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Millenials should band together to kill standardized testing next

Ah Hogwarts, the beautiful castle on the beautiful hill, perfectly decorated for the spring dance. Students milling about- Why, I do believe I see Molly Prewett over there! Hello, Molly Prewett!

Don’t you look nice!

Are you ready to have a good time, Molly?

I’ll bet you are. And- My goodness, is that Arthur Weasley over by the punch bowl?

Why yes, Molly, he does look nice.

And are you going to ask Arthur to dance tonight, Molly?

That’s a little too scary for you, huh, Molly?

Well, would you like to dance with him, if he asked you to?

How are you going to get Arthur to ask you to dance, Molly?

Why, Molly Prewett, are you going to bust your best moves, in the hopes that Arthur will spot you across the dance floor, be overwhelmed by his love for you, and take you in his arms in a fit of passion?

Get it, girl.

…He doesn’t appear to be noticing, Molly.

Your flower just landed in the punch bowl, Molly. Now he’s trying to figure out where the flower came from.

It isn’t working, Molly. You may need to do more.

No good.

That one only really works when your partner is looking at you, Molly.

It’s safe to say that that’s not working for anybody, Molly.

You’ll not get a dance with Arthur Weasley if you do the twist, Molly. Be bold! Shake your groove thing!

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(this is shippy I promise it just takes me a while to get there)

So I was just thinking about beauty standards and how they change, contextually.

So, for most of human history, heavier people were the most beautiful. Resources were scarce, so the thin were the poor and the sick and those who were unlikely to survive the winter. A bit of fat meant someone had access to rich foods, was generally healthy, and had leisure to not work every calorie off. The higher classes, essentially.

For examples, look at any renaissance paintings.

Currently, high-calorie foods are extremely available and inexpensive, and cultural beauty standards are the opposite. Now thinness is desired, to an unhealthy degree. People who have access to high quality healthy foods, have the leisure time to work out, and just plain lucked out on the genetic lottery.

For examples, look at any fashion magazine, tv show, or movie.

Now consider junker society. Lawless, cuthroat, scavengers fighting over very limited resources. Take a look at Junkrat.

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Scrawny as a string bean, undernourished, and missing several limbs. He might very well be a typical specimen of a junker (though a much bigger dreamer than most). Considering the harsh conditions of the irradiated outback and junkertown, it’s likely that having enough resources to put on weight is a status symbol and fatness (and having your original limbs) is beautiful.

Meaning that this:

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is probably the sexiest thing Junkrat has ever laid eyes on.

Friendly reminder that it’s a good day to respect local artists and not demand that they change their technique to fit your personal standards

Friendly reminder that it’s absolutely okay for artists to want to improve by their own standards and nobody else’s

Friendly reminder that not every artist is trying to be perfect like half this community for some reason believes and that drawing for fun rather than to be “good” is a thing that exists

Friendly reminder that it’s okay for artists to be proud of their own work

Friendly reminder that artists are people


So, while it’s commonly accepted that Korra’s hallucinations were tied to her trauma, I noticed something incredibly interesting.

First off, the way Korra jumps to avoid her hallucination isn’t a move we’ve ever seen her use. It’s not even a standard evasive airbending move. It’s actually more in line with Zaheer’s brand of airbending–the sort that combines acrobatics with short bursts of airbending to give its user a little boost. 

And, lo and behold, a new gifset was born!

This parallel makes all the sense because of course Mike and Bryan–the same people who made sure Aang and Zuko paralleled each other in almost every way possible–would pull something like this And in an episode that paid homage to one of the most renowned episodes of the original series no less!

Because now we know that not only is her hallucination tied to her fears, her trauma, and her other visions, but now we know that that her hallucinations are tied to Zaheer specifically.

I also wonder if this may somehow tie into the theme of Korra seeing herself in her enemies somehow, though that may be a bit of a stretch. 

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SPN FanFic

Sam x Reader Fluff Drabble

621 Words (what’s a drabble?)

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Finally alone. You sat down at the little table in the kitchen and spread out your treat: three chocolate cookies stacked perfectly on a white square napkin and a glass filled ¾ of the way with milk.

You’d had a rough day and you deserved this quiet moment to enjoy yourself. Sure, it wasn’t champagne and caviar on a yacht with Ryan Gosling, but Oreos and milk in a silent room was more than enough for you.

You closed your eyes and savored the absence of noise. No screeching tires, no blaring AC/DC, no babbling Dean, no monsters shrieking, no guns booming… just…silence. After a calming sigh, you opened your eyes and reached for a cookie. You held it high between two fingers and inspected it before dunking it into the milk and counting to three. Once it had soaked up enough goodness you popped the whole thing into your mouth and smiled in satisfaction.

