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1. You are awesome! 2. It is really great, that you are standing up for mental health sharing your own experience. It is valuable in a world of Hollywood glamour, plastic surgery and obsession with the perfect body. You are a true inspiration! My actual question: who is your role model and why?

Patti Smith. The Godmother of Punk. She is so wonderfully herself. She believes in poetry, ritual, the beauty of the mundane, rock, love, and the power of the people. What is not to like? Go look up interviews with her and try not to fall in love, she is a force and she is a force of good.

You know what representation I wanna see in television and movies?

Autoimmune diseases.

I have only ever seen diabetes on screen twice: one was a minor character in a single episode, and the other was less a representation and more a reference. Both were such full of such horrible misinformation its terrifying to think people might actually believe the info presented.
One was Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters “sugar sickness”. it was supposedly magical, but it was obviously a diabetes stand in. I’ll give it a pass because they never called it diabetes and because magic, but his need for a single injection once every 24 hours at a very specific time is laughably far from the truth.

The second was slightly less forgivable because they explicitly call it diabetes, but then got the facts wrong. blue bloods had an episode very early on where a girl with t1d was kidnapped. the entire episode, my dad and I just sat critiquing the show for getting so many facts about t1d, insulin, and sugars wrong. the idea that someone might reference this for info is terrifying.

Diabetes is already subject to a ton of misconceptions. many people don’t even know that there are two kinds, let alone the extremely important and rather large differences between them.

So I would love to see more characters with autoimmune diseases and misunderstood disabilities on screen done well and accurately informed so that more of the general populace is better informed about this kind of thing.

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What is everyone's favorite meme?

Keith: The Babadook, and everything he stands for.

Pidge: Kermit, I relate to him on a spiritual level, we both truly understand that it’s not easy being green.

Shiro: Voltron but every time something gay happens it plays the Bonding Moment.

Hunk: You would not believe your eyes, if I said it was Fireflies

Lance: Spongebob, and everything he stands for


Tick, Tick… Boom! is a play very, very near to my heart and it moves me very much because… because it is a play about what happens when people tell you you’re no good, and how you can continue when everybody says you have no talent.

It spoke to so many people who were coming to see it; so many different kinds of walks of life, because we’ve all been to that place in our life where we’re like, who do I wanna be when I grow up? What do I need to say in the world? If nobody believes in me, do I still have the confidence to stand on my own two feet and say, this is who I am?

That show is entirely about Jon finding that voice for himself.

-  Raúl Esparza (x)

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Patton and Logan accidentally switched glasses

(Roman and Virgil playing chess with a Disney themed set. Virgil’s set has various villains while Roman’s is comprised of heroes. The scene starts out quietly, but a thumping noise has begun.)

Virgil: Did you hear that?

Roman: What is that obnoxious racket?

(The noise was Logan. He has fallen down the stairs, rolling down them could be an accurate description)

Roman: It would appear the instructor has grabbed the wrong glasses again.

Virgil: Just typical. (he moves a piece) Check.

Roman: Confound it! How!?

Virgil: I think sometimes.

Logan: I believe I have damaged something and… What is that?

(The thumping noise has started again)

(beat. thumping noise continues)

(Patton rolls down the staircase. He predictably lands on top of Logan)

Patton: Hi Logan! Did I hurt you? (he stands)

Logan:(standing) Yes. It would be accurate to say, ouch.

Virgil: (moves a piece) You should’ve worn the right glasses.

Logan: Oh, mind your own business.

Roman: It is as if you don’t know this. (he moves a piece) Aha! Check, you emo disaster!

Virgil: (moves a piece with absolute calm) Checkmate.

