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Expedition to Sol2487-3 Pt.3

Still shocked from the total annihilation of our ship and half of our crew, whereas another one was grievously wounded and at death’s door, we retreatet into the field again.
That pitchblack winged avatar of doom wasn’t alone anymore. Hordes of them circled in the sky and stalked through the shredded pieces of our ship, scavenging the mortal remains of our crew, of our comrades, of our friends.
And there was nothing we could do about it. Even with full force, our weapons would barely harm even one of those sick bastards, let alone drive the whole flock away. So all we could do was accept, retreat and reconsider our situation - or going nuts, like Üprrkl, a Pjörecian scientist under command of Dr. Proaxl.
“We’re done for! We all gonna die! Abandon all hope, for there is no chance we’re gonna make it! Our ship - gone! Our supplies - gone! Our respiratory systems - at 35%! Our…”
It was my first mate Xato Nexgrra, who attended to him. Calmly he put his weapon away, crawled over to the shivering, babbling formerly rational man. He sat down before him, showed an understanding glimpse. And hit him full throttle with all fifteen of his whip like limbs right in his face.
The scientist, completly taken by surprise, obeyed speechless while rubbing his left face knob.

Dr. Proaxl made a harrumphing noise - how exactly, without a throat, has kept me riddling ever since. I apologised to her.
“I’m afraid one of the ship operating squad under my command laid a hand - or fifteen - on one of your squad members. It shall not repeat.”
“Oh, you shouldn’t apologise. I wanted to thank you, Xato Nexgrra, for I would have slapped him myself if I had arms. It’s no help giving in to despair. We have to focus on surviving, and first in securing treatment for Loxxar Kraes. We were able to stop the bleeding for now, but he indeed won’t make it if we can’t prevent an inflammation of the wound and stop his pain. It’s at dangerous levels right now.”
“J-just leave me behind” coughed the wounded soldier, and it seemed to drain all virtue out of him.
“NO WAY!!!” I had to hold back an emotional shivering, for it was not my words alone, but nine out of ten of us said it in chorus, even the lower ranks went all out and ignored military discipline to decline his demand. Alone Üprrkl didn’t say anything and I didn’t care whether it wasn’t his opinion or he just had accepted to shut the hell up.
Loxxar Kraes barked stertorously and closed his eyes, but his mime told me he felt proud and gratefull of his men and the rest of us.

“Allright, we can’t stay here, we have to move to find shelter, maybe supplies or even medicine. The road is out of the question, those flying spawns of hell would tear us apart. That round fluffy thing from before was at least peaceful when we didn’t try to touch it’s food. So through the woods, it is. Praxx, Rae’krotar, you both carry Loxxar Kraes. Dr. Proaxl and her squad around you, and Xato Nexgrra at the back, Lsrl Krck and Koarl cover the sides, I’ll take the lead. I’d say we follow the course of the road, maybe we find the sentinent life form and can request their help. Weapons alltime at the ready! Let’s go!”

Our formation ranged carefully through the terrain. After some distance, Dr Proaxl closed op to me.
“Loxxar Kraes is a fine soldier. Not many could endure this level of pain that long. But we have to hurry.”
I didn’t answer, just grumbled for myself.
The doc’s nebulous body touched my arm and immediately her voice rang inside of my mind: “Do you believe it would be wise to force contact to this world’s inhabitants?”
Under normal circumstances, this violation of my personal space would be considered grievely rude both in military and social ways, and if this would be any other day, Dr. Proaxl would be the last person in the whole universe who would nonchalantly cross that line. But this was not normal, this was not every other day, and we were not a IFPS ship’s crew anymore, we were cast aways, brothers and sisters who shared a gruesome fate.
And I realised immediatly, she only asked me in mind so the others couldn’t hear it and fuel up their doubts and latent despair.
“Have we any other choice?” I thought.
I didn’t get an answer.

Time was against us, in more than one way. We all knew that Üprrkl had hit the nail on the head. And any stand - the IFPS’ standardized unit of time - brought us nearer to the end - of whatever it might be. We swapped our positions, so everyone had once to carry our wounded companion, but it did’t help the fact all of us grew hungry and tired and slowed down.