“That’s not how you eat an Oreo.”

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Pen Pals- Chapter 3

Parings: Tom X Reader

Summary: You’re Pen pals with Tom but you don’t know it’s Tom Hiddleston

Warnings: None

A/N: Sorry this seemed to take me forever to write.  I kinda love this chapter and I hope you do as well.  As always, tags are open and feedback is appreciated!  Enjoy!

Word Count: 2060

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The move went as smoothly as was to be expected.  You arrived a day before all your stuff, so the first night you were stuck on an air mattress.  The movers arrived the next day with all your stuff and you were so thankful to not have to spend another night on the uncomfortable blow up bed.  You were to start work the beginning of the following week, so you had some time to unpack.  You figured it would be a good idea to start; but you wanted to explore the new city too.

One box became two, and two became ten.  You emptied the boxes and broke them down.  Everything you were doing was auto pilot and before you knew it, the majority of the apartment was unpacked.  You sat down on the love seat and took a deep breath.  The cable company would be there in the morning and you were low on data so you didn’t want to use your phone.  Not knowing the city and not having data to use was going to be a slight problem. You figured you could find a local coffee shop and find wifi so you could connect and email Tom.

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“you’re really invested in your tv show/book/etc and i don’t think you understand how much your absentminded petting is getting to me but like hell am i gonna ask you to stop“ !!

Poe has a thing about his hair. Touch it and he purrs. Pet it, he melts. Pull it… well. Yeah. That’s… yeah. His hypersensitivity has never been an issue before. People who get close enough to get their hands all up in his curls are generally doing so with pretty specific intentions, and even if they’re not, they learn fast how the tide’s rolling. 

But then people aren’t Finn.

Finn who learns scary fast, but is still playing catch up when it comes to a lot of social cues, particularly those centred around touch. Poe has a feeling Finn might have been a tactile person anyway—takes one to know one—but growing up in an insulated body glove obviously hasn’t done him any favours. 

These days Finn touches everything - fingers tracing the gouges in the mess hall tables as he eats, palms pressing against the bark of the megaflora that surrounds the new base like he can feel the sap pumping if he concentrates hard enough. Poe finds it both endearing as hell and teeth-grittingly motivating during those missions he gets the First Order square in his crosshairs.

Finn’s not as physical with people yet — or at least not ones he doesn’t know well. Poe’s obviously not in that category though, which brings him back to his current predicament. 

Finn’s leaning back against the head of the bunk, a data pad propped on his knees as he reads something distracting enough that he hasn’t noticed what’s going on with Poe yet. Poe’s not really sure if that’s a blessing or a curse, to be honest. Because on the one hand, Poe probably looks a special kind of stupid right now, processor parts forgotten on the floor in front of him as he all but drools into his own lap. On the other, if Finn keeps this up too much longer, Poe’s libido is going to start knocking insistently on the situation and that’s… not ideal.

Because Finn’s his friend. Finn’s his friend who’s still learning what it means to have friends and Poe doesn’t want to fuck that up for him. Which means Finn’s deft fingers twisting through his hair and scratching lightly against his scalp is fast becoming A Problem.

Finn hums lightly behind him—a noise Poe’s come to associate with him reading something particularly interesting—and Poe has to bite his lip against humming for his own more inappropriate reasons as Finn’s fingers card through the closer cropped curls at the nape of his neck.

Poe clears his throat. Then has to try again when he almost whimpers instead. “Ah, buddy?”


Finn’s petting doesn’t even pause. Poe’s done nothing to deserve this sort of temptation.

“I’m ah… getting a little distracted down here.”


Finn’s touch halts but he doesn’t pull his hand back and Poe finds himself swallowing hard against the instinct to push back into Finn’s palm.

Finally Finn says, “In a good way or a bad way?”

And that’s… huh. Poe cranes his neck back to look up at Finn’s face and finds a soft smile waiting for him, Finn’s eyes amused and… knowing.

“Fuck,” Poe says. “Who told?”

Finn huffs a laugh, thumbing lightly behind Poe’s ear. “Jess.”

Of course it was Pava. Poe would be annoyed but the way Finn’s looking at him as he smooths his fingers back through his hair, he has a feeling he’s gonna end up buying her a cake.

Poe lets his eyes flutter shut as he feels Finn’s movements turn deliberate, fisting a grip at the back of his head and… yeah. Shit. Poe’s breath catches which is probably the only thing that saves him from flat out moaning.

“You should come up here,” Finn says, voice drawn tight and Poe would be relieved he’s not the only one affected here but he’s too busy giving himself over to Finn’s very nice, very competent hands.

