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“love" by jack zimmermann || a zimbits fic || 3.3k

“Come in.” Bitty thanks the lord for the legitimate reprieve from the essay he’s been painfully forcing himself through all afternoon.

Jack enters, looking happier than normal. Bitty sees why immediately, and the smile that came onto his face when he saw Jack slips right back into a frown. Jack’s holding another memory card.

“I’m got some new footage,” Jack says in confirmation of Bitty’s fears.

“Jack, you’ve got to stop giving me new material.”

Jack’s smile drops at Bitty’s harsh tone, and his eyebrows draw together in a way that would be adorable if not for the circumstance and the fact Bitty is the one to make them that way. “Why?”

“Coz, honey, it’s not gonna help.” Bitty’s too exhausted to bother being embarrassed that the endearment slipped out.

Jack opens his mouth lamely. He looks down at the memory card in his hand then back to Bitty with sad eyes.

“Sit down.” Bitty gestures to his bed, thankful that he made it earlier while procrastinating. He rubs his sore eyes as Jack perches on the bed, then sighs out.

“Your assessment is to create a two-minute video based on love, yes?”

Jack nods. Bitty rubs at his eyes again, thinking of how to be honest without being hurtful.

“You’re an amazing photographer, and it comes across.” Jack picks his head up, looking hopefully at Bitty. It breaks his heart to have to continue. “But there’s no story here. There’s no love. I mean, unless your story is that you really love your camera. I can’t… I’m sorry, I can’t help you make anything out of this.”

Bitty tries to make his voice gentle. Jack turns his head away from Bitty anyway, but not quick enough that Bitty can’t see the hurt.

Bitty’s happily been helping Jack with his AV assessment after Jack asked. He gets to spend time with Jack doing something that Jack loves. But now he owes it as a friend to tell Jack the truth, even if it makes them both sad.

“Sorry, Bits,” Jack mumbles, still not looking at him.

“It’s alright.” Bitty already feels a little guilty for springing it on Jack with no warning. He crosses his arms, then realises that may come across as defensive if Jack ever looks back at him, so rests them back on his knees. “Look, I don’t mean to be rude, I just want you to do well.”

Jack gives a brisk nod, but still avoids looking back at Bitty.

Bitty’s not sure what else he can do for Jack, so he simply waits.

Jack clears his throat after a moment and stands up. He looks at the memory card before putting it into a pocket.

“Thanks anyway. Sorry for interrupting your essay.”

“It’s alright,” Bitty repeats, but Jack’s already out the door.

Bitty slumps into his seat and stares at his closed door. He really didn’t mean to hurt Jack, but he didn’t think what he said would be that much of a shock either. Jack’s not ignorant to emotion, no-matter what the news articles sometimes say about him.

He swings his chair back round to stare at his essay, starting up on it again as a distraction.

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Too Good

Request from anon for a Jax x Reader using the following prompts:

#113 - “I prefer blondes.”

#123 - “Oh, did I scare you, big boy?”

Originally posted by journeyslegend

You pause outside Jax’s apartment door, your fist hovering over the wood. “Oh, is that a promise?”

“Sure is, big boy.” a female voice responds, a wave of disgust coming over you before you push it down, channelling your humour.

“Oh, Jackie boy.” you sing, bursting into the room, Jax and his half dressed companion scrambling for their clothes as you enjoy the surprise on their faces, a smirk upon your own. “Tables ready.”

“You forget how to knock?” the girl spits rudely, rushing to get dressed as you lean against the door, Jax pulling on his shirt, a hidden grin on his lips.

“Sorry, sweetheart. My mistake.” you reply in a sickly sweet tone, the girl scowling in response as she grabs her heels, throwing you a glare as she scrambles out of the room. “Nice meeting you!”

“Thanks for bursting in like that. I was two minutes away from getting my dick sucked.” Jax says, shrugging on his kutte. You shrug your shoulders, smiling proudly.

“Oh, did I scare you, big boy?“ you reply seductively, Jax raising his eyebrow in response. “I’ll be sure to let the guys know about your new alias.”

“Go ahead, princess. Maybe I’ll let you see if it’s true.” he winks, smirking cockily as he strides past you, your cheeks reddening as you feign repulse.

“No thanks, I don’t plan on getting the clap anytime soon.” You clap your hands together for emphasis, Jax laughing loudly as he heads away from you, flipping the bird as he does so.

The familiar buzz runs through your body as you lean against the wall, Kozik beaming down at you, his eyes slightly glazed from the alcohol. “You’re really beautiful, you know that?”

“You’re really cheesy, you know that?” you tease, him grinning in response, leaning beside you. “But thank you, you’re not so bad yourself.”

He hums, leaning down, his breath tickling at your ear, his delicious scent surrounding you. “Fancy taking this somewhere more private?”

“I thought you’d never ask.” you whisper back, your teeth grazing his ear as he shivers, his hand finding yours as you slip around the corner, following him down the corridor.

His apartment door barely shuts before his lips are on yours, his hands slipping under your ass as he picks you up, squeezing roughly. You moan against his mouth, your fingers pulling at his hair as you wrap your legs around his waist.

He drops you gently onto the bed a moment later, the mattress softening the blow as you sprawl out on the sheets, Kozik crawling over you and connecting his lips back to yours.

“I’ve been thinking about you since I got here.” he mumbles against you, his fingertips running down your sides before he finds the hem of your shirt, pulling upwards to relieve you of the fabric. “How fucking sexy you are, how good you’d look under me.”

“Hope I’m living up to your expectations.” you say, flipping him over expertly, your body straddling his. You pull him up by his shirt roughly, quickly yanking the material upwards, his toned physique coming into view bit by bit.

“Expectations and more.” he whispers, his lips latching onto your neck as you grind your hips onto his hardened crotch, a hiss leaving you as he nibbles teasingly.

A loud pounding stops the two of you, the apartment door flying open seconds later. “Can I borrow your-”

Kozik stands up quickly, placing you down on the ground as Tig looks between the two of you, his mouth parted in disbelief. He opens his mouth to speak, you stopping him before he can.

“Careful what you say, Trager.” you warn, grabbing your shirt off the bed, turning it the right way before putting it on. “We’ll be out in a second.”

Tig chuckles to himself, winking at you and backing out of the room. You turn your gaze to Kozik, him smiling sheepishly, his cheeks slightly pink. “You think he’ll tell anybody about this?”

“Oh, yeah. Get ready to be the center of attention.” you say, smoothing your hair down in the mirror. “See you out there.”

You leave the room swiftly, heading out the back entrance, hoping the cool air might clear your head slightly. You’ve only just lit your cigarette when the door is pushed open, Jax’s eyes finding yours under the dim lights.

“You know, I never thought Kozik would be your type.” he teases, the door slamming shut behind him as he heads over to you, your eyes rolling at the nickname. “Saw you as more of a Juice kinda girl, to be honest.”

“Juice? Nah, I prefer blondes.” you say bravely, holding out your cigarette to Jax as he runs his tongue across his lower lip, a surprised look on his face.

“That so?” You nod in response, admiring the way his lips wrap around the stick, his cheeks hollowing slightly as he inhales. “You gonna be making him a habit?”

You don’t miss the jealously in his words, butterflies fluttering in your stomach in response. Shrugging, you accept the cigarette back. “Not sure. Why?”

“Just asking.” he replies cooly, shoving his hands in his jean pockets before standing beside you, his foot resting against the wall to keep his balance. “Didn’t think you were one for sleeping around.”

