standing duty

I just... I just wanna talk about Matt Holt for a second.

This kid has been to hell and back. On his first mission into space ever he, along with his father and captain, gets abducted and basically tortured by a homicidal alien race. This boy has never left earth. Up until this point he didn’t even know that there was life outside of earth! So, he’s gotta come to terms with all that, and also with the fact that he is now a prisoner who will probably spend the rest of his now very short life at the mercy of these killers.

Then, he gets separated from his father and Shiro. Shiro saves his life and then he’s gone. His father is sent away and this kid is alone. Like really, truly alone. And from what we learn about him, he seems like a pretty independent, self-assured individual. But he’s got two parents, he’s got a little sister whom he’s really close to, I’m sure he had some close friends too. I don’t think Matt Holt has ever really been alone in his life. But then, suddenly, he is. 

But this kid, man. This kid makes it. He is resilient. Through a series of events, he is freed from his captors. And what does he do? He doesn’t run away, he doesn’t try to go back to earth. He doesn’t break down and let his experience overtake him. He joins a resistance group and fights. Not only does he fight, but he becomes a ranking officer! Like, he doesn’t know any of these aliens from a hole in the wall and they don’t know him. He owes them nothing. But somehow, he feels a duty to stand with them against the ones who took him away from everything he ever knew and everything he ever loved. 

So, he fought and he resisted and made some dangerous enemies. So dangerous, in fact, that it would seem he had to fake his own death and go off-grid so that he wouldn’t be found. Now, this kid is on an unknown planet scouring through transmissions that he can’t really understand hoping to find even hints of clues to defeat the enemy. He is alone once again, in every sense of the word.

This kid should be hard as stone at this point. But when the audience finally gets their first look at him. He’s happy. He’s cheerful. He praises his sister, he flirts with Allura, and he even makes a food pun!

You have a kid who’s been to hell and back. A kid who’s got literal scars from his demons. A kid who, out of all the characters, except maybe Shiro, has had the most traumatic experiences. And yet, he’s still so… bright. He still smiles, and laughs and jokes and appreciates things like how smart his sister is or how pretty a girl is. And I think that’s just pretty fucking amazing.

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Headcanon: Alec is totally confused by the difference between "on stand-by" and "off duty".. And magnus really trying to explain that normal people do get time off, multiple hours a day, at least 1-2 days per week and sometimes even for weeks at a time.. To do things like schedule dates and be guaranteed not to be interrupted and be ready to fight at moments notice. Alec finds the concept totally baffling

omg can you imagine

Magnus: When was the last time you actually had a day off?

Alec: Like … two days ago. We went to Venice, remember?

Magnus: But you were still on-call. Remember, we barely had fifteen minutes after getting back before you had to go back to work. That’s not the same thing. I’m talking about an actual day off. 

Alec: …….???

Magnus: Off duty. No phone calls. If something goes wrong, they call someone who isn’t you.

Alec: …..okay …. that sounds fake, but okay….

Magnus: An actual day off. No calls. No interruptions. Sometimes more than one in a row. Which is called a vacation.

Alec: ……that’s not a thing people actually do, is it?

Magnus: Not only is it a thing people do, it’s a thing you’re going to do. You are going to have two consecutive days off, and I’m taking you to the Virgin Islands, and you can tell the people in charge that if your phone rings one time while you’re there, I will move it to the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

Alec: You can’t do that.

Magnus: Watch me.


A tribute to Moa
May 2011 - October 2017
Barred Rock Hen

All my birds are special, but sometimes you get one that is extra special. Trying to explain why in text, without experiencing her presence… it’s hard. Moa was our boss hen; matronly and firm, but never mean. If a rooster was acting out of line with one of the girls, she was the first to hustle over and chest-bounce him into the next county. During the times that I was without a rooster, she took many of those duties; standing guard, always making sure the other girls were safe.

She always had to be near me. She demanded hugs– she was one of those chickens that would walk up, press herself against any part of your body that she could, and wait for you to hug her. She’d stick her neck out and wrap it around you, like the famous video of the little boy hugging the hen. I don’t really have any photos of this, because I was her main squeeze apparently, and it was extremely hard to get a photo of when you were being hugged. I might have videos but my heart is too raw to look right now. Maybe later. The second to last photo above is the best one I have of this behavior. After the hug, if the other hens were all safe, she’d hop into my lap for a snooze while I pet her keel.

My heart fell earlier this year when she started to show signs of egg peritonitis. We took her to the vet and were able to do several successful procedures to help her, including rounds of medication. Still, her body was failing and her genetics were working against her, as she came from a commercial hatchery where volume takes precedence over health; a rant for another time.

I couldn’t let one of my closest friends suffer. After it was determined by two vets that there was no hope, and as her body grew more and more tired, I took her. While in the waiting room, early morning sunbeams swept in through the large windows and I set her down in them, hoping she had enough energy to enjoy it. Sunbathing was her favorite activity, after snuggling. She was weak, but she quickly assumed the sunbathing position and made soft contentment noises. She ate a pile of mealworms with great gusto with sun-bathing breaks. We saw our vet soon after and I said goodbye to one of my best feathered friends.

Photos are captioned, but if you can’t the captions:
Moa, 3 days old.
A painting I did of Moa, larger than life.
My big lady.
Moa was kind and matronly to the other chickens.
Moa loved to snuggle.
Moa and myself. She was always with me, every day.
Moa would touch her face against mine. She never pecked me. (note: I knew Moa very well and trusted her, but please use care as chickens can accidentally harm you if they get curious, especially around eyes)
Big lady Moa in my lap.
Moa’s last car ride. She had to hug me the whole time. (I was a passenger)
Leaving this earth on a sunbeam. This was before the vet saw us, she’s just sunbathing happily.

Fight Me MCU- Steve

Definitely my longest list of transgressions commited by a character and I may be just a little angry but MCU Steve doesn’t behave well in Ca;cw which is understandable considering Bucky is involved in the situation, but it creates a host of issues. 


