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The new Young American Tracking Poll (YATP) is a first-of-its-kind quarterly survey and report that focuses on the opinions and behaviors of Americans between the ages 13 and 25 on topics in politics, policy, and civic engagement.

From its annual surveying of young Americans conducted since 2013, and TMI Strategy launched the YATP in order to elevate the voices of young people in discussions of national policies and priorities. The poll brings attention to the distinct ways young millennials and Gen Z participate in their civic communities, which often contrast from beliefs and actions found in the general adult population in America.

Most often, young people are defined as 18–29 and so thinly sampled that additional segmentation within the group is impossible. And for the voices of those under 18? Nothing.

Specifically, the YATP provides an alternative to the standard approaches taken by traditional polling towards young people. Most often, young people are defined as 18–29 and so thinly sampled that additional segmentation within the group is impossible. This approach mutes the nuances of youth experience and opinions. The circumstances of someone in her late teens are very different than someone in her late twenties. And even with more narrow age-bracketing, there are major differences between urban and rural youth, male and female, and so on.

And for the voices of those under 18? Nothing. Most national polls omit 13- to 18-year-olds entirely from sampling, thereby silencing millions of young people who disproportionately rely on and are impacted by policy decisions.

Summary of Key Findings

The YATP finds that young Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of Donald Trump and his policies. For all areas where a direct comparison is possible, youth disapproval of Trump exceeds that of the general population. Specifically, American youth disproportionately disagree with Trump’s actions regarding immigration and border security.

In the months since the election, young people significantly increased their participation in organized protests, their use of technology to take and promote positions on social issues, and their use of social networks to organize others to take action.

This strong disapproval of Trump corresponds with a perceptible increase in civic participation from young Americans. In the months since the election, young people significantly increased their participation in organized protests, their use of technology to take and promote positions on social issues, and their use of social networks to organize others to take action.

Self-identified young “liberals” — one third of all young people — are driving the increase in civic participation almost entirely. This group has been two to three times more likely to take action than self-identified “moderate” or “conservative” peers since the November election.

Additionally, across a broad set of issues and policy areas, America’s young people are increasingly taking sides. On nearly every issue/policy asked about in the YATP, the percent of young people with no opinion decreased following the election.

The biggest gains in agreement went almost exclusively towards traditionally liberal positions. On topics ranging from climate change, to immigration reform, to the legalization of marijuana, a new consensus is forming among young Americans.

On topics ranging from climate change, to immigration reform, to the legalization of marijuana, a new consensus is forming among young Americans.

On several issues and policy areas, young liberals diverge from young moderates and young conservatives. The Women’s March in Washington, D.C. and identification with feminism are resoundingly unpopular with young moderates and young conservatives but are popular with young liberals. On issues of religion and security, young moderates and young conservatives are noticeably more skeptical of refugees and concerned by terrorism than are their young liberal peers.

In this report, we’ll take a deep dive into:

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Happy Valentine’s Day, ye unattached masses! Here’s a cover!

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Drew ♡ Akko

 Only one episode and I’m already enjoying the chemistry between these two. XD

It’s definitely following some traditional standards of shoujo-esque couples, while adding in a few non-traditional ones to make things a little more interesting.

BTS reaction to your curvy and tan body


Everyone please note that these types of requests are aimed for very specific people and of course not everyone has this type of body type.
My aim in making these reactions are to create fun and fictional writings that are able to entertain fellow ARMYS.

This reaction is not definite.

BTS will love you no matter your body type & skin colour.

Thank you for requesting~


Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

this boy and his damn tendency to touch other people’s butts… Jungkook would definitely love your body type. But dating this boy would mean being prepared for all the butt touching and slapping, he wouldn’t really show his love for your body in public though.


Originally posted by xxtaetaexx

Taehyung would be slightly low-key turned on by your body, of course he would try to hide this at first as a way to show you some respect but when you two were close enough he would just be constantly complimenting you. This boy would develop a praising kink just for you.


