If there is one thing that has ruined our modern world it is the single occupancy vehicle. Henry Ford’s dream to create an automobile for the middle class has placed us into a culture of entitlement. Automobiles are a destructive force of community. The idea that you own that piece of land your vehicle is under. How much for parking? Stuck in traffic again? The common complaints that come from public spaces is saying they is either not enough, or that they are underused, or poorly designed. When I think of public spaces I think of the road systems and how much we have devoted to the idea of the auto. I think of fashion and how it is a world of being scene, the idea of capturing a moment in space and time. A vehicle moves though space and time at speeds greater than the mind can travel. Being born and raised in an urban centre walking has always been my mode of transportation. This compliments my environment and my lifestyle. I should also say I am not anti car - I have a licence, and I await Top Gear releases like water from a well. What I have never been able to understand is the culture around vehicles. The idea that we give massive amounts of public space to roads, and parking. And how the only thing that comes of that is complaints about traffic and parking. Imagine a world were transit was a priority. High speed rail and trams connecting our communities. All of the money that has been invested into personal automobiles instead invested into the community. In a country as vast as Canada these are ideas that seem to completely defy logic. But the history is there from long ago. We became a country due to a massive cross country rail network. The establishment of telecommunications from wires, to satellites crisscrossing our landscape. These are both frameworks that required massive investment and built connections, and community. But it was these new found connections that actually pull us apart. Our culture is now full of - Me, I, and Want. Its a lot harder to say words like - Us, Together, and Create. We’ve been told to live, and dream. Well… 


In stores from today, ZERO Vol. 3: TENDERNESS OF WOLVES is the latest paperback collection of ZERO, collecting issued 11–14 in one volume and continues the story of Edward Zero, where stillness turns into violence

Continuing the collection design narrative (hailed as the most striking designs for a standard trade paperback in recent memory by Entertainment Weekly), inside you’ll discover new chapter page designs, creator bios, and a gallery section with all the single issue design you perhaps had missed before.

You can find ZERO Vol. 3: TENDERNESS OF WOLVES in your local comic and book stores.No comic book store nearby (see here), or simply prefer a different option, you can buy it at Amazon US / CA / UK (note that Amazon still shows the preview cover). If you prefer your comics in digital format, you can get it directly at Image Comics online, or from Comixology (US / UK).

Next month’s issue 15 kicks off Volume 4 with Ian Bertram handling art duties, and I’m not exaggerating when I say it’ll blow your mind.

Just thinking about applying for university is giving me the worst anxiety I’m so stressed out its ridiculous 

Retail customers

This one time, a customer asked me for “the free vacuum that goes with that cleaning stuff”. Several follow-up questions later revealed that he was buying Shake And Vac powder, and he couldn’t find the “And Vac”.

Yes this is actually true. And he got mad when I told him there wasn’t a free hoover. Kept going on about “trading standards”, that favourite phrase. I had to counter that Shake And Vac were actually the directions for use.


(Updated February 22, 2015 - New tabs for larger images)
:: INKTOBER 2014 ::

Hi all! So I’m slowly coming back from my big computer crash, and am putting together some things to help me recoup the cost of my new monster computer, which I had to purchase despite my tight funds. I’m still working on my commissions price list, so I thought I would first start to sell off my original INKtober works, since I have been meaning to sell them since November and are just sitting in a box not being loved :(


  • These are ALL one-of-a-kind, traditional pieces and are larger than standard artist trading cards (4.5”x6” and Leo is 6”x9”). A FEW of them are done on cardstock but not many of them, otherwise are all done on watercolour paper in India Inks. I do not intend on ever selling prints of these HOWEVER only ask that you allow me to use them for portfolio and/or promotional purposes.
  • You CAN mix and match from different categories… I just wanted to keep each fandom together and to offer people the chance to get a great deal on a set of characters from a particular fandom if they wanted all of the cards. As cards get sold, I will be placing “sold” on each of them and adjusting bulk prices accordingly.
  • Because I do clean up my artwork for posting, you may request for me to provide you with a watermarked preview image of the raw untouched scan of your interested pic. It will go to “PENDING” status until you confirm with me that you want to buy it and payment has been made. 
  • TIPS = bonus gift mystery stuff in your package ;)
  • Yes, I charge shipping PER PACKAGE (ie. 5 cards can be shipped in one package). Cost covers paypal charges and the fact that these are shipped as PACKAGES since I only ever ship in a lovely bubble envelope taped to the brim with packing tape, and all items further protected in plastic sleeves and maybe cardboard and “DO NOT BEND” written all over the envelope :) Though I’m ridiculously lenient and can usually be talked down… and I’m willing to forgo shipping costs completely on orders over 60$.
  • YES, there are four INKtobers missing. They were sold. :)

I think that’s about it! I take Paypal and Online Bank Transfers. I will not ship until I receive payment. If you are interested, please PM me or reply to this post with the cards you would like to purchase and I will contact you for further information regarding shipping address and paypal information :)

If you would like a CUSTOM INKTOBER, PM me and we can discuss pricing.