·       Refers to Wanda as just a kid, brings her into battle

o   If Wanda is just a kid who doesn’t belong on the raft, or imprisoned in the compound, and shouldn’t be held responsible for her actions why is she invited into battle with the Avengers, that seems irresponsible.

·       Allows his team to throw a plane at a teenage spiderman

·       Unwilling to compromise

o   Tony offers a very fair offer in which the accords will be adapted and Bucky will be protected

o   Steve as far as we know never tells his teammates that this occurred

·       Has a standoff in a public airport

o   Tony evacuated the airport, Steve did not know that was going to happen and could have easily put civilian lives in danger

o   Leaves Tony to pay for the damages

·       Ignores 117 countries will because the safest hands are our own

o   Ends up a fugitive in Wakanda unable to help anybody

o   Calls 117 governments most of them democratic and thus ignores the will of 117 countries worth of people

·       Doesn’t tell Tony about his parents murder for 3 years

o   “Sometimes my teammates don’t tell me things”

·       Is literally a soldier for the US military, works with SHIELD a government agency

o   The accords are just governments with agendas trying to control us

o   Steve what? You listen to people in power, it’s good. Tony listens to people in power, and now it’s bad.

·       Does not stay to face the consequences of his actions

o   The concept of Civil Disobedience (MLK) is that it is our duty to stand againt unjust laws, however Civil disobedience also claims that you must answer for the laws you break in standing against those you view as unjust

o   Steve runs away to Wakanda leaving Tony to deal with the fallout.

·       Does not share the information the Zemo orchestrated the assassination

·       Hurt’s innocent German police officers in his quest to save Bucky

o   Threw german swat team members down the stairs

o   Threw an admantium shield at German swat team just trying to do their job

·       Participates in a high-speed chase through the city with T’challa Bucky and the police

o   Most likely resulting in a multitude of casualties

·       Does not blame Wanda for her actions against Tony

o   This is fine, Steve doesn’t have to blame Wanda for her actions against Tony even Though she made them after having years to process her grief

o   He does not offer Tony the same courtesy when Tony attacks Bucky immediately after learning the truth of his parents death

·       No man left behind

o   Steve disables the arc reactor powering the suit (PTSD anyone?) and then leaves Tony in a metal suit in the middle of Siberia, That suit probably weighs more than 300 pounds. Also the force required to break the arc probably would have shattered Tony’s ribcage how he walked away with just a black eye is pure comic book logic, but whatever.

·       Told antman to grow

o   Scott “Hey I can do this thing, it might kill me.”

o   Steve. “Do it!”



Don’t get me wrong I love Steve, and he absolutely should have defended Bucky against Tony in Siberia because Bucky did not deserve to die for his actions while brainwashed. He also had every right to disagree with the Accords, however he could have fought them legally, and he could have used the legal system to protect Bucky. He instead chose to escalate the situation repeatedly. Ignoring every attempt of Tony to compromise throughout the movie.

MCU Steve Rogers in Civil War reminds me a lot of Thor before he was worthy of the hammer. He chooses to fight instead of compromise, and believes in himself as an absolute moral goodness. Thor chose to fight during a time of peace, and believed himself to be in the right morally at the beginning of his banishment.  

I don’t buy it - Jon isn’t “a northern fool”


I just don’t buy it. I still believe that Jon is playing Danielle (btw we are using this name so it won’t show up in the search, not as an insult), going “undercover” as he did with the wildlings, to ensure she helps against the white walkers. Want to know why? Keep reading, but I warn you this got … very, very, very long. 

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dragon age inquisition sentence starter

“ Bad things should happen to bad people. " 
” Rich tits always try for more than they deserve “
" Whatever the truth is, that belief gives you power. ”
“ Can’t you see why I want nothing to do with that life? ”
“ I have seen the throne of the gods, and it was empty. ”
“ I will not suffer even an unknowing rival. You must die! ”
“ Tell me… where is your Maker now? Call him, call down his wrath upon me! You cannot. For he does not exist! ”
“ Common ground is the start of all negotiations. ”
“ Though darkness closes, I am shielded by flame. ”
“ It spoke of judgement instead of acceptance. It should encourage the good in everyone, rather than rebuke us for our sins. No one should be turned away from our doors. No one is without worth. Whoever you are, whatever your mistakes, you are loved. Unconditionally. ”
“ If we’re going to change it, why not change the whole thing? ”
“ I’ve known mages. Some of them were better people than me. And yet I’m free and they’re not. It’s not right. ”
“ Sometimes you have to figure out for yourself what the pledge to protect others really means. ”
“ You are who you choose to follow. ”
“ Took me years to understand what he meant. ”
“ But wars are won by men. ”
“ You inspire them. ”
“ Build on that foundation, and you will have an army that makes nations tremble. ”
“ We all need to believe there are such men in the world. ”
“ I needed to believe I could be one of them. ”
“ We could make the world better. ”
“ It’s just easier to shut our eyes. ”
“ It’s not right… to want to do good, to be good, and have that turned against you. ”
“ At this moment, you are the only threat I see. ”
“ How seldom does reality match the ideal. ”
“ We must do so with open hearts and open hands. ”
“ I see what must be done, and I do it! I see no point in running around in circles like a dog chasing its tail. ”
“ At some point, power becomes its own master. ”
“ They will stand in the fire and complain that it is hot. " 
" I want to help. ”
“ I used to be like you. I’m not anymore. You shouldn’t be either. ”
“ They forgot about him. ”
“ I came through to help… and I couldn’t. ”
“ Isn’t it wonderful? ”
“ Living a lie… it festers inside you, like poison. You have to fight for what’s in your heart. ”
“ It’s my duty to stand with you. ”
“ I’m here to set things right. Also? To look dashing. That part’s less difficult. ”
“ We’re a lot more fragile than we’d like to believe. ”
“ Life isn’t about personal freedom. ”
“ People don’t always tell the truth when you’re polite. ”
“ We pick the ones willing to make the hard decisions… and live with the consequences. ”
“ Every great war has its heroes. I’m just curious what kind you’ll be. ”
“ No real god need prove himself. Anyone who tries is mad or lying. ”
“ I would not trade it for anything. ”
“ I hope there’s a damn good punchline coming. ”
“ The truly great ones can keep their distance. They don’t get attached to their people. ”
“ I always wind up babysitting my informants and worrying about their families. ”
“  Heroes are everywhere. I’ve seen that.”
“ That’s beyond heroes. We’re going to need a miracle. ”
“ For those who value survival, sentimentality is not an option. ”
“ I’m never truly out of my element. ”

For Caffeine Challenge 22 (X)! Pretty rough…def going to rewrite/rework!