Originally posted by kths

Jimin would slowly come to learn to love it. Curvy and tan body types aren’t as often seen in Korea and so you had definitely caught his eye the moment you walked into the room, Jimin admired you not only for your beautiful body type but also the confidence that you bring with you.

Even after dating for a while, Jimin would have grown a tendency to just unconsciously stare when you walked past him.


Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Namjoon would love not only your body but the air of confidence that you bring about it, he loved that you referred to your own body as “beautifully curvy” because he knew it was just as true as you had said it to be. Namjoon would be the type to constantly kiss you compliments just to reassure himself that you never had a day in which you feel uncomfortable with the way your body looked.


Originally posted by gotjimin

Hoseok is a mix of all the boys in one body, he can be both extremely fluffy or smutty when it comes to your body. When he feels like it, he would playfully comment on how good you look in a certain outfit with his tongue stuck out and other times he just feels like laying in the couch and pecking every inch of your body.


Originally posted by bangtanboysloves

High-key turned on as fuck. And honestly, Yoongi wouldn’t even try to hide it.

He loved your body and didn’t care to hide it. He’d compliment you out of the blue on some days, even in public. Roam his hands around your body as a comforting habit and lick his lips when he watched you change from outfit to outfit when you both go shopping.


Originally posted by jinkooks

I’m going to be completely honest, Seokjin would definitely not be used to itat first.
Jin was raised with traditional Korean standards, this means that most of the girls that are viewed as beautiful there are thinner and have more petite body types (this is not fact).
But don’t fear, Jin is a total sweetheart and a “personality over looks” type of guy, when he falls in love with you, falling in love with your body will just automatically be included when dating.

                                                  -bangtan angels-

"People" Signs

Virgo & Aquarius:

As these two signs are made up of people (The Virgin and The Water bearer) they seem to make up what “humanity” is. Virgo, a healer, and Aquarius, a humanitarian.

Virgo is a healer. Someone who sets standards and begins traditions. Exists in order to bring order, to heal others. They want to help, and so they are capable of helping and aquatinting with anyone.
Aquarius is a humanitarian. Someone who sets out to push those standards set by Virgo and make sure they’re for the benefit of everyone. While Virgo focuses on the Individual, like their detail oriented selves, Aquarius focuses on the big picture, and hopes to make the world a better place for everyone.

I can’t wait to travel again. Travel with friends. Travel with my mother. Travel with my love. I can’t wait to experience the world with my favourite people, whilst gathering as many memories as possible and embracing the wonders that this world has to offer.

Something changes you when you return from traveling. Your perspective.. it’s positively tampered with …and now it’ll will never restore.

You start allowing more space in your mind to explore and embrace the things that you never bothered to acknowledge beforehand. You start to compare the normalities of your traditional living standards and overall culture to the lifestyle and environment you just left behind. The people that you never thought of interacting with are now potential friends that you can exchange stories with. That short amount of time you spent in their country allows you to become slightly more knowledgeable of their culture and it also allows you to be more understanding to our differences and how we as people carry out our days.

Travelling encourages growth and growth strengthens love.

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New MM Blogs..? HELL YES!!<3 SO EXCITED! Hope everything goes well.~ Onto the Ask, How would the RFA+Searan+V(Sorry if that's a lot of people....) React to Finding out MC Is Like a Super Tall, Gorgeous, Curvy Model?~ Thanks!!=^v^=


  • Can you say “Power Couple”????
  • Because the two of you will really be unstoppable
  • For real though, when you first meet him on day 7 he thinks you’re someone from the agency
  • Nearly faints when you reveal yourself as MC
  • “No way… MC? From the chatroom??”
  • He ascends to another plane lowkey; he’s met an angel and he wants you to believe it
  • Does kinda get insecure around you sometimes but for the most part he just loves loving you
  • and so many couple photoshoots omg


  • Oh no, he’s super insecure around you
  • Seriously, constant feelings of inadequacy
  • Especially since he’s an inch or two shorter than you, more when you wear heels
  • He’s nervous when you take him to one of your photoshoots
  • All these people are so gorgeous, how could he possibly measure up??
  • You quickly put that to rest when you kiss him hard in front of everyone
  • He’s shook but he’s proud to be yours


