standby5 replied to your post: do you know if there is any episode or dbz movie that focuses a little more on Vegeta and Bulma’s relationship?

PLEASE DO. I’m on a mission to read all the amazing VegeBul fanfics out there. ;A;

I only have a couple right now since I have a long long longgggggg list of ones that I’ve read and cant remember them all.

But, my all time favourite would have to be niteryde’s. Especially You’ll be the death of me and Change of heart. 

standby5  asked:

I'm assuming you're a VB shipper? :3 I also love this couple, but I want to know your reasons too!

Of course! :D 

Theres a couple of reasons. One is because I absolutely love Vegeta. But the main reason is that when Vegeta came to Earth after Namek, everyone was afraid of him or treated him like the cold hearted and ruthless killer that he appeared to be. Bulma was really the only one who believed in him and gave him a chance. I just think that everyone deserves at least one person in their lives who doesn’t judge them for their past but just accepts them. She really changed him. And I absolutely love them because she has quite an attitude herself and isn’t afraid to tell him how it is. (I really could go on forever about why these two are so perfect but I wont haha).