Aphrodite returns to Olympus two centuries late. She comes from the ground and walks and walks and walks, the wind biting at her skin as she climbs higher and higher. The air grows thinner, the temperature drops, and steam begins to hiss all around her. Mortals would have died at this point, would have had to to avoid the pain, but Aphrodite knows enough about pain not to fear it. Her human clothes melt under the poison gasses, leaving her in her toga and her gold and her divinity.

She crests the final ridge and takes in the home of the gods.

Olympus is white marble and cool granite, sparkling in the sun. At the top there is Zeus’ home and meeting hall, another fantastic house beneath his and on and on. At the base of their little village are the lowly gods, the ones without station or the ones with the misfortune to be born to anyone but Zeus.

She isn’t recognized as she walks past these smaller homes and neither is she recognized as they begin to grow larger and grander, gold replacing cobblestone and the air beginning to shine with power.

She walks all the way up Mt. Olympus and passes many of the other gods, none who so much as glance at her. She’s learned many things in the human lands, many valuable things, and she relishes the anonymity.

It won’t last long.


They marry her to Hephaestus because she is beautiful. She rises from the ocean as too much woman and not enough child and it begins. The stares. The wanting. The power that they heap at her feet just so that she’ll glance in their direction.

So they marry her to Hephaestus, the ugly god who was once cast from Olympus by his own mother for his deformities. They marry her to him to placate his wrath and to stop the war her face could cause.

They do not marry him to her.

“Mine,” he tells her. He says the same to his tools, she thinks, and watches as he ruins them against swords and armor and lightning bolts.

Aphrodite is still young then, still beautiful, still naive enough to put on the girdle that her new husband gifts her with. It accentuates her breasts and makes her feel…decorated for all that it is armor.

She is not a tool. She is not something to be used.

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Malala Turned 18 Yesterday and Opened a School for Syrian Refugee Girls

The fund’s blog quotes Yousafzai:

“I am honored to mark my 18th birthday with the brave and inspiring girls of Syria. I am here on behalf of the 28 million children who are kept from the classroom because of armed conflict. Their courage and dedication to continue their schooling in difficult conditions inspires people around the world and it is our duty to stand by them,” Malala said. “On this day, I have a message for the leaders of this country, this region and the world — you are failing the Syrian people, especially Syria’s children. This is a heartbreaking tragedy — the world’s worst refugee crisis in decades.”

Read more:

My SHTF/shelter-in-place combat load. Shellback Tactical Banshee plate carrier w/ Level III TAP GAMMA SAPI plates and BDS tactical (battle/molle) belt. Shellback Tactical, and it’s former parent company Tactical Assault Gear (TAG) are from San Diego, CA. BDS Tactical is also from the SoCal area, due to the large. Marine Corps presence from Camp Pendleton, to MCAS Miramar and 29 Palms .

  • Sasuke: 1 + 1 = ?
  • Yukimura: Window

Clarus things:

  • Clarus is short sighted for reading—it’s come with age and many years of pouring over texts in poor lighting. He wears glasses ( sometimes he’s still stubborn)
  • Clarus hides his glasses in the subspace where the Armigar keeps his sword, he’s picked up bad habits from Regis storing stuff in there when they were younger.
  • He tends to summon his glasses with a flick of his wrist and they materialize into his fingers.

@crowbi is too good to me and is spoiling me with amazing art i’m going to cry

Each lion loves their Paladin. They admire how brave their Paladins are, and want to do the best they can.

“My Pilot,” is how Blue calls her Paladin. She is proud he is her Paladin. His type of flying is fun, and it brings her joy. He tells the most wild stories of his home pack, of the other Paladins. Sometimes he misses his home, but he is proud to stand and do his duty to help defend the universe.
“My Pilot, can we do that spin again?! It’s been so long since I’ve done flips!”
“My Pilot, you’ve brought a friend! Oh, is she a friend? That does not look like how you hold a friend.”
“I will not call you Sharpshooter. You are My Pilot.”

“Idiot Cub,” is how Red originally thinks of her Paladin. He is quick to act, he panics internally and is quick to make decisions. She does not initially take to her Paladin, but when he protects her, “Idiot Cub” becomes “My Cub.” She would go to the ends of all universes to protect her Paladin, because his fiery passion is a perfect match for her own. It matters not he is part Galra. She loves him all the same.
“My Cub, as upset as you are, we must continue forward. Do not worry. We will exact revenge for those lost.”
“My Cub, your heritage does not mean you are bad. There was a time I knew many good Galra. Perhaps your mother was one of them…”

“My Bird” is how Green calls her Paladin. Hearing her Paladins friends call them Pidge, she learns Pidge could be short for pigeon, a subtype of an Earth species called bird. She loves to amuse her Paladin, letting them tinker with her mechanics, helping to make her stronger. She listens to her Paladin talk about their family, about how they hope to find them. Green vows to help search the universe for “Matt” and “Dad”
“My Bird! My Bird, you can look at my panels now! Look, look!”
“My Bird, tell me about ‘Dad’ again. Can 'Dad’ be my friend too?”
“My Bird, you have to sleep! You can’t continue working if you are dead on your feet! That’s it! I’m shutting down, and you can’t stop me!”

“Friend,” is how Yellow refers to his Paladin. His Paladin can be very anxious, but he is so brave he will push all his fears aside to help those in need. Yellow loves to hear his Paladin talk, loves to hear about Earth mechanics and mathmatics. Humans seem to be a little behind technologically speaking, but Yellow is consistently impressed with his paladins ability to build, create, and repair with things he has only just started to use as tools. Yellow’s Paladin is kind, he cares deeply for his friends, cares deeply for his lion, so Yellow calls him “Friend” in return, because he cares about his Paladin too.
“Hello, Friend! Have you come to work on your 'Make-shift’ human objects?”
“Friend, you can breathe. There is air around you, open your lungs…”
“Who is this Balmeran girl you think of? Is she nice? Is she a friend? Any friend of Friend is my friend!”

