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In case you’d forgotten American imperialism in the Philippines after Spanish colonial rule dating back to the 1500s.

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“In some areas, Filipinos were forced into concentration camps, called reconcentrados, which were surrounded by free-fire zones. These camps were overcrowded which led to disease and death. Between January and April 1902, 8,350 prisoners of approximately 298,000 died. Some camps incurred death rates as high as 20 percent. "One camp was two miles by one mile (3.2 by 1.6 km) in area and ‘home’ to some 8,000 Filipinos. Men were rounded up for questioning, tortured, and summarily executed.“ In Batangas Province, where General Franklin Bell was responsible for setting up a concentration camp, a correspondent described the operation as "relentless.” General Bell ordered that by December 25, 1901, the entire population of both Batangas Province and Laguna Province had to gather into small areas within the “poblacion” of their respective towns. Barrio families had to bring everything they could carry because anything left behind—including houses, gardens, carts, poultry and animals—was to be burned by the U.S. Army. Anyone found outside the concentration camps was shot. General Bell insisted that he had built these camps to “protect friendly natives from the insurgents, assure them an adequate food supply” while teaching them “proper sanitary standards.” The commandant of one of the camps referred to them as the “suburbs of Hell."”

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TBH the main reason I'm able to use men's toilets regularly is knowledge of the "safe" toilets (like, single-stalls, or ones that are quiet), lowering my standards of sanitary for toilets (people tend to use the gross ones less even if you do need the feel to shower afterwards), playing decoy tricks for my inability to pass (I don't pass well either way, but with long hair I get "get a haircut" when I say I'm a dude) and then screwing my fuck-you attitude to the sticking place.

i struggle with all of this, so i do understand but like. i can’t stand dirty toilets. i’d rather hold it for another hour or so until i can find a clean one.

and attitude is hard when you’re terrified for your life, lmao

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