“Who says I am?” you snap, not enjoying the judgment in his tone, especially considering he’s slept with about three hundred women. “You’re the last one to be judging me.”

“Not judging. Just trying to understand it, that’s all.” he defends, refusing to meet your eyes as he looks forward. “Did you finish up after Tig disturbed you both?”

“What’s with all the questions, Jax?” you sigh, throwing the nub down and crushing it with your shoe. You stand in front of the blonde, forcing his attention to you. “I’m single, I’m young. What’s the problem?”

“You’re worth more than a fuck, (Y/N).“ You scoff loudly, the alcohol making you more sensitive than usual. Jax huffs, shaking his head and pushing himself off the wall. “You know what? Forget it.”

“Let’s not.” you say, pushing him roughly, his back hitting the brickwork behind him. “So, you’re allowed to fuck whoever you want, yet I’m not?”

“That’s not what I mean.” he stops himself, running his hands through his hair in frustration as he tries to find the right words to explain himself.“I just mean-”

“Save it, Jackson. You’re so full of shit, you know that?” You laugh humourlessly, your throat thick with emotion. You turn around, your wrist being grabbed before you can get very far. “Let go of me.”

“Can you stop being so dramatic for two fucking seconds and listen to me?!” he yells, his brows knitted in frustration. You’re taken aback by his tone, your eyes wide as you stare at him, waiting for him to continue.

Sighing, he releases you from his grip, turning around and running his hands through his hair, you silently observing his actions. His expression has softened once he faces you again, though he remains frustrated.

“I sleep around because it’s all I deserve, (Y/N).” You go to disagree, but stops you before you can. “Listen.”

“You’re too good to become some croweater. You deserve to be loved, shown off, showered with affection.”

“Don’t lose yourself trying to be like everybody else.” he says, his words nothing but genuine. “You’re far too good for that.”

You’re not sure what to say, Jax’s words being the kindest, most honest thing he’s probably ever said to you. You step closer to him, leaning forwards to press your lips against his cheek. “Thank you, Jax.”

As you go to move backwards, he turns his head to the side, catching your lips softly with his own. Your eyes are wide in shock as you try to understand what is happening, your body unable to respond.

He pulls away sharply, his expression just as surprised as yours. “Shit, I’m shouldn’t have done that.”

“Kiss me again.” you whisper, a flush creeping up your neck, though you’re too entranced to care. Jax frowns, unable to believe what he’s hearing. “Kiss me again, Jax.”

You can see him having an internal battle, both sides fighting a convincing argument. You decide to take matters into your own hands, gripping his kutte in between your fingers and holding him in place, your eyes fluttering shut as you find his mouth with your own.

He relaxes into the kiss straight away, his hands cradling your cheeks as his lips work with yours, featherlight yet passion filled.

You wrap your hand around his wrist as the kiss deepens, the slight breeze forgotten as his kisses warm you up, your body tingling from his touch. His tongue explores your mouth expertly as you submit to him, your mind foggy with nothing but him.

A/N - Wasn’t sure where this was going when I wrote it, but I hope you like how it turned out! Thanks to anon for the request and thank you for all of your support, see you next time! ❤

“Flat out” - h.s. Part 7

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6



You had your head on your kitchen island as you stared at the small fish tank in front of you. The little beta fish swam around with it’s burgundy tail flipping through the water as it swam in little circles around and around. 

“Same,” you sighed, spooning a mouthful of cereal into your mouth while continuing to watch your little fish. You’d bought him two weeks ago, after living on your own for two full months, and you were quite content just watching this little guy swim around with no worries in the world. 

He soothed you.

You may or may not have named him Harry. 

David had already texted you twice today around five in the morning like an apparently normal person in the law world. You had been working the same case for about a month now and you seriously were started to get agitated. Patience had never been a strong suit for you. 

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Dating Newt Scamander Would Include...

Originally posted by xavatarfan

  • Essentially meeting because of your interests in magical creatures.
    • Imagine him sitting you down and almost flying off the handle as he explains to you about his creatures. He pulls out his incomplete book, and points to things and facts excitedly, telling you with happy eyes how excited he was that he found someone who enjoyed them equally.
    • You smile widely at him as he comes to a stop, rubbing the back of his neck, now suddenly nervous and aware that you had been watching him acting so crazed.
    • While secretly, you admired his expressions and his attitude 
  • Newt showing you the inside of his case, and smiling to himself as he watches you excitedly run around, pointing at creatures you knew, and asking questions about creatures you weren’t quite sure about.
    • Your curiosity and liveliness makes him feel alive himself.
    • You and he sitting in front of the Bowtruckle, watching as he tries to convince Pickett that everything is okay, and that they’re not bullying him. Your focus is on Newt completely though. 
      • Seeing him so selfless and so caring for creatures that people think are dangerous makes your heart flutter.
      • He smiles at Pickett, and you smile at him. Newt turns his head and looks at you, now vicariously aware of how close you are. He clears his throat, sets Pickett on his shoulder and looks forward, shuffling his arms awkwardly.
  • You starting to refer to the newborn creatures as Newt and yours. “Our Children” “our babies” because you are spending so much time with them, that’s what it felt like they were.
    • Probably makes him blush.
      • It does.
  • Newt never being able to stand still around you.
    • Either he’s playing with his hands, jumping from one foot to another, or is making obscure gestures, he still finds it slightly difficult to stand still around you because he’s not completely sure what it is he’s feeling for you.
      • Also, avoiding eye contact as usual.
      • Though lately, you have noticed that he’s making more of an effort of maintaining eye contact for longer than his usual second.
  • Newt feeling the instant connection to you, though he’s worried that you don’t feel it as well.
    • If anything, Newt is just really nervous that he’s going to annoy you, or make you hate him.
    • Of course, you do feel something warm for him but you’re too shy to actually bring it up with him.
  • Newt probably wondering why exactly you want to be his friend.
    • He honestly, at times, thinks you just pity him.
    • He constantly asks, “do I not annoy you?”
    • “Is this too weird for you?”
    • “I have been known to annoy people quite frequently.”
    • “People do find me to be a bit… Eccentric if you will.”
  • Probably lets it slip that he wants to take you on a date in a way that he wasn’t expecting.
    • If you don’t think it involved one of the many mating dance he knows then?
    • “You make me feel so…” 
      • He danced. Hoping you’d understand, to which, you didn’t and it ended with him laying on the ground, murmuring, “I just want to take you out on a date, at least once. I thought my mating dance would work—”
  • Having the pleasure of watching him adapt to getting comfortable and affectionate around you.
    • The man is a fan of forehead kisses, knuckle kisses and holding hands.
      • Especially holding hands. He probably still asks to hold yours even when you told him that he doesn’t need to ask.
      • Has this habit of always stretching an arm out to touch you. Whether or not he’s making actual contact, or if he’s just ghosting his fingertips around your aura, he feels the need to be close to you know that he knows it’s okay.
      • Convincing him to let you tie his bowtie rather than using magic. “It’s a no-maj thing, but I like helping you.”
      • The two of you enjoying each others company. 
      • Cuddles, while he reads from his unfinished book about the research he had done that day.
  • Your first kiss not being perfect.
    • It was actually a rather fumbling, awkward situation. You butted heads with one another, you almost fell over.
    • But the moment Newt finally cupped your cheeks in his hands, and pressed his lips against yours, you felt the entire world fall away.
    • Soft, gentle and lingering kisses are his favorite, though he can honestly admit the occasional rough, more dominated sort are a surprise every once and a while.
    • Imagine him whispering things against your lips as he holds you close, his hands resting on the small of your back.
    • Newt kissing your nose, following every kiss on the lips.
    • You kissing the freckles on his face.
  • He totally gives you his jacket when you complain about the cold.
    • It drowns you, but you love the color, and it’s always so warm compared to you. 
      • When Newt insists you give it back, because it’s no longer cold, you refuse and lay on it.
  • Running your fingers through his soft, thick hair.
    • Occasionally, when he lets you, the two of you sit together and you tangle flowers into his hair. 
      • He finds it really relaxing. It’s even more so when he lays his head into your lap and shuts his eyes to focus on your hands running through his hair.
  • If you don’t think Niffler somehow got a hold of your engagement ring that Newt bought a few nights ago then?
    • Poor Newt probably had a heart attack when he couldn’t find it.
      • The stare-down he had with Niffler was intense until he finally gave in.
        • With a certain look, the creature admitted to taking it.