“My Paladin,” is how Black refers to her pilot. She calls him this often, but he always seems to forget. She feels guilt, mourning for her corrupted past paladin, all the while mourning for the loss of innocence for her current Paladin. Her Paladin is too forgiving, in her opinion. He constantly blames himself for things he has no control over. She tries her best to ease his pain, tries to prevent nightmares and occasionally he gets a dreamless sleep. She loves her paladin, maybe more than she ever has. He is brave, and strong, and too self-sacrificial. She will keep him safe.
“Good work, My Paladin…”
“My Paladin, you did what was necessary, dwelling on the past will not ease your heavy heart. How I wish I could remove this weight off your shoulders…”
“Rest, My Paladin, I have you…”

Back on home soil

Molly and Shaun hear the old rusty hinges to the door of their Homestead squeak open. They’re not used to visitors this time of day. Although in wartime, no one stands on ceremony anymore. More often than not, it’s a stray dog that’s made its way inside. Or a woman from the Red Cross wanting a donation for our boys still in the fight. She stands, and enters the hall expecting to see a group of hatted ladies, shaker tins in hand, or a mutt wanting a feed. Instead, it’s Private Robert Joseph MacCready. The former soldier of the 29th Gunner Infantry division, returned from duty, now stands on her doorstep. Her hand goes to her mouth to stifle her surprise. He gives her a wide smile and his eyes blaze bluer than a south pacific lagoon.

“Excuse me Ma'am.” His voice is a quiet mischievous drawl. “But I think I left half of my heart here.”

I commissioned the amazing juleselyot for an idea I had for a Fallout 4/1940′s war time AU and Julie delivered this brief with amazing ease. If you want to commission - I thoroughly recommend this amazing artist! You can find all you need here!

The colours, the light and composition ~ perfect for my perfect lovelies Molly and Mac. Thankyou Julie this is amazing and I love it so much!

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Ooh could you please do how the characters (the ones from the roommate post) would be as a partner/s.o??

Hello there! I’m so glad you asked as I was planning on doing one of these eventually anyhow! ehem *great minds think alike* ♥♥

The Witcher™ Characters: Relationships.  


On the one hand, I doubt you’d ever make it so far as to even be the partner of the lovely lady Orianna. But on the other hand, in simple terms, she’d be quite the toxic partner. She plays the game of power, beating you at every turn. She lacks any empathy, and is quite the incredibly complex, sadistic person. 

Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon

The thing about Ciri is that I doubt she would easily trap herself in any kind of committed relationship at all, as she would just call them that, “confinement”. It’s not that she’s not capable of falling in love, she is, but she’d never want or need to depend on someone else, nor have that weakness exposed by them. Besides, it’s not for everyone to settle and have kids or marry anyways. 

Geralt of Rivia

As wild as he can be sometimes, in regards to him never really being home, or the unlikeliness of him wanting to settle down with just anybody, he’d be a protective and loyal partner, someone you can rely on no matter what storm hails outside. You’d have not just humor, but kindness, love and stability. 


The sweet Shani is as tender as partners go, she’ll nurture and take care of someone, she’d remain loyal, soft, and most importantly, forever kind. Though she couldn’t physically fight for you, she’d defend you in other ways. 

Yennefer of Vengerberg

As equally hard to tame as Orianna and Ciri, though she’s capable of much love, she’ll not chain herself down unless you’ve proven yourself utterly and entirely worthy of her grace. For she is extremely loyal, protective and wise. To be with her, would be to be to commit to someone for the rest of your life. 

Emiel Regis Rohellec Terzieff-Godefroy

Eternal and loyal would be his love, incredibly loyal, and he’d not give up on you for the first many tries, as much as you yourself feel you’ve messed up. If you’ve given him love beyond comparison, he feels as if though it’s his duty to stand by you in sorrow, in darkness, in anger, in pain and in sickness. 

Dettlaff van der Eretein

The sensitive one, though his heart is golden, can be incredibly possessive of you. As many as above, he’ll not commit himself to just anyone, so were he to choose you, and only you, he’d not plan to leave anytime soon. If your love shall run out, his won’t, and he’ll not stop wanting to love you. If your love shouldn’t run out just like his, then you’ll be eternally bound to each other.

Vernon Roche

Without his Stripes, or a real purpose to fight for, in the game of love, Roche would be more than confused. On some deep level, he’d care, as he’s not incapable of love and trust. But, due to mysterious reasons, he can’t bring himself to love the way other men would love. He’s protective and loyal, but he’s not loving or affectionate. I’m not even sure he’d ever want to settle down.


As he’s given up himself to find love, finding you and learning you’d want to be with him, would make him as fulfilled as ever. He’s smart though, and would wish for a relationship to be trustworthy and loyal, so he wouldn’t go in a relationship without making sure that you are that type of person to provide it. If you’ve proven yourself good, he’d be loving and kind to you forevermore. 

Triss Merigold (book version)

Triss is fleeting, she’d love without cause, without limitations. But as she falls in love quickly, she might as well fall out of love just as quickly. If not, she’d be a tender, caring and sweet partner, putting your needs at the top, as she’s liked by many people around her, she’d invite you to everywhere she went. But be careful, she’s not above betraying her close friends for love. Yourself included.

Eredin Bréacc Glas

If you’ve managed to take down this wild beast, congratulations! Not that he’s incapable of love, but that he prioritize power and influence above all. If you were to be sacrificed as payment for power, he would. But if you’ve managed to ensnarl him in love to you, I reckon he’d be capable of seeing the whole world burn just to save your hide, if the need ever arose. 