(Roman flips the table, which lands on top of Logan and Patton)

Anyone with a Bible and a platform can stand up and talk to others about how they should live their lives, how they should respond to challenges they face, and how they ought to handle themselves. It doesn’t take a special person to preach. However, it does require a real love for God to practice it. It does require real loyalty to God to not turn on Him when things doesn’t suit us. It does require a real believer to live in the light of His truth no matter how uncomfortable it makes us.
—  Sons of the King Devotional
The New God

Word count: 613

Request by: anon - Hey!!! (the one with the cas request) Sorry for resending this so late, but net’s been working horrible here ^_^ So, what about a fic when Castiel is “the new God” and he definitely isn’t himself and could easily murder anyone, but the reader actually believes in him and tries to help and stand by him, as he only accepts her help, and he discovers that the Winchester’s friend is in fact such a kind hearted person…. It sounds weird Ik… btw CONGRATS for the 6k <333 love you

A/N: I haven’t seen this episode in a while so I’m just winging this aha. Also, I have spent so long on this fic and so many drafts of this have been deleted because I really didn’t know where to go with it so I decided to just write one and that would be the final copy so extremely sorry if it’s not that good.

“Cas?” You asked cautiously looking up at Cas in both fear and shock.

Blood stained all over his once spotless trench coat as Castiel began to slowly stand, towering over both you, Sam and Dean.

Shock overtook your body as a bright light forced its way out of Castiel’s chest. Quickly you covered your eyes for what felt like years but was merely a few seconds. As soon as the light had disappeared your head snapped straight back up to see Castiel now standing at his full height, blood no longer covering his clothing and no stains were left behind, it almost looked as if he hadn’t even been in any sort of a fight.

“C-Cas?!” You repeated but this time with a little more urgency.

“Cas come on, this isn’t you,” Dean spoke matching the concern your voice had also contained.

A slight smile made its way onto Castiel’s face but not the kind one you had been so used to seeing, this one was almost unnerving.

“The Castiel you knew is gone,” his voice boomed throughout the small room.

Although you felt as if you should be afraid of Castiel, for some reason his power dragged you towards him, you felt some sort of connection to this new Castiel which you couldn’t quite explain and when you both locked eye contact you could immediately tell he felt the same way.

“I’m God,” He spoke, confidence roared through his voice almost as if he was warning the Winchester brothers to leave him alone “And if you stay in your place, you may live in my kingdom. If you rise, I will strike you down.

With a click of his fingers, the scenery around you changed. You were no longer in a dark blood filled room but now in a garden, variations of coloured plants stretched as far as the eye could see. You were simply in awe of how wonderful the place was to even notice that you were not there alone.

“It’s beautiful isn’t it,” you heard Castiel’s voice from beside you. Quickly you span around, locking eye contact with him, unsure whether he was talking about the garden or you. Although you knew he could kill you with a simple click of his fingers you had never felt more safe around him.

“You’re not afraid of me?” He spoke with confusion.

“Should I be?” You replied sarcastically knowing full well that you both had always felt comfortable around each other no matter what causing a chuckle to release from his throat.

“Sam and Dean are only afraid of you Cas because you being God is new to them and you are slightly… overwhelming, but we can work on that. If what you say is true, and personally I believe it is, then I shouldn’t need to be afraid, you’re still Castiel, my best angel friend, to me.” You spoke avoiding looking at him and instead staring at the scenery around you both

Slowly, Castiel reached his hand out to touch your chin, his fingers stroking your cheeks as he tilted your face up so you had no choice but to lock eyes with his icy blue ones. He paused for a moment and gave you a look as if to ask if it was okay to continue. Almost immediately after you gave him a small nod, his soft lips had urgently made their way fitting onto yours.

 As he deepened the kiss you reached your arms up to grasp tightly onto his hair, scared that if you made a wrong move you would wake up and it would all have been a dream. Castiel’s hands laid gracefully on your waist and in that moment he was filled with emotions, significantly the emotion love.

Finally, here’s Yami Marik’s Odion dialogue as well as what he says to anyone else brave/foolish enough to confront him.

Odion: Master Marik!
Yami Marik: Ah, Odion. Unfortunately, the Marik you’re looking for isn’t here!
Odion: What!? Impossible!
Yami Marik: The fact that I’m the one standing before you is proof enough. Because despite those hideous markings on your face, he hasn’t taken over this body!
Odion: i refuse to believe that! Master Marik! The REAL you must wake up!
Yami Marik: Will you cease your endless prattle! You’re worthless to me now. I’ll dump you into the shadows with the rest of the garbage!
Odion: I still believe… I still believe the real Marik is inside. i just need to awaken him!