“I should definitely come up there,” Poe says. He’s about to get right on that when Finn’s grip shifts and twists and Poe’s hips go rogue, bucking instinctively up and fuck, he’s hard, when did he get hard?

“Oh wow,” Finn says. “Jess wasn’t kidding.”

“I’m gonna kill her,” Poe says, strangled.

Finn laughs like he’s just so delighted and Poe would bask in the warmth of it but Finn’s also taken it upon himself to manhandle Poe up onto the standard-issue mattress, a move that makes an entirely different sort of heat suffuse Poe’s limbs.

Force, did Pava just write out an itemised list or something?

Poe finds himself flat on his back, Finn braced over him, grinning like Poe’s a new dessert he has yet to try. It puts Finn’s very nice shoulders in optimal clutching range and Poe isn’t going to shirk that opportunity, no sir.

“Hi,” Finn says softly and Poe realises he’s grinning so wide his cheeks hurt. Fuck he hasn’t felt this stupid for someone since…ever.

“Hi back.”

Finn dips down, mouth dizzyingly close and Poe very nearly whimpers when he stops just short of his lips, because fuck.

“I ah… you should probably know I have no idea what I’m doing,” Finn says, and ah, that answers that question then.

Poe slides his hands up to scritch through the hair where it’s growing out at the nape of Finn’s neck, easing the nervous tension the best way he knows how.

“Well,” Poe says, struggling to gather his thoughts in the face of Finn humming into his touch like a spoiled loth-cat, shit. “We can slow our roll a bit. Pull back and talk a few things through…”

“Or?” Finn says, dipping toward Poe’s mouth again like a faulty grav drive. The move brushes their noses together, something that probably shouldn’t make Poe’s toes curl but here they are.

“Or,” Poe swallows harshly against the instinct to just tip his chin up, turn things wet and hot and fast, but no - this is Finn’s show. This needs to be Finn’s show. “We can wing it. Do what feels right, speak up when something doesn’t…” 

Finn’s eyes snap back up to his at that and Poe very nearly chokes on the want behind the look. “You’ll show me how?”

Fuck. “Yeah,” Poe says, and he’s gonna need some sort of award for how steady his voice is here because seriously. “Yeah, I’ll show you how.”

The smile that slips across Finn’s features is like a sunrise, slow and syrup sharp. Poe wants to taste it. “We’re gonna do this.”

It’s not a question, but Poe answers it by meeting Finn’s mouth on a groan anyhow.

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Okay so what about RFA + V and Saeran who come home and find MC dancing while cleaning but PLOT TWIST MC is actually a really good dancer! I love your writing btw

This is such a cute request anonny, I love it! Thank you very much for the kind words, I love you anonny! I made this super fluffy since I was in the fluff mood so I hope that’s alright and if not, feel free to let me know! I hope that you enjoy!! :D


  • Yoosung was coming home from a long day of working at the veterinarian clinic
  • He was confused when he heard music loudly playing so he went to investigate
  • Yoosung found you vacuuming the bedroom floor while dancing along with the music
  • Seeing you so into dancing made Yoosung giggle but then he noticed how good of a dancer you really are, even dancing with a vacuum
  • You suddenly feel a pair of arms wrap around you and turn to find Yoosung nuzzling into you telling you how cute you look
  • “You’re such a good dancer MC, plus super cute! Seeing you dance with the vacuum was the most adorable thing ever but dance with me next time okay?”
  • Yoosung gives you one more squeeze then tries to dance with you but he ends up tripping over your feet and falls on the bed
  • You lay down next to Yoosung, giving his blushing face a kiss on the cheek as you promise to teach him how to dance after you finish cleaning


  • After another tiring day of rehearsals for an upcoming musical, Zen was more then relieved to come home to see you
  • Imagining your warm, smiling face was enough to motivate Zen to perform twice as good as normal
  • So when Zen came home to find music from one of his musicals that he sung and you dusting the shelfs, he instantly fell in love with you all over again
  • But when he saw you dusting, you seemed to be dancing as well and to add, your dancing was pretty awesome in Zen’s eyes
  • Zen stood at the door completely mesmerized by your beautiful and was snapped out of it when you asked if he was okay
  • He grabbed your hands and twirled you around, the two of you laughing as he questioned you
  • “Since when did you become an amazing dancer Jagiya? Now that I know you’re a great dancer, I think we need to become dance partners now! Just think, the two most perfect people are also perfect dancers!”
  • You and Zen spent the rest of the night dancing around the house, leaving the cleaning for tomorrow