“Let’s rest. It’s no use if anyone of us broke down. 20 stands to regain some stamina.”
“Wouldn’t it be nice to have something to eat?” asked Koarl.
“I ain’t gonna touch those grains!” yelled Rae’krotar.
We had seen some shadows of what might be those fluffy round beasts or any other lifeform of this planet. But since those shadows didn’t bother to come closer to us, we had no mentionable encounter since the disaster with our ship. And we intended to keep it that way, so we took some detours to avoid getting too near to any scattered grains crossing our path.
It was Üprrkl. Xato Nexgrra’s slapping had shut him up for quite the time, but eventually he started to murmur his “we gonna die, we gonna starve, we gona suffocate” again and no one had the virtue to slap him again - at least hard enough so it would have any effect. So we decided to ignore him.
“Just what the heck is your probl… oh.”
“Seems like we gonna be the food.”
Behind our backs, two glowing yellow eyes glanced through the long shadows of the streaks. As I could recall, they were even bigger than that winged black bastard’s ones, and both of them starred at us simultaniously, frontal. The black pupils were narrow slits, and in the cornea we could see our own reflections.
“Those eyes are aligned to create two overlapping fields of view, capable of exact depth perception. It’s a predator!” proclaimed Üprrkl. What an unnecessary piece of information. As if those fangs and claws wouldn’t be self-explanatory. The body of the creature, probaply even bigger than the black flying monsters, huddled up, not in a defending way, but to prepare for a jumping attack. Even if you could only assume the whole size - most of it was covered by the shadows - one could tell the attack was imminent.

Suddenly, the earth shattered.
“KI…KI…KI..HE…KI…KI…KI…” It was a deafening noise, followed by an earthquake. And another one. And another.
“Those are steps!” screamed Üprrkl. Oh I began to hate his constantly uttering of the obvious.
The monster ceased preparing his attack and looked up to the sky. Up to it’s full size and coming one step into the light, it was so frickin’ huge it could have swallod one of us at whole. But there was something even more frickin’ Xaleates damn huge bursting through the tops of the cultivated grass: A giant! A frickin’ gigantic giant! With a head taller than a mountain and limbs longer than our former ship’s supply tunnels, with five appendices at their ends, forming grotesk claws like parts of construction site vehicles.
The gigantic limb reached for the “smaller” monster’s neck and pulled it upwards. The “little” monsters hung like a sack, obviously devote to its unavoidable fate.
The giant lifted the monster to its breast and hold it firm, then it threw its glance onto us. Parallel eyes! A predator like nothing comparable in the universe!
“OH… IT… U…! I… SA… UR… SHI… CRA… AN… TRY… TO… HE… U… BUT… U… WE… GO…” growled the giant. We were to frightened to move just a single limb, let allone run away. Only Dr. Proaxl - who hadn’t limbs - could move. And she went straight up to the giant, levitating right to his head.
“No! Doctor!” I screamed, but she ignored me.
The giant stared at her with wide opened eyes, studiing its prey to the fullest.
Dr. Proaxl had now reached its head, passed the enormous jaw with teeth big like daggers, meant to crush anything between it. Then she went straight for a single prominent knob in the middle of the giant’s face - and touched it.
The pupils of the giant widened vastly as Dr. Proaxl entered its mind.
“Oh, what pleasant surprise!” her voice chimed down to us. “It’s this world’s  sentinent inhabitant. It’s willing to help us. And it’s a pup.”


Standard Arms Model G

Patented c.1906 by Morris Smith, manufactured by Standard Arms c.1909-10′s - serial number 7534.
.25 Remington three-round internal box magazine, long stroke gas piston semi-automatic or manual pump action, engraved brass handle - originally lacquered black.

A fancy and unusual ealry semi-automatic sporting rifle, betrayed by the lack of strength of its internal parts which turned it into a jam monster. It’s okay buddy at least you look good when you do it.

Real Estate In Japan

I know I made a “Housing In Japan” post in the past, but in this one I’ll be explaining important terms, conversions, and general information for housing searching. 

Here’s a Tokyo apartment I was looking at. I’m not packing my bags anytime soon, but I wanted to see what the average going rate was.

First of all, the description was just “2K”. 2K? What? Does that mean???? I was expecting something like “2BR+1B” or something.