  • He’s used to being around beautiful women, and he’s prone to ignoring them
  • So it’s not your beauty that catches his eye
  • But once he falls in love with you as a person, he can’t ever stop admiring you
  • You’re not trashy or artificial like those other women- you have this natural beauty
  • And although he can’t blame others for wanting to capture your beauty
  • He does get jealous
  • HELLA jealous


  • More than anything she’s blown away by the combination of your femininity and confidence
  • Being Jumin’s assistant taught her to suppress a lot of that and she really admires it in you
  • She’s never been one to ogle at “sexy” women in public
  • But your body is like art to her
  • Art that rivals even Zen’s
  • And as far as your business goes, she makes sure to protect your career as fiercely as she does with Zen’s
  • She’s your #1 fan now


  • Your SNS profile gave him a nosebleed
  • Like with so many other things, Seven has internet stalked you to hell and back
  • And he is counting down the days until he can meet you in person
  • He can’t concentrate on his work, trying to imagine how much of those pictures were photoshopped and how much was natural
  • So when he does meet you, OH BOY
  • Is even that 쌍꺼풀 real???
  • Admires you from afar though, just because of the circumstances of your meeting


  • He doesn’t really have a standard for traditional beauty
  • But even he can see that you’re drop-dead gorgeous
  • This man’s emotions are very complicated and so are his feelings towards you
  • On the one hand he wants to indulge in you and your beauty
  • And fuck your brains out
  • But on the other hand he feels very strongly that he doesn’t deserve you
  • The result is that he spoils you senseless


  • To him, you are a piece of fine art and you need to be treated that way
  • Holy shit does he treat you like a princess
  • He’s got the dough so he uses it you buy you nice things
  • And, of course, he is always always asking to take pictures of you
  • You’re by far his favorite model
  • And he always goes with you to other photoshoots
  • He likes chatting it up with the other photographers- a lot of them are even his friends
  • All in all a perfect couple
WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 15 Full Translation.

The Ceremony


pages 158-168

Human world.

Karakura Town - Sakurabashi park.

This park constructed on the hills overlooking the railway track was Inoue Orihime’s favourite place. Even though it is only a small park with a few dozen or so trees and couple of benches, every bench is placed in front of a great view and there is no disappointment wherever you sit. Amongst those, Orihime particularly liked the bench facing opposite the railway track, she loved watching the trains and the town from there.

Kuchiki Rukia and Abarai Renji were currently sitting side by side on that very bench. The time was around 10 p.m. and the small night view of Karakura Town was spread out below them. Because Renji was not as familiar with the Human World as much as Rukia was, every time a train would pass by he would curiously follow it with his eyes.

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Craft Supply Correspondences

I’m going to put this under a read more, because I have the feeling I’ll want to tweak this as I use it more, and I’m sure I forgot a lot of great craft supplies.

These are my own personal associations. Tweak as needed. This is a “more like guidelines than actual rules” list. Also throw in color magic as needed! Lots of things lend themselves super well to that. Markers, gems, fabric, paper… you get the idea.

Anyway. Onward!

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Lucky Clovers

So, the first scans of the new chapter are out (slight spoiler alert!).
At the Christmas party, Shiemi gives everyone a clover charm.

Me: “Hold on… that looks familiar…” *flips through manga* “Duuuuude.”

Did we just stumble upon some sort of standard Exorcist goodbye tradition, or…?
We still don’t know the Important Big Thing Shiemi’s mom told her that made her quit exorcism. And then then there’s the real shape of the Grigori. And some theories about the Moriyama family’s relation to one of them in particular.

…Could it be those lucky clovers are actually sprouts from Shemihaza?

anonymous asked:

Does Scully discuss Diana with Stella at all?

“I don’t trust her as far as I can throw her.  And that’s not far at all.  She’s like six feet tall.” 