Crevan Espane aep Caomhan Macha

Love is a weakness, by all means, and it’s not something high up on his list of things to achieve. Unless he’d feel he really need to pass on his genes in order to have some form of heir, would he actively be open towards any kind of relationship. But if you aren’t able to bring the necessary qualities and demands he feels is worthy of his level of intellect, you aren’t a good match for him. 


Lambert is a smartass, he’s funny, but he’ll never stop sassing you. 

Thank you! I hope you liked it! And sorry for not being able to include more characters, but this post would be 10 miles longer than it already is. (◠◡◠)


There are many things I love about this scene, one of which is Agron’s compliance. When Nasir playfully pushes him off/away in his attempt to be “responsible” with their duties, Agron stands and retorts with a teasing remark displaying his eagerness. However, he waits. He does not move back to Nasir, he does not press forward to kiss him again. Instead, he stands exactly where Nasir had moved him, and awaits his partner’s decision. He waits to see whether Nasir would actually prefer to fully stop, or whether he will succumb to desire. The decision is in Nasir’s hands and he of course pulls Agron back towards him, in which Agron proceeds with desire. Even then however, it is Nasir’s hand that teases him as it falls to Agron’s lower region, encouraging the playful and building desirable mood. I find Agron’s compliance so incredibly significant. Nasir has been a slave most of his life where he was forced to lay with people and where choice was stripped from him. Agron never places him in that kind of position. Even when they are both of equal desire, he does not pressure him or make a move towards him, unless he has Nasir’s absolute and total consent and mutual want for it. 

My Nagron Commentary (5 / ?)

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Could I possibly very much ask for you to do the body guard post with got7 please? Not that it will matter lmao but it's my birthday tomorrow so if you do I will literally die of happiness your blog is my life lol but if it's too much of a hassle don't worry about it and keep doing yo thang B)

since it’s your birthday tomorrow, i am honored to accept this request and hopefully it’ll make you smile !!!! here’s bodyguard got7~


  • silent, but the most deadly out of everyone because he’s got a reputation in the business as being one of the most physically skilled and stealthy bodyguards
  • sometimes you’re not sure if you hired a guard or like a secret assassin 
  • enjoys a variety of sports and when you practice he’s always there to lend a helping hand like that time you took up tennis for a while and when your teacher was gone, mark very politely offered to help you with your stance and maybe just maybe having his strong hands maneuver your hips has made you a tinsy bit shy around him now…….
  • but as a guard he’s very reserved and mannered. he doesn’t enjoy the other guards touching you if it isn’t for safety precaution and if anything when bambam starts making jokes and putting his arm on your shoulder mark is always there to keep him in check
  • but unlike jinyoung he’s not a complete downer, you’ll see him laughing at the younger bodyguards antics or when he catches jackson falling asleep during an important meeting
  • and he looks so handsome and perfect that sometimes you can’t concentrate on your work when he’s on solo duty and standing beside you looking….well… That
  • one time mark had gotten to work a little late and you had run into him before he had got to change into the uniform
  • and there he is, in just some grey sweats and a low hanging tank top, hair still sweaty from what you assume was his morning workout
  • and you’re so startled by the sight you drop the pile of papers you’re holding and mark notices you and you’re like ohno oh no o h N o 
  • but he’s already jogging over to help you and when he leans down you can practically see down his tank and you’re like eep and he’s like hmmm
  • and when he looks up you guys are so close, noses practically touching and …… and you’ve gotta be dreaming but is mark tilting his head to lean in and ……
  • jacksons voice echos from somewhere like MARK DUDE JINYOUNGS SO PISSED YOUR LAt- o H AM I inteRRUPtING 
  • and you and mark pull back but it’s too late jackson is giggling his head off and telling you to continue doing whatever but you and mark are bLUShing messes 


  • for the fun of it im giving bodyguard jb a motorcycle in this au 
  • and jinyoung nags that it’s unprofessional for a guard to show up on such a loud bike!!!!! but when you pass by you compliment jb on how cool it is that he’s got a motorcycle and how you’d love to ride on one one day
  • and when you’re gone, jb just turns to jinyoung with the most smug smile like ‘the boss approves’
  • jinyoung stomps away huffing and misses the part where jb has to cover his face with his hand because GOD you just called him COOL he’s gonna be thinking about this all day
  • likes having two guns because he can be extra but also probably because he actually knows how to handle the weapons and tbh he can even spin them and yugyeom keeps begging jb to teach him how to do it but jb is like “you’re too young kid”
  • yugyeom; looks into the camera like he’s on the office 
  • bodyguard!jb has this scar on his back from a motorcycle crash a couple years before and all the guards think it’s badass so when they’re changing they’re all like he’s soooooo tough and chic and WOW
  • in reality jb watches dramas on his phone when you’re all in the car to an event and jackson’s like watcha watching and jb’s like ……nothing im watching a documentary on like. guns. yeah. guns
  • he crying over the new moon lovers episode please
  • there was a situation once at a public charity event you were holding and someone was basically chasing after you and jb since jb had been alarmed at the danger and was trying to get you to safety
  • so you’re running behind him, jb turns around to grab your hand and instead of going all the way to where your car is he tells you he’s parked his bike closer so he hops on, gives you the helmet and tells you to hold on
  • and you grip his waist as he gets the engine started and you yell that he needs to be careful because he doesn’t have an helmet on since he gave it to you, but jb just shakes his head
  • and once you’re far away enough he pulls over to the side of the road and you practically throw yourself into his arms because gOd you were so scared he was going so fast
  • and jb’s like don’t worry! i always go fast, motorcycles are-
  • but you hit his chest and you’re like THATS NOT WHY i was so scared we’d crash and you’d get hurt
  • and jb feels his heartbeat skip as he looks down at you and you’re just like “don’t put yourself at risk like that for me” and you sniffle a bit but he only pulls you into his arms and is like “it’s my job though, but..i promise ill try to be more safe from now on.”