Hey guys, reblogs and likes are really appreciated! Thank you, thank you! I hope you enjoyed. 


Beauty and the Beast

A/N: A small drabble about one of my fav movies ever. 

This was the 4th time that Dean had joined you, this week. You were certain that he would have hated it the first time he saw the classic movie but each time he heard the familiar opening song, he came barreling towards your shared room and pulled you into his arms. The bed would always sink under his weight, forcing you to rest your head on his chest as he mumbled along to some of the songs.

“Okay, what gives? Since when do you like Disney?” you asked, pausing the movie. He protested, wanting to finish it. Standing at the foot of the bed with both your hands on your hips, you didn’t waver in your stare. A blush dusted his cheeks, emerald eyes darting nervously around the room.

“What? Is it a crime to like Disney now?”

“No, but since when do you like it? You’ve watched Beauty and the Beast with me every single time that I’ve watched it…what gives?” You didn’t want to make it a huge deal, frankly, you were overjoyed that Dean wanted to just lounge around and cuddle with you as you watched your favorite Disney movie – but there was something more that you couldn’t quite put your finger on.

“It’s stupid,” he mumbled, fiddling with his fingers. The first time he saw it, he swore he was gonna hate it. But when he actually payed attention the film, he would rather eat vegetables than admit that he was obsessed with it.

“Please, just tell me! I promise I won’t laugh, I’m just genuinely curious,” Crawling across the bed and over to his side, he knew there was no way he was going to get out of this conversation. With a sigh of defeat, he easily picked you up and sat you on his lap, gingerly tracing the skin that was exposed to the cool air of the night. The shirt that you were wearing was undoubtedly his, from the way it dwarfed you, the dark plaid was unlike anything your normally wore – he took pride in the fact that you willingly chose to rest in something of his.

“I like it because it reminds me of us.”

It took you a moment to process what he had said. He scowled as he saw you trying to fight off a grin.

“I knew you were gonna think it’s stupid!” he groaned, wanting to leave the room. However, you quickly wrapped your arms around him, a wide smile he couldn’t resist, gracing your lips. “Y/N, just let me go,”

“No, no. Stop, I didn’t mean to make you feel bad, I just – it’s cute.”

“That’s even worse!” He flopped himself onto his stomach, ignoring your giggling as you tried to get him to face you.

“Dean! Come on, I just want to understand.” You whined, “I will sit on you!”

His shoulder moved, indicating that he was chuckling at you. It only served to become even more persistent in your efforts to get him to open up. He had clearly spent quite some time thinking about this. He finally peaked out over his arms at you, taking in your messy hair and silly euphoric grin.

“You’re Belle and I’m the Beast,” he stated, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Immediately your defenses went up, not knowing if something negative was going to come out of this. He must’ve seen the wariness in your eyes and quickly tried to explain himself. “The way we met, the way we, um, the way we fell in love. The beautiful, intelligent woman falling for the monster. It just, it reminds me that you chose me. Despite everything, despite who I am the life I live and the hell I drag you through…you chose me, Y/N.”

           Your heart constricted inside your chest, your throat tightened making it difficult to breathe. Oh, Dean.

“You got all this from a Disney movie?” you questioned breathlessly, eyes watering as you brushed your hands through his hair. He smiled sheepishly, hoisting himself up to face you.

“I do love a good chick flick moment, sweetheart.” He merely shrugged, hands placed on either side of your face and gently pressed a soft kiss against your lips.

“I’m always going to choose you, Beast.”

With a playful growl, his broad frame tackled you to the bed - endless laughter filling the shared room and for once you felt like a princess. A badass princess with a handsome beast. 

Romeo and Juliet || Jughead Jones

Prompt from anon: a jughead x reader imagine based off this romeo and juliet quote? ‘did my heart love till now? forswear it, sight! for i ne'er saw true beauty till this night’ (with all the romeo and juliet references i felt the extreme urge to request this cause i love the play)

A/N: This was so fun to write! Hope you enjoy!!

Gif by @ravemreyes


Jughead groaned as the two of you exited English class, looking at the assignment your teacher just handed out.

Romeo and Juliet? Seriously? Out of all the plays in the world like Macbeth, Hamlet, Oedipus Rex, Antigone, and we get a romantic passage from Romeo and Juliet?” he asked.

You snickered at your best friend.

“Better start reading up, Juggie. It’s worth 75% of our final grade.” you said.

He scoffed.

“Please. I’ll have it memorized by eighth period.” he said.

You smiled.

“Good. The sooner we can rehearse, the better. Come over tonight for dinner. Afterwards we can run lines.”

Jughead nodded.

“Sounds good. See you later.” he said before walking in the other direction to his next class.

You gave him a quick goodbye wave before walking away, heart beating like crazy.

Stop it! God, he’s your best friend! He doesn’t like you back!

You shook the negative thoughts away and took a deep breath. It was just a hangout. Except this time you were running lines. For a play. A play called Romeo and Juliet. Where Jughead was Romeo. And you were Juliet.

Yeah. Everything would be just fine.

It was around seven o’clock when the two of you began brainstorming your scenes together in your living room. Thankfully, you didn’t feel anxious anymore. Your mom’s spaghetti and meatballs that you had for dinner had definitely loosened you up.

Jughead thought it would be a good idea if you would freeze during the scene the two of you were assigned and then have Jughead walk around you, reciting his words of love. He said it could symbolize Romeo walking around in his head, in his thoughts. You rose your eyebrows at him at the cheesiness and Jughead rolled his eyes.

“It’ll get us a few extra points for creativity, okay?” he said.

You sighed but nodded.

“Okay,” he said, getting up. “Showtime.”

You walked to the middle of the room while Jughead walked to the corner, notes in hand.

“And… action!” he called.

You froze into place, the only movement being your chest from breathing and your eyes for blinking.

“Oh, she doth teach the torches to burn bright!
It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night”

Jughead began as he walked slowly over to you, stopping and looking out at the imaginary audience.

“Like a rich jewel in an Ethiope’s ear,
Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear.”

His voice was beautiful. It sounded like he had known the lines since he was little as he recited them flawlessly, never missing a beat.

“So shows a snowy dove trooping with crows
As yonder lady o'er her fellows shows.”

He turned back to you and your heart hammered in your chest. You realized he was really getting into character as he looked at you lovingly. You tried to keep your eyes fixated on the nothingness you were staring at in the beginning as he began to walk over to you.