(Weevil, Rex, Mako, Bandit Keith, Pegasus, or the Paradox Brothers approach Yami Marik)
Yami Marik: Ah, you finally showed up. Took you long enough.  Yes, I’m Marik.  The shadows are hungry. They yearn to feast on you. Now let the Shadow Game begin! It’ll be a game that will terrify you to your core! And when the darkness consumes you, your screams will provide the perfect spice!  Your sacrifice will be woundrous! Hahahaha! Mwahahahahaha!

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Yknow, last year was the time I started hearing about things within the tk fandom here. Never paid much mind, because I didn't follow many tk blogs or was into the whole fandom thing for bands. I stick my toe in the waters & this went 0 to 100 real quick. Kinda glad I didn't dive in deeper bc this shit is super disturbing. Sad part about it tho is that many fandoms with musicians are like this? Just glad I stuck to being a casual fan, a fly on the wall watching the bullshit unfold. It's surreal.

My advice is to stay a fly on the wall. A lot of the fandom shit (especially the Victims) is toxic. Being a casual fan is much more beneficial because it’s just you and the music. You don’t have to worry about discourse, shitty people, etc. 

If you do decide to jump in, get ready to fight or get stepped on lol. Standing up for what you believe in or expressing any sort of opinions (whether constructive or not) will get people jumping down your throat. 

There’s just a lot of disgusting people in this fandom tbh. There are quite a few cool people too. You just have know who you jive well with. 

Honestly gettin’ pretty sick of people coming to me to trash Joseph whenever I say he’s a complicated character with a lot of nuance, so hey, here’s my take on the whole Mary-Robert-Joseph situation.

I’ll put this all under a cut so here are some disclaimers; This is full of spoilers, I’m writing this under the assumption that all the cult end stuff is non-canon, and yes, this is only one possible interpretation of the information we can glean from the character interactions (also, taken from what may later prove to be incomplete information as more endings are unlocked/glitches are fixed/content is released). I like it because I think it’s the most interesting and empathetic for all of the characters involved and because I don’t think it’s the kind of situation that necessarily has to have a “villain”.

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things people in my theatre class have said (part 2)

“and then emma is going to cross downstage—where’s emma” (everyone simultaneously looks up. emma is on the catwalk) “hey guys you look really short from up here”

(violent twirling of ribbons) “IM A WATERBENDER”

“so im going to write a musical called tree #3 the musical and the whole thing is just the tree standing onstage and singing this note:” (high-pitched screeching) “sounds groundbreaking”

“my favorite musical that we did was probably seussical” “isnt that the one where you face planted on the stage” “shhhh we don’t talk about that”

“wait i get to fake slap aidan” “yeah” “FINALLY”

“can you maybe chill?” “how bout maybe you chill?” “OH MY GOD YOU TOO?”

“there’s literally no music i can play right now. it’s all percussion. what the fuck.”

“one word summary of yourself” “gay”

“wow i can’t believe how good friends elphaba and glinda are” “harold…..” “wait what my name’s michael” “…harold….”


“actually, did you know that in 19th century russia—” (from across the stage) “WE WRITE LETTERS WE WRITE LETTERS”

“see we call the small max maxahundred cause hes the youngest. then the medium max is maxathousand. then the big max is maximillian.” “OH MY GOD”

“when you think about it….. everything is illuminati”

From my personal view seeing Katie McGrath being interrupted on multiple occasions while the cast mocked LGBTQ+ fans over supercorp but still waiting until she could talk and validate us in a room full of people who openly spoke negatively against us, reminded me of when I was 15 and I spent a week at this Christian camp and the LGBTQ+ Community was randomly brought up and I had to sit there and pretend to be okay and “laugh” along with their mocking/homophobia, then spent the rest of the week wishing I had spoken up. So after going through that experience it just makes me extra proud to see that Katie spoke up to defend us and said there was an art to having different perceptions of the characters/their sexuality and that’s what makes it great. You better believe the next time there’s one of these events I will not hesitate to buy a ticket and get on a plane so I can personally thank her for standing up in that situation. Today really showed what members of the cast actually care about the LGBTQ+ fans of the show…

Liz’s Party l Peter Parker

Summary: Spiderman shows up at Liz’s party to impress everyone, mostly the reader.

