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Standard conversations
  • Person: your art is dark cuz ur broken
  • Me: wat
  • Person: it's so clear ur such a shattered mirror
  • Me:
  • Person: let me heal you
Fic:  Knock Knock

For the @xfficchallenges dialogue-only challenge.  Rated G.  Thanks to Buzzfeed for the bad joke.

“Knock knock.”

“I’m pretty sure that’s my line, Scully.”

“We’ve been in this car for ten years, Mulder.  Knock knock.”

“It’s only been three hours.”  

“Three hours on a stakeout is ten years of regular time.  Knock knock.”

“I’m not sure you’re taking into account how good the company is, or the fact that I brought you iced tea.”

“I don’t think there’s a standard conversion rate of stakeout hours to regular hours, Mulder, and if there were, I’m not sure it would have any kind of deduction for company.  Knock knock.”

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hey friends!

it’s been a long time!  i was hoping to solicit some of your opinions.  i’m a us-based medical student who’s trying to push for better trans health care, especially for people who don’t fall into the strict binary.  recently i went to a conference hosted by the world professional association for transgender health and found it kind of lacking in actual trans conversations – so much of it was medical professionals talking to other medical professionals.  and while there’s certainly a useful role for that kind of conversation, it was disappointing to me how much the patients we’re actually supposed to care for were left out of the conversation.

medical standards of care (and consequently, insurance policies and overall medical culture) are evidence based – aka if it’s not in the published or well supported in the body of research found across the many publicly inaccessible academic journals (and that by itself is a whole rant for another time!), it’s probably not going to part of the standards of care.  people who are not strictly mtf or ftm and seeking medical treatment are severely underrepresented in this body of literature as most of it seems to be based on patient populations who specifically seek transgender-specific care with a provider.  this means that everyone who identifies as trans but doesn’t want hormone replacement therapy or some form of surgery is left out of this conversation entirely.  and i know many of you have avoided going to the doctor entirely because, frankly, medicine is more often disrespectful and dehumanizing than not.  you deserve better care.

i’m posting this in hopes of hearing some of your stories or your opinions on how to do better.  what do you think would be the best change that the medical field could make to help you better?  what frustrates you about the times you’ve had to go to the doctor?  do you know of resources or communities where these things have been discussed?  do you not really have anything to say but would like to be recruited for a potential study so that you can add your voice to the body of research?  i would love to hear from you! ♡

(and a last quick note – please forgive me if i answer your messages late; the medical school schedule is unforgiving!)

“Why do you hate men so much?”

I get messages about this with aggravating frequency, and since my tried and true method of rolling my eyes and ignoring them hasn’t solved things yet, I figured I would address it here this once:

I do not hate men. I do not think all men are awful. I do not believe every man is a monster actively prowling the streets, looking for a way to ruin the lives of everyone around him. I do not believe the lives of men are perfect and that they never experience suffering. I do not think women are perfect angels who are incapable of doing wrong. I do not think only women are harmed by the patriarchy, or gender roles, or societal double standards. I do not think men always hurt women and that women are incapable of hurting men.

I also do not have to preface everything I say with those statements.

When someone says, “I love cats!” we do not expect them to follow it up with, “but I recognize that some cats are not as great as others and that some cats can be mean or difficult, and that there are people out there who have been hurt by cats in the past, and people with cat allergies, and also this goes for dogs and all other animals.”

When someone says, “Oh, I got food poisoning from that place,” we do not demand, “Are you sure you got food poisoning? Have you ever had food poisoning before? Maybe you just don’t know what food poisoning is like. I’ve never personally gotten food poisoning there, so it sounds like you overreacted. Are you trying to get attention? Or a free meal? What did you order? Did you give them strange cooking instructions? You know you could be ruining this restaurant forever by falsely accusing them of giving you food poisoning. Plenty of restaurants have never given anyone food poisoning. Do you just hate restaurants?”

