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I love the CEO!Kara AU's. Like Kara stayed involved in sciences to feel closer to her parents on earth and now she has a tech company. Cause it's HC for me that Kara is extremely intelligent, even if you think about flying she needs to be able to calculate how much she needs to decelerate to not put massive holes in the ground when landing. But the ones I've found have made Kara OCC(like Lord's personality almost), but what if she was still just Sunny Danvers? That would be cooler to me.


Kara coming into work in the mornings and her assistant (she always used to go through assistants rather quickly because she works to find out what their passion is and then promotes them, but finally; this retired grandma decides she wants to go back to work so she becomes Kara’s assistant and they just really hit it off.) so she comes in and Sheila hands her her coffee and Kara asks about the grandkids. And Sheila totally knows that Kara is Supergirl - figured it out on the first day -  and she covers for her whenever she needs to leave suddenly and makes sure no one else gets suspicious.

All of her employees love her, but they have a healthy respect for her because they all know that she has a tendency to crush expensive office equipment when she gets upset, and if she can do that on ACCIDENT then they never want to see her tear into something on purpose.

So when Lena moves L-Corp to National City, she makes the rounds to all the major CEO’s and of course Kara is one of them and she expects Kara to be just like the rest - super judgy and snarky, but Kara is super nice and welcoming, and Lena just has like an instant crush because no one has ever just been nice to her before - but she’s still wary because surely Kara must have some ulterior motive. 

Then Kara shows up with lunch at Lena’s office a few days later and Lena is just like WTF? And Kara explains that she thought Lena might need a friend in this town because she’s read the papers and all the mean things they have to say about Lena. And then they just talk about tech stuff and Lena is kinda surprised that the most powerful CEO in National City has such a high level knowledge of proton deflectors and so when Kara invites her to game night, she accidentally agrees. Like, oops?

Not that she’s complaining.

‘Fearless Girl’ is the most disgusting thing ever. It is an affront to art.

On the surface it tells the story of a little girl standing up to a bull. A story of strong femininity against uncontrollable patriarchy.

In truth, it’s about corporate subterfuge destroying individual freedom.

For starters, the Fearless Girl statue? It’s a commercial. It’s a god-damned commercial. For a company called State Street Global Advisors. Their NASDAQ ticker symbol? The letters S, H, and E. SHE.

Now let’s take a quick look at the plaque next to the Fearless Girl:

SHE makes a difference. It’s not saying that women make a difference. It’s saying that State Street Global Advisors makes a difference. It’s a publicity stunt.

It’s soulless corporate marketing that appropriates and distorts someone else’s genuine guerilla artwork. It’s upsetting.


December 15th 1890: Sitting Bull killed

On this day in 1890, the Native American Lakota Sioux chief, Sitting Bull, was killed at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. Formal peaceful relations between the Sioux and the United States government began in 1868 upon the signing of the Fort Laramie Treaty. However, the discovery of gold in the Black Hills - which were in Sioux territory - in the 1870s led to a torrent of white prospectors invading the Sioux lands. The numerous Sioux tribes united under Sitting Bull’s leadership, and initially secured some major military victories over American forces. The most famous battle of the Great Sioux War of 1876 was the Battle of Little Bighorn, where Sioux and Cheyenne warriors defeated the famed General Custer. Sitting Bull then led his people to Canada, only to come back to America in 1881. It was around this time that he joined Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show, but he soon returned to his people to protect the rights of indigenous Americans. Sitting Bull was killed on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in 1890 by U.S. troops, who were trying to arrest him under fears he would join the Ghost Dance movement.

“I would rather die an Indian than live a white man”

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Oh! What about the inquisition companions reacting to a teenage herald being the victim of a racist slur for the first time in their life, and for the herald being visually upset about it?