So I went searching for the meaning behind the housing acronyms:

  • any number coming before an acronym is basically the number of bedrooms (or free rooms, whatever you’d wanna put in there).
  • K. After I read it, I was like, “oh. duh.” K stands for….drumroll everyone….Kitchen. So an apartment advertised as “2K” means there’s a bathroom, two bedrooms, and a Kitchen. 
  • DK. This one means that the Kitchen ALSO comes with a Dining Room!!!! They’re rarely separated by walls, so think of it as kind of a big kitchen. Sorta. There’s usually one of those bar things in the kitchen and then a separate space for a table. 
  • LDK. Ooh, this one gets fancy. This one means Living Room, Dining Room, AND Kitchen! None of these are separated by walls, and it’s definitely of the more spacious variety. 
  • R. Uh, yeah, this just stands for Room, as in number + R = rooms in the apartment. If you live in a 1R, it is literally one room. It’s basically the equivalent of a studio apartment, except the bathroom usually doesn’t have a divider/door.
  • SLDK. Now this must be high living. This one comes with a “Storage Room”, hence the “S” . Sizes vary, it could be simply a walk in closet or big enough to be a spare bedroom. 
  • J. J stands for -jo, as in tatami mat measurement, which is explained below. A room being advertised as “6J” means the room is the size of 6 tatami mats.

Otherwise, if you can read the characters, you can see it comes with a closet, genkan (entrance for your shoes), and a balcony.

Now for the sizing. If you’re a bumbling American like me, you probably weren’t raised with the metric system. Fun math fact for conversion: 1 inch = 2.54 cm. So then you can do the math on your own if you’re into that thing. I’m not, so conversion calculators for me. 

In the picture above, the bedrooms are marked “4″ and “6″, but not 4 sq. meters or 6 sq. meters. Although most apartments won’t have tatami mats, it’s still a standard unit of measurement in housing. So, the average size of a tatami mat is 1.62 sq. meters. So, doing the math here (I’m pretty sure you’d multiply the size of the tatami mat by the number of mats), the room with 6 tatami mats would be 10.08 sq. meters. But how the heck does that help me if I’m unfamiliar with the metric system??? So converting this to feet, it would be 108 sq. feet. The header says the whole thing is 28.28 sq. meters, which would be 304 sq. feet. 

Either way, I have no idea how much area square feet takes up, but looking at Google Images it looks about the size of a standard dorm room for one, so probably quite small to an American. 

But this particular apartment is a super good deal. It’s $900 a month in the heart of Shinjuku, one minute away from the train station. So pretty much a steal. 

Lastly, let me explain the difference between “apartment” and “mansion”, アパート and マンショ (apato and manshon), respectively. An apato is an apartment in a building that’s 2 stories or less. Manshon’s are 3 stories or more (highrise building). Just because something is called a manshon doesn’t mean it’s fancy. It’s just the terms. The apartment above is a manshon (a “royal mansion”, specifically).

Hope this was helpful, you might need it someday. ;-)


Captain's Vigilante (3/?)

Word Count: 5700ish

Warnings: So much words. A little angst if you squint. Probably some wrong grammar and spelling mistakes. The tags are added and the future chaps will get the added tags. Thank you for reading.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: You are a genius vigilante, misunderstood, feared and on top of the Avengers watch list. They see you as a major threat and has to be stopped. They’ve no idea you only have the best of intention but just has no idea how to express it a better way. And you like the reputation they gave you. It’s what you’re used to so you play with it. After yet another visit to the Avengers tower and being caught and then being shot. Things take a turn for you both when Steve seemed to break those walls and get to know the real you.

Part 1 | Part 2Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10  | Part 11 | Part 12


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(damn, that gif though)

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Creepypasta #1078: I Found Something Impossible In My Backyard

Length: Long

In my backyard, we have a koi pond. It’s been kind of a never-ending project of mine and my wife’s, something we’ve put a lot of time, effort, and money into in the 3 years we’ve lived in our house. A few weeks ago, we decided to extend it some, and I finally got started on what needed to be done to do that last week. I started digging. After about 3 hours I’d dug a good amount of the area I needed to out, and was about 4 feet down in this particular spot when I hit something. Whatever it was, it was metal.