If you can’t buy, I do hope you can reblog to help a traditional artist out :) Thank you!!

wearywillows asked:

Hey there! Do you know where I can get good quality stone oval microdermal tops that aren't bvla or otherwise expensive? I can't find anything unique and not super flashy. Thank you ☺️

It’s true that jewelry that isn’t made from gold or platinum tends to have fewer unique options available. This happens because materials like steel and titanium, which cost less than gold and platinum, are more difficult to work with. Pieces made from those materials are usually created, at least partially, using some sort of machinery to cut, grind, or otherwise shape the jewelry. The use of machinery means that it is harder to do intricate or non-standard shapes. 

When working with gold or platinum, the nature of those materials makes them easier to cast and/or work  by hand. This opens up the possibilities for more intricate, interesting and non-standard shapes. The trade-off is that they tend to have a higher price tag because gold and platinum simply costs more. 

There are some manufacturers that do some jewelry in sterling silver. Silver has some of the easier-to-work-with properties of gold and platinum, but tends to have a price tag somewhere between steel/titanium and platinum/gold. There aren’t many companies that make jewelry in silver that also make threaded ends that would work on a microdermal. Nothing comes to mind from any of those companies that is oval. 

If you haven’t, you might check a few of the ends that #ANATOMETAL has available in silver. They aren’t ovals, but they are slightly more interesting/uncommon without being overly flashy:

We can help you with purchasing any jewelry you might like on their site. 

Feel free to send us an email to jewelry [at] saintsabrinas dot com if you have any additional questions.


Looking for good homes

I have two different villages and I’m looking for good homes for villagers who I really like but don’t want to keep. Here’s what I have to trade:





Looking for: I will give away Cube for free. I will only trade Coco for Kabuki, Yuka, Skye, or Diana. I am open to bells other trade suggestions for Maple and Bluebear. 
Move date: My timezone is eastern standard time. I can trade between 2.20.15 and 2.22.15. I can TT
tumblr URL: kakujas
Mayor Name/Town Name: Mayor name is Jane and town name is Ruby 
FC: 0232 - 9272 - 2438

Getting the Green Cube Thing.

"I’m not going to ask you again," The captain of a standard level trade spaceship asked her newly found stowaway in the colder dank cell on the bottom of her vessel, "Who sent you?!"

The sweat drenched, slightly-stocky man in captivity looks back up at her blue, tall, scaly figure, “And I’m not going to tell you again, it’s confidential informati-AAAHHHHH-GOD-JESUS-CHRIST-WOMAN-THAT-BURNS!” his sarcastic retort interrupted by another hot coil being pressed against his leg firmly, “HAVEN’T YOU EVER HEARD OF HOSPITALITY?!” He screams, pulling at his steel restraints and enthusiastically jumping in the metal chair he’s confined to before the rod is pulled away.

"Listen here you sarcastic little rat," a slight rattle in her voice as the sharp protrusions around her mouth form an almost threatening pose, "I’m going to make this easy for you. Either tell me who you are, who sent you, or why you’re here, or I’ll keep giving you this wonderful form of hospitality."

"Okay okay okay okay wait, two of those questions i can answer." He said teeth grit, catching his breath, his leg still throbbing and boiling in pain. "My name is Scott Wilcott, and well, we’re here on business from Earth."

She went to ask a different question, but stopped. Turning her head slightly she instead asked, “What do you mean by w-” suddenly the lights flickered and a distant alarm sounded which jerked her attention upward before immediately darting her gaze back to her prisoner. “Who else is on my ship?!” She yelled, preparing another coil.

"HEY HEY HEY! NO NEED TO JUMP BACK TO THE BURNING!" He shouts again, his legs beginning to shift. As she starts to ease it back toward him a tiny orb rolls out from a vent in the ceiling stopping close to the now silent captain who halts in place. She looks up, then back at her captive who’s cheeks are now swollen with air. Her eyes widen and before she can make a command to her troops outside the door, a small explosion blows a tiny hole in the floor wherein the air begins to be sucked out into the open space beneath their feet. The captain is then swept off her legs and pulled toward the hole on her stomach. While this is happening, a tiny laser shoots from the same vent and cuts through Scott’s restraints, he slowly stands and slides an epoxy toward the hole sealing it quickly before the captain is sucked out into the airless void. While she’s down, unconscious, and out of breath, Scott regains balance and walks toward her slowly, slightly limping, "It’s nothing personal Vendroxi, purely business." He reaches into a satchel that is on her back, pulls out a small green cube and his blaster which he kept at the ready.

The cell door opens and the two guards outside storm in before being promptly shot by Scott. The vent then opens and another man of slightly slimmer but taller and brawnier stature slides out. “You couldn’t set off the remote bomb I placed on their communications router BEFORE I had the third coil placed on my leg, Isaac?” Scott shouted at his compadre.

"You always told me ever since we were younger that you wanted to be Han Solo, figured i’d let you live that life for a while." He says with a smirk on his face while handing Scott a small tube of gel which he opens and begins rapidly rubbing on his burn marks around his leg which causes a huge sigh of relief to erupt from his mouth while the wounds cool and heal.