“The measure done, I’ll watch her place of stand,
And, touching hers, make blessèd my rude hand.”

He was half a foot from you now, looking at you with such an intense stare that you couldn’t help but gulp.

“Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight!”

His face was inches from yours now and you swore Jughead could hear your heart beating. His pupils were dilated and you couldn’t help glancing at his lips.

“For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night.”

His voice was lower than ever now. Before you knew, his lips were on yours, his hand coming up to caress your cheek. You heard the notes in his other hand fall to the floor as he swapped them for your waist instead. You clumsily entangled your fingers in his black hair and pulled him closer to you. Jughead smiled into the kiss as you deepened it before the two of you pulled away for air. Jughead smirked at you and your reddened cheeks.

“Should we run that part by again? Just to make sure we really have it down?” he asked cheekily.

You rolled your eyes as you pulled him down for another kiss.

“Oh, shut up.”


A/N: Send me feedback! Hope you enjoyed it!!


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Missed Shots

Request: hello!!!!! i was the anon that requested have you ever seen a heart shatter and oh my word i am blown away!! i couldn’t stop crying after reading it!! anyways, i would love to request another newt x reader where the reader is a legilimens and she reads newts mind and finds out he’s in love with tina or leta (which ever one you can choose who you like i guess) and she just breaks i guess?? pure angst as always haha. please and thank you!!!

Word Count: 2,779

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

August 1st, 1903

Sploosh. You shriek with laughter. Mud flies every which way. It lands on your cheeks. It sprinkles the front porch. You don’t care that your mother will be mad. You look at the next puddle and bend your knees.

A little boy suddenly bursts into your yard. He shouts, hands out in front of him, as a bunny darts by. Another boy, a little bigger with darker hair, tears into your yard, too. He stops when he sees you. He marches over, calling the other one, too.

“Who’re you?”

You scowl. “Who’re you?”

“I’m Theseus Scamander. This is Newt.” He prods the other boy in the back.

“Why’re you in my backyard?”

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Like This

Notes: Thank you for the prompt, @bogwisdom! I’m sorry this took me around 6 months to write and post. Hopefully, you won’t be disappointed. 

This is VERY MUCH out of my comfort zone because it’s NSFW, which is a first, and I would not have been able to write it or post it without @a-january-girl. She is a lifesaver really and the biggest thank you for helping me. Also a very big thank you to word wizard, @crossedbeams who saved the beginning of my story that I just couldn’t get right. 

Final notes: What they did with the bureau credit card? The answer is nothing. They were too busy with… other things. Enjoy! 

It would be wrong to say she hadn’t planned for something to happen. If that were true, she wouldn’t have picked out matching black, lacy underwear and she wouldn’t have worn that stupid dress. Still, this wasn’t quite what she had imagined, him in her hotel room, after they’d watched that god-awful movie that’s still playing on loop behind her eyelids, hours after it ended. They had looked on in disbelief at the embarrassing charade as it played out in front of them for everyone to see. Their lives, everything they had ever fought for, turned into a brainless comedy — hopefully one as quickly forgotten as it was written.

It isn’t that she can’t take being laughed at — that comes with the job, or the company that she’s in, really. No, what she hates is the fact that when the laughter fades, they still never talk about real things. Important things. They still haven’t talked about how she walked quietly to his bedroom a few nights ago to find him awake, wanting the very same thing as her. Seven years of courtship had ended quickly and silently, partners dancing a well-known waltz, brand new and yet right in every single imaginable way. But she hadn’t told him how it had made her feel. She hadn’t mentioned anything about it in the office the morning after. Nor had he. It was like it had never happened. It was just another thing added to her little library of small failures.

He had surprised her earlier though when he had reached for her hand to leave the movie set, guiding her outside, to where a nice car stood parked, ready to take them both away. He had wanted to drive them somewhere nice to watch the sun go down, he said, but when she asked him if that was really what he wanted he had been quiet for some time before asking if she felt like going back to the hotel. Relieved about how simple it could be, she had nodded as a breathless yes had slipped out of her lips, and he had turned the car around.

Driving back to the hotel, she knew that the movie didn’t have to ruin anything between them and didn’t have to make things awkward. So she decided to stick to the truth they both knew in their hearts — she carries him with her wherever she goes, and him her. She didn’t tell him though. This would be another thing left unsaid.

Knowing it was enough; there was no need to complicate this part of their lives too.

And that’s why she now finds herself lying in her bed, his eyes following her every move. It’s thrilling, she silently admits to herself, and she hopes he’ll take the next step as she spreads out her arms on the big bed.

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Compliments - Shawn - blurb

“why do you never give me any compliments?” I said at Shawn’s shoulder. We were standing in the kitchen.

“what do you mean?” he asked leaning around to look at me.

“you never give me any compliments” I said starring back at him.

“I do so” he said to me.

“like even my customers at work give me compliments, you don’t” I said moving away from him.

“I do you just don’t remember” he grabbed my hand and spun me around to him, so I had my back pressed to his chest.

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Why Him? Pt. 2 (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

Time Period: Modern (College AU, Soulmate AU)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8

Word Count: 1,066

Warnings: Language.

A/N: Thank you all so much for the feedback on the first part of this story. I’m quite happy with the way it is turning out. Requests are still open and feedback is, as always, greatly appreciated! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Tags: @bjwrites @robotic-space


Thomas’ eyes were wide and unblinking as he stared at the back of (Y/N)’s neck. Her tattoo was indistinguishable from his; they were the same. She was his Soulmate.

Without thinking, her name flew from his mouth. “(Y/N).”

Her neck straightened out as she looked up from her notes. Washington stopped his lecture and stared at Thomas. “Did you have a question, Mr. Jefferson?” He inquired, raising an eyebrow. 

(Y/N) turned her head to look at Thomas. Her expression was confused and her eyes said, Dude, what gives? 

Thomas ignored his professor. After all this time, his Soulmate was right there in front of him. “Your M-Mark,” he stammered. His usual suave confidence was nowhere to be found. “(Y/N)…” 

Her expression remained perplexed, but now a hint of agitation was creeping in. “What?” She hissed. Involuntarily, Thomas’ fingers flew to the back of his neck. It only took a moment for realization to settle in. “No.” 

Thomas could feel everyone’s eyes on them as the situation played out, but he really couldn’t care less. All he could focus on was the word that had just come from her mouth. “N-No,” she repeated, her voice shaking. Her eyes were wide with horror and she stood suddenly, shaking her head. “No. Not…” Her voice gave out. “Not you.” Without even grabbing her things, (Y/N) spun on her heels and fled from the lecture hall, the door banging shut behind her.

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so after a lot of torment from these pictures I did a thing and i’m not even sorry about it. here’s a fucking drabble about blond Tyler


You sigh as you walk into the house your boyfriend shares with his best friend, exhausted after a long day of work. You can hear them laughing and talking, along with the radio playing somewhere in the house, and once you toss your bag on the couch, you follow the sound in search of them. When you realize they are in the bathroom, you laugh to yourself, thinking of something crass to say.

“I swear, you guys better not be doing anything ungodly in there,” you call out as you round the corner and see them in the bathroom with the door wide open. You stop dead in your tracks when you see Tyler sitting down in a chair, with Josh standing behind him, helping him color his hair.

“Hey, baby,” Tyler says, grinning up at you. “I know it looks weird, that we’re shirtless right now, but we didn’t wanna get anything on our shirts when Josh tried to bleach all the color out.” You stare at them, no words coming to mind, just anger raging through you. “Baby?” Tyler asks, noticing the look on your face.

