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Mark Me Down as Scared and Horny

Context: My character has a powerful necklace that they keep hidden under their shirt and several scarves. I’d tell you what it does, but my party members might read this. It was warm and muggy one day and everyone began shedding their outer layers (except for the orc brawler, who is only ever wearing pants). I take off two of my three scarves, but leave the last.

Dwarf (NPC): This might seem like a weird question, but… Why are you always wearing those scarves?

Me: I just like scarves.

Me: *total bluff check = 23*

Dwarf: That’s alright. I just don’t want you to overheat.

Orc: Yeah. You’re going to roast.

Me: Perhaps.

Orc: You’re okay with that? Is your scarf obsession really worth it?

Me: I’m sentimental.

Orc: Seriously, what the fuck.

Elf: Just leave him alone! He’s a sensitive young man!

Orc (heavy sarcasm): Well, excuse me if I don’t shed a tear.

Elf: Besides, even if it is something, we’re all allowed to have secrets.

Me (ooc): He gives you a thankful smile.

DM: Which begs the question: What is he hiding from you?

Orc (whispering to the Elf): I just don’t trust him! There’s something sketchy about him.

*everyone succeeds their perception of that exchange but me*

Me (accidentally interrupting): Look. You have every right to travel in the nude, but some of us value our modesty.

Orc (ooc): I want to roll to intimidate.

DM: The massive half orc takes a step towards you and glares down.

Elf (ooc): With his muscular bare chest. Naked by your standards. Nipples fully erect.

*everyone at the table loses it*

Me (ooc): You know what? I’m not even going to roll. I’m intimidated.

DM: He almost makes you question your sexuality.

Sis (ooc): ROLL TO SEDUCE.

Me (ooc): LENA, NO.

Orc: *actually fucking rolls = 15*

DM: You’re not sure if you’re scared or aroused.

Like 3 people in unison: Both.

anonymous asked:

tbh i wouldnt discount marco being trans even then, if they still identify as male at that point in the story then it would be fine by censorship standards and besides that nipples shouldnt even be sexual anyway

Yes you’re right, I didn’t disprove anything, I’m just saying why I doubt it’s gonna happen, I am pro-LGBT and I agree nipples shouldn’t be much of a taboo, but well it’s Disney.

I got zero anon-hate so far, I think it’s great.


Patriarchy is when a male (usually the father) has complete power and authority over everything and that includes the women and children. The power and authority is only given to males and is passed down to only males while women are completely excluded and is not allowed to hold any power or authority.

Misogyny is the hatred for women and girls. Examples of that are sexism, victim blaming, discrimination and violence against females and double standards between men and women.

Examples of double standards:

- male nipples = ok; female nipples = not ok, indecent, disgusting (especially when it comes to breastfeeding in public)

- the amount of sexual partners one has had in their lifetime: men = studs; women = slut, whore, etc.

- women who are assertive are bitches while men are praised for being assertive

-if a woman chooses not to have children, she’s considered selfish or someone will either try to change her mind or assume she’ll change her mind while having children is usually not discussed with men

- overweight women are shamed, bullied and are more pressured to lose weight than overweight men
Lewd Silicon Sexbot CYOA
By Imgur

Play Style - Be the human

Lawset - Laws of the land

Living Space - Your home

CPU - Emotional

Base Personality

  1. Loving
  2. Dominant

Pleasure Processor - Controlled

Voice - Human

Temperature - Regulated

Scale - 1x

Materials - Synthflesh

Torso - Human

Torso Size - Wide Hips

Butt - Fuller

Butt + Torso Mods

  1. Entertainment
  2. Prototype - Head Mods
  3. Butt hookup

Head - Lifelike

Saliva - Synthspit

Head Mods

  1. Fuller lips
  2. Positronic X2
  3. Vibe tongue

Breasts - Large

Nipples - Standard

Breast Mods 

  1. Pierced
  2. Lactation - Synthmilk
  3. Breast Hookup

Arms - Smooth

Hands - Fingered

Legs- Smooth

Feet - Big toed

Limb Mods

  1. Shocks 
  2. Super tool
  3. Rocket feet

Pussy - No pussy

Anus - Pucker

Anus Fluid - Green lube

Anus Mods 

  1. Pulsating
  2. Butt charge

Penis - Veiny

Penis Size - Hung

Penis Ejaculate - Synthcum

Penis Mod 

  1. Urination - Estroplus
  2. Detachable
  3. Vibrate

Software Libraries

  1. Fashion.dll
  2. Chores.dll
  3. Humiliate.dll
  4. Seduce.dll
  5. Depower.dll
  6. Petplay.dll
  7. Sissify.dll
  8. Mommy.dll
  9. Bondage.dll
  10. Oral_slut.dll
  11. Finger.dll

Testing Grounds - Beach resort

Special Offers - Warranty

Reasons to “Free the Nipple”
✨Female nipples aren’t 100% sexual
✨Male nipples are apparently okay to be seen in any form of media (there’s a double standard here)
✨We’re constantly bombarded with violence in every form of entertainment but seeing a boob or nipple is somehow crossing a line?
✨If a woman wants to walk around shirtless like her male counterpart, she should be able to do so without being sexually harassed (and no, she’s not asking for it)
✨Women being shirtless is legal in some parts of the US anyway, so don’t penalize them for something that’s legal
✨You can’t say a woman’s nipple is inheritably sexual because they’re meant to breastfeed babies
✨You can’t say a woman’s nipple is inheritably sexual just because it’s used in sexual acts because guess what else is used in sexual acts? Mouths and hands, and you don’t see them getting censored.
✨Women shouldn’t feel ashamed and they shouldn’t feel like they have to hide something that’s a part of their bodies
✨Women should be able to choose if they want to be shirtless or not (why can men choose but we can’t)
✨Nipples aren’t sexual
✨Just because an individual woman wouldn’t walk around shirtless doesn’t mean that other women shouldn’t be allowed to

free the nipple is so so important

back in high school we had a stand-in teacher for our science teacher; he taught us for nearly half a year. he asked one day out of no where, “should women be allowed to go topless?” and of course, the boys were all for it. the teacher let it hang there for a second before continuing, “women going topless would mean ALL women, not just the ones you find attractive.” all the guys in the room immediately went into an uproar about how gross it was and that older women shouldn’t be allowed to go without a bra; they were all for it when it was just women that fit their standards 

free the nipple is so important