Warning: some spoilers

Pairing: Peter Parker (Spiderman) x reader

Type: Alternative scene (what would have happened if Peter showed up at Liz’s party as Spiderman to impress the reader…)

Part Two Here / Part Three Here / Part Four Here / Part Five Here / Part Six Here

It was gym class and Ned was currently holding down Peter’s feet as he did sit ups. Ned had recently found out that Peter was Spiderman and was constantly asking his best friend questions about being an Avenger.

“Hey,” Ned piped up. “Can I be your guy in the chair?”

“What?” Peter whispered, not wanting to be too loud.

“You know there is a guy with a headset telling the other guy where to go. Like if you were stuck or lost somewhere, I could tell you where to go because there would be screens and monitors around me. And I could be your guy in the chair,” Ned pleaded.

“Ned, I don’t need a guy in the chair,” Peter insisted.

“Looking good, Parker,” the gym teacher said. Peter paused momentarily before continuing with his sit ups.

“You see for me it would be…f*ck Thor, marry Iron Man, and kill Hulk,” Betty Brant said from the bleachers.

“What about the Spiderman,” Y/N voice piped up, making all her friends on the bleachers look at her.

“It’s just Spiderman,” Liz shrugged.

“Did you guys see that big security cam on youtube? He fought off four guys!” Peter and Ned watched Y/N as she practically praised the Spiderman.

“Oh my gosh. She’s crushing on Spiderman,” Betty joked.

“No way!”

“Kinda,” Y/N shrugged, a blush creeping up onto her face. Peter glance at Ned then turned his attention back to the group.

“Ugh. Gross. He’s probably like thirty,” Betty said.

“You don’t even know what he looks like. What if he is like seriously burned?” Liz suggested.

“I wouldn’t care. I would still love him for the person he is on the inside,” Y/N replied. “He’s a good man and its obvious he really cares about this city. That is something I really admire about him.”

“Peter knows Spiderman,” Ned blurted. Peter’s mouth dropped open and he turned towards Ned. Everyone in the room went silent and all their eyes were on Peter, even Y/N’s.

“Uh, no I don’t,” Peter said, scrambling to his feet. “No. I-I mean.” He turned and faced Y/N and her friends.

“They’re friends,” Ned added with a smile on his face.

“Yeah, like coach Wilson and Captain America are friends,” Flash teased, now walking over to his rival.

“I-I’ve met him. Yeah, a couple times but its uh…through the Stark internship,” Peter clarified, briefly looking at Y/N. Flash seemed to be enjoying this for a smirk was evident on his face. “Mhmm. Yeah but I am not really suppose to talk about it,” Peter turned around, glaring at Ned.

“Well, that’s awesome,” Flash replied. “Hey, you know what? Maybe you should invite him to Liz’s party.”

“Yeah, I am having people over tonight. You are more than welcome to come,” she smiled.

“You’re having a party,” Ned asked.

“W-Will you be there Y/N?” Peter stuttered. Y/N looked up and nodded her head.

“Y-Yeah. I’m going.” Peter smiled shyly at her.

“Yeah, its gonna be dope. You should totally invite your personal friend Spiderman,” Flash insisted.

“Flash,” Y/N warned. “Leave him alone.”

“Ah come on. He’ll be there,” Flash spat. The bell rang and everyone stood to their feet and made their way towards the door. Peter watched Y/N stand, the two of them briefly met each other’s gaze before she broke it. She walked with her friends out of the gym, Peter’s eyes following her form.

Peter groaned in annoyance and look at Ned. “What are you doing?!?”