Cassandra: Whoever said the slur has made a bad decision. A very bad decision. Cassandra looks between the offender and the upset Herald, and her eyes harden as they slowly turn to the racist. Her fists are clenched, turning white at the knuckles, and they realize they have fucked up. They have fucked up so bad. U kno they ded. After handling the matter, she checks up on the Herald and sees that they’re alright. “I know it’s not fair and it’s not right,” she says, “but hold your head high. You are above them.”

Blackwall: He drops whatever he’s doing and immediately gets in the asshole’s face, intimidating them with little effort. The offender jumps back, obviously thinking that nothing would come of their insult, but Blackwall persists and seems to loom over them. “You need to leave. Now.” he snaps. They take off, and Blackwall turns to reassure the Herald. “Are you alright?” he asks, suddenly softer and worried. “You let me know if anyone ever says that to you again.”

Iron Bull: He stands at full height, towering over whoever said the racist thing, looking down at them with a cold, calculating eye. His shadow looms over them as they look up at the massive, furious qunari. “Do you want to repeat what you just said?” he growls before shoving them down. They scramble to their feet as his hand reaches up towards his ax. The Herald is fairly certain he was just doing it to intimidate them, nothing more, but the look in his eye was enough to make the asshole bolt.

Sera: As soon as she sees the Herald is upset, she reaches for her arrows at holds one at length in her bow. “Say that again.” she dares, glaring. They run off, but that isn’t the end of Sera’s revenge, oh no. The racist in question becomes victim to numerous, merciless pranks, and no one dares to stop her. If the offender is a noble or wealthy, she asks her Friends to help take care of them. Sera has the Herald join her– payback will make them feel better.

Varric: He pulls Bianca out and strokes the wood tenderly, looking up at the asshole calmly. “Do you have a death wish?” he starts coolly. “As soon as I tell the others that you’ve upset the Herald… well, the results won’t be pretty. For you, at least.” The person flees, and Varric scoffs before turning to the Herald, eyes soft. “You alright, kid? Don’t let them get under your skin. They’re not worth it, and you’re better than them.”

Cole: He spends more time comforting the Herald than intimidating whoever said the racist thing. He does want to kill the person who said it, if only for a moment, before remembering that’s a bad thing and won’t solve the problem. As soon as he’s finished soothing the teenager, he tells Leliana. Leliana will handle it and he’ll heal the hurt.

Solas: He thinks little of it until he sees how upset the Herald is, and he feels bad for them, especially if they’re an elf. He stares icily at the racist. “How ignorant and pathetic you must be to stoop to insulting a young person in a weak attempt to soothe your own self esteem. You will never accomplish as much as this da’len, even if you try.” His words bite and simultaneously make the kid feel better. If they try to fight him in anger, he freezes them with little effort, and a careless yawn.

Dorian: He was angry before he saw how upset the Herald was– now there’s pure rage, and it manifests itself in insults, because violence wasn’t an option. He scoffs derisively. “What a pathetic thing you are. Hurling racist insults at someone you hardly know to satisfy your need to feel bigger than someone else? Sorry to disappoint you, but even a demon of sloth is better than you. Now, run along– the spymaster’s no doubt heard about this incident already. Best sing your prayers while you still can. Ta-ta. Good day.” He checks on the Herald immediately after and reassures them repeatedly. “It’s okay now, Leliana will tear them apart for you. Anyone who stoops to such pathetic insults is even more pathetic than the insults themselves.”

Vivienne: They’ve made a terrible mistake calling the Herald such a thing in front of Madame de Fer. She gently puts a hand on the Herald’s shoulder, reassuring them softly, before sizing up the racist and ripping them to shreds with words, much like she did to the marquis the Herald met at the soiree she met them at. After they leave, thoroughly humiliated, she finds out who they are and ruins their career with an easy grace. 

Josephine: She’s actually shocked at their disgrace and dishonorable actions, and she puts a protective arm around the Herald. “I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” she says stonily. “We do not want you here, not anymore, if you cannot be civilized and respectful.” If they resist, she summons the guards to handle them, and frets over the Herald– she wants to cheer them up.

