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What did Robert mean he wanted to announce his vows etc so Liv and Aaron would know, I thought he was gonna do that anyway? or does he mean he doesn't wanna do traditional ones he's gonna improvise? If he's doing that I bet he goes first then.

I think he meant that he wanted to do his own vows and not just the standard traditional one’s that people usually do.


Drew ♡ Akko

 Only one episode and I’m already enjoying the chemistry between these two. XD

It’s definitely following some traditional standards of shoujo-esque couples, while adding in a few non-traditional ones to make things a little more interesting.


Chuck Schumer trolls Mitch McConnell on nominations by literally repeating his words

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has a simple request for Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: President-elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet nominees must meet the same traditional standards that were demanded of President Barack Obama’s nominees eight years ago.

In fact, the request is so similar that Schumer sent the exact same letter McConnell sent to Harry Reid, then the Democratic majority leader of the Senate, and simply swapped out some of the names.

There’s a reason for the snark: Republicans, who control the Senate, are starting to hold nomination hearings before the nominees have completed background checks and ethics clearances that are traditionally required of Cabinet appointees. These were the first two standards that McConnell demanded of Obama’s Cabinet nominees eight years ago — and that the Obama administration met — when Democrats controlled the Senate.

Yet Trump’s nominees now seem to be getting a pass on these same standards, even though there are lingering concerns about the Trump administration’s big conflicts of interestaround the world.

Still, Schumer’s letter likely won’t be able to accomplish as much as McConnell’s did.

When McConnell sent this letter eight years ago, there was an implicit threat that GOP senators would filibuster — which would require 60 out of 100 votes in the Senate to overcome — Obama’s nominees if Democrats didn’t follow the rules, effectively stopping any nominee from getting through.

But after years of Republican obstruction of Obama’s nominees, Democrats in the Senate dismantled the filibuster for executive nominees, including Cabinet positions. So now these executive nominations can’t be filibustered and only need a simple majority to get through.

Since Republicans have 52 of 100 seats in the Senate and only need 50 votes (the vice president, soon to be a Republican, can break a tie) to clear a nominee, they don’t have to worry about appeasing Democrats. And that leaves the minority party with no real political leverage for nominees, giving McConnell’s letter much less weight than it had eight years ago.

if you spend enough time on tumblr to have any opinion on its subcultures then you’re not cool by any traditional standard so just relax and reblog some naruto or whatever floats your boat, it doesn’t matter

I swear there is so much beef against hijabi women. Even non-hijabi women police them for not upholding the standards of “traditional hijab”, even telling them “what’s the point in wearing that if you’re still making yourself beautiful and eye-catching?” when most likely, the non-hijabi hater is literally bitter because the hijabi dresses and styles herself much better. And the whole bs about how hijabi women shouldn’t bother wearing one if they’re gonna engage in debauchery and all that, when non-hijabi Muslim women are often excused for having ‘haram fun’ because they’re considered as 'non-practicing’ by default so they chose that life apparently. Whereas apparently, the hijabi gotta represent the entire ummah like, fam that is so misogynistic. Why isn’t the same expected of men? And when other specifically non-hijabi women AND also hijabi women who don’t partake in “modest fashion” espouse that same misogynistic bs, I think to myself “bruh why you going against your own kind? our men oppress us enough already ffs”

ok I finally figured out why pro make up discourse bothers me so much. it’s because they consider wearing make up to simply be a personal choice. there are social and economic consequences in one’s choices about make up.
many women are penalized for not adhering to traditional femininity standards. make up can be a means of survival for some women. this becomes even more of an issue when some women cannot access make up. for example, a lot of make up isn’t suitable for dark skin, many make up trends are not suitable for monolids, disabled women may not be able to maneuver their body to apply make up in a traditional way. not to mention, a lot of women just don’t have the time, money or energy to do their make up.
also a lot of make up trends perpetuate eurocentric beauty ideals. for example, the trend of nose contouring to get a little button nose.
it’s also a little weird that a lot of pro make up folks claim they do their make up for themselves but they just so happen to do their make up in ways that perpetuate those femininity standards. if someone is doing theur make up to be ~creative~ why use foundation and concealer? all those do are even the skin tone and hide blemishes. if they really have no issues with their skin why not let it breathe? why wear mascara? why have “no make up” make up looks? I just don’t get it. As I said earlier, many women use make up as a means of survival and that is perfectly okay. But this idea that these women are “doing it for themselves” with no acknowledgment of external pressures always sounds ridiculous to me. and that’s not to say there aren’t any women who wear make up for themselves, I’m just saying I think it’s time we look critically at that statement.
basically, make up has a lot of social, political and economic implications and I think pro make up folks need to recognize that. until make up is no longer an expectation of women, it’s not a matter of personal preference to wear or not wear make up.

Ideal Types (EXO)

“Hello~ I’m the anon who sent the ask about iKON’s ideal type (I’m definitely closest to junhoe’s). I tried to look through your masterlist to see if you’ve done something similar for EXO, but I couldn’t find anything. So, if you have time and feel like it, could you give us your personal opinion on exo’s ideal types? Thanks again, have a good day!”

As the Anon said, this is ENTIRELY my opinion. I don’t know these lovely boys personally so I cannot say for sure what they do and don’t like. I am also going to talk a little about appearance so don’t be offended if you don’t match your bias’s type. Also, it’s not all about appearance, I just think these boys are allowed preferences. Enjoy!

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(i couldn’t find a gif of ot12 i am so sorry)

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  • Me, analyzing Shrek: This film actively rejected Disney's traditional standards of beauty, instead wholeheartedly embracing the ugly and grotesque. Shrek encouraged body positivity, celebrated the power of love, and subverted the patriarchal tropes of the fairytale genre. Truly, it was a watershed moment in cinematic history.
  • Me, analyzing Minions: they're annoying

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Hi, do you know if it would be culturally appropriative of me to have an interest in Shinto & Konkokyo? I consider myself white bc I was not raised with that culture/language, but my ancestors were Japanese. I also have an interest in Norse Paganism, so I'm not sure how well that would 'gel'. I just want to make sure it would work before I look into anything.