  • acts like a big kid, memes like a big kid, but can snap someones neck with his bare hands
  • doesn’t ever want to resort to violence but he has this really bad impulse control that if someone as much as /looks/ wrong at you he will go at them
  • and that’s why he’s always got scrapes and bruises on his hands and face because he’s always getting into arguments that turn into fights with assholes whether he’s protecting you or even when he’s like off the job
  • like if jackson sees someone being harassed by someone else he has to step in and protect the weaker person 
  • he’s basically a natural protector 
  • but also god does he make you laugh and god does he put himself in embarrassing situation to do so
  • like once he literally backflipped into a meeting room just to introduce you like 
  • he flipped and then got on one knee with his arms out and yelled INTRODUCING MY BOSS
  • and you were laughing hysterically while jinyoung and jb were having heart attacks and youngjae was like “jackson, should i throw the confetti you gave me now or???”
  • jackson loves doing faces @ you during conference calls like you’ll be doing a skype chat with a big lawyer and behind your computer jackson is making faces to help keep you concentrated but all it does is make you want to laugh which would not look good for you rn
  • jackson once was like wanna see my impression of jb and you were like ok and he literally clenched his jaw and drew two dots above his eye with a pen and you were like DYING ……..and then jb walked in and both you and jackson were like cough cough what cough cough 
  • one week you notice that jackson has been taking off like 4 days in a row and you think it’s because of maybe a vacation but then youngjae mentions how he visited jackson in the hospital the other day and you’re like WHAT HES IN THE HosPITAL 
  • and when you find out why you’re like OF COURSE and you literally cancel everything on your schedule to go check on him and when you come into the room jackson almost falls out of the bed trying to get up to greet you and you’re like “WANG JIAER” 
  • and he’s like oh no you’re using my full …real…name and you’re like wHY did you get into another fight and end up breaking your leg- and he’s like i had to this drunk guy was picking on his wife and you know i can’t let things like that go!!
  • and you’re just like GOD WHY ARE YOU SO….SO GOOD AT WORRYING ABOUT OTHERS WORRY ABOut YOuRSELF and he’s like it’s fine!!! my body is my own and im ok with it being-
  • and you like lean over and you’re like “jackson, your body is yours but think about this: im always worrying for you ok -please for me, don’t pt yourself on the line you’re my bodyguard and so a part of you is my responsibility”
  • and jackson kind of maybe blushes for the first time and you’re like,,,,,,ohmy god and he’s like “ok~ my body is also yours from now on” and you’re like asdfaasfdada that’s so—–but ok ill take it


  • bodyguard and moral consultant on just about everything 
  • sometimes you ask jinyoung why in gods name he became a bodyguard he’s so intelligent he could be working for the government or he could be a professor
  • and jinyoung just bashfully declines because ofc he’s not that /smart/ (he is) and plus he enjoys his job because he gets to protect someone as precious to the nation as you
  • and you’re like “wow, you’re so smooth you must be popular when it comes to romance huh” and jinyoung looks away and gets pink like wh-what who has time for romance all he has time for is to think of ways to protect you and maybe enjoy a lengthy classic novel every now and then
  • but in reality jinyoung is one of the more clumsy guards, as in he doesn’t feel comfortable handling a weapon and would lose to mark and jackson in the athletics department 
  • but he’s incredibly detailed oriented and organized so he keeps everything running smoothly and if there’s a problem, all he does is whisper a code into his earpiece and boom - everything is taken care of
  • but his sharp approach scares a lot of people away
  • and so when you smile sweetly at him and thank him for always helping you out whether it be a wardrobe malfunction, keeping you safe from hired hitmen, or just knowing that when you’re pulling all nighters you enjoy earl grey tea and chocolate as snacks like ………. jinyoung thinks he’s falling in love
  • and he knows he’s falling in love when he accompanies you to a children’s orphanage where you’re donating a good sum of money to be able to get school supplies and hire teachers for the kids
  • and the kids all run up to you and hug your leg or ask you to pick them up and jinyoung watches as you glow like the sun, surrounded by all this children who adore you
  • and when one little girl you’re holding points to jinyoung and mumbles that he’s scary, you just turn around and you’re like “he’s not scary at all, he’s my knight in shining armor - he keeps me safe!!”
  • and the little girl giggles and she’s like “if he’s your knight, do you love him?” and jinyoung damn near has a heartattack
  • and when you smile and nod, saying “yes, i love him very much”
  • jinyoung does have a mini heartattack and excuses himself to sit down and you’re just playing obliviously with the children and jinyoung is just: screaming internally with happiness
  • on the way back home he whispers that he loves you too but doesn’t think you hear him but you Do. YOU DO 


  • bodyguard that’s more like your best friend 
  • you’re supposed to be listening to some governor talk about the new building they’re putting up but instead youngjae is like “psst i beat my highscore in farming frenzy yesterday” and you’re like WHAT no show me
  • you guys spend way too much time laughing over bad memes and vines in the car that jinyoung has to remind you to go over your speech like 5 times and then confiscate youngjae’s phone so neither of you can laugh about the mr. krabs spinning meme anymore 
  • he’s seen you do some embarrassing stuff like sing into your brush when ringdingdong came on shuffle or when you accidentally used your chopsticks backwards
  • but like i said, he’s more of a best friend than a bodyguard and he doesn’t judge you at all and never tells any of the guards about the dumb (but cute) slip ups you have
  • like jinyoung, he doesn’t handle guns very well so instead he has like a whistle and a baton and he’s like “i feel like a hall monitor” and jackson’s like “it’s ok, if anything just use bambam as a weapon he’s so light just pick him up and throw him”
  • bambam: i didn’t sign up for this
  • it’s the day of one of your really big presentations and you’re completely shaken because you spent the last week in bed sick and you’re sure you’re going to forget your speech
  • and so you run off and have like a breakdown in a private room somewhere and ofc like the guards go into a frenzy because no one can find you
  • until youngjae stumbles across the room you’re in and he knows you well enough that he knows to check the closets and under the desks and he finds you curled into a small ball and you’ve got tear stained cheeks
  • and he pulls you out gently and holds you and he’s like “you know, you don’t have to do the presentation today - everyone will understand”
  • and you’re just like i can’t let people down like that, i can’t be a failure
  • and youngjae kisses the stains of your cheeks and he’s like “you’re not a failure, you’ve achieved so much and ill stand by your side forever - there’s nothing to be afraid of”
  • and you look up and youngjae like. he really wants to kiss you but it’s obvious he’s holding back and so you take his face in your hands and kiss him first and youngjae falls back in shock but kisses back
  • and you guys return holding hands and jinyoung is about to rant, but mark nudges him and looks at your hand with youngjaes and jinyoungs like…………….im letting it go. onCE


