My fic for the #StandByMe event (asexual!hannigram) on @hannigramacethetic (with the added bonus of it being Hannigram Day~) 

This is ABO set during season one, with omega!Will and alpha!Hannibal, who happens to be asexual.

Will stared at Hannibal where he stood—casual and unaffected, even with the screen door still between them and what must be a plethora of pheromones seeping out of the house—on the porch, his heat obliterating any sense of modesty he had that may have at one point called to cover up.

The sheets were twisted around his ankles and Will lay bare for anyone to see. It was not an invitation, but was really his own need for fresh air and his assumption no one would be stopping by. After all, you didn’t just wander passed his house or even into Wolf Trap. 

One, and then all of his dogs, clamored to the door to greet Hannibal. Happy tails wagging and nails clicking on hardwood. Hannibal waited until Will grunted, a sort of ‘come in’ that didn’t require a wave of his hand or words from a too tired head.

Hannibal said hello to the dogs first. He reached into a paper bag and threw small chunks of some sort of meat to them. Will pushed himself up on his elbows to watch Winston catch one in the air.

Hannibal set his bags on the chair near the door, then took his coat off and hung it there it too. He went into the kitchen and brought Will a tall glass of ice water with a straw circling inside and set it on the end table by the bed.

Hannibal stood looking down at Will. Now that he was closer, Will could smell him. There were those stable alpha scents that made him warm and his toes tingle and kept him calm and afloat on the sea of monstrosities and now in heat too. Will bit at his fist leaving deep teeth marks that reddened and hurt. He tilted his head back and flattened himself on the mattress. The plateau was wavering.

The dogs, after a moment, lost interest and wandered back to their own everyday lives.

Between them there should have been some shame somewhere in the room, an effort on someone’s part to get a sheet, but Will couldn’t scrape enough to make it tangible and Will had a feeling Hannibal didn’t bother indulging in shame very often if at all.

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I’m late with this (triple) drabble (AND ALSO WITH EVERYTHING ELSE). But I may be (one day) early for @hannigramacethetic‘s challenge… I hope it fits.

Hannibal drives him back to Wolf Trap. They stop in his driveway, near the dark house. Earlier, Will’s mind clung to Peter Bernadone and the bullet. Now, Hannibal is everywhere, face bloodied where the projectile would’ve entered. He wouldn’t have begged.

“Are your lost?” Hannibal asks. “In the dark?”

Will turns to Hannibal. The car is cooling down. “I wish things were simpler.”


The feelings and motions come before his mind follows. They leave a trail of images like blinking shadows.

Hannibal looks at him like he has begun to do. Like he was prey and Will was hunting.

His coat is cashmere, his scarf is wool and delicate. Will gets so close he sees the hair near the mouth. Nothing touching but their lips, he kisses Hannibal.

They press together tightly. Hannibal’s hand is on his arm, not pushing away, not drawing him close.

Will stops. The car has started to quake. A dense humming swells. The hand slides up his neck and brushes hair back onto his forehead. Tears come to his eyes.

“This would be simpler to you?” Hannibal asks him, his breath on Will’s eyelids.

“It’s not. It wouldn’t be.” Will pulls away, sits back.

“It’d be clearer to just hate,” Will says.

Hannibal sits straight in the driver seat. He has brought his hands to the wheel. “I don’t hate you, Will.”

Later, Will remembers leaving the car. He has come into his house and shed his clothing. His coat seems a burden and he’s still burning inside. Ingram’s blood is mixed with the horse’s on his shirt, where Peter fingers clang.

He sinks to the floor. Winston eyes him from the kitchen. It takes a moment to Will to realize that he has known for a while that Hannibal doesn’t hate him.
push on into that mystery - damnslippyplanet - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hannibal (TV)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter, Molly Foster & Will Graham, Alana Bloom/Hannibal Lecter
Characters: Will Graham, Hannibal Lecter, Molly Graham, Beverly Katz, Jack Crawford, Leonard Brauer, Freddie Lounds

Will can see some things, sometimes, about some people, if he tries and if they give him a few dangling threads to pull to unravel their secrets. But he’s not some kind of walking gaydar, and if he were he wouldn’t tell people what he knew anyway because privacy is a thing. And beyond and above all that, Hannibal Lecter is a smooth cliff face without handholds. Where some people project, he’s just - blank.

Or: The one where Will has five conversations about Hannibal, sexuality, himself and the combination thereof, that are varying degrees of awkward, and one conversation that isn’t. A wee contribution to Hannigram Acethetic’s Hannigram aro/ace celebration.

WELP I am an idiot who misread the dates for @hannigramacethetic‘s #StandByMe project and thought I had to be done today. But I had another week apparently, and I am abashed.  That said, while I could tweak this thing for another week, I had decided it was Done and don’t really want to re-open that can of worms now.  Plus if I post it today it can be for Hannigram Day too.  So!  Happy Hannigram Day and happy Acethetic celebration and happy everything, basically, buttercups.  Have some words I threw in a blender for you, I hope they came out an acceptable texture.