"Han was never burned near his crotch!"

"Well I doubt we’ll be crossing paths with any Mandalorians equipped with a carbonite cell at the ready for you anytime soon. So this is probably the next best thing. Plus this is payback for the time you left me stranded at that strip mall with your cousin."

"This is hardly fair payback! You didn’t have burning rods near your dangle, and you also met Vicki there who you dated for a few months!" Scott continued yelling, gesturing throughout.

"Oh yeah!" Isaac laughed softly, "Whatever happened to her?"

"Look, can we talk about this over post-mission tacos?" Scott’s tone changing, "These guys won’t be out for long, and once the crew realizes their communications are down, which I’m sure they already have. They’ll be coming down here looking for their captain who I’m sure they won’t like to find also unconscious in a room with two strange men they know nothing about."

"Wait, these guys aren’t dead?"

Scott shook his head, “Nope, I wanted the extra cash Jenzo said he’d pay us if there were no casualties.”

"Gotta love merc-in’ with the Jew! So what’s the plan?" Issac joyfully said pulling out his blaster, setting it to stun.

"We’re still docked in their hangar right?" Scott asked, to which Isaac nodded in response, "Good, then we’ll sneak past the crew, stunning whichever ones come our way. Once we reach the ship, I’ll have Roscoe hack into their mainframe, turn on their oxygen fields, and open their bay doors so that we can sneak out hopefully relatively undetected." Isaac nodded again in acceptance of the plan and the two set off toward their ship.

They then slink out of the cell and sidle along the walls, cautiously looking around the corners. As they climb the stairs and head toward the hangar, they keep to the shadows when a large group of crew members head down the stairs running toward the cell they were in before shouting up and running back to alert their shipmates. “Well I think we MIGHT have screwed up the relatively undetected part.” Isaac whispered, holding his blaster close and keeping a few stun grenades at the ready. While continuing their silent creep throughout the halls, having used a few shots and grenades along the way, they were finally near the door close to their ship. There was a large crowd looking into the bay talking among themselves about the duo’s ship, which has been spotted. “Now I DEFINITELY know we’ve been detected.” Isaac said a bit louder, throwing a larger ball toward the group that once activated engulfed them in a cloud of gas that caused them to drop like flies. “I swear,” Isaac continued, “if you hadn’t taken apart all of the crap in your room as a kid I don’t think we’d be nearly as successful at what we do.”

"You’re welcome." Scott said as he darted into the now vacant spacious shipping hangar turning on a wrist communicator, "Roscoe, warm up the engines and start hacking into the ship’s mainframe. We need to be out of here 15 minutes ago and I need these bay doors open with the oxygen field on."

"Can do sir" the robotic voice responded before the roar of their engines started to fill the room. The loading platform of theirs lowered and the two board their ship, as Isaac dropped a few mines behind him. While the engines continue warming up and the two hop into the cockpit, Roscoe speaks up again, "I’m into the mainframe, and I’ve turned on the field. The bay doors are opening."

While the platform to their ship is up, the hangar begins to fill with more crew members and the revived Vendroxi who, full of vexation screams over her loudspeaker, “Scott! Get off of your ship now, and give me back my restoration cube or I will completely tear your ship apart scaffold by scaffold until i get it myself!”

"Roscoe! 86 the door! Isaac! Please do your turret thing, but remember! Keep em living!"

"Can’t make any promises, but I’ll see what i can do!" As Isaac vaults out of his chair and heads toward his turret, an idea sprung to him. "HEY ROS! Turn the thrusters higher, Scotty, grab the wheel and gun it!"

They begin to do this and as they squeeze out of the door Isaac shoots a single EMP into the ship. While before it goes off, Vendroxi gets the exo-doors to her hangar shut before it detonates causing the ship to power down. Scott and Isaac’s small ship shoots off into the vacancy of the stars, just barely missing the field of their bomb. A tiny uproar comes from inside as they slow down to a cruising speed and scream with joy. “HOLY SHIT ISAAC I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT WORKED! YOU’RE A DAMN GENIUS!” 

"Oh stahhhp, you’re too kind. You’re the one who came up with the hacky mcbobs, and the whole open the oxygen field."

After they continue boosting each others somewhat rocky but firm egos, and head back to Jenzo’s, Isaac asks again, “So no seriously, whatever happened to Vicki?”

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U.S. signs trade pledge with East Africa, eyes rest of continent

By Elvina Nawaguna WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States and five East African countries pledged on Thursday to ease trade flows and set the stage for more U.S. investment, a program that could be extended to other parts of Africa. The agreement commits Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi to cooperate with the United States in customs issues, ease red tape at borders, reduce customs wait times and harmonize trade standards. “We see this agreement and all our work with (East Africa) to date as an important steppingstone, not the final destination,” U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman said. China’s rapid entry into Africa has fueled a rush to the continent by Western and other economies, including India and Brazil, and the region’s economy has grown more than 6 percent in the last decade.

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