  • no one finds him threatening and that gets on his nerves SO MUCH 
  • like he’ll jump at any chance to protect you JUST to prove to his hyungs that yes - yes he is suitable for this job and he’ll give it his all
  • and when i say any chance i mean it
  • like he jumped in front of a frisbee that got thrown while you were walking through the park and got hit in the head with it instead of catching it and literally passed. out
  • and when he woke up his head was in your lap and he was like “did i do good??? at least it didn’t hit you????? right?????”
  • and jb is like “you passed out because a plastic plate hit your damn head-”
  • but you shush jb and pet bambam’s hair and you’re like “im really glad you were there for me, thanks for keeping me safe~” and bambam gets so smug about it all day he keeps reminding everyone by pointing to the bandage on his head 
  • and some uglys that work with you are always critiquing bambam’s sometimes loud, sometimes bold actions and they’re like “he’s so thin and immature, why do you keep him around?” and you wanna be like “you can shut your dumb ass mouth up because he’s hardworking and loyal and makes me smile” but you’re just like “he’s my bodyguard. don’t speak ill of him if you dont know.”
  • and bambam is cute he shows up to work with a different designer tie and designer cufflinks and he’s like “i wanna look the best in front of my boss~” and yugyeoms like “you have a crush don’t you??” and bambam is like WHAT NO SHUT UP 
  • but he does and when he hears you standing up for him when other people tell you to fire him, it breaks his heart because he doesn’t want to be this burden to you
  • and one day when he requests to talk to you alone he says that he’s considering quitting because he’s done nothing to protect you or make you feel more safe and he’s shit at being a bodyguard isn’t he
  • and you literally slam your pen down and get up and you stand in front of him and you’re like “you’ve done more than make me feel safe, bambam you make me feel comfortable because you never lie. you never hide your intentions, and i love that about you.”
  • you lean in and brush his hair aside and bambam swears he’s looking at an angel (you) and he’s like,,,, im sorry for bringing this up and being weak,,,
  • and you’re like “maybe you’re not as strong physically as jackson or as quick witted as jinyoung but ….. you’re the only one i want to be with all the time.” and when you say this you can literally see the hearts in bambams eyes and he stands up and just throws his arms around you and gives out this long happy sigh and kisses your neck and you’re like bamb- ah bambam!!! not now!!! i have to work and he’s like SORRY SORRY 


  • healing eye smile that probably makes any criminal who even thinks of harming you regret their decision all together and instead of attacking you, leaves to repent their crimes because no. they can’t hurt you…….and they cannot for sure 100% hurt your cute bodyguard kim yugyeom 
  • he isn’t allowed to have a gun or even a baton …….. but it’s like ok because he kinda looms over everyone with his height and broad shoulders and so just having him wear the suit is enough
  • like once some guy cursed at you at a meeting and yugyeom just walked over,  put his arm around the dude and threw him over his shoulder and was like “you’re being mean, so im going to escort you out of the room sir.”
  • jinyoung was like put him down. but mark was laughing and jackson was like thaTS right YUGYEOM you tell that dude off 
  • bought a book on martial arts and tried to teach himself, but got really bored of it and so all he learned was the roundhouse kick but it’s cute once he perfected it he was so eager to show you he was like!!!! look i learned this cool move that’ll help me protect you
  • and then he proceeded to do the kick but his legs are long and so he knocked over a lamp and got really apologetic and tried to fix it, but broke it even more and was like omgomgomgomgomg im sorry please don’t fire me i didn’t mean it
  • and you just giggled and told him it was ok, his kick was cool and if anything you could always get another lamp
  • yugyeom loves it the most when you praise him and when he comes in with his hair smoothed back one day you’re like “woW so cool, so handsome~~” and he literally did the big smile, showing all his teeth like hehehehehe YOU think so,,,,,,anything you like boss ill keep~~~~~ and you were like good because i like everything about you 
  • and yugyeom literally smiled sO BIG at that that his happiness almost blinded you
  • once he was on solo duty to take you to have a lunch meeting with the CEO of a big business and the whole time the sleazy guy was totally trying to flirt with you and you could see from the corner of your eye that yugyeom was starting to twitch and even glare at the guy
  • and usually yugyeoms a happy guy, never taking anything too seriously but the way he was piercing daggers at the guy you couldn’t help but laugh against your palm
  • and when lunch was over you could see how tense yugyeoms shoulders were and you were like is everything ok??? and he was like yeaaaaaaaaaah….no………
  • and he turned to you and scratched his neck and was like “are you and that ceo…more than……you know….or like….do you want to be more………you know it’s not my business.”
  • but you can see the little hints of jealousy and you’re like “yugyeom, lean down i wanna tell you a secret” and he’s like OH OK 
  • but when he leans down you kiss his temple and you’re like “the only person that’s something more to me is you, but shhh ok?”
  • and yugyeom turns red like a cherry but he’s so GIDDY heS like ok!!!!!! ill keep it a secret!!!!!!!!! but hey you know,,,, i like you too!!!!!! keep it a secret tho!!!!!!!!!! hehehehehe 

stregatadallostregatto  asked:

If you feel naughty 179, or maybe 43 or 44, Annabel xCullen, preeeeetty please?

Seeing as I’ve now had this one twice it really needed writing didn’t it? Thank you @roxasshaeskellington​​ and @stregatadallostregatto​​ - don’t worry Annabel always feels naughty *snickers*

For @dadrunkwriting​​ Cullen Rutherford x Annabel Trevelyan - NSFW(ish)

(I’ve tried to keep it short as I have a bad habit of writing far too much for these prompts and thus never getting through them but hope you still enjoy it.)

#179. “First one to make a noise looses.”