Cullen: “You need to leave. Now.” he snaps, irritated. “We have no room for a racist in our midst. Get. Out.” If they do not leave immediately, he has a soldier or two forcibly escort them out. He sighs and takes time to reassure the Herald. “Don’t let them disparage you. There is nothing wrong with you. It’s them; if anyone else gives you any trouble, you let me know. I’ll have them escorted out.”

Leliana: They either didn’t notice the spymaster standing there or they were too stupid to consider their words. In either case, they have fucked up. The woman’s eyes turn cold and calculating and she steps forward with a serene grace. “Would you like to apologize to the Herald?” she asks, giving them one last chance. If they refuse– she has her agents learn everything about them and she gets to work. U kno they DEFINITELY ded.


(i have space in my brain for about 3 Things. here’s two of them)

Dorian specializes in let’s plays of scary games. Zombies, murders, creepy kids in dark hallways. Part of his channel’s appeal, he knows, the thing that really makes his videos stand out, is Bull. Bull, who hates horror movies and video games, but loves Dorian enough to cower in the corner and hide his face in a pillow during every cut scene.

He’ll play other genres on request, though. Lately his subscribers really want him to play this game with the giant bird-dog. Bull wants to play it too, and that’s really the deciding factor.

But no one told Dorian that the point of The Last Guardian was climbing really high up. He can deal with jump scares, and gore, and fucked up shit, but climbing up the side of a building at the edge of a million-mile drop is not something he can do.

About 20 minutes into the livestream, Dorian hands the controller off to Bull, and doesn’t take it back.

Commentary that makes it onto the highlight reel includes:

“Man, it’s a good thing this kid is like, an Olympic level gymnast, because it would be really bad if he lost his grip now.”

“The graphics in the game are gorgeous! Look, Dorian, you can see the leaves on that tree down there!” 
“No I can’t. I’m not looking.”

“Dorian, you’re going to have to let go of my arm if you want me to get past this part.”

“Oh, cool! There’s more tightropes further up!”

“Eat the fucking thing, Trico.”

“Don’t stop there, you’re going to fall!” 
“No I’m– oh shit.”

The statue of a defiant girl in front of the Wall Street bull is now wearing a series of 'pussy hats'

(A woman places a “pussy hat” and a red scarf on a statue of a fearless girl facing the Wall Street bull.Mark Lennihan/AP)
In honor of International Women’s Day, people are placing pink, floppy “pussy hats” atop the head of the newly installed statue of a defiant little girl facing off against Wall Street’s “Charging Bull.”

On March 7, the world’s third-largest asset manager, State Street Global Advisors, placed the statue in downtown Manhattan as part of its new campaign to pressure companies to add more women to their boards. The 50-inch bronze statue stands with hands on hips, eyes locked on the iconic bull.

A day later, women gathered for marches and protests around the world in celebration of International Women’s Day. In the morning, crowds gathered around the fearless girl statue and placed their pussy hats — a symbol of solidarity that first popped up during the Women’s March in January — on her head.

(Mark Lennihan/AP)

The pussy hat became the unofficial feminist uniform when millions marched to advocate for gender equality on President Donald Trump’s first full day in office.

(Mark Lennihan/AP)

The goal of International Women’s Day is to raise awareness about civil liberties, reproductive rights, workplace discrimination, and economic inequality — and push for change.

The statue of the girl is emblematic of that mission. State Street told Business Insider’s Rachael Levy that the statue aims to draw attention to the need for gender diversity in the workplace.

“One of the most iconic images on Wall Street is the charging bull. So the idea of having a female sort of stand against the bull or stand up to the bull just struck us as a very clever but also creative and engaging way to make that statement," Lori Heinel, State Street’s deputy global chief investment officer, said. "Even though it’s a little girl, her stance is one of determination, forwardness, and being willing to challenge and take on the status quo.”