“What…” you trail off, trying to breathe before you spoke. “What the fuck are you doing?” Both men stare back at you, wide eyed at your response; you pinch the bridge of your nose, closing your eyes as you try to continue to speak but have nothing.

“Are you okay?” Josh asks, quietly.

“No, Joshua, I’m not fucking okay,” you spit, dropping your hand from your face. “Why, exactly, are you bleaching my boyfriend’s hair? Don’t you think this is something that I should have been privy to before it happened?”

“Um, I guess…” Tyler replies slowly.

“You guess,” you echo, nodding your head. “Jesus Christ. I can’t believe you.” You turn around and storm towards Tyler’s bedroom, ignoring them calling out after you. “Un-fucking-believable,” you mutter to yourself, as you begin to remove your clothes. “Bleaching his fucking hair.”

Once you change into a pair of shorts and a tank top, you lay in the bed and scroll through the apps on your phone, keeping your mind occupied. After a while, the door to the room opens, and Tyler slowly enters the room. You don’t acknowledge him, still too angry to look at him.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I wanted to color my hair,” he begins, quietly. “I didn’t think it was–”

“That’s the problem, Tyler, you didn’t think,” you interrupt, still not looking up at him. “You never think before you do things, you just fucking do them.”

“Baby, I’m missing the part where this is a problem,” he replies. “It’s just hair, who cares about what color it is?”

“I care,” you say. “Of course you don’t care, it’s just your head. But I’m the one who has to look at you, so I care quite a bit.” You drop your phone in your lap and cover your face with your hands, trying desperately to reel back on your anger. “I liked your cute, fluffy, brown hair,” you say, rubbing your eyes. “Not whatever this…” You trail off as your drop your hands from your face, finally looking up at him. He’s standing at the foot of the bed with his hands in his pockets, shirt still off, hair a bleached blond mess on top his head. “Holy shit,” you mumble.

“What?” he asks, running his hand through his hair. “Does it really look that bad? Fuck, maybe you’re right, I should just shave it off and start over.” You sit up on your knees and crawl across the bed, kneeling in front of him at the foot of the mattress. “What is it?” he asks, biting his lip.

Once again, you don’t respond, but reach up and run your fingers through his hair. Tyler keeps his eyes on your face, watching how you were studying his hair as you touched it. Finally, you drag your eyes back to his, letting out a slow breath as you set your hands on his chest.

“What is it, baby?” he asks, softly, rubbing his hands up and down your biceps. When he sees the look in your eyes, his mouth twists up into an amused smirk; his fingers tighten around your arms, yanking your body closer to his. “You like it, don’t you?” he whispers.

“Don’t be so smug,” you respond.

“Mmm,” he hums. “I know what it is you’re thinking about right now. You want to know how it’s gonna look when my head is buried between your thighs, isn’t that right?”

“Tyler,” you whisper, feeling your cheeks redden.

“You wanna look down and tangle your fingers in my blond hair,” he begins, kissing along your jaw. “Pushing my face closer to you, so I can suck on your clit…and tongue fuck your wet cunt until you’re a stuttering mess.”

“Yeah, that’s…what I’m thinking about,” you respond. “No one has ever known how to take care of me like you do, Tyler.”

“Mhmm, that’s right,” he replies, taking hold of your arms and setting your hands on his shoulders. “I know how my girl likes to get her pussy eaten…you love the feeling of my tongue teasing that clit.” Tyler drags his hands down your sides, his thumbs catching the elastic of your shorts. “And you know I love the way you writhe around when I push my tongue into you,” he continues, leaving small bites along your neck. “You love it when I tongue fuck you, don’t you, baby?”

“You know I do, Ty,” you reply.

“Stand up, baby,” he instructs. Bracing yourself on Tyler’s shoulders, you stand on the foot of the bed and look down at him. You watch as he yanks your shorts and panties down your legs, and he helps you kick them off. “Hold on tight,” he mutters, winking at you.

He steadies you by holding onto your hip, and your grip on his shoulders tightens; you watch as his free hand brushes up your inner thigh. His touch sends a shiver through your body, and when his fingertips come in contact with your folds, you inhale sharply. Tyler’s eyes cut up to your face, studying the way you shake from such a simple action.

“You gonna be okay, sweetheart?” he teases.

“Fuck, just stop teasing, and eat me.”

Tyler chuckles softly, parting your folds and pressing his fingers inside of you. You groan softly, one of your hands grabbing a handful of Tyler’s hair so you can guide his mouth where you need him the most. You hear him chuckle once again before his tongue darts out and laps at your clit.

“Oh, God, Ty,” you whisper, taking your hand from his shoulder and pressing it to the ceiling to keep your balance. His fingers pump slowly, in time with the gentle, teasing flicks of his tongue, and it’s driving you crazy already. “Fuck, you’re seriously such a tease,” you whine.

“You fucking love it,” Tyler whispers, pulling back for a moment to peer up at you with an amused, childish grin. He tips his head back into place, resuming the same slow movements of his tongue just to make your head reel.

His fingers begin to pump faster, curling inside of you, desperate to find that spot he loved to hit. You’re too focused on the feeling of his tongue, flicking over your clit every few seconds that the moment he finds your spot, you yank on the fistful of his hair, and let out a loud moan. Tyler groans, his teeth coming down hard on the thick of your thigh in retaliation.

“Right there, baby,” you mutter, closing your eyes.

“Fuck, I can’t get to you the way I need to,” he responds, pulling back, and retracting his hand.

You are about to complain at the loss of contact, but he grabs hold of your legs and sweeps them out from under you, sending you tumbling backwards to bounce on the mattress on your back. You yelp loudly in surprise, prepared to chastise him for being so forceful, but the moment you see the predatory gaze in his eyes, as he crawls between your legs, it all slips from your mind.

His hands take hold of your inner thighs, easing them apart so he could settle between them. You hear him let out a soft growl, making eye contact with you as he begins to bite up your inner thigh.

“I swear, this blond hair has made you turn into an animal,” you groan, your fingers playing with his hair as he makes his way up your body. Once he’s face-to-face with you, he smirks, letting out a deep sigh.

“And this is only the beginning,” Tyler responds. “I haven’t even made you come yet.” He kisses you forcefully, his tongue delving into your mouth as you can’t help but moan. He pulls away too quickly for your liking, but immediately begins to kiss his way back down your body.

He’s in between your thighs again, his fingers slipping into you once more, searching for your spot once again. This time, he finds it with ease, making certain to hit it with each hard, slow stroke of his fingers. Tipping his head forward, he begins teasing your clit with the tip of his tongue again, and your fingers tighten around strands of his hair.

“Tyler, please,” you moan.

“I’ve got to teach you patience, baby,” he retorts, his eyes flicking up to your face as he continues to finger you. “If I build it up…and play with this pussy just right, I’ll have you squirting on my face before the night is over.”

“I’ve never–”

“I know you’ve never done that before,” he interrupts. “But, like you said, I’m an animal…and I’m fucking ravenous.” He buries his face between your legs again, tongue working over your clit even faster now. You spread your legs wider, both of your hands now twisting in his hair to keep his head in place. Tyler takes hold of one of your thighs with his free hand, propping your leg over his back. “Mmm, do you hear that?” he asks, eyes on you again. “So sloppy and wet.”