I continued digging, looking for an edge of whatever this was, and I found it. I followed the edge around as I kept digging, and it turned out to be a square with a handle on top, and two hinges on one side. I pulled up on the handle, but I couldn’t get it open. I figured it was a chest or case of some kind, so I dug around the sides of it, but no matter how far I dug, it just kept going. I finally came to the conclusion that it was a hatch of some sort, perhaps a bomb shelter. When we bought the house, there had been no mention of a bomb shelter there, nor had there ever been mention of it in the history of the house.

I dug an area around the hatch so I could more easily get to the top. After a few hours, a night of sleep, and a few more hours the next day of blowtorches, drills, and hammers, I finally got the hatch open.

As soon as I pulled the door off, I was was hit with a wave of foul odor. The smell was stale and putrid, and was like a mixture of rotten eggs, spoiled milk, and a group of dead skunks. After taking a moment to catch my breath, I finally was able to hold it while I looked inside. There was a ladder that led downwards probably about 20 feet, and I could just barely make a out a floor with the sunlight provided. I went to my garage and got a dust mask, hoping it would at least mask the smell some, and grabbed a flashlight.

I began my descent down the ladder while my wife stayed up top, curiously observing. The smell only worsened the further down I got, and the mask was doing next to nothing to offset it. I stopped several times on the way down, warding off the urge to vomit. Finally, I think I just got used to it enough to not gag with every breath I took. I made it to the bottom, and there was a small corridor to the left, past which was a large room.

Just as I had suspected, it looked like a fallout shelter. There were two rows of shelving units that once held non-perishable foods, almost all of which were gone. I found a light switch on the wall next to me, which I turned on. To my surprise, rows of fluorescent lights lit up, allowing me to see the entire area. 

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Invader Swap AU

Just a random idea I recently got and I wanted to do a stupid doodle of~

I have no idea how much this has probably already been done, but I guess this is my version of it.

-Professor Red

-Mr. Purple

-Tallest Bitters

-Tallest Membrane




-GAZ *couldn’t do much with her design and make her still look like a standard SIR unit*

If I get the motivation or if enough people want me to, I might do other characters since I have a few ideas for some. :P

Something a lot of Americans don’t realize when talking about Russia is that they’ve never had a conception of private property. In Tsarist times, all the property in the Empire belonged, personally to the Tsar, who would distribute it as he or she saw fit. The nobility’s money was measured not in land, but in souls. The Russian peasantry, going back to Prechristian times, ran communal farms known as mir that became the standard farming unit in Tsarist times. Private property didn’t exist in full in Russia until 2001. So when people talk about Russia in the 1990′s as “adapting to Capitalism for the first time”, they’re not talking about “for the first time since 1917.” They mean, quite literally, that Russia transitioned from feudal slavery to Communism, with a minor break to a hybrid Feudalistic-Capitalistic system that existed for roughly 40 years.

My collection is on fire...cracker (paint that is).

No new additions to the collection to report but I thought it was a good bookmark to add to this journey that I make mention of the fact that Missy and I finally got around to painting my collection shelves.  

The shelves themselves (though sturdy) are nothing special; just a standard wooden adjustable shelving unit.  I don’t know where they came from originally but I went to my local Habitat for Humanity home store several months back and found them there.  The nice thing about them is that the shelf adjustments run almost the entire interior height so setting up to your specific collection is really easy.  The price was right so I picked up two identical ones with enough extra shelves so that I could house my entire collection on them.  The only addendum I made to them was to put header boards on the top of both with hinges for both a hidden compartment and something to put a marquee type display onto. 

Even though they were a neutral wood color I didn’t feel like they would do justice to my NES cartridges.  After some deliberation, I chose a red color that I think brings out the collection. The hue I went with was a bold red color in the name Firecracker.  It made me think of the fireballs from the original Super Mario Bros game and fit with the color scheme of the Nintendo logo.

Moving the games off of the shelf (and preserve the alphabetical order scheme) was a challenge in itself.  Seeing them piled all willy nilly on another surface makes one realize how much they deserve to be on an organized shelf. 

I wish I could take credit for the amazing paint work but that was all my wonderful wife.  I mugged it up for the camera and did a few takes like Daniel-san in the Karate Kid…  “up, down, up down, side to side, breathe in, breathe out.  Missy had to come in after and fix all of my mistakes. 