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Hannigram: Love is Love Round Up - Day 3

Hope your creativity caps are on, Fannibals! We’re three days into our aro/ace celebration!

Today we had wonderful fic by the equally wonderful @damnslippyplanet entitled push on into that mystery! You can read it and other lovely (and updated!) fics on our AO3!

Remember to tag us in your posts and use the event tag #StandByMe so we can find your works and reblog them!!

Until tomorrow, Fannibals!! :D

Em Algum Lugar Nas Estrelas

“Foi indescritível”

- Que não se descreve, fora do comum, extraordinário, “sem palavras” e o meu preferido, “espantoso”.

- Ok, já entendi Early.

É anunciado o fim da Segunda Guerra Mundial, mas Jackie não tem nada para comemorar: sua mãe acabara de falecer, seu pai não sabe lidar com a perda e nem com seu filho, matriculando-o num colégio interno e partindo para outra missão da Marinha, ficando mais longe do seu filho do que já esteve antes.Tentando se encaixar na nova escola, lidar com a saudade, e com o que ele julga ser rejeição, Jackie se intriga com Early: o menino esquisito da Morton Hill, aquele que está há tempo demais na escola e ninguém parece notar sua existência, que frequenta as aulas que quer e se o que o professor disser não for coerente (pra ele), ele se levanta e sai da sala. Assim, super normal.

Nem tão normal, durante a aula de matemática (que Early enfim está presente), o professor conta sobre um estudioso cuja a pesquisa descobriu que o número Pi (este mesmo, 3,14… que não se repete e é infinito) parou, se tornando finito. Claro que nosso garoto sai da sala, deixando um Jackie mais curioso ainda. Quando eles se aproximam, Jackie mal entende o que Early fala, ele parece ser apenas um menino estranho que conta para Jack sua versão sobre Pi: para Early, Pi é um desbravador que partiu numa jornada em busca de conquistar seu nome (Polaris), mas em algum momento, em meio a aventuras e experiências, Pi se perdeu.

O livro começa a intercalar a história de Pi (como um personagem real) e o tempo presente com os meninos. Uma amizade nasce e se aprofunda em meio a dores, esperanças, descrenças e crenças. Jackie ainda acha que Early é apenas um menino que imagina demais, mesmo assim (e por uma dívida moral), ele embarca nessa cruzada com Early para encontrarem Pi, mas no decorrer dessa aventura, realidade e imaginação se misturam, o que leva Jackie a crer que Early não é tão louco assim, nem estranho, nem esquisito.Tudo nesse livro te desequilibra, te chacoalha, você está na corda bamba junto com eles e quando menos espera, está enfrentando piratas, sendo salvo por baleias, conhecendo um Viking e confortado por uma Velha cabulosa! Descobre mortos que devem ficar onde estão e vivos que não mais vivos estão. E aquele menino excêntrico, aquele que tem uma visão tão peculiar e genial da história de Pi, essa história que seu dom especial - uma condição autista - permite ler nos números, será verdade?São ligações, interconexões, em algum momento você vai descobrir e ligar os pontos, como o traçar das linhas de uma constelação.

*O livro Em Algum Lugar Nas Estrelas / autora Clare Vanderpool, é publicado aqui pela Darkside.

[Resenha por Gis //  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐]

Hannigram: Love is Love Round Up - Day 1

What a great start to our creative fest, Fannibals! We had some lovely fanfiction submitted today, and since today is also Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day, we give you extra hugs and hearts for doing what you do so well! :D

A 2x08 drabble by @davantagedenuit
The Next Journey by @drjlecter
An ace!Will fic by @unicornmagic 
In a Cottage by the Sea by @a-kent

Thank you for your submissions! Remember to tag us in your posts and use the event tag #StandByMe so we can find you!

Check out the AO3 collection for more great work!!

Tomorrow at noon EST I’ll be dropping this stand by me print. I love this movie and wanted to try and capture it in some way. I will be doing a full write up about my experiences with it on my Facebook page (as it’s easier to go into depth there) later today. Only gonna print 186 of these and they will be on sale for one week only - or until they sell out. Here’s my Facebook -
Skin it.
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The Next Journey

read it on the AO3 at

by DrJLecter

A story about going outside to find what you lost in your home.

There’s something Will has been carrying around with himself all his life, something not even Hannibal knows. Will had planned on keeping it that way, but things never work out the way they’re supposed to do.

It could work out, or it could destroy everything.

Words: 4751, Chapters: 1/3, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at
Fic Love Challenge - Long Fic Monday

Oh, my goodness…there are so many wonderful, wonderful fics out there that it seems impossible to choose one. 

There is, however, one that sticks in my mind, even as i type this blind because my cat is determined to cover the screen (and late, but well, that’s always me):

All Things Shining by Askance and standbyme

This gem is well-appreciated already, I suppose, and deservedly so. Mythic, epic, poetic are just a few words to describe this lovely story based on the Star and the Catfish mythos. 

If you haven’t read it, I encourage you to do so immediately!