Delighted observations from women on Ghostbusters
  • no fat jokes
  • no gratuitous sexiness
  • no sexed up costumes
  • women interacting like actual women
  • no romance
  • realistic awkwardness a la Erin over Kevin
  • women eating actual food and not in a sexy way
  • women not needing to ask a man for help
  • women being skilled in their fields
  • women being affectionate with each other
  • women being confident in their identities and not being plagued with self-doubts and crying into ice cream
  • an actual action sequence without tit shots or ‘sexy’ camera angles (which, fyi, was the hottest thing I have seen on the big screen this year)
  • a line-up where the standard gender ratio of 4-to-1 is inverted
Hm... so I found something out...

Ahsoka is 4 standard years older than Rex. 
Anakin is 6 standard years older than Ahsoka.  
Padme is 5 standard years older than Anakin. 
Zeb is 8 standard years older than Ahsoka. 
Kanan is 3 standard years younger than Ahsoka. 

Why do I know all of this… Cause I was like ‘wow Ashoka is like the oldest Rebel… nope.’

Riley and Buffy

So I was doing some basic working out of Riley’s backstory. Nothing fancy, I’m not making him an officer. Looked up standard US enlistment terms to remind myself.

Ok, so he did what my brother did and enlisted at 17 with his parents’ permission. With a standard 4 year term, he gets out at 21 if he doesn’t reenlist. He does his 4 years of reserves at the same time as he does his 4 years of Iowa undergrad. Why Iowa? In state tuition. So he finishes undergrad at 25, and heads off to grad school.

What we’re shown is that he’s one of Walsh’s senior students, so he’s done with the first year of grad school where you take classes and don’t have a prof. And he’s probably done more than a year of research with her. So he’s at least 27, and since it takes an average of 7 years to do a Ph.D, it could be as much as 32.

Buffy? Is 18.

No wonder they crash and burn. Riley’s in a place where he wants to settle down soon, have a nice faculty wife etc. Or maybe go back to the Army as a warrant officer. Either way, he’s not up for teenage drama, and trying to shove himself back into that box is exhausting.

And now that I’ve done the math, the fact that he tried as seriously as he did is kind of skeevy. Not enough to make me a Riley basher, but dude, this is not cute. (Also, I feel like the lack of married staff and toddlers at Lowell House is an incredible lack - I understand that it would have been a pain, but toddlers are hilarious)

(I haven’t tried to work out what agency writes his grant. DOE is probably the easiest to justify, tho if they’re DOE it’d make more sense to be based at Livermore. Tho I’m sure plenty of profs in CA have DOE grants.)

another random palette unit. This time an area control apc armed armed with radiation heated focusing bolt and microwave field generating side skirts. Painted to blend in with the local flora. Using the Chassis of a 21st century apc modified with a lead nanotube shell with synthetic fibre stuffing to close so that no excess radiation leaks when out of combat. In combat electromagnetic rods are charged up to force gamma heatwaves capable of perforating and un-shielded targets behind up to 20m of soild cover. In practice it will burn and boil crews alive and destroy electronics very effectively.

Aside from extra synthetic lining to protect the crew from radiation leaks the vehicle itself has a standard STANAG level 4 protection level. In addition it is jury rigged with Microwave emitters used to provide passive protection against Lock on AT missiles and minor crowd control.  

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I wonder how Mrs. Campbell feels about Louis and Danielle not becoming official until April?

I think she probably knows that there is a standard 4 month waiting period between getting ass tattoos with the family and making things official.

Guys so I’m thinking of starting this thing on my blog where once every month I’ll do a shoutout to my top 4 biggest fans. I know when I hit 6k followers I said I’d do shoutouts, well I didn’t lie. I just forgot, forgive me! Anyhow if I like to do this it’ll be once every week. So by 6p.m. Eastern Standard Time (roughly 4 hours) I’ll be doing the shoutout!! So to get a shoutout you can go to my blog and like all my stuff. Thanks!

SPN vs. Standards & Practices (4/?): "the grosser, the wetter, the more snap and crackle the better"

Visual effects coordinator Ivan Hayden would’ve liked to have made the decapitation shot even more jarring. “It goes directly from Sam cutting Gordon’s head off to looking at Gordon’s head on the ground and there’s no motion, so we created an animation with a bit of a head rock. Standards and practices wouldn’t go for it though; it was a little too graphic.”