The last steps involved a few coats of white paint for the headers and then printing out some Nintendo-related graphics for the top of the display.  It was remarkable how the prints and the paint are almost identical in shade. It is really difficult to tell that the prints are separate from the wood as they look almost etched in.  I am so happy with how it turned out.

Very little information is available regarding the flags carried by early American Marines, although indications are that the Grand Union Flag was carried ashore by the battalion led by Captain Samuel Nicholas on New Providence Island, 3rd March, 1776. It is quite possible that the Gadsden flag was also carried on this expedition.

The standard carried by the Marines during the 1830s and 1840s consisted of a white field with gold fringe, and bore an elaborate design of an anchor and eagle in the center. Prior to the Mexican-American War, this flag bore the legend “To the Shores of Tripoli” across the top. Shortly after the war, the legend was revised to read: “From Tripoli to the Halls of the Montezumas.”

During the Mexican and US Civil Wars, Marines in the field apparently carried a flag similar to the national flag, consisting of red and white stripes and a union. The union, however, contained an eagle perched on a shield of the United States and a half-wreath beneath the shield, with 29 stars encircling the entire design. Beginning in 1876, Marines carried the national colors (the Stars and Stripes) with “U.S. Marine Corps” embroidered in yellow on the middle red stripe.

At the time of the Vera Cruz landing in 1914, a more distinctive standard was carried by Marines. The design consisted of a blue field with a laurel wreath encircling the Marine Corps emblem in the center. A scarlet ribbon above the emblem carried the words “U.S. Marine Corps,” while another scarlet ribbon below the emblem carried the motto “Semper Fidelis.”

Orders were issued on 2 April, 1921, which directed all national colors be manufactured without the yellow fringe and without the words “U.S. Marine Corps” embroidered on the red stripe. This was followed by an order dated 14th March, 1922, retiring from use all national colors still in use with yellow fringe or wording on the flag. Following World War I, the Army practice of attaching silver bands carrying inscriptions enumerating specific decorations and battles was adopted. This practice was discontinued on 23 January 1961.

Marine Corps Order No. 4 of 18 April 1925 designated gold and scarlet as the official colors of the U.S. Marine Corps. These colors, however, were not reflected in the official Marine Corps standard until 18 January 1939, when a new design incorporating the new colors was approved. The design was essentially that of today’s Marine Corps standard.


This cutscene, in my opinion, solidifies once and for all that Stormblood’s writing is on another level - not only compared to all that we’ve seen from XIV thus far, but also compared to most of the Final Fantasy series as a whole. That’s not a claim I make lightly, but this scene left me absolutely speechless the first time I watched it and I’ve found more and more details to appreciate with each subsequent viewing. There’s so much to unpack in this scene alone, even as it establishes crucial exposition for the remainder of 4.0’s plot and themes.

The scene is a view into events currently taking place at the Ala Mhigan palace, the stronghold of the XIIth Imperial Legion. It opens with a procession for Legatus Zenos yae Galvus, complete with a Garlean anthem - the melody of which is the same as the theme for Rhalgr’s Reach.

There’s only one plausible explanation for the two pieces sharing a melody: at some point during their occupation of Gyr Abania, the Empire took a song with great significance to the people of Ala Mhigo and transformed it into a tribute to Garlemald. It’s a means of cultural erasure - a highly effective one - and given all that we have learned of life under Garlean rule since the beginning of Stormblood, it’s absolutely something that the Empire would do to further strip Ala Mhigo of its dignity and autonomy.

Only some of the lyrics are shown and the rest are difficult to transcribe, but what can be made out is the following:

Beyond majestic mountains, across the emerald dale
On march the ivory standard, united we prevail
From distant shores of Othard, to lakes of Aldenard
The light of mighty Garlemald, fore'er our guiding star

The anthem stresses the all-encompassing breadth of the Empire, as well as the fact that Garlemald is a “light” meant to guide those it rules. It’s deeply ominous for its implications, especially when paired with what players recognize as an Ala Mhigan melody; I and so many others were unsettled, frustrated, even furious that an Ala Mhigan theme had been used in such a way, and that’s exactly what makes this anthem so ingenious as a means of storytelling.

The scene transitions to the palace’s throne room, where Zenos lounges, mask off, as he listens to reports from various officers. Unlike many other Garlean antagonists, we see quite a bit of Zenos’s face throughout 4.0 - a bit surprising, when one considers that how many crucial Garlean characters have lived and died without players getting so much as a hint of what they looked like. Right away, through both his face and his voice, we see that Zenos is a good deal younger than many of the Garleans we’ve met thus far.