“Oh, that tall…”

Stella is watching more than listening.  She’s had a sense from the minute they washed their mud masks off what this was really about, but now she’s sure.  Scully shakes her head slowly as if tall people, like Scorpios or drummers, are always some sort of disaster.

“Dana, may I ask… is this woman who’s conspiring against you and Mulder attractive, by any traditional standards?”

Scully folds her bottom lip up and shrugs.

“Maybe, I don’t know.”

She sips the Diet Coke she’s taken out of the minibar.  It has taken several of these girls’ weekends to convince Scully she’s not living unless she can take a Diet Coke out of a minibar fridge. 

“Mulder must think so.” 

Stella nods.  There it is.

“I’m not jealous, if that’s what you’re implying.  I just meant that they used to date.”  She waves her free hand like she’s putting a spell on the table.  “This has nothing to do with anything.  I’m talking about matters of life or death here.”

Stella watches Scully’s lip play with the rim of the can, stamping it absently as she dazes out, moves the can in small increments toward and away, toward and away. She’s rapidly losing her well-manicured grip and Stella would prefer to have her lose it herself than steal it out from under her.  She waits patiently for Scully to look at her, waits for her brow to soften and her nervous lip-licking to begin.  

“Oh my God, you’re right. I’m jealous.  What do I have to be jealous of?”

She begins to wiggle the ankle crossed over her leg.  Her ankles are lovely, have always been so, smooth-sloped clean-licked little spare-ribs coming to pointy little triangles of bone.

“Are you asking me to tell you the ways in which you’re better than a person I’ve never seen or met?”

“No.  Don’t.  It’s embarrassing.”  She pauses. “But we have stopped…”


Scully flinches, almost always does when Stella says the f-word.

“Just kind of stopped, things are stilted and awkward.”

“Is he… her?” Stella spares Scully the f-word in reference to her apparent nemesis.  

“I don’t know.  We haven’t talked about her in that respect,” she gulps and Stella can see she’s in pain.  “What would I do then?”

“I don’t know.”

“What would you do?”

“I would probably find somebody else to fuck too.  But I’m not recommending that.” 

It’s her honest answer but it has the unexpected effect of startling Scully out of her funk.  She looks back now with a nervous half-smile on her face, sips using the can like a shield.  Her voice echoes down the cylinder of aluminum.  This is how she teases Stella, gives her sauciness back to her on a little Dana-sized plate. 

“Really?  Not recommending it?  That’s too bad.”

The can comes down to the table.  Scully can say fuck without even saying it.  Her tongue’s up behind her upper teeth.   Stella steels herself to return the stare and wins.  Scully looks at the double beds and buckles her bottom lip under her teeth as she clears her throat. 

“Taking the one on the left?”


“Okay then.  We should probably go to sleep.”

“Mmhm.  Dana?”

She’s already moved to unmake her bed.


“You’re better.”

I swear there is so much beef against hijabi women. Even non-hijabi women police them for not upholding the standards of “traditional hijab”, even telling them “what’s the point in wearing that if you’re still making yourself beautiful and eye-catching?” when most likely, the non-hijabi hater is literally bitter because the hijabi dresses and styles herself much better. And the whole bs about how hijabi women shouldn’t bother wearing one if they’re gonna engage in debauchery and all that, when non-hijabi Muslim women are often excused for having ‘haram fun’ because they’re considered as 'non-practicing’ by default so they chose that life apparently. Whereas apparently, the hijabi gotta represent the entire ummah like, fam that is so misogynistic. Why isn’t the same expected of men? And when other specifically non-hijabi women AND also hijabi women who don’t partake in “modest fashion” espouse that same misogynistic bs, I think to myself “bruh why you going against your own kind? our men oppress us enough already ffs”

The amount of similarities Fareeha and Hanzo have are alarming and overlooked

akelia101  asked:

What would Hakoda gain from Zutara?

What Hakoda would gain from Zutara

 Hakoda would gain a dependable son-in-law:

Zuko: I am your loyal son.