If a person makes a complaint about the behavior of a group of people with societal privilege that you might belong to (cisgendered men, white people, straight people, able-bodied people, etc) and your instinctive reaction is to think, “How can you say that? I’m not like that! People I know aren’t like that!” it can be helpful to instead stop and think: “have I exhibited this behavior?”

If the answer is no, you can rest-assured that they are probably not talking about you, especially if they are a complete stranger on the internet, and then you can read about their experience without having to get defensive. You might learn something about a perspective different from your own.

If the answer is yes, you can think, “well, shit, how do I do better in the future?” and do your best to put those thoughts into action, and then you can read about their experience without having to get defensive. You might learn something about a perspective different from your own.

Psychean Argot

[Rev. 9.5.2016]

Psychean Argot is an experimental method of sigilization designed to convert a written statement of intent into an abstract incantation. The system functions according to the contemporary theory and use of sigils developed by A. O. Spare and refined within the Chaos Magic tradition. I initially developed this method to remedy the over abundance of consonants often encountered when employing the now standardized method of mantric conversion based upon Spare’s original procedure.

The system essentially attempts to restructure the English alphabet into a syllabary by assigning an inherent vowel to each consonant phoneme. The vowel-consonant pairs that I have chosen are wholly based upon a personal linguistic aesthetic, largely influenced by the Japanese Katakana. The system additionally reduces the number of vowels within the General American phonology to 5 cardinal vowels. The resultant syllabary comprises 32 syllables, 6 of which account for the consonant phonemes typically represented by digraphs. The system may also be employed to construct a liturgical language for ritual use, as well as to experiment with sigilic words of power. Users are additionally encouraged to restructure the system to reflect their own personal linguistic preferences. The conversion table and procedures for construction are as follows.

Note: The first and fourth columns display the letters of the English alphabet and the six additional phonemes normally represented by a digraphs. The second and fifth columns display the corresponding syllables. The third and sixth columns display the pronunciation of each syllable using International Phonetic Alphabet characters.

Step 1: Construct the statement of intent.


Step 2: Omit silent letters and repeating phonemes. 


Step 3: Convert remaining letters and digraphs into syllables using the conversion table above.


Step 4: Arrange syllables as desired and establish lexical stress.


Step 5: Meditate upon the incantation internally or vocally in a state of vacuity until samādhi is achieved. Recitation should be continuous and measured.

English Gothic
  • The sun has been shining for three days. Everyone is panicking, offering up gifts to the sun in the hope that it will leave, and take its firey gaze elsewhere. The sun continues to shine, uncaring. Three people have caught fire.
  • Queues stretch into the distance, the people standing in them silent and tired. An interloper tries to jump the queue. Everyone turns their head in perfect unison, and stare the interloper down. They flee to the back.
  • You encounter a stranger in a Tesco. They initate the standard conversation ritual, chanting “the weather” over and over and over and ov
  • You go to make a cup of tea, as you open the cupboard, hundreds of teabags pour forth. There is no end to the deluge. Others would be displeased, but you are okay with this development.
  • It is raining. It is always raining. Even when it is not raining, it is raining. The rain knows. The rain knows.
  • A fox was in your garden last night. You heard it chant, and in the morning all your flowerpots are arranged in chromatic order.
  • Snow blankets the ground. Everyone huddles inside, fearful. The snow is king, for now.
  • Travellers tell tales of places where the sky is blue. Overhead, the grey sky rumbles, an ominous sign.
  • In the countryside there are many mythical tales of a mysterious creature known as a ‘bus’. You may catch a brief sight of it as it dahses along a country lane. Only those with secret knowledge know where to get on. They disappear for hours, and arrive at their destination with hollow looks on their faces, and tales of other worlds in their minds.
  • You try to enter a M&S, but their air burns your skin. You try to go into a Morrison’s, but are warded off by chanting figures. You go into a Sainsbury’s, and are accepted. Caged in the corner is a smiling celebrity. Always smiling. Eternally smiling.
Double Standards
  • Anna: I want to marry the guy I just met. He's perfect. We even finish each others sandwiches.
  • Everyone: She's so naiv and stupid.
  • Zelena: No, Hades I don't want to be your One True Love after only knowing you for like two days and a bicycle ride.
  • Everyone: Why is she so stupid? He's perfect for her. Omg. <3 <3
I’m not one of those people [who’s naturally good at games]. I used to play video games professionally and I considered myself “adequate”…and I’m okay sucking at games. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t play them or enjoy them legitimately.
—  Ashley Jenkins (x)

