standing bass

Happy Halloween, have a spooky picture of my bass standing in the corner of my room cos the other night I realised that in the dark it really looks like a fat sinister misshapen person standing in the corner

sightreading in band
  • flutes: gotta be on my A game!!! what if i play an f# instead of an f and the director NOTICES?????
  • oboes: i could probably just leave. exit the building. id probably get yelled at but at this point i dont care.
  • clarinets: *gently weeping into the stand*
  • bass clarinets: wOW... quarter notes....... how noVEL.. give us something to playWAIT NO WHAT IS THAT NO
  • saxophones: eh its okay but you know what this legato section really needs??? a jazz riff
  • bassoons: i've been playing candy crush for the past hour and i don't think the director even knows i'm here
  • trumpets: 'did you get that hard bit' *sweats nervously* 'of COURSE i did id have to be some sort of MORON not to'
  • horns: shitshitshitshitSHITHSHITSHITSHITSHITSHITshit
  • trombones: 'did you get that hard bit' 'nah man' 'yeah me neither' *doesn't practice til the day before the concert*
  • baritones: my part is cooler than the trombone part and that's all i care about
  • tubas: *immense foghorn noise* THERE WERE FOUR Fs.
  • percussion: *57 m rest* *hits one thing* *it's late*

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