Instead of a flighty one.

Katara: Aαng, stop it. You know Toph did all she could. She saved our lives.
Sokka: Who’s going to save our lives now? We’ll never make it out of here.
Aαng: That’s all any of you guys care about: yourselves! You don’t care whether Appa is okay or not! 
Katara: We’re all concerned, but we can’t afford to be fighting now.
Aαng: I’m going after Appa.
Katara: Aαng, wait!

Grandchildren educated with all four nations in mind:

Iroh: It is important to draw wisdom from many different places. If we take it from only one place, it becomes rigid and stale.  Understanding others, the other elements, and the other nations will help you become whole.
Zuko: All this four elements talk is sounding like Avatar stuff.
Iroh: It is the combination of the four elements in one person that makes the Avatar so powerful. But, it can make you more powerful too. 

Rather than just one nation valued above all others.

Ying: How can we abandon hope? It’s all we have.
Aαng: I don’t know. The monks used to say that hope is a distraction. So maybe we need to abandon it. 

Katara: Why do they have all these poor people blocked off in one part of the city?
Aαng: This is why I never came here before. I always heard it was so different from the way the monks taught us to live.

Aαng: As the monks used to say, sometimes the shadows of the past can be felt by the present.

Aαng: The monks used to say that revenge is like a two-headed rat-viper. While you watch your enemy go down, you’re being poisoned yourself.

Aαng: Avatar Yangchen, the monks always taught me that all life is sacred. Even the life of the tiniest spider-fly caught in its own web. 
Yangchen: Yes, all life is sacred. 
Aαng: I know, I’m even a vegetarian. I’ve always tried to solve my problems by being quick or clever, and I’ve only had to use violence for necessary defense, and I’ve certainly never used it to take a life. 
Yangchen: Avatar Aαng, I know that you are a gentle spirit, and the monks have taught you well. But this isn’t about you, this is about the world. 
Aαng: But the monks taught me that I had to detach myself from the world so my spirit could be free.

 Someone who understands his cultural values:

Zuko: War prisoners. It could be your Father. 
Sokka: I know.
Zuko: Well, what should we do? Are we going ahead with the plan or are we waiting another night?
Sokka: I don’t know. Is it right for me to risk Suki’s freedom? All of our freedom on the slim chance that my dad is gonna show up? 
Zuko: It’s your call, Sokka. 

Instead of someone who doesn’t.

Bato: Aαng, put that down, it’s ceremonial and very fragile.

Someone who respects soldiers:

Zuko:  You can’t sacrifice an entire division like that! Those soldiers love and defend our nation! How can you betray them? 

Instead of someone who sees all people who take life as evildoers …

Aαng: Katara, you sound like Jet. 

… while ignoring his own actions in war.

And someone who has risked his life for the sake of his wife:

His daughter:

His son:

And himself.

Instead of someone who thought justice for Kya was the same as revenge:

And tried to push forgiveness for a tragedy he was never involved with:

Or even asked about.

Someone who makes restitution when he does the wrong thing:

Zuko: I’m sorry for what I did to you.  It was an accident. Fire can be dangerous and wild. So as a firebender, I need to be more careful and control my bending so I don’t hurt people unintentionally. 

Suki: A…actually, we met a long time ago. 
Zuko: We did?
Suki: Yeah, you kind of burned down my village.
Zuko: Oh. Sorry about that. Nice to see you again.

Katara: I was the first person to trust you, remember Back in Ba Sing Se. And you turned around and betrayed me. Betrayed all of us. 
Zuko: What can I do to make it up to you? 

Instead of someone who doesn’t acknowledge it.

Toph: So how did it go with the Guru? Did you master the Avatar State?
Sokka: Aαng, are you ok?
Aαng:  I’m great. It went great with the Guru. I completely mastered the Avatar State. Heh heh…heh. Yeah.

In the future, his daughter will be treated like a partner:

Instead of an accessory.

Also, Hakoda would gain someone who meets the standard for a traditional Water Tribe husband–even if he’s not Water Tribe himself.

