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When in Doubt, Swing it Out

I’ve been super into the electro swing genre lately (I blame @kaxpha for playing bomb music in their art streams) so I wrote this little blurb of a fic. Enjoy!

Lance had most definitely had better days.

Not only had been woken up by a surprise training drill by Allura, but he had barely slept a wink anyway thanks to some not so friendly dreams due to his spike of homesickness as of late.

He sat on the couch in the main lounge, sighing as he scrolled through his cellphone, a reflex that he had yet to have broken. There obviously was no cellphone reception in space. But, fortunately, Pidge had brought her phone charger with her in the backpack she carried when this entire crazy adventure started, so at least Lance could look at the pictures. Him at the Garrison with Hunk and Pidge, him at the beach in his hometown, his mom, his siblings, his family.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Is it ok to ask for a headcanon where MC gets the leading female role in a romantic play! But alas a romantic play must have its kissing moment somewhere, how does the RFA react when she has to kiss the leading male role / stage partner??


  • he gets so jealous
  • he doesn’t want to! he knows it’s just for show!
  • but damn, when his possessive side creeps up on him, he seriously gets jealous
  • he’d been enjoying the play all ok until that point- ignoring MC’s romance in the play and just enjoying the acting, but the kiss was really a tense point
  • he just digs his hands into the seat and concentrates on small details on the scene until it’s over
  • he can’t help but feel jealous, though
  • when the play ends and MC comes to greet him, he makes sure that the dude who had to kiss MC gets a full view of him giving MC flowers and a big hug
  • the dude doesn’t even care he’s just like ‘oh cool mc’s boyfriend is here!’


  • she knows that kisses onstage aren’t a big deal
  • she helped MC practice the kissing scene at home (which she considers to be one of the best moments ever)
  • so when the scene comes up, she just doesn’t feel much?
  • sure, MC is kissing the lead male actor onstage, but she doesn’t necessarily see MC, she sees the character they play
  • and even so, the only feeling the scene evokes in her is the same feeling that is caused by recalling the memories of her and MC practicing the kissing scene
  • so it’s seriously not a big deal for her, she just knows how to enjoy a play very well


  • professional zen vs romantic zen
  • his professional side is like? who cares it’s a play? it’s just acting? you’ve done the same thing a ton of times and it doesn’t mean you loved the other actor
  • his romantic side is just screaming “wHAT THE FUCK IS THIS AND HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO JUST STAND HERE” in repeat, bass boosted
  • he tries to just let the professional side show, because whenever he has a kissing scene, MC is usually moderately cool with it and he doesn’t want to seem like an overprotective prick in their eyes
  • he does end up voicing some of his worries, though, and thankfully, MC reassures him it’s just acting, zen, a kiss won’t ever change how I feel about you
  • doesn’t stop him from simmering in his seat whenever there’s a way too romantic interaction, though


  • when MC tells him he just downright expresses his opinion 
    • “I don’t really like that.”
  • he knows he’s been… a bit too controlling in the past, and he knows that it’s certainly not acceptable at all to try and change the script or something but honestly? a tempting idea
  • MC expected the reaction- after all, Jumin is very open with them, and they tell Jumin he doesn’t have to watch the play if he knows it’ll upset him too much
  • but he doesn’t do that- MC has worked so hard for this play, there’s no way he’ll miss it
  • sure, he really feels uncomfortable during the mushy scenes (which is… quite often in a romantic play) but he knows better than anyone how to keep a blank face and hide what he’s feeling
  • in the end, he takes MC on a date to congratulate them and get his mind off the thought of another man’s lips on MC’s.


  • on the outside? a party man
  • he’s like hahaha why would I care? i know you adore me! hahaha break a leg MC love ya! this will be great!!!!!
  • he’s really hyped for the play
  • encourages MC lots
  • but… on the inside? …hm.
  • he’s told himself time and time again that he’s worthy of love. he is good enough to love. the same mantra he’s been repeating ever since he and MC got together
  • but it’s sometimes just so hard to believe why MC would choose a life with him over a normal life, y’know?
  • like, whatever the dude they have to kiss is, why not him? Seven doesn’t even have to look into him to know he’s probably a decent person who makes a decent amount of money and lives a nice, normal life
  • who wouldn’t want that?
  • those are stray thoughts, that he’d never voice to anyone, but linger in the back of his mind and don’t quiet down until MC comes bouncing to him after the play is over to ask him if he liked it

The scene at Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment  is considered by Milwaukee Police to one of the worst they ever encountered. Photographs of bodies in various stages of dismemberment, barrels containing acid, boxes of various body parts plus three human heads found in a refrigerator were among the items recovered during a search of Dahmer’s apartment, the now-now infamous apartment 213 at the Oxford Apartments, Milwaukee, Wis.