Knight, Nicholas. Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 3. Titan Books, 2009: 51.

“The funniest part was when the teddy bear tried to kill himself,” comments Singer. “But someone unnamed at the network had such a hard time with that, they just felt that, ‘My God, you’ve gone too far with this teddy bear blowing his brains out!’ And I’m like, 'It’s a teddy bear, it’s okay.’ When you think of all the blood and guts we’ve done over the years, yet somehow this offended him the most. He argued, 'It’s a suicide on camera.’ 'But you didn’t really see it.’ 'Yeah, but you saw the stuffing…’”

“The funny thing was he wasn’t actually stuffed,” points out [costume designer Diane] Widas, “so we were all laughing about that. We were like, 'What color should it be? Should it be fiberfill or feathers?’

Knight, Nicholas. Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 4. Titan Books, 2010: 55-56.

"We were told [in Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid], 'Do whatever it takes to blow their heads off,’” states the episode’s visual effects supervisor, Mark Meloche. “One of the parameters I gave for the stunt people was if they got hit to fall back away from the camera because we didn’t want to have to create CG insides of heads. Well, we had a stuntman that fell down the stairs, and there’s a shot where Dean fires up and the zombie’s head explodes and he falls right toward the camera. So I sent an early stage of the shot to Eric, and he was taken aback by what was actually shown – the guy’s leaning forward and there’s nowhere to look except inside his head. Shaun Roth, our lead 3D artist, modelled the inside of a head with a jiggling brain and I was really happy with that shot. It went to Standards and Practices, and because it’s not a human it went through. I highly suggest watching the still-frames as he’s coming down; there’s a lot to see in there. That was a blast.

Knight, Nicholas. Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 5. Titan Books, 2010: 81.

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Guess character ask meme time! ^3^ 1. Bronzed physique. 2. Silver-tongued rogue. 3. Weaponry is gold standard. 4. Dark by name, a little dark by nature (depending on who you ask). 5. Quite a grey character who works for a not so blue-eyed boy.


11 questions tag!

Thanks so much to @anisletstudy for tagging me in the 11 questions tag, what a nice surprise!

(Rules: answer 11 questions, ask 11 questions and tag 11 friends!)

1. Your favourite band? > Probably Oh Wonder

2. Your favourite food/restaurant? > Italian food of any description! I could eat pizza forever lol

3. Your dream in the future? > Go to uni, get a job that enables me to make the world a better place, be happy. Pretty standard I guess?

4. What do you do in the leisure time? > Waste time on the internet ,read, paint, sew. Also cuddle my furbabies aka my 2 dogs.

5. What are you wearing right now? > Leggings, hoody and a t shirt. Classy.

6. What course do you take in uni/high school? > I’ve just finished my gcses so I’ll be starting a levels in September, eek!

7. How do you overcome your stress? > Have an early night w/ a favourite book, make tea, watch mindless tv etc.

8. What are the things you want to boost about yourself? > I like this question! First thing that came to mind was confidence aka I need to get a part time job. I’d also like to have more compassion and learn some unusual skills eg. weaving, self defence – I’ll see what extracurriculars there are at school.

9. Do you love online-shopping or in stores? > I like the idea of shopping in stores but I tend to get v stressed and overwhelmed so overall I’m more of an online shopper.

10. Tall or short? > Me? I’m about average.

11. Which one do you prefer; black or white? And the reasons are… > White – light is more of a positive colour for me and additionally I’m more of a day than a night person, ya know?

That’s it! I tag these lovely people: @cloudy-studies @anystudy @activecaffeine @jocelyngtg @celadon-dreams @studywithsushi @cobaltsplatters @moleskinestudies @neuroticstudies @kay-studies @sycamorestudies

and my questions are:

1.  What’s 1 thing you want to achieve by the end of 2016?

2. When’s the last time you laughed?

3. What’s your favourite place in the entire world?

4. What subjects do you study?

5. What do you consider to be your greatest strength?

6. Name a person who inspires you.

7. Introvert or extrovert?

8. When did you start your studyblr and why?

9. Hot or cold drinks?

10. Night or day?

11. Give me a song recommendation :P

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