On the morning of March 8, women crowded the statue to take selfies with it.

(Mark Lennihan/AP)

And sixth grade students from the local Blue School drew illustrations of the statue.

(Mark Lennihan/AP)

NOW WATCH: A $2.5 trillion asset manager just put a statue of a defiant girl in front of the Wall Street bull

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schmoop alert!! i wrote a thing
adoribull, T, kisses and fluff and not much else really. dorian is a grump but bull always makes things better ^_^

He hadn’t woken up in a terrible mood. Waking up had been rather pleasant, really, for all that he’d been crushed partway into the mattress. His bed was small, and Bull took up most of it. Dorian liked that, though. There was something about the way Bull took up space in his life now. Unapologetic, smiling, warm– he’s never once regretted opening his door to Bull.

Closing the door behind him, however. That’s where the trouble lies. It’s in the moments before Bull turns to walk away, when he’s still leaning on Dorian’s doorframe with that terrible smirk, that’s the problem. He wants something more. More than a tangle of bedsheets and a smile across the tavern later. More than knowing that Bull’s door is always open to him, more knowing he can go to Bull. What he wants– terribly, selfishly– he wants a promise that Bull will come back to him.

It’s not something that he can ask for. It’s not something that fits in what they have. Dorian knows that. His role in this, after he and Bull have spectacular sex and fall asleep in each other’s arms, is to tease Bull about sleeping late and close the door behind him. He can’t ask for a promise, or even a kiss goodbye, because that’s too much like asking for Bull to care.

That’s the feeling that lingers for the rest of the day. Not the warmth and calm of waking up with Bull, but the pointless aching. Why should one kiss matter so much? Why can’t he be satisfied– for once in his life– with what he has?

And asking for affection isn’t something he can do. He has far too much pride to ask for it, and if he’s honest, he’s afraid that Bull might say no. Then of course, he might say yes, and not mean it, and give Dorian everything he asks for but secretly resent him, and–

Dorian slams his book shut. He wasn’t really reading it, anyway.

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Bull Gets A Shave

Because of this. I also wanted to try writing in past-tense again. And I wanted some giggly, corny OTP. Even Kimani is goofy sometimes xD

Bull just wanted to look nice for the opera. That’s all he wanted.

Generally he kept his beard low, managed to shape up the sides so they matched every once in a while, but other than that he left his face alone. Not much he could do about it anyway, but at the very least he could keep himself from looking like Blackwall; Blackwall’s beard had a personality. If pressed, Blackwall’s beard could probably speak.

He hadn’t done much to himself since coming to Val Royeaux; before whisking Kimani away to the spa Vivienne had mentioned he might visit a barber she knew, passing along his information and suggesting he ask Philippe for a “woody” aftershave, whatever that meant. So he went, and Philippe was nice, even nicer when Bull dropped Ma’am’s name. He set Bull up with a ton of pillows on the floor since Bull couldn’t fit anywhere else. The man got to shaving and Bull wasn’t thinking, just liked the feel of the shaving cream and the blade on his cheeks. He wasn’t thinking about the last time he’d been clean-shaven; shit, it’d been years. Ten, maybe fifteen; he had to have been in his early twenties the last time he had a butt-naked face, and Bull was closer to forty than anything else

When Philippe handed him the mirror, Bull snorted. He definitely didn’t look like Blackwall.

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“What? You didn’t think I’d just leave and you’d never hear from me again, did you? You are my dearest friend, perhaps my only friend. That will never change no matter where we are.”

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Ok... I want your headcanons for this scenario (just for fun): a lipstick lesbian gets elected as US president and her butch wife is first "lady", but is totally unladylike and idk it was fun to imagine. Give me some plot points of this thing :D

Hahahaha oh my god, this sounds amazing. Hm hahaha okay:

1) The Republicans have a field day going off during campaigning season about how dangerous it will be for two lesbians to run the country, because women menstruate and TWO! gOD, they would sync up the entire country and we couldn’t have every women in America PMSing at the same time!