“Helping you out,” Ned said. “Did you not hear her? Y/N has a crush on you!” Peter opened his mouth to say something but nothing came. He couldn’t believe his childhood crush had a crush on him…well Spiderman. “Dude, you are an avenger!” Ned said, snapping Peter out of his thoughts. “If any one of us has a chance with Y/N, its you.” 

Y/N and Peter had known each other since grade school and had become pretty close friends. Peter developed his first crush on her but never had the guts to tell her. And here she was, years later, having a crush on Peter’s alter ego. It almost didn’t feel real to Peter. Was he hearing this right? Was she really in love with Spiderman?

That night, May drove Peter and Ned over to Liz’s house. May stopped the car in front of the house and nodded her head. “A house party in the suburbs! Oh, I remember these. I’m kinda jealous.”

“It will be a night to remember,” Ned said with excitement.

“Ned, some hats wear men. You wear that hat!”

“Yeah, it gives me confidence,” Ned grinned.

“This is a mistake,” Peter said, suddenly feeling nauseous. “Hey, let’s just go home.”

“Oh Peter. I know. I know its really hard trying to fit in with all the changes your body is going through,” Peter furrowed his eyebrows. “It’s flowering you.” Peter bit his lip and laughed slightly. 

“Okay, yeah. I’m gonna go,” Peter said, unbuckling his seatbelt. He exited the car, Ned following his actions.

“Peter,” May called. “Have fun.”

“I will,” Peter smiled.

“Bye May,” Ned waved as the car drove away. The two of them turned around and began walking up the sidewalk, towards the house. “Dude, you have the suit, right?” Peter lifted up his arm sleeve and showed him the web shooters and red costume. “This is going to change our lives!”

They entered the house, music blasting in the background and kids walking around with drinks in their hands. “DJ Flash,” the announcer said, making both the boys look over at the Flash operating the music.

“Okay, we are gonna have Spiderman swing in, say you guys are tight and then I get a fist bump or one of those half bro hugs,” Ned whispered to his best friend.

“Can’t believe you guys are at this lame party,” Michelle said, standing next to them.

“But…you’re here too,” Ned insisted.

“Am I?” Michelle walked off.

“Oh my–. Hey guys,” Y/N said. “Cool hat, Ned.”

“Hey Y/N,” Ned said with a silly grin on his face.

“Hey Y/N,” Peter’s voice squeaked.

“I’m glad you guys came,” she smiled. “There is pizza and drinks so go and help yourself.”

“Wow, what a great party,” Peter added with a smile.

“I barely did anything. It was all Liz.” Someone called her name and she turned her head. “Oh, I should go.”

“Yeah,” Peter nodded. She walked away and Ned said goodbye to her.

“Dude! What are you doing? She’s here, spider it up!”

“No. No. No. I can’t. I cannot do this. Spiderman is not a party trick,” Peter said. “Look, I am just gonna…be myself.”

“Peter, no one wants that.”

“Dude,” Peter said hurtfully. He turned to walk away when Flash called out his name on the microphone.

“Parker! What’s up? Hey, where is your pal, Spiderman? Let me guess, in Canada with your imaginary girlfriend?” The crowd laughed and Peter clenched his fists in anger. “That’s not Spiderman. That’s just Ned in a red shirt.”

Somehow, through peer pressure, Peter found himself outside. He disregarded his regular clothing and underneath it was his red and blue Spiderman outfit. He knelt down on the rooftop and gazed down at Liz’s house.

“Hey! What’s up? I am Spiderman,” he whispered to himself as he took off his shirt. “Just thought I would swing by, say hello to my buddy Peter. Oh hey, what’s up Ned? Where is Peter anyways?”

He sighed, looking down at Ned who stood awkwardly in the middle of the room. Peter shook his head.

“I can’t do this.” Peter noticed Y/N walk up to Ned and ask him a question. In response, Ned shrugged and she nodded her head before walking away. As soon as she was out of sight, Ned yanked out his phone and dialed Peter’s number. Peter answered it immediately.

“Peter! Where are you? Y/N’s asking for you,” Ned said, desperately.

“I will be there in a second.”

