standby5 said: I really adored Videl when I was younger. I remember taking one of my sister’s Barbie dolls and tying her hair into pigtails + changing her outfit to look like Videl’s. XD I also love Teen Gohan!! HE IS SO CUTE. How can anyone hate him?!

Gohan and Videl are so great! They had the most development as a couple, so Toriyama obviously thought they were a good match. XD She’s so adorable with and without her pigtails and my precious baby Gohan is just the most beloved little thing ever! He’s such an incredible young man! <3

Why can’t people just accept the Sons for all their flaws and faults like they do the Brief family? I swear, I’m not exaggerating when I say that a lot of people transform this into some type of turf war to see who’s the better family. The Sons would not be who they are if it weren’t for the Brief family, and the Brief family DEFINITELY wouldn’t be who they were if it weren’t for the Sons. Goku’s got the magic touch on damn near everyone he’s ever met dammit. XD

standby5 replied to your post: do you know if there is any episode or dbz movie that focuses a little more on Vegeta and Bulma’s relationship?

PLEASE DO. I’m on a mission to read all the amazing VegeBul fanfics out there. ;A;

I only have a couple right now since I have a long long longgggggg list of ones that I’ve read and cant remember them all.

But, my all time favourite would have to be niteryde’s. Especially You’ll be the death of me and Change of heart. 

standby5 asked:

Are you still doing the numbered asks? ^^ 4, 5, 7, 20, and 50~~


4. what are you looking forward to?

it changes with time! a few months ago i was looking forward to the end of my o-levels! now i’m looking forward to ~~new school~~ but i’m always looking forward to concerts. yes. always.

5. is there anyone who can always make you smile?

not always, but yes, a few friends! and my dad and brother! 

7. what was your life like last year?

i’m just gonna take 2012/2013 combined bc this year’s practically over. but anyways it was hell bc o-levels and all of us had to force ourselves to study D:

20. what is your favourite song at the moment?

who we are - imagine dragons 

catching fire OST 

50. favourite picture of your idol

SO MANY ODG but here you go bc happy min is fav min


send me a number/a few numbers and i’ll answer honestly ʘ‿ʘ

kenziekinz09 replied to your postvenusmizu24 replied to your post: Wow love your…

Dude I tell everyone “it may have been kind of out there but that shit was consistent” lol

Lollll I know. But seriously I like it. It was the first thing I ever saw them in. And I guess maybe because I was into J-Rock, things like that don’t phase me I mean

standby5 replied to your postvenusmizu24 replied to your post: Wow love your…

There are people who actually hate the Tri-Angle era…? *judging* ಠ_ಠ

Ikr! lol welp people just seem to dog on the hairstyles, which I get because it was like j-rock style but i mean c'mon peeps. It was 2004, waning out of the era of H.O.T. I guess it was an attempt to appeal to H.O.T fans or people who liked them because that was their last concept of their last album /tearing up

mythousandtears replied to your video120604 6th The Musical Awards - JUNSU Cut  Dying…

Oh snaps! O__O He just bent her over! lol okay hehehehe

I K N O W as;lkfn;sdlinflsdkjfn I was like, ‘SU PLEASE DO THAT TO ME’ kenzie plz don’t hit me


  • Favorite Villain

Legit do not care if Vegeta is good now. He and Nappa made great villains. (source)

  • Most Emotional Moment

Kid Goku’s reunion with his Grampa Gohan. It’s hard to remember that he’s just a child during that time. That scene hit me where it hurt. ;_;

  • Favorite Super Saiyan Form

Always and forever - Super Saiyan 1 (source)

  • Stupidest, most WTF, moment

When Goku threw the Potara Earring to Gohan and he didn’t catch it. Like, I couldn’t believe my eyes when he DIDN’T CATCH SOMETHING AN EARRING. I could only shake my head in disbelief. He caught Spirit Bombs and countered Kamehamehas, but he didn’t catch the earring. Even Goku had a ‘WTF’ face and you know if he has that face, then you screwed up royally (I still love you, though, Gohan).

standby5 asked:

Hi~~ I found your blog through AFF. I love your "Nameless Story Part 1" fic. ^__^


Omg. I hope you liked it! I’m writing it with all the OT5 love I can gather. Thanks for reading it! 

AAHH! *claps* I’m happy and excited!

This makes me so happy! :DD

standby5 said: I enjoyed Buu saga most b/c Goku and Vegeta were hilarious together. XD

The Buu Saga will always be one of my favorite Sagas ever. Not even because of the fights. It’s because of the relationships and unlike the Cell Saga, it was absolutely hilarious (something DBZ was lacking in)! It didn’t jump right into the action. Toriyama took the time to re-introduce us to the characters and see how they spent their time. Like, it was great seeing Gohan as a dorky, socially-awkward teenager. It was cute seeing baby Trunks grow up and Goten. And then there’s Mr. Satan’s daughter. It was downright awesome seeing Krillin get his happy ending! It was nice seeing how everyone acted with one another before they hopped onto the villain.

