If there is one thing that has ruined our modern world it is the single occupancy vehicle. Henry Ford’s dream to create an automobile for the middle class has placed us into a culture of entitlement. Automobiles are a destructive force of community. The idea that you own that piece of land your vehicle is under. How much for parking? Stuck in traffic again? The common complaints that come from public spaces is saying they is either not enough, or that they are underused, or poorly designed. When I think of public spaces I think of the road systems and how much we have devoted to the idea of the auto. I think of fashion and how it is a world of being scene, the idea of capturing a moment in space and time. A vehicle moves though space and time at speeds greater than the mind can travel. Being born and raised in an urban centre walking has always been my mode of transportation. This compliments my environment and my lifestyle. I should also say I am not anti car - I have a licence, and I await Top Gear releases like water from a well. What I have never been able to understand is the culture around vehicles. The idea that we give massive amounts of public space to roads, and parking. And how the only thing that comes of that is complaints about traffic and parking. Imagine a world were transit was a priority. High speed rail and trams connecting our communities. All of the money that has been invested into personal automobiles instead invested into the community. In a country as vast as Canada these are ideas that seem to completely defy logic. But the history is there from long ago. We became a country due to a massive cross country rail network. The establishment of telecommunications from wires, to satellites crisscrossing our landscape. These are both frameworks that required massive investment and built connections, and community. But it was these new found connections that actually pull us apart. Our culture is now full of - Me, I, and Want. Its a lot harder to say words like - Us, Together, and Create. We’ve been told to live, and dream. Well… 

do any of you know of a witch who would extract my fragile human feelings in exchange for five chickens and a sun bonnet

imagine though

Anthony all holed up in his factory during the Great War

survives ghoulification

has a huge amount of guns and the like hoarded in the factory

begins expanding his influence around the Vegas area while never leaving the factory once

takes over the Sunset Sarpsilla factory once bottle caps becomes standard trading currency and basically claims the money for himself

money + guns

for the first time in his life is really on top of something

beginning plans to move into Vegas proper



Robert comes back :D

Neopets Confessions

I got so caught up in trying to keep up with the high trading standards of the Pound Chat boards I was constantly putting in more effort into “trading up” and was never really happy with any of the pets I had…. 

Since then I have restarted, left the pound chat boards and started doing more of what I love about the site. Reselling and spoiling my grinning asparagus rotten. <3

Stella the Staffie From Gloucestershire Police Finds £25,000 Cash

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One of the smallest members of the Gloucestershire Police force has discovered arguably one of the biggest hauls of the year after sniffing out £25,000 in the Forest of Dean.

It was all in a day’s work for staffie police dog Stella after being recruited to take part in a raid with police officers and Gloucestershire Trading Standard officers at a home in .

She was clearly on top form today as it didn’t take her long to find the large bundle of cash in a bedroom of the house.

Read more in Gloucester Citizen.

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writersamoyed and I did the meme where two artists redraw a piece from one another’s galleries in their own styles. Here’s her character, Heritance, as seen in her original piece below!

I would love to do this meme again, but I doubt there will be volunteers, so blah. This is more fun than a standard art trade because there’s no coming up with a nice, original pose and background, or even a unique expression.
Siona Robin Listokin | Industry self regulation of data privacy and security [SSRN]


“Industry self-regulation of consumer data privacy and security has been proposed as a flexible alternative and compliment to traditional government regulation. This study analyzes whether different types of existing industry-led standards improve online privacy and security. The paper examines which types of firms join voluntary standards and whether there is a difference in outcomes between trade association memberships (like the Digital Advertising Alliance) and certification programs (like TRUSTe). Results suggest that more trafficked websites are more likely to adopt standards, and that trade association membership does not have an effect on privacy and security performance. There is some evidence that paid certification can hurt subsequent privacy and security. This study also compares website privacy measures and highlights the need for a valid privacy metric.”

Live: Sensex Turns Flat Led by Losses in Banking Shares - NDTV

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Live: Sensex Turns Flat Led by Losses in Banking Shares
10:50 a.m.: Andrew Holland, CEO of Ambit Investment Advisors told NDTV that Nifty is at the top end of the trading range of 8,000-8,500. (Click here for Andrew Holland’s views on markets) 10:45 a.m.: Mid-cap index was trading on a flat note, the index …
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