Originally posted by over-et

Peter hung up and gazed down at Y/N’s concerned face. She fiddled with her fingers and her eyes continued to wander around the room. Peter put his mask on and stood to his feet before swinging down.

“Oh sorry,” he apologized to some people. Everyone turned around to look at him and all mouth’s dropped open. He maneuvered his way through the crowd of people until he made it inside. “Sorry, I just gotta…find my friend Peter.”

“Spiderman?” He turned around at the sound of Y/N’s voice. His robotic eyes dilated and his head moved up and down her body. His actions did not go unnoticed by Y/N. “W-What are you doing here?”

“Oh, you know. Peter called me and asked if I could show.”

“No way,” Flash said in disbelief. He pushed past the crowd and soon came face to face with the superhero himself. “You’re really him? Are you really friends with Peter Parker?”

Peter turned his eyes towards Y/N who stood behind Flash. He pushed past his rival and approached her. “Hi,” he said awkwardly.

“Hi,” she smiled.

“What’s your name? Wait. No. Let me guess. Y/N, right?”

“Y-Yeah, how did you know?”

“Peter talks a lot about you,” Spiderman said.

“H-He does?” 

“Spiderman!” He turned around and faced Ned. “Hi! It’s Ned. Remember me?”

“Yeah I do. How are you doing?” He gave Ned his fist bump and the boy nearly collapsed when realizing he was going to be popular for the rest of his life.

“Fine. I’ll let you get back to Y/N. She’s a big fan,” Ned laughed. Peter turned his head and eyed Y/N.

“Really?” He teased and she looked down at her feet. 

“Well, kinda,” she replied, blushing like crazy. 

“Well, I should get going. New York isn’t going to save itself,” Spiderman said.

“Yeah,” Y/N added, dreamily admiring the superhero.

“It was nice to finally meet you. Oh and tell Peter that Mr Stark needs him at the internship at four thirty tomorrow,” Spiderman added. “Can you do that for me?”

Y/N nodded and Spiderman winked at her with his big eyes, making her smile. Spiderman used his web shooters and swung away from the party. He made his way back up to the rooftop when everyone had lost interest and began to change back into his normal clothes.

“I can’t believe he actually showed,” Flash said to Y/N.

“What’s the matter, Flash? Jealous of Peter or of Spiderman?”


How to Stand up for Yourself

1. Decide to stop being a doormat, a people pleaser or someone who gets pushed around.

2. Start believing in yourself. Work on developing your self-confidence, and setting achievable and meaningful goals. Decide tiy won’t be a clone of everyone else.

3. Develop a positive attitude. If you’re optimistic and expect to succeed – instead of being a victim or someone who gets used - then others will treat you with respect and dignity. In many ways, we create what we expect.

4. Get help for the wounds and the damage from your past. Often people who’ve been wounded and hurt by other people find it hard to develop inner confidence and pride. But there is help available and you can have a different life.

5. Trust your instincts. Not everyone is kind or a healthy influence. If you start to feel uncomfortable then trust your inner feelings and don’t allow that person to be part of your life.

6. Learn to be assertive. Being assertive is a skill – and it’s a skill you can acquire. It involves being able to say what’s on your mind – or to say “no” if you want to – while sounding confident.

7. Be willing to defend yourself or speak your mind. You have a right to your opinions and your personal points of view –so practise speaking up in a calm, confident way.

8. Pay attention to your body language. We communicate much more through our non-verbal cues than the actual words when we use we’re speaking to others – so use your body language to convey a sense of pride. That is, stand up straight, make eye contact and use a warm, but steady, voice.

