standard 150


Snacks and Ladders

Last night’s food trip at Maginhawa. Standard fee is 150. 50 pesos is for the gaming fee, since they have a lot of board games that you can use for free and with no time restrictions. 100 pesos is consumable for food. They have a lot of food selections from rice meals, to pasta and sandwiches and of course finger foods such as fries, nachos and a lot more.

They are open from 3pm - 11 pm.

Ive always been super against the idea of “people shouldnt use proxies in magic”. I can understand fully in tournaments why that is the case but over the years I have seen and known a lot of people who hold this ideal even for playing casually with friends. Magic as a game is expensive and unless you already have a huge collection the price point of getting into even a standard deck is 150$+ let alone something like buying into commander. So when it comes to people using proxies I have found the majority of the time its people who are testing decks before dedicating that kind of money or its just people without money who are still trying to enjoy the game. Even knowing this though I still see dozens of snobby elitist players not even willing to play against people with proxies in deck just because they have a mentality of “go buy the actual cards” with no thought towards why the person with proxies might not have been able to.


This St Pius V is also called “The Pope of the Holy Rosary”. 

Pope Pius V is known as the “Pope of the Rosary” for two reasons:

for penning a papal document on the rosary and for establishing a rosary feast day, two important steps in solidifying this powerful tool of prayer for the entire Church. In 1569 Pope Pius V issued a papal document, Consueverunt Romani Pontifices, in which he secured the uniformity of the Holy Rosary (endorsing the Dominican Rosary as the standard – 15 decades, or 150, Hail Marys) for recitation throughout the Catholic Church.
He established the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary in 1573. The purpose of the feast day was to thank God for the victory of the Christians over the Turks at the Battle of Lepanto—a miraculous naval battle victory that occurred on October 7, 1571.