Dahmer would also confess to having sex with his victims’ corpses, preserving skulls, keeping various body parts, showering with corpses, cannibalizing some of his victims’ remains and trying to create living zombies by performing lobotomies with a power drill and pouring acid into the holes.

What was Jeffrey Dahmer like as a neighbor? Were there any signs that the tenant in apartment 213 was abnormal?

Jeffrey Dahmer’s neighbor from across the hall, Vernell Bass, stands outside of Dahmer’s apartment

Dahmer’s neighbor, Henry Barnett, describes Dahmer as never looking anyone in the eyes. “He always looked down,” Barnett says.

Other neighbors also described Dahmer as an introvert, always dressed in the same T-shirt and jeans.

The other tenants at the Oxford Apartments describe a horrible, unrecognizable smell throughout the whole building that seemed to originate from Dahmer’s apartment. The smell was thought to be either spoiled food or even a rat that had died in the vents.

Pamela Bass, Dahmer’s neighbor from across the hall, talked to Dahmer about the smell many times. She says that Dahmer was always polite when she spoke to him about the smell, saying that he claimed that meat had spoiled in his freezer and that he planned to thoroughly clean the freezer with Pine Sol.

Who would ever think that a neighbor was a serial killer?

Bass said that “Maybe we should have thought something. But how could anybody know he was collecting dead bodies? I didn’t know what a dead body smells like.”

Bass recalled other strange things about Dahmer and said, “I would hear a buzz saw running in the early evening, I thought he was building something." 

She also said she heard Dahmer swearing when she was sure he was alone in his apartment.

Pamela Bass

After news of his crimes hit the media, many people who had missing family members showed up at the Oxford Apartments thinking that perhaps their loved one may have been a victim of Dahmer.

One woman, Bernice Lipsom, said that she last saw her 41-year-old son Aaron Vickers alive on June 10 after leaving him off at The Oxford Apartments. Vickers has not been seen or heard from since. He failed to pick up his disability check and hadn’t called Lipsom.

Lipsom said, “My heart dropped in the bottom of my stomach when I heard what happened here. Either he’s not able to talk or he’s dead. If he could talk he’d call his momma. If his body is in there, I want to know.”


“Parts of Many Bodies Found In Milwaukee Apartment,” by Isabel Wilkerson, New York Times, July 24, 1991

eggchjf  asked:

If that "Star Platinum is Jonathan's ghost" theory was true, it makes one wonder what on EARTH happened to Jonathan to turn him into... that

Souls with unfinished business are those left behind as ghosts. Seeing how Jonathan spent the last of his life to complete it only to go unfinished, his business is much more a crusade (A stardust crusade, if you will).
I imagine with that deep of a goal and the early connection between stands and ripple, it’s fun to think of Star Platinum both as his ghost and, essentially, the last of his hamon given form.

Another fun linking thing is his link with The World. Their abilities are the same, almost if the stands… are brothers.
(The last line sounds kinda stupid but y’all know what I mean, right?)

Dreamcatcher “Prequel” Mini Album Track Details

1. Before and After (Intro)
The prologue of Dreamcatcher’s prequel story.  It raises the curtain of the album with an atmosphere just like when you open a door only to be sucked into the past.
Composed Ollounder, LEEZ / Arranged Ollounder, LEEZ / Keyboard LEEZ / Guitar Kim Taehoon / Bass Ollounder / Drum Ollounder / Recording engineer Jung Iljin / Mixing engineer Kim Seokmin / Mastering engineer Kwon Namwoo   

2. 날아올라 (Fly High)
Dreamcatcher’s first mini album [Prequel]’s title song. After opening the door with a beautiful piano melody, out of the story of only Dreamcatcher who sing nightmares and gorgeous, powerful guitar sounds, a more dramatic song was born. Beautiful and mysterious like a rainbow, the seven colors of the seven Dreamcatcher members, like a thorny rose, a nightmare you cannot escape, a portrays an addictive deadly fantasy without stop.  A woman receiving attention with many hit songs for Apink, Girl’s Day, WSJN, etc., producer SEION participated in the lyrics, composition, and production of the song.
Lyrics SEION / Composed SEION / Arranged SEION / Keyboard SEION / Chorus Lee Siyeon, SEION / Guitar Ko Taeyoung / Bass TASCO / Recording engineer Jung Iljin / Mixing engineer Cho Junsung (assisted by Heo Eunsook) / Mastering engineer Kwon Namwoo 