Hi there, no it would not be at all, especially not if it’s only an interest! If you  decide to practice either one, or both, it is perfectly fine as well. Both Shinto (broadly as a way of living), Jinja Shinto (mainstream Shinto standardized traditions), and Konkokyo are open. Folk Shinto and some other sects can be varied, but otherwise please feel free. (Though I should note, if your ancestors are Japanese, you shouldn’t have a problem in any case as well.) As long as you practice within the traditions and respect them and the history as best you can, it’s perfectly good. 

Also, in my personal opinion I think Norse Paganism would be perfectly fine to practice alongside Shinto, and especially Konkokyo which is more broad in beliefs. While I don’t mean to mix the two ways (because both are very unique with their own traditions and history) to practice them side-by-side can work very well in my humble opinion. In fact, personally I also do spiritwork with some  Norse deities time to time, and I used to read runes. For me, I know that’s not exactly fully following Norse Paganism or traditions, but I found it didn’t conflict at all in the traditions of Shinto, as long as I kept them separate in order to respect both of their cultures, traditions, history, and so on. 

I wish you the best of luck and I hope I could help! If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to message me


Jirard ActualDragon Khalil

Opinions on Humans: Positive! But he keeps his distance

Why is he going to Asagao?: putting off his rite of passage (kidnapping a princess)

Jirard is super gr8 he’s just nice all the time and cares for people and is super organized (how else does he keep hoards of hoards???) his parents arnt mean by any standard, theyre just traditional dragons who have all kidnapped a princess or two in their old days and want their son to do the same!! Also, “try collecting one thing, Jirard, its much more satisfying.”

So he set off to asagao to ‘learn more about humans’ but if anything hes avoiding humans. He seems to think if he meets a princess, he’ll want to kidnap her, which he certainly doesn’t!! He comes to find out about IBKs, little human toys, and definitely takes to collecting them. He then hears about princess pumpernickel and rationalizes that if he can ‘capture’ the rare toy, it’ll be enough for his family.

He still keeps in touch with them, sending them letters all the time, and is generally seen to have a very good relationship with his family (besides the princess thing).

He has a dragon form and a ‘human form’ but his human form has a gigantic tail that knocks over everything if hes not careful. He thinks with enough practice, he can hold a totally human form for longer than just a few minutes, so he can walk among humans (and hopefully find the illusive princess pumpernickel)


Activist Lizzie Velasquez Knows Beauty Isn’t Skin Deep

Lizzie Velasquez knows that being beautiful has nothing to do with what you look like on the outside.In an interview with HuffPost Live on Sept. 24, the 26-year-old activist and motivational speaker discussed her journey to self-acceptance after a cruel online commenter dubbed her the “world’s ugliest woman.” 

After being labeled the “world’s ugliest woman,” she’s learned to reconsider traditional beauty standards.


YOOO! So I decided to redesign my Sans! He is heavily inspired by @coulsart and @plushysins,(my senpais) this Sans is big, cuddly, and awesome! (The gloves were added cause I honestly just don’t want to draw hand bones).
I might make a height chart later but Sans is about twice as tall as Frisk and I would probably go to his chin. Asgore and Toriel will be the tallest of them all. I will also redesign all the other characters later.
So what you need to know about Sans:
*He is flirty as fudge
*Giant ass teeth (and tongue)
*He big
*Loves to cuddle
*Is kinda going crazy inside but keeps his chill around others
*Have I mention he’s big
*Has some awesome facial expressions (I have honestly never had more fun with expressions)
*Seriously he’s BIG
*I love it

Anyway, this is a thing that I’ve thought about before so have some more Mass Effect music hc’s:

Like I’ve said before, turians focus on percussion and guttural throat vocals, taking full advantage of their natural reverb. Their songs feature complex rhythms and beats overlaid by high and clear melodies, following sets of musical conventions that haven’t changed in thousands of years. the execution of a piece is sometimes more important than the music itself – performances are ensemble affairs, rigorously rehearsed, and few groups have a designated lead singer/star musician

The asari are always at the cutting edge of everything, the first to forge new genres and blend the cultures they’re adopted in experimental ways. Older (ancient by human standards), traditional music comes in two flavors: the more choir-like stuff that often celebrates the voice of one lead singer, backed up by the vocals of several others, and the non-lyrical stuff, elaborate melodies that take hours to rise and fall, played on complex and beautifully crafted stringed instruments 

Much of traditional Krogan music, unfortunately, was lost in the process of their cultural genocide. Some drinking songs and war chants have survived, simple rhyme schemes that rely on repetition. lyrics often mix together humor and tragedy. Religious hymns are practiced in secret by clan shamans, waiting for the day that these sacred things can be safely revived

Salarian music is the hardest to swallow, as its constructed based on a completely different system than our own. Salarian hearts and minds beat faster, and so does their music. Think new age: arrhythmic, polyrhythmic music that goes off in four or five directions at once, converging only in a couple of points to tie the whole song together, or that tinkling fast-paced music they have for cats now. the songs don’t wait for you to process whats going on, and not-salarians need three or four replays to not get overwhelmed by it all

Quarian music and dance go hand in hand; you can’t mention one without the other. Story-songs passed down from generation to generation, altered slightly as each new performer adds a personal twist to the steps. Hands and hips tell the tale, while the poetic (and sometimes non-sequitur) lyrics supplement the emotion. New songs and stories are considered worthy things to bring back from one’s Pilgrimage