So too do we see a difference in Zenos’s personality and motivations from those of previous Garleans. Upon receiving the news of the unit with the prototype magitek weapons that you and the Resistance defeated, Zenos cuts down the commanding pilus prior - not for being the bearer of ill tidings, but for not having fought alongside the rest of his unit. Zenos sees war as a game above all else, one to be enjoyed. So too does he think of his “prey” - the Ala Mhigans and Domans over whom he rules as viceroy - as animals that might be baited into combat for his own amusement.

And though it is unclear whether the officers present share his views on battle, they are certainly of the mind that Ala Mhigans are lesser than Garleans. When Fordola attempts to raise a proposal, she is silenced by a tribunus who calls her “savage” and claims she was only given a high ranking through the late Gaius van Baelsar’s influence.

“Savage”, like “half-breed”, is a racially-charged term that is used with a surprising amount of conscientiousness throughout Stormblood. With very few exceptions, it is said only by Garleans or by those describing the Garleans’ way of thinking; the story makes every effort to villify those who use the word to refer to Ala Mhigans or Domans or anyone else perceived as “lesser” in any way.

Yet it might be said that Zenos, what with his obsession for battle, sees “savage” as less of a demeaning term than other Garleans do: for instance, he says of Fordola that the young pilus prior is a “‘savage’ [who] years to hunt her own.” This does not negate or diminish the word’s harmful context by any means, but it does offer us more insight into Zenos’s brutal worldview. We see here that he approves of Fordola for her desire to fight other Ala Mhigans, and this is only the first example of many throughout Stormblood in which we see Zenos try to use the word in a less-than-negative light.

The cutscene ends with Fordola being given the means to speak, and of her telling the legatus of her potential plans to sabotage the Ala Mhigan rebellion.

transformars  asked:

How are seeker trines made in tf: matrix?

Staggers back to my computer I liiiiiiive

A Seeker Trine refers to a very common form of gestalt bonding* that’s generally found among fliers who are built for two primary purposes: speed and enhanced sensory awareness- Seekers!** Now with a bunch of history that nobody asked for but I felt needed to be included anyways.

*Gestalt Bonding differs from other kinds of spark-bonding in that members of a gestalt can typically trade overt information or communicate via their bond.

** “Seekers” refers to a range of different frames, but they all tend to share a fairly standard appearance and selection of altmodes and also meet the above criteria. Seekers tended to be incredibly plentiful because for one- they tend to be very useful and relatively power-efficient for fliers, and for two- because Vosnian cold-construction facilities put out seekers like a McDonalds puts out french fries.

That being said, Seeker Trines are initially a cultural aspect. It was considered standard (for lots of historical/cultural reasons, including the fact that 3 is a particularly fortunate number among Cybertronians) particularly in flier-heavy societies to form three-part relationships, both professional and otherwise, and that carried over into military tactics- units were generally grouped into threes. This provides stability and also makes for a nice triangle shape when flying. Very aesthetic.

Earlier in Cybertronian history, Seeker Trines generally weren’t gestalt bonded, but might be amica or conjux who fought together, however gestalt bonding in combat kept proving advantageous- this meant that a unit could trade information instantly and be aware of one another on a spark-deep level, making for uniform behavior and tactics.

Once mass-production became the name of the game, the prospect of creating artificial gestalt bonds with cold sparks opened up a whole new array of possibilities, and it became standard for military seeker units to come pre-bonded and in a convenient package deal. The newely-created constructed sparks are kept in close, continued contact immediately after creation, before they have settled, thus bonding together prior to being placed in prefab shells.

The major seeker trine in TF:Matrix; Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp, is created this way. They have been linked together since moments after creation, and it would take incredible effort upon all their parts to break that link prior to their deaths. They’re pretty much stuck together, even when they don’t like it.