3. Wake Up
A song with free, adventurous lyrics and Dreamcatcher’s unique metal rock sound. Anyone will carry thoughts of escaping their boring routine in a part of their heart. You can feel a feeling of freedom with this song’s lyrics and refreshing rock sound. Get up! Now!
Lyrics Kim Boeun / Composed Ollounder, LEEZ / Arranged Ollounder, LEEZ / Keyboard LEEZ / Chorus Lee Siyeon, LEEZ / Guitar Kim Taehoon / Bass Ollounder / Drum Ollounder / Recording engineer Jung Iljin / Mixing engineer Kim Seokmin / Mastering engineer Kwon Namwoo  

4. Sleep-walking 
The longing heart of a girl who believes in a false memory, with a tragic story that leads to sleepwalking, expresses an obsessive love with an intense sound. It includes the strange charm with Dreamcatcher’s whispers, as they are nightmares. Additionally, color of the drum and bass genre stands out.
Lyrics LEEZ, Ollounder / Composed LEEZ, Ollounder / Arranged LEEZ / Keyboard LEEZ / Chorus Lee Siyeon, Kim Yoohyeon, LEEZ / Guitar Kim Taehoon / Bass LEEZ / Drum LEEZ / Recording engineer Jung Iljin / Mixing engineer Kim Seokmin / Mastering engineer Kwon Namwoo  

5. 괜찮아! (Fine)
A song that reveals Dreamcatcher’s love towards fans. You become depressed for no reason when it’s a rainy day, daily life is busy, suddenly your self-esteem is lowered. To comfort those kinds of things, comforting Dreamcatcher’s voice, lyrics, and melody are an impressive rock ballad number.
Lyrics Ollounder / Composed Ollounder / Arranged Ollounder / Keyboard Ollounder / Chorus Lee Siyeon / Guitar Kim Taehoon / Bass Ollounder / Drum Ollounder / Recording engineer Jung Iljin / Mixing engineer Kim Seokmin / Mastering engineer Kwon Namwoo

6. 날아올라 (Fly High) [Instrumental]

A War Fought at Home : Chapter 4

Corporal Natsu Dragneel has been through Hell, and unfortunately for him, the ride isn’t quite over. How will a new Rehab program at the local VA help? And will a certain blonde help make matters better?

Modern Military AU. Warnings for mentions of depression and adult language/situations. Other warnings to come as the story progresses. Cross post on AO3 and

Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3

“Come on, Dragneel! Be a man and give me ten more!”

Physical Therapy with Elfman eventually became one of Natsu’s favorite parts about his day. The chiseled brute was nothing like the cheerleader from Natsu’s first day at the VA. After three months of going almost every day, the Marine noticed a definite change in his overall quality of life. Granted his ass was still stuck in his chair but at least his pain had diminished slightly. Although, if he was being honest, his sessions with Elfman usually left him hurting for days.

Natsu growled as he pushed himself further, desperately trying to pull his knees into his rising chest. Beads of sweat were falling to the mat from the tips of his salmon hair, his body shaking as he exerted every ounce of energy he had left. It felt so damn good to maxing himself out again. At the end of the day, if he laid in his bed with his eyes shut, his nerves fired almost like they used to after a fight with Gray. Popsicle Breath wouldn’t touch him, though it was probably for the best given his current capacities, but at least he could ride the adrenaline high again.

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From my sister, the baroque violinist:

“Last night at the Hercules concert, I was sitting directly in front of a group of lucky young people who appeared to be attending their first period instrument concert (perhaps even first orchestra concert). This is a good sign; we want to reach people like them. 

An added bonus was that I got to be entertained by such comments as “Do you think that guy wanted to play oboe, and they told him ‘No, you’re too tall! Stand-up bass for you!’” and “WHOA, is that guy gonna play two instruments at once?!” (when the concertmaster was giving an A from the harpsichord). But I lost it when I heard “Is that guy smelling his drum?” I could not contain myself; I turned around and said “He’s tuning it.” One dude replied “Is that how you tune a drum? When it smells in tune?” I just turned back around. I will be smelling my violin for intonation from now on.”