just great comet things
  • Having a cast member go up to your section of the seats to explain that you’re not quite seeing a normal show so keep your legs close
  • Natasha seeing Andrey off to the war at the very beginning, before the prologue, looking really heartbroken to see him leave
  • Andrey leaving through The Door™
  • Marya dissing the whole audience as ‘gossips and crybabies’
  • Mary making a random audience guy climb onstage to present to her father as a suitor
  • Snow falling over Andrey reading a letter as Natasha sings during No One Else
  • Gelsey Bell doing the opera screeching and wailing
  • Everyone being on stage most of the time, watching what’s going on and reacting
  • Everyone taking the events of the opera really seriously and then Andrey pops back onstage while ensemble members pull drapes of blood out of him
  • The chemistry between Anatole and Natasha
  • The strobe lights during the club that make you feel like you’re inside a stop motion
  • The costumes becoming bdsm gear and neon for everyone but Anatole, Helene, Pierre and Dolokhov (yes that means Grace McLean in spandex leather doing inappropriate gestures with a whip)
  • Having an ensemble member scream at you to read war and peace over blaring music
  • Pierre forcibly inducing your midlife crisis during Dust and Ashes but it’s okay because he’s having one too
  • Natasha just standing on stage in her underwear for most of Charming
  • The consequent onstage costume change
  • Having a cast member casually walk by at some point and wondering how this show even exists
  • Natasha and Anatole sealing their fate by dramatically walking through The Door™ hand in hand as dramatic strings play 
  • Anatole sitting down and shutting the whole thing down just so he can flirt with someone in the audience for an obnoxious amount of time
  • The Door™ opening with angry red lights to reveal Marya as she screams ‘you will not enter mY HOUse scoundrelll”
  • Natasha pacing all over the stage during Pierre and Anatole and preparing the poison/drinking it then freaking out about what she’s done while the men argue (and then Sonya helping her off the stage)
  • Natasha Very Ill to The Great Comet of 1812 cleansing your soul and putting the whole theatre at peace
  • Feeling like you’re somehow walking in the snow on some russian road with Pierre during the finale
  • All of the characters standing up and gazing at the comet like they all believe it holds the key to their redemption and new beginnings
  • The overall performance adding so many nuances to the story that you leave the theatre confused because what you took for granted about the characters isn’t so solid anymore
  • <p> <b>Catco worker:</b> Lena Luthor is<p/><b>Kara:</b> A GOOD PERSON! LENA IS SMART, STRONG AND KIND. SHE DESERVES NOTHING BUT THE BEST IN LIFE. I BELIEVE IN HER. SHE'S DONE NOTHING BUT GOOD SO IF YOU'RE GOING TO START TALKING BAD ABOUT HER THEN YOU HAVE ME TO GO THROUGH AND<p/><b>Catco worker:</b> ... Here.<p/><b>Kara:</b> What?<p/><b>Catco worker:</b> I was going to say Lena Luthor is here. Outside. She said she's waiting to take you to lunch.<p/><b>Kara:</b> ...<p/><b>Kara:</b> Oh.<p/><b>Kara:</b> Great.<p/><b>Kara:</b> Thanks!<p/><b>Kara:</b> What i said still stands though.<p/></p>
56th Street - Peter Parker

request -  Hey, could you do a story where the reader (who doesn’t really know Peter but maybe they go to the same school?) finds one of Peter’s backpacks that he left behind and tries to find him to give it back to him? And maybe that happens more than one time and reader tries to solve this backpack mystery? Hope you can work with this messy idea, your blog’s name somehow gave me the idea.

a/n - this idea made me so happy!!!! (for obvious reasons LMAO) i tried to show his more dorky side in this fic and i’m sorry if it failed, but don’t forget to request a peter parker/spider-man fic if you’d like and follow!

I was walking down 53rd street, headphones in and heading home straight from work. I decided to take the short way home through a small alleyway, but was stopped when I almost tripped over something.

What the hell-” I thought to myself, looking down to see a small backpack. It seemed as if it was left here since the sun was going down and everyone was starting to head home for the day. My eyes then caught onto the zipper was broken from the side down.

Parker.” I huffed in my mind, recognizing the faulty zipper. This had marked the third time that I’ve found his backpack within the last month. Peter and I had never spoken to one another outside of Chemistry, and I never understood why he would be rushing out of school so quickly. Every time I found his backpack it would also be in the same place too, which I found odd.

I zipped his backpack up and looked at the tag on one of its straps.

20 Ingram Street.” I typed into my phone, slinging the backpack around my shoulder and following the directions that radiated off of the screen, luckily not being longer than a 10 minute walk.

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