Someone who can provide for his daughter:

Katara: Doesn’t it seem kinda weird that we’re hiding from the Fire Lord in his own house? 
Zuko: I told you, my Father hasn’t come here since our family was actually happy. And that was a long time ago. This is the last place anyone would think to look for us. 

Keep her warm:

Zuko:  Are you cold? 
Ty Lee: I’m freezing.
Zuko:  I’ll make a fire. 

And protect her:

 Instead of someone who expects Hakoda’s children to provide for him:

Aαng: Great, you’re back! What’s for dinner?
Sokka: We’ve got a few options. First, round nuts and some kind of oval shaped nuts, and some rock shaped nuts that… might just be rocks. Dig in!

Leaves her in the cold:

And whom she protects from the ills of the world:

Even to his own detriment.

And who would make sure Hakoda’s grandchildren would be by their father’s side:

Instead of forgotten by their father’s spiritual successors.

Bumi: Ugh. Phew. Excuse me, a little help here?
Air Acolyte woman: Sorry, I thought you were the servants.
Bumi: We’re Tenzin’s brother and sister.
Air Acolyte woman: Avatar Aαng had other children? The world is filled with more airbenders?
Kya: We’re not airbenders.
Air Acolyte woman: Oh. I’m so sorry.

sometimes i just think about how alone isak was in s1 and s2? he broke up two of his best friends because he couldn’t confront his own feelings - or had confronted them and was too scared of what he found. his best friend, his main source of support, was the very person he couldn’t get support from. and that must’ve been horrible for a teenage boy trying to figure himself out. but in s3 skam gifted us with isak expanding his friend group, and i’m s o proud: 

  • mahdi didn’t really have a role other than fun weed bro at the beginning of s3, but he was immediately supportive of isak’s coming out! he even brought up pansexuality, which helped diffuse the tension and educate them all. here was isak with his “maybe i’m a little gay” and mahdi jumps in with yeah there are more sexualities and that’s cool and it just?? reminds everyone that heterosexuality doesn’t have to be the default. 
  • magnus started out as kind of annoying and tone-deaf (tbh i def see him as the vilde of the boys), but then he encourages isak to reach out to even, in the best way possible, without lecturing him or making it into a Lesson. after a weekend of research into bipolar disorder, he needed someone with actual experience with it to put it into simple terms, to remind isak that what he said to even in the kitchen was right. only even can feel what he feels, and isak should actually talk to him instead of believing his ex because…WOW….wow
  • and JONAS. that coming out scene almost made me cry, because sure, isak has moved on, but he’s always looked up to jonas, they’ve been best friends for so long. if he didn’t get jonas’s support, he’d be crushed. at this point, i’m sure jonas starts to have his suspicions about isak’s old crush on him, but you know what?? he doesn’t do shit about it. because it’s over, it’s done, and sometimes being Bros means one bro might like-like another bro. and that’s okay! traditional standards of masculinity are a prison anyway.
  • and the Boys are so supportive of even. there’s no awkwardness of like “haha how do we interact with our friend’s boyfriend is he our bro too” nah it’s chill. i’ll never forget when even gives magnus love advice and the guys are like “….you know i never thought of that but you may be right.” and it works!! give me more of even coaching magnus through his relationship with vilde. jonas and mahdi need way less help than magnus, but sometimes they probably text even too like how did you get up the courage to talk to someone you really like but has never noticed you before.
  • the answer is that you lowkey follow them around everywhere and steal away their basic right to dry their hands after using the restroom which maybe isn’t the most helpful advice but it sure worked.

basically this friend group is pure as heck and i’m so blessed that this show doesn’t need to fuel unnecessary drama. i’m glad that we’re allowed to like these characters, no matter how flawed they are. 

ellieg18 replied to your post

:A lot of the things that Sansa says and thinks are…                

Why would she? There are no outer resources and this is a totally different culture, and she’s young as fuck during all this. She’s more much reflective than Arya, and thinks way faster in dangerous situation. The comparison is so overdone thought, they’re very strong people (not just little girls), and they’re great characters who love each other and are very capable as individuals.