I love the Buu Saga so much! It handled Vegeta’s development a lot better than the Cell Saga imo. The guy finally became a good guy!

standby5 asked:

Here's one from each section: 12, 20, 34, 49, 66. ^^

12) Skipped doing homework to play a video game?

Plenty of times.

20) Worried and confused about something important to you?

Not necessarily, no.

34) Believe people deserve second chances?

Hell yeah. I’ve been getting more than a second chance everyday of my life; however, just to be nit-picky, it depends on what the person did that they deserve a second chance.

49) Quiet stay-at-home type or party type?

I’d say neither, but the quiet stay-at-home type seems much more preferable. I don’t like to be too far from home, even if I do enjoy myself abroad. I get homesick very easily.

66) Not like someone simply because your friend didn’t like them?

No, that’s stupid. The person my friend doesn’t like would have to have done something to me personally or I’d have to know exactly how that person is and how they act in order for me to dislike them.

standby5 asked:

I'm assuming you're a VB shipper? :3 I also love this couple, but I want to know your reasons too!

Of course! :D 

Theres a couple of reasons. One is because I absolutely love Vegeta. But the main reason is that when Vegeta came to Earth after Namek, everyone was afraid of him or treated him like the cold hearted and ruthless killer that he appeared to be. Bulma was really the only one who believed in him and gave him a chance. I just think that everyone deserves at least one person in their lives who doesn’t judge them for their past but just accepts them. She really changed him. And I absolutely love them because she has quite an attitude herself and isn’t afraid to tell him how it is. (I really could go on forever about why these two are so perfect but I wont haha). 

majinspiders replied to your post: 30 Day OTP Challenge [Day 2]

Awww! How sweet of Goku! Poor Chichi though, seems like she’s having a tough pregnancy! Cute story!

I like to think she had a rough pregnancy, especially since Gohan is a half-Saiyan. Goku sounds like the type to do sweet things for Chi-Chi once in a while with the intention of making her feel better. Thank you so much!  :D

standby5 replied to your post: 30 Day OTP Challenge [Day 2]

POOP THE BABY OUT. OMG.. It’s funny b/c I also believed babies were ‘pooped’ out until I was in high school. HIGH. SCHOOL. Oh, the shame….. I love how you realistically portrayed ChiChi’s pregnancy and Goku’s adorably naive self, of course.

I actually didn’t come up with the idea about the nest. I read it in a comic (too bad it was a Goku/Bulma one though. The author seemed to have some severe disdain with Chi-Chi. ;_;) My mother told me about sex and pregnancy at a young age. I didn’t receive the “Birds and the Bees” speech. She gave it to me raw.

:D Thank you!

chosentodie replied to your post: chosentodie replied to your post: I know this is…

Exactly! (: I am trying at the moment to get enough money to buy all the seasons(So far, I haven’t gotten any yet)but they have them at my library and on this one website so I can still watch them all! :D And yea-I am pretty positive Akira is huge!

Awesome :)
I’m trying to do the same, or at least buy them if I see them less than the normal price. Thats sweet that they’re at a library. I’d live at a library haha.

standby5 replied to your post: I know this is like a weird question. but i feel like the DBZ fandom is fading. is it just me or do you feel that too?

Tbh I was actually really surprised to see how many people were in this fandom, esp after I got back into it again.. I thought no one cared about dbz anymore and I was wrong!

Its always good to see how many people still love it, even after all the years. There aren’t a lot of big dbz focused blogs but the amount of people who are in the fandom is. (If that made any sense?)

standby5 asked:

I can't believe I've been following your other blog (gokuchichi) without realizing that you're gokusdonut! I LOVE your fanfiction and I love ~you~ for your devotion to this couple. They're the cutest and saddest pairing ever. T__T Oh, if you're still doing the letters question thing: C, L and M! ^^

Aw, thank you! I’m just doing my part in keeping the fandom alive. There aren’t many people out there devoted to Goku/Chi-Chi, both as a couple and as individuals. It’s left up to the fandom to bring life to its deteriorating fandom. Thank you so much!

C. Where would I like to live - I used to want to live in Libya before that big conundrum went on. But if I could live anywhere now, it’d probably be Canada.

L. Favorite band/Singer - I don’t have a favorite singer. Lol. Or band for that matter. I wouldn’t be able to choose because I love all kinds of music, especially jazz.

M. Random fact about me - I once got food poisoning for eating pepperoni pizza. Worst week of my life.