  • Jaehee was always excited to go home after work and relax the night away with you
  • So when she came home with music playing loudly, her headache increased and she wondered what they heck you were doing
  • She glances in the kitchen to find you drying pots and pans but also dancing to the music
  • Normally, Jaehee would have stopped you right away but she was so impressed with your dancing, even while cleaning
  • Jaehee shyly walked into the kitchen, causing you to jump, and then excitedly ask when you learned to dance so good
  • You shrugged and told her that you were just bored while cleaning and started dancing
  • So you grabbed Jaehee’s hand and started spinning her around, the two of you giggling in the process as she caught her breath to compliment you
  • “Really MC, why am I not surprised that you’re an amazing dancer and I find out about it when you’re cleaning. Your talent never ceases to amaze me.”
  • The night was spent finishing cleaning the dishes, because she’s Jaehee, then enjoying a relaxing night of dancing and cuddles


  • Jumin would be able to get through the day because he’d think of your smiling face to come home to
  • One night after coming home extra stressed out, Jumin opened the door to hear music loudly playing
  • Rubbing his temples, he went to find you and ask why your taste in music was so poor until he found you wiping down the kitchen counters
  • Confused, Jumin asked why you were cleaning since he had hired house maids and more importantly why didn’t you tell him that you were such a skilled dancer
  • You told him one that you felt like cleaning and two dancing just came naturally to you when cleaning
  • Seeing Jumin still perplexed, you turned up the music and started more like tried dancing with him
  • But since he wasn’t a very good dancer, you just casually moved his arms back and forth with you laughing and Jumin smiling as he told you
  • “This is quite fun MC. I never thought that dancing would be this fun so let’s learn together to deepen our bond of love alright?”
  • With an obvious yes, you started teaching Jumin some standard dances moves but with his skills, it would end up taking a long time before he would be able to properly dance in public


  • Seven was always coming home at weird times because of his job but one thing was for sure, he would always come home to tackle you with a hug
  • This boy was so clingy and not that you minded, but you minded when he or you would almost fall over because the of the force of his hugs
  • So one day when Seven came home, ready to give you a killer hug, he paused when he heard music blaring throughout the house
  • He investigated to find you folding laundry but also dancing to the music
  • Seven secretly recorded you dancing since it was the cutest thing he’d ever seen in his life then he came up behind you and gave you a gentle hug
  • You jumped in surprise but Seven them took your hand and led you into a dance, commenting on how you’ve hidden your secret talent from him
  • “Your dancing is the most adorable thing ever MC! Instead of hugs, how about when I come home we start dancing together!”
  • So you and Seven made a new tradition to have fun and dance more except when Seven accidentally knocked over all of the laundry, then he had to fold it all back up much to his dismay


  • V’s work increased drastically ever since he received the eye surgery
  • You were very supportive of him, something V truly appreciated, so coming home to see you was always the highlight of his day
  • Coming home from a long photo shoot, V opened the door to find music loudly playing throughout the house
  • V winced since his ears were still sensitive even after getting the eye surgery so he went to find you
  • He chuckled when he saw you organizing and dusting off his photos but dancing along to the music
  • Seeing you elegantly dance while smiling brought tears to his eyes, mad at himself for not getting the surgery sooner so he could see your happiness
  • You noticed V and gently wrapped your arms around him, slowly dancing with him as he wiped his tears away telling you loving words
  • “I simply adore you MC, everything about you. You’re such a beautiful dancer, I want to dance with you always since your grace is unmatched.”
  • So you and V would spend most nights dancing and cleaning together, V realizing that this must be what true happiness feels like


  • You were proud of Saeran for easing back into a normal life so well, he even got a job as an artist that he throughly enjoyed
  • While he did like his job, it meant less time with you which this boy wasn’t a fan of
  • Saeran wanted to be with you more so he came home early one night to give an annoying glare at how loudly you were playing music
  • He wondered around the home to find you cleaning the windows but you were dancing with the music
  • Saeran couldn’t take his eyes off you, never has he seen such beauty or felt such warmth within him until he saw you dancing
  • You saw Saeran staring, he shyly turned his head away, but you took a hold of his hand and spun yourself around, giggling as you tried dancing with him
  • His cheeks tinted a dusty pink color as he let himself smile, even a small laugh as he awkwardly but sweetly danced with you
  • “This is… a lot of fun MC. You’re a really great dancer, I could watch you dance for hours but make sure you never dance with anyone but me alright?“
  • With a nod, you cuddled into Saeran’s chest as he slowly swayed you back and forth, secretly planning on learning how to dance so he could someday be on par with you

I love kard new song you in me, but I was really disappointed by the choreography. While their other ones weren’t exceptional, I still enjoyed them especially hola hola, but this one was kind of repetitive and lacking elegance in my opinion. They could do so much better and original, especially since they’re a co-ed group they could use a few moves from standards dances like tango salsa or even waltz if they ever do slower songs, that would be so awesome and new.