By “Why would she?” I’m assuming you’re asking why Sansa would understand that Arya can’t conform to patriarchal gender expecations? I agree, she wouldn’t. In fact, in my post I said that she wouldn’t, because conforming to patriarchal standards comes naturally to her and works out in her favor. She has no reason to question it. She’s also young, which you and I seem to be in agreement on.

Although the point of my post was the part where I said “not enough people talk about that”. We, the fans, should be able to realize that Sansa’s view of the world is not a complete one, and it’s particularly girls like Arya who suffer from this.

I’m not sure what “it’s a totally different culture” means. I think you mean that the culture that the characters in ASOIAF live in is different from the one we as readers live in, although I would argue that it’s not as different in this case as it might seem because Sansa’s pov on this subject is similar to that of many young feminists who will only support feminine-presenting women and don’t understand that not every woman can conform to and is empowered by traditional standards of womanhood. This is, I would argue, part of the reason Sansa has so many fans who say that she represents “all women”, even though she is white, cishet, able-bodied, feminine-presenting, traditionally beautiful, and a princess.

I’m not sure what “comparison” you are referring to that is overdone. Presumably you think I am comparing Sansa and Arya, but that’s not what this post is about. In fact, you seem to be doing the comparing in your reply here, and I don’t agree with your comparisons. I agree that both girls are great characters and strong in their own ways and I love both of them separately, but it doesn’t seem like you agree (even though you say you do) since you felt the need to compare Arya unfavorably to Sansa. If you wanna compare them, let’s go.

I don’t agree that Sansa’s more reflective or thinks faster than Arya. This isn’t a knock at Sansa, but this is easily proven false just by looking at the Trident incident, in which Arya had to think fast in order to save Mycah’s and her life, and Sansa is in shock for much of the time and doesn’t know how to react. This is not her fault, but it does prove the claim that she “thinks faster” than Arya to be demonstrably false:

Sansa slid off her mare, but she was too slow. Arya swung with both hands. There was a loud crack as the wood split against the back of the prince’s head, and then everything happened at once before Sansa’s horrified eyes. Joffrey staggered and whirled around, roaring curses. Mycah ran for the trees as fast as his legs would take him. Arya swung at the prince again, but this time Joffrey caught the blow on Lion’s Tooth and sent her broken stick flying from her hands. The back of his head was all bloody and his eyes were on fire. Sansa was shrieking, “No, no, stop it, stop it, both of you, you’re spoiling it,” but no one was listening. Arya scooped up a rock and hurled it at Joffrey’s head. She hit his horse instead, and the blood bay reared and went galloping off after Mycah. “Stop it, don’t, stop it!” Sansa screamed. Joffrey slashed at Arya with his sword, screaming obscenities, terrible words, filthy words. Arya darted back, frightened now, but Joffrey followed, hounding her toward the woods, backing her up against a tree. Sansa didn’t know what to do. She watched helplessly, almost blind from her tears.   

Again, this is not a knock against Sansa. Sansa was in shock. It happens, and kids like Sansa should not be blamed for not knowing what to do in a situation that would paralyze an adult with fear. There is no need at all to try and rewrite this to make Sansa look better, because it is not Sansa’s fault. The fact that so many Sansa fans try so hard to rewrite and erase this aspect of Sansa makes me think that they do think it’s a fault, which, to be honest, reeks of victim blaming. So not only is this comparison false, it does a disservice to Arya and Sansa, because you are implying that Sansa as she exists in the text isn’t good enough for you.

You could also add that Sansa had more to drink in this scene than she was used to, and Arya was sober, which could explain why Sansa was not thinking clearly or quickly here. But there’s no evidence in the books that Arya is a slow thinker or that Sansa thinks faster. (Note that this doesn’t mean that Sansa doesn’t think fast, it means that both girls are capable of quick thinking.) I would argue that this is an invention based on the misogynistic need to pigeonhole Sansa and Arya into a false intellectual/physical dichotomy.