2) When Lipstick Lesbian and Butch First Lady win Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and Mike Pence all die simultaneously from co-occurring heart attacks from the shock.

3) President Lipstick Lesbian comes out and tells them they get two for the price of one because her Butch Lesbian wife is a constitutional lawyer who’s been servin Butch Looks to the community her entire life and also working pro bono defending LGBTQ homeless kids at the New York Ali Forney Center. First move Butch First Lady makes after Lipstick Lesbian wins the presidency is co-hosting when Lady Gaga visited Ali Forney Center back in December haha.

4) Butch First Lady always has iconique hairstyles, as the 8 years of their term goes on, the haircuts just get gayer and gayer and shorter and shorter with more colorful hair dye each time (go off on those butch hair styles, anon, get creative as fuck)

5) Lipstick Lesbian makes it a requirement for parents who send their kids to conversion camps to rot in prison for life.

6) Lipstick Lesbian’s VP is Joe Biden, mainly just because she loves how he points into the crowd all the time.

And lastly, and MOST importantly:

7) They make it top priority to put up a statue of our Mother Hillary Diane Rodham (purposefully leave out Clinton on the statue name) in the front of the Wall Street Bull, standing behind the little girl who’s currently there, acting as a protector for the little one!

Hahahaha, hope these are helpful. I would fucking love to read a fic about two lesbians running our country!

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DAI Companions reacting to a Tevinter Inquisitor ?

Cassandra: After the mess at the Conclave, she is furious to see that their suspect is from Tevinter. Of course they are. Only a Tevene would want to cause such misery in their lives. Later, she does regret these initial thoughts, as she knows it was rather beneath her. She does apologise to the Inquisitor and strives to make it known that she does not truly believe the rumours of Tevinter. 

Blackwall: He’s a bit shocked, but moreso because it’s rare for him to see a Tevene so far south. He tells them later he didn’t expect for the Herald of Andraste to be from Tevinter, and chuckles at how the Chantry would be dealing with that. “You lot have a different view on the Maker and his bride, right? Oh, the Chantry must be angry.” He does not treat them any differently aside from this, however. 

Sera: She squints at them when she meets them. She can tell something’s different from their accent- that’s not Ferelden, or even anywhere in the Free Marches, from what she can tell. Then it clicks. “You one of them Magisters?” She asks, fingers twitching to grab at her bow. She relaxes when she hears they’re not a magister, but takes a bit of time to warm up to them. Eventually, she gives a little apology. “It’s just hard, yeah? You hear things, bad things coming from there, and I know I’d be buggered if I went there. Elf, you know? So, well, I didn’t mean anything by it, yeah?” 

Varric: He’s a bit surprised when he sees that the famous prisoner from the explosion is from Tevinter. Could it be possible that they were sent by the Tevinter Chantry to cause the war in the south to deepen? It seems like something a rival Chantry would want to do…But when the prisoner is revealed to be innocent, he believes them. He’s pretty sure they’re telling the truth, and they’re overwhelmed; the least Varric can do is let them know that someone is on their side. He doesn’t treat them any differently to anyone else, though he does like to tell them about a particularly broody elf who liked to dance in his stolen mansion. You just can’t make this stuff up!

Cole: He knew right away, and didn’t care about it. He didn’t really know why everyone else did either. “They haven’t done anything bad, why do people stay away? It’s okay, they’re here to help!” He likes to remind the Inquisitor of the good and beautiful parts of their homeland, because he knows that they would rarely hear anything positive of Tevinter in the south, and he doesn’t want them to forget. 