Another achievement for the Inquisition, another excuse to invite goodness knows who into Skyhold’s keep for a social gathering, despite his reservations and concerns, which had largely been ignored. Nobility and their bloody instance on a party, any excuse to dress ridiculously, drink expensive wine and gossip… Cullen gives a heavy sigh, its not his idea of a good evening that;s for sure.

His sharp eyes travel the room until his satisfied that all his officers are standing to dutiful attention around the perimeter. Good. He can at least use his work to occupy himself, although as his gaze wonders it can’t help but be been drawn back to focus on Annabel. She’s stunning in flowing navy gown, cut off the shoulders and dropping at the back to reveal pale skin and sparse freckles only he’s used to seeing.

As always she’s the centre of attention, no sooner has one Lady left her side then a Lord pounces, pressing in close to whisper in her ear and making his brow narrow, must they old lewd over her so obviously? He snorts a grunt, crossing his arms over his chest as yet another Orlesian nobleman sweeps in to try to captivate her. He supposed its what to be expected, she’s the most beautiful woman in the room, not to mention the most powerful, and with her beaming smile undeniably the most charming, but it still, their attentions rile him.

Cracking his neck he decides now is the perfect opportunity to do a sweep of the room and distract himself from the thrills of the ‘game’. Walking the perimeter he nods in greeting as he passes some guests he recognises until he comes to rest along the darkened side-lines, the dapple of shadows making him feel much more at ease.

Suddenly his sides are jabbed from behind and he jerks with a none to manly yelp of surprise, spinning to face the culprit, his scowl already set in place. Annabel beams her biggest smile at him, it takes the malice from his glare but he keeps his brows furrowed nonetheless, just because she’s looking divine doesn’t mean he will let her make a fool of him. Not in public at least.

“I’m bored,” she announces bluntly, clearly a little tipsy as she throws her arms up around his neck.

With a quick glance round, finding many eyes resting on them, he nods and slowly prises her arms down. “I thought you liked parties?” he mumbles, shuffling her into a darker alcove in an attempt to shield them from the prying eyes.

She barks a derogatory laugh and wraps her arms around his waist now instead. “This is not a party, anything arranged by Josie that requires Orlesian nobles attendance is never a party…it a soiree at best…and I hate fancy soirees…” Her voice has a petulant tone that makes him finally crack a smile.

“I see,” he returns the favour and wraps his arms round her waist. “Well it will be over soon, Josephine assured me it would not go beyond midnight this time.”

“Yes, but I’m bored now,” her bright eyes flick up to him, her hands toying and pulling lightly on his jacket buttons. “Let’s play a game.”

Instantly he grabs her hands as they start to head south and tugs them away with a growl. “No,” his tone is stern and he uses his bulk to force her back further into the shadows. “Not here.”

Pouting she flutters heavy lashes up at him in a way that is never innocent. “Doesn’t the Commander want to play?”

He huffs a chuckle and shakes his head in dismay at her brazenness…But if she can be brazen, then why can’t he? He lets his eyes drop and roam over her chest admiring how her bosom heaves tight against the satin fabric with every breath. “Perhaps,” he murmurs his voice now rolling heavily “but I know what your games entail…”

Giggling she tiptoes to place a peck against his lips the playful act made sinful by the rub of her thigh against his hardened shaft, her voice dropping to a sultry purr. “Hmmm, so you do want to play after all…”

With that he pins her flush against the wall before she has the chance to grab at any part of him. He knows her games all too well, to have him writhing and whining as she touched him in all the places he needed to be touched, not stopping until he was a wreck of pure carnal want.

A gasp escapes her as his full weight comes to bear over her, he’s watched her all night, watched how the dress shifted like liquid when she spun, seen how it hugged every delicious soft curve, witnessed other men gape at her, move in close… Now she’s pressed close to him and its ignited the heated blood in his veins. But there’s too much going on around them; Sera’s voice singing to song that isn’t playing, the throng of chatter, the clink of glasses, the hum of stringed instruments shimmering over it all. No, he wants her to himself, no Lords interrupting, and his callous finger tips trace down her bare back, he wants all of her.

“In a moment I’m going to release you,” he states directly keeping his gaze fixed on hers. “You are going to wonder over to my chambers and then we will play a game; a game of my choosing.”

Her hands skirt up his torso as she bites her lip, eyes shimmering in anticipation. “And what kind of game do you have in mind?”

“We shall both let our hands roam as they wish,” his cock twitches into her at the mere thought. “And the first one to make a noise looses.”

She lifts one eye brow at him, they both know full well this is a game she cannot win. She’s about to retort something about fairness when she catches the dark glint in Cullen’s eyes, how they’ve melted to molten bronze in the flickering torchlight. “Hmmm…and what happens to the loser of this game?” she inquires, curling her leg round his as best she can, not caring in the slightest about the compromising position they’ve ended up in.

His scar twitches, his lip lifting in a deviant smirk, one that generates a tingle in her core and flushes blood to heat her skin. Leaning in, mouths almost touching, he drops his voice dangerously low. “They’re punished, of course.”

With that he lets go, pushing himself off the wall and turns to stalk away, leaving her panting and dishevelled despite barely even touching her. Maker’s breath… he’s glorious when he floods with confidence, her lion, her Commander.

Straightening out her gown she brushes herself down and takes a steadying breath, trying to avoid staring at his rear as he strides with full military discipline to snap something at one of the guards. Brushing loose strands of hair from her face she sets about gliding across the hall to the exit, nodding in farewell as she goes, head held high, making for the picture of refinement. This is despite every fibre in her being wanting to turn around and pounce on him. Desperate to tear open his jacket and rake her nails down his chest, clamp her hips up over his thighs and bury her mouth in his. Josie’s cries and the shocked gasps of the high born’s be damned, she wanted to pin him to the wall and demand, as his Inquisitor, that he take her, fuck her, there and then.

Jim opens the door to let her through, dragging her attention back into focus as he nods to her. “Have a good evening, my Lady.”

She smirks wickedly over one shoulder to him, catching a glimpse of Cullen prowling in the distance that makes her every nerve stir. “Oh, don’t worry, I will.”


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