As for the idea that Sansa is more reflective than Arya, well, the very fact that Sansa can’t understand why Arya can’t fit with her idea of things being “nice and pretty” shows a lack of reflection on her part. That’s okay, she’s a kid, and as you’ve said she’s used to the way things are and she’s never had anything challenge that worldview. But like, if you’re gonna argue that Sansa is more reflective than Arya then don’t respond to my post demanding to know why Sansa needs to be reflective. That is kinda contradictory. Sansa is like a lot of privileged kids, actually. I think she develops more reflective skills as the series goes on, but I think Arya does this as well and I think Arya also shows signs of reflection from the beginning (”the woman is imporant too”) and blind spots where she is unable to reflect on certain things that she doesn’t understand, just like Sansa does.

27 Dresses (Part 1)

27 Dresses (Part 1)

Steve x Reader, Bucky x Reader AU

Summary – You are the epitome of “always a bridesmaid, never a bride.”  You think you know what love is, but sometimes you can’t see what’s right in front of you.  

Warnings – Alcohol, sexual innuendos and some angst

Word Count -  1,961

Notes – This is the first part of my fic for Stark Tower’s Movie Challenge.  I’m sticking to the basic plot of 27 Dresses, if you’ve seen the movie, but I’m adding a bit of twist to make it my own. The wedding disaster in this part actually happened to friend of mine this summer so I thought it would be fun to include some real wedding mishaps to make things interesting. I hope you enjoy!  As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated!!

*Special thank you to the lovely ladies at the Avengers Trash Tower for allowing me to use them as my “brides!” This one is for you, Amberly @marvelingatthewonder!

*Special tag: @stories-from-stark-tower

Part 1  

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You were standing at the back of the church, your white gown flowing around you as your dad walked toward you.  The smile on his face and the tears in his eyes told you how much he loved you without him having to say a word.  He extended his arm and you looped yours through, the other hand holding the bouquet of pale pink calla lilies, cream colored roses, and minty grey succulents.  

The doors of the church opened and all of your friends and family rose as the string quartet began playing Pachelbel’s Canon in D. Your sister was a vision in the cream colored dress she had chosen to wear as your maid of honor, her vibrant red hair complimented by the soft, subtle hue.  Your best friend, Wanda, was right beside her in a beautiful shade of pink. You had chosen to alternate your bridesmaids in shades of cream, pink, and grey to match the bouquets you each held.

As you walked down the aisle, your eyes eventually found the reason why you were here that day.  Him.  The love of your life.  The man of your dreams.  Steven Grant Rogers.  He was absolutely dashing in his light grey suit.  He was smiling at you as though you were the only woman in the world.  Your heart swelled along with the music as you grew nearer to him.

Wanda suddenly appeared in front of you waving her hands to get your attention.  You were confused.  Why would she be interrupting you wedding day like this?

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26. Tending an injury (from this list)

“Sorry,” said Chat almost mildly as he held up her leg, taking in the nasty scrape that ran up about twenty centimeters from her ankle. “How did you say you got this again?”

Marinette flopped back onto her lounge with a sigh and grudgingly admitted, “…Playing video games.”

Chat, pulling out the bottle of antiseptic spray and studying the scrape at an angle, raised a single eyebrow. She couldn’t actually see the eyebrow, but it was effective nonetheless. “…Do I want to know how?”

She threw her arms over her face. “No.”

Because, you know, of course it was Chat who would come to her rescue when he’d found her limping home from an exciting afternoon at her favorite gaming café.

The Chat whom she’d gone to the gaming café to get off her mind, because he was on it more often than not these days, and it was unnerving her.

That Chat.

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cool homestuck facts to remember:

dirk strider is canonically gay, as in explicitly interested in men, he just doesn’t label himself because he didnt grow up in that kind of society (or any society, really)

dave canonically isn’t straight and asked dirk how to come out to his friends about it (and has been confirmed to be dating karkat)