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Charity Stream Times!!

This is just for reference, in vase anyone doesn’t know for certain when Marks stream will start in their area!

10:00 am PST (Pacific Standard - N.A.)

1:00 pm EST (Eastern Standard - N.A.)

6:00 pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

12:00 pm CST (Central Standard Time - N.A.)

7:00 pm (1900) CET (Central Europe)

6:00 pm (1800) IST/WET (Western Europe)

7:00 am NZDT/NZT (New Zealand)

4:30 am ACDT (Australia Central)

5:00 am AET (Australia East)

2:00 am AWT (Australia West)

9:00 pm (2100) AST (Arabia Standard)

10:00 pm (2200) GST (Gulf Standard)

1:00 am ICT (Indochina Time)

2:00 am Singapore Time

8:00 pm (2000) CAT (Central Africa)

9:00 pm (2100) EAT (Eastern Africa)

7:00 pm (1900) WAT (West Africa)

If y'all want any specific times on here, just lemme know! Hope this is useful!!

( @markiplier @lum1natrix you guys have bigger followings, so might as well tag you.)

Chubby Anthology Volume Two: NOW OPEN!

Hey! Who want to write and draw chubby LGBTQ comics? I know I want to read and write it so lets get some artist on board with this project.

Chubby Anthology Volume Two

This time the theme is LOVE with the sub-theme being winter & Cozy. 

Chubby Anthology, Chubby Love and Winter & Cozy! Take this theme at any interpretation and diversity.

Sub-Theme final submission deadline for volume one is January 7th, 11 PM Central Standard Time (CST)

Please submit all original art and comics to

What Information should I send with my submission?

  1. name you’d like to be referred to by on the Chubbies website and in the book if your work makes it to publication.
  2. an email address we can contact you at (will not be published)
  3. you Pay-pal email address (for payment of artist profits if your work is accepted, will not be published)
  4. website(s) you would like linked with your name
  5. the titles of your submission

For further question about the Zine please see


Chapter 17 is FINISHED

There are twenty-five parts! Where to find my secret URL and passcode, please go here. If a page doesn’t show up it means that I have already deleted the post (I’m making everything in a time limit) so please try not to ask me how to get the URL and code, I make new ones with every chapter. 

I’ll keep up chapter 17 posts until January 29th 2017, 11 PM (Central Standard Time) and once it hits 11:01 PM I am deleting everything! No ifs, ands, or buts. This is my golden rule, I will not reupload a chapter I completed on my blog (besides chapter 16 which I will be uploading on January 30th - Monday) and everything must be read in 72 hours (I changed it from 96). This is the only way I can continue providing translations. 

Anywho, HOW WAS THIS CHAPTER?! CRAZY RIGHT. I am so done Sangwoo like 100000000% done. Hopefully, chapter 18 will be more killing and stalking and less public head and peeping tom scenes. 

I’ll see you next week, I’m so mentally drained. 

Title: In Need of Comfort - Pt. 2

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warning: Angst, Smut

Word Count: 800

A/N: Gif Blurb Mini Series that all start HERE. Technically this is all @chaos-and-the-calm67 and @thing-you-do-with-that-thing‘s  fault. You can blame them for what is coming once an evening for the next few days. I will be accepting gifs in my submit box (or whatever) of gifs you would like to see as a part of this series. They have to be gifs in which Dean is need in need of obvious comfort. That’s what this gif blurb series is about. Sorry there won’t be any tagging for this series, but it will be scheduled for 7-8 Central/Standard Time daily.

So without further ado… Enjoy.

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It is 6:11 AM, Central Standard Time.

I literally just submitted my very last undergraduate university assignment.

I graduate with my BA in Psychology on Saturday.

It feels so weird. I feel tired, but triumphant.


Title: In Need of Comfort - Pt. 4 

Characters:Dean x Reader

Warning: Angst

Word Count: 550

A/N: Gif Blurb Mini Series Part 12 & 3.  I will be accepting gifs in my submit box (or whatever) of gifs you would like to see as a part of this series. They have to be gifs in which Dean is need in need of obvious comfort. That’s what this gif blurb series is about. Sorry there won’t be any tagging for this series, but it will be scheduled for 7-8 Central/Standard Time daily.

So without further ado… Enjoy.

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french-malagasy-central african

Hi! I’m a a malagasy/central african girl. My dad is central african a physically typical tall black man, and my mom is malagasy. She is very light skin and has long curly hair who goes under her back. I’m almost 20 and live in France (3h from Paris) and was born and raised there. French is my first and only language. I was raised in a mostly white community and I never had POC friends before second year of high school. 

Beauty standards: During my childhood, in my town (2000 inhabitants), I’m pretty sure we were the only black family. But even though most people were white, I never wanted to be one. Maybe because I’m light skin (my mother’s side). I used to think absolute beauty was to be mixed and have curly black hair. I also remember wasting time in the bathroom looking at the mirror trying to see how would I’d look if I had thinner lips (Not really proud of that).

Growing up, I started straightening my hair almost every day and was so envious of girls who had straight hair and could wake up in the morning not brushing their hair and still look good. My hair was and still is a big deal for me. On my mother’s side they mostly have straight hair so she’d always do our hair with simple hairstyles for straight haired people. We never knew exactly what to do with my hair : they weren’t too nappy nor straight enough to choose a suited hairstyle due to being mixed. And to this day she still does my hair.