“You love how wet I get for you, don’t you? You’re the only one who gets me like this, baby.”

“That’s right,” he mutters. “My baby.” His face is between your legs again, this time sucking on your clit.

You’re watching him, still not used to the sight of his blond hair between your fingers as you force his face against your core. You’re grinding against his face, rolling your hips against each of the rough and forceful thrusts of his fingers.

You shut your eyes tight, feeling your climax creeping up in your stomach. Tyler is panting against you, letting out a groan at the at you’re tugging his hair. His eyes are on you from between your thighs, grunting as he works you hard, to get you to your climax. You hook your other leg around his back, tightening your thighs around his head.

“Fuck, baby, I’m gonna come!” you moan out, your back arching up from the bed.

Tyler hums against you, moving faster and sloppier, desperate to get you off. The twisting in the pit of your stomach resonates through your whole body, your skin on fire as your orgasm hits. You’re white knuckled, pulling so tightly at his hair; you’re certain you drew blood from how hard you were biting down on your lip.

You hear Tyler moaning, panting as he slows his actions. He sits back enough to let you watch him suck your juices from his fingers. You can see the glistening dampness on his face and you realize that he had actually managed to make you squirt.

“Jesus Christ,” he mutters, lowering his face back to lick you clean. You’re still trembling softly as he makes his way up your body, wrapping his arms around your body and pulling you to lay beside him. “That feel good?” he asks.

“It was phenomenal,” you whisper, wiping what was left of your juices from Tyler’s chin.

“You’re not mad about the hair anymore, are you?” Tyler asks, as you run your fingers through his hair.

“It’s kinda growing on me.”

Swept Off My Feet (Part 1)

Misha x Reader 

Word Count: 1.1k

Warnings: sudden onset of illness symptoms (reader), panic, swearing, cliffhanger? kind of?

A/N: Like I stated in previous posts, this is my first time writing Misha. Ahhh! And I’ve never been to a Con before, so if this is not exactly how they go, I apologize. I’m going to my first Con in December, and I’m suuuuuuuuper excited. Anyway, here’s this.

Swept Off My Feet Master List

 This convention was nothing like you had expected. It was your first Supernatural Convention ever, and you were so stoked. So. Fucking. Stocked. Sure, it was raining, but it was the San Francisco Bay Area, so that was nothing new. Plus, it gave you an even better reason to stay the entire day, every day.

The first day was fun, with panels and a concert. Today, you had already watched a panel and grabbed some merch from some of the booths. Your stomach was still aching from how hard you had been laughing during the panel with Misha. And now, you were headed to the autograph line.

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Little Parker - Kai Parker (Part Seven)

Warnings: This chapter is dark. Talk about hurting kids. Psychopath talk. Fear. Pain. Worry. Be warned, this chapter is dark so if you don’t want to read it because of something in the warnings, please don’t.

Summary: Kai comes back from the dead to find he has a child, after moving to New Orleans he realizes that he can’t escape the monster he met in Hell.

A/n: Seriously, when I say dark I mean dark. @geminioriginalsimagines



Kai was out with Anna, buying some more candles for them to practice magic on, and you were having an anxiety attack on the toilet seat. There was a pregnancy test lying in front of you on the counter, and you were so nervous to see the results you’re sure you’re about to pass out. After the second morning throwing up you were pretty sure you were pregnant, which scared the hell out of you. Even more so than when you found out you were pregnant with Anna.

Kai was still Kai, he was still a little bit of a sociopath, but he seemed different now. When you were pregnant with Anna you debated giving her up for adoption, Kai wasn’t fit to be a father, and you thought you weren’t fit to be a mother, you were terrified of what Kai would do if he knew. But now, every time you saw him with Anna you were reminded that he was different. Or at least that he was trying to be different. He held her hand while she walked across the street, he drew on the sidewalk with chalk with her, he let her put bows in his hair, he was even trying to teach her how to siphon magic without hurting anything. Maybe this time it would be different. You reach forward and pick up the stick, your eyes staring down at it, you gasp as you notice the pink lines across it. You’re pregnant, you’re pregnant, it’s all that goes through your mind.

A door opens downstairs, slow footsteps echo through the empty house, you sit up straight, that wasn’t Kai. You grab your phone and he Kai on speedial.

“What’s wrong? Need some milk?” He laughs on the other line.

“There’s someone in the house. Get home, right now.” Your voice shakes as the footsteps start coming up the stairs. “Kai, I’m serious-”

“Oh, hello, darling.” The same Heretic from Mystic Falls steps into the doorway, you drop the phone. You throw your hands out, trying to use your magic to push him back, it doesn’t work.

“Darling, darling, darling, I’m your guest, don’t be rude.” He lifts a hand- “Motus.”

You skid across the floor towards him, his hand wraps tight around your throats as he presses you to the wall of your bedroom. You choke and claw at his hand, he smiles maliciously up at you.

“Why…” You try to kick at him, it doesn’t work, you’re paralyzed. He rolls his eyes.

“Why am I hurting you? Oh well that’s simple, really. I knew Kai when he was in hell, and I followed him out.” You take a deep gasping breath when his hand releases just barely.

“I’m just a psychopath looking for some fun.” He drops you, and then a second later his foot slams into your stomach. Panic fills your chest, you’re pregnant, what if he kills your baby? Your arms fly over your stomach, a desperate attempt to save your baby. He kicks your face, your head bounces back against the wall and then lowers.

“Malum!” Just as he’s rearing his foot back to kick you again Kai steps through the doorway. You were passed out against the wall and Kai was going to kill Malum for hurting you.

“Oh hello, Kai. Come to join the fun?” Malum puts a hand out towards you and lifts you off the ground, you come to, your cheekbone is bruising and Kai can hear your heartbeat speed up.

“I came to kill you.” Malum laughs, it’s a loud, sociopathic laugh that resembled Kai’s from five years ago so much that it made the blood in your veins run cold.

“You can try, but once I tear through you, I’m going to take this sweet, beautiful girlfriend of yours, and then I’ll take your babies.” Malum’s hands runs from your cheek to your shoulder to your stomach. You shudder and try to move away from him but his magic keeps you still against the wall.

“I’ll take these two little babies in your girlfriend’s belly and I’ll feed and feed and feed on them until all they know is the feel of my teeth sinking into their neck. Oh and sweet, sweet Anna. She’s just a little ray of sunshine isn’t she? So soft, so kind, and so incredibly brave. I’m going to destroy her, I’ll break her down and tear her apart until she begs for death.” Malum laughs again as he sees the fear mounting in your eyes. Kai’s eyes are fixed on yours, he knows you’re pregnant, and he looks terrified.

“You won’t touch any of my family, ever again.” Kai puts his hand out, Malum doesn’t budge.

“Mmm, no.” Malum turns his head to the side as he stares over you, contemplating something. “Not today.”

With a wind that moves your hair he’s gone. You sigh and lean back against the wall even more. Your arm was draped over your stomach and your jaw was bruising a violent purple and black as you slide down to a sitting position. You try to take slow deep breaths in.

“Where’s Anna?” You didn’t try to stand, you knew your legs would give out if you did, but the tone of your voice definitely conveyed worry.

“In the car, I told her I’d come and get her when I made sure everything was okay.” He kneels down and bites his wrist, pressing it to your mouth and then taking it away once you were sufficiently healed.