Toyota has launched in the palm-sized Kirobo Mini companion robot at the CEATEC electronics show currently under way in Tokyo. The Kirobo Mini features anime-style design with a mouth and eyes that light up when it interacts with humans. It’s can mimic some of the expressions and motions of a human baby, as it’s able to bobble, blink, gesture, and move its head and arms. If the device is connected via Bluetooth to the accompanying smartphone app, the Kirobo Mini is also able to interpret standard spoken Japanese and converse with people. Over time, the robot learns about its owner’s preferences, and can remember where they’ve travelled to together. With the aid of a built-in camera, it can determine a person’s mood through their facial expressions, and tailors its interactions to suit. In an interview with Reuters, Fuminori Kataoka, the robot’s chief design engineer, said that Kirobo Mini “wobbles a bit, and this is meant to emulate a seated baby, which hasn’t fully developed the skills to balance itself — this vulnerability is meant to invoke an emotional connection”. The robot weighs 183 grams and is about 10cm tall when seated. It is designed to operate at home, on foot, and in the car, and is available with a tiny little seat that’s designed to fit inside a car’s cupholder slot.


ISFJ and INTJ Friendship

My best friend and I have known each other nearly all our lives. Everything that we do is inherently a part of the other’s world; in that sense, we’re almost like sisters. How we differ from the usual siblings is how incredibly rare our fights are: in the fifteen years we’ve known each other (we’re now seniors in high school) we’ve only had one major falling out and that lasted all of twenty four hours before we both started crying and apologizing. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her, and I think part of that closeness comes from the way we complement each other with completely different functions.

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Rare and unique Butterfield experimental breechloading conversion musket

From Rock Island Auctions

This unusual musket started life as an 1795/1808 contract flintlock musket manufactured by Frederick Goetz and Charles Westphall of Philadelphia as clearly identified by the “G&W/PHILADA” on the tail of the lock plate. It was then converted by Jesse Butterfield using his disk/pellet priming percussion system as indicated by the distinctive Butterfield device on the lock and the patent marking “BUTTERFIELD’S/PATENT DEC 11 1855/PHILADA” on the front of the lock. 5,000 muskets were converted in this fashion on a contract signed in 1859. What is most unusual about this example is that is has also been converted into a break action breech loader possibly by or in conjunction with Dr. Edward Maynard.

At first glance the musket appears to be standard Butterfield conversion. However, a small “trigger” ahead of the trigger guard allows the barrel to pivot upwards like a modern break action. The barrel is fitted to a hinge a the rear barrel band. The breech of the barrel has a brass plug with a conical design somewhat similar to the Maynard cartridges used in Maynard carbines during the Civil War. This plug can be slid backwards out of the barrel and pivoted upwards so that it can be loaded. Upon closing the action the insert is pressed against the breech ideally preventing gas from escaping. The weapon could be primed either using the Butterfield disk primer or a standard percussion cap. While the system is fairly simply and ingenious, the hinge design is inherently weak. This critical flaw is likely what prevented a larger production run.

I didn’t even notice this when I first read the chapter. After 87 chapters of never mentioning it, they just throw out that Mr.Koiwai’s name is Yousuke like it’s nothing. They just reveal it in the middle of a standard conversation, what the hell