standing at the treshold

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number 3 for jaime and cersei 💔

3. “Please, don’t leave.”

She is only two-and-ten when Father declares that she is to be sent to King’s Landing, where she is supposed to marry either of the Targaryen princes. She knows she’s supposed to weep and kick and plead to be allowed to stay, and she had even done that, for a time, but she just can’t make herself look that silly anymore.
Not after what aunt Genna had told her in the Stone Garden. You are a lioness and it is for all the lesser beasts to fear you.

Cersei, for herself, is ready to face whatever threat may await her in King’s Landing. She’s always been a brave child, braver than most boys with their childish wooden swords.
And certainly braver than her own twin, Jaime, who is standing now on the treshold of her bedchamber, his lips chapped from all the biting and yelling, his eyes still wet and fiery, his right cheek red, where Father had probably slapped him when he had grown tired of the little brat’s madness.

A sharp pang of sorrow spreads from her chest to her guts when he begs, “Please, don’t leave“.
She can feel the tears swell up in her eyes again, so she has to turn away from him at once. She can’t let him see. Now, of all times, she needs to be strong like the lioness of her sigil.

“Leave me alone, Jaime. I must sleep now if I want to be ready to leave early on the morrow.”

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You hadn’t seen each other for a few months. When he finally showed up at your door, you were the happiest person in the world, even though you knew, it was gonna be only one night. You didn’t mean to waste any second of it…

When you were standing at the treshold of your flat the next morning, arms wrapped around each other in a tight hug, you rememberd again, how much you hated goodbyes.

“God, I missed you so much Dean” you wispered with a shaky voice, before pulling away from him.

“And I miss you already, Y/N“ he replied, a small smile appered on his lips.

You locked your eyes with his green ones, trying hard to hold your tears. He reached out his hand and pulled you back to him, crashing his lips with yours one last time that day. You closed your eyes and kissed him back passionately and desperately, not wanting to ever let him go.

“Don’t go” you said hopelessly when he broke the kiss.

“You know I have to. Take care of yourself Y/N/N.“ he simply answered and stole one more quick smooch from you.

When you finally opened your eyes, he was already gone.