Vivienne: If the Inquisitor isn’t a mage, she’s not particularly fazed. If they’re a mage, she is rather suspicious, as she knows the rumours of Tevinter’s Circles. To her, the Inquisitor could be woefully incapable of guarding themselves against demons, or be reckless. She decides to give them some small lessons, and warns them that conversing with demons would be exceptionally foolish given their mark. “It is a new and wild aspect of your magic, and cannot be predicted. Do not put yourself at risk when you cannot fully control yourself.” She does give them pointers on how to put forth a positive public appearance, though and tries to help them dispel the negative connotations Tevinter and the magisters bring for their social standing. 

Iron Bull: Like Vivienne, it varies depending on whether the Inquisitor is a mage or not. If they aren’t a mage, he is quite easy-going with them, and it doesn’t really matter. If they are a mage, he is understandably suspicious. But he is a good judge of character, and will give them a chance, even if they are a Vint. The Ben-Hassrath are rather suspicious of the Inquisitor, given the war with Tevinter, and task him with keeping an extra close eye on them. If he sacrifices the Dreadnought, he is accused of betraying the Qun to Tevinter, as well as forgetting his role in the Qun. 

Solas: Is quite surprised that a Tevene would be so far south, but doesn’t treat them any differently. After arriving at Skyhold, when he begins to bond more with the Inquisitor, he is relieved to know that all people from Tevinter are not as insufferable as Dorian. He will interrogate the Inquisitor on their thoughts of slavery, particularly of elves, and if he does not like what he hears, he will come down hard and the Inquisitor will lose any amount of respect that they had managed to gain with him. 

Dorian: Is rather relieved to find another person from Tevinter in the Inquisition, and he often slips into Tevene around them. He loves relating to someone else about how they’re pariahs in the south, and constantly jokes about how there’s only room enough for one big bad pariah in the Inquisition. He does enjoy chatting about their favourite places, and usually spends time reminiscing about particular things they both remember fondly of their homeland.  

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KS IS NOT LEGAL FOR MINORS TO READ SO IF THEY ARE READING IT THEN THEY ARE LITERALLY GOING AGAINST AGE RESTRICTIONS SET BY THE WEBSITE AND THEY ARE STEALING THE CONTENT. I can't stand this protect minors bull crap because they choose to expose themselves to it then act all offended that it exists. Lezhin doesn't want anyone but the intended audience PAYING for it to read it. The "protect the children" argument is so dumb I'm literally losing brain cells every time I read it.

Yeah, Lezhin doesn’t even make it available on the phone to read if it’s rated Mature. [unless they updated their app] I think the argument was that the way Tumblr is, inappropriate content can get spread extremely quickly and leave a bad impression on the people that get exposed to it. I think it’s a bit silly to let your sole argument be that because you’re really not giving minors enough credit. I’d be more worried about kids reading it than people over 13. Usually by then you have a sense of judgement. The biggest thing that doesn’t make sense to me about the argument is that like, KS isn’t subtle about how abusive/dangerous/manipulative it is. I guess it was more so “The fans need to stop creating fanworks that show how much they enjoy it because it’s highly impressionable” but for fucks sake, kids use youtube all the time and all it takes is to scroll down into the comments section to be exposed to worse shit. 

Astrarium Prompt


@galadrieljones  Thank you so much for the ask! I am so sorry that this didn’t get to you sooner!

Rating: Mature/Nothing Explicit

And this is why it is so late, if you can imagine me with the whole cast of my DAI characters:

Me: Alright gang, here’s our prompt.  I was thinking we should stop avoiding our main pair over there (pointing out Solas and Teiran) and give them something safe and fluffy to test out.

Solas and Teiran glance at each other, then stare back at me: Not ready.

Me: O.O what do you mean not ready?

Them: Not ready.

Me: Oh for the-love-of-all-that-is-holy… .

3 weeks later with many ideas but none that flow onto paper.

Me: Alright fine you two, be that way.  I need a pairing.  Who would like to volunteer?

Bull: Us!  Pick us! We are so all over that.

