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Summary: You probably shouldn’t let Tony borrow your notebook.

Warnings: nothing? a moment of slight embarrassment but it’s not too bad.

Word Count: 1921

A/N: boop.

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It’s honestly a miracle if everyone is fully prepared at the mission briefings. There’s always at least one person who walks in after the meetings start and it’s common that at least a couple people forgot pens or paper. On more than one occasion you planned to just grab a bunch of blank notebooks and extra pens from the supply closet and pile them in the center of the table. Though knowing the group, they’d end up taking it all from the room and still forget to bring it back next time. People love taking office supplies and the Avengers are no different.

Though to be fair, they have a lot to deal with on a regular basis between capturing lingering HYDRA agents, keeping extra-terrestrial threats at bay, and repairing their relationships with each other post-Accords. So maybe they have enough on their minds without having to remember to put a pen in their pocket so Steve doesn’t look so exasperated during meetings.

Tony always has a pencil stuck behind his ear. Always. But he can’t remember to bring a notebook to save his life. So you–being the lucky Stark employee that gets to sit in on mission briefings to take notes–started to just slide your personal 3-subject notebook to your boss. You carry it around with you all the time anyway to keep track of your daily random thoughts. Most pages hold little doodles, snippets of ideas you want to use in short stories, and probably too many lists of songs you’ve organized into themed playlists. It isn’t anything too personal, so you usually don’t have a problem with lending it to him.

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This is the second request of the four @crimsonbluemoon has sent. :D Hope you enjoy it!

nearly 200 writing prompts
44. “I’m going to keep you safe.“

The sudden, loud noise is what wakes Cartoonz up. Confusion swims in his sleepy gaze for a few moments as the realization that he’s alone in bed sinks in. Where is Ohm? Maybe he left to go to the bathroom? Or maybe he’s in the kitchen having a midnight snack?

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh–“ 

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Tltp_1008: On a Jr Sapporo train station monitor I glimpsed Amatsuki-kun! Looking forward to your live!

@_amatsuki_: わ!なんじゃこりゃ!凄い!

Amatsuki: Wah! What’s with that? Amazing!

@_amatsuki_; めっちゃ決めポーズしてる写真やん…お恥ずかしい(´≝ ‿ ≝`)

Amatsuki: Can’t believe I chose that pose for the picture… so embarrassing (´≝ ‿ ≝`)

@rw19991108: 待ち受けにしてます…ww

rw19991108: Changed my standby screen…ww

@_amatsuki_:(´≝ ‿ ≝`)あ、ありがとう(´≝ ‿ ≝`)

Amatsuki:  (´≝ ‿ ≝`) T-thanks (´≝ ‿ ≝`)

@haradamiyuki: おおお。。

Haradamiyuki: Oh…

@_amatsuki_: ぬおお。。。_:(´ཀ`」 ∠)

Amatsuki: Nuoo… _:(´ཀ`」 ∠)

@08sprcl_trkyh24: 天月くんここにもいました!

08sprcl_trkyh24 : Amatsuki-kun you were here too! 

@_amatsuki_: オイイイ顔出し動画になっとるやないかいwww

Amatsuki: Oiii I don’t want my face popping up www