…I get that.”  He amazingly managed to say.

Judy grinned a bit, before twisting some, and Nick could see it was just about backless.  God the bunny was going to be the death of him one way or another.  “What do you think?”

“It’s…uh…um,” Nick started before just surrendering to what he wanted to say, “wow!”

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This middle aged sweaty dude seriously just tried to steal my backpack that I was standing less than a foot away from. Had it in his hands and everything. I gave him a look like “don’t do it shithead.. Do not” and he slid it right over to me. Weirdest fucking thing ever

I went camping one time when I was twelve, to the Great Lakes. My friend stepped in really deep muddy water and started screaming and sinking. My mom ran up, and I was just standing there a foot away and wouldn’t stick out my hand to pull him up. So I’m probably not the best person to take on a camping trip.
—  Norman Reedus (Friendship Day 2015,
Bark Park

They’d taken Lucky to the park.

Well, strictly speaking, Bucky had taken the dog to the park; Steve had taken Bucky to the park and Darcy was keeping an eye on all three. They each came with their own set of potential trouble trigger points, and she had approximately ten different speed dials programmed into her phone to cope with that.


Darcy threw out an arm across Steve’s waist as he started toward the other man, concern rising in his features as he began to move. She knew full well she couldn’t stop him if he wanted to go, but the sensation of her arm hitting his abs caught the words in his throat and made him glance down at her.

“Give him a chance, Steve.” Her voice was low but insistent.

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Yzekiel had followed the scent once he’d finally found it again, footsteps graceful as they slipped across the pavement, his eyes searching all the while for the familiar face that had brought him a meal so kindly the other night. He’d wanted to thank him, and was grateful he’d found him after only a few more moments of wandering around with the scent to search.

When he’s caught, he exhales a bit of a laugh, carefully stepping up beside the the male, standing roughly at least a foot away. Hands fold behind his back, and he’s humming a little. “I’m not stalking you, Chen.” He chimes, bowing his head a little. “You didn’t stay so I could properly thank you for bringing me a meal the other evening.” He smiles softly then, and offers his hand to help the other stand. 

“I was hoping you’d allow me the honour of buying you dinner, to repay you.”

Single Leg Touch

Holding a 10-pound dumbbell in your right hand, stand on your left leg with your right foot lifted.
Keeping your back flat, bend your left knee while bending forward at your hips to lightly touch the dumbbell to the ground. Keep your right knee bent and your right leg close to your body.
Push through your left heel and return to the starting position to complete one rep; try to keep your right foot off the ground as you complete all your reps.