Your clothes were barely even scuffled in the fight, nothing lay broken or out of place, you reach out in front of you and with a quick snap of your fingers your blood on the floor and wall is gone. Kai helps you to your feet and you walk downstairs, wanting to go make lunch and talk to Kai about Malum and you being pregnant. Kai comes back into the house with Anna, and she runs right for you, her arms open in an impending hug.

“Mommy!” You hug her back.

“Are you okay? Are the babies okay?” You back out of the hug.

“How did you know I was pregnant?” You ask, still smiling, Kai looks stunned still.

“I dreamt about it. Like how I dreamt about when daddy was coming back, I knew there was two babies inside you, can I share a room with them?” You scoff out a little laugh.

“No, I think the babies will be staying with daddy and I. Go play with your toys, I have to talk to daddy.” Kai stares you down even as Anna walks into the living room to play with her toys, he was assessing you, listening to your heartbeat.

“You won’t be able to hear them, I know that’s what you’re trying to do. A baby’s heartbeat doesn’t start to show until like a month in or something, I can’t really remember.” Kai’s eyes move slowly from your stomach to your face.

“You’re pregnant?” He asks, obviously shocked by the sound of his own voice.

“Are you going to leave me?” The question had been playing on your mind ever since you took that test, will he leave you? Will he try to take Anna from you while leaving?

“What? No, of course I’m not going to leave you. I’m trying to be a better person than I was all those years ago, can’t you see that?” He was getting angry, you could tell, he always got angry when he didn’t know which emotion to feel.

“Yes, I can. But you can’t blame me for asking Kai, if I had told you I was pregnant with Anna back then, you wouldn’t have flinched if I told you I was going to put her up for adoption. You would have turned her into something terrible, and don’t say you wouldn’t have because you would, you were different then. Hell changed you, Kai, and you can’t deny it.” You were so calm, how were you so calm? You could see the gears in Kai’s head turning, he was thinking, thinking, thinking.

“I’m not trying to deny it- it’s just- you’re pregnant! I never planned on having one child let alone three, and being a dad is so new to me. What you said about me turning Anna into something dark, I still think I can do that. I don’t think I’m a good father and I mean, it’s not like I had the best father ever, being the family abomination was never easy.” Kai’s emotions were changing, he always did it when he was conflicted, now he was sad, even worried.

“Kai, our children are not going to be like you. Anna’s a siphon, do you think she believes she’s an abomination, no- she knows she’s different from other witches, but does that discourage her? Not a chance, and these babies, these two babies, they’re not going be you. They aren’t you, and neither is Anna.”

You take a few steps towards so you’re standing barely a foot away from him, and you take his hand, pressing it to your stomach. He looks down at his hand, eyes widening as he feels them, he can feel their magic, just like you can.

“They are going to love you, and you know why?” Kai looks back up at you, his eyes still wide, hand still on your stomach.

“Why?” His voice is small, his eyes watery with what you assume to be happy tears.

“Because you’re going to love them.” You put a hand on his cheek and he closes his eyes, leaning into your palm.

“I need to tell you something.” His voice is low, his eyes look anywhere but yours.

“What is it?” Your smile falters, he sounded so serious, and you were starting to get scared.

“We need to go back to Mystic Falls.”

If You Wonder

Originally posted by j-miki

Im Jaebum x Reader

Based off: If You Wonder by Jeff BernatI strongly suggest you listen to it, it’s honestly the sweetest song ever.

Genre: Fluff/a little angsty?? (maybe not? I don’t know lol)

A/N: I don’t usually write since I’m pretty self conscious and critical of my non-existent creative abilities but this is one of my favourite songs and the idea has been rolling around in my head for a while so I figured I’d put pen to paper and see how it goes.

If you wonder why

Why I love to give you flowers on a Wednesday

12 dozen roses at your door

You opened the door to your apartment early in the morning only to be met with an assemblage of roses shoved into your face. The arrangement was so large you could barely see the person behind it, the only aspect giving them away was the peek of their shoes from underneath, “I’m sorry about last night…” you heard a mumble from behind the flowers and suppressed a giggle. You grabbed the bouquet from your boyfriend, almost tumbling backwards since you didn’t realise how heavy it actually was.

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Disabled in Theresa May’s Britain #40: KCD

From Wales

I don’t usually like to get too political but with the election coming up I felt it was important to share my experience in the hope some people will re think their support of a gov who seems determined to undermine the NHS and disabled people. 

I was born with severe bilateral congenital talipes equinovarus - basically both feet turned in and down (aka severe clubfeet). 

Unfortunately as a child I didn’t receive some of the more successful treatments e.g. Ponsetti method, but over the years I have had frequent surgical and non-surgical intervention. However, despite best efforts, I am still left with restricted mobility in my ankle joint and also osteoarthritis. Unfortunately, this had led to secondary issues of back, hip and knee pain and it also severely affects my walking. And, being totally honest, my disability is a large factor that has contributed to me experiencing depression and anxiety too. 

Most of the time I do try to get on with it , and will try to do things like go for days out etc and I try to work (on reduced hours) because I want to lead a ‘normal’ life like anyone else and be as independent as I possibly can. I was brought up to try my best, get an education and a job to support myself - relying solely on benefits was not an option I wanted. 

But, unfortunately,  it’s not always that simple. Every time I leave the house I have to consider how far I will be walking, the terrain, gradient, opportunities for rest and also if there is parking close by. For 'big days’ like a wedding or a trip out, I make sure I have nothing else planned for a while after so that my feet can recover, as quite often I experience pain, stiffness and discomfort after the event, as well as during. 

I rely on my family to help me with daily things like cooking, cleaning etc and more e.g bathing/dressing if having a bad day. I also rely on my automatic car (can’t drive manual without adaptations) and the blue badge. 

While it is by no means as 'bad’ as what others may have to deal with, my disability does affect me on a daily basis and I have relied on the support granted to me INDEFINITELY by Disability Living Allowance- which allowed me to have a Motability car. It also paid for the amount of wide fitting supportive shoes I have to buy as I wear through the heel of even the most supportive shoes every 5-6weeks. 

However, since the introduction of PIP, I have been reassessed to see if my disability 'fits the criteria’ for support. I had to fill out endless forms and provided masses of evidence to support my claim, some of which was from a professor in this area who treats my feet. All of which I had already done when claiming for DLA in the past. 

I then had to endure a face-to-face “assessment” - a term I use lightly for this experience. What followed was a series of questions designed to 'catch people out.’ I was also asked to do a series of hand grip tests (what relevance to foot disability?) stand on one leg (which I could not do) reach my hands over my shoulder (again, relevance?) walk approx 4 metres (with a limp!) and then sit down.  

At no point did the assessor LOOK at my FEET (which are clearly scarred and disfigured) despite me offering to show her. She also asked me to explain my condition as she hadn’t heard of it before (what!?) 

What followed this frankly belittling experience was her summary of findings and a decision. They were not going to give me anything! I also had to give back or buy my car, which was a huge blow. I opted to buy it as I need it to get around.

After reading her summary, my emotions got the better of me, as there were several inaccuracies in there (e.g. She said I could crouch- she never asked me to crouch. If she had, she would have seen that it is a physical impossibility for me as my ankle doesn’t move that way) She also said there was no disability in my upper or lower limbs! (Last time I checked, feet are definitely classed as lower limbs, or have I missed an important anatomy lesson?) 