Me: You two? But … I don’t know about this.  Really, I’ve never written anything like you two.

Dorian: Us or nothing.

Me: *Sigh* Fine.

Originally posted by pureheartsaredope

The two lovers collapsed in a heap.  Dorian rolled onto his back, too dazed to notice the wide-open expanse of evening-blue sky afforded by the secluded corner in the Hinterlands.  The Iron Bull expelled a gutsy laugh as he stretched lazily in the cool grass.  He eyed an upturned, hand-sized mound of dirt near him, “That one sounded like it hurt.”

Dorian twitched his perfectly, skewed mustache into an amused smile, “Not at all.”  He ran his hands down his face and back through his hair, reorganizing the silky tangle.  Dorian flexed his toned—in both strength and color—muscles as he sat up, deciding whether he was physically able to stand.  

Bull expressed his appreciation, “Mmmmm …” as he watched his attractive lover hunt the grassy area surrounding the astrarium for the garments that had been hastily torn from him.

Facing the trees that circled the metal, astrological puzzle, Dorian threw his shirt over his head. The Iron Bull eyed the hem as it fluttered just below the curve of his ass.

“You don’t have to do that ya know.”  Bull spoke casually while reclining onto his side to face Dorian.  

Dorian continued to hunt for his pants and flippantly answered, “I rarely do anything that I do not want to, what exactly are you referring to?”

Bull chuckled, “Leave as soon as you can stand straight.”

 Dorian stopped dead in his tracks, turning to face the nude Qunari and every one of his pale scars on blue gray-tinted skin.  

Bull’s warm, green eye stared brazenly into Dorian’s stunned expression as he watched the minuscule emotions and thoughts play out behind his perfectly neutral mask.

Dorian smiled charmingly, “Oh, don’t tell me this is the part where we cuddle and declare our undying love for each other?”

The Iron Bull wasn’t fazed by the rebuff; he continued in the same light tone, “Ha.  All I’m sayin is you can stay a minute.  Catch your breath.  After all, wouldn’t want anyone to see you so …” He ran his eye over Dorian’s flushed cheeks, “Sparkly.”

Dorian smiled smugly, “According to Varric I always sparkle.”  The mage measured his steps as he returned to their patch of flattened grass. Dorian sat near Bull’s stomach, one leg stretched out before him and the other bent so that his elbow rested elegantly on top.  “Truly, do you think I fear their opinion of us?  Because if so, allow me to put your mind at ease: I gave up such pretenses a long time ago.”

Iron Bull wore a light smile, as he listened to the nervous man before him, “No.  You don’t like them talking about it.  And if you stroll back into camp looking like—”

“I see your point.”  Dorian cut him off and frowned at the ground.

Bull glanced around them, searching for a change in topic.  His slashed face broke into a sly grin, “So.” He gestured with his horn to the Astrarium behind them, “What is that thing anyway?”

 “Hm?”  Dorian followed the gesture to the moss-covered mechanism in question, “The astrarium?  It’s a relic from the Imperium, Pre-Andrastian. There was a cult that used these astrological devices as clues to a secret hideout where they plotted their schemes against the evil Magisterium.”  Dorian’s posture shifted, he was cross-legged and facing the Qunari.

Iron Bull preened internally at the relaxing effect his question had on the academic.  He teased him, “Sounds like something you and the boss would like.”

 Dorian flashed him a knowing, genuine smile, “True, but not something that would interest you.”

 Bull held his hand up in surrender, the other hand preoccupied with holding his massive body up on his side.  

Dorian sighed, “You don’t have to make this more than what it is, Bull.”

 A moment of awkward silence passed between them.  Then the Iron Bull placed his hand on Dorian’s shoulder, “I’m not. We are friends aren’t we?”

“Not much about what we just did would be classified as ‘friendly’” Dorian glanced at Bull’s muscular form.

Bull grunted appreciatively as his hand trailed downward.