Other forms of gestalt units are created this way, or even made by splicing a single cold spark into multiple sparks, and naturally-forming gestalts do occur (as well as artificially converting mature sparks to part of a gestalt) but the sheer amount of cold-constructed gestalt units, Seeker Trines included, overwhelmed any of these. Trines are some of the most notable, however, as three individuals allows for enough balance that losing one member will not disrupt the function of the other two (as opposed to a two-mechanism gestalt, where losing one tends to render the other incapacitated at best) and it’s also a small enough amount of individuals that they don’t get distracted by their own gestalt, allowing them to stay present in the moment.

For reasons not entirely known, cold-constructed Seeker Trines tend to have particularly strong bonding, possibly an effect of Vosnian construction tactics/pre-programming or mandatory training, and thus they were one of the most commonly purchased form of military cold-constructed through most of Cybertron’s latter history! Seeker trines were everywhere. If they were lucky enough, they paid off their “construction debt” after a time and were free to pursue non-military aspects, but this was particularly rare and it was, unfortunately, in many territories of Cybertron entirely legal to maintain a military contract over them for the duration of their entire functioning.

Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp are an excellent example of how a Trine can function at near-peak efficiency. Despite their differences, their frequent squabbling is more performative than anything else, and their way of relieving stress with each other. In combat, all three tend to operate in unison, processing information between the three of them. Starscream is ultimately analytical in abstract, while Skywarp is action-based, and Thundercracker tends more towards caution and planning. Between the three of them, they can quickly figure out the most efficient way to get a job done.

(It should be noted that, though, as far as Seeker Trines go, they were expensive custom models. Part of a run that was being used to test the capability of creating cold-constructed Outliers - individuals with unusual abilities; IE Skywarp’s ability to transwarp/teleport over distances, Thundercrackers sonic stunning ability, and Starscream…well, we can cover that later.)

LGBTQ+ Representation in Volume 4: What we could have gotten

So lately I’ve seen a lot of people talk about LGBTQ+ representation in RWBY and I wanted to share my many MANY thoughts on the subject. Keep in mind that this post is going to be very long and will contain an extensive list of all the things the writers could have done in volume 4 that they didn’t.

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NDRV3 Teacher/School AU

In which all the NDRV3 kids are faculty at a high school of some kind

• Kaede is the music teacher. Possibly also Band Director/Orchestra Director/Choir Director. If she’s involved in choir, she insists on playing piano with the students. Every time.

• Angie is the art teacher, obviously.

• Maki is…I wanna say guidance councilor? She’s good with small kids so she either teaches the youngest grade or is a guidance councilor

• Kokichi is that one history teacher who is WAAAYYYY too invested. His favorite units are the ones about empires and conquering. He also really likes the one day when he gets to talk about European Piracy.

• Amami is that one substitute everyone loves because you walk in and just KNOW you’re not doing ANYTHING that day

• Shinguji is an English teacher and he loves the mythology unit (I’m not sure if that’s a standard unit for most schools but it came up in two separate years for me so *shrug emoticon* )

• Himiko is a science teacher. I kind of want to say Chemistry.

• Saihara is an English teacher that loves mystery novels (especially Murder Mysteries).

• Gonta is the biology teacher HANDS DOWN I’m not sure if he would love the dissection unit or would have to do his best not to cry. Either way he’s really nice to the kids who Do Not want to deal with dissection and has an alternate assignment avaliable

• Tenko is the intense gym teacher who actually makes you do sports

• Hoshi is the other gym teacher who doesn’t care what you’re doing so long as you’re doing SOMETHING other than homework or messing around. If you’re not doing something he’ll come whoop your ass into shape though. Beware the small man.

• Keebo/Kiibo is the computer/graphics/coding teacher. If it involves technology he’ll probably be teaching it. He’s kinda awkward and has a bit of trouble explaining how to do the more simple stuff because it’s second nature to him now.

• Tsumugi is…I want to say Home Ec? Every school calls it something else but that one Life Skills Class you get. Idk I imagined her teaching people how to sew and I’m rolling with it.

• Iruma is the OTHER technology computer/robotics/mechanics teacher. She’s in charge of all the stuff that involves building. Sometimes she has to drag Kiibo/Keebo in to help kids code the robots.

• I REALLY WANNA SAY TOUJO IS A JANITOR but I’m just gonna say she helps Tsumugi with the home Ec stuff but Moreso the laundry/cooking parts

• Momota is the astronomy/earth science/earth&space/etc teacher. He really likes space. His final is literally all the unit tests put together he didn’t change a single problem.