There were also some downright lies - She interpreted me saying that I occasionally attend the pool on doctors advice as a non weight bearing way to strengthen my core muscles as 'she regularly does sporting activities!’ -Anyone who knows me knows that I do not do sporting activities, and have been advised against weight bearing activities e.g running and sports. I was even excused from every single P.E lesson at school so I could attend physio instead.  It made feel me feel angry, but also small and like I had done something wrong. It made me feel like I was making a big fuss over nothing and that I should just suffer the disability I have had since birth in silence as 'they’ had deemed it not bad enough. 

So I appealed, with the support of the Citizens Advice Bureau, who were great. I clearly highlighted the inaccuracies and lies and even went through each point on the marking criteria to put in how many points I should have had (and provided evidence for it). 

Unbelievably, the appeal was unsuccessful! So I went for a tribunal. Reluctantly, if I’m honest, as by this point I was utterly defeated by the process to prove my disability was bad enough - to the point where I had anxiety attacks and many sleepless nights!

The decision to go for it in the end was made after my family said I needed to go and stand up for myself and say that the decision is WRONG! I needed to put the record straight on what had been said about me. 

The tribunal was held in the local court, which is quite intimidating, especially as I had never had reason to go there before. Personally, I associate 'going to court’ primarily with wrong-doing, though I do know that is not the only use.   

I was sat with my mother on the lower levels facing the higher bench, where the presiding judge, the DWP representative and the medical professional sat. At the risk of sounding dramatic, it felt like a trial. 

What followed was a barrage of questions about me and my disability- how it affected me on a daily basis. Some of them were ridiculous e.g Q: in a week how many days would you say are bad days? - A: um I’m not sure! (surely that is subjective would depend on a variety of factors such as activity levels!) Q:Could I walk the length of a football pitch without stopping? - A: no, not without breaks. Q: How many breaks would you need? - A: I don’t know! It would depend on how much I walked before hand, the terrain, the gradient, the walking surface, time of day, whether I’d woken up in pain! Q: yes but how many? … I found the DWP rep very intimidating in her questioning technique, where she continued to ask the same question over again, wanting more detail than I could give her. She wanted her questions answered with very specific scenarios in mind that weren’t realistic to my life. Q: Can you cook a meal just for yourself? A: Yes if I sit down to prep and don’t have to walk far with heavy items. Q:Could you do it if it was cooked in a microwave? A:Yes, but I live with my family and therefore it’s not just for myself and I don’t want to eat just microwaveable meals (so what is your point in asking in relation to an unrealistic scenario?) Q: yes, but could you do it?… 

Though I’m not the most confident person, I would say I’m not easily ruffled. But, when I walked out of that court room and got outside the building, to my embarrassment, I burst in to tears. Overcome with emotion (and partly due to being pregnant) I was physically sick twice into the bushes. To say I felt a fool is no exaggeration! 

In all honesty, that was the most intimidating and awful experience of my life. I am so glad that I had my mother there to support me and also to speak up on my behalf, because without that I would have been more of a mess. I’m also glad I took the day off to go as there was no way I would have gone back to work in that state. I have to say that,  in fairness,  the Judge  was kind and I thought he was very fair, even helping me interpret some of the questions asked. He also gave me an opportunity to raise any other points at the end, so I highlighted inaccuracies and lies and also directed him to my most useful evidence. 

So, after going through all of that, I did get some good news. The tribunal overturned the decision and awarded me some PIP- not enough to get my Motability car back, but I went from having 4 points to 16! Finally some recognition and justification! And I can reapply for my blue badge now! 

What infuriates me though is that before PIP came in I had indefinite DLA for my condition (which unfortunately isn’t going to get better but will slowly degenerate with age.) But I was still put through this ordeal. Not only that, it’s not over. The DWP can still appeal this decision and go back to tribunal again, wasting more taxpayer money! And, even after that I will have to go through the claim process again when my current claim period ends in 2019 because they no longer do indefinite or longer period claims! 

This gov. shows a complete lack of respect for the disabled people in this country. This is shown by the cuts and the assessment processes put in place that show a complete lack of understanding about disability and how each individual’s case can vary greatly. Even the title Personal Independence Payment is a joke as they are not helping people like me stay independent! I understand that nothing is perfect, and you do get those who abuse the system, but what Mrs May and the DWP fail to understand is that we do not fit neatly into a box, we are human beings. Is it too much to ask to be treated like one?

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Hey Cap! Can you do a drabble in wich Alison tells her dad that she is dating Emily/pregnant? I feel like everybody forgot about Mr. D xD I love your writing btw! ❤

I for one love your optimism. Can you do an established emison drabble where Emily mentions/reveals to Ali what Mrs dilaurentis told her years ago about how she wished Ali could return the feelings?

Where is Mr. DiLaurentis, anyway? I’m not a huge fan of him (which is somewhat evident in this drabble), but, guy, where you at? Anywho, since we haven’t see him in quite some time, he’s not the easiest to write for which is why I portrayed the aftermath (with more fluffy, Emison goodness):

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Thank the Lord for Repairs

You can find my Masterlist HERE!

Prompt: Based on Negan/physically disabled wife HC Negan’s wife is very distraught that her chair is in need of repairs, and therefore she’ll be stuck in bed, unable to enjoy her day around the Sanctuary. But Negan isn’t having that. Who needs a wheelchair when he’ll just carry you wherever you want to go? Via @itsjustafeelingthatihave 

Ships: Negan x Physically Disabled!Reader
Words: 965
Warnings: Curses
Category: Fluff


You were sat in bed, propped on half a dozen silken and soft pillows. Your hands were folded in your lap as you looked enviously outside at the beautiful summer’s day that was unfolding. You ignored the constant moans and groans from the dead chained up outside the fence.

From what you could see when you craned your neck to get a good look outside, it was a cloudless day with a warm sun dancing across the sky. The sapphire sky seemed to mock you as you sat there with nothing to entertain you but decade old magazines that you had read a dozen times.

You let out a loud huff and sunk down into the bed covers and turning your back to the window, silently cursing your wheelchair for needing repairs on such a wonderful day.

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Pizza Delivery

Author: @sincerelystiles
Pairing: Scott x Reader
Word Count: 1,398

Warnings: dom!scott, teasing, slight bondage, oral (female receiving), orgasm denial

A/N: 2017 is the year for smut so expect more lmaoo

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“No Stiles! We’re not killing him!” Scott yells in frustration, the pack turning silent. Everyone was at your house for a pack meeting. You and Scott were dressed up ready for your date, when you got a call from Stiles, demanding a pack meeting as soon as possible. So here you were, missing your dinner reservations for one of Stiles’ stupid theories that made absolutely no sense. “But what if-” Stiles was cut off by Scott’s angered voice, “no! Stiles, you’re making us late for our dinner reservations, okay! This is Y/N’s birthday and-“ “Scott!” You cut him off, your eyes wide at his tone to his best friend, “Calm down.”

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Pizza Sucks Without You

Idol: Jennie (BlackPink)

Prompt: Hi I loooove your scenarios and I was wondering if you could do a BlackPink Jennie one (it’s a college!AU) and Jennie is a shy, new freshman and she meets the reader who is known for being outgoing and friendly with other people (in a good way)

Writer: Admin Kiwi

A/N: This is the third or fourth college!au I’ve written recently. It’s a good thing I’m in college and experience lots of crazy things or these would get super redundant. Also the title is based off a song by Oohyo called Pizza which I highly recommend. I took a few liberties since the prompt was a bit vague about the actual content, so pretend you’re in a photography class. Anyway, hope everyone enjoys!

Warnings: A few curse words. That’s all.

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