Also every time I was in the same room of another black girl nobody could figure out who is who.

Culture: My parents divorced when I was little, and my mom made her best to impose her culture even before he left. So to be honest, I never felt central african. I don’t know their language nor could I recognise it. We only visit family from my mother’s side and went to Madagascar about four times for one time 10 months and the other times two months. Lucky for us, french is widely spoken there.I don’t speak malagasy. My mom said that when we were little we didn’t want to (which I think was really stupid). I only know some expression and words.

Our name sound very weird for non-malagasy. Like I have to repeat my name at least twice when I introduce myself. and I don’t even count the number of people who have mispronounced my name. 

At home we use a bunch of malagasy tools, I’m glad they exist, and other african styled objects.

Food : Malagasy food is based on rice. Every meal we eat has rice, we use rice flour. I knew it was “odd” when I went to a friend house and they would just eat vegetables. Or worse : pasta and vegatbles. At home, it was vegetable+rice (and meat) and other meals were for special occasion and pasta is always spaghetti bolognese or with carbonara sauce. Also goose is for family gathering and very special occasions.

Home/Family life/Friendships: Home was my favourite place to be because there I could be who I was without being judged. Where things made sense. Like I said earlier my friend were almost all white so I never in the “black community”. Moreover, they would always lowkey make fun of my culture so depending with who I was with I would always sort of repress my culture. My best friend told that I wasn’t like the other black people (she’s upper class white) and I didn’t realise how problematic what she said was. 

And my mom always says that french people are very racist so I must always on my best behaviour.

Speaking of behaviour, I’m very introverted, hate being late and pretty good at maths. My friend asked once if I did this to unfit the stereotype but I guess that’s just me?

Identity issues: I always felt french as share french pop culture references and media with most people here but of course I’ll always be seen as an foreigner in France. But at home I don’t really have any idea how do they do things. Like I discovered when I was ten that here they put their kitchen towel  in sort of wood bracelet like it was normal and necessary.

And  of  course the fact that we have no clue of what our dad culture is. We would always sort of hide the fact we’re central african like it was shameful.

religion : We’re christians protestants. The only big difference it made was when I went to a catholic church  it was always soo boring, but at the temple people were singing and debating it was way more fun. My mom had never wanted to pressure us into religion so we had the choice to be what we wanted to. But I’m still religious.

Things I’d like to see less of:

When people want to be as correct as possible so they write the most non stereotypical boring POC. 

 Things I’d like to see more of:

Author who focused their POC character on their personality because gender/race/sexuality isn’t one

hi angels   !   i’m chase, an eighteen y/o living in the central standard timezone ( cst ), & using she/her pronouns. i’m a mess that just got into class, so i’m writing this completely exhausted & trying to avoid my work as much as humanly possible. if that doesn’t tell you that i’m a lazy sack of shit, y’know i don’t know what does. but other than that, i love gummy candy, chocolate, & thoroughly enjoy matthew’s face. so now that i’ve bored y’all to death, let’s move onto another sack of shit named bennettALSO, if you wanna plot, just hit me up or like this & i’ll come to you ( like pls gimme all the plots i’m straight up down for whatever tbh )   !

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RK streaming party, maybe?

Okay, guys, who would be interested in watching a stream of some RK anime eps? I’m thinking we could start with ep. #1 and just stream for 90 minutes of viewing party fun.

Noon my time, which is North America central standard time, or UCT -6

Any takers?

hello everybody !! my name is lina and im new to this rp. some stuff abt me is that im fifteen ( yeah i know im a young lil nugget ) and im in the central standard time zone. i also rlly like theater and singing and i dance and do gymnastics and like shows like teen wolf or criminal minds or dumb sitcoms so dont be afraid to chat w me !!!!!! now onto eddie

edit: i meant to post this yesterday but accidently drafted it whoops. also it got kinda long ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Baby it's Cold Outside - Jensen x reader Fic Coming

Your sister has always had a knack for schemes and pranks. Jared can joke and mess around with the best of them. Being Briana Buckmaster’s sister had its perks, but it should’ve come with a warning label.

What lengths will She, Jared, Misha, Rob, and Rich go to to ensure you and Jensen wind up under the mistletoe at the Supernatural Cast and Crew Christmas Party?

Some cleverly orchestrated Christmas Karaoke with Jensen, Rules that were meant to broken, sneaky, conniving Briana, Jared, Richard, Rob, and Misha, and a little hidden mistletoe

-And a secret that you never even saw coming. -

Like/Reblog/comment on this post for a tag. I’ll take asks too. :) posting by 4pm central/standard time.

Originally posted by stayclassysupernatural

i should’ve posted my amazon wishlist earlier and made some corny valentines joke about how “if u rly loved me ud buy me books” and now that opportunity is fucking gone. it’s fucking dead now . i miss central standard time

serenahudraws  asked:

Omg when do you do the group movie streams? I wanna join :D

We do a stream on either Saturdays or Sundays, usually at 11 AM, and then another Monday nights at 7:30 PM. We also sometimes have an impromptu viewing Monday mornings at around 7:30 AM, so @evocating can join us (her timezone is a bitch). This is all Central Standard Time—I’m in Texas.

I post a link a few minutes prior so everyone